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Man died after waiting 12 hours for ambulance; CHANGES MADE FOLLOWING OVERDOSE OF PARACETAMOL. NICK IRVING & CARL EVE @Plymouth_Live Jul 7, 2021 506
COVID's Overdose Corollary. Wedenoja, Leigh Jul 1, 2021 642
'It was implied that because he was going to Oxford he didn't have any serious problems' How could a brilliant young Oxford University student die of a heroin overdose? Laura Clements reports. Laura Clements May 24, 2021 1268
DEATHTRAP FOR ADDICTS WITH HEP C; Experts' warning on overdoses. Gordon Blackstock May 23, 2021 318
Fatal combination of drugs; INQUEST HEARS DETAILS OF MENTAL HEALTH PROBLEMS. EVE WATSON @_evewatson Feb 24, 2021 600
Mum's fatal overdose... with letter from DWP by her side; Coroner hits out at string of mistakes. MARTIN FRICKER Jan 29, 2021 436
US life expectancy still lags behind, despite small increase. Warwick, Aaron Apr 1, 2020 1025
Syndromic Surveillance Used To Monitor Emergency Department Visits During a Synthetic Cannabinoid Overdose Outbreak--Connecticut, August 2018. Jones, Sydney A.; Soto, Kristen; Grogan, Erin; Senetcky, Alexander; Logan, Susan; Cartter, Matthew Feb 28, 2020 978
Carfentanil Outbreak--Florida, 2016-2017. Delcher, Chris; Wang, Yanning; Vega, Russell S.; Halpin, John; Gladden, R. Matthew; O'Donnell, Julie Feb 7, 2020 3052
Are drugs responsible for more deaths than we think? Feb 4, 2020 480
Total Opioid Overdose Deaths Down With Medicaid Expansion; But increase observed in methadone-related overdose mortality in Medicaid expansion states. Jan 10, 2020 245
Flecainide-Associated Cardiogenic Shock in a Patient with Atrial Fibrillation. Gjermeni, Erind; Bollmann, Andreas; Hindricks, Gerhard; Mussigbrodt, Andreas Dec 31, 2019 1297
Closures of Automotive Assembly Plants Tied to Opioid OD Deaths; Increases in opioid overdose mortality largest for non-Hispanic white men aged 18 to 34, 35 to 65 years. Dec 30, 2019 271
Illicit opioid users at higher mortality risk due to various causes, reveals study. ANI Dec 27, 2019 690
Opioid Epidemic Tied to Doubling of Dangerous Heart Infections. Reinberg, Steven Report Sep 18, 2019 512
Insurer Not Responsible for Workers' Comp Claim Due to Overdose Death. Blosfield, Elizabeth Aug 26, 2019 824
'I told hospital team I wanted to hurt myself, but they sent me home anyway' student who fell from multi-storey car park tried to warn staff she was suicidal. Aug 12, 2019 787
Kerry heartbroken as ex dies of suspected drug overdose; 39-year-old George had battled addiction and mental health issues. Jul 8, 2019 323
Kerry heartbroken as ex dies of suspected drug overdose; 39-year-old George had battled addiction and mental health issues. Jul 8, 2019 340
KERRY EX'S DRUG DEATH; Star is 'heartbroken' by George overdose. Jul 7, 2019 503
Better screening needed to avert pregnancy-associated death. Pivovarov, Jill D. Medical condition overview Jun 1, 2019 870
Overdoses are driving down life expectancy. Ghosh, Kuldeep; Yeruva, Rajashekhar; Lippmann, Steven Letter to the editor May 1, 2019 422
Opioid overdose risk greater among HIV patients. Otto, M. Alexander Apr 1, 2019 364
Good Samaritan harm reduction policy and drug overdose deaths. Atkins, Danielle N.; Durrance, Christine Piette; Kim, Yuna Apr 1, 2019 6784
I have seen hundreds of people on a methadone script ..less than 20 have come off it. Mar 18, 2019 1216
Report: US Drug Overdose Deaths Set A Record in 2017. Dec 1, 2018 377
ACA holds a special general session to address the emerging drug epidemic. Breckenridge, Robert, II Conference notes Nov 1, 2018 1318
Confirmed: Growth in overdose deaths is exponential. Franki, Richard Oct 1, 2018 381
Witnessed overdose, HCV infection tied to greater opioid overdose risk. Lesney, Mark S. Oct 1, 2018 626
Opioid Deaths 1999 to 2015 May Be Dramatically Underestimated; Incomplete death certificates led to under-reporting of 70,000 likely opioid deaths. Sep 19, 2018 253
Potentially Inappropriate Opioid Prescribing Tied to Overdose; Increased risks of all-cause mortality, fatal overdose, nonfatal overdose with PIP of opioids. Sep 17, 2018 252
Highest Opioid-Related Mortality Seen in Construction Jobs; Proportional mortality ratios for heroin-, prescription opioid-related deaths elevated in construction field. Sep 12, 2018 200
Emergent Biosolutions has deal to buy Narcan maker for up to $735M. Aug 29, 2018 313
CDC: EMS Administration of Naloxone Up From 2012 to 2016; Monitoring non-fatal overdose events from EMS data may aid in developing emergency response. Aug 13, 2018 236
DEMI'S DEMONS; TROUBLED STAR IN HOSPITAL AMID OVERDOSE FEARSTeenagers' idol has battled with her addiction for eight years. Jul 26, 2018 870
Paul Gascoigne's sister reveals how Newcastle United legend saved her from suicide; Rocked by three tragedies in two years, Anna Gascoigne considered ending her life until the intervention of brother and football legend Paul. Jul 2, 2018 987
US LIFE EXPECTANCY DROPS. Randall, Kate Jun 22, 2018 1227
Minimize risk when patients leave AMA The process should begin when patients first arrive. Sederstrom, Jill Jun 22, 2018 1418
Meds for Opioid Use Disorder May Reduce Mortality in OD Survivors; Minority of opioid overdose survivors receive MOUD; buprenorphine, MMT linked to reduced mortality. Jun 18, 2018 266
Invasive Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Infections Among Persons Who Inject Drugs--Six Sites, 2005-2016. Jackson, Kelly A.; Bohm, Michele K.; Brooks, John T.; Asher, Alice; Nadle, Joelle; Bamberg, Wendy M. Jun 8, 2018 2765
Rising Fatal Drug Overdoses Linked to Years of Life Lost; Growth in fatal overdoses linked to increased mortality, years of life lost for non-Hispanic whites. May 24, 2018 238
Substance Abuse and Maternal Mortality in West Virginia. Sanders, Sarah; Mullins, Christina Report May 1, 2018 566
West Virginia Bureau For Public Health News. Gupta, Rahul; Mullins, Christina Report Mar 1, 2018 522
Factors critical to reducing US maternal mortality and morbidity: ACOG is working to eliminate preventable maternal mortality with an all-hands-on-deck approach through its AIM Program and other collaborative initiatives with clinicians, public health officials, hospitals, and patient safety organizations. DiVenere, Lucia Mar 1, 2018 1541
Deaths of despair: Life expectancy in the United States has dropped for the second year in a row with the opioid crisis 'the key driver'. Feb 1, 2018 510
I'm petrified of telling anyone because it's my 15th overdose; tragic woman's message to friend. Jan 9, 2018 650
The Role of Acetyl Cysteine in Cocaethylene (Non-Acetaminophen) Acute Liver Failure. Hassen, Getaw Worku; Dhaliwal, Amaninder; Jenninigs, Catherine Ann; Kalantari, Hossein Jan 1, 2018 3169
Soaring overdose deaths cut U.S. life expectancy for second straight year. Dec 22, 2017 747
Facts About Opioid Addiction And Drug Overdoses. Oct 17, 2017 766
Missed opportunities: Opioid overdoses and suicide. Srivastava, A. Benjamin; Gold, Mark S. Oct 15, 2017 1405
The opioid abuse epidemic. Sep 25, 2017 1100
Would involuntary commitment save lives? Interest in civil commitment for addiction grows, but hurdles could impede implementation. Sederstrom, Jill Sep 22, 2017 1477
Are opioid overdoses misdiagnosed suicide attempts? Srivastava, A. Benjamin; Gold, Mark S. Sep 1, 2017 1396
Overdose deaths related to fentanyl and its analogs--Ohio, January-February 2017. Daniulaityte, Raminta; Juhascik, Matthew P.; Strayer, Kraig E.; Sizemore, Ioana E.; Harshbarger, Ken Sep 1, 2017 3808
Analysis: Naloxone: not just a physician's tool? Boerner, Heather Sep 1, 2017 1746
Opiate injection-associated skin, soft tissue, and vascular infections, England, UK, 1997-2016. Lewer, Dan; Harris, Magdalena; Hope, Vivian Aug 1, 2017 2130
Drumming: An Innovative Alternative for Drug Addicted Individuals. Hill, John C.; Hains, Bryan; Ricketts, Kristina Aug 1, 2017 4875
'Mystery screw in woman's remains not from ankle op'. Jun 29, 2017 625
How Smoking Weed Can Help Ease The Crack Epidemic. Reprint May 19, 2017 994
Opioids and overdose epidemic. Apr 3, 2017 573
Retrospective Analysis of Anticonvulsant Exposures Admitted to Department of Emergency Medicine in Dokuz Eylul University Hospital. Saracoglu, Toros Mert; Hocaoglu, Nil; Yanturali, Sedat; Atilla, Ridvan; Demirdoven, Burcu Tanay; Bay Report Jan 1, 2017 6272
The enzymes involved in the metabolism of cocaine: A new pharmacological approach for the treatment of cocaine overdose toxicity. Salazar-Juarez, Alberto; Mendez, Susana Barbosa; Jurado, Noe; Anton, Benito Nov 1, 2016 7472
Opioid overdoses falling at centers adhering to guidelines. Bosworth, Ted Sep 1, 2016 789
Opioid overdoses falling at centers adhering to guidelines. Bosworth, Ted Sep 1, 2016 773
Increases in fentanyl-related overdose deaths--Florida and Ohio, 2013- 2015. Peterson, Alexis B.; Gladden, R. Matthew; Delcher, Chris; Spies, Erica; Garcia- Williams, Amanda; Wa Aug 26, 2016 3872
The adverse events, signs, and management of neonatal bacillus Calmette-Guerin vaccine overdose. Maqbali, Ali Abdullah Al-; Maani, Amal Saif Suliman Al- Report Jul 1, 2016 1442
What nursing can do about Colorado's high drug death rate! Strickland, Donna May 1, 2016 509
Increases in drug and opioid overdose deaths--United States, 2000-2014. Rudd, Rose A.; Aleshire, Noah; Zibbell, Jon E.; Gladden, R. Matthew Jan 1, 2016 3418
Increases in heroin overdose deaths--28 states, 2010 to 2012. Rudd, Rose A.; Paulozzi, Len J.; Bauer, Michael J.; Burleson, Richard W.; Carlson, Rick E.; Dao, Dan Oct 3, 2014 3829
Overdosed: fluoride, Copper, and Alzheimer's disease. MacArthur, John D. Oct 1, 2013 8755
Methadone deaths second only to Oxycodone. Schneider, Mary Ellen Jul 1, 2012 581
Tricyclic antidepressant overdose necessitating ICU admission. Koegelenberg, Coenraad F.N.; Joubert, Zirkia J.; Irusen, Elvis M. Report May 1, 2012 1064
Overdoses are onerous. Anderson, Jane Brief article Oct 15, 2011 145
Acetaminophen: hidden complexities of a simple overdose. McKay, Charles Cover story Aug 1, 2011 3788
Acetaminophen: hidden complexities of a simple overdose. Aug 1, 2011 846
FDA initiative targets overdose risk with OTC liquid drugs. Bullock, Lorinda Brief article May 15, 2011 243
Overdose risk rose with higher opioid doses. Moon, Mary Ann Apr 15, 2011 809
Intoxication due to high dose methotrexate in a patient with rheumatoid arthritis: a case report / romatoid artritli bir hastada yuksek doz metotreksat kullanimina bagli toksisite: olgu sunumu. Altindag, Ozlem; Kucukoglu, Birsev Report Mar 1, 2011 1436
Ultimos desarrollos en los implantes y las inyecciones depot de naltrexona; el jovencito de la escalera se esta haciendo mayor. Brewer, Colin; Streel, Emmanuel Report Dec 1, 2010 5323
The face of hillbilly heroin and other images of narcotic abuse. Lagos, Rachel; Hogan, Michael; Raghuram, Karthikram Report Jul 1, 2010 1943
Prescription drug abuse: an epidemic dilemma. DuPont, Robert L. Jun 1, 2010 4356
Case report; Methaemoglobinaemis: Mystery of the chocolate-brown blood. Case study Feb 1, 2010 1999
The effect of dexmedetomidine on agitation during weaning of mechanical ventilation in critically ill patients. Shehabi, Y.; Nakae, H.; Hammond, N.; Bass, F.; Nicholson, L.; Chen, J. Clinical report Jan 1, 2010 5441
Phyllanthus urinaria extract attenuates acetaminophen induced hepatotoxicity: involvement of cytochrome P450 CYP2E1. Hau, Desmond Kwok Po; Gambari, Roberto; Wong, Raymond Siu Ming; Yuen, Marcus Chun Wah; Cheng, Gregor Report Aug 1, 2009 5369
Foot infection rules Overdose out of Temple. May 12, 2009 246
Teen girls die from drug overdose. Narine, Shari Brief article Apr 1, 2009 124
Diabetes insipidus following overdose of baclofen and quetiapine. Siluersides, J.A.; Scott, K.C. Case study Mar 1, 2009 1196
Plasma DNA as a prognostic marker in trauma patients. Lo, Y.M. Dennis; Rainer, Timothy H.; Chan, Lisa Y.S.; Hjelm, N. Magnus; Cocks, Robert A. Clinical report Mar 1, 2000 3081
Paraquat-induced renal injury studied by [sup.1]H nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy of urine. Bairaktari, Eleni; Katopodis, Kostas; Siamopoulos, Kostas C.; Tsolas, Orestes Jun 1, 1998 2761
Standards of laboratory practice: antidepressant drug monitoring. Linder, Mark W.; Keck Jr., Paul E. May 1, 1998 9248
Standards of laboratory practice: analgesic drug monitoring. White, Suzanne; Wong, Steven H.Y. May 1, 1998 10540

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