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Protracted, Intermittent Outbreak of Salmonella Mbandaka Linked to a Restaurant--Michigan, 2008-2019. Nettleton, William D.; Reimink, Bethany; Arends, Katherine D.; Potter, Douglas; Henderson, Justin J. Aug 20, 2021 2671
Antibiotic Resistance Profile and association with Integron Type I among Salmonella Enterica Isolates in Thailand. Onvimol, Nartlada; Chankate, Phanita; Mahakhunkijcharoen, Yuvadee; Kalambaheti, Thareerat Dec 1, 2020 7558
Salmonella risk high, needs guidelines. Krisberg, Kim Nov 1, 2020 204
Quantitative LAMP and PCR Detection of Salmonella in Chicken Samples Collected from Local Markets around Pathum Thani Province, Thailand. Vichaibun, Virun; Kanchanaphum, Panan Jul 31, 2020 3863
Screening of the Dichloromethane: Methanolic Extract of Centella asiatica for Antibacterial Activities against Salmonella typhi, Escherichia coli, Shigella sonnei, Bacillus subtilis, and Staphylococcus aureus. Sieberi, Berick Moturi; Omwenga, George Isanda; Wambua, Rachael Kitondo; Samoei, Judith Chemutai; Ng Jul 31, 2020 5973
Linking Epidemiology and Whole-Genome Sequencing to Investigate Salmonella Outbreak, Massachusetts, USA, 2018. Vaughn, Eric L.; Vo, Quynh T.; Vostok, Johanna; Stiles, Tracy; Lang, Andrew; Brown, Catherine M.; Kl Jul 1, 2020 1756
Multidrug-Resistant Salmonella Serotype Anatum in Travelers and Seafood from Asia, United States. Karp, Beth E.; Leeper, Molly M.; Chen, Jessica C.; Tagg, Kaitlin A.; Watkins, Louise K. Francois; Fr May 1, 2020 1695
Protective Effect of Potential Probiotic Strains from Fermented Ethiopian Food against Salmonella Typhimurium DT104 in Mice. Mulaw, Guesh; Muleta, Diriba; Tesfaye, Anteneh; Sisay, Tesfaye Apr 30, 2020 6447
Whole-Genome Analysis of Salmonella enterica Serovar Enteritidis Isolates in Outbreak Linked to Online Food Delivery, Shenzhen, China, 2018. Jiang, Min; Zhu, Feng; Yang, Chao; Deng, Yinhua; Kwan, Patrick S.L.; Li, Yinghui; Lin, Yiman; Qiu, Y Apr 1, 2020 1991
Immunomodulatory Activity of Momordica charantia L. (Cucurbitaceae) Leaf Diethyl Ether and Methanol Extracts on Salmonella typhi-Infected Mice and LPS-Induced Phagocytic Activities of Macrophages and Neutrophils. Mahamat, Oumar; Flora, Hakoueu; Tume, Christopher; Kamanyi, Albert Mar 31, 2020 7383
Association of SPOP Expression with the Immune Response to Salmonella Infection in Chickens. Wang, Fei; Li, Qinghe; Wang, Qiao; Zheng, Maiqing; Wen, Jie; Zhao, Guiping Report Feb 1, 2020 3715
Multistate Outbreak of Salmonella Infections Linked to Raw Turkey Products--United States, 2017-2019. Hassan, Rashida; Buuck, Sean; Noveroske, Douglas; Medus, Carlota; Sorenson, Alida; Laurent, Jessica; Nov 22, 2019 2468
Don't Let Salmonella Make Your Thanksgiving a Turkey. Steven Reinberg, HealthDay Reporter Nov 21, 2019 688
Salmonella Outbreak: How To Ensure You Have Safe Ground Beef. Darwin Malicdem Nov 11, 2019 480
CDC: 1 Dead, 8 Hospitalized in Salmonella Outbreak Tied to Ground Beef; States affected include Colorado, California, Kansas, Iowa, Oklahoma, and Texas. Nov 4, 2019 150
One Dead, 8 Hospitalized in Salmonella Outbreak Tied to Ground Beef. Nov 2, 2019 249
Antimicrobial Susceptibility Trends in Salmonella enterica Isolates--A 6 Year Study from a Tertiary Care Hospital in North India. Dewan, Eshani; Verma, Vandana Clinical report Oct 21, 2019 4176
Pet Turtles Have Been Spreading Salmonella In US. Darwin Malicdem Oct 14, 2019 405
Health Highlights: Sept. 27, 2019; Medicare Gene Test Scam Nixed By Feds Cases of Legionnaires' Disease Tied to NC State Fair Rise to 25 Performance Dog Raw Pet Food May Pose Salmonella Threat: FDA. Sep 27, 2019 636
Sigulda Regional Council turns to State Police regarding salmonella outbreak at local kindergartens. Sep 19, 2019 333
Multistate Outbreak of Salmonella Agbeni Associated with Consumption of Raw Cake Mix--Five States, 2018. Ladd-Wilson, Stephen G.; Morey, Karim; Koske, Sarah E.; Burkhalter, Bailey; Bottichio, Lyndsay; Bran Aug 30, 2019 930
Drug-Resistant Salmonella Cases On The Rise. Aug 23, 2019 438
Outbreak of Salmonella Newport Infections with Decreased Susceptibility to Azithromycin Linked to Beef Obtained in the United States and Soft Cheese Obtained in Mexico--United States, 2018-2019. Plumb, Ian D.; Schwensohn, Colin A.; Gieraltowski, Laura; Tecle, Selam; Schneider, Zachary D.; Freim Aug 23, 2019 2793
Multidrug-Resistant Salmonella Outbreak Characterized; 255 cases of infection identified in 32 states; infections linked to consumption of soft cheese, beef. Aug 22, 2019 228
Cavi Brand Papayas Could Be Source Of Salmonella Outbreak, Says CDC. Jul 6, 2019 480
Molecular typing, antibiotic resistance profiles and biocide susceptibility in Salmonella enterica serotypes isolated from raw chicken meat marketed in Venezuela. Gonzalez, Fanny; Araque, Maria Jun 1, 2019 4113
In Vitro and In Vivo Anti-Salmonella Evaluation of Pectin Extracts and Hydrolysates from "Cas Mango". Zofou, Denis; Shu, Golda Lum; Foba-Tendo, Josepha; Tabouguia, Merveille Octavie; Assob, Jules-Clemen May 31, 2019 6319
Live Poultry Shipment Box Sampling at Feed Stores as an Indicator for Human Salmonella Infections--Michigan, 2016-2018. Sidge, Jennifer L.; Signs, Kimberly; Bidol, Sally; Jones, Kelly; Robeson, Sheri; Soehnlen, Marty; St May 3, 2019 891
Endocarditis following Consumption of Cereal Associated with Salmonella enterica Subtype Mbandaka Outbreak. Dickter, Jana K.; Cai, LiYing; Snyder, David S. Apr 30, 2019 3008
Asda recalls cereal bars over 'salmonella' scare and potatoes due to allergy concerns; The supermarket chain has issued the health warning to customers as a 'precautionary step'. Apr 21, 2019 382
Emergence of Extensively Drug-Resistant Salmonella Typhi Infections Among Travelers to or from Pakistan--United States, 2016-2018. Chatham-Stephens, Kevin; Medalla, Felicita; Hughes, Michael; Appiah, Grace D.; Aubert, Rachael D.; C Jan 11, 2019 2343
Cause of salmonella outbreak still unclear. Kevin White Oct 27, 2018 294
Salmonella outbreak triggers 'bodybuilder' egg white recall. Oct 10, 2018 224
Outbreak of Salmonella Chailey Infections Linked To Precut Coconut Pieces--United States and Canada, 2017. Luna, Sarah; Taylor, Marsha; Galanis, Eleni; Asplin, Rod; Huffman, Jasmine; Wagner, Darlene; Hoang, Oct 5, 2018 2002
At least 90 sickened in Salmonella outbreak. Jul 21, 2018 171
Salmonella Outbreak Linked to Pre-cut Melon in Multiple US States Being Investigated by FDA and Partnering Agencies. Jun 18, 2018 278
The US FDA to investigate salmonella outbreak linked to pre-cut melon from Indiana facility. Jun 14, 2018 193
The US FDA to investigate salmonella outbreak linked to pre-cut melon from Indiana facility. Jun 14, 2018 189
Kroger Recalls Melons Over Salmonella Links. Jun 9, 2018 343
Investigation of an Outbreak of Salmonella Paratyphi B Variant L(+) tartrate + (Java) Associated with Ball Python Exposure--United States, 2017. Krishnasamy, Vikram; Stevenson, Lauren; Koski, Lia; Kellis, Marilee; Schroeder, Betsy; Sundararajan, May 18, 2018 1018
Protracted Outbreak of Salmonella Newport Infections Linked to Ground Beef: Possible Role of Dairy Cows--21 States, 2016-2017. Marshall, Katherine E. Heiman; Tewell, Mackenzie; Tecle, Selam; Leeper, Molly; Sinatra, Jennifer; Ki Apr 20, 2018 2736
Restaurant to close after massive hygiene breach; Owners consider major refit following four salmonella cases. Mar 22, 2018 487
Kratom Consumption Sickens 47 More In Latest Salmonella Outbreak. Mar 16, 2018 478
Salmonella Infection Outbreak After Eating Sprouts At Jimmy John's. Jan 20, 2018 407
Pancreas as an Occult Source of Recurrent Salmonella enteritidis Bacteremia in an Immunocompromised Patient. Tai, Don Bambino Geno; Upadhyay, Laxmi; Jain, Ruchika; Goldstein, Robert Jan 1, 2018 1627
Renaissance of Conventional First-Line Antibiotics in Salmonella enterica Clinical Isolates: Assessment of MICs for Therapeutic Antimicrobials in Enteric Fever Cases from Nepal. Khanal, Puspa Raj; Satyal, Deepa; Bhetwal, Anjeela; Maharjan, Anjila; Shakya, Shreena; Tandukar, Sne Report Jan 1, 2017 4361
Enteric Fever Caused by Salmonella enterica Serovars with Reduced Susceptibility of Fluoroquinolones at a Community Based Teaching Hospital of Nepal. Bhetwal, Anjeela; Maharjan, Anjila; Khanal, Puspa Raj; Parajuli, Narayan Prasad Report Jan 1, 2017 4716
Outbreak of Salmonella Oslo infections linked to Persian cucumbers--United States, 2016. Bottichio, Lyndsay; Medus, Carlota; Sorenson, Alida; Donovan, Danielle; Sharma, Reeti; Dowell, Natas Dec 30, 2016 2061
Fish speeds Salmonella detection. Nov 1, 2016 358
CDC report declares salmonella outbreaks tied to backyard poultry. Krisberg, Kim Aug 1, 2016 139
Extended-spectrum cephalosporin-resistant Salmonella enterica serovar Heidelberg strains, the Netherlands. Liakopoulos, Apostolos; Geurts, Yvon; Dierikx, Cindy M.; Brouwer, Michael S.M.; Kant, Arie; Wit, Ben Jul 1, 2016 4323
Serotypes profile of avian salmonellae and estimation of antibiotic residues in chicken muscles using high-performance liquid chromatography. Ammar, A.M.; El-Aziz, N.K. Abd; Hanafy, M.S.; Ibrahim, O.A. Report Jul 1, 2016 3449
Genotyping characterization of Salmonella Egyptian isolates with special reference to drug resistance genes. Ezzeldeen, Nashwa A.; Abdelmonem, Mohamed A.; Samir, Ahmed; Elgabaly, Alaa A. Report May 1, 2016 6101
2 MINUTES ON... Salmonella infections. Nov 23, 2015 269
MINUTES ON... Salmonella infections. Nov 23, 2015 269
Salmonella outbreak costs takeaway owner PS12,000; 54 cases linked to fast food outlet. Oct 10, 2015 520
Multistate outbreak of human Salmonella Poona infections associated with pet turtle exposure --United States, 2014. Basler, Colin; Bottichio, Lyndsay; Higa, Jeffrey; Prado, Belinda; Wong, Michael; Bosch, Stacey Jul 31, 2015 525
Salmonella food poisoning in a patient with ascariasis & ancylostomiasis: bugs and worms together. Anupriya, A.; Nivitha, M.; Uma, A. Jul 23, 2015 1080
Salmonella outbreak pub faces cuts in staff. Jul 8, 2015 492
Salmonella bug at hospital caused death of widower; POOR HYGIENE ALLOWED BUG TO SPREAD - REPORT. Jun 4, 2015 382
Salmonella enterica serotype enteritidis in French Polynesia, South Pacific, 2008-2013. Le Hello, Simon; Maillard, Fiona; Mallet, Henri-Pierre; Daudens, Elise; Levy, Marc; Roy, Valerie; Br Jun 1, 2015 2636
Salmonella Alachua: causative agent of a foodborne disease outbreak. de Almeida, Ivete Aparecida Zago Castanheira; Peresi, Jacqueline Tanury Macruz; Alves, Elisabete Car Report May 1, 2015 3889
Multistate outbreak of human Salmonella infections linked to live poultry from a mail-order hatchery in Ohio--February-October 2014. Basler, Colin; Forshey, Tony M.; Machesky, Kimberly; Erdman, C. Matthew; Gomez, Thomas M.; Brinson, Mar 13, 2015 654
Outbreak of Salmonella Newport infections linked to cucumbers--United States, 2014. Angelo, Kristina M.; Chu, Alvina; Anand, Madhu; Nguyen, Thai-An; Bottichio, Lyndsay; Wise, Matthew; Feb 20, 2015 2196
Recurrent salmonella typhi chest wall abscesses in a diabetic lady. Gali, Jayasri Helen; Firdous, Sana; Narreddy, Suneetha; Rao, Ratna Sep 22, 2014 1425
Eggs to blame for outbreak of salmonella in Britain. Aug 23, 2014 163
Single source of salmonella outbreak. Aug 23, 2014 210
Salmonella infection scare in some nut butter products. Aug 20, 2014 502
Takeaway reopens after salmonella bug outbreak; Council happy health risk now removed. Aug 15, 2014 368
Cefotaxime-resistant Salmonella enterica in travelers returning from Thailand to Finland. Gunell, Marianne; Aulu, Laura; Jalava, Jari; Lukinmaa-Aberg, Susanna; Osterblad, Monica; Ollgren, Ju Jul 1, 2014 2201
Multistate outbreak of human Salmonella infections linked to live poultry from a mail-order hatchery in Ohio--March-September 2013. Basler, Colin; Forshey, Tony M.; Machesky, Kimberly; Erdman, C. Matthew; Gomez, Thomas M.; Nguyen, T Mar 14, 2014 609
Multistate outbreak of Salmonella Chester Infections Associated with frozen meals--18 states, 2010. Rounds, Joshua; Schlegel, Julie; Lane, Tom; Higa, Jeffrey; Kissler, Bonnie; Culpepper, Wright; Willi Dec 6, 2013 2391
Assessment of the diversity and antibiotic susceptibility of Salmonella spp. isolated from food and human patients with gastroenteritis. Boukoucha, Mourad; Ramdani-Bouguessa, Nadjia; Menasria, Taha; Bouguerra, Nadia Nov 1, 2013 5170
Probe into salmonella outbreak; HUNT FOR SOURCE AFTER 22 FALL ILL IN NORTH WALES. Aug 23, 2013 510
Outbreak-associated Salmonella enterica serotypes and food commodities, United States, 1998-2008. Jackson, Brendan R.; Griffin, Patricia M.; Cole, Dana; Walsh, Kelly A.; Chai, Shua J. Aug 1, 2013 4584
Salmonella enteritidis infections associated with foods purchased from mobile lunch trucks--Alberta, Canada, October 2010-February 2011. Honish, Lance; Greenwald, Dawn; McIntyre, Kristin; Lau, Wendy; Nunn, Sarah; Nelson, Dale; MacDonald, Jul 19, 2013 1835
Outbreak of Salmonella Heidelberg infections linked to a single poultry producer--13 states, 2012-2013. Grinnell, Margaret; Marsden-Haug, Nicola; Stigi, Kathleen A.; DeBess, Emilio; Kissler, Bonnie; Crare Jul 12, 2013 1971
Occupationally acquired salmonella 14,12:i:1,2 infection in a phlebotomist--Minnesota, January 2013. Smith, Kirk E.; Danila, Richard; Scheftel, Joni; Fowler, Heather; Westbrook, Amy; Dobbins, Ginette; Jun 28, 2013 453
Mixed Salmonella infection: a case series from Pakistan. Apr 30, 2013 1641
Multistate outbreak of Salmonella serotype Bovismorbificans infections associated with hummus and Tahini--United States, 2011. Blackwell, Reginald; Blaylock, Morris; Merid, Sosina; Davies-Cole, John; Gibson, Arian; Herdman, Dan Nov 23, 2012 2675
Human Salmonella infantis infections linked to dry dog food--United States and Canada, 2012. Hunt, April; Bohm, Susan R.; Bidol, Sally A.; Achen, Maya; Cui, Jing; Denny, Lynn; Brandt, Eric; Dav Jun 15, 2012 635
2 MINUTES ON.. SALMONELLA INFECTIONS. Medical condition overview May 7, 2012 213
2MINUTES ON.. SALMONELLA INFECTIONS. Medical condition overview May 7, 2012 213
SERS: high-tech tactic may newly expose stealthy salmonella. Wood, Marcia Apr 1, 2012 1088
Multistate outbreak of Salmonella Altona and Johannesburg infections linked to chicks and ducklings from a mail-order hatchery--United States, February-October 2011. Forshey, Tony M.; Byrum, Beverly A.; Machesky, Kimberly D.; Roney, C. Stephen; Gomez, Thomas M.; Mit Mar 23, 2012 547
Analysis of gene expression responses to a Salmonella infection in Rugao Chicken intestine using GeneChips. Luan, D.Q.; Chang, G.B.; Sheng, Z.W.; Zhang, Y.; Zhou, W.; Li, Z.Z.; Liu, Y.; Chen, G. H. Report Feb 1, 2012 5196
Indian curry spice coriander 'can cure food poisoning, drug-resistant infections'. Aug 24, 2011 192
Study seeks improvement in HMC food handling process. May 11, 2011 385
Chemists' Biosensor May Improve Food, Water Safety and Cancer Detection. Mar 30, 2011 530
Salmonella Montevideo infections associated with salami products made with contaminated imported black and red pepper--United States, July 2009-April 2010. Julian, E.; MacDonald, K.; Marsden-Haug, N.; Saathoff-Huber, L.; Bonavolante, R.; Otero, S.; Nosari, Dec 24, 2010 2319
Egg recall hatches more regulations: more FDA regulations don't always mean greater food safety. Bailey, Ronald Column Nov 24, 2010 1085
Salmonella outbreak warning. Oct 8, 2010 201
Health risk to children in pet food; POISONING. Aug 12, 2010 121
E. coli levels drop, but food contamination concerns linger. Jun 22, 2010 511
An examination of whether U.S. country of origin labeling legislation plays a role in protecting consumers from contaminated food. Johnecheck, Wendy A. Mar 22, 2010 9295
Salmonella outbreak linked to pet frogs. Brief article Feb 1, 2010 133
New food safety rules target causes of cancer. Currie, Donya Sep 1, 2009 145
Outbreak of Salmonella serotype Saintpaul infections associated with eating alfalfa sprouts--United States, 2009. Safranek, T.; Leschinsky, D.; Keyser, A.; O'Keefe, A.; Timmons, T.; Holmes, S.; Garvey, A.; Von Stei May 15, 2009 2055
Source of salmonella outbreak still unknown, peanut butter now under investigation. Feb 1, 2009 126
Food ingredient could cut farm animal infection. Feb 1, 2009 255
Variation in antimicrobial resistance in sporadic and outbreak-related Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium. Nielsen, Eva Moller; Torpdahl, Mia; Ethelberg, Steen; Hammerum, Anette M. Jan 1, 2009 2591
Salmonella Saintpaul: what went wrong? Berg, Rebecca Dec 1, 2008 2442
Molecular detection of food pathogens from retailed fast food samples by PCR. Parekh, Tarak; Subhash, Rema Clinical report Dec 1, 2008 4049
Feeling the squeeze: tomato growers take big hit in food scare. Thompson, Stephen A. Sep 1, 2008 2419
Rare Salmonella outbreak spreads to Wales. Aug 14, 2008 489
FDA confirms salmonella outbreak originated in raw jalapeno peppers from Mexico. Jul 28, 2008 453
CDC adds raw jalapenos and fresh cilantro to salmonella suspect list. Jul 14, 2008 452
Multistate outbreak of human Salmonella infections caused by contaminated dry dog food--United States, 2006-2007. Ferraro, A.; Deasy, M.; Dato, V.; Moll, M.; Sandt, C.; Tait, J.; Perry, B.; Lind, L.; Rea, N.; Ricke May 16, 2008 2764
EU research to accurately measure food pathogens across Europe. Nuthall, Keith Oct 1, 2006 358

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