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COVID-19 infections force U-23 Myanmar men's foot- ball team to withdraw from ASEAN tournament. Mar 3, 2022 187
Wales star diagnosed with stage II Hodgkin lymphoma. TOM COLEMAN Sport reporter Oct 14, 2021 493
Thomas recalls the moment he was told he could die from cancer. DAVID MCDONNELL Apr 5, 2021 652
Implementation and Evolution of Mitigation Measures, Testing, and Contact Tracing in the National Football League, August 9-November 21,2020. Mack, Christina D.; Wasserman, Erin B.; Perrine, Cria G.; MacNeil, Adam; Anderson, Deverick J.; Myer Jan 29, 2021 4078
The Hits Add Up: Blacks and other nonwhite former NFL players report more pain and physical impairment than their white peers. Nov 1, 2020 707
COVID19: Cyprus struggles to suppress cases surge. fm Oct 2, 2020 324
COVID19: Cyprus reports 12 new cases, 6 from football cluster. fm Sep 27, 2020 467
Men urged to speak out about mental health issues. Aug 14, 2020 306
Comparative Effects of Isokinetic Training and Virtual Reality Training on Sports Performances in University Football Players with Chronic Low Back Pain-Randomized Controlled Study. Nambi, Gopal; Abdelbasset, Walid Kamal; Elsayed, Shereen H.; Alrawaili, Saud M.; Abodonya, Ahmed M.; Clinical report Jun 30, 2020 7524
Sports in 60 seconds. Apr 16, 2020 397
Reds aces get help to deal with any title anxieties; Premier League clubs set to meet again on April 3 as hiatus continues. CONNOR DUNN Mar 24, 2020 550
No Link Found Between Teen Contact Sports, Later Mental Health Issues; Football players actually are less likely to be depressed in early adulthood. Clinical report Oct 25, 2019 225
Teen star Amelia in battle to beat clock for life-changing op; less than a month to raise PS81,283 for pioneering surgery. MARK CARDWELL Oct 23, 2019 596
Pink badge a mark of 'Real Men' Pink: 1 in 8 women, about 13%, will be diagnosed with invasive breast cancer. Elena Ferrarin Oct 5, 2019 625
CHARLIE'S A REAL FIGHTER ON AND OFF THE PITCH; Dad's fears over mystery rash led to devastating leukaemia diagnosis for budding football star EXCLUSIVE. Sep 8, 2019 765
AHA News: Do NFL Players' Hearts Take a Hit From Football? Report Sep 4, 2019 975
Study links NFL career length to cognitive health problems. Aug 31, 2019 375
For NFL Players, Career Length, Role Affect Future Health Risks: Study. Aug 30, 2019 568
Concussions May Leave Former NFL Players With Another Issue: Impotence. Thompson, Dennis Aug 26, 2019 734
Neuropathology Tied to Dementia ID'd in Football Players Who Had CTE; White matter rarefaction, arteriolosclerosis, DLFC NFTs linked to dementia in football players with CTE. Aug 5, 2019 244
Football players have higher mortality than baseball players: Study. May 25, 2019 605
Stafford's Wife Diagnosed With Brain Tumor. Apr 4, 2019 273
Football star to stand trial on speeding rap. Feb 1, 2019 122
FIRST. Hughes, Garrett Brief article Dec 22, 2018 307
Creatine Phosphokinase and Urea as Biochemical Markers of Muscle Injuries in Professional Football Players. Osorio, Juan J; Mendez, Edgar A; Aguirre-Acevedo, Daniel; Osorio-Ciro, Jorge; Calderon, Juan C; Gall Report Dec 1, 2018 6827
Investigating the Most Commonly Applied Lactate Recovery Method According to the Positions in Football. Kaplan, Davut Sinan; Bozkurt, Mustafa Report Dec 1, 2018 3665
FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS OUT? Bubar, Joe; Stoffers, Carl Nov 19, 2018 3048
Is Plantar Loading Altered During Repeated Sprints on Artificial Turf in International Football Players? Girard, Olivier; Millet, Gregoire P.; Thomson, Athol; Brocherie, Franck Report Sep 1, 2018 4968
Evaluation of Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo in American Football Players. Gokler, Ozan; Kocak, Ilker; Aydogan, Esra; Karanfil, Isil; Bas, Ceren Aug 1, 2018 2981
Age of First Football Tackles Tied to Neuro Symptom Onset; However, age of onset not tied to chronic traumatic encephalopathy pathological severity. May 10, 2018 248
FOR THE LOVE OF ODD; SCOTLAND v COSTA RICA 1 DAY TO GO; He's a Scottish right-back who plays number 10 for his club and says he is just 'a kick and punt type of guy'... Meet Callum Paterson, who is eyeing a major finals with a little help from his talking cat (who is a little stressed out). Mar 22, 2018 1092
If We Pay Football Players, Why Not Kidney Donors? The risks are lower and the screening process more rigorous for kidney donors. Cook, Philip J.; Krawtec, Kimberly D. Mar 22, 2018 5343
Cognitive Function and Dynamic Cerebral Blood Flow Regulation in Multiple Concussions. Kumazaki, Akira; Ogoh, Shigehiko; Hirasawa, Ai; Sakai, Sadayoshi; Hirose, Norikazu Report Mar 1, 2018 3948
Former NFL player detained by police after Instagram post. Feb 24, 2018 237
Corporate Reputation and Cause-Related Marketing in Professional Sports: The Case of Devon Still and the Cincinnati Bengals. Nichols, Bridget Satinover; Gardner, Jennifer Case study Sep 1, 2017 5923
Time-loss injuries in sub-elite and emerging rugby league players. Booth, Mark; Orr, Rhonda Report Jun 1, 2017 4927
Comparison of the acute effects of static and dynamic stretching exercises on flexibility, agility and anaerobic performance in professional football players/Profesyonel futbolcularda statik ve dinamik germe egzersizlerinin esneklik, ceviklik ve anaerobik performans uzerindeki akut etkilerinin karsilastirilmasi. Kurt, Cem; Firtin, Ilkay Report Sep 1, 2016 4854
Diffusion tensor imaging sheds light on mTBIs. Massat, Mary Beth Report May 1, 2016 1600
Inter-rater reliability and validity of the Australian football league's kicking and handball tests. Cripps, Ashley J.; Hopper, Luke S.; Joyce, Christopher Sep 1, 2015 4134
Marginal gains. White, John Brief article Jun 13, 2015 275
The correlation between the health indicators and physical development of men aged 25-30 who regularly play minifootball. Yakimovich, Victor Stepanovich; Burlykov, Vladimir Danzanovich; Proshkin, Sergey Nikolaevich Report Jul 1, 2014 1661
What is the safest sprint starting position for American football players? Bonnechere, Bruno; Beyer, Benoit; Rooze, Marcel; Van Sint, Jan Serge Report Jun 1, 2014 5137
Gridiron glory wasn't always so. Miller, John J. Jan 1, 2014 3116
Blocking out the pain: an unsung hero models the power of inner strength. Sullivan, Jeff Dec 1, 2013 1052
The prevalence of clinical signs of ankle instability in club rugby players. Mellet, E.; Stewart, A. Report Apr 1, 2013 4379
Tackling women's pro football. Bower, Bruce Feb 9, 2013 383
Is football just too dangerous? Concerns are rising about head injuries--especially among young players. Bissinger, Buzz; Hallenbeck, Scott Sep 3, 2012 536
The football lockout of 2011. Staudohar, Paul D. Aug 1, 2012 4899
Wenger Unsure of Wilshere's Recovery, Gives Squad Injury Update. Jul 22, 2012 503
Evaluating football. Nelson, Rick Editorial Jun 1, 2012 592
Is a cognitive-behavioural biofeedback intervention useful to reduce injury risk in junior football players? Edvardsson, Arne; Ivarsson, Andreas; Johnson, Urban Report Jun 1, 2012 7152
Lucas Reveals Recovery Progression. Brief article May 31, 2012 319
Catholic silence on football risks: while studies raise alarm about long-term effects of repeated blows to head, there is little discussion of ethics. Briggs, Ken Feb 3, 2012 1359
Head to head: helmet-cracking hits may make football exciting to watch, but they can be deadly to players. Hamalainen, Karina Jan 23, 2012 1637
Lions settles with embattled Fevola. Brief article Mar 7, 2011 301
Reversing brain damage in former NFL players: implications for traumatic brain injury and substance abuse rehabilitation. Amen, Daniel G.; Wu, Joseph C.; Taylor, Derek; Willeumier, Kristen Report Mar 1, 2011 2878
No more head injuries. Milo, Paul Editorial Dec 1, 2010 686
Intimidation and violence in intercollegiate football. Lumpkin, Angela Sep 22, 2010 822
The collapsed football player: the sight of a football player lying on the ground, surrounded by coaches and medics, is not uncommon. Motaung, Sello Report May 1, 2010 3412
Family of Cuban dissident Ariel Sigler worries that he'll die in prison. Easton, Tracey Apr 1, 2010 736
The chronic effect of speed exercices of football players on the Nitric oxyde (NO) level. Tas, Murat; Kiyici, Fatih Report Jan 1, 2010 3013
The comparison of urine zinc values of footballers in the industrial region and outside the industrial region. Metin, Kaya; Halil, Taskin Report Jan 1, 2010 1786
Chris Henry in hospital with 'life threatening injuries'. Brief article Dec 16, 2009 132
Are football players on a crash course? Blinding headaches, slurred speech, even dementia. Is this the price of playing football? Brown, Bryan Cover story Dec 7, 2009 967
Hindsight. Jackson, Lisa Brief article Nov 1, 2009 210
Dante Wesley hit video, Panthers vs Buccaneers. Brief article Oct 19, 2009 108
Philadelphia Eagles Stewart Bradley suffers knee injury. Brief article Aug 3, 2009 154
Large athletes not at elevated cardiac risk. Moon, Mary Ann Jun 15, 2009 475
Evolution of physical indices and techniques a team of football players with children aged 11-12 years. George, Stanculescu; Ionel, Melenco Report Jun 1, 2009 1721
Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus among players on a high school football team--New York City, 2007. Kellner, P.; Yeung, A.; Cook, H.A.; Kornblum, J.; Wong, M.; Eniola, F.; Weiss, D.; Nair, H.P. Jan 30, 2009 2238
Player movement patterns in an elite junior Australian Rules Football team: an exploratory study. Veale, James P.; Pearce, Alan J.; Carlson, John S. Clinical report Jun 1, 2007 4664
Sideline docs among teams' key 'players'. Brunk, Doug Dec 1, 2006 1642
Concussions promote dementia in gridders. Oct 1, 2006 371
Football 2006: staying strong all season. Mannie, Ken Aug 1, 2006 1683
Sports related concussion and spinal injuries: the need for changing spearing rules at the National Capital Amateur Football Association (NCAFA). Pelletier, Jacques C. Clinical report Jul 1, 2006 8145
Thomas Hargrove: Scripps Howard News Service "Supersized in the NFL" January 31, 2006. Brief article Apr 1, 2006 188
Sporty chill pill. Gaidos, Susan Brief Article Nov 14, 2005 177
MRSA joins football team. Splete, Heidi Brief Article Oct 15, 2005 201
John Elway: on the road to relief: no longer plagued by persistent heartburn, the former pro athlete shares a winning strategy to tackle the all-too-common, painful problem head on. Jul 1, 2005 632
Congress should butt out on steroids. Brief Article Jul 1, 2005 162
Obesity packs a punch. Kubetin, Sally Koch Brief Article Apr 1, 2005 193
There's the rub: football abrasions can lead to nasty infections. Seppa, N. Feb 5, 2005 501
Invasive group A streptococcal infection in high school football players, New York City, 2003. Layton, Marcelle Jan 1, 2005 2568
Prognosis uncertain in transient quadriparesis. Kirn, Timothy F. Aug 15, 2004 428
Normal football play does not affect concussion score. Johnson, Kate Aug 15, 2004 440
Taking control of high blood pressure: a new campaign focuses the spotlight on the national crisis of hypertension and sheds light on simple measures that you can take to reduce risk. Perry, Patrick Nov 1, 2003 1100
Muscle cramps: the right ways for the dog days. (Sidelines). Eichner, E. Randy Brief Article Aug 1, 2002 527
PUTTING ON THE HEAT(STROKE)... MASIN, HERMAN L. Brief Article Oct 1, 2001 398
Preventing Muscle Cramping in Football. Eichner, E. Randy May 1, 2001 1642
Jonathan Hayes: taking control. Hitchens, Kathy Biography Sep 1, 1994 614

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