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CHOP's first study on convalescent plasma in life-threatened COVID-19 patients makes way for larger, randomized trial. Sep 9, 2020 237
CHOP's first study on convalescent plasma in life-threatened COVID-19 patients makes way for larger, randomized trial. Sep 9, 2020 233
How can it take six, seven, eight years to hold an inquiry when people have died and families need answers? How can it happen in a civilised society? w an inquiry when people have it happen in a civilised society? NEWS SPECIAL Families demand urgent action to oil the wheels of justice after excruciating waits to discover why their loved ones were lost - Michelle McGinty lost her mother-in-law in hospital infection scandal. Marion Scott CHIEF REPORTER Aug 9, 2020 1296
TIMELINE: SCANDAL ON WARDS. Chronology Jun 16, 2020 215
CHOP to identify targets for COVID-19 vaccine using cancer immunotherapy tools. Jun 9, 2020 203
CHOP to identify targets for COVID-19 vaccine using cancer immunotherapy tools. Jun 9, 2020 199
Pediatric bladder augmentation--Panacea or Pandora's box? Ross, James P.J.; Keays, Melise; Neville, Christopher; Leonard, Michael; Guerra, Luis Clinical report Jun 1, 2020 4183
Negative Cultures for Cerebrospinal Fluid Samples taken from the Myelomeningocele Sac on the Day of Repair. Mayol, Miguel; Pamias, Eva F.; Pellot, Joel; Vigo, Juan Jun 1, 2020 2517
Parents' warning after baby dies of new disease. KATIE TIMMS @katietimms94 May 18, 2020 545
A retrospective description of primary immunodeficiency diseases at Red Cross War Memorial Children's Hospital, Cape Town, South Africa, 1975-2017. Moodley, S.; Goddard, E.; Levin, M.; Scott, C.; van Eyssen, A.; Davidson, A.; De Decker, R.; Wilmshu Mar 1, 2020 5179
Death of tragic Milly, 10, being probed by police; QUEEN ELIZABETH HORROR SHOW CONTINUES. EXCLUSIVE BY PAUL HUTCHEON Feb 27, 2020 575
Medical research an investment in people's well-being. Sara Al-Mulla Jan 22, 2020 863
NHS failed to report my girl's death; Infection linked to dirty water. JOHN DINGWALL Dec 9, 2019 180
'Doctors missed signs tot was ill' Checks: Anger after child discharged from hospital. KAITLIN EASTON Dec 2, 2019 692
Medics missed wee girl's lung condition, says mum; Health: Toddler with life-threatening illness was discharged by city doctors. KAITLIN EASTON Dec 2, 2019 666
NHS BOSSES WARNED OVER DEADLY WATER INFECTION RISK 4 YEARS AGO; contractors flagged up risk at opening Reports show test was called for before death of Milly. ANDY PHILIP Political Correspondent Nov 29, 2019 575
Milly died at time of infection spike. VIVIENNE AITKEN Nov 27, 2019 124
Mum hits out at NHS after son, 3, dies at scandal-hit hospital facing police probe; Mason Djemat died at the Royal Hospital for Children in Glasgow weeks after a cancer sufferer Milly Main, 10, was killed by an infection she contracted through a line used to administer chemotherapy treatment. By, Michael Pringle & Lorraine King Nov 18, 2019 940
YOU'RE BULLYING THE WATER BUG WHISTLEBLOWER; HEALTH BOARD TOLD TO SHOW MORE REMORSE Mum of infection tragedy girl slams hospital bosses. John Ferguson / Political Editor Nov 17, 2019 344
SCANDALOUS; >>>>Whistleblower claims cancer child died of infection in water supply and death was never disclosed >>>>MSP Sarwar demands justice for families after doctor-led probe finds widespread contamination. PAUL HUTCHEON Political Editor Nov 14, 2019 644
Child, 5, with cancer 'dies of infection caused by contaminated hospital water'; An investigation uncovered the infection link at Glasgow's Queen Elizabeth University Hospital but the child's parents were not told of the findings, it is claimed. By, Paul Hutcheson Nov 14, 2019 610
Cytoplasmic Fibrillar Aggregates in Gallbladder Epithelium Are a Frequent Mimic of Cystoisospora in Pediatric Cholecystectomy Specimens. Rose, Gary S.; Arnold, Christina A.; Badizadegan, Kamran; Carter, Christopher M.; Conces, Miriam R.; Oct 1, 2019 2598
cancer kids face chemo travel hell; Infection worry leads to latest hospital woe. Sep 16, 2019 348
Cancer ward shut down after 3 kids suffer infections; 6A in super-hospital was being used after separate children's unit was itself closed following outbreak YOUNG PATIENTS HIT BY RARE BACTERIA. Aug 5, 2019 418
Brave little Rebecca joined proud parents to Race for Life. May 23, 2019 357
HEALTH HAZARD; Residents furious over rats & noise at hospital site; Rally to protest against 'not fit for purpose' facility. Apr 4, 2019 341
Baby dies of meningitis after being diagnosed with constipation and sent home; Heartbroken parents Veronica and Scott Rafferty have spoken out after an investigation cleared NHS staff of any wrongdoing in the death of baby Amber. Dec 9, 2018 1100
2nd Annual Parents Perthes Conference Kicks Off on October 20th at the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children in Dallas, TX. Conference news Oct 3, 2018 456
Mental health issues in children; what parents should know. Jun 21, 2018 1253
Burn Deaths Down From 1989 to 2017 in the United States; New protocols may have reduced the mortality for all age groups, burn sizes, and genders. Mar 15, 2018 194
HEALTH. Feb 26, 2018 263
PS837k; YOU'VE DUG DEEP TO HELP SUFFERERS OF THE FUTURE Record's army of readers smash huge funding target in campaign for Scottish child cancer trials. Nov 13, 2017 1214
Little Hero has emergency op; TRANSPLANT GIRL AVA IN BUG SCARE Infection was discovered in fighter's lifesaving tube. Oct 30, 2017 361
Impact of a Rapid Blood Culture Assay for Gram-Positive Identification and Detection of Resistance Markers in a Pediatric Hospital. Felsenstein, Susanna; Bender, Jeffrey M.; Sposto, Richard; Gentry, Matthew; Takemoto, Carol; Bard, J Mar 1, 2016 6605
Health Hazards Associated with laundry detergent pods United States, May-June 2012. Beuhler, Michael C.; Charlotte; Henretig, Fred M.; Gala, Payal; Meaney, Peter; Wolfe, Heather; Lewis Oct 19, 2012 3215
The changing trends of childhood poisoning at a tertiary children's hospital in South Africa. Balme, Kate; Roberts, J. Clare; Glasstone, Marion; Curling, Linda; Mann, Michael D. Report Mar 1, 2012 3857
Miami Children's Hospital Foundation Receives Donation to Purchase HyGreen[R] Hand Hygiene System. Jan 22, 2012 703
Inpatient capacity at children's hospitals during pandemic (H1N1) 2009 outbreak, United States. Sills, Marion R.; Hall, Matthew; Fieldston, Evan S.; Hain, Paul D.; Simon, Harold K.; Brogan, Thomas Report Sep 1, 2011 5373
Therapeutic assessment of families in healthcare settings: a case presentation of the model's application. Smith, Justin D.; Finn, Stephen E.; Swain, Nicole F.; Handler, Leonard Dec 1, 2010 10408
Development, dissemination and implementation of a sedation and analgesic guideline in a pediatric intensive care unit ... It takes creativity and collaboration. Thomas, Margot; Dhanani, Sonny; Irwin, Danica; Writer, Hilary; Doherty, Dermot Nov 30, 2010 7161
Going digital: replacing paper with electronic records is helping the Healthcare industry improve patient care, but saving money and making the best medical use of new systems will take time, providers say. Marshall, Lisa Oct 1, 2010 1859
Solar system of safety. Plouffe, Jannell A. Sep 22, 2010 1149
Evaluation of cases with subacute sclerosing panencephalitis/Subakut sklerozan panansefalit tanisi ile izlenen hastalarimizin degerlendirilmesi. Yis, Uluc; Erdogan, Serpil; Bastemir, Murat Report Mar 1, 2010 1740
Novel neutrophil-derived proteins in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid indicate an exaggerated inflammatory response in pediatric cystic fibrosis patients. McMorran, Brendan J.; Patat, Severine A. Ouvry; Carlin, John B.; Grimwood, Keith; Jones, Alun; Armst Report Oct 1, 2007 6027

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