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SARS-CoV-2 in neurons may damage brain tissue. Jan 18, 2021 418
SARS-CoV-2 can infect neurons, damage brain tissue: Study. Jan 14, 2021 427
Halting the damage: Study focuses on nerve cells. King, Mary E. Dec 22, 2020 1014
Tualang Honey Ameliorates Hypoxia-induced Memory Deficits by Reducing Neuronal Damage in the Hippocampus of Adult Male Sprague Dawley Rats/Tualang Bali, Yetiskin Erkek Sprague Dawley Sicanlarinin Hipokampusundaki Noronal Hasari Azaltarak Hipoksiye Bagli Bellek Kayiplarini Iyilestiriyor. Qaid, Entesar Yaseen Abdo; Zakaria, Rahimah; Yusof, Nurul Aiman Mohd; Sulaiman, Shaida Fariza; Shafi Report Oct 1, 2020 5944
Infectability of Human BrainSphere Neurons Suggests Neurotropism of SARS-CoV-2. Bullen, C. Korin; Hogberg, Helena T.; Bahadirli-Talbott, Asli; Bishai, William R.; Hartung, Thomas; Sep 22, 2020 4505
Coronavirus Disease 2019: Latest Data on Neuroinvasive Potential. Haddadi, Kaveh; Asadian, Leila Sep 1, 2020 4943
Mast Cell Deficiency Protects Mice from Surgery-Induced Neuroinflammation. Zhang, Xiang; Dong, Hongquan; Wang, Fei; Zhang, Jun Aug 31, 2020 3636
Qingxin Kaiqiao Fang Inhibits A[[beta].sub.25-35]-Induced Apoptosis in Primary Cultured Rat Hippocampal Neuronal Cells via the p38 MAPK Pathway: An Experimental Validation and Network Pharmacology Study. Wang, Tian-Qi; Lai, Xiao-Xiao; Xu, Lu-Ting; Shen, Yan; Lin, Jian-Wei; Gao, Shi-Yu; Hu, Hai-Yan Aug 31, 2020 6794
Role of Mitochondrial Stress Protein HSP60 in Diabetes-Induced Neuroinflammation. Liyanagamage, Donisha Shani Niharika Keembiya; Martinus, Ryan D. May 31, 2020 6205
Kaempferol Protects Cell Damage in In Vitro Ischemia Reperfusion Model in Rat Neuronal PC12 Cells. Zhou, Ya-ping; Li, Guo-chun May 31, 2020 4700
SAD-B modulates epileptic seizure by regulating AMPA receptors in patients with temporal lobe epilepsy and in the PTZ-induced epileptic model. Li, Rong; He, Miaoqing; Wu, Bing; Zhang, Peng; Zhang, Qinbin; Chen, Yangmei Apr 1, 2020 5577
Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor and Its Potential Therapeutic Role in Stroke Comorbidities. Liu, Wei; Wang, Xiaohui; O'Connor, Margaret; Wang, Guan; Han, Fang Mar 1, 2020 9579
Probucol Prevents Diabetes-Induced Retinal Neuronal Degeneration through Upregulating Nrf2. Liu, Heng-Wei; Luo, Yong; Zhou, Yu-Fan; Chen, Zhong-Ping Mar 1, 2020 4547
Natural Products and Their Bioactive Compounds: Neuroprotective Potentials against Neurodegenerative Diseases. Sairazi, Nur Shafika Mohd; Sirajudeen, K.N.S. Mar 1, 2020 22009
Woman put in induced coma for six weeks after tick bite triggers viral infection; Doctors eventually diagnosed Sheila with Guillain-Barre syndrome, a disorder which causes the immune system to attack healthy nerve cells in the peripheral nervous system. By, Christie Bannon Feb 2, 2020 779
Mum's pride in 'warrior' son battling rare genetic condition that stops him from walking; Rayne Webster, three, was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy type 2 - a genetic condition affects the nerve cells. Kali Lindsay Jan 27, 2020 853
Tetrahydroxystilbene Glucoside Ameliorates Infrasound-Induced Central Nervous System (CNS) Injury by Improving Antioxidant and Anti-Inflammatory Capacity. (Research Article). Zhou, Xuanxuan; Yang, Qian; Song, Fan; Bi, Linlin; Yuan, Jiani; Guan, Shaoyu; Yang, Qi; Wang, Siwang Jan 1, 2020 7074
FA-97, a New Synthetic Caffeic Acid Phenethyl Ester Derivative, Protects against Oxidative Stress-Mediated Neuronal Cell Apoptosis and Scopolamine-Induced Cognitive Impairment by Activating Nrf2/HO-1 Signaling. Wan, Ting; Wang, Zihao; Luo, Yi; Zhang, Yifan; He, Wei; Mei, Yu; Xue, Jincheng; Li, Min; Pan, Huafen Dec 31, 2019 11794
Therapeutic Potential of Human Amniotic Epithelial Cells on Injuries and Disorders in the Central Nervous System. Xu, Huiming; Zhang, Jiaofei; Tsang, Kam Sze; Yang, Hao; Gao, Wei-Qiang Dec 31, 2019 7998
12/15 Lipoxygenase as a Therapeutic Target in Brain Disorders. Karatas, Hulya; Cakir-Aktas, Canan Dec 1, 2019 4120
Exosomes secreted from miRNA-29b-modified mesenchymal stem cells repaired spinal cord injury in rats. Yu, Tao; Zhao, Cunju; Hou, Shouzhi; Zhou, Weijie; Wang, Baoxin; Chen, Yunzhen Dec 1, 2019 4998
Isolation and Characterization of Neural Stem Cells from the Rat Inferior Colliculus. Volker, Johannes; Engert, Jonas; Volker, Christine; Bieniussa, Linda; Schendzielorz, Philipp; Hagen, Nov 30, 2019 8746
Cicadidae Periostracum, the Cast-Off Skin of Cicada, Protects Dopaminergic Neurons in a Model of Parkinson's Disease. Lim, Hye-Sun; Kim, Joong-Sun; Moon, Byeong Cheol; Choi, Goya; Ryu, Seung Mok; Lee, Jun; Ang, Mary Ja Nov 30, 2019 10559
Neuroprotective Effect of SCM-198 through Stabilizing Endothelial Cell Function. Zhang, Qiu-Yan; Wang, Zhi-Jun; Miao, Lei; Wang, Ying; Chang, Ling-Ling; Guo, Wei; Zhu, Yi-Zhun Nov 30, 2019 6833
Oxiracetam ameliorates cognitive deficits in vascular dementia rats by regulating the expression of neuronal apoptosis/autophagy-related genes associated with the activation of the Akt/mTOR signaling pathway. Xu, Jing; Qi, Qianqian; Lv, Peiyuan; Dong, Yanhong; Jiang, Xin; Liu, Zhijuan Nov 1, 2019 5137
Pueraria lobata and Daidzein Reduce Cytotoxicity by Enhancing Ubiquitin-Proteasome System Function in SCA3-iPsC-Derived Neurons. Chen, I-Cheng; Chang, Kuo-Hsuan; Chen, Yi-Jing; Chen, Yi-Chun; Lee-Chen, Guey-Jen; Chen, Chiung-Mei Oct 31, 2019 8960
Acute Phase Neuronal Activity for the Prognosis of Stroke Recovery. Zappasodi, Filippo; Pasqualetti, Patrizio; Rossini, Paolo M.; Tecchio, Franca Sep 30, 2019 6367
TAM Receptor Pathways at the Crossroads of Neuroinflammation and Neurodegeneration. Tondo, Giacomo; Perani, Daniela; Comi, Cristoforo Sep 30, 2019 11245
An Intact Insect Embryo for Developmental Neurotoxicity Testing of Directed Axonal Elongation. Bergmann, Gregor A.; Frombling, Sarah; Joseph, Nina; Bode, Karsten; Bicker, Gerd; Stern, Michael Sep 22, 2019 4344
Current Progress of Research on Neurodegenerative Diseases of Salvianolic Acid B. Zhao, Rui; Liu, Xifang; Zhang, Lixin; Yang, Hao; Zhang, Qian Jul 31, 2019 7623
Glu-mGluR2/3-ERK Signaling Regulates Apoptosis of Hippocampal Neurons in Diabetic-Depression Model Rats. Liu, Zhuo; Han, Yuanshan; Zhao, Hongqing; Luo, Weixu; Jia, Ling; Wang, Yuhong Jun 30, 2019 4864
Crossing the Chloride Channel: The Current and Potential Therapeutic Value of the Neuronal [K.sup.+]-[Cl.sup.-] Cotransporter KCC2. Tillman, Luke; Zhang, Jinwei Jun 30, 2019 9939
TRPV1 Contributes to Cerebral Malaria Severity and Mortality by Regulating Brain Inflammation. Pereira, Domingos Magno Santos; Teixeira, Simone Aparecida; Murillo, Oscar; Peixoto, Erika Paula Mac May 31, 2019 8828
GSK-3[beta] at the Intersection of Neuronal Plasticity and Neurodegeneration. Jaworski, Tomasz; Banach-Kasper, Ewa; Gralec, Katarzyna May 31, 2019 11196
Experimental Scedosporiosis Induces Cerebral Oedema Associated with Abscess regarding Aquaporin-4 and Nrf-2 Depletions. Ampawong, Sumate; Luplertlop, Natthanej Apr 30, 2019 4838
Hyperosmotic Stress Initiates AMPK-Independent Autophagy and AMPK- and Autophagy-Independent Depletion of Thioredoxin 1 and Glyoxalase 2 in HT22 Nerve Cells. Dafre, Alcir Luiz; Schmitz, Ariana Ern; Maher, Pamela Apr 30, 2019 6106
7,8-Dihydroxyflavone Protects Nigrostriatal Dopaminergic Neurons from Rotenone-Induced Neurotoxicity in Rodents. Nie, Shuke; Ma, Kai; Sun, Mingkuan; Lee, Matthew; Tan, Yang; Chen, Guiqin; Zhang, Zhentao; Zhang, Zh Mar 31, 2019 6361
Mesenchymal Stem Cells: A Potential Therapeutic Approach for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis? Gugliandolo, Agnese; Bramanti, Placido; Mazzon, Emanuela Mar 31, 2019 12497
Brain Functional Reserve in the Context of Neuroplasticity after Stroke. Dabrowski, Jan; Czajka, Anna; Zielinska-Turek, Justyna; Jaroszynski, Janusz; Furtak-Niczyporuk, Marz Mar 31, 2019 8035
Neural Network Based Classification of Melanocytic Lesions in Dermoscopy: Role of Input Vector Encoding. Ertas, Gokhan Dec 1, 2018 4498
The Role of Astaxanthin on Transcriptional Regulation of NMDA Receptors Voltage Sensitive Calcium Channels and Calcium Binding Proteins in Primary Cortical Neurons. Altunrende, Muhittin Emre; Gezen-Ak, Duygu; Atasoy, Irem L.; Candas, Esin; Dursun, Erdinc Report Dec 1, 2018 3130
Mount Sinai Study Links Common Viruses to Dementia: Could herpes viruses trigger an immune response that eventually results in Alzheimer's disease? Nov 1, 2018 908
The association of serum neuron-specific enolase with other disease markers in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: A case-control study. Oct 31, 2018 3213
In Vitro Blood-Brain Barrier Modeling adapted for Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cell Transmigration from HIV-Positive Patients for Clinical Research on Therapeutic Drug Intervention. Oda, Robert; Shiramizu, Bruce; Agsalda-Garcia, Melissa; Kettlewell, Joanna; Wojna, Valerie Sep 1, 2018 2699
Entry of Rabies Virus in the Olfactory Bulb of Mice and Effect of Infection on Cell Markers of Neurons and Astrocytes/ Ingreso del Virus de la Rabia en el Bulbo Olfatorio de Ratones y Efecto de la Infeccion en Marcadores Celulares de Neuronas y Astrocitos. Torres-Fernandez, Orlando; Daza, Natalia Andrea; Santamaria-Romero, Gerardo; Hurtado, Andrea P.; Mon Jun 1, 2018 4405
MAGNETIC RESONANCE SPECTROSCOPY IN CHILDREN WITH NON-ACUTE NEUROLOGICAL ILLNESS. Chellathurai, Amarnath; Ramaswami, Sukumar; Xavier, Sebastian Antony; Thangalakshmi, A.; Kannappan, Report May 14, 2018 3748
Niosome: A Promising Nanocarrier for Natural Drug Delivery through Blood-Brain Barrier. Gharbavi, Mahmoud; Amani, Jafar; Kheiri-Manjili, Hamidreza; Danafar, Hossein; Sharafi, Ali Jan 1, 2018 9405
Ceftriaxone Treatment for Neuronal Deficits: A Histological and MEMRI Study in a Rat Model of Dementia with Lewy Bodies. Ho, Ying-Jui; Weng, Jun-Cheng; Lin, Chih-Li; Shen, Mei-Shiuan; Li, Hsin-Hua; Liao, Wen-Chieh; Tsai, Jan 1, 2018 7131
Troxerutin and Cerebroprotein Hydrolysate Injection Protects Neurovascular Units from Oxygen-Glucose Deprivation and Reoxygenation-Induced Injury In Vitro. Zhao, Hongyi; Liu, Yu; Zeng, Jing; Li, Dandan; Zhang, Weiwei; Huang, Yonghua Jan 1, 2018 4646
Bogijetong Decoction and Its Selected Formulation Are Involved in Alleviating Neuropathic Pain in a Rat Model of Chronic Constrictive Injury. Kim, Ki-Joong; Ahn, Hye-Jeong; Namgung, Uk; Cho, Chung Sik Jan 1, 2018 5671
The Therapeutic Effect of the Chinese Herbal Medicine, Rehmanniae Radix Preparata, in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder via Reversal of Structural Abnormalities in the Cortex. Yuan, Haixia; Yang, Meng; Han, Xinmin; Ni, Xinqiang Jan 1, 2018 7150
Neuronal Specificity of Acupuncture in Alzheimer's Disease and Mild Cognitive Impairment Patients: A Functional MRI Study. Shan, Yi; Wang, Jing-Juan; Wang, Zhi-Qun; Zhao, Zhi-Lian; Zhang, Mo; Xu, Jian- Yang; Han, Ying; Li, Jan 1, 2018 5831
The Sources of Reactive Oxygen Species and Its Possible Role in the Pathogenesis of Parkinson's Disease. Weng, Minrui; Xie, Xiaoji; Liu, Chao; Lim, Kah-Leong; Zhang, Cheng-wu; Li, Lin Jan 1, 2018 6656
Human Placenta-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells Reduce Mortality and Hematoma Size in a Rat Intracerebral Hemorrhage Model in an Acute Phase. Choi, Bo Young; Kim, Ok Joon; Min, Sae-Hong; Jeong, Jeong Hyun; Suh, Sang Won; Chung, Tae Nyoung Jan 1, 2018 6475
The Long-Term Outcome Comparison of Different Time-Delayed Kallikrein Treatments in a Mouse Cerebral Ischemic Model. Ni, Yaohui; Cai, Kefu; Hu, Yujie; Wang, Chuan-hui; Zhang, Yuanyuan; Huang, Hua; Su, Xing; Gu, Jin-hu Jan 1, 2018 5730
Potential Roles of Dental Pulp Stem Cells in Neural Regeneration and Repair. Luo, Lihua; He, Yan; Wang, Xiaoyan; Key, Brian; Lee, Bae Hoon; Li, Huaqiong; Ye, Qingsong Jan 1, 2018 11519
Derivation and Identification of Motor Neurons from Human Urine-Derived Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells. Yi, Huan; Xie, Bingbing; Liu, Ben; Wang, Xuan; Xu, Li; Liu, Jia; Li, Min; Zhong, Xiufeng; Peng, Fuhu Jan 1, 2018 4891
Human Recombinant Peptide Sponge Enables Novel, Less Invasive Cell Therapy for Ischemic Stroke. Miyamoto, Michiyuki; Nakamura, Kentaro; Shichinohe, Hideo; Yamauchi, Tomohiro; Ito, Masaki; Saito, H Jan 1, 2018 4542
Perfusion Imaging in Autoimmune Encephalitis. Vallabhaneni, Deepak; Naveed, Muhammad Atif; Mangla, Rajiv; Zidan, Awss; Mehta, Rashi I. Jan 1, 2018 1515
Visual Features in Alzheimer's Disease: From Basic Mechanisms to Clinical Overview. Cerquera-Jaramillo, Maria Alejandra; Nava-Mesa, Mauricio O.; Gonzalez-Reyes, Rodrigo E.; Tellez-Cont Disease/Disorder overview Jan 1, 2018 16829
Molecular Mechanisms of Oxytocin Signaling at the Synaptic Connection. Bakos, Jan; Srancikova, Annamaria; Havranek, Tomas; Bacova, Zuzana Jan 1, 2018 6533
Emerging Roles of Immune Cells in Postoperative Cognitive Dysfunction. Liu, Yue; Yin, Yiqing Jan 1, 2018 6030
The Interrelation between Reactive Oxygen Species and Autophagy in Neurological Disorders. Fang, Congcong; Gu, Lijuan; Smerin, Daniel; Mao, Shanping; Xiong, Xiaoxing Jan 1, 2018 12637
Biological Effects of Tetrahydroxystilbene Glucoside: An Active Component of a Rhizome Extracted from Polygonum multiflorum. Zhang, Lingling; Chen, Jianzong Jan 1, 2018 12764
Granulocyte Colony-Stimulating Factor Alleviates Bacterial-Induced Neuronal Apoptotic Damage in the Neonatal Rat Brain through Epigenetic Histone Modification. Yang, Yung-Ning; Su, Yu-Tsun; Wu, Pei-Ling; Yang, Chun-Hwa; Yang, Yu-Chen S.H.; Suen, Jau-Ling; Yang Jan 1, 2018 6764
Mangiferin and Morin Attenuate Oxidative Stress, Mitochondrial Dysfunction, and Neurocytotoxicity, Induced by Amyloid Beta Oligomers. Alberdi, Elena; Sanchez-Gomez, Marla Victoria; Ruiz, Asier; Cavaliere, Fabio; Ortiz-Sanz, Carolina; Jan 1, 2018 9261
Connection between Systemic Inflammation and Neuroinflammation Underlies Neuroprotective Mechanism of Several Phytochemicals in Neurodegenerative Diseases. Wang, Jintang; Song, Yuetao; Chen, Zheng; Leng, Sean X. Jan 1, 2018 11159
Neuroprotective Mechanisms of Resveratrol in Alzheimer's Disease: Role of SIRT1. Gomes, Bruno Alexandre Quadros; Silva, Joao Paulo Bastos; Romeiro, Camila Fernanda Rodrigues; dos Sa Jan 1, 2018 11444
Clarified Acai (Euterpe oleracea) Juice as an Anticonvulsant Agent: In Vitro Mechanistic Study of GABAergic Targets. Arrifano, Gabriela P.F.; Lichtenstein, Mathieu P.; Souza-Monteiro, Jose Rogerio; Farina, Marcelo; Ro Report Jan 1, 2018 3544
Pretreated Glehnia littoralis Extract Prevents Neuronal Death Following Transient Global Cerebral Ischemia through Increases of Superoxide Dismutase 1 and Brain-derived Neurotrophic Factor Expressions in the Gerbil Hippocampal Cornu Ammonis 1 Area. Park, Joon; Lee, Tae-Kyeong; Yan, Bing-Chun; Shin, Bich-Na; Ahn, Ji; Kim, In; Cho, Jeong; Lee, Jae-C Report Aug 5, 2017 5224
University to perform groundbreaking brain procedure. May 15, 2017 474
Design of a high-throughput human neural crest cell migration assay to indicate potential developmental toxicants. Nyffeler, Johanna; Karreman, Christiaan; Leisner, Heidrun; Kim, Yong Jun; Lee, Gabsang; Waldmann, Ta Report Mar 22, 2017 14310
Nyffeler et al.: design of a high-throughput human neural crest cell migration assay to indicate potential developmental toxicants: supplementary data. Report Mar 22, 2017 1647
Herpes Simplex Virus Latency: The DNA Repair-Centered Pathway. Brown, Jay C. Report Jan 1, 2017 4694
The Involvement of [beta]-Catenin/COX-2/VEGF Axis in NMDA-Caused Retinopathy. Ning, Dan; Zhang, Wei Kevin; Tian, Han; Li, Xiao-Jun; Liu, Min; Li, Yu-Sang; Tang, He-Bin Report Jan 1, 2017 5680
Potential Therapeutic Mechanisms and Tracking of Transplanted Stem Cells: Implications for Stroke Treatment. Zhang, Yanhong; Yao, Honghong Report Jan 1, 2017 9647
Neuroprotective Effects of Stem Cells in Ischemic Stroke. Xu, Weilin; Zheng, Jingwei; Gao, Liansheng; Li, Tao; Zhang, Jianmin; Shao, Anwen Report Jan 1, 2017 5578
Neuron-Specific Fluorescence Reporter-Based Live Cell Tracing for Transdifferentiation of Mesenchymal Stem Cells into Neurons by Chemical Compound. Hwang, Do Won; Kwon, Hyun Woo; Jang, Jaeho; Jung, Hee Jung; Kim, Kwang Rok; Lee, Dong Soo Report Jan 1, 2017 5222
Regulatory Role of Redox Balance in Determination of Neural Precursor Cell Fate. Iqbal, Mohamed Ariff; Eftekharpour, Eftekhar Report Jan 1, 2017 11777
HDAC6 Inhibitors Rescued the Defective Axonal Mitochondrial Movement in Motor Neurons Derived from the Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells of Peripheral Neuropathy Patients with HSPB1 Mutation. Kim, Ji-Yon; Woo, So-Youn; Hong, Young Bin; Choi, Heesun; Kim, Jisoo; Choi, Hyunjung; Mook-Jung, Inh Report Jan 1, 2017 5803
Comparative Therapeutic Effects of Minocycline Treatment and Bone Marrow Mononuclear Cell Transplantation following Striatal Stroke. Souza, Celice C.; da Silva, Michelle Castroa; Lopes, Rosana Telma; Cardoso, Marcelo M.; de Souza, Lu Report Jan 1, 2017 8797
Protective Effect of Antioxidants on Neuronal Dysfunction and Plasticity in Huntington's Disease. Velusamy, Thirunavukkarasu; Panneerselvam, Archana S.; Purushottam, Meera; Anusuyadevi, Muthuswamy; Report Jan 1, 2017 12429
Rhinacanthin C Alleviates Amyloid-[beta] Fibrils' Toxicity on Neurons and Attenuates Neuroinflammation Triggered by LPS, Amyloid-[beta], and Interferon-[gamma] in Glial Cells. Chuang, Kai-An; Li, Ming-Han; Lin, Ni-Hsuan; Chang, Chih-Hsuan; Lu, I-Huang; Pan, I-Hong; Takahashi, Report Jan 1, 2017 11369
Therapeutic Potential of Novel Twin Compounds Containing Tetramethylpyrazine and Carnitine Substructures in Experimental Ischemic Stroke. Wang, Ziying; Zhou, Zhuanli; Wei, Xinbing; Wang, Mingwei; Wang, Bi-Ou; Zhang, Yanan; He, Xiaoting; S Jan 1, 2017 7311
Acupuncture Stimulation at GB34 Restores MPTP-Induced Neurogenesis Impairment in the Subventricular Zone of Mice. Jeon, Hyongjun; Ryu, Sun; Kim, Dongsoo; Koo, Sungtae; Ha, Ki-Tae; Kim, Seungtae Report Jan 1, 2017 4593
Buyang Huanwu Decoction Ameliorates Poststroke Depression via Promoting Neurotrophic Pathway Mediated Neuroprotection and Neurogenesis. Luo, Lin; Deng, Shuhua; Yi, Jian; Zhou, Sainan; She, Yan; Liu, Baiyan Report Jan 1, 2017 5655
Neuroprotective Effect of the Ginsenoside Rg1 on Cerebral Ischemic Injury In Vivo and In Vitro Is Mediated by PPAR[gamma]-Regulated Antioxidative and Anti-Inflammatory Pathways. Li, Yang; Guan, Yue; Wang, Ying; Yu, Chun-Lei; Zhai, Feng-Guo; Guan, Li-Xin Jan 1, 2017 6540
Extrinsic Apoptosis Pathway Altered by Glycogen Synthase Kinase-3[beta] Inhibitor Influences the Net Drug Effect on NSC-34 Motor Neuron-Like Cell Survival. Kim, Jee-Eun; Lim, Jung Hyun; Jeon, Gye Sun; Shin, Je-Young; Ahn, Suk-Won; Kim, Seung Hyun; Lee, Kwa Report Jan 1, 2017 6158
Expression of MicroRNA-29a Regulated by Yes-Associated Protein Modulates the Neurite Outgrowth in N2a Cells. Tan, Chunye; Yu, Changlin; Song, Zhiwen; Zou, Hongjun; Xu, Xu; Liu, Jinbo Report Jan 1, 2017 6127
Intrathecal Resiniferatoxin Modulates TRPV1 in DRG Neurons and Reduces TNF-Induced Pain-Related Behavior. Leo, M.; Schulte, M.; Schmitt, L.-I.; Schafers, M.; Kleinschnitz, C.; Hagenacker, T. Report Jan 1, 2017 5993
Lipids: A Suitable Therapeutic Target in Diabetic Neuropathy? Perez-Matos, M.C.; Morales-Alvarez, M.C.; Mendivil, C.O. Report Jan 1, 2017 7630
Sirtuin-2 Protects Neural Cells from Oxidative Stress and Is Elevated in Neurodegeneration. Singh, Preeti; Hanson, Peter S.; Morris, Christopher M. Report Jan 1, 2017 8057
Development of Neurological Mouse Model for Toxoplasmosis Using Toxoplasma gondii Isolated from Chicken in Kenya. Mose, John Mokua; Kamau, David Muchina; Kagira, John Maina; Maina, Naomi; Ngotho, Maina; Njuguna, Ad Jan 1, 2017 5722
Therapeutic Effect of Exosomes on Ischemic Stroke in Experimental Animals/ Efecto Terapeutico de los Exosomas en el ACV Isquemico en Animales de Experimentacion. Carvallo, P.; Astudillo, P. Dec 1, 2016 4140
Differential Effect of the Route of Inoculation of Rabies Virus on NeuN Immunoreactivity in the Cerebral Cortex of Mice/ Efecto Diferencial de la Via de Inoculacion del Virus de la Rabia sobre la Inmunorreactividad de NeuN en la Corteza Cerebral de Ratones. Rengifo, Aura Caterine; Umbarila, Vanessa Jazmin; Garzon, Mary Janeth; Torres-Fernandez, Orlando Dec 1, 2016 4958
Current status of substance abuse in East Asia and therapeutic prospects. Ren, Q.; Ma, M.; Hashimoto, K. Jun 1, 2016 5011
Role of iron in Parkinson's debated: data conflict on whether too much or too little metal raises risk. Sanders, Laura May 28, 2016 1245
Oxidative DNA Damage Mediated by Intranuclear MMP Activity Is Associated with Neuronal Apoptosis in Ischemic Stroke. Kimura-Ohba, Shihoko; Yang, Yi Jan 1, 2016 7658
Is Modulation of Oxidative Stress an Answer? The State of the Art of Redox Therapeutic Actions in Neurodegenerative Diseases. Chiurchiu, Valerio; Orlacchio, Antonio; Maccarrone, Mauro Jan 1, 2016 10029
A Potential Alternative against Neurodegenerative Diseases: Phytodrugs. Perez-Hernandez, Jesus; Zaldivar-Machorro, Victor Javier; Villanueva-Porras, David; Vega-Avila, Elis Jan 1, 2016 13616
Protective Effect of Psoralea corylifolia L. Seed Extract Against Palmitate-Induced Neuronal Apoptosis in PC12 Cells. Lee, Yunkyoung; Jun, Hee-Sook; Oh, Yoon Sin Jan 1, 2016 6001
Alzheimer's drugs' unexpected effect: antibody treatments make mice's nerve cells hyperactive. Sanders, Laura Dec 26, 2015 318
DNA varies from neuron to neuron: neighboring nerve cells can have distinct genetic makeups. Sanders, Laura Oct 31, 2015 530
Turning off nerve cells eases asthma: mice's coughing, inflammation calmed by inhaled anesthetic. Rosen, Meghan Jul 25, 2015 398
Rabies hijacks cell transport system: scientists get first good look at how virus races up neurons. Rosen, Meghan Oct 4, 2014 440
Hubs go awry in brain disorders: schizophrenia, Alzheimer's target connection centers. Sanders, Laura Jul 26, 2014 513
Transplant approach for Parkinson's disease gets boost. Sanders, Laura Brief article Jun 28, 2014 161
A rarely seen late complication, radiation-induced lower motor neuron syndrome/ Radyoterapi sonrasi nadir ve gec gorulen bir komplikasyon olan alt motor noron sendromu. Ozbayrak, Sibel Suzen; Ozbayrak, Mustafa; Akgun, Kenan Report Jun 1, 2014 1923
Light helps move paralyzed legs: blue flash activates neurons in damaged mouse muscles. Sanders, Laura May 17, 2014 606
Narcolepsy may be rooted in the immune system: assault on brain cells appears to induce sleep disorder. Seppa, Nathan Jan 25, 2014 744
Decreased neuronal bursting and phase synchrony in the hippocampus of streptozotocin diabetic rats. Qiao, Zhimei; Xie, Kangning; Liu, Kai; Li, Guoliang Report Jan 1, 2014 7065
The morphological features and mitochondrial oxidative stress mechanism of the retinal neurons apoptosis in early diabetic rats. Li, Xiaoyan; Zhang, Maonian; Zhou, Huanfen Report Jan 1, 2014 5600
NMDA receptor-mediated neuroprotective effect of the Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi extract on the excitotoxic neuronal cell death in primary rat cortical cell cultures. Yang, Jinsong; Wu, Xiaohong; Yu, Haogang; Liao, Xinbiao; Teng, Lisong Report Jan 1, 2014 4218
Efficient reprogramming of mouse fibroblasts to neuronal cells including dopaminergic neurons. Oh, Seung-ick; Park, Hang-soo; Hwang, Insik; Park, Han-kyul; Choi, Kyung-Ah; Jeong, Hyesun; Kim, Suh Report Jan 1, 2014 4057
Amniotic fluid or its fatty acids produce actions similar to diazepam on lateral septal neurons firing rate. Gutierrez-Garcia, Ana G.; Contreras, Carlos M.; Vasquez-Hernandez, Diana Idania Report Jan 1, 2013 5335
Evaluation of developmental toxicants and signaling pathways in a functional test based on the migration of human neural crest cells. Zimmer, Bastian; Lee, Gabsang; Balmer, Nina V.; Meganathan, Kesavan; Sachinidis, Agapios; Studer, Lo Report Aug 1, 2012 6293
On the detection of dendritic currents using functional magnetic resonance imaging. Jay, William I.; Wijesinghe, Ranjith S. Report Jul 20, 2012 4117
The anticonvulsant and neuroprotective effects of walnuts on the neurons of rat brain cortex. Asadi-Shekaari, Majid; Kalantaripour, Taj Pari; Nejad, Fatemeh Arab; Namazian, Elaheh; Eslami, Azam Report Jul 1, 2012 1538
Stroke-proof your brain to preserve memory: you can head off a major source of cognitive decline by addressing the risk factors for silent strokes that destroy brain cells. Report Jun 1, 2012 1438
Working up to working out: exercise helps grow nerve cells, reduce stress, improve cognition, and more. But how can we form the habit? Report Jun 1, 2012 877
Neuronal dysfunction with aging and its amelioration. Ando, Susumu Report Jun 1, 2012 9910
Primary amoebic meningoencephalitis with subsequent organ procurement: a case study. Tuppeny, Misti Case study Oct 1, 2011 4169
Brain cell growth restores function: new neurons help patch up learning, memory after injury. Saey, Tina Hesman Brief article Apr 23, 2011 267
Bilateral lower motor neuron facial nerve palsy due to HIV seroconversion. Dolan, R.; Maritz, D.; Wallis, L.; Parak, M. Case study Apr 1, 2011 945
Nanoparticles induce changes of the electrical activity of neuronal networks on microelectrode array neurochips. Gramowski, Alexandra; Flossdorf, Juliane; Bhattacharya, Kunal; Jonas, Ludwig; Lantow, Margareta; Rah Report Oct 1, 2010 7197
Further elucidation of neuroprotective properties of astrocytoma (astrocyes-like) cells. Wong, Yin Yin Wendy; Jaiswall, Ashvin R.; Bhushan, Alok; Lai, James C.K.; Leung, Solomon W. Author abstract Jun 1, 2010 180
Effect of xanthone from Kielmeyera coriacea stems on serotonergic neurons of the median raphe nucleus. Sela, V.R.; Hattanda, I.; Albrecht, C.M.; De Almeida, C.B.; Obici, S.; Cortez, D.A.; Audi, E.A. Clinical report Mar 1, 2010 5495
Reversals of age-related declines in neuronal signal transduction, cognitive, and motor behavioral deficits with blueberry, spinach, or strawberry dietary supplementation. Report Mar 1, 2009 184
Early microglial inhibition preemptively mitigates chronic pain development after experimental spinal cord injury. Tan, Andrew M.; Zhao, Peng; Waxman, Stephen G.; Hains, Bryan C. Report Jan 1, 2009 6629
Confirming characteristics of 6-OHDA treatment in caenorhabditis elegans. Wilson, Chelsea; Ragsdale, Nick Report Jul 1, 2008 140
[PARA.sup.TS] mutant flies show neuronal damage after ischemic injury. Scott, Rebecca; Pululcenilli, William; Reiter, Lawrence Report Jul 1, 2008 185
Growing up to Prozac: drug makes new neurons mature faster. Saey, Tina Hesman Feb 9, 2008 530
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