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AstraZeneca's Triple Combo Lung Cancer Therapy Aces Late-Stage Trial. Shanthi Rexaline Oct 28, 2019 471
Gastric Cancer in the Era of Immune Checkpoint Blockade. Figueroa-Protti, Lucia; Soto-Molinari, Rebeca; Calderon-Osorno, Melany; Mora, Javier; Alpizar-Alpiza Oct 1, 2019 9638
Serum regucalcin is a useful indicator of liver injury severity in patients with hepatitis B virus-related liver diseases. Wei, Xinhuan; Yu, Haibin; Zhao, Peng; Xie, Li; Li, Li; Zhang, Jing Oct 1, 2019 4294
Short-Term Efficacy and Safety of IL-17, IL-12/23, and IL-23 Inhibitors Brodalumab, Secukinumab, Ixekizumab, Ustekinumab, Guselkumab, Tildrakizumab, and Risankizumab for the Treatment of Moderate to Severe Plaque Psoriasis: A Systematic Review and Network Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials. Bai, Fan; Li, Gang Gang; Liu, Qingmin; Niu, Xinwu; Li, Ruilian; Ma, Huiqun Sep 1, 2019 22151
Ichor Biologics announces receipt of USD300,000 grant from NIH for development of therapeutic antibodies against hantavirus infections. May 13, 2019 286
Ichor Biologics announces receipt of USD300,000 grant from NIH for development of therapeutic antibodies against hantavirus infections. May 13, 2019 282
Disseminated hollow and solid lung nodules as a unique pulmonary manifestation of rheumatoid arthritis. Jungraithmayr, Wolfgang; Enz, Njanja; Lippek, Frank Clinical report Apr 23, 2019 565
Nivolumab Induced Seronegative Arthritis in a Patient With Refractory Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Colak, Seda; Omma, Ahmet Mar 1, 2019 1063
Monoclonal Antibody a Promising Treatment for Depression. Akhondzadeh, Shahin Editorial Jan 1, 2019 951
Antibody-Drug Conjugates: Possibilities and Challenges. Nejadmoghaddam, Mohammad-Reza; Minai-Tehrani, Arash; Ghahremanzadeh, Ramin; Mahmoudi, Morteza; Dinar Report Jan 1, 2019 20350
Bar Mt 3/19 - Elisa Test Systems For The Diagnosis Of Viral Infections And Parasitic Diseases, Reagents And Consumables For Conducting Immunohistochemical Studies. Dec 6, 2018 132
Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy after Treatment with Nivolumab. Martinot, Martin; Ahle, Guido; Petrosyan, Inesa; Martinez, Camille; Gorun, Dragos M.; Mohseni-Zadeh, Aug 1, 2018 1456
ABL Bio Licenses Cancer-treating Therapeutic Antibodies to Trigr Therapeutics. Jul 9, 2018 240
Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibodies and Emergence of Their Biosimilars. Jeddi-Tehrani, Mahmood Apr 1, 2018 505
Pulmonary aspergillosis after treatment with infliximab in Still's disease and a literature review of Still's disease and pulmonary aspergillosis. Seyhoglu, Emrah; Erden, Abdulsamet; Kilic, Levent; Karadag, Omer; Akdagli, Sevtap Arikan; Akdogan, A Disease/Disorder overview Mar 1, 2018 2790
Interleukin-23 inhibition shows stellar responses. Jancin, Bruce Feb 1, 2018 1356
Evaluating IL-21 as a Potential Therapeutic Target in Crohn's Disease. Holm, Thomas Lindebo; Tornehave, Ditte; Sondergaard, Henrik; Kvist, Peter Helding; Sondergaard, Bodi Jan 1, 2018 11372
Therapeutic Efficacies of Artemisia capillaris Extract Cream Formulation in Imiquimod-Induced Psoriasis Models. Lee, Song Yi; Nam, Suyeong; Kim, Sungyun; Koo, Ja Seong; Hong, In Kee; Kim, Hill; Han, Sangin; Kang, Jan 1, 2018 4665
Granuloma Annulare in the Setting of Secukinumab. Clark, Matthew L.; Tobin, Courtney A.; Sutton, Angela; Missall, Tricia Ann Jan 1, 2018 1218
Therapeutic Response to Secukinumab in a 36-Year-Old Woman with Hidradenitis Suppurativa. Jorgensen, Astrid-Helene Ravn; Yao, Yiqiu; Thomsen, Simon Francis Jan 1, 2018 991
Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress Markers and Their Possible Implications in Leprosy's Pathogenesis. Hirai, Kelly Emi; Sousa, Jorge Rodrigues de; Silva, Luciana Mota; Dias, Leonidas Braga, Jr.; Furlane Jan 1, 2018 5886
Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibodies Market - Growth, Future Prospects and Competitive Analysis, Indust. Dec 11, 2017 514
Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibodies Market - Growth, Future Prospects and Competitive Analysis, Indust. Dec 11, 2017 548
The Usefulness of SP174 Anti-RASQ61R Immunohistochemistry in Melanoma, Thyroid, and Colorectal Cancers. Uguen, Arnaud Report Dec 1, 2017 699
An unusual flare of anti-synthetase syndrome during concurrent trastuzumab therapy given for recurrent breast cancer. Reynolds, Timothy D.; Mohan, Vivek; Roy, Matthew; Manghat, Nathan; Adamali, Huzaifa; Gunawardena, Ha Dec 1, 2017 1443
Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibodies Market Assessment Report Now Available at Credence Research. Nov 9, 2017 495
NewLink Genetics, AstraZeneca Partner to Evaluate IO-Based Combination Therapies in Pancreatic Cancer. Clinical report Sep 26, 2017 387
United States : Inovio dMAb Constructs Shrink Prostate Tumors and Protect Against Lethal Antibiotic-Resistant Bacterial Infection In Preclinical Studies. Sep 22, 2017 818
Development of in-house serological methods for diagnosis and surveillance of chikungunya/Desarrollo de metodos serologicos propios para el diagnostico y la vigilancia del chikungunya. Galo, Saira Saborio; Gonzalez, Karla; Tellez, Yolanda; Garcia, Nadezna; Perez, Leonel; Gresh, Lionel Aug 1, 2017 5589
United States : Inovios DNA-based Monoclonal Antibody Platform Achieves Further Proof-of-Principle Validation. Jul 7, 2017 645
Development of in-house serological methods for diagnosis and surveillance of chikungunya/Desarrollo de metodos serologicos propios para el diagnostico y la vigilancia del chikungunya. Galo, Saira Saborio; Gonzalez, Karla; Tellez, Yolanda; Garcia, Nadezna; Perez, Leonel; Gresh, Lionel Jun 1, 2017 5587
Lack of durable cross-neutralizing antibodies against Zika virus from dengue virus infection. Collins, Matthew H.; McGowan, Eileen; Jadi, Ramesh; Young, Ellen; Lopez, Cesar A.; Baric, Ralph S.; May 1, 2017 6729
Cancer Immunotherapy Market by Cancer Types, Therapies, End Users, Growth Trends and Forecast to 2021, Upcoming Research by iHealthcareAnalyst, Inc.. Apr 27, 2017 787
United States : Monoclonal antibody cures Marburg infection in monkeys. Apr 7, 2017 319
Monoclonal Antibodies Show Promise as the Key to Zika Virus Diagnostics. Tran, Anthony Report Mar 1, 2017 726
AbCellera Biologics enters into new therapeutic antibody discovery collaboration with Pfizer. Jan 6, 2017 177
AbCellera Biologics enters into new therapeutic antibody discovery collaboration with Pfizer. Jan 6, 2017 173
HLA Class Ia and Ib Polyreactive Anti-HLA-E IgG2a Monoclonal Antibodies (TFL-006 and TFL-007) Suppress Anti-HLA IgG Production by CD19+ B Cells and Proliferation of CD4+ T Cells While Upregulating Tregs. Ravindranath, Mepur H. Report Jan 1, 2017 13564
Targeting O-Acetyl-GD2 Ganglioside for Cancer Immunotherapy. Fleurence, Julien; Fougeray, Sophie; Bahri, Meriem; Cochonneau, Denis; Clemenceau, Beatrice; Paris, Jan 1, 2017 12888
Monoclonal Antibodies Radiolabeling with Rhenium-188 for Radioimmunotherapy. Uccelli, Licia; Martini, Petra; Pasquali, Micol; Boschi, Alessandra Clinical report Jan 1, 2017 4801
Collagen Sponge Functionalized with Chimeric Anti-BMP-2 Monoclonal Antibody Mediates Repair of Critical-Size Mandibular Continuity Defects in a Nonhuman Primate Model. Xie, Yilin; Su, Yingying; Min, Seiko; Tang, Jianxia; Goh, Bee Tin; Saigo, Leonardo; Ansari, Sahar; M Report Jan 1, 2017 5687
A Comprehensive Review of US FDA-Approved Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors in Urothelial Carcinoma. Hsu, Fu-Shun; Su, Chun-Hung; Huang, Kou-How Jan 1, 2017 5500
Clinical Implications for the Timely Diagnosis of Mycobacterium marinum in the Age of Biologic Therapy: A Case Report and Review of the Literature. Lata, Chris J.; Edgar, Kelle; Vaughan, Stephen Clinical report Jan 1, 2017 2001
A Case of Fulminant Meningococcemia: It Is All in the Complement. Hawkins, Kellie L.; Hoffman, Mariah; Okuyama, Sonia; Rowan, Sarah E. Clinical report Jan 1, 2017 1772
Therapeutic Management of a Substantial Pelvic Aneurysmatic Bone Cyst Including the Off-Label Use of Denosumab in a 35-Year-Old Female Patient. Ntalos, D.; Priemel, M.; Schlickewei, C.; Thiesen, D.M.; Rueger, J.M.; Spiro, A.S. Case study Jan 1, 2017 2711
Posttransplant Lymphoproliferative Disease Presenting as an Extracranial Mass. Arasaratnam, Reuben J.; Restrepo, Alejandro Report Jan 1, 2017 3490
Reactive Oxygen Species-Mediated Mechanisms of Action of Targeted Cancer Therapy. Teppo, Hanna-Riikka; Soini, Ylermi; Karihtala, Peeter Report Jan 1, 2017 8687
Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibodies Market Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast to 2023: Credence Research. Nov 24, 2016 705
Study Finds Antibody That Neutralizes Zika. Nov 9, 2016 570
Aptamers as a promising approach for the control of parasitic diseases. Ospina-Villa, Juan David; Zamorano-Carrillo, Absalom; Castanon-Sanchez, Carlos A.; Ramirez-Moreno, E Nov 1, 2016 6422
Kymab and EpimAb Biotherapeutics collaborate to licene and develop bispecific therapeutic antibodies. Oct 12, 2016 154
Kymab and EpimAb Biotherapeutics collaborate to licene and develop bispecific therapeutic antibodies. Oct 12, 2016 150
Assessing the new and emerging treatments for atopic dermatitis. Eichenfield, Lawrence F.; Friedlander, Sheila F.; Simpson, Eric L.; Irvine, Alan D. Aug 1, 2016 4524
Assessing the new and emerging treatments for atopic dermatitis. Eichenfield, Lawrence F.; Friedlander, Sheila F.; Simpson, Eric L.; Irvine, Alan D. Aug 1, 2016 4529
Assessing the new and emerging treatments for atopic dermatitis. Eichenfield, Lawrence F.; Friedlander, Sheila F.; Simpson, Eric L.; Irvine, Alan D. Aug 1, 2016 4340
The role of Ki-67 in breast cancer. Mannell, A. Report Jun 1, 2016 3294
Differential Use of Human Neutrophil Fc[gamma] Receptors for Inducing Neutrophil Extracellular Trap Formation. Aleman, Omar Rafael; Mora, Nancy; Cortes-Vieyra, Ricarda; Uribe-Querol, Eileen; Rosales, Carlos Jan 1, 2016 10064
Diagnostics for determinations of serum levels of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies and antibody therapeutic monoclonal antibodies. Dec 17, 2015 170
Preliminary assessment of various additives on the specific reactivity of anti- rHBsAg monoclonal antibodies. Yazdani, Yaghoub; Mohammadi, Saeed; Yousefi, Mehdi; Shokri, Fazel Report Oct 1, 2015 4010
Anti-idiotypic monoclonal antibodies specific for immunoglobulins against the lipopolysaccharide antigen of Brucella. Ospanova, Saule; Bukeeva, Akbota Report Apr 1, 2015 3178
Development and characterization of a novel anti-idiotypic monoclonal antibody to growth hormone, which can mimic physiological functions of growth hormone in primary porcine hepatocytes. Lan, Hai-Nan; Jiang, Hai-Long; Li, Wei; Wu, Tian-Cheng; Hong, Pan; Li, Yu Meng; Zhang, Hui; Cui, Hua Report Apr 1, 2015 5595
Noncompetitive immunoassay detection system for haptens on the basis of antimetatype antibodies. Omi, Kazuya; Ando, Tsuyoshi; Sakyu, Takuya; Shirakawa, Takashi; Uchida, Yoshiaki; Oka, Asako; Ise, N Report Apr 1, 2015 4973
High degree of concordance between flow cytometry and geno2pheno methods for HIV-1 tropism determination in proviral DNA. Torres, Alex Jose Leite; Brigido, Luis Fernando de Macedo; Abrahao, Marcos Herculano Nunes; Angelo, Report Mar 1, 2015 4013
Circulating tumor cell enumeration with a combination of epithelial cell adhesion molecule- and cell-surface vimentin-based methods for monitoring breast cancer therapeutic response. Satelli, Arun; Brownlee, Zachary; Mitra, Abhisek; Meng, Qing H.; Li, Shulin Report Jan 1, 2015 4915
Assesing the Diagnostic Potential of Monoclonal Antibodies against 20 kDa M. tuberculosis Protein as Candidate Diagnostic Method for M. tuberculosis through Sputum. Eryati, Netti Suharti; Asman, Darwin; Marlina, Manaf; Putra, Andani Eka Report Jun 30, 2014 2813
Takara Bio Submits IND Application to FDA for HF10 Anti-cancer Therapy. Jun 16, 2014 260
Kymab gets USD 40m to advance Kymouse platform, therapeutic antibodies. May 16, 2014 230
Development of an immunoassay for the kidney-specific protein myo-inositol oxygenase, a potential biomarker of acute kidney injury. Gaut, Joseph P.; Crimmins, Dan L.; Ohlendorf, Matt F.; Lockwood, Christina M.; Griest, Terry A.; Bra Report May 1, 2014 5510
Using Tobacco to Thwart Infectious Disease? Apr 1, 2014 624
A two-pronged approach. Webster, Molly; Kumar, Vikram Sheel Apr 1, 2014 1454
Five Prime Therapeutics Inc partners with Adimab for therapeutic monoclonal antibodies. Jan 10, 2014 162
Five Prime Therapeutics Inc partners with Adimab for therapeutic monoclonal antibodies. Jan 10, 2014 158
Theraclone's Phase IIa trial of therapeutic antibody for influenza A misses primary goal. Sep 10, 2013 334
Abnormal expression of CD20 on lgG4 plasma cells associated with lgG4-related lymphadenopathy. Grimm, Kate E.; Bakke, Antony; O'Malley, Dennis P. Report Sep 1, 2013 2780
AbGenomics obtains USD 9.6m to advance development of therapeutic antibodies. Jul 18, 2013 157
Challenges and prospects for monoclonal antibodies in China. Shi, Honghao; Chen, Meiwan; Shi, Yunzhen; Hu, Hao; Wang, Yitao Report Apr 1, 2013 3447
United Kingdom : Human monoclonal antibody therapy to prevent hepatitis C virus reinfection of liver transplants: advancing lead monoclonal antibodies into clinical trial. Jan 17, 2013 337
A human/murine chimeric Fab antibody neutralizes anthrax lethal toxin in vitro. Ding, Guipeng; Chen, Ximin; Zhu, Jin; Duesbery, Nicholas S.; Cheng, Xunjia; Cao, Brian Jan 1, 2013 5024
A simple methodology for conversion of mouse monoclonal antibody to human-mouse chimeric form. Dang, Vinh T.; Mandakhalikar, Kedar D.; Ng, Oi-Wing; Tan, Yee-Joo Jan 1, 2013 3693
JC polyomavirus (JCV) and monoclonal antibodies: friends or potential foes? Diotti, Roberta Antonia; Nakanishi, Akira; Clementi, Nicola; Mancini, Nicasio; Criscuolo, Elena; Sol Jan 1, 2013 8989
The characteristics and significance of locally infiltrating B cells in lupus nephritis and their association with local BAFF expression. Sun, Chuan-Yin; Shen, Yan; Chen, Xiao-Wei; Yan, Yu-Cheng; Wu, Feng-Xia; Dai, Ming; Li, Ting; Yang, C Report Jan 1, 2013 4798
Ipilimumab: a first-in-class T-cell potentiator for metastatic melanoma. Chmielowski, Bartosz Report Jan 1, 2013 5548
[CXCR4.sup.+] and [CCR5.sup.+] expression on blood lymphocytes and its changes in AIDS development in HIV/HCV coinfected patients. Matsiyeuskaya, N.V.; Tsyrkunov, V.M.; Hancharou A.Y. Dec 1, 2012 6576
Vaccine against deadly Ebola virus shows promise in monkeys. Oct 16, 2012 517
United Kingdom : Frost & Sullivan Predicts Growth for the Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibodies Market in Europe. Oct 10, 2012 392
United States : Theraclone Sciences Presents Phase 1 Results of TCN-032, its Therapeutic Antibody Directed at Influenza A, at ICAAC 2012. Sep 11, 2012 430
New drug candidate gives 100pc protection against influenza. Sep 11, 2012 379
Antibody prevents hepatitis c infection in chimpanzees. Sep 2, 2012 328
Circulating human hepcidin-25 concentrations display a diurnal rhythm, increase with prolonged fasting, and are reduced by growth hormone administration. Troutt, Jason S.; Rudling, Mats; Persson, Lena; Stahle, Lars; Angelin, Bo; Butterfield, Anthony M.; Report Aug 1, 2012 5325
Predictors of response to TNF inhibitors in rheumatoid arthritis: do we have new tools for personalized medicine? Simsek, Ismail Jul 1, 2012 2842
Emerging targeted therapies in cancer. Chirieac, Lucian R. May 1, 2012 907
Access to antiretroviral treatment in South Africa, 2004-2011. Johnson, Leigh F. Report Mar 1, 2012 15233
Immunoreactive evaluation of the extracellular epitope of prostate-specific membrane antigen: in Vitro diagnostic and therapeutic potential. Moffatt, Stanley S.; Ansie, Derrick E. Feb 1, 2012 5103
ShangPharma Corporation announces milestone in therapeutic antibody under research partnership with Jiangsu Hengrui Medicine Co Ltd. Jan 20, 2012 130
Antiviral activity in vitro of two preparations of the herbal medicinal product Sinupret[R] against viruses causing respiratory infections. Glatthaar-Saalmuller, B.; Rauchhaus, U.; Rode, S.; Haunschild, J.; Saalmuller, A. Report Dec 15, 2011 5523
ERG oncoprotein overexpression in prostate cancer multiplex IHC adds to diagnostic prowess and efficiency of laboratory. Cross, Mark Jul 1, 2011 1187
Lymphangioma of tongue: a rare entity. Kheur, Supriya M.; Routray, Samapika; Ingale, Yashwant; Desai, R.S. Report Jul 1, 2011 1440
New therapy that pushes colon cancer cells to death discovered. Jun 9, 2011 238
Kyasanur forest disease virus alkhurma subtype in ticks, Najran Province, Saudi Arabia. Mahdi, Mustafa; Erickson, Bobbie Rae; Comer, J. Andy; Nichol, Stuart T.; Rollin, Pierre E.; AlMazroa Report May 1, 2011 1268
Acute cytomegalovirus pneumonitis in patient with lymphomatoid granulomatosis. Wu, Shang-Gin; Tsai, Tzu-Hsiu; Wu, Shang-Ju Letter to the editor Apr 1, 2011 1171
Rapid situation & response assessment of diarrhoea outbreak in a coastal district following tropical cyclone AILA in India. Panda, Samiran; Pati, Kamala Kanta; Bhattacharya, Mihir Kumar; Koley, Hemanta; Pahari, Sobha; Nair, Report Apr 1, 2011 3789
Life work culminates in testing of cancer therapy in humans. Mar 24, 2011 418
A-CUBE, Wakunaga Pharmaceutical enter into agreement on monoclonal therapeutic antibody. Dec 8, 2010 174
Oligonol a low molecular weight polyphenol of lychee fruit extract inhibits proliferation of influenza virus by blocking reactive oxygen species-dependent ERK phosphorylation. Gangehei, Leila; Ali, Muzammil; Zhang, Wei; Chen, Zhenping; Wakame, Koji; Haidari, Mehran Report Nov 1, 2010 6263
Porcine xenotransplantation to primates. Min, T.S.; Han, H.J.; Park, S.H. Report Nov 1, 2010 6107
Pfizer stops Phase III Sutent trial: GSK, Genmab refocus ofatumumab program. Oct 1, 2010 1642
Development of a sensitive Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay for detection of Hepatitis B surface antigen using novel monoclonal antibodies. Yazdani, Yaghoub; Roohi, Azam; Khoshnoodi, Jalal; Shokri, Fazel Report Oct 1, 2010 4350
Gamma secretase and Notch as therapeutic targets in cancer. Filipovic, Aleksandra; Giamas, Georgios; Coombes, R. Charles; Stebbing, Justin Sep 1, 2010 3141
Monoclonal antibody improves survival in melanoma. McBride, Deborah Brief article Sep 1, 2010 202
Anti-interleukin-6 therapy in rheumatoid arthritis. Woodrick, Robert; Ruderman, Eric M. Report Jul 1, 2010 4134
Aromatase inhibitors and bone health. Bundred, Nigel J. Clinical report Jul 1, 2010 4209
Survival rate higher with melanoma Rx. Macneil, Jane Salodof Jun 15, 2010 386
Caviar among the ruins. Gaby, Alan R. Editorial May 1, 2010 827
High concentration of magnolol induces hepatotoxicity under serum-reduced conditions. Kao, Ying-Hsien; Jawan, Bruno; Sun, Cheuk-Kwan; Goto, Shigeru; Lin, Yu-Chun; Hung, Chun-Tzu; Pan, Me Report May 1, 2010 3853
Acanthoic acid, a diterpene in Acanthopanax koreanum, protects acetaminophen-induced hepatic toxicity in mice. Wu, Yan-Ling; Jiang, Ying-Zi; Jin, Xue-Jun; Lian, Li-Hua; Piao, Juan-Yu; Wan, Ying; Jin, Hong-Ri; Le Report May 1, 2010 2833
CMC activities for development of MAbs: critical steps to reach IND with a therapeutic antibody. Jones, Susan Dana; Seymour, Patricia; Levine, Howard L. Apr 1, 2010 2169
Hope for earlier diagnosis. Brief article Mar 15, 2010 175
Human Genome Sciences and BioInvent announce partnership for therapeutic antibodies. Mar 11, 2010 155
BioInvent and Human Genome Sciences team to develop and commercialise therapeutic antibodies. Mar 11, 2010 149
MLB generates fully human monoclonal antibodies against pandemic A type influenza. Jan 27, 2010 304
Tumour markers in oral neoplasia. Sanjay, Reddy B.; Madhavi, Reddy B.; Shyam, N.D.V.N. Report Jan 1, 2010 6961
Effectiveness of rheolytic thrombectomy during percutaneous revascularization for ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction: a single center experience with the AngioJet catheter. Hulse, Ronald S., III; Stauffer, Marc R.; Jain, Abnash C.; Beto, Robert; Warden, Bradford; Gharib, W Report Nov 1, 2009 3140
15th Congress of the European Cancer Organization and the 34th European Society for Medical Oncology multidisciplinary congress: GI update. Brown, Vanessa Clinical report Oct 1, 2009 1840
4-Methoxycinnamaldehyde inhibited human respiratory syncytial virus in a human larynx carcinoma cell line. Wang, Kuo Chih; Chang, Jung San; Chiang, Lien Chai; Lin, Chun Ching Report Sep 1, 2009 2844
Ustekinumab beats etanercept for psoriasis. Jancin, Bruce Brief article Apr 15, 2009 265
Generation and characterization of mouse hybridomas secreting monoclonal antibodies specific for human IgG3. Hajighasemi, Fatemeh; Shokri, Fazel Report Apr 1, 2009 3676
Conjugation of monoclonal antibodies to super paramagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles for detection of her2/neu antigen on breast cancer cell lines. Shamsipour, Fereshteh; Zarnani, Amir Hassan; Ghods, Roya; Chamankhah, Mahmood; Forouzesh, Flora; Vaf Report Apr 1, 2009 1761
Murine monoclonal anti-H as typing reagent. Iyer, Y.S.; Vasantha, K.; Pujari, V.; Jadhav, S.; Ghosh, K. Report Jan 1, 2009 1481
Expression of class III [beta]-tubulin in colorectal carcinomas: an immunohistochemical study using TU-20 & TuJ-1 antibody. Jirasek, Tomas; Cipro, Simon; Musilova, A.; Kubecova, M.; Mandys, V. Report Jan 1, 2009 3323
Mycobacterium haemophilum infection after alemtuzumab treatment. Kamboj, Mini; Louie, Eddie; Keihn, Timothy; Papanicolaou, Genovefa; Glickman, Michael; Sepkowitz, Ke Nov 1, 2008 1284
The trials and errors in MS therapy. Kleinschnitz, Christoph; Meuth, Sven G.; Wiendl, Heinz Report Nov 1, 2008 8078
Spotlight on anti-CD25: daclizumab in MS. Schippling, Sven; Martin, Roland Nov 1, 2008 3202
Belimumab is steroid sparing in systemic lupus erythematosus. Walsh, Nancy Sep 1, 2008 395
Novel agent promising for osteoarthritic knee pain. Jancin, Bruce Jul 15, 2008 595
Identification of pro-MMP-7 as a serum marker for renal cell carcinoma by use of proteomic analysis. Sarkissian, Gaiane; Fergelot, Patricia; Lamy, Pierre-Jean; Patard, Jean-Jacques; Culine, Stephane; J Mar 1, 2008 5208
Psoriasis drug excels in phase III study. Finn, Robert Clinical report Feb 15, 2008 410
Panacea announces selection of PAN-622 - a fully human sequence monoclonal antibody against HAAH - as its lead cancer therapeutic product. Nov 1, 2007 793
Immunogenicity testing by electrochemiluminescent detection for antibodies directed against therapeutic human monoclonal antibodies. Moxness, Michael; Tatarewicz, Suzanna; Weeraratne, Dohan; Murakami, Nancy; Wullner, Danika; Mytych, Oct 1, 2005 1171
Immunohistological analysis of normal and osteoarthritic human synovial tissue. Korkusuz, Petek; Dagdeviren, Attila; Eksioglu, Fatih; Ors, Ulken Jun 22, 2005 5095
Palivizumab safely prevents RSV in infantile CHD. McNamara, Damian Jul 1, 2004 535
Natalizumab may quell Crohn's disease, MS: selective adhesion-molecule inhibitor. Wachter, Kerri Sep 15, 2003 579
Cyclophosphamide, HuZAF effective for severe Crohn's. (Pilot Studies Reported). Jancin, Bruce Aug 15, 2002 405
Add-on omalizumab quells high-risk Asthma. (Experimental Anti-IgE Adjunct Therapy). Tucker, Miriam E. May 1, 2002 588
Monoclonal antibody may cut steroid dose. (Small Asthma Study). McNamara, Damian Brief Article Apr 1, 2002 219
Ultrarapid, ultrasensitive one-step kinetic immunoassay for C-reactive Protein (CRP) in whole blood samples: measurement of the entire CRP concentration range with a single sample dilution. Tarkkinen, Piia; Palenius, Tom; Lovgren, Timo Report Feb 1, 2002 6072
RSV Infections between doeses of Palivizumab. (High-Risk candidates for RSV prophylaxis). Bates, Betsy Nov 1, 2001 390
Omalizumab Cuts Inhaled Steroid Use in Allergic Asthma. BATES, BETSY Jul 15, 2001 426
Arthritis drug succeeds vs. psoriasis. N.S. Brief Article Jul 14, 2001 336
Antibodies Chart New Direction in Crohn's Care. SHERMAN, CARL Jul 1, 2001 642
Fusion proteins for combined analysis of autoantibodies to the 65-kDa isoform of glutamic acid decarboxylase and islet antigen-2 in insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus. Rickert, Mathias; Seissler, Jochen; Dangel, Werner; Lorenz, Helga; Richter, Wiltrud May 1, 2001 4831
An IgM [lambda] antibody to Escherichia coli produces false-positive results in multiple immunometric assays. Covinsky, Michael; Laterza, Omar; Pfeifer, John D.; Farkas-Szallasi, Tunde; Scott, Mttchell G. Aug 1, 2000 3391
Rapid diagnosis of herpes simplex encephalitis using microchip electrophoresis of PCR products. Hofgartner, Wolfgang T.; Huhmer, Andreas F.R.; Landers, James P.; Kant, Jeffrey A. Dec 1, 1999 5962
Anti-IgE Monoclonal Antibody Tx for Peanut Allergy Studied. KIRN, TIMOTHY F. Oct 15, 1999 464
Real-time reverse transcription-PCR assay for future management of ERBB2-based clinical applications. Bieche, Ivan; Onody, Peter; Laurendeau, Ingrid; Olivi, Martine; Vidaud, Dominique; Lidereau, Rosette Aug 1, 1999 5839
Using Monoclonal Antibodies to Prevent Mucosal Transmission of Epidemic Infectious Diseases. Whaley, Kevin J. Statistical Data Included Jan 1, 1999 7646
New MAB trials need participants. Sep 22, 1998 190
Evaluation of the tacrolimus II microparticle enzyme immunoassay (MEIA II) in liver and renal transplant recipients. Cogill, Jan L.; Taylor, Paul J.; Westley, Ian S.; Morris, Raymond G.; Lynch, Stephen V.; Johnson, An Clinical report Sep 1, 1998 3050
Destroying harmful immune cells. Sep 1, 1992 399
Antibody combo nixes graft rejection. Ezzell, Carol Feb 29, 1992 693
A medical "smart-bomb" to save septicemia victims. Mar 1, 1991 426
Novel antibodies beat bacterial toxins. Weiss, Rick Feb 16, 1991 518
Melanoma shrinks from human monoclonals. Weiss, Rick May 26, 1990 599
Compelling cancer cells to self-destruct. Hart, S. Jul 29, 1989 536
Therapeutic monoclonal antibody okayed. Silberner, Joanane Jun 28, 1986 468

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