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Virus poses cultural threat to Brazil's Amazon people. Jul 10, 2020 759
Heat-Related Deaths--United States, 2004-2018. Vaidyanathan, Ambarish; Malilay, Josephine; Schramm, Paul; Saha, Shubhayu Jun 19, 2020 3901
Locus-Specific Differential DNA Methylation and Urinary Arsenic: An Epigenome-Wide Association Study in Blood among Adults with Low-to-Moderate Arsenic Exposure. Bozack, Anne K.; Domingo-Relloso, Arce; Haack, Karin; Gamble, Mary V.; Tellez-Plaza, Maria; Umans, J Jun 1, 2020 12563
Rural Children Experiencing Higher Mortality Rates; Non-Hispanic black infants and American Indian/Alaska Native children particularly at risk. Dec 9, 2019 196
Many in the U.S. not experiencing better health. Nov 18, 2019 876
American Indians, Alaska Natives Have Higher Cancer Incidence; Higher rates reported for lung, liver, kidney, colorectal, and stomach cancers versus whites. Oct 9, 2019 242
CDC: Racial/Ethnic Disparities Reported in Pregnancy-Related Mortality Ratios; Non-Hispanic black, American Indian/Alaska Native women have higher PRMRs than all other groups. Sep 5, 2019 269
USPSTF recommendations on HIV screening and preexposure prophylaxis for preventing HIV infection. Sprogell, Anne; Skolnik, Neil Sep 1, 2019 971
Playing the Pregnancy Race Card: "... As far as supposedly vulnerable populations go, it appears black women have no trouble finding abortion providers: 49% of abortions are performed on white women and 40% on black women despite the fact that black women of childbearing age make up only 14% of the population.". Singleton, Marilyn M. Jul 1, 2019 806
Warm Springs Health & Wellness Center Implements Digisonics PACS and Structured Reporting Solution for OB Ultrasound. May 30, 2019 250
Playing, Political Games Does Not Improve Patient Care. Singleton, Marilyn M. May 27, 2019 904
Vital Signs: Pregnancy-Related Deaths, United States, 2011-2015, and Strategies for Prevention, 13 States, 2013-2017. Petersen, Emily E.; Davis, Nicole L.; Goodman, David; Cox, Shanna; Mayes, Nikki; Johnston, Emily; Sy May 10, 2019 4317
Soak in the therapeutic powers of these three quirky hot-springs retreats. Apr 1, 2019 223
Educational Program to Promote Resilience for Caregivers, Family Members, and Community Members in the Care of Elderly Native Americans who are Experiencing Memory Loss and Cognitive Decline. Dunn, Dorothy J.; Schwartz, Anna; Teufel-Shone, Nicolette I.; Meyer, Linda A. Mar 1, 2019 4242
Weight Status and Substance Use among Urban American Indian Adolescents: Findings from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health. Eitle, David; Eitle, Tamela McNulty Report Dec 1, 2018 6522
Minority Women at Higher Risk for Severe Maternal Morbidity; Higher risk for problems seen among black women, women with other health conditions. Oct 12, 2018 303
Traditional Ecological Knowledge: A Different Perspective on Environmental Health. Seltenrich, Nate Report Jan 1, 2018 1266
Chronic conditions fuel health disparities in rural America. Franki, Richard Jan 1, 2018 188
RISE UP! This Native American two-spirit is using her talent and wit to change the face of drag-pop. Artavia, David Dec 1, 2017 770
Jojoba Oil: All-in-one solution for your beauty, wellness problems. Sep 26, 2017 557
Hanblecheyapi: Native American Tradition of Vision Quest and Transcendent Function. Frank-Doggett, Jenny Report Sep 22, 2017 8250
Native Voices: Native Peoples' Concepts of Health and Illness in New Mexico: opening a local conversation by hosting a national traveling exhibit. Bradley, Patricia V.; Hall, Laura J.; Hannigan, Gale G.; Wood, Frederick B. Report Jul 1, 2017 3399
Exposure characteristics of hantavirus pulmonary syndrome patients, United States, 1993-2015. de St. Maurice, Annabelle; Ervin, Elizabeth; Schumacher, Mare; Yaglom, Hayley; VinHatton, Elizabeth; May 1, 2017 5135
Prevention leads to kidney failure drop. Krisberg, Kim Apr 1, 2017 192
Premature Death Rates Rise For Whites But Decline For Blacks, Hispanics. Jan 26, 2017 411
The power to heal diabetes: food for life in Indian Country. Trapp, Caroline B. Jan 1, 2017 923
Association of cardiometabolic genes with arsenic metabolism biomarkers in American Indian communities: the strong heart family study (SHFS). Balakrishnan, Poojitha; Vaidya, Dhananjay; Franceschini, Nora; Voruganti, V. Saroja; Gribble, Matthe Report Jan 1, 2017 7609
Effect of geography on the analysis of coccidioidomycosis-associated deaths, United States. Noble, Jason A.; Nelson, Robert G.; Fufaa, Gudeta D.; Kang, Paul; Shafir, Shira Chani; Galgiani, Joh Oct 1, 2016 2080
Native communities get help with health disparities. Sep 12, 2016 126
Diabetes prevalence in relation to serum concentrations of polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) congener groups and three chlorinated pesticides in a Native American Population. Aminov, Zafar; Haase, Richard; Rej, Robert; Schymura, Maria J.; Santiago-Rivera, Azara; Morse, Gayle Report Sep 1, 2016 10331
Native nurses. Jul 1, 2016 568
Identification and clinical management of persons with chronic hepatitis C virus infection--Cherokee Nation, 2012-2015. Mera, Jorge; Vellozzi, Claudia; Hariri, Susan; Carabin, Helene; Drevets, Douglas A.; Miller, Anna; R Disease/Disorder overview May 13, 2016 2659
Exploring environmental health gaps in native American populations. Charleston, Alex E.; Sullivan, Richard Column Apr 21, 2016 1228
Back to the roots: Native American communities reconnect with farming culture as a means of battling food shortages and health issues. Idlebrook, Craig Nov 1, 2015 1107
Understanding and healing historical trauma: the perspectives of Native American elders. Grayshield, Lisa; Rutherford, Jeremy J.; Salazar, Sibella B.; Mihecoby, Anita L.; Luna, Laura L. Oct 1, 2015 6099
Assessing diabetes care disparities with ambulatory care quality measures. Joseph, Jennifer M.; Johnson, Pamela Jo; Wholey, Douglas R.; Frederick, Mary L. Aug 1, 2015 5501
DNA resolves Kennewick Man debate: ancient skeleton closely related to modern Native Americans. Bower, Bruce Jul 25, 2015 686
Novel sequences of the C-reactive protein gene among an American Indian population. Best, Lyle G.; Haack, Karin; Martin, Candelaria; Falcon, Gilbert; Keplin, Kylie; Cole, Shelley A. Abstract Apr 1, 2015 416
Each child should have access to sports. Laskaris, Sam Apr 1, 2015 753
Potential health disparity among our children in New Mexico. Jan 1, 2015 739
Blastomycosis mortality rates, United States, 1990-2010. Khuu, Diana; Shafir, Shira; Bristow, Benjamin; Sorvillo, Frank Nov 1, 2014 4721
Good nutrition prepares Native American adolescents for the future: NativeVision 2014. Munch, Douglas F. Sep 22, 2014 1686
Cadmium exposure and cancer mortality in a prospective cohort: the strong heart study. Garcia-Esquinas, Esther; Pollan, Marina; Tellez-Plaza, Maria; Francesconi, Kevin A.; Goessler, Walte Report Apr 1, 2014 9294
Deadly influenza could strike aboriginal groups hardest. Saey, Tina Hesman Brief article Feb 8, 2014 134
Blood politics, ethnic identity, and racial misclassification among American Indians and Alaska natives. Haozous, Emily A.; Strickland, Carolyn J.; Palacios, Janelle F.; Solomon, Teshia G. Arambula Report Jan 1, 2014 7396
Sport prepares native American adolescents for the future: NativeVision. Munch, Douglas F. Jan 1, 2014 1250
Native infants have higher mortality. Jan 1, 2014 169
Meeting the needs of the people: fish consumption rates in the Pacific Northwest. Nicole, Wendee Nov 1, 2013 5722
The New Mexico Native American Indian Nurses Association renewal retreat. Oct 1, 2013 315
Focus on: ethnicity and the social and health harms from drinking. Chartier, Karen G.; Vaeth, Patrice A.C.; Caetano, Raul Jun 22, 2013 7878
A framework to examine the role of epigenetics in health disparities among Native Americans. Brockie, Teresa N.; Heinzelmann, Morgan; Gill, Jessica Report Jan 1, 2013 7445
Health and social issues of Native American women. Book review Dec 1, 2012 138
Food for thought: tribal colleges make an effort to return to their food roots. Hu, Helen Nov 22, 2012 1327
Coccidioidomycosis-associated deaths, United States, 1990-2008. Huang, Jennifer Y.; Bristow, Benjamin; Shafir, Shira; Sorvillo, Frank Nov 1, 2012 4469
The validity of race and ethnicity in enrollment data for Medicare beneficiaries. Zaslavsky, Alan M.; Ayanian, John Z.; Zaborski, Lawrence B. Jun 1, 2012 8605
The relationship between emotional intelligence and abuse of alcohol, marijuana, and tobacco among college students. Claros, Edith; Sharma, Manoj Jun 1, 2012 5580
Walking on: celebrating the journeys of Native American adolescents with substance use problems on the winding road to healing. Novins, Douglas K.; Boyd, Misty L.; Brotherton, Devan T.; Fickenscher, Alexandra; Moore, Laurie; Spi Report Jun 1, 2012 3840
Occupational and environmental exposures among Alaska Native and American Indian people living in Alaska and the Southwest United States. Redwood, Diana; Lanier, Anne P.; Brubaker, Michael; Orell, Laurie; Tom-orme, Lillian; George, Carmen Report May 1, 2012 5280
Another variant of the C-reactive protein gene (CRP) is associated with immune response and risk of pre-eclampsia in an American Indian population. Best, Lyle; Nadeau, Melanie; Davis, Kylie; Lamb, Felicia; Bercier, Shellee; Anderson, Cindy M.; Keat Apr 1, 2012 700
Effects of youth assets on adolescent alcohol, tobacco, marijuana use, and sexual behavior. Dunn, Michael S.; Kitts, Cathy; Lewis, Sandy; Goodrow, Bruce; Scherzer, Gary D. Dec 1, 2011 5163
American Indian and Alaska Native children and mental health; development, context, prevention, and treatment. Book review Dec 1, 2011 135
Native remedies: indigenous communities educate American public about natural health and healing concepts. Stuart, Reginald Nov 24, 2011 978
A nutrition lesson on native American foods. Nov 1, 2011 604
Reclaiming our roots: accomplishments and challenges. King, Janet Report Oct 1, 2011 4041
Defining youth success using culturally appropriate community-based participatory research methods. Cross, Terry L.; Friesen, Barbara J.; Jivanjee, Pauline; Gowen, L. Kris; Bandurraga, Abby; Matthew, Report Jan 1, 2011 8044
American Indian adolescents and disordered eating. Buser, Juleen K. Dec 1, 2010 8016
Native Americans and brief spiritual assessment: examining and operationalizing the joint commission's assessment framework. Hodge, David R.; Limb, Gordon E. Report Oct 1, 2010 6903
Grants will be mothers' helpers. Schneider, Mary Ellen Brief article Aug 1, 2010 105
United States : New mental health initiative focused on Native youth. Jul 28, 2010 429
Horrible history. Criollo, Emergildo Jun 16, 2010 758
Variations in human herpesvirus type 8 seroprevalence in Native Americans, South America. Souza, Vanda A.U.F.; Salzano, Francisco M.; Petzl-Erler, Maria Luiza; Nascimento, Maria Claudia; May Report Jun 1, 2010 2719
Store association VP jumps into the smoke shack debate. Brief article Jun 1, 2010 282
Exploring culturally specific drug resistance strategies of Hawaiian youth in rural communities. Okamoto, Scott K.; Po'a-Kekuawela, Ka'ohinani; Chin, Coralee I.H.; Nebre, La Risa H.; Helm, Susana Apr 1, 2010 6075
Syphilis outbreak among American Indians--Arizona, 2007-2009. Johnson, M.; Urquidi, A.; Lozano, R.; Norton, J.; Andrews, C.; Lorentine, A.; Fallon, A.; Ziegler, P Clinical report Feb 19, 2010 2496
New hypothesis for cause of epidemic among Native Americans, New England, 1616-1619. Marr, John S.; Cathey, John T. Feb 1, 2010 3970
Climate change and health: a Native American perspective. Weinhold, Bob Feb 1, 2010 1582
Deaths related to 2009 pandemic influenza a (H1N1) among American Indian/ Alaska natives--12 states, 2009. Dec 11, 2009 2689
Designing HIV prevention interventions for urban American Indians: evolution of the don't forget us program. Wiechelt, Shelly A.; Gryczynski, Jan; Johnson, Jeannette L. Report Nov 1, 2009 2340
Urine arsenic concentrations and species excretion patterns in American Indian communities over a 10-year period: the Strong Heart Study. Navas-Acien, Ana; Umans, Jason G.; Howard, Barbara V.; Goessler, Walter; Francesconi, Kevin A.; Crai Report Sep 1, 2009 7530
Lower serum testosterone associated with elevated polychlorinated biphenyl concentrations in Native American men. Goncharov, Alexey; Rej, Robert; Negoita, Serban; Schymura, Maria; Santiago-Rivera, Azara; Morse, Gay Report Sep 1, 2009 7988
Moving from colonization toward balance and harmony: a Native American perspective on wellness. Hodge, David R.; Limb, Gordon E.; Cross, Terry L. Report Jul 1, 2009 5622
I promise I won't. Van Tol, Lois Report Jun 1, 2009 2849
Risk and protective factors for HIV/AIDS in Native Americans: implications for preventive intervention. Dennis, Mary Kate Report Apr 1, 2009 7251
Native American children with disabilities. Waldman, H. Barry; Perlman, Steven P.; Swerdloff, Mark Jul 1, 2008 1496
Reclaiming American Indian maternal and infant health. Dillon, Thale; Rinki, Christine; Giroux, Jennifer Jun 22, 2008 3585
Recruiting American Indian participants for a genetic epidemiologic study. Nadeau, Melanie A.; Best, Lyle G. Report Apr 1, 2008 291
Urban American Indians, Alaska Natives struggle with growing disparities in health status. Johnson, Teddi Dineley Dec 1, 2007 851
Optimizing environmental health training outcomes: a case study of tribal and nontribal trainees. Hess, Sarah; Dyjack, David T.; Bliss, Jesse Case study Jul 1, 2007 2363
HIV estimates may be racially misleading. Arias, Donya C. Brief article Jun 1, 2007 148
Diagnosed diabetes among American Indians and Alaska natives aged <35 years--United States, 1994-2004. Acton, K.J.; Burrows, N.R.; Wang, J.; Geiss, L.S. Nov 10, 2006 1877
The low rate of Cesarean delivery in Native American women may be attributed to practices common to the Indian Health Service. Brief article Jan 1, 2006 153
Empathy and narrativity: a commentary on "Origins of Healing: An Evolutionary Perspective of the Healing Process". Coulehan, Jack Sep 22, 2005 2621
Got tradition? American Indians use native foods to fight diabetes and revive Indian culture. Hernandez, Daisy Cover Story Jun 22, 2005 2606
PTSD, alcohol use common in American Indians. Foley, Kevin Brief Article Jun 15, 2005 180
Comorbidity in American Indians. Brief Article May 1, 2005 163
States and tribes: a healthy alliance: some of the health care models states and tribes are developing for Native Americans could be used for other residents. Droste, Therese Apr 1, 2005 1752
Comorbidity in American Indians. Foley, Kevin Brief Article Mar 1, 2005 115
Cardiovascular risks rising in Native Americans. Worcester, Sharon Mar 1, 2005 579
Insights from urban Indian teens on staying healthy: data from focus groups. Goines, Marie A. Jan 1, 2005 4603
Consider more ethnic groups high risk for IPD: some Native Americans. Norton, Patrice G.W. Aug 1, 2004 523
Assessing American Indian suicide risk: can screening be culturally sensitive? Staff, Justice Jun 1, 2004 1543
Native Americans in need of transplant have easier time finding good donor from ethnic population, Hopkins study finds. Apr 30, 2004 397
Resiliency factors related to substance use/resistance: perceptions of native adolescents of the Southwest. Hurdle, Donna E. Dec 1, 2003 5364
Health status of American Indians compared with other racial/ethnic minority populations--selected states, 2001-2002. Liao, Y; Tucker, P; Giles, WH Nov 28, 2003 2549
Tobacco, alcohol, and other drug use among high school students in bureau of Indian affairs-funded schools--United States, 2001. Shaughnessy, L Nov 7, 2003 1776
National American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month--November 2003. Brief Article Nov 7, 2003 236
Health disparities experienced by American Indians and Alaska Natives. Brief Article Aug 1, 2003 253
Bronchiolitis-associated outpatient visits and hospitalizations among American Indian and Alaska Native children--United States, 1990-2000. Carver, K; Cheek, JE; Holman, RC; Curns, AT; Bresee, JS; Lingappa, JR; Anderson, LJ; Peck, AJ Aug 1, 2003 2694
Vaccination coverage levels among Alaska Native children aged 19-35 months--National Immunization Survey, United States, 2000-2001. Wood, L; Santibanez, T; Barker, L; Singleton, R Aug 1, 2003 3307
Working in John Wayne Country: racist and sexist termination at a Pacific Northwest University. Galvan, Robert Free Jan 1, 2003 2769
Grants awarded for native American elders and caregivers. (Awards). Brief Article Jun 22, 2002 339
High rate of H. pylori infection in alaska natives prompts study. (Gastric CA Twice National Rate). McNamara, Damian Jun 15, 2002 554
Aboriginal health research strengthened. (Health). Petten, Cheryl Brief Article May 1, 2002 1003
Traumatic Brain Injury among American Indians/Alaska Natives -- United States, 1992-1996. Apr 12, 2002 1750
Treaty chiefs fight for medicine chest protection. (News). Barnsley, Paul Brief Article Apr 1, 2002 745
Perspectives on wellness: journeys on the Red Road. Weaver, Hilary N. Mar 1, 2002 3846
American Indian health care at core of Wyllie's world: Doctor's work shaped by her own illness and love of family heritage. (Profile). Barbieri, Susan M. Interview Mar 1, 2002 2505
Native American lessons for therapeutic recreation specialists. Lemler, Richard S.; Miko, Paul S. Jan 1, 2002 5370
Support is just a call away. (Health). Petten, Cheryl Nov 1, 2001 1030
Real Speak - Diversity of American Indians. Kehoe, Alice Beck Brief Article Oct 1, 2001 396
Indian Health Information. Brief Article Jul 1, 2001 85
Alcohol Control by Referendum in Northern Native Communities: The Alaska Local Option Law. BERMAN, MATTHEW; HULL, TERESA Mar 1, 2001 5372
Nutrition assessment outcomes: A protocol for Native American hospitals. Bickford, Gary R.; Brugler, Linda J.; Gannon, Cary Dec 1, 2000 2958
Issues in the Treatment of Native Americans With Alcohol Problems. Thomason, Timothy C. Oct 1, 2000 4125
Hypothyroidism and Diabetes Mellitus in an American Indian Population. MICHALEK, ARTHUR M.; MAHONEY, MARTIN C.; CALEBAUGH, DONALD Jul 1, 2000 2077
Prevalence of Selected Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors Among American Indians and Alaska Natives -- United States, 1997. Jun 2, 2000 1987
Drumbeat for Mother Earth. Scanlon, Matt Brief Article Jun 1, 2000 274
New Challenge for States: Indian Health Care. Johnson, Susan Brief Article Jun 1, 2000 2261
Prevalence of Selected Risk Factors for Chronic Disease and Injury Among American Indians and Alaska Natives -- United States, 1995-1998. Feb 4, 2000 2266
Understanding Alcohol Abuse in American Indian/Alaskan Native Youth. Cameron, Lane A. May 1, 1999 3183
Through indigenous eyes: Native Americans and the HIV epidemic. Weaver, Hilary N. Feb 1, 1999 4908
Prevalence of Diagnosed Diabetes Among American Indians/Alaskan Natives -- United States, 1996. Oct 30, 1998 1774
HIV/AIDS among American Indians and Alaskan natives - United States, 1981-1997. Mar 6, 1998 2196
Hepatitis A vaccination programs in communities with high rates of hepatitis A. Jul 4, 1997 1756
Toxigenic corynebacterium diptheriae - Northern Plains Indian Community, August-October 1996. Jun 6, 1997 1710
Use of international classification of diseases coding to identify fetal alcohol syndrome - Indian Health Service facilities, 1981-1992. Apr 7, 1995 1239
Prevalence and characteristics of alcohol consumption and fetal alcohol syndrome awareness - Alaska, 1991 and 1993. Ingle, D.; Owen. P.; Jones, L.; Perry, Sampson; Cassidy. S.; Middaugh, J.P. Jan 14, 1994 1534
Alcohol-related hospitalizations - Indian Health Service and tribal hospitals, United States, May 1992. Oct 16, 1992 1456
Strong heart, weak heart; American Indians show surprising differences in heart disease. Fackelmann, Kathy A. Cover Story Sep 12, 1992 2097
The rehabilitation needs of American Indians with disabilities in an urban setting. Bradford, Barbara Cover Story Apr 1, 1992 6306
Hepatitis B and injecting-drug use among American Indians - Montana, 1989-1990. Jan 10, 1992 893
Disability and its prevention in Indian populations: is it someone else's responsibility? Toubbeh, Jamil I. Sep 22, 1989 3820

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