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On road to success after schizophrenia diagnosis. abbie wightwick Education editor Oct 15, 2019 1011
The isolating reality of being diagnosed with schizophrenia and then autism; Garin Bramwell said he started hearing voices when he was at school and was eventually excluded. Abbie Wightwick Oct 13, 2019 1002
Lagos Govt Begins Investigation As Infection Hits Many Queen's College Students. Oct 2, 2019 880
GRADES 9-12 Wisconsin School Therapy Dogs Help Students with Mental Health Issues. Sep 1, 2019 348
Teen too ill to go to school during bone cancer battle 'smashes' her GCSEs; EXCLUSIVE: Lauren Fishman, 16, endured gruelling chemotherapy after being diagnosed with a rare type of bone cancer after finding lump on her back. Aug 24, 2019 920
'I lost my hearing after getting chickenpox'; Charlotte Mitchell suffered a very rare complication of the virus. Aug 17, 2019 783
Briones underscores importance of keeping campuses clean, students reminded of proper hygiene. Aug 2, 2019 471
More states allowing students to carry, use sunscreen. DeNisco, Alison Jul 1, 2019 463
Interprofessional collaboration between health sciences librarians and health professions faculty to implement a book club discussion for incoming students. Haley, Jen; McCall, Rebecca Carlson; Zomorodi, Meg; de Saxe Zerdan, Lisa; Moreton, Beth; Richardson, Jul 1, 2019 5468
Role of Trace and Toxic Elements in the Development of Anaemia in School going population of Hyderabad. Thebo, Junaid Ali; Khan, Shaista; Shaikh, Abdul Aziz; Thebo, Nasren; Nabi, Ghulam; Lohdi, Nehwish; K Clinical report Jun 30, 2019 4961
PERCEPTIONS OF PUBLIC AND PRIVATE SCHOOL STUDENTS OF LAHORE CANTT ABOUT DENTAL HEALTH. Atif, Saira; Zaheer, Naauman; Qadeer, Mustafa; Liaqat, Kashish; Shahbaz, Maliha; Zaheer, Usman Report Jun 30, 2019 3754
United States : Hackensack Meridian School of Medicine at Seton Hall University Students and Local Community Leaders Collaborate to Address Health Issues in Innovative Program. Jun 22, 2019 506
New Zealand : Budget Boost For Students At Risk. Jun 18, 2019 365
Single mum-of-two diagnosed with cervical cancer refused PIP benefits by DWP; "They have decided I'm not ill enough after a 40-minute assessment and when you've just been through cancer it's not a nice feeling". Jun 15, 2019 702
Single mum-of-two diagnosed with cervical cancer refused PIP benefits by DWP; "They have decided I'm not ill enough after a 40-minute assessment and when you've just been through cancer it's not a nice feeling". Jun 15, 2019 702
Single mum-of-two diagnosed with cervical cancer refused PIP benefits by DWP; "They have decided I'm not ill enough after a 40-minute assessment and when you've just been through cancer it's not a nice feeling". Jun 15, 2019 699
Single mum-of-two diagnosed with cervical cancer refused PIP benefits by DWP; "They have decided I'm not ill enough after a 40-minute assessment and when you've just been through cancer it's not a nice feeling". Jun 15, 2019 702
Single mum-of-two diagnosed with cervical cancer refused PIP benefits by DWP; "They have decided I'm not ill enough after a 40-minute assessment and when you've just been through cancer it's not a nice feeling". Jun 15, 2019 702
Human, Professional, Musician, Educator, Ally of Prevention: Your Health Matters. Norton, Naomi Essay Jun 1, 2019 1997
Perception Regarding HPV Vaccination among the Students of Medical University in Malaysia. Mona, Resni; Azman, Amierabinti Nor; Atan, Fatin Nur Syahirinbt; Firdous, Jannathul; Latif, Norain A Jun 1, 2019 2706
Consumption of energy drinks among Turkish University students and its health hazards. Apr 30, 2019 3354
Vision screening services in special needs schools in Western Saudi Arabia. Algethami, Mohammed R.; Raffa, Lina H.; Alhibshi, Rabaa H.; Baabdullah, Maha Y.; Alobudi, Abdulrahma Report Apr 1, 2019 3545
A Qualitative Analysis of Suicides Committed by the Students in Pakistan. Report Mar 31, 2019 4087
Red Cross Sensitises Students On Personal Hygiene. Mar 28, 2019 351
'Students in crisis as mental health issues on the increase and cuts play a growing part' Education editor Abbie Wightwick speaks to a third-year student about her stressful experience at university, her difficulties in adjusting socially and fears for the future. Mar 15, 2019 1093
AMC establishes students counseling center. Mar 14, 2019 388
Looking after students' mental health is vital. Mar 4, 2019 409
Engaging Students to Improve Sexual and Reproductive Health: A Report of the University Leadership for Change Initiative in Niger. Benevides, Regina; Chau, Katie; Ousseini, Abdoulaye; Innocent, Ibrahim; Simmons, Ruth Report Mar 1, 2019 5385
Helping intermediate school students to access health information: Three third-year nursing students developed and piloted a way to make accessing health information easier for intermediate school students. Ao, Alice; Watt, Mady; Rishworth, Rachel Report Feb 1, 2019 2269
STRESS, STRESSORS, AND ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE AMONG ASIAN STUDENTS IN CENTRAL CALIFORNIA. Perez, Miguel A.; Santos, Arcellie A.; Cisneros, Ricardo; Tongson-Fernandez, Marie Jan 1, 2019 4313
A culture of safety Safety: Students learn 3 D's of intervention -BYLN- By Madhu Krishnamurthy Dec 9, 2018 658
School Shootings and Their Effect on Student Mental Health. Dec 1, 2018 674
How does school based hand-washing promotion program affect the handwashing behavior of students at the urban slums in Puducherry, South India? Mixed method design. Amudha, Kumar; Thulasingam, Mahalakshmy; Thomas, Bitty; Nag, Bharath; Rajarethinam, Kanagarethinam; Report Nov 1, 2018 3192
Australia : Expanding Mental Health Support To Victorian Students. Oct 27, 2018 434
Australia : Expanding Mental Health Support To Ballarat Students. Oct 27, 2018 411
This & That. Oct 1, 2018 1480
Tips to prevent backpacks-related injuries. Brief article Aug 7, 2018 322
Staying safe on dangerously hot days. Aug 6, 2018 491
Effectiveness of an Educational Module on Dental Hygiene Students' Attitudes Towards Persons with Disabilities. Jones, Darlene M.; Miller, Sonya R. Aug 1, 2018 5309
Knowledge Levels of Students, Trainees and Faculty Members About Hand Hygiene at a University Hospital/Bir Universite Hastanesi Ogrencileri, Arastirma Gorevlileri ve Ogretim Uyelerinin El Hijyeni Hakkindaki Bilgi Duzeyleri. Aktug-Demir, Nazlim; Sumer, Sua; Demir, Lutfi Saltuk; Ural, Onur Report Aug 1, 2018 2274
ECC support group aims to help students deal with anxiety and depression. Jul 22, 2018 505
ECC support group helps students dealing with anxiety, depression. Jul 22, 2018 446
ECC support group helps students deal with anxiety. Jul 22, 2018 505
United States : Lilly Passes Mental Health Bills to Help Illinois Students at an Early Age. Jun 27, 2018 309
United States : Kaine Joins Casey To Introduce Bill To Improve Access To Mental Health Services For Students. Jun 25, 2018 287
United States : Casey, Colleagues Look to Improve Access to Mental Health Services for Students. Jun 22, 2018 394
The Devil is in the Details: Microaggressions are a Public Health Issue. Esfandiari, Negar Jun 22, 2018 1065
Educational and Clinical Experiences in Administering Local Anesthesia: a study of dental and dental hygiene students in California. Teeters, Anna N.; Gurenlian, JoAnn R.; Freudenthal, Jacqueline Jun 1, 2018 4311
Power Distance and Trustworthiness in Organizations: A Comparative Study of Students' Perceptions in Two Countries. Kwantes, Catherine T.; Idemudia, Erhabor S.; Olasupo, Matthew O. Report Jun 1, 2018 6681
Predictors of unplanned pregnancies among female students at South African Technical and Vocational Education and Training colleges: Findings from the 2014 Higher Education and Training HIV and AIDS survey. Mbelle, N.; Mabaso, M.; Setswe, G.; Sifunda, S. Report Jun 1, 2018 4561
Mental health an issue as students struggle at uni; There is growing concern over the number of suicides by students at British universities. SIMON MEECHAN looks at the help available in the North East. May 15, 2018 606
Holistic approach helps CLC's dental hygiene students attain a 99 percent pass rate on national exam. May 2, 2018 550
Waist-to-hip measurement ratio among dental students in urban areas. Ravishankar, Aishwaryah; Sethu, Gowri; Jain, Ashish R May 1, 2018 1502
The power of peer influence to address student behavioral problems: A program in which students learn in interdependent peer groups shows promise for preventing risky behaviors. Van Ryzin, Mark J.; Roseth, Cary J. Report May 1, 2018 2445
STUDENTS at St Margaret's Academy [...]. Apr 23, 2018 406
Wellness Center Hosts Watercolor Artist. Apr 6, 2018 329
E-Textbooks in Dental Hygiene Education: Utilization And Perspectives of Students and Faculty. Compton, Sharon M.; Rasmussen, Kari; Pratt, Rachelle Report Apr 1, 2018 336
Pre-Liminal Variation of Experience of Dental Hygiene Diploma Students Embarking on their Degree Completion Program. Dalpe, Samantha; Rasmussen, Kari; Compton, Sharon M.; Chow, Ava Report Apr 1, 2018 383
What Educators Should Look for in Student Behavior. Brief article Apr 1, 2018 165
Evidence-Based Practice Knowledge, Attitude, Access and Confidence: A comparison of dental hygiene and dental students. Santiago, Victoria; Cardenas, Melissa; Charles, Anne Laure; Hernandez, Estefany; Oyoyo, Udochukwu; K Apr 1, 2018 4131
Treatment of a Culturally Diverse Refugee Population: Dental hygiene students' perceptions and experiences. Capozzi, Bianca M.; Giblin-Scanlon, Lori J.; Rainchuso, Lori Apr 1, 2018 4416
Mental Health Status in Service Member and Veteran Students at Four-Year Postsecondary Institutions: A Pilot Needs Assessment. Thomas, Kate H.; Albright, David L.; Phillips, David; Roosevelt, Kathryn; Crawley, Rohan; Taylor, Sa Report Mar 22, 2018 5493
'In spite of my battle to overcome anorexia, I got a first-class degree' Jordan Holt, from Penarth, was diagnosed with anorexia at 16 years old. Here she explains to Mark Smith why her condition should have been treated as a mental illness rather than a weight issue. Mar 5, 2018 812
Anger at anti-gun rallies in Florida Anger: Students decry NRA political donations. Dearen, By Jason; Breed, Allen; Press, Tamara Lush Associated Feb 18, 2018 905
Impacting public health by affecting individual health: A focus group study with chiropractic students after an international clinical experience. Boysen, James; Salsbury, Stacie A.; Lawrence, Dana J. Report Jan 1, 2018 3772
The Course of Self-Efficacy for Therapeutic Use of Self in Norwegian Occupational Therapy Students: A 10-Month Follow-Up Study. Schwank, Kathrin; Carstensen, Tove; Yazdani, Farzaneh; Bonsaksen, Tore Report Jan 1, 2018 3555
Naps at School. Brief article Dec 11, 2017 185
RISE UP! This Native American two-spirit is using her talent and wit to change the face of drag-pop. Artavia, David Dec 1, 2017 770
A cross-sectional study on rotavirus infection among students of University Kuala Lumpur Royal College of Medicine Perak in Malaysia. Jaafar, Khairil Azwan Malim; Firdous, Jannathul; Zaidey, Muhammad Afiq bin; Kamal, Shamsulfaris Azim Report Dec 1, 2017 2097
Oral Manifestations of Menopause: An Interprofessional Intervention for Dental Hygiene and Physician Assistant Students. Rothmund, Windy L.; O'Kelley-Wetmore, Ann D.; Jones, Merri L.; Smith, Michael B. Medical condition overview Dec 1, 2017 7436
SWEATING IT OUT: "The extreme level of sweat production experienced with hyperhidrosis can disrupt all aspects of a student's life, from academic performance, recreational activities and relationships, to self-image and overall emotional well-being....". Kern, Merile E. Nov 1, 2017 1200
A Health Enhancement Programme for physiotherapy students: a mixed methods pilot study. Lo, Kristin; Francis-Cracknell, Alison; Hassed, Craig Report Nov 1, 2017 7113
Measuring the Impact of Cultural Competence Training for Dental Hygiene Students. Daugherty, Heather N.; Kearney, Rachel C. Oct 1, 2017 4416
Education strategies that best engage Generation Y students. Battersby, Leslie Oct 1, 2017 5927
Exploring the Issues of Adult Students with Brain Injuries in the Online Learning Environment. Williams, Danielle A. Report Jul 1, 2017 7272
How Facebook Addiction Affects the Personal Life of Addict Students and their Family: A Case Study of Pakistan. Ali, Aasir; Lodhi, Rab Nawaz Case study Jul 1, 2017 4339
An Examination of Estimated BMI and Perceived Wellness among Students at a Midsized Midwest University. Kenedy, Kylie; Wiedenman, Eric M.; Ball, James W.; Dinkel, Danae; Akehi, Kazuma; Bice, Matthew R. Report Jun 22, 2017 5215
Better health for better grades. Blackman, Kate Jun 1, 2017 413
The impact of community rotations on the cultural competence of dental hygiene students in the State of Texas. Classe-Cutrone, Rita A.; McCann, Ann L.; Campbell, Patricia R.; DeWald, Janice P.; Schneiderman, Eme Jun 1, 2017 5725
Prevalence and Correlates of Psychological Distress in Adolescent Students from India. Jaisoorya,T.S.; Geetha, D.; Beena, K.V.; Beena, M.; Ellangovan, K.; Thennarasu, K. Report Jun 1, 2017 5532
Depression, anxiety and stress--a cross-sectional study in a cohort of school students from South India. Kanagasabapathy, Shankar; Raj, Satya Report May 25, 2017 3360
ADHA advocates for its dental hygiene students. May 1, 2017 329
Putting a positive spin on discipline: a therapeutic approach leads students to think more productively when they get in trouble. Fertig, Alex; Christner, Ray W. May 1, 2017 619
Dozens of unvaccinated students banned from class. Apr 3, 2017 292
The mediator role of perceived stress in the relationship between academic stress and depressive symptoms among e-learning students with visual impairments. Lee, Soon Min; Oh, Yunjin Report Mar 1, 2017 4954
Performance of students with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in metalinguistic skills, reading and reading comprehension/Desempenho de escolares com transtorno do deficit de atencao com hiperatividade em habilidades metalinguisticas, leitura e compreensao leitora. Uvo, Mariana Ferraz Conti; Germano, Giseli Donadon; Capellini, Simone Aparecida Jan 1, 2017 6628
College students' self-efficacy, knowledge, and attitudes about disability. Culp, Aubrey G.; Rojas-Guyler, Liliana; Vidourek, Rebecca A.; King, Keith A. Report Jan 1, 2017 7887
Exploring the Concern about Food Allergies among Secondary School and University Students in Ontario, Canada: A Descriptive Analysis. Majowicz, Shannon E.; Jung, James K.H.; Courtney, Sarah M.; Harrington, Daniel W. Report Jan 1, 2017 5249
The Influence of Environmental Factors on the Prevalence of Myopia in Poland. Czepita, Maciej; Czepita, Damian; Lubinski, Wojciech Report Jan 1, 2017 2682
Opinions and attitudes of students of public health to the issues of transplantation medicine. Boratynski, W.; Mularczyk, P.; Sarnacka, E. Report Dec 1, 2016 4252
Case study: Living with diabetes. Nov 14, 2016 1197
Senior dental students' knowledge and attitudes toward dental hygienists' contributions to comprehensive patient care. Nojoumi, Sanaz; Essex, Gwen; Rowe, Dorothy J. Oct 1, 2016 4835
The importance of developing communication skills: perceptions of dental hygiene students. Walker, Kimberly K.; Jackson, Richard D.; Maxwell, Lisa Oct 1, 2016 4122
Bnss - Cyber Wellness Workshop 2016 - From 24 Oct 2016 To 25 Oct 2016 - For Sec 1, 2 & 3 Students - Sec 1: 65 Students - Sec 2: 180 Students - Sec 3: 200 Students. Sep 23, 2016 228
The prevalence of leprosy in school-students and evaluation of school-based screening for leprosy: a systematic review. Fowden, Katherine; Franklin, Richard; Graves, Patricia; Maclaren, David; McBride, John Report Sep 1, 2016 6873
Oral health on wheels: a service learning project for dental hygiene students. Flick, Heather; Barrett, Sheri; Carter-Hanson, Carrie Aug 1, 2016 4998
Implications of social media on African-American college students' communication regarding sex partners. Khosrovani, Massomeh; Desai, Mayur S. Report Jun 22, 2016 6900
Development and evaluation of an effective brain-based oral hygiene curriculum for impoverished elementary students. Satake, Monica May 1, 2016 1632
Knowledge, attitude, and practice (KAP) of food hygiene among schools students' in Majmaah city, Saudi Arabia. Report Apr 30, 2016 3270
Breast cancer knowledge and breast self-examination practices among female university students in Kampala, Uganda: a descriptive study. Godfrey, Katende; Agatha, Tukamuhebwa; Nankumbi, Joyce Mar 1, 2016 3837
Effect of a simulation exercise on restorative identification skills of first year dental hygiene students. Lemaster, Margaret; Flores, Joyce M.; Blacketer, Margaret S. Feb 1, 2016 3580
Improving access to accommodations: reducing political and institutional barriers for Canadian postsecondary students with visual impairments. Ostrowski, Christopher P. Report Jan 1, 2016 4576
Anticipated negative responses by students to possible Ebola virus outbreak, Guangzhou, China. Lau, Joseph T.F.; Wang, Zixin; Kim, Yoona; Gu, Jing; Wu, Anise M.S.; Zhou, Qianling; Hao, Chun; Chen Letter to the editor Jan 1, 2016 1922
Trajectories of objectively measured sedentary time among secondary students in Manitoba, Canada in the context of a province-wide physical education policy: a longitudinal analysis. Zuo, Fei; Comte, Melisa; So, Jannice; Rosella, Laura; McGavock, Jonathan; Hobin, Erin Report Jan 1, 2016 5817
Physical activity of students from selected countries. Studies review. Bergier, M. Report Dec 1, 2015 2542
Bleary-eyed students get up too early. Brief article Dec 1, 2015 165
Performance of dental hygiene students in mass fatality training and radiographic imaging of dental remains. Newcomb, Tara L.; Bruhn, Ann M.; Ulmer, Loreta H.; Diawara, Norou Oct 1, 2015 4923
Health barriers to learning. DeNisco, Alison Brief article Oct 1, 2015 219
Evaluation of a sexual and reproductive health education programme: students' knowledge, attitude and behaviour in Bolgatanga municipality, northern Ghana. van der Geugten, Jolien; van Meijel, Berno; den Uyl, Marion H.G.; de Vries, Nanne K. Report Sep 1, 2015 6415
Outbreak of cryptosporidiosis among veterinary medicine students--Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, February 2015. Drinkard, Lauren N.; Halbritter, Ashlee; Nguyen, Giang T.; Sertich, Patricia L.; King, Max; Bowman, Jul 24, 2015 755
Play for life. Lumpkin, Angela Jun 22, 2015 626
Practicum experiences: effects on clinical self-confidence of senior dental hygiene students. Simonian, Whitney Z.; Brame, Jennifer L.; Hunt, Lynne C.; Wilder, Rebecca S. Jun 1, 2015 5630
Comfort levels among predoctoral dental and dental hygiene students in treating patients at high-risk for HIV/AIDS. Natto, Zuhair S.; Aladmawy, Majdi; Rogers, Thomas C. Jun 1, 2015 4544
Student's Acanthamoeba eye infection ordeal. O'Hare, Ryan May 30, 2015 573
Comparison of the personality and other psychological factors of students with internet addiction who do and do not have associated social dysfunction. Chen, Qiang; Quan, Xing; Lu, Huimin; Fei, Pei; Li, Ming Report Feb 1, 2015 3526
The impact of school policies and practices on students' diets, physical activity levels and body weights: a province-wide practice-based evaluation. McIsaac, Jessie-Lee D.; Chu, Yen Li; Blanchard, Chris; Rossiter, Melissa D.; Williams, Patricia L.; Report Jan 1, 2015 7656
Blaydon schoolboy cancer sufferer Matthew Robinson wants to learn to walk again; Matthew, of Blaydon, was diagnosed with a rare cancer and had part of his leg bone removed - but he is determined to walk again. Dec 23, 2014 547
Sleep problems, academic performance and substance use among adolescents. Wong, Maria M.; Rowland, Sarah E.; Dyson, Rachel B. Report Dec 1, 2014 7474
Pads for personal power. de Voss, Vida Dec 1, 2014 751
Knowledge and attitude on HIV/AIDS among students of higher secondary schools in Imphal: a cross sectional study. Kameshore, N.; Singh, K.B.; Minita, N.; Avinash, K. Oct 9, 2014 2586
Self-management interventions on students with autism: a meta-analysis of single-subject research. Carr, Monica E.; Moore, Dennis W.; Anderson, Angelika Report Oct 1, 2014 9361
Important factors in engaging in risky behavior among students: deterministic thinking. Golzarpour, Majid; Rostami, Mohammad; Kanani, Zahed; Heidari-ghadikolaei, Mehdi; Younesi, Seyyed Jal Oct 1, 2014 3964
The influence of mindfulness on self-regulation of students with dyscalculia. Akbari, Maryam; Arjomandnia, Ali Akbar; Afrooz, GholamAli; Kamkari, Kambiz Report Oct 1, 2014 3325
Stay fit & healthy: walking & biking to school. Aug 1, 2014 571
What's for lunch? Local specialities among the tasty dishes spicing up school cafeterias. Fine, Ariana Rawls Jul 1, 2014 700
Competitive food options become healthier. Williams, Lauren Brief article Jul 1, 2014 132
"He is like the other patients": perceptions of dentistry students in the HIV/AIDS clinic/"Ele e igual aos outros pacientes": percepcoes dos academicos de Odontologia na clinica de HIV/Aids/"El es igual a los demas pacientes": percepciones de los academicos de Odontologia en la clinica de VIH/sida. Rossi-Barbosa, Luiza Augusta Rosa; Ferreira, Raquel Conceicao; Sampaio, Cristina Andrade; Guimaraes, Jul 1, 2014 5514
Healthy lifestyle choices for a healthy student body. Bartlett, Yvonne Mar 22, 2014 697
Students with cystic fibrosis participating in recess. Lucas, Matthew D.; Jones, Brett S. Report Mar 22, 2014 1073
Back-to-school infections. Sagall, Richard J. Brief article Mar 1, 2014 150
Dental hygiene students' perceptions of distance learning: do they change over time? Sledge, Rhonda; Vuk, Jasna; Long, Susan Author abstract Feb 1, 2014 3953
Fast fact. Brief article Jan 1, 2014 203
The promise of the internship in the moral development of therapeutic recreation students: findings from a research-based case report. Craig, Patricia J. Jan 1, 2014 14745
Physical activity level and adiposity: are they associated with primary dysmenorrhea in school adolescents? Maruf, Fatai A.; Ezenwafor, Nonyelum V.; Moroof, Suleman O.; Adeniyi, Ade F.; Okoye, Emmanuel C. Report Dec 1, 2013 4528
Investigating the attitudes of female students of the Islamic Azad University of Abhar towards family formation and its influencing factors in the academic year of 2009-2010. Karami, Manijeh Report Nov 1, 2013 5748
Hookah pipe smoking among health sciences students. Van der Merwe, N.; Banoobhai, T.; Gqweta, A.; Gwala, A.; Masiea, T.; Misra, M.; Zweigenthal, V. Report Nov 1, 2013 2184
A decade of tobacco control: the south African case of politics, health policy, health promotion and behaviour change. Reddy, P.; James, S.; Sewpaul, R.; Yach, D.; Resnicow, K.; Sifunda, S.; Mthembu, Z.; Mbewu, A. Report Nov 1, 2013 4734
Food allergies inject legal risk: the law is mostly on the side of students who have food allergies, compelling schools and districts to keep them safe, but the requirements are not unlimited. Darden, Edwin C. Oct 1, 2013 1278
Voices from the field: stakeholder perspectives on PBIS implementation in alternative educational settings. Swain-Bradway, Jessica; Swoszowski, Nicole Cain; Boden, Lauren J.; Sprague, Jeffrey R. Report Aug 1, 2013 5341
Three-tiered support for students with E/BD: highlights of the universal tier. George, Michael P.; George, Nancy L.; Kern, Lee; Fogt, Julie B. Case study Aug 1, 2013 4728
STOP and DARE: self-regulated strategy development for persuasive writing with elementary students with E/BD in a residential facility. Ennis, Robin Parks; Jolivette, Kristine; Boden, Lauren J. Report Aug 1, 2013 6204
Attitudes of undergraduates towards mental illness: a comparison between nursing and business management students in India. Vijayalakshmi, P.; Reddy, D.; Math, S.B.; Thimmaiah, R. Report Aug 1, 2013 8217
The experience of wellness for counselor education doctoral students who are mothers in the Southeastern Region of the United States. Pierce, Latoya Anderson; Herlihy, Barbara Report Jul 1, 2013 5817
'The misery of the poor girls ...': exploring a case of collective bewitchment in Lier, 1602-03. Vanderheyden, Vrajabhumi Essay Jul 1, 2013 13076
Working and non-working university students: anxiety, depression, and grade point average. Mounsey, Rebecca; Vandehey, Michael A.; Diekhoff, George M. Report Jun 1, 2013 5046
The relationship between students' interest for physical activities in their free time and their health. Constantinescu, Anamaria Report Jun 1, 2013 3526
The impact of physical parameters value of the "oil and gas" students as a result of taking part in aerobic gymnastics training. Anamaria, Constantinescu Report Jun 1, 2013 3071
Study concerning the conditional capacity strength development at the level of 13-14 years old students during the physical education class. Marin, Finichiu Report Jun 1, 2013 3273
Mental health services in public schools: a preliminary study of school counselor perceptions. Carlson, Laurie A.; Kees, Nathalie L. Report Apr 1, 2013 6733
Students with anxiety: implications for professional school counselors. Thompson, E. Heather; Robertson, Phyllis; Curtis, Russ; Frick, Melodie H. Essay Apr 1, 2013 9042
Students diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: collaborative strategies for school counselors. Shillingford-Butler, M. Ann; Theodore, Lea Essay Apr 1, 2013 6605
Autism spectrum disorders: a research review for school counselors. Auger, Richard W. Disease/Disorder overview Apr 1, 2013 9420
The impact of course delivery format on wellness patterns of university students. Everhart, Kim; Dimon, Chelsea Mar 22, 2013 4695
An innovative HIV training program for dental hygiene students. Zaninovic, Periza; Natto, Zuhair S.; Turner, Rodney L.; Toledo, Gerardo A.; Duran, Graciela G.; Trot Feb 1, 2013 5318
The role of mental illness in alcohol abuse and prescription drug misuse: gender-specific analysis of college students. Lo, Celia C.; Monge, Allison N.; Howell, Rebecca J.; Cheng, Tyrone C. Survey Jan 1, 2013 6850
Understanding sexual identity development of African American male college students. Randolph, Schenita D.; Kim, Mimi M.; Golin, Carol; Matthews, Derrick D.; Howard, Daniel L. Report Jan 1, 2013 4407
Healthy eating guidelines for a school jurisdiction: collaborative design and implementation. Stephenson, Flora F.; Johnston, J. Cyne; Riege, Theresa; Bandali, Farah; McNeil, Deborah A. Report Jan 1, 2013 2660
Knowledge of male secondary school students regarding prevention of acute respiratory infections in Abha City, KSA. Saleh, Majed Mohommed Ali Al Report Jan 1, 2013 5114
Nationwide survey on HIV/AIDS knowledge, attitudes and risk behavior in university students of Portugal. Reis, Marta; Ramiro, Lucia; de Matos, Margarida Gaspar; Diniz, Jose Alves Survey Jan 1, 2013 7971
Schools' initiatives reduce mental health issues in California students. Clinical report Nov 1, 2012 364
A randomized controlled trial of the effect of standardized patient scenarios on dental hygiene students' confidence in providing tobacco dependence counseling. Brame, Jennifer L.; Martin, Robbyne; Tavoc, Tabitha; Stein, Margot; Curran, Alice E. Report Sep 22, 2012 5462
A pilot study: examining objective structured clinical examination (m-OSCE) as an effective way to measure dental hygiene students' critical thinking. McComas, Martha Report Sep 22, 2012 236
Evaluation of school- and community-based HIV prevention interventions with junior secondary school students in Edo State, Nigeria. Arnold, Robert; Maticka-Tyndale, Eleanor; Tenkorang, Eric; Holland, Daniel; Gaspard, Adeline; Lugina Report Jun 1, 2012 14929
The relationship between emotional intelligence and abuse of alcohol, marijuana, and tobacco among college students. Claros, Edith; Sharma, Manoj Jun 1, 2012 5580
Taliban 'Poison' 120 Schoolgirls in Afghanistan [VIDEO]. Brief article May 23, 2012 312
Get thee to the gym! Column Apr 1, 2012 650
Prevalence of Autism Spectrum Disorders: Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring Network, 14 Sites, United States, 2008. Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. Surveillance Summaries. Volume 61, Number 3. Baio, Jon Abstract Mar 30, 2012 976
Oral health students as reflective practitioners: changing patterns of student clinical reflections over a period of 12 months. Tsang, Annetta K.L. Report Mar 22, 2012 5883
A profile of high school students in rural Canada who exchange sex for substances. Homma, Yuko; Nicholson, Dean; Saewyc, Elizabeth M. Clinical report Mar 22, 2012 7850
Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices with respect to Epilepsy among Preparatory School Students in Mekelle City, Ethiopia. Gedefa, Mulat; Wolde, Tesfaye; Solomon, Gebremedhin Report Mar 1, 2012 5195
Sleep hygiene of a sample of undergraduate students at a Midwestern University. Knowlden, Adam P.; Sharma, Manoj; Bernard, Amy L. Jan 1, 2012 6373
Parent Engagement: Strategies for Involving Parents in School Health. Author abstract Jan 1, 2012 320
Potential health hazards for students exposed to formaldehyde in the gross anatomy laboratory. Raja, Dewan S.; Sultana, Bahar Jan 1, 2012 3340
Obesity, a Disease of Adaptation to Environmental & Physiological Stressors. Bijaoui, Nadia Judith Report Jan 1, 2012 680
Mental health in schools: moving in new directions. Adelman, Howard S.; Taylor, Linda Viewpoint essay Jan 1, 2012 3874
A grounded theory for identifying students with emotional disturbance: promising practices for assessment, intervention, and service delivery. Barnett, Dori Report Jan 1, 2012 5913
Intrinsic motivation to learn: the nexus between psychological health and academic success. Froiland, John Mark; Oros, Emily; Smith, Liana; Hirchert, Tyrell Report Jan 1, 2012 6713
Creating readiness for response to intervention: an evaluation of readiness assessment tools. Tyre, Ashli D.; Feuerborn, Laura; Beisse, Kay; McCready, Courtney Report Jan 1, 2012 6057
News. Dec 1, 2011 588
Autism Spectrum Disorder: Examining Current Diagnosis Strategies and Assessment Tools. Wormald, Amy Marie Abstract Dec 1, 2011 244
Nutrition and Physical Education Policy and Practice in Pacific Region Secondary Schools. Summary. Issues & Answers. REL 2012-No. 117. Wilson, Melly; Linke, Lance; Bellhouse-King, Mathew; Singh, Malkeet Abstract Nov 1, 2011 740
Musyawarah an effective learning method. Ab-Rahman, Mohammad Syuhaimi; Arshad, Norhana; Hadiguna; Tanra, Mastang; Norzalwi, Norsyuhadah Report Nov 1, 2011 1604
Assessment of the University of Michigan's Dental Hygiene Partnership with the Huron Valley Boys & Girls Club: a study of students' and staffs' perceptions and service learning outcomes. Brydges, Sarah Christensen; Gwozdek, Anne E. Report Sep 22, 2011 6552
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