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Advance Pet Product Announces New Product Addition to Health and Wellness Line K9 Herbal Hemp Oil and Cheese to Debut at Global Pet Expo 2018 Booth #820. Feb 3, 2018 446
Gina Lopez holds health and wellness talk. Jan 18, 2018 382
A cup of tea for everyday wellness. Jan 6, 2018 551
Exploring Monk Fruit Sweetener and Herbal Antibiotics. Todd, Kaley; Salomon, Sharon Jan 1, 2018 397
Therapeutic and prophylactic effect of Andrographis paniculata on aspirin-induced gastric ulcer. Saboriendo, Sheryl V.; Sumalapao, Derick Erl P.; Villarante, Nelson R. Report Nov 10, 2017 3994
Supply Of Different Verities Of Medicinal Trees Plants Including Mortality Replacement, Loading/Unloading, Transportation Complete At Site The Plants Height 1-2 Feet. Nov 6, 2017 149
Antidiabetic effects of Cycas edentata aqueous leaf extract on the blood glucose levels of alloxan-induced diabetic ICR mice (Mus musculus L.). Elardo, Elisha Jae V.; Olea, Abbie Grace M.; Cruz, Francesca Josephine Sta.; Teope, Gloriana Julia C Nov 1, 2017 4778
Antidiabetic and Antidyslipidemic Activities of the Aqueous Extract of Cochlospermum planchonii Leaves in Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetic Rats. Abraham, Bamisaye Fisayo; Olarewaju, Sulyman Abdulhakeem; Ronke, Abegunde; Oladipo, Ajani Emmanuel Report Nov 1, 2017 4718
Easing hot flashes. Leipzig, Rosanne M. Aug 31, 2017 197
Global Sexual Wellness Market 2017-2021. Aug 21, 2017 619
Pretreated Glehnia littoralis Extract Prevents Neuronal Death Following Transient Global Cerebral Ischemia through Increases of Superoxide Dismutase 1 and Brain-derived Neurotrophic Factor Expressions in the Gerbil Hippocampal Cornu Ammonis 1 Area. Park, Joon; Lee, Tae-Kyeong; Yan, Bing-Chun; Shin, Bich-Na; Ahn, Ji; Kim, In; Cho, Jeong; Lee, Jae-C Report Aug 5, 2017 5224
Use of medicinal plants as home remedies in Primary Health Care in Blumenau--State of Santa Catarina, Brazil/Utilizacao de plantas medicinais como remedio caseiro na Atencao Primaria em Blumenau, Santa Catarina, Brasil. Zeni, Ana Lucia Bertarello; Parisotto, Amanda Varnier; Mattos, Gerson; Helena, Ernani Tiaraju de San Ensayo Aug 1, 2017 5905
Renewed perspectives on herbal & traditional products: consumers are rediscovering the therapeutic virtues of ancient medicine. Jul 1, 2017 540
Integrating Herbal Medicine Of Ner With Contemporary Approaches To Develop Therapeutic Strategies For Metabolic Syndrome. May 5, 2017 118
Medical uses of boswellia -- arthritis cure or not? May 4, 2017 390
Does herbal medicine assist breastfeeding mothers with an insufficient milk supply? Bowman, Diana Report Mar 1, 2017 427
Natural exportin-1 (XPO1) inhibitors as antiviral agents against respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). Mathew, Cynthia; Ghidlyal, Reena; Bugarcic, Andrea Report Mar 1, 2017 322
Therapeutic oral rinsing with noncommercially available products: position paper and statement from the Canadian dental hygienists association, part 2. Asadoorian, Joanna Clinical report Feb 1, 2017 9256
Plant defense against diabetes: plant foods--rich in polyphenols--help fend off type 2 diabetes. Weisenberger, Jill Dec 1, 2016 431
Trifolin induces apoptosis via extrinsic and intrinsic pathways in the NCI-H460 human non-small cell lung-cancer cell line. Kim, Min-Je; Kwon, Sae-Bom; Kim, Man-Sub; Jin, Seung Won; Ryu, Hyung Won; Oh, Sei-Ryang; Yoon, Do-Yo Report Sep 15, 2016 4017
Acetylcholine esterase inhibitors and melanin synthesis inhibitors from Salvia officinalis. Sallam, Amal; Mira, Amira; Ashour, Ahmed; Shimizu, Kuniyoshi Report Sep 15, 2016 5120
The Janus face of chlorogenic acid on vascular reactivity: a study on rat isolated vessels. Tom, Esther Ngo Lemba; Girard-Thernier, Corine; Demougeot, Celine Sep 15, 2016 4452
MHP-1 inhibits cancer metastasis and restores topotecan sensitivity via regulating epithelial-mesenchymal transition and TGF-[beta] signaling in human breast cancer cells. Lin, Sensen; Lyu, Xiaodan; Yu, Jun; Sun, Li; Du, Danyu; Lai, Yanqi; Li, Hongyang; Wang, Ying; Zhang, Report Sep 15, 2016 5355
Chemical and biological insights on Cotoneaster integerrimus: a new (-)- epicatechin source for food and medicinal applications. Uysal, Ahmet; Zengin, Gokhan; Mollica, Adriano; Gunes, Erdogan; Locatelli, Marcello; Yilmaz, Turgut; Report Sep 15, 2016 10179
Tea for what ails you: how to use herbal teas to treat common health maladies and get back on the path to wellness. Sarhangi, Sheila Sep 1, 2016 740
Management of mental health in Australia: a critical role for herbalists and naturopaths. McIntyre, Erica Report Sep 1, 2016 2793
The clinical management of menstrual migraine and headache by the herbal medicine practitioner. Villella, Sandra Sep 1, 2016 3432
Apium graveolens (Celery) in a rat model of rheumatoid arthritis. Tester, Jodie Report Sep 1, 2016 684
Anti-inflammatory effects of DHA compared to EPA. Tester, Jodie Report Sep 1, 2016 647
Herbal Wellness Zones Synthesis Maintenance Business Unit Detailed Design For Phase 2. Aug 21, 2016 125
Aqueous extract of Anethum graveolens l. has potential antioxidant and antiglycation effects. Oshaghi, Ebrahim Abbasi; Khodadadi, Iraj; Tavilani, Heidar; Goodarzi, Mohammad Taghi Report Jul 1, 2016 2674
The practice of ethnomedicine in the Northern and Southern provinces of Oman. Divakar, Madhu. C.; Siyabi, Amani Al-; Varghese, Shirley. S.; Rubaie, Mohammed Al- Report Jul 1, 2016 4533
Carnosic acid induces proteasomal degradation of Cyclin B1, RB and SOX2 along with cell growth arrest and apoptosis in GBM cells. Cortese, Katia; Daga, Antonio; Monticone, Massimiliano; Tavella, Sara; Stefanelli, Alessia; Aiello, Report Jun 15, 2016 5635
The effect of ethyl acetate extract from persimmon leaves on Alzheimer's disease and its underlying mechanism. Huang, Shun-Wang; Wang, Wei; Zhang, Meng-Yu; Liu, Qing-Bo; Luo, Sheng-Yong; Peng, Ying; Sun, Bei; Wu Report Jun 15, 2016 8026
Curcumin hampers the antitumor effect of vinblastine via the inhibition of microtubule dynamics and mitochondrial membrane potential in HeLa cervical cancer cells. Lee, Jae-Wook; Park, Sojin; Kim, Sun Yeou; Um, Sung Hee; Moon, Eun-Yi Report Jun 15, 2016 4757
Protective effects of lupeol against mancozeb-induced genotoxicity in cultured human lymphocytes. Srivastava, Amit Kumar; Mishra, Sanjay; Ali, Wahid; Shukla, Yogeshwer Report Jun 15, 2016 8141
Berberine induces neuronal differentiation through inhibition of cancer stemness and epithelial-mesenchymal transition in neuroblastoma cells. Naveen, C.R.; Gaikwad, Sagar; Agrawal-Rajput, Reena Report Jun 15, 2016 4975
Latex protein extracts from Calotropis procera with immunomodulatory properties protect against experimental infections with Listeria monocytogenes. Nascimento, Danielle Cristina de Oliveira; Ralph, Maria Taciana; Batista, Jacqueline Ellen Camelo; S Report Jun 15, 2016 5672
The authenticity and quality of Rhodiola rosea products. Booker, Anthony; Jalil, Banaz; Frommenwiler, Debora; Reich, Eike; Zhai, Lixiang; Kulic, Zarko; Heinr Report Jun 15, 2016 5387
Neuroprotective effects of p-tyrosol after the global cerebral ischemia in rats. Atochina, Dmitriy N.; Chernysheva, Galina A.; Smolyakova, Vera I.; Osipenko, Anton N.; Logvinov, Ser Report Jun 15, 2016 7004
The efficacy of Hibiscus sabdariffa (rosella) in essential hypertension: a systematic review of clinical trials. Walton, Rebecca J.; Whitten, Dawn L.; Hawrelak, Jason A. Report Jun 1, 2016 2938
Pregnancy outcomes after exposure to echinacea in a Norwegian population. Tester, Jodie Report Jun 1, 2016 840
Elsholtzia ciliata (Thunb.) Hylander attenuates renal inflammation and interstitial fibrosis via regulation of TGF-[beta] and Smad3 expression on unilateral ureteral obstruction rat model. Kim, Tae-Won; Kim, Young-Jung; Seo, Chang-Seob; Kim, Hyun-Tae; Park, Se-Ra; Lee, Mee-Young; Jung, Ju Report Apr 15, 2016 5867
Protective role of gambogic acid in experimental pulmonary fibrosis in vitro and in vivo. Qu, Yubei; Zhang, Guanghua; Ji, Yunxia; Zhua, Haibo; Lv, Changjun; Jiang, Wanglin Report Apr 15, 2016 6313
NF-[kappa]B pathway inhibition by anthrocyclic glycoside aloin is key event in preventing osteoclastogenesis in RAW264.7 cells. Pengjam, Yutthana; Madhyastha, Harishkumar; Madhyastha, Radha; Yamaguchi, Yuya; Nakajima, Yuichi; Ma Apr 15, 2016 5836
The involvement of cyclin D1 degradation through GSK3[beta]-mediated threonine-286 phosphorylation-dependent nuclear export in anti-cancer activity of mulberry root bark extracts. Eo, Hyun Ji; Park, Gwang Hun; Jeong, Jin Boo Report Feb 15, 2016 5436
Apoptosis induction of dehydrobruceine B on two kinds of human lung cancer cell lines through mitochondrial-dependent pathway. Zhao, Lijuan; Wen, Qing; Yang, Guotao; Huang, Zhuqing; Shen, Tao; Li, Haizhen; Ren, Dongmei Feb 15, 2016 4840
Inhibition of pulmonary metastasis by Emilia sonchifolia (L.) DC: an in vivo experimental study. K., Gilcy George; Kuttan, Girija Report Feb 15, 2016 5403
Neomangiferin modulates the Th17/Treg balance and ameliorates colitis in mice. Lim, Su-Min; Kang, Geum-Dan; Jeong, Jin-Ju; Choi, Hyun Sik; Kim, Dong-Hyun Report Feb 15, 2016 5377
Neuroprotective effects of polygalacic acid on scopolamine-induced memory deficits in mice. Guo, Changrun; Shen, Jinyang; Meng, Zhaoqing; Yang, Xiaolin; Li, Fei Report Feb 15, 2016 5075
Evaluation of DNA barcoding coupled high resolution melting for discrimination of closely related species in phytopharmaceuticals. Osathanunkul, Maslin; Suwannapoom, Chatmongkon; Osathanunkul, Kitisak; Madesis, Panagiotis; de Boer, Report Feb 15, 2016 6951
Corosolic acid inhibits adipose tissue inflammation and ameliorates insulin resistance via AMPK activation in high-fat fed mice. Yang, Jie; Leng, Jing; Li, Jing-Jing; Tang, Jing-fu; Li, Yi; Liu, Bao-Lin; Wen, Xiao-Dong Report Feb 15, 2016 4895
Barrier protective effect of asiatic acid in TNF-[alpha]-induced activation of human aortic endothelial cells. Fong, Lai Yen; Ng, Chin Theng; Cheok, Zhi Li; Moklas, Mohamad Aris Mohd; Hakim, Muhammad Nazrul; Ahm Report Feb 15, 2016 6597
Potent antihypertensive effect of Hancornia speciosa leaves extract. Silva, Grazielle C.; Braga, Fernao C.; Lemos, Virginia S.; Cortes, Steyner F. Report Feb 15, 2016 4938
Liver cancer cells are sensitive to Lanatoside C induced cell death independent of their PTEN status. Durmaz, Irem; Guven, Ebru Bilget; Ersahin, Tulin; Ozturk, Mehmet; Calis, Ihsan; Cetin-Atalay, Rengul Report Jan 15, 2016 5322
Cryptotanshinone, a compound of Salvia miltiorrhiza inhibits pre-adipocytes differentiation by regulation of adipogenesis-related genes expression via STAT3 signaling. Rahman, Naimur; Jeon, Miso; Song, Ho-Yeon; Kim, Yong-Sik Report Jan 15, 2016 6673
Tuberostemonine N, an active compound isolated from Stemona tuberosa, suppresses cigarette smoke-induced sub-acute lung inflammation in mice. Jung, Kyung-Hwa; Kil, Yun-Seo; Jung, Jaehoon; Park, Soojin; Shin, Dasom; Lee, Kyeseok; Seo, Eun Kyou Report Jan 15, 2016 5838
Olive leaf extract improves lipid profile in rats fed a high cholesterol diet. Tester, Jodie Jan 1, 2016 631
Contribution to the ethnobotanical study of antidiabetic medicinal plants of the Central Middle Atlas region (Morocco)/Contribucion al estudio etnobotanica de plantas medicinales antidiabeticas de la region central Oriente Atlas (Marruecos). Hachi, Maryama; Ouafae, Benkhnigue; Hachi, Touria; Mohamed, Bouhaddioui El; Imane, Bouabadi; Atmane, Jan 1, 2016 5258
Medicinal plants used for gastrointestinal diseases in Garhwal region of Uttarakhand state in India. Kala, Chandra Prakash Report Jan 1, 2016 3963
Fixed dose herbal combination effective in acute upper respiratory tract infection. Tester, Jodie Clinical report Jan 1, 2016 702
Activity of Artemisia annua and artemisinin derivatives, in prostate carcinoma. Michaelsen, Friedrich-Wilhelm; Saeed, Mohamed E.M.; Schwarzkopf, Jorg; Efferth, Thomas Report Dec 15, 2015 7961
Cytotoxicity of compounds from Xylopia aethiopica towards multi-factorial drug-resistant cancer cells. Kuete, Victor; Sandjo, Louis P.; Mbaveng, Armelle T.; Zeino, Maen; Efferth, Thomas Report Dec 15, 2015 4704
Ethanol extracts of Sanguisorba officinalis L. suppress TNF-[alpha]/IFN-[gamma]-induced pro-inflammatory chemokine production in HaCaT cells. Yang, Ju-Hye; Hwang, Youn-Hwan; Gu, Min-Jung; Cho, Won-Kyung; Ma, Jin Yeul Dec 15, 2015 4733
In vitro and in vivo investigations on the antitumour activity of Chelidonium majus. Capistrano I., Rica; Wouters, An; Lardon, Filip; Gravekamp, Claudia; Apers, Sandra; Pieters, Luc Report Dec 15, 2015 5068
Editorial: the need to characterise paediatric visits to complementary medicine practitioners. Frawley, Jane Editorial Dec 1, 2015 1000
Thuja occidentalis in a rat model of polycystic ovary syndrome. Tester, Jodie Report Dec 1, 2015 611
Topical bitter apple extract in painful diabetic neuropathy. Tester, Jodie Report Dec 1, 2015 745
Cinnamon compared to ibuprofen in primary dysmenorrhoea. Tester, Jodie Report Dec 1, 2015 733
Berberis integerrima compared to sildenafil in pulmonary hypertension. Tester, Jodie Report Dec 1, 2015 636
Effectiveness of ginger for relieving symptoms of primary dysmenorrhea. Tester, Jodie Report Dec 1, 2015 774
Curcumin alleviates symptoms of PMS. Tester, Jodie Report Dec 1, 2015 718
Effect of fenugreek seed extract on sex hormones and sexual function in healthy females. Tester, Jodie Report Dec 1, 2015 830
Antitussive effect of a fixed combination of Justicia adhatoda, Echinacea purpurea and Eleutherococcus senticosus extracts in patients with acute upper respiratory tract infection: a comparative, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study. Barth, Anders; Hovhannisyan, Areg; Jamalyan, Kristina; Narimanyan, Mikael Report Dec 1, 2015 6461
Enhanced oral bioavailability and anticancer activity of novel curcumin loaded mixed micelles in human lung cancer cells. Patil, Sharvil; Choudhary, Bhavana; Rathore, Atul; Roy, Krishtey; Mahadik, Kakasaheb Report Nov 15, 2015 5500
Cytotoxic and anti-colorectal tumor effects of sulfated saponins from sea cucumber Holothuria moebii. Yu, Siran; Ye, Xuewei; Chen, Lu; Xie, Xin; Zhou, Qian; Lian, Xiao-Yuan; Zhang, Zhizhen Report Nov 15, 2015 5241
In-vitro antifungal activity of methanolic fractions of two Cameroonian medicinal plants: Anonidium mannii and Xylopia Africana (annonaceae). Hubert, Kengni Yande; Valere, Tsouh Fokou Patrick; Baptist, Hzounda Fokou Jean; Rachel, Tchokouaha Y Nov 1, 2015 2846
Herbal remedies in periodontics. Chandulal, Dhalkari; Jayshri, Wagatkar; Kantilal, Ingle Report Oct 1, 2015 1981
AJHM based CPE questionnaire. Sep 1, 2015 938
Aldose reductase inhibition of a saponin-rich fraction and new furostanol saponin derivatives from Balanites aegyptiaca. Motaal, Amira Abdel; Askary, Hesham El-; Crockett, Sara; Kunert, Olaf; Sakr, Basma; Shaker, Sherif; Report Aug 15, 2015 6887
Phytochemical and antibacterial properties of the ethanolic leaf extract of Merremia peltata (L.) Merr. and Rubus spp. Perez, Kristine Jay B.; Jose, Mark Anthony I.; Aranico, Edgardo; Madamba, Ma. Reina Suzette B. Report Aug 1, 2015 3153
Plants with the power to heal; gardening As new research reveals we have a lot to learn about medicinal plants, garden expert and Chelsea Gold Medal-winner Chris Beardshaw gives Hannah Stephenson the lowdown on top apothecary planting. Jul 11, 2015 746
Evaluation of treatment alternatives against respiratory bacterial pathogens of small and large ruminants. Garcia, Gemerlyn G.; Belotindos, Lawrence P.; Mingala, Claro N. Report May 1, 2015 5269
Cytotoxicity of natural products and derivatives toward MCF-7 cell monolayers and cancer stem-like mammospheres. Seo, Ean-Jeong; Wiench, Benjamin; Hamm, Rebecca; Paulsen, Malte; Zu, Yuangang; Fu, Yujie; Efferth, T Report Apr 15, 2015 4340
Asian Herb Holds Promise as Treatment for Ebola. Feb 28, 2015 682
Chinese herbal extract hailed as possible new treatment for Ebola. Feb 27, 2015 281
Insecticidal activity of five essential oils of algerian medicinal plants on peach-potato aphid, Myzuspersicae (Homoptera: Aphididae). Hakimi, Sakina; Ateyyat, Mazen; Bounechada, Mustapha Report Jan 15, 2015 2891
Artemisia vulgaris L. ethanolic leaf extract reverses thrombocytopenia/ thrombocytosis and averts end-stage disease of experimental severe Plasmodium berghei murine malaria. Bamunuarachchi, Gayan S.; Ratnasooriya, Wanigasekara D.; Premakumara, Sirimal; Udagama, Preethi V. Report Dec 1, 2014 5739
Discover the Full Range of Therapeutic Herbal Teas Available at Bell Lifestyle Products. Nov 7, 2014 354
Antimicrobial activity and physical characteristics of oil extracted from alligator pepper seed (Aframomum melegueta) cultivated in Owo, Ondo State, Nigeria. Gbenga, Aladekoyi; Shakpo, Itunnu Olubunmi Report Nov 1, 2014 951
Pentacyclic triterpenes in birch bark extract inhibit early step of herpes simplex virus type 1 replication. Navid, M. Heidary; Laszczyk-Lauer, M.N.; Reichling, J.; Schnitzler, P. Report Sep 25, 2014 5284
The efficacy and safety of herbal medicine for insomnia in adults: an overview of recent research. Taslaman, Megan Report Sep 1, 2014 6192
You may not be able to control your obesity or metabolic syndrome. Brief article Jul 1, 2014 290
Herbal medicines carry risk of hepatoxicity. Freeman, Sara May 1, 2014 659
New - Wellness Herbal "Tea" Tins Now Available from Simpson & Vail. Apr 10, 2014 210
Effects of papaya leaves on thrombocyte counts in dengue - a case report. Mar 31, 2014 1979
Help Ease the Discomfort Caused by Bladder Infection - Bell Prostate Ezee Flow Tea. Mar 15, 2014 689
Evaluation of the antioxidant activity and additive effects of traditional medicinal herbs from Sri Lanka. Waisundara, Viduranga Y.; Watawana, Mindani I. Report Mar 1, 2014 3987
The integrated treatment of Blastocystis hominis in a patient with ulcerative colitis: a case study. Hunter, Susan Clinical report Mar 1, 2014 3245
Combination therapy: A new strategy to manage diabetes and its complications. Prabhakar, P.K.; Kumar, Anil; Doble, Mukesh Report Jan 15, 2014 7030
Effects of fenugreek seed on the severity and systemic symptoms of dysmenorrhea. Younesy, Sima; Amiraliakbari, Sedigheh; Esmaeili, Somayeh; Alavimajd, Hamid; Nouraei, Soheila Report Jan 1, 2014 4790
Effect of using micronutrients elements on physiological performance indicators in the Calendula officinalist L. Hooshang, Jamali; Hossein, Kargar Jahromi; Hamid, Bathaei Seyed; Elham, Rahmanian; Mohammad, Farzam Report Jan 1, 2014 3195
Ethnopharmacological significance of Eclipta alba (L.) Hassk. (Asteraceae). Jahan, Rownak; Nahain, Abdullah Al-; Majumder, Snehali; Rahmatullah, Mohammed Report Jan 1, 2014 17882
Toxicity of daphnane-type diterpenoids from Genkwa Flos and their pharmacokinetic profile in rat. Chen, Yan-Yan; Guo, Jian-Ming; Qian, Ye-Fei; Guo, Sheng; Ma, Chun-Hua; Duan, Jin-Ao Report Dec 15, 2013 6128
Facts and ideas from anywhere. Roberts, William C. Report Oct 1, 2013 9925
Asian herbal remedies for weight loss and slimming up cancer risk. Aug 13, 2013 308
Antinociceptive activity evaluation of an Indonesian herbal product Sekalor 33A in Swiss albino mice. Sanober, Fahmi; Rahmatullah, Mohammed Report Jul 1, 2013 3177
Antinociceptive activity evaluation of an Indonesian herbal product Pegal Linu in Swiss albino mice. Sarker, Sujon Chandra; Hasan, Ehasanul; Rahman, Farzana Binte; Hossain, Din Al; Roney, Saiful Islam; Report Jul 1, 2013 3392
Evaluation of antinociceptive activity of an Indonesian herbal product Sendi in Swiss albino mice. Akter, Mahamuda; Rahman, Shahnaz; Afsana, Nusrat Anik; Morshed, Tanvir; Rahman, Shiblur; Roney, Saif Report Jul 1, 2013 3273
Indonesian Jamu medicines--antinociceptive activity evaluation of two herbal preparations Anrat and Donrat. Nahar, Budrun; Morshed, Md. Tanvir; Paul, Alok Kumar; Zabir, Anjila Tabassum; Ahmed, Ishtiaq; Rahmat Report Jul 1, 2013 3949
Antinociceptive activity evaluation of an Indonesian herbal product Ulu Hati in Swiss albino mice. Afrose, Sabiha; Yasmine, Shanzida; Haque, Mahbuba; Afsana, Nusrat Anik; Taznin, Inin; Rahman, Shahna Report Jul 1, 2013 3296
Antimicrobial efficacy of bark extracts of "Randia uliginosa" on oral pathogens: research study. Kasim, K.; Hassan, Syed Sirajul; Gulnaz, A.R. Report Jun 17, 2013 1609
Yokukansan (TJ-54) for treatment of very-late-onset schizophrenia-like psychosis: an open-label study. Miyaoka, Tsuyoshi; Wake, Rei; Furuya, Motohide; Liaury, Kristian; leda, Masa; Kawakami, Kazunori; Ts Report May 15, 2013 4409
Top 5 herbs in women's health. Hudson, Tori Report Apr 1, 2013 8984
Herbal medicines can cause kidney failure, cancer. Mar 20, 2013 397
Herbal medicines widely used in India pose health risks. Mar 19, 2013 416
Neuroprotective effects of inhaled lavender oil on scopolamine-induced dementia via anti-oxidative activities in rats. Hancianu, Monica; Cioanca, Oana; Mihasan, Marius; Hritcu, Lucian Report Mar 15, 2013 5902
Comparison of antimalarial activity of Artemisia turanica extract with current drugs in vivo. Taherkhani, Mahboubeh; Rustaiyan, Abdolhossein; Nahrevanian, Hossein; Naeimi, Sabah; Taherkhani, Tof Report Mar 1, 2013 3246
Predictors of herbal medicine in patients with coronary artery disease in Jordan. Report Feb 28, 2013 3271
Effects of the herbal medicine composition "Saiko-ka-ryukotsu-borei-To" on the function of endothelial progenitor cells in hypertensive rats. Iijima, Hiroshi; Daikonya, Akihiro; Satoshi, Takamatsu; Kanno, Ai; Magariyama, Kayoko; Yoshikawa, Ka Report Feb 15, 2013 5037
Chinese medicine formula "Weikang Keli" induces autophagic cell death on human gastric cancer cell line SGC-7901. Huo, Jiege; Qin, Fengxia; Caic, Xueting; Ju, Jianming; Hu, Chunping; Wang, Zhigang; Lu, Wuguang; Wan Report Jan 15, 2013 4039
Pathways to healing: clinical pharmacist looks at natural treatments for Insomnia. Zablocki, Elaine Jan 1, 2013 1115
The antiviral activity of Gynostemma pentaphyllum against yellow fever virus. Okoye, E.L.; Ezeifeka, G.O.; Esimone, C.O. Report Dec 1, 2012 4651
The use of nutritional and herbal supplements in the maintenance of prostate health: an independent review of complementary medicine evidence. Setright, Russell Reprint Dec 1, 2012 6849
Folk medicine in Mandaguacu municipality, Parana State: an ethnobotanical approach/Medicina popular em Mandaguacu, Estado do Parana: uma abordagem etnobotanica. Furlanetto, Patricia de Nazare Cardoso; Novakowski, Gisele Caroline; Correa, Edmar Antonio Oct 1, 2012 5483 Introduces Online Store to Boost Consumer Health and Wellness. Oct 1, 2012 323
Enzyme kinetic and molecular docking studies on the metabolic interactions of 1-hydroxy-2,3,5-trimethoxy-xanthone, isolated from Halenia elliptica D. Don, with model probe substrates of human cytochrome P450 enzymes. Feng, Ru; Zhou, Xuelin; Or, Penelope M.Y.; Ma, Jing-Yi; Tan, Xiang-Shan; Fu, Jie; Ma, Chao; Shi, Jia Report Sep 15, 2012 5419
Observation of infiltration and activation of dendritic cells in primary foci of prostate cancer using fuzhengyiliufa integrative treatments. Pan, Ming-wo; Ye, Ning; Chen, Zhi-qiang; Gu, Chi-ming; Lim, Chi Eung Danforn Report Sep 1, 2012 1687
Insecticidal and behavioral effects of secondary metabolites from Meliaceae on Bemisia tabaci (Hemiptera: Aleyrodidae). Bezerra-Silva, Gerane Celly Dias; Alves Silva, Marcio; Djair Vendramim, Jose; Dos Santos Dias, Carlo Report Sep 1, 2012 6897
Psychoactive ubulawu spiritual medicines and healing dynamics in the initiation process of Southern Bantu diviners. Sobiecki, Jean-Francois Report Sep 1, 2012 5954
The efficacy of Pelargonium sidoides in the treatment of upper respiratory tract infections in children with transient hypogammaglobulinemia of infancy. Patiroglu, Turkan; Tunc, Aydin; Gungor, Hatice Eke; Unal, Ekrem Clinical report Aug 15, 2012 3675
Alternative approach; Careers in ... homeopathy Katie McLoughlin discovers there's more than one way to deal with health issues. Jul 12, 2012 379
The Effects of Short-Term Administration of Weight Reducing Herbal Drug (Mehzileen) on Serum Enzymes in Common Rabbits. Hasan, Ruqaiya; Javaid, Aisha; Fatima, Saqiba Report Jun 30, 2012 2937
Health and beauty benefits of Curcumin. Geria, Navin M. Jun 1, 2012 1008
Women's health update. Hudson, Tori Jun 1, 2012 1108
Larvicidal and repellent properties of adansonia digitata against medically important human malarial vector mosquito Anopheles stephensi (Diptera: culicidae). Krishnappa, K.; Elumalai, K.; Dhanasekaran, S.; Gokulakrishnan, J. Report Jun 1, 2012 3412
Participation of cholinergic pathways in [alpha]-hederin-induced contraction of rat isolated stomach strips. Mendel, M.; Chlopecka, M.; Dziekan, N.; Karlik, W.; Wiechetek, M. Report May 15, 2012 3896
Assessment of genotoxicity of herbal medicinal products: a coordinated approach. Kelber, Olaf; Steinhoff, Barbara; Kraft, Karin Report May 1, 2012 4096
Microbiological sanitary aspects of pollen. Hani, Belhadj; Dalila, Bouamra; Saliha, Dahamna; Daoud, Harzallah; Mouloud, Ghadbane; Seddik, Khenno Report Apr 1, 2012 3327
The therapeutic and clinical drug review of Thai traditional herbal remedies extracted from ancient Thai medicinal manuscript Volume no. 3 of palm leaf scriptures. Srichaikul, Buavaroon; Samappito, Supachai; Bakker, Gordon; Dejchai, Sunthorn; Boonsong, Kittiphong; Report Mar 31, 2012 4440
How a simple cup of tea can prompt a complex reaction that has whole host of health benefits; Health Wales is highlighting the work of Welsh Crucible researchers - the cream of Welsh research talent. Dr Anna Croft explains the journey from tea to preventing potentially life-threatening infections. Feb 20, 2012 588
In vitro anti-influenza virus activity of a cardiotonic glycoside from Adenium obesum (Forssk.). Kiyohara, Hiroaki; Ichino, Chikara; Kawamura, Yuka; Nagai, Takayuki; Sato, Noriko; Yamada, Haruki; S Report Feb 15, 2012 3252
Home remedies for the common cough. Beers, Lee Savio Feb 1, 2012 780
Evidence lacking for herbs as OA treatment. Brunk, Doug Report Feb 1, 2012 649
Lice remedies; Parents seek natural solutions. Jan 21, 2012 758
Pharmacological review of medicinal trees spontaneous in Iran: a historical and modern study. Mikaili, Peyman; Sharifi, Massoumeh; Sarahroodi, Shadi; Shayegh, Jalal Report Jan 1, 2012 5909
Medicinal trees and shrubs introduced and cultivated in Iran: a pharmacological approach. Mikaili, Peyman; Sharifi, Massoumeh; Sarahroodi, Shadi Report Jan 1, 2012 3540
Antiviral activity in vitro of two preparations of the herbal medicinal product Sinupret[R] against viruses causing respiratory infections. Glatthaar-Saalmuller, B.; Rauchhaus, U.; Rode, S.; Haunschild, J.; Saalmuller, A. Report Dec 15, 2011 5523
Bioactive compounds from natural resources against skin aging. Mukherjee, Pulok K.; Maity, Niladri; Nema, Neelesh K.; Sarkar, Birendra K. Report Dec 15, 2011 8117
Acaricide activity of leaves extracts of Sambucus australis Schltdl. (Caprifoliaceae) at 2% on engorged females of Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) microplus/ Atividade acaricida de extratos de folhas de Sambucus australis Schltdl (Caprifoliaceae) a 2% sobre teleoginas de Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) microplus. Krawczak, Felipe da Silva; Buzatti, Andreia; Pivoto, Felipe Lamberti; Sangioni, Luis Antonio; Vogel, Dec 1, 2011 3263
Efficacy of transcutaneous electrical acupoint stimulation compared to electroacupuncture at the main acupoints for weight reduction in obese Thai women. Rerksuppaphol, Lakkana; Rerksuppaphol, Sanguansak Report Nov 1, 2011 3999
For BPH, saw palmetto no better than placebo. Moon, Mary Ann Oct 15, 2011 613
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