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Differentiating Crohn's disease from intestinal tuberculosis at presentation in patients with tissue granulomas. Watermeyer, G.; Thomson, S. Report May 1, 2018 3537
A new warrior to fight HIV transmission. Apr 16, 2018 408
Provision Of Services For The Manufacture Of Printing Products Aimed At The Prevention Of Hiv Infection, Viral Hepatitis B And C. Apr 8, 2018 129
DOH records 871 new cases of HIV infections in February. Apr 7, 2018 142
871 new HIV cases in Feb. '18 - DOH. Apr 7, 2018 229
The Future Of HIV. Apr 5, 2018 931
Russian Federation : In Ugra, the incidence of HIV infection decreases. Apr 4, 2018 762
Herpes zoster. Martin, Donna Bilu Apr 1, 2018 425
Belmt 180/18-ea "test Systems For The Diagnosis Of Hiv Infection, Viral Hepatitis B And C In The Population (i-screening)". Mar 26, 2018 116
Australia : New medicine to help end the transmission of HIV. Mar 22, 2018 544
Homosexuals account for half of new HIV infections. Mar 12, 2018 211
HIV Infection Investigation in a Rural Area--West Virginia, 2017. Evans, Mary E.; Labuda, Sarah M.; Hogan, Vicki; Agnew-Brune, Christine; Armstrong, John; Babu, Amarn Mar 2, 2018 1162
Hypernatraemic dehydration in infants with acute gastroenteritis at King Edward VIII Hospital, Durban, South Africa. Hariram, T.; Naidoo, K.L.; Ramji, S. Report Mar 1, 2018 4790
ACUTE KIDNEY INJURY AND CHRONIC KIDNEY DISEASE IN HIV PATIENTS IN THE ERA OF ANTIRETROVIRAL THERAPY. Patil, Priya V.; Bansode, Jyoti B.; Kore, Manoj C.; Hajare, Kashmira Report Feb 26, 2018 3593
SEROPREVALENCE OF IgG TOXOPLASMA IN HIV INFECTED PATIENTS. Mathew, Sheela; Shamlath Report Feb 26, 2018 2832
NIH Awards Case Western Reserve and Sangamo Therapeutics USD 11m Grant to Study Gene-Edited T Cells for Eradication of Persistent HIV Infection. Feb 13, 2018 256
Provision Of Services For The Production Of Socially Significant Materials On The Prevention Of Hiv Infection Among The Entire Population Of The Rostov Region And Their Subsequent Placement In The Regional Air Of Television And Radio. Feb 11, 2018 142
National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day--February 7, 2018. Feb 2, 2018 314
HIV diagnosis lag time shortened. Krisberg, Kim Feb 1, 2018 332
Truvada (emtricitabine/tenofovir) pre-exposure prophylaxis roll-out among South African university students: Lots of positives, but let us keep an eye on possible surprises. Montjane, K.; Dlamini, S.; Dandara, C. Report Feb 1, 2018 2451
Negative Donor Serum, Which Does Not Contain Serological Markers Of Infections: Syphilis (anti-t. Pallidum), Hepatitis B (hbsag, Anti-hbs), Hepatitis C (anti-hcv), Hiv Infection (anti-hiv, P24 Antigen Hiv- 1). Jan 28, 2018 161
Birth control shot may increase risk of HIV infection. Jan 9, 2018 655
A study of awareness about human immunodeficiency virus/acquired immunodeficiency syndrome among first-year MBBS students of KBNIMS, Gulbarga. Naganna, Shilpa; Chandregowda, Veena H Report Jan 1, 2018 2210
Emmonsia helica Infection in HIV-Infected Man, California, USA. Rofael, Martin; Schwartz, Ilan S.; Sigler, Lynne; Kong, Li.K.; Nelson, Nicholas Jan 1, 2018 1322
Analysis of the surgical treatment of fracture in HIV positive patients: A clinical study. Clinical report Dec 31, 2017 2747
More than 70% of deaths from TB and HIV infection in Kyrgyzstan occur among men u statistics. Dec 21, 2017 119
Proper nutrition can help strengthen immunity while fighting AIDS. Dec 20, 2017 525
Delayed HIV diagnoses still substantial for some at-risk groups. Lacy, Ian Dec 1, 2017 623
Anterior cerebral artery vasculopathy secondary to miliary TB. Emamzadehfard, Sahra; Paydary, Koosha; Nabavizadeh, Seyed Ali Case study Dec 1, 2017 666
Prevalence and predictors of late presentation for HIV care in South Africa. Fomundam, H.N.; Tesfay, A.R.; Mushipe, S.A.; Mosina, M.B.; Boshielo, C.T.; Nyambi, H.T.; Larsen, A.; Report Dec 1, 2017 6749
Scale-Up of Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision Services for HIV Prevention- -12 Countries in Southern and Eastern Africa, 2013-2016. Dec 1, 2017 5276
Vital Signs: Human Immunodeficiency Virus Testing and Diagnosis Delays-- United States. Dailey, Andre F.; Hoots, Brooke E.; Hall, H. Irene; Song, Ruiguang; Hayes, Demorah; Fulton, Paul, Jr Dec 1, 2017 5432
WHO: HIV Epidemic Growing at 'Alarming Pace' across Europe. Nov 29, 2017 221
Marijuana can dull the brain in some HIV patients. Nov 2, 2017 391
High HIV infection prevalence in a group of men who have sex with men. Torres, Raquel Maria Cardoso; da Cruz, Marly Marques; Perisse, Andre Reynaldo Santos; Pires, Denise Report Nov 1, 2017 7789
Serum markers as an aid in the diagnosis of pulmonary fungal infections in AIDS patients. Passos, Ana Isabela Morsch; Dertkigil, Rachel Polo; de Carvalho Ramos, Marcelo; Busso-Lopes, Ariane Report Nov 1, 2017 4962
HIV Testing, Linkage to HIV Medical Care, and Interviews for Partner Services Among Women--61 Health Department Jurisdictions, United States, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands, 2015. Stein, Renee; Xu, Songli; Marano, Mariette; Williams, Weston; Cheng, Qi; Eke, Adanze; Moore, Andrea; Statistical table Oct 20, 2017 4658
STUDY OF PREVALENCE OF GRANULOMATOUS LYMPHADENITIS IN INDIVIDUALS AFFECTED WITH HIV INFECTION. Rao, Dana Srinivasa; Aparna, Varikuti; Murthy, Beenaboina Venkata Ramana; Krishna, Bellamkonda Gopi; Clinical report Oct 12, 2017 2932
Swaziland successful in controlling HIV. Krisberg, Kim Oct 1, 2017 227
Providing Services To Conduct An Information Campaign In The Omsk Region On The Prevention Of Hiv Infection And Hepatitis B And C In 2017. Oct 1, 2017 101
Update to CDC's U.S. Medical Eligibility Criteria for Contraceptive Use, 2016: Revised Recommendations for the Use of Hormonal Contraception Among Women at High Risk for HIV Infection. Tepper, Naomi K.; Krashin, Jamie W.; Curtis, Kathryn M.; Cox, Shanna; Whiteman, Maura K. Sep 22, 2017 3438
Antiretroviral Therapy / Chronic HIV Infection. Brief article Sep 22, 2017 304
United States : Walgreens Donates Funds to Support the CDC Foundations Sustainable Healthcenter Implementation PrEP Pilot (SHIPP) Study. Sep 8, 2017 572
Concomitant HIV infection in newly diagnosed multiple myeloma patients is hard to recognise and should be tested for routinely in areas of high endemicity. de Groot, J.J.B.; Webb, M.J.; Raubenheimer, J.E.; Struwig, M.C.; Louw, V.J. Report Sep 1, 2017 6425
United States : NIAID scientists illuminate mechanism of increased cardiovascular risks with HIV. Sep 1, 2017 374
Interruptions in HIV care differ by sex, race, and HIV infection risk. Sep 1, 2017 1285
Definitions: technical word list. Sep 1, 2017 482
Antiviral Medications, Part 2: HIV Antiretroviral Therapy. Penkalski, Melissa R.; Felicilda-Reynaldo, Rhea Faye D.; Patterson, Kathryn Sep 1, 2017 3311
Vaccination coverage in a cohort of HIV-infected patients receiving care at an AIDS outpatient clinic in Espirito Santo, Brazil. Neto, Lauro Ferreira da Silva Pinto; Vieira, Julia Vescovi; Ronchi, Nathalia Rossoni Report Sep 1, 2017 3624
Tuberculosis incidence among people living with HIV/AIDS with virological failure of antiretroviral therapy in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. Reboucas, Monaliza Cardozo; da Silva, Marcio Oliveira; Haguihara, Tatiana; Brites, Carlos; Netto, Ed Report Sep 1, 2017 2893
Pre-exposure prophylaxis for HIV prevention in East and Southern Africa. van der Wal, Ran; Loutfi, David Sep 1, 2017 2115
170/17-pea "reagents, Reagents For Serological Tests By Elisa For The Marker Of Hepatitis B Virus (hbsag), Hepatitis C Virus (a-hcv), Hiv Infection, Syphilis For Blood Donor Screening", Lot 4. Aug 28, 2017 109
Clinical and histopathological study of Pruritic Papular Eruptions in HIV patients at a tertiary care centre. Bonthu, Indira; Ramachandra, B.V.; Devi, V. Nivedita; Lakshmi, P.V.; Satyanarayana, V.V.V.; Swarnaku Report Aug 24, 2017 3664
New HIV-tracking approach paves way for better therapies. Aug 19, 2017 481
Effects of antiretroviral therapy to prevent HIV transmission to women in couples attempting conception when the man has HIV infection--United States, 2017. Brooks, John T.; Kawwass, Jennifer F.; Smith, Dawn K.; Kissin, Dmitry M.; Lampe, Margaret; Haddad, L Aug 18, 2017 1146
Hontiveros to gov't: Declare 'national emergency' over HIV spread in PH. Aug 2, 2017 351
Auction In Electronic Form For The Right To Conclude A Government Contract For The Supply Of Reagents For The Serological Diagnosis Of Hiv Infection For The Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory For The Needs Of St. Petersburg State Medical University "aids And. Aug 2, 2017 125
A behavioral and serological survey of HIV infection among truck drivers and clients of female sex workers in Benin. Hessou, S.; Dougnon, T.V.; Ahanhanzo, Y.Glele; Imorou, B.C.A.; Ahoussinou, C.; Zannou, D.M.; Baba-Mo Report Aug 1, 2017 10132
Pancreatitis in a high HIV prevalence environment. Anderson, F.; Thomson, S.R. Report Aug 1, 2017 3128
Monitoring selected national HIV prevention and care objectives. Jul 28, 2017 437
Don't let Trump kill HIV fight; AN INDEPENDENT WOMAN. Jul 26, 2017 324
Study suggests injections could be the next revolution in HIV treatment. Jul 25, 2017 696
Four African countries close to controlling their HIV epidemics. Jul 24, 2017 280
Attributable fraction of influenza virus detection to mild and severe respiratory illnesses in HIV-infected and HIV-uninfected patients, South Africa, 2012-2016. Tempia, Stefano; Walaza, Sibongile; Moyes, Jocelyn; Cohen, Adam L.; von Mollendorf, Claire; McMorrow Jul 1, 2017 7990
Nontuberculous mycobacteria infections at a Provincial Reference Hospital, Cambodia. Bonnet, Maryline; San, Kim Chamroeun; Pho, Yati; Sok, Chandara; Dousset, Jean-Philippe; Brant, Willi Jul 1, 2017 7685
Disseminated Mycobacterium genavense infection in patient with adult-onset immunodeficiency. Asakura, Takanori; Namkoong, Ho; Sakagami, Takuro; Hasegawa, Naoki; Ohkusu, Kiyofumi; Nakamura, Akir Jul 1, 2017 1370
Dermatological manifestations in human immunodeficiency virus-infected patients at a tertiary care hospital at P.D.U. Medical College and Hospital, Rajkot, Gujarat. Patel, Sweta; Shah, Bhuvnesh; Bhuptani, Neela Report Jul 1, 2017 3567
Knowledge and attitude among late adolescents (16-19 years old) toward human immunodeficiency virus/acquired immune deficiency syndrome in Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia. Bokhamseen, Ahmed Taher; Alotabi, Fahd Muhammad; Alajlan, Saleh Abdulrahman; Alsaaid, Maan Ahmed; Al Report Jul 1, 2017 4111
Prevencion de la infeccion por el virus de la inmunodeficiencia humana (VIH) en Colombia: brechas y realidades. Mora-Rojas, Ruth Beatriz; Alzate-Posada, Marta Lucia; Rubiano-Mesa, Yurian Lida Jul 1, 2017 10176
Provision Of Services For The Organization And Holding Of A Training Seminar "methodology For Carrying Out Behavioral Research Among Groups At Risk Of Hiv Infection And The General Population And Issues Of Laboratory Diagnostics, Antiviral Immunity, Surve. Jun 25, 2017 142
National HIV Testing Day--June 27, 2017. Jun 23, 2017 291
United States : Public Health and Wellness and Community Partners Offer a Week of Free HIV Testing. Jun 23, 2017 159
Provision Of Services For The Development And Implementation Of A Project Aimed At Informing The Public About The Problem Of Hiv Infection, Viral Hepatitis B And C, And Reproductive Health Issues Through The Television Media. Jun 18, 2017 121
Woman May Conceive With A HIV-Positive Man. Jun 2, 2017 551
Path to End HIV Could Be Within Reach. May 16, 2017 744
3DviralRNA: Structural and functional characterization of large viral and human non-coding RNA motifs involved in HIV infection. May 6, 2017 399
Gene Editing Strategy Eliminates HIV-1 Infection in Live Animals. May 2, 2017 708
Evaluation of implementation of the protocol for managing tuberculosis/human immunodeficiency virus coinfection in specialized care services/Evaluacion de la implementacion del protocolo de manejo de coinfeccion de tuberculosis y virus de inmunodeficiencia humana en los servicios de asistencia especializada del estado de Ceara. Bastos de Paula, Silvia Helena; Martins, Telma Alves; Santiago Borges, Sheila Maria; de Oliveira Nog May 1, 2017 4669
Wales will trial drug to prevent HIV infection. Apr 29, 2017 459
NHS Scotland to routinely offer HIV PrEP. Apr 11, 2017 578
NHS Scotland to routinely offer HIV PrEP. Apr 11, 2017 574
Ebola virus RNA in Semen from an HIV-positive survivor of Ebola. Purpura, Lawrence J.; Rogers, Emerson; Baller, April; White, Stephen; Soka, Moses; Choi, Mary J.; Ma Apr 1, 2017 1461
Relation between HIV status, risky sexual behavior, and mental health in an MSM sample from three Chilean cities/Relacion entre el estado de seropositividad al VIH, el Comportamiento sexual arriesgado y la salud mental en una muestra de HSH de tres ciudades chilenas. Gomez, Fabiola; Barrientos, Jaime; Cardenas, Manuel Apr 1, 2017 4826
Evaluation of implementation of the protocol for managing tuberculosis/HIV coinfection in specialized care services in the state of Ceara, Brazil/Evaluacion de la implementacion del protocolo de imanejo de coinfeccion de tuberculosis y VIH en los servicios de asistencia especializada del estado de Ceara, Brasil. de Paula, Silvia Helena Bastos; Martins, Telma Alves; Borges, Sheila Maria Santiago; de Oliveira Nog Apr 1, 2017 4141
Disseminated nontuberculous mycobacteria in HIV-infected patients, Oregon, USA, 2007-2012. Varley, Cara D.; Ku, Jennifer H.; Henkle, Emily; Schafer, Sean D.; Winthrop, Kevin L. Mar 1, 2017 2235
New cancer rates climbing with age in HIV patients, but age impact differs by cancer type. Mar 1, 2017 2017
Definitions: technical word list. Mar 1, 2017 566
Aiza wants minors tested for HIV sans parents' consent. Feb 15, 2017 473
Historic HIV vaccine efficacy study underway in South Africa. Pizzi, Richard Feb 1, 2017 668
Rising injectable drug use among whites may reverse declining HIV infection rates. McKnight, Whitney Feb 1, 2017 620
BK Virus Encephalitis in HIV-infected Patients: Case Report and Review. Antoniolli, Luciana; Borges, Rafael; Goldani, Luciano Z. Jan 1, 2017 3021
Investigation of Small Bowel Abnormalities in HIV-Infected Patients Using Capsule Endoscopy. Sakai, Eiji; Higurashi, Takuma; Ohkubo, Hidenori; Hosono, Kuhihiro; Ueda, Atsuhisa; Matsuhashi, Nobu Report Jan 1, 2017 4858
Patient Experiences of Decentralized HIV Treatment and Care in Plateau State, North Central Nigeria: A Qualitative Study. Kolawole, Grace O.; Gilbert, Hannah N.; Dadem, Nancin Y.; Genberg, Becky L.; Agaba, Patricia A.; Oko Report Jan 1, 2017 7314
Disclosure of Parental HIV Status to Children: Experiences of Adults Receiving Antiretroviral Treatment at an Urban Clinic in Kampala, Uganda. Osingada, Charles Peter; Okuga, Monica; Nabirye, Rose Chalo; Sewankambo, Nelson Kaulukusi; Nakanjako Report Jan 1, 2017 8104
Lipodystrophy among HIV-infected Patients Attending Care and Treatment Clinics in Dar es Salaam. Njelekela, Marina; Mpembeni, Rose; Muhihi, Alfa; Ulenga, Nzovu; Aris, Eric; Kakoko, Deodatus Report Jan 1, 2017 7669
Effect of substance use on condom use in the Theory of Planned Behavior: Analysis of differential item functioning. Sanchez-Dominguez, Ricardo; Villalobos-Gallegos, Luis; Felix-Romero, Violeta; Morales-Chaine, Silvia Jan 1, 2017 7044
Prevalence and Clinical Profile of Drug Eruptions among Antiretroviral Therapy-Exposed HIV Infected People in Yaounde, Cameroon. Kouotou, Emmanuel Armand; Nansseu, Jobert Richie; Ngono, Vanessa Nancy; Tatah, Sandra A.; Bissek, An Report Jan 1, 2017 3724
Ritonavir-Boosted Darunavir Plus Two Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors versus Other Regimens for Initial Antiretroviral Therapy for People with HIV Infection: A Systematic Review. Balayan, Tatevik; Horvath, Hacsi; Rutherford, George W. Report Jan 1, 2017 5182
Vital signs: trends in HIV diagnoses, risk behaviors, and prevention among persons who inject drugs--United States. Wejnert, Cyprian; Hess, Kristen L.; Hall, H. Irene; Van Handel, Michelle; Hayes, Demorah; Fulton, Pa Dec 2, 2016 5051
Gay Men See Spike In STDs. Nov 30, 2016 340
Aging, neurocognitive impairment and adherence to antiretroviral therapy in human immunodeficiency virus-infected individuals. Pinheiro, Cezar Arthur Tavares; Souza, Luciano Dias de Mattos; Motta, Janaina Vieira dos Santos; Kel Clinical report Nov 1, 2016 4478
Cutaneous mucormycosis in advanced HIV disease. Moreira, Jose; Ridolfi, Felipe; Almeida-Paes, Rodrigo; Varon, Andrea; Lamas, Cristiane C. Nov 1, 2016 2478
United States : Researchers Use CRISPR to Accelerate Search for HIV Cure. Oct 27, 2016 958
Perform Works On The Development And Implementation Of Computer Databases For The Collection, Storage And Analysis Of Epidemiological Information On Cases Of Hiv Infection. Oct 22, 2016 154
Provision Of Services To Inform The Public On The Prevention Of Hiv Infection And Aids, The Fight Against Socially Significant And Socially Dangerous Diseases, Promotion Of Healthy Lifestyles And Traditional Values in 2016. Oct 21, 2016 160
United States : Large increases in HIV suppression needed to reduce new infections in critical population. Oct 20, 2016 907
Providing Services For The Citizens' Information Campaigns About Hiv Infection And Aids Spread, Socially Dangerous Diseases, The Need To Lead A Healthy Lifestyle, Social Hygiene Practices In Moscow In 2016 By Distributing Promotional Materials And Marketi. Oct 19, 2016 168
South Africa,United States : Johnson & Johnson Issues Call for Innovative Ideas to Reduce HIV Infections in Sub-Saharan Africa. Oct 5, 2016 689
Global HIV deaths continue decline, but infection rates not decreasing. Krisberg, Kim Oct 1, 2016 538
HIV infection linked with death from cervical cancer. Osterweil, Neil Oct 1, 2016 539
Depression and diagnosis of neurocognitive impairment in HIV-positive patients. Pinheiro, C.A.T.; Souza, L.D.M.; Motta, J.V.S.; Kelbert, E.F.; Souza, M.S.; Martins, C.S.R.; Coelho, Report Oct 1, 2016 4483
United States : NIH funds research network focused on HIV-infected youth. Sep 27, 2016 502
Provision Of Services For The Implementation Of A Package Of Measures Aimed At Raising Awareness And Motivation To Prevent Hiv Infection And Viral Hepatitis B And C Of Russian Citizens In 2016. Sep 2, 2016 111
The status of laboratory testing for the diagnosis of HIV infection. Slev, Patricia Sep 1, 2016 1676
Persistent heavy drinking worsens HIV disease severity. Jancin, Bruce Sep 1, 2016 624
Dapivirine vaginal ring sharply reduces HIV infection risk. Jancin, Bruce Sep 1, 2016 939
Red-Brown Urine in a Patient with Chronic HIV Infection and Quadriparesis. Oosthuizen, Nicholette M.; Olivier, Janine; Martins, Janine; Schutte, Clara; Pillay, Tahir S. Sep 1, 2016 2660
Syphilis on the rise: a prolonged syphilis outbreak among HIV-infected patients in Northern Greece. Tsachouridou, Olga; Skoura, Lemonia; Christaki, Eirini; Kollaras, Panagiotis; Sidiropoulou, Eleni; Z Sep 1, 2016 5844
New HIV cases, death rate, and viral loads dropping in Seattle area. Sep 1, 2016 1548
Proportion of deaths caused by heart disease rising in people with HIV. Sep 1, 2016 1218
Osteoporosis and smoking raise fracture risk in people with HIV. Sep 1, 2016 1427
Definitions: technical word list. Sep 1, 2016 599
Identificacion del dominio de Nef-VIH-1 involucrado en la interaccion con p22-phox y produccion de superoxido. Teran-Angel, Guillermo; Montes-Berrueta, Daniela; Valencia-Molina, Juan Camilo; Gabaldon-Figueira, J Sep 1, 2016 5171
Record new HIV cases in Philippines prompt call for action. Aug 9, 2016 450
Program Expansion Supplement:reducing New Hiv Infections, Strengthening Health & Strategic Information Systems, Capacity Building & Increasing Access. Aug 2, 2016 111
HIV outbreak in Indiana linked to injection use of prescription oxymorphone. Laubach, Lori Aug 1, 2016 281
Comportamientos sexuales en mayores de 18 anos con diagnostico VIH/SIDA en tres ciudades de Colombia 2011. del Pilar Arcila-Rivera, Adriana; Toro-Lopez, Luis Angel; Canaveral-Orozco, Juan David; Gonzalez-Loz Ensayo Aug 1, 2016 4832
Belgium : First medicine for HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis recommended for approval in the EU. Jul 23, 2016 591
Rate of New HIV Infections Increased in 74 Countries over Past Decade. Jul 20, 2016 860
United States : Governor Cuomo Announces Key Milestones Achieved Towards Ending the AIDS Epidemic in New York State by the End of 2020. Jul 14, 2016 465
USPSTF updates syphilis screening recommendations: screening certain high-risk groups improves the chances of detecting syphilis early. Chitnis, Deepak Jul 1, 2016 1240
The impact of HIV infection on the presentation of lung cancer in South Africa. Koegelenberg, C.F.N.; van der Made, T.; Taljaard, J.J.; Irusen, E.M. Report Jul 1, 2016 2028
Very recent HIV infection accompanied by Pneumocystis jirovecii pneumonia and Mycobacterium avium complex immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome: a case report. Curic, Katarina; Poljak, Mario; Ihan, Alojz; Tomazic, Janez Jul 1, 2016 1578
South Africa : MEC Belinda Scott urges Umshwathi people to clamp down on HIV infections. Jun 30, 2016 382
National HIV Testing Day--June 27, 2016. Jun 24, 2016 345
Pointers on depression care in people with HIV: an "opportunity for movement": an interview with Brian W. Pence, PhD. Mascolini, Mark Interview Jun 22, 2016 2280
Depression risk factors with HIV--plus screening and diagnosis keys. Mascolini, Mark Jun 22, 2016 3496
Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura in the presence of connective tissue disease and HIV infection: a diagnostic and therapeutic challenge in a resourceconstrained setting. Perumal, R.; Marais, J.A.; Brown, S. Report Jun 1, 2016 3520
Sinus histiocytosis with massive lymphadenopathy (Rosai-Dorfman disease) and cirrhosis of the liver: a case report and literature review. Kgomo, M.K.; Elnagar, A.A.; Jeske, C.; Nagel, J. Report May 1, 2016 1030
New HIV predictions a call to action. Krisberg, Kim May 1, 2016 236
Training and technical assistance for health department demonstration projects for comprehensive prevention, care, behavioral health & social services. Apr 10, 2016 180
Program supplements for violence intervention to enhance lives (short title: vitel). Apr 7, 2016 146
A deadly combination--HIV and diabetes mellitus: where are we now? Pillay, S.; Aldous, C.; Mahomed, F. Report Apr 1, 2016 4622
Multiple facets of HIV-associated renal disease. Silva, D.R. da; Gluz, I.C.; Kurz, J.; Thome, G.G.; Zancan, R.; Bringhenti, R.N.; Schaefer, P.G.; San Report Apr 1, 2016 4785
Vaginal ring somewhat effective at preventing HIV infection. Beil, Laura Brief article Mar 19, 2016 203
People with HIV do not appear to be "aging faster" than HIV-negatives. Mar 1, 2016 1479
Definitions technical word list. Mar 1, 2016 713
Determinants of male circumcision for HIV/AIDS prevention in East Central Uganda. Kironde, Brian; Wamala, Robert; Kwagala, Betty Report Mar 1, 2016 4747
Prevalence of HIV infection and acceptability of point-of-care testing in a Canadian inner-city emergency department. Stenstrom, Rob; Ling, Daphne; Grafstein, Eric; Barrios, Rolando; Sherlock, Chris; Gustafson, Reka; O Clinical report Mar 1, 2016 3440
Reduce HIV Infections and Improve Engagement. Feb 24, 2016 103
Vaginal ring cuts HIV risk by nearly one-third - studies. Feb 23, 2016 587
Intussusception, the first sign in a patient with intestinal lymphoma due to aids a rare case report. Kumar, P. Naresh; Karuppasamy, P.; Venkatesan, K. Prasanna; Anitha, K. Feb 15, 2016 1387
Occupational HIV transmission among male adult film performers--multiple states, 2014. Wilken, Jason A.; Ried, Christopher; Rickett, Pristeen; Arno, Janet N.; Mendez, Yesenia; Harrison, R Feb 12, 2016 3644
HIV-1 Infection - Pipeline Review, H2 2015 - New Market Study Published. Feb 4, 2016 417
Location, race impact HIV infection rates. Wahowiak, Lindsey Feb 1, 2016 163
United Kingdom : ViiV Healthcare to progress collaboration with Janssen to develop the first long-acting, two drug injectable regimen for treatment of HIV-1 infection. Jan 9, 2016 358
Liver Damage in Patients with HCV/HIV Coinfection Is Linked to HIV-Related Oxidative Stress. Huang, Xiangbo; Liang, Hua; Fan, Xueying; Zhu, Liyan; Shen, Tao Jan 1, 2016 6532
Oxidative Stress during HIV Infection: Mechanisms and Consequences. Ivanov, Alexander V.; Valuev-Elliston, Vladimir T.; Ivanova, Olga N.; Kochetkov, Sergey N.; Starodub Jan 1, 2016 16490
Delivery tests for markers of infection with pathogens transmitted through blood, ie. test hbsag tests confirm test anti-hcv testing of hiv ag / ab tests of anti-treponema pallidum and consumables, ca. Dec 31, 2015 189
Project is to evaluate the feasibility of initiating antiretroviral therapy (art) in persons diagnosed with acute or early hiv infection. we propose a prospective study of innovative approaches for in. Clinical report Dec 17, 2015 106
Clinical spectrum of mucocutaneous manifestations in patients with human immunodeficiency virus infection referred to a dermatologist. Williams, Abhilasha; Koshy, Jency Maria; Samuel, Clarence J. Dec 14, 2015 2928
A retrospective five years study of PPTCT programme in SMGS Hospital, Jammu. Gupta, Swarn; Kumar, Dinesh Dec 14, 2015 2370
Cardiovascular abnormalities in patients with HIV infection: a bolt in blue. Arya, Anita; Deshmukh, Ashish; Mundada, Kaustubh Dilip Clinical report Dec 10, 2015 3718
Ocular manifestations of HIV/AIDS among patients receiving highly active antiretroviral therapy in a tertiary care centre. Kai, Sanjay; Sarngal, Shiffali; Aseem, Aditya; Ganjoo, Sharika Clinical report Dec 7, 2015 3193
India : CIPLA to introduce first-line initial therapy for HIV infection. Dec 3, 2015 190
Supply of vaccines and reagents for the needs of the Act entitled "Design and control program development viral hepatitis B, C and HIV infection in the general population and displaced people.". Nov 29, 2015 182
A study on the clinico-epidemiological aspects and evidence of autoimmunity in patients with multiple drug allergy syndrome. Sreekanth, Sukumarakurup; Riyaz, Najeeba; Sasidharanpillai, Sarita; Binitha, Manikoth Payyanadan; Mu Clinical report Nov 26, 2015 3842
Gilead Sciences passes EC marketing approval for once-daily single tablet regimen Genvoya for treating HIV-1 infection in all 28 countries of the EU. Nov 24, 2015 356
Gilead Sciences passes EC marketing approval for once-daily single tablet regimen Genvoya for treating HIV-1 infection in all 28 countries of the EU. Nov 24, 2015 352
Liver function abnormalities in HIV positive individuals with viral hepatitis co-infection. Singh, R.B. Sudagar; Vasanthan, K.; Vengadakrishnan, K.; Damodharan, J. Nov 12, 2015 1559
Understanding and responding to HIV risk in young south African women: clinical perspectives. Dellar, R.; Waxman, A.; Karim, Q. Abdool Report Nov 1, 2015 3090
HIV infection lowers measles immunity. Krisberg, Kim Nov 1, 2015 104
The prevalence of HTLV-1 and its Co-Infection with HCV, HBV and HIV in Hemophilic patients. Report Oct 31, 2015 2873
Study of viral markers (HIV, HBV, HCV) in a tertiary care hospital. Samatha, P. Clinical report Oct 22, 2015 1991
Reducing New HIV Infections, Strengthening Health and Strategic Information Systems, Capacity Building and Increasing Access to Quality HIV/AIDS services. Oct 1, 2015 126
Framework Agreement Providing Drugs For Patients Hospitalized with Aids and Tb Hiv Infection and Other Categories of Patients with Various Infectious and Contagious Diseases. Sep 28, 2015 418
The navy bloodborne infection management center (nbimc) oversees on behalf of the bureau of medicine and surgery (bumed) the administration and development of policies concerning hiv infection in the. Sep 26, 2015 117
Smoking accounts for more heart attacks in people with than without HIV. Sep 1, 2015 1953
Early debridement better prognosis a clinicopathological study of fournier's gangrene and its management. Singh, Manju; Chandrakar, Sandeep; Agrawal, Amit; Nirala, Sukhlal Clinical report Aug 31, 2015 1776
Invitation to manufacturers of Rapd Diagnostic Tests (RDTs) for HCV, Syphilis (treponemal tests) and dual detection of HIV and HCV or HIV and HBV infections. Aug 21, 2015 480
The case for expanding the definition of 'key populations' to include high-risk groups in the general population to improve targeted HIV prevention efforts. Shisana, O.; Zungu, N.; Evans, M.; Risher, K.; Rehle, T.; Celentano, D. Report Aug 1, 2015 5808
Gilead Sciences submits NDA to the US FDA for once-daily single tablet regimen of emtricitabine 200 mg and tenofovir alafenamide (TAF) 25 mg with rilpivirine 25 mg (R/F/TAF) for HIV-1 infection. Jul 2, 2015 353
Gilead Sciences submits NDA to the US FDA for once-daily single tablet regimen of emtricitabine 200 mg and tenofovir alafenamide (TAF) 25 mg with rilpivirine 25 mg (R/F/TAF) for HIV-1 infection. Jul 2, 2015 349
Maternal near miss and maternal death in the Pretoria Academic Complex, South Africa: a population-based study. Soma-Pillay, P.; Pattinson, R.C.; Langa-Mlambo, L.; Nkosi, B.S.S.; Macdonald, A.P. Report Jul 1, 2015 4681
The cedar project: negative health outcomes associated with involvement in the child welfare system among young indigenous people who use injection and non-injection drugs in two Canadian cities. Clarkson, Adam F.; Christian, Wayne M.; Pearce, Margo E.; Jongbloed, Kate A.; Caron, Nadine R.; Teeg Report Jul 1, 2015 5434
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HIV infections here increase by 400% in past 15 years. Jun 17, 2015 282
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2 HIV cases reported every three days in Region VI - DOH. May 7, 2015 418
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Antiviral Drugs for Systemic Use - National Program of Prevention, Surveillance and Control of Hiv Infection. Apr 1, 2015 541
Antiretroviral-treated people lose more years of life to smoking than to HIV. Apr 1, 2015 2016
Missed clinic visits linked to tripled risk of death in US HIV group. Apr 1, 2015 2198
Undetectable viral load more likely in people who receive steady HIV care. Apr 1, 2015 2269
HIV therapy not linked to more risky sex or sexual infections. Apr 1, 2015 1865
Primer trasplante renal en Colombia en paciente con infeccion por VIH. Garcia, Paola; Munevar, Mario; Benavides, Carlos; Contreras, Kateir Report Apr 1, 2015 2712
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Reagents for blood / blood components donation of one selective molecular testing for markers of infection with hiv-1 rna, hcv rna, hbv dna. Mar 19, 2015 225
Switzerland : UNAIDS welcomes further evidence of the efficacy of antiretroviral medicines in preventing new HIV infections. Feb 26, 2015 414
Bristol-Myers' Evotaz fights HIV infection. Feb 16, 2015 148
Tender several contracts to reconcile discounts pursuant to A* 130a para. 8 sgb v on certain medicines for the treatment of infection with the human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (hiv-1). Feb 5, 2015 312
Bristol-Myers Squibb Company passes US FDA's approval for Evotaz tablets in combination with antiretroviral agents for HIV-1 infection in adults. Feb 2, 2015 230
Bristol-Myers Squibb Company passes US FDA's approval for Evotaz tablets in combination with antiretroviral agents for HIV-1 infection in adults. Feb 2, 2015 226
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HIV Through Manicure: 12 Year-Old Girl May Have Contracted Virus From Borrowed Kit. Nov 13, 2014 533
Police probe death of woman, 23, treated by 'dirty hands' dentist; Patient killed by infection days after visiting medic blamed for HIV scare '; EXCLUSIVE. Nov 13, 2014 570
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Kyrgyzstan remains country with low prevalence rate of HIV infection. Sep 26, 2014 183
Supply of 250,000 kits to detect HIV Aids infection by means of trays (Elisa). Sep 24, 2014 119
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ViiV Healthcare wins US FDA's approval for single-pill regimen Triumeq tablets for HIV-1 infection. Aug 25, 2014 227
ViiV Healthcare wins US FDA's approval for single-pill regimen Triumeq tablets for HIV-1 infection. Aug 25, 2014 223
HIV tests to cut rate of infections. Aug 23, 2014 385
Screening of hospital patients for HIV: an experience tertiary care hospital of Bidar district. Vijay, Kumar B.A.; Kamble, Kashinath B.; Mudbi, Satish; Patil, Shivraj B.; Uppar, Thirumala Aug 14, 2014 2239
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HIV infection rates rising in Central Equatoria, officials say. Jun 8, 2014 338
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Hundreds have HIV but don't know yet; City has highest infection rate in Midlands. May 19, 2014 449
Preexposure Prophylaxis for the Prevention of HIV Infection--2014 available online. May 16, 2014 157
Spanish researchers find potent antibody against HIV infection - report. Mar 24, 2014 209
HIV Vaccine May Soon Be a Reality: Researchers Find Antibody That Blocks HIV Infection. Mar 3, 2014 213
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SEX HEALTH CRISIS AS INFECTIONS ON THE RISE; INVESTIGATION: IRELAND IN THE GRIP OF AN STI EPIDEMIC 341 people diagnosed with HIV - a 7% increase Hundreds more catch chlamydia and gonorrhoea. Feb 16, 2014 1235
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Revisiting the condom riddle: solutions and implications. Munoz, Karen; Davtyan, Mariam; Brown, Brandon Jan 1, 2014 2956
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"Co-infections and HIV beget each other": Dr Dilip Mathai. Dec 22, 2013 883
Permanent Cure for HIV: Radioimmunotherapy Helps Heal Infection Completely. Dec 4, 2013 422
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HIV infections up in Europe and Central Asia. Nov 28, 2013 256
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Steroid jabs ups risk of HIV infection. Sep 13, 2013 180
Analysis of HIV-related mortality data in a tertiary South African neurology unit, 2006-2012. Schutte, C.-M. Report Sep 1, 2013 3002
United States : FDA approves new drug to treat HIV infection. Aug 13, 2013 405
Transcriptomic approach predicts tempo of disease progression in HIV-1 infections. Tang, Yi-Wei Editorial Aug 1, 2013 1289
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Case series of syphilis and HIV co-infections. Jun 30, 2013 2105
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So think before you eat and help save our environment! Study links HIV infection to heart attack risk. Jun 5, 2013 213
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Gilead Sciences gets EU approval for new single tablet regimen for HIV-1 infection. May 28, 2013 218
Gilead Sciences gets EU approval for new single tablet regimen for HIV-1 infection. May 28, 2013 214
HIV infection weakened using synthetic agents. May 2, 2013 686
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HIV infection; BUST THE MYTH. Apr 15, 2013 125

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