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Foods to Fight Constipation: Try these diet remedies to help get things moving. Kadey, Matthew Jul 19, 2022 950
Incessant rains: DHSK issues advisory over possible outbreak of water-borne diseases in Kashmir. Jun 23, 2022 172
Doctors warn stranded garbage can lead to spreading of Cholera in Valley. Jun 20, 2022 407
Prolonged jaundice in hepatitis-E patients: Going beyond the optics. Jun 16, 2022 1395
Hepatitis A Spreads in Northern Lebanon. Beirut - Asharq Al-Awsat Jun 14, 2022 334
Health chief orders distribution of masks, supplies to residents affected by Bulusan's eruption. Jun 6, 2022 323
Keep Your Water Safe With Resources From the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Curtiss, Elaine; Hils, Janie; Rokisky, Justin, Jr. Jun 1, 2022 1146
Recent Advances and Perspectives on the Sources and Detection of Antibiotics in Aquatic Environments. Zeng, Yanbo; Chang, Fengqin; Liu, Qi; Duan, Lizeng; Li, Donglin; Zhang, Hucai May 25, 2022 11487
Diarrhoe, dehydration puts mortality on the rise. May 7, 2022 593
Disinfection By-Products in Drinking Water and Bladder Cancer: Evaluation of Risk Modification by Common Genetic Polymorphisms in Two Case-Control Studies. Freeman, Laura E. Beane; Kogevinas, Manolis; Cantor, Kenneth P.; Villanueva, Cristina M.; Prokunina- Report May 1, 2022 8479
Preventing infections. Apr 13, 2022 344
Khairy: Health Ministry to introduce Drinking Water Quality Act. Apr 7, 2022 306
Aluminum in food and potential role on Alzheimer's disease of aluminum. Alkaya, Gunseli Bobus; Demirci, Cagatay; Sevik, Huseyin Apr 1, 2022 7192
Nestle Reiterates Commitment To Improving Access To Water, Hygiene. Feb 17, 2022 399
Nestle Reaffirms Commitment To Improving Hygiene. Feb 17, 2022 389
Sweden, Unicef to empower teens, ensure safe water in Bangladesh. Dec 14, 2021 407
The inverse association between ANGPTL8 and PI3K-mTOR-PPARy expressions in adipose tissue of high-fructose-fed rats: The modulatory effect of kefir. Akar, Fatma; Guney, Ceren; Ozer, Hamdi Barbaros; Pektas, Mehmet Bilgehan; Koca, Halit Bugra; Kocabas Dec 1, 2021 6016
The inverse association between ANGPTL8 and PI3K-mTOR-PPAR[gamma] expressions in adipose tissue of high-fructose-fed rats: The modulatory effect of kefir. Akar, Fatma; Guney, Ceren; Ozer, Hamdi Barbaros; Pektas, Mehmet Bilgehan; Koca, Halit Bugra; Kocabas Dec 1, 2021 6123
Enhance the quality of your drinking water with this new technology. Nov 14, 2021 862
Droughts create fertile ground for cholera. Plans are needed to face more dry periods. Nov 2, 2021 865
Africa's future is at Hand - Safe access to Water, Sanitation and Hygiene is needed more than ever. Oct 19, 2021 468
The Impact of Berberine on Intestinal Morphology, Microbes, and Immune Function of Broilers in Response to Necrotic Enteritis Challenge. Yuan, Lin; Li, Mengjie; Qiao, Yingying; Wang, Haoyu; Cui, Litong; Wang, Mingfa Report Oct 19, 2021 6046
New treatment gives hope to sickle cell patients. Oct 19, 2021 832
Experts Predict More Deaths From Cholera On Scarcity Of Potable Water. Oct 9, 2021 1855
Impacts of a Garbage Disposal Facility on the Water Quality of Cavuslu Stream in Giresun, Turkey: A Health Risk Assessment Study by a Validated ICP-MS Assay. Yuksel, Bayram; Ustaoglu, Fikret; Arica, Enes Oct 1, 2021 7968
Cholera: Improved Hygiene, Safe Drinking Water Will Curb Epidemic. Sep 8, 2021 1264
Drinking Water Disinfection by-Products and Congenital Malformations: A Nationwide Register-Based Prospective Study. Save-Soderbergh, Melle; Toljander, Jonas; Donat-Vargas, Carolina; Akesson, Agneta Report Sep 1, 2021 8747
Experts worried about rise of XDR typhoid among children, youngsters in city. Aug 30, 2021 670
West Pokot residents protest over poor drainage systems. Jun 24, 2021 344
Hot weather, bad schooling and kids. Jun 11, 2021 575
World Bank approves $700m credit for water, sanitation, hygiene in Nigeria. May 27, 2021 607
'Our teenage daughter was diagnosed with anorexia during lockdown'. corrie david Reporter May 20, 2021 1266
A Combination of Geniposide and Chlorogenic Acid Combination Ameliorates Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis in Mice by Inhibiting Kupffer Cell Activation. Xin, Xin; Jin, Yue; Wang, Xin; Cai, Beiyu; An, Ziming; Hu, Yi-Yang; Feng, Qin Report May 15, 2021 6457
Salinization in Madhumati River affects health, agriculture of Gopalganj. May 11, 2021 426
LA Testing offers industrial hygiene and environmental laboratory services to identify hazards from nickel in California. Apr 26, 2021 247
LA Testing offers industrial hygiene and environmental laboratory services to identify hazards from nickel in California. Apr 26, 2021 229
Alarming Situation of Water Pollution in Pakistan. Apr 24, 2021 1285
Nestle Re-Enacts WASH, Provides Water, Sanitation Facilities For Ogun Schools. Feb 10, 2021 598
Food safety at home. Feb 2, 2021 451
Global Launch of One World Filter System. Jan 31, 2021 530
Bacteriological and Physicochemical Quality of Drinking Water in Adis Kidame Town, Northwest Ethiopia. Sitotaw, Baye; Geremew, Mulu Jan 1, 2021 3932
The Impact of Berberine on Intestinal Morphology, Microbes, and Immune Function of Broilers in Response to Necrotic Enteritis Challenge. Yuan, Lin; Li, Mengjie; Qiao, Yingying; Wang, Haoyu; Cui, Litong; Wang, Mingfa Report Jan 1, 2021 6048
A Combination of Geniposide and Chlorogenic Acid Combination Ameliorates Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis in Mice by Inhibiting Kupffer Cell Activation. Xin, Xin; Jin, Yue; Wang, Xin; Cai, Beiyu; An, Ziming; Hu, Yi-Yang; Feng, Qin Report Jan 1, 2021 6458
Economic Inequality and the Risk of Child Mortality and Malnutrition in India. Jain, Sachin Kumar Dec 1, 2020 5544
Use Resources From the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to Strengthen Environmental Health Programs. Curtiss, Elaine; Wigington, Pamela S. Dec 1, 2020 1418
Boiled or Bottled: Regional and Seasonal Exposures to Drinking Water Contamination and Household Air Pollution in Rural China. Cohen, Alasdair; Pillarisetti, Ajay; Luo, Qing; Zhang, Qi; Li, Hongxing; Zhong, Gemei; Zhu, Gang; Co Dec 1, 2020 13334
Toxic chemicals may contaminate drinking water. Nov 1, 2020 167
Protective Role of Picralima nitida Seed Extract in High-Fat High-Fructose-Fed Rats. De Campos, Opeyemi Christianah; Osaigbovo, Daniel Ikpomwosa; Bisi-Adeniyi, Titilayo Ifeoluwa; Iheagw Oct 24, 2020 7696
School resumption: Expert advocates provision of clean water to check spread of infections. Sep 27, 2020 243
Now you're 50, drink water intentionally. Sep 27, 2020 997
The neglected water and sanitation crisis. Sep 26, 2020 960
Pyruvate-Enriched Oral Rehydration Solution Improves Glucometabolic Disorders in the Kidneys of Diabetic db/db Mice. Zhang, Xiao Meng; Deng, Hao; Tong, Jin Dong; Wang, Yi Zhen; Ning, Xu Chao; Yang, Xiu Hong; Zhou, Fan Sep 25, 2020 9008
Elephant mortality linked to cyanobacteria. Sep 21, 2020 233
The neglected water and sanitation crisis. Sep 12, 2020 957
Comment on "Global Access to Handwashing: Implications for COVID-19 Control in Low-Income Countries". Freeman, Matthew C.; Caruso, Bethany A. Sep 1, 2020 1141
Stability, Homogeneity and Carry-Over of Amoxicillin, Doxycycline, Florfenicol and Flubendazole in Medicated Feed and Drinking Water on 24 Pig Farms. Vandael, Femke; Ferreira, Helena Cardoso de Carvalho; Devreese, Mathias; Dewulf, Jeroen; Daeseleire, Report Sep 1, 2020 9747
Drinking water in Kenyan rural schools tainted with faeces - UN. Aug 18, 2020 680
Country Income Is Only One of the Tiles: The Global Journey of Antimicrobial Resistance among Humans, Animals, and Environment. Pieri, Angela; Aschbacher, Richard; Fasani, Giada; Mariella, Jole; Brusetti, Lorenzo; Pagani, Elisab Aug 1, 2020 7412
Villagers rally to help after E.coli water scare; HEALTH ? Bottles issued after mains supply found to have bacteria. KIERAN BEATTIE Jul 27, 2020 534
Taurine Attenuates Carcinogenicity in Ulcerative Colitis-Colorectal Cancer Mouse Model. Wang, Guifeng; Ma, Ning; He, Feng; Kawanishi, Shosuke; Kobayashi, Hatasu; Oikawa, Shinji; Murata, Ma Jun 30, 2020 3579
Evaluation of drinking water quality and waterborne disease prevalence in children at Shah di Khoi, Lahore, Pakistan. Ibtisam Butt, Munazza Fatima, Muhammad Nasar-u-Minallah Bhalli and Muhammad Ali Jun 30, 2020 3467
Assessment of drinking water quality and human health risks in Karak and adjoining areas, Southeastern Kohat Basin, Pakistan. Nazir-ur-Rehman, Sajjad Ahmad, Shah Faisal, Fayaz Ali, Shuja Ullah, Rizwan Ullah, Mumtaz Ali Khan, A Jun 30, 2020 6831
Escherichia coli as a Tool for Disease Risk Assessment of Drinking Water Sources. Odonkor, Stephen T.; Mahami, Tahiru Jun 30, 2020 5212
Water pollution. Taqdees Zafar - Islamabad Jun 7, 2020 239
Update on Lead in Drinking Water: More progress needs to be made to clean up the water. Malesky, Gale Jun 1, 2020 908
A Synbiotic Mixture Augmented the Efficacy of Doxepin, Venlafaxine, and Fluvoxamine in a Mouse Model of Depression/Sinbiyotik Karisim, Fare Depresyon Modelinde Doksepin, Venlafaksin ve Fluvoksaminin Etkinligini Artirdi. Mesripour, Azadeh; Meshkati, Andiya; Hajhashemi, Valiollah Jun 1, 2020 4015
Social distancing: A non-pharmacological intervention for COVID-19. Mal, Piryani Rano; Suneel, Piryani; Shomeeta, Piryani May 31, 2020 2302
Coronavirus and Afghan refugees. Ghazi Khan - Peshawar May 18, 2020 308
PFApocalypSe Now: The PFAS Firestorm and Implications for Florida. DeMeo, Ralph A.; Caspary, Jorge May 1, 2020 3820
Determinants of Households' Access to Improved Drinking Water Sources: A Secondary Analysis of Eswatini 2010 and 2014 Multiple Indicator Cluster Surveys. Simelane, Maswati S.; Shongwe, Mduduzi Colani; Vermaak, Kerry; Zwane, Eugene Apr 30, 2020 7959
Coronavirus: no danger of infection from water, official says. Gina Agapiou Apr 28, 2020 310
Saira Khan: 'Pressure of Ramadan fasting killed my diabetic dad when he was 60'; Our columnist opens up about her secret heartache after her 'stubborn' dad refused to put his health ahead of his faith and how fasting now, if you have underlying health issues, is 'totally selfish'. By, Saira Khan Apr 25, 2020 535
Geneva church helps tackle global health issue. Submitted by Paul M. Wright Apr 24, 2020 424
COVID-19 found in non-drinking water source in Paris. Apr 22, 2020 331
Living Waters for the World: Geneva church tackles global health issue. Submitted by Paul M. Wright Apr 17, 2020 1072
Water pollution. ENGR. MUJTABA HASSAN - Khairpur Mir's Apr 2, 2020 243
Public Health Assessment of and Response to Perfluorooctanoic Acid in Drinking Water, Bennington, Vermont. Prinzing, Lauren; Moore, Brianna; Grass, David; Vose, Sarah; Voigt, Jenna; Chen, Harry; Cragin, Lori Technical report Mar 26, 2020 5982
52% of world population to fall short of drinking water by 2050 due to climate change: UN. Mohammed El-Said Mar 25, 2020 1174
Coronavirus: State lacks a plan for at-risk Roma settlements. Mar 16, 2020 740
Explainer: Cholera outbreak, control. Mar 1, 2020 593
Prevalence of Soil-Transmitted Helminth and Schistosoma mansoni Infection and Their Associated Factors among Hiruy Abaregawi Primary School Children, Rural Debre Tabor, North West Ethiopia: A Cross-Sectional Study. Workineh, Lemma; Kiros, Teklehaimanot; Damtie, Shewaneh; Andualem, Tesfaye; Dessie, Bizualem Report Mar 1, 2020 4496
The Relationship Between Oral Health and Overall Health: The Importance of Dental Care in Patients with Chronic Medical Conditions. Ruscio, Laura Mar 1, 2020 1091
Specialist emphasizes on personal hygiene to prevent parasitic worm infection. Jan 31, 2020 585
Navotas sends hygiene kits to Taal evacuees. Jan 26, 2020 114
DOH: Poor hygiene, unsanitary water hound evacuation centers for Taal victims. Jan 24, 2020 445
Glucosamine Supplementation in Premating Drinking Water Improves Within-Litter Birth Weight Uniformity of Rats Partly through Modulating Hormone Metabolism and Genes Involved in Implantation. Feng, Cuiping; Yuan, Taolin; Wang, Shilan; Liu, Ting; Tao, Shiyu; Han, Dandan; Wang, Junjun Jan 1, 2020 4407
The Simultaneous Administration of a Probiotic or Prebiotic with Live Salmonella Vaccine Improves Growth Performance and Reduces Fecal Shedding of the Bacterium in Salmonella-Challenged Broilers. Shall, Nahed A. El-; Awad, Ashraf M.; Hack, Mohamed E. Abd El-; Naiel, Mohammed A.E.; Othman, Sarah Report Jan 1, 2020 5915
Water contamination: A grave health hazard. Syed Arsalan Ahmed Naqvi and Mohammad Zeeshan Haider Dec 31, 2019 634
Cholera haunts Mombasa areas due to poor hygiene. Dec 17, 2019 505
Slums: Government should build decent toilets. Dec 12, 2019 444
Pure drinking water key to decrease ratio of high mortality. Nov 23, 2019 283
Educators focus on water sanitation, hygiene in schools. Nov 11, 2019 395
Lipid Metabolism Alterations in a Rat Model of Chronic and Intergenerational Exposure to Arsenic. Rivas-Santiago, Cesar; Gonzalez-Curiel, Irma; Zarazua, Sergio; Murgu, Michael; Cardona, Alonso Ruiz; Oct 31, 2019 10812
Does Your Tap Water Contain Cancer-Causing Contaminants? Johnny Vatican Sep 23, 2019 455
New study finds cancer-causing chemicals in tap water. Sep 21, 2019 450
The naegleria fowleri scare. Sep 16, 2019 358
Naegleria, Congo viruses claim two more lives. Sep 15, 2019 316
1971 to 2017 Saw 32 Drinking Water Hepatitis A Outbreaks; The last four reported hepatitis A outbreaks during 1995 to 2009 were due to individual water systems. Sep 6, 2019 232
Poor quality water, food cause health issues for women, juvenile in jails. Sep 5, 2019 221
Poor quality water, food cause health issues for women, juvenile in jails. Sep 5, 2019 183
Drop the Pop: Soda Tied to Higher Risk of Early Death. Sep 3, 2019 783
Evaluation of emerging infectious disease and the importance of SINAN for epidemiological surveillance of Venezuelans immigrants in Brazil. de Lima, Mario Maciel, Jr.; Rodrigues, Gabbrielle Almeida; de Lima, Maysa Ruiz Sep 1, 2019 3612
Seasonal Health Risks Due to Zoonotic Pathogens from Hand-dug Well Water in Ohangwena and Omusati Regions of Namibia. McBenedict, Billy; Hauwanga, Wilhelmina Ndapunikwa; Wanke, Heike; Chimwamurombe, Percy Maruwa; Hang' Sep 1, 2019 5953
HIGH AND DRY; UNION'S FEARS FOR STAFF AND PATIENTS Dental hospital workers' fury as NHS bosses ban water coolers over risks to health. Aug 25, 2019 423
Health Highlights: Aug. 22, 2019; Microplastics in Drinking Water Not a Health Risk: WHO More Opioid Addiction Treatment in States That Expanded Medicaid: Study. Aug 22, 2019 488
Microplastic pollution is everywhere, but not necessarily a risk to human health. Aug 22, 2019 637
Evidence suggests microplastics in water pose 'minimal health risk'. Aug 22, 2019 320
Microplastic pollution is everywhere, but not necessarily a risk to human health: UN expert. Aug 22, 2019 703
Fluoride in Drinking Water and Nanotechnological Approaches for Eliminating Excess Fluoride. Premathilaka, Ruwanthi W.; Liyanagedera, Nalinda D. Jul 31, 2019 12414
Anti-Diarrheal Supplements Market Leading Manufacturers Expected to Motivate Growth during 2018-2028. Jul 30, 2019 976
Anti-Diarrheal Supplements Market Leading Manufacturers Expected to Motivate Growth during 2018-2028. Jul 29, 2019 990
Cholera: NCDC Emphasises Good Environmental Hygiene. Jul 4, 2019 309
Comparing Fluoride Exposures in Pregnant Canadian Women: Fluoridated versus Nonfluoridated Drinking Water. Nicole, Wendee Jul 1, 2019 1274
Hose pipes can be health risks. Jun 26, 2019 105
Warning on hosepipe health risks. Jun 26, 2019 137
The Declared State of Emergency in Strelcha Has Been Extended by Seven Days. Jun 18, 2019 139
Did blue water school make my boy go blind? CAMPUS CONTAMINATION CONTROVERSY Anguished mother is seeking probe into loss of son's sight. Jun 17, 2019 608
Tap Water Contributions to Plasma Concentrations of Poly- and Perfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) in a Nationwide Prospective Cohort of U.S. Women. Hu, Xindi C.; Tokranov, Andrea K.; Liddie, Jahred; Zhang, Xianming; Grandjean, Philippe; Hart, Jaime Report Jun 1, 2019 17262
Collaborative Response to Natural Disaster Events Threatening Private Well Water Quality in a New Mexico Community. Galbraith, Rose; Sharp, Nicholas; Sandoval, Deyonne Jun 1, 2019 1301
Three teachers get rare same corridor at school cancer while working in the built on a toxic landfill site; Calls for public inquiry into health fears at high school INVESTIGATION l campus mount as parents, politicians and trade unions call for answers. May 26, 2019 2030
Three teachers in one school built on site of corridor get rare cancer at toxic industrial landfill site. May 26, 2019 1852
Hepatitis E Diagnostic Tests Market Size, Share, Trends and Future Growth Predictions and Forecast 2. May 22, 2019 702
Unsafe drinking water. May 2, 2019 142
Lonza. May 1, 2019 463
Why is Drinking Water Important? Drinking water regularly can help you to lose weight, think better, stay in a better mood, prevent disease, and more. Smith, Kristen N. May 1, 2019 846
An Adverse Outcome Pathway Linking Organohalogen Exposure to Mitochondrial Disease. McMinn, Brooke; Duval, Alicia L.; Sayes, Christie M. Apr 30, 2019 14777
Arsenic still health hazard for 40m people in Bangladesh. Clinical report Apr 6, 2019 430
Purview: Quality of Drinking Water in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Report Mar 31, 2019 1703
Effects of Fluorides With or Without Vitamin on Adult Albino Mice. Mar 31, 2019 3026
Aquatic facility regulation review, proposal to improve public health outcomes. Mar 29, 2019 503
Cholera, Malaria Cases Reported in Mozambique. Mar 23, 2019 599
Amid water shortage, DOH advises: Don't drink dirty water, don't skip hygiene. Mar 18, 2019 269
Reducing involuntary medication. Perry, Jessica Mar 4, 2019 640
Hepatitis E: Current Status in India and Other Asian Countries. Kumar, Harsh; Kamar, Nassim; Kumar, Dinesh Mar 1, 2019 11965
Blood Pressure Medication Recalled For Cancer-Causing Impurity. Feb 25, 2019 290
Campylobacteriosis Outbreak Associated with Contaminated Municipal Water Supply--Nebraska, 2017. Pedati, Caitlin; Koirala, Samir; Safranek, Tom; Buss, Bryan F.; Carlson, Anna V. Feb 22, 2019 2374
Doctors issue health alert over XDR typhoid. Feb 14, 2019 217
Guiding Communities Affected by PFASs: Tools for Tackling Contaminated Drinking Water. Seltenrich, Nate Report Feb 1, 2019 1335
Sugar Alcohols; Benefits of Drinking Water with Meals and Snacks. Wawa, Nicole; Smith, Kristen N. Jan 29, 2019 434
How to end perennial cholera outbreaks in Kampala slums. Jan 21, 2019 769
Drinking water quality, sanitation and hygiene practices in a rural community of Sokoto State, Nigeria. Kaoje, Aminu U.; Yahaya, Mohammed; Raji, Mansur O.; Hadiza, Salisu M.; Sylvanus, Adenekan; Musa, Tij Report Jan 1, 2019 5472
"Smart" Vacation Offers Water Fast. Greenberg, Gary Jan 1, 2019 2018
Effect of Disinfectant Added Drinking Water on the Growth Performance of Different Hen Strains. Karabayir, Ali; Arifoglu, Nazan; Ogutcu, Mustafa Clinical report Dec 31, 2018 3813
Woman killed by rare amoeba that turned her brain 'to mush' after using Neti Pot; The 69-year-old woman was prescribed the device to clear a sinus infection, but made the fatal mistake of not using sterile water. Obituary Dec 8, 2018 392
Blood Pressure Drug Recalled Due to Cancer Risk. Brief article Nov 6, 2018 125
Enforcement of strong legislations needed to cope with alarming situation of drinking water quality: PCRWR Chairman. Nov 5, 2018 634
Enforcement of strong legislations needed to cope with alarming situation of drinking water quality: PCRWR Chairman. Nov 1, 2018 635
Ministry issues health tips for rainy season. Oct 27, 2018 260
Benefits of Collaboration Between a County Health Department and a Local University in North Carolina. Dye, Samantha; Zarate-Bermudez, Max Oct 1, 2018 1885
Marine Ingredients: Sourcing from the Sea: Natural products extracted from the world's water deliver nutrients essential to health and wellness. Richman, Alan Oct 1, 2018 2682
Contact lens wearers warned of infection which can cause blindness; Medical experts have highlighted Acanthamoeba keratitis. Sep 24, 2018 284
Warning over spike in rare eye infection. Sep 22, 2018 113
Why outbreak of waterborne diseases persist in Northcentral states. Sep 17, 2018 4760
Judicial Commission asked to take notice of health hazard water supplied to citizens. Sep 12, 2018 185
Phosphorus Recovery From Surface Waters: Protecting Public Health and Closing the Nutrient Cycle. Jin, Guang; Bierma, Thomas J. Sep 1, 2018 4819
Bodies of Water: How much--and which kind--of [H.sub.2]O do you need? Dow, Caitlin Sep 1, 2018 1971
Assessment of knowledge practice gap regarding sanitary toilet--A hospital based cross-sectional study. Kawale, Shailesh Keshaorao; Thakur, Hemlata; Sharma, Vivek Report Sep 1, 2018 2815
Elizabethkingia anophelis and Association with Tap Water and Handwashing, Singapore. Yung, Chee-Fu; Maiwald, Matthias; Loo, Liat H.; Soong, Han Y.; Tan, Chin B.; Lim, Phaik K.; Li, Ling Report Sep 1, 2018 2136
PMA warns people against possible outbreak of water borne diseases. Aug 25, 2018 358
Pakistan at high risk of suffering water borne diseases: PMA. Aug 24, 2018 332
Co-occurrence of extended-spectrum- and AmpC-[beta]-lactamase-encoding genes in Enterobacteriaceae isolated from sewage and drinking water from North-India: analyzing the genetic environment with special reference to insertion sequences, integrase, and integrons. Singh, Anuradha; Khan, Haris M.; Shahid, Mohammad Report Aug 1, 2018 4485
Drink plenty of water, HMC advises pregnant women. Jul 30, 2018 443
How much water should I drink a day in heatwave? Top surgeon reveals amount you should consume; Bhaskar Somani, a consultant urological surgeon, said attitudes towards water consumption "remained poor" even among those at higher risk of health problems. Jul 26, 2018 506
PMA warns people against possible outbreak of water borne diseases. Jul 8, 2018 401
Accountability Must: Typhoid Unknown and Incurable Since 2016! Jul 3, 2018 825
Is Your Drinking Water Safe? Lead is a health hazard, and some news reports point to water as the culprit. Here's what you need to know about municipal tap water. Jul 1, 2018 1044
Legionnaires' Disease Outbreak on a Merchant Vessel, Indian Ocean, Australia, 2015. Inglis, Timothy J.J.; Spittle, Chantal; Carmichael, Hilary; Downes, Jaala; Chiari, Marilina; McQueen Jul 1, 2018 2689
Effect of Natural Vitamin C on Performance and Certain Haemato-Biochemical Values in Broiler Chickens Exposed to Heat Stress. Abudabos, Alaeldein M.; Al-Owaimer, Abdullah N.; Hussein, Elsayed O.S.; Ali, Mutahar H. Report Jun 30, 2018 3568
Safe Drinking Water in Pakistan. Report Jun 30, 2018 1293
Artist Sardar Badshah nominated for promoting safe water sanitation, hygiene message. Jun 14, 2018 296
Evaluation and Management Strategies for Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFASs) in Drinking Water Aquifers: Perspectives from Impacted U.S. Northeast Communities. Guelfo, Jennifer L.; Marlow, Thomas; Klein, David M.; Savitz, David A.; Friekel, Scott; Crimi, Miche Report Jun 1, 2018 14174
Cyanotoxin Contamination: Salem Residents Warned Not To Drink Tap Water. May 30, 2018 447
Deadlocked NH Senate kills commuter rail study: TIE VOTE ENDS EFFORT TO GO AHEAD WITH $4M FEDERALLY FUNDED STUDY. Feingold, Jeff May 25, 2018 888
Excessive usage of pesticides causing health hazards. May 18, 2018 326
Two Simple Cures for Dry Mouth, Fatigue, Lightheadedness, and Constipation. Brief article May 1, 2018 309
Lonza. Apr 1, 2018 468
Tap Water Contamination. Brief article Apr 1, 2018 150
Viagra may cut risk of bowel cancer; Drug can 'reduce number of tumours'. Mar 20, 2018 184
High levels of chlorine by-products in Nigerian water dangerous -Study. Mar 15, 2018 547
Child mortality. Mar 7, 2018 157
Experts warn of cholera outbreak amid heavy rainfall. Mar 3, 2018 1028
The influence of carrageenan on markers of endogenous intoxication in rats. Marushchak, Mariya; Krynytska, Inna; Kopanytsia, Oksana; Tupol, Larysa; Savchenko, Iryna; Mazur, Lyu Report Mar 1, 2018 4990
Santevia Promotes Wellness With Water Filtration Systems. Feb 19, 2018 452
Menstrual hygiene integral part of government's sanitation programme: Uma Bharti. Feb 17, 2018 709
More organizations engage in sanitation and hygiene. Feb 9, 2018 259
Arsenic Exposure from Drinking Water and Urinary Metabolomics: Associations and Long-Term Reproducibility in Bangladesh Adults. Wu, Fen; Chi, Liang; Ru, Hongyu; Parvez, Faruque; Slavkovich, Vesna; Eunus, Mahbub; Ahmed, Alauddin; Report Jan 1, 2018 7548
Prevalence of Multidrug-Resistant Escherichia coli Isolated from Drinking Water Sources. Odonkor, Stephen T.; Addo, Kennedy K. Jan 1, 2018 4754
Long-Term Provision of Acidified Drinking Water Fails to Influence Autoimmune Diabetes and Encephalomyelitis. Jayaraman, Sundararajan; Jayaraman, Arathi Report Jan 1, 2018 4401
Mycobacterium mucogenicum Hand Infection in an Intravenous Drug Abuser. Basnet, Sijan; Mir, Izza; Dhital, Rashmi; Basnet, Garima; Patel, Nitin Clinical report Jan 1, 2018 2024
Comment on (Disinfection Byproducts in Drinking Water and Evaluation of Potential Health Risks of Long-Term Exposure in Nigeria". Grellier, James Letter to the editor Jan 1, 2018 3106
Modeling the Effects of Spatial Heterogeneity and Seasonality on Guinea Worm Disease Transmission. Losio, Anthony A.E.; Mushayabasa, Steady Report Jan 1, 2018 6117
Salivary Gland Extract of Kissing Bug, Triatoma lecticularia, Reduces the Severity of Intestinal Inflammation through the Modulation of the Local IL-6/IL-10 Axis. Sales-Campos, Helioswilton; Catarino, Jonatas da Silva; Roza, Guilherme Augusto; Trevisan, Rafael Ob Jan 1, 2018 5418
Quantification of essential elements, their daily intake and health risk via drinking water collected from Southern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. Dec 31, 2017 5298
GOALKEEPERS -- THE STORIES BEHIND THE DATA Tracking progress and looking to the future. Dec 22, 2017 1588
PMA terms water pollution major threat to public health. Dec 8, 2017 254
Believe it or Not: The latest claims: good science or scams? Dow, Caitlin Dec 1, 2017 491
Neonic Pesticides Discovered in Drinking Water. Noyes, Lydia Dec 1, 2017 233
Correlation between fluorosis and dental caries in endemic areas of Wardha district. Patil, Samiksha Dilip; Bhowate, Rahul R.; Rawlani, Shivlal M.; Khubchandani, Monika; Rawlani, Sudhir Report Dec 1, 2017 2778
Hardness of tap water samples in Manila City, Philippines through complexometric titration. Sumalapao, Derick Erl P.; Balana, Aaron John T.; Obias, Mark Paolo Enrico U.; Reyes, Yves Ira A. Report Dec 1, 2017 3367
Cost-Effective with Silver Alloys in Water. Aljuraifani, Amal Abdulaziz; Alghamdi, Azzah Ibrahim Report Dec 1, 2017 2593
Survey of pathogenic Escherichia coli in hospitals environment. Aljohani, Nasser; Almasaudi, Saad B.; Kabli, Saleh A.; Al-Garni, Saleh M.; Ahmed, Mohamed Morsi M. Dec 1, 2017 10709
Disneyland Shuts Down 2 Cooling Towers After Outbreak Of Legionnaires' Disease. Nov 12, 2017 632
Unwell: The Public Health Implications of Unregulated Drinking Water. Seltenrich, Nate Report Nov 1, 2017 1318
FCT[R], Fibromyalgia, and the Unsuspected Suspect--Drinking Water. Yurkovsky, Savely Nov 1, 2017 1963
Water quality in Oman among world's best, says UN report. Oct 22, 2017 771
Prevalence and risk factors associated with intestinal parasitic infestations in the rural pediatric population of Piparia, Gujarat--A hospital-based study. Pandya, Himani Bhardwaj; Lakhani, Sucheta J.; Pandit, Niraj; Hemachander, Suguna S. Report Oct 1, 2017 3254
Water, sanitation, and hygiene practices among population living in slums, Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh, India. Agarwal, Renu; Tiwari, Nitin; Malhotra, Anil Kumar Oct 1, 2017 2587
Low Prenatal Exposures to Fluoride: Are There Neurotoxic Risks for Children? Barrett, Julia R. Report Oct 1, 2017 1263
Keeping track of development progress in Africa. Ford, Neil Oct 1, 2017 1509
Diarrhea contained after Albay town closes tainted water source. Sep 7, 2017 223
Community exposures to per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances in drinking water: a national issue. Wilder, Lynn; Worley, Rachel; Breysse, Pat Column Sep 1, 2017 2061
Rabies virus transmission in solid organ transplantation, China, 2015-2016. Chen, Shuilian; Zhang, Heng; Luo, Meiling; Chen, Jingfang; Yao, Dong; Chen, Faming; Liu, Ruchun; Che Sep 1, 2017 1118
Effects of Orally Ingested Arsenic on Respiratory Epithelial Permeability to Bacteria and Small Molecules in Mice. Henderson, Michael W.; Madenspacher, Jennifer H.; Whitehead, Gregory S.; Thomas, Seddon Y.; Aloor, J Report Sep 1, 2017 9076
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