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Mental health fears over cannabis; twelve people admitted to hospital every day on merseyside, figures show. Feb 9, 2018 591
Marijuana can dull the brain in some HIV patients. Nov 2, 2017 391
The FDA Issued A Warning Against Unproven Marijuana, Cancer Treatment Marketing. Nov 2, 2017 622
Mounting Evidence on Therapeutic Benefits of Cannabis Unleashes Tsunami. Oct 18, 2017 2456
Mounting Evidence on Therapeutic Benefits of Cannabis Unleashes Tsunami. Oct 18, 2017 2460
Drug and alcohol in pregnancy and stuttering--a speech-language pathology case report. Jacob, Mahyara Francini; Guarnieri, Camilla; de Quadros, Isabela Alves; Lopes-Herrera, Simone Aparec Sep 1, 2017 3632
Reefer madness at the New York Times: America's paper of record, which officially turned against marijuana prohibition in 2014, spent most of the previous century credulously promoting it. Sullum, Jacob Aug 1, 2017 5362
Kush Bottles Discloses Audited Financial Results for CMP Wellness. Jul 6, 2017 1311
Smoking Weed Can Increase Your Risk Of Gum Disease. May 30, 2017 538
Readers weigh in. Mar 22, 2017 678
More Women Are Smoking Weed While Pregnant, Risking Baby's Health. Mar 2, 2017 441
IAQ Implications of Cannabis Legalization. Siegel, Jeffrey Column Feb 1, 2017 1622
Curio Wellness Proudly Announces Exclusive Partnership With Number One Cannabis Brand In The U.S., Dixie Elixirs & Edibles. Nov 16, 2016 902
Position statement on cannabis: a step forwards. Stein, Dan J.; Manyedi, Eva Sep 1, 2016 1232
Bernie Sanders Chimes In On Marijuana Ruling. Aug 12, 2016 379
FDA Approves Synthetic Weed. Jul 28, 2016 370
Heavy marijuana use by male adolescents tied to significantly higher mortality risk. McKnight, Whitney Clinical report Jun 1, 2016 474
Information and educational campaign in the state of berlin on the health and social risks of cannabis use (cannabis campaign). May 19, 2016 477
Cannabis use increases risk of premature death. May 15, 2016 526
BioTrackTHC Collaborates with State of New Hampshire's Therapeutic Cannabis Program and Licensees to Support Timely, Secure Openings of State's First Alternative Treatment Centers. May 9, 2016 521
Parents fear link of pot and violence. Apr 1, 2016 345
Methylphenidate use and poly-substance use among undergraduate students attending a South African university. Steyn, Francois Report Feb 1, 2016 2836
Substance use and duration of untreated psychosis in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Davis, Glen P.; Tomita, Andrew; Baumgartner, Joy Noel; Mtshemla, Sisanda; Nene, Siphumelele; King, H Report Feb 1, 2016 5892
Cannabis oil gives CANCER PATIENT HOPE; George turns to illegal substance after being given a year to live. Jan 31, 2016 864
Potent-pot users show brain damage: more THC associated with weakness in key white matter tract. Sanders, Laura Brief article Jan 9, 2016 311
Monarch America announces signing Letter of Intent with Malama Wellness for marijuana cultivation facility in Hawaii. Sep 29, 2015 217
Cannabis for lyme disease and related conditions: scientific basis and anecdotal evidence for medicinal use. White, Shelley M. Excerpt Aug 1, 2015 2049
Cannabis use before puberty could stunt growth in teens. Brief article Jul 1, 2015 133
Recurrent suicidal ideation in young adults. Dugas, Erika N.; Low, Nancy C.; O'Loughlin, Erin K.; O'Loughlin, Jennifer L. Report Jul 1, 2015 4179
Tauriga Sciences Inc. to Showcase TopiCanna Cream and Other Natural Wellness Products at the 2015 Northern California Cannabis Cup. Jun 12, 2015 1255
Smoking marijuana causes early puberty. Brief article May 31, 2015 233
Did TEDx Miss the Point on Potential Therapeutic Benefits of Hemp-derived CBD Oil? Apr 8, 2015 990
Former National Institute Of Health (NIH) Scientist Allen A. Herman, M.B., Ch.B., Ph.D., Joins The Cannabis Science Scientific Advisory Board (SAB). Mar 20, 2015 1208
Tauriga Sciences, Inc. To Showcase TopiCanna Cream And Other Natural Wellness Products At The 2015 Southern California Cannabis Cup. Jan 28, 2015 1017
Mojo rising--evaluation and treatment for synthetic marijuana intoxication. Greene, William; Kinzie, Erik Clinical report Jan 1, 2015 815
Marijuana: breaking down the buzz. Dec 8, 2014 1255
Marijuana: perception of harm vs. use. Brief article Dec 8, 2014 166
A survey of cannabis (marijuana) use and self-reported benefit in men with chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome. Tripp, Dean A.; Nickel, J. Curtis; Katz, Laura; Krsmanovic, Adrijana; Ware, Mark A.; Santor, Darcy Survey Dec 1, 2014 3542
My marijuana overdose: edibles are tricky, but consumers are not as helpless as Maureen Dowd implies. Sullum, Jacob Column Nov 1, 2014 1991
Rx for Alzheimer's disease--marijuana! Brief article Nov 1, 2014 162
Increased burn injuries after marijuana legalization. Brief article Sep 22, 2014 268
Frequent marijuana use may affect dopamine response. Sanders, Laura Brief article Aug 9, 2014 158
Inergetics concludes Phase I development of its therapeutic CBD based cannabinoid supplements; The New York Times calls for the national legalisation of cannabis accelerating validation of CBD. Jul 30, 2014 167
Inergetics Completes Phase I Development of its Therapeutic CBD Line of Products. Jul 29, 2014 933
Interview with a top expert on spice and its health risks. Jul 1, 2014 1060
FAKE DOPE THREAT TO HEALTH OF OUR KIDS; Warning on synthetic drug surge. May 25, 2014 426
AACAP disagrees with marijuana legalization. Gallegos, Alicia Brief article May 1, 2014 213
Survey: pot not harmful. Anderson, Jane Brief article May 1, 2014 122
Leafly asks Americans to join the movement to end cannabis prohibition on 4/19 and 4/20 at Snoop Dogg's Wellness Retreat in Seattle and Denver. Apr 8, 2014 606
Marijuana: the implications of legalization for insurance and the workplace. Widmer, Lori Apr 1, 2014 1928
Phase I and II cannabinoid disposition in blood and plasma of occasional and frequent smokers following controlled smoked cannabis. Desrosiers, Nathalie A.; Himes, Sarah K.; Scheidweiler, Karl B.; Concheiro-Guisan, Marta; Gorelick, Report Apr 1, 2014 7963
Patterns of cigarillo use among Canadian young adults in two urban settings. Yates, Erika A.; Dubray, Jolene; Schwartz, Robert; Kirst, Maritt; Lacombe-Duncan, Ashley; Suwal, Juh Report Jan 1, 2014 3049
Hookah pipe smoking among health sciences students. Van der Merwe, N.; Banoobhai, T.; Gqweta, A.; Gwala, A.; Masiea, T.; Misra, M.; Zweigenthal, V. Report Nov 1, 2013 2187
Diffuse coronary ectasia and acute coronary syndrome in a young man. Who is guilty? Cannabis, smoking or dyslipidemia?/Genc bir erkekte yaygin koroner ektazi ve akut koroner sendrom. Suclu kim? Esrar, sigara ya da dislipidemi? Sayin, Muhammet Rasit; Akpinar, Ibrahim; Cetiner, Mehmet Ali; Karabag, Turgut Letter to the editor Sep 1, 2013 744
Report is reassuring on marijuana's effects on lung. Jancin, Bruce Brief article Aug 1, 2013 243
"Baby doe" eden explains: Teenagers, Marijuana and the Brain. Eden, Alvin N. Jul 1, 2013 668
Research gone up in smoke. Griep, Mark H. Jun 22, 2013 904
HIV infection weakened using synthetic agents. May 2, 2013 686
Marijuana joins smoke-free laws. Winterfeld, Amy Mar 1, 2013 319
Cannabis smoking and sildenafil citrate induced acute coronary syndrome in a patient with myocardial bridge/Miyokart koprusu olan bir hastada esrar icilmesi ve sildenafil sitrat ile induklenen akut koroner sendrom. Lee, Kyung Been; Song, Bong Gun; Kang, Gu Hyun; Park, Yong Hwan Mar 1, 2013 808
Marijuana Legalization Bill Introduced: 'The Current System Is Broken'. Feb 6, 2013 1176
Smoking and marijuana use in pregnancy. Brief article Feb 1, 2013 116
CBIS Releases Corporate Operational Guidance for 2013 as the Company Reorganizes to better meet the Growing Global Crisis Associated with Anti-Retroviral Drug Resistance among People with AIDS, as well as the Increasing Need for Patient Friendly Skin Cancer Therapies. Jan 31, 2013 1708
Tobacco and marijuana use and dental health. Brief article Jan 1, 2013 122
Marijuana may raise testicular cancer risk. Currie, Donya Nov 1, 2012 203
Marijuana use 'may up testicular cancer risk'. Sep 10, 2012 367
A burning ISSUE; Spliff storm divides experts A new report claiming one cannabis joint is as harmful as up to 20 legal cigarettes has divided opinion in the medical world. So just how dangerous is the drug? Lisa Salmon reports. Jun 15, 2012 1398
Cannabis cancer risk 'outstrips' cigarettes. Jun 7, 2012 228
The relationship between emotional intelligence and abuse of alcohol, marijuana, and tobacco among college students. Claros, Edith; Sharma, Manoj Jun 1, 2012 5580
Phototron Announces Personal Indoor Marijuana Growing for Medical Use Not the Target of Feds. Mar 16, 2012 488
Pot not harsh on lung capacity: in 20-year study, light users had no loss of function. Seppa, Nathan Brief article Feb 11, 2012 228
Marijuana smoking doesn't appear to cause lung damage. Moon, Mary Ann Report Feb 1, 2012 704
The delirious substance abuser. Leo, Raphael J.; Goel, Ritu Jan 1, 2012 2980
The dangers of substance abuse in adolescents with chronic kidney disease: a review of the literature. Steele, Melanie R.; Belostotsky, Vladimir; Lau, Keith K. Jan 1, 2012 7723
Effects of youth assets on adolescent alcohol, tobacco, marijuana use, and sexual behavior. Dunn, Michael S.; Kitts, Cathy; Lewis, Sandy; Goodrow, Bruce; Scherzer, Gary D. Dec 1, 2011 5163
Marijuana facts: breaking down the myths. Oct 17, 2011 4603
Marijuana facts: breaking down the myths. Oct 10, 2011 764
Preliminary results for street racing among adults in Ontario: relations to alcohol and cannabis use. Smart, Reginald G.; Stoduto, Gina; Vingilis, Evelyn; Wickens, Christine M.; Mann, Robert E.; Ialomit Report Sep 1, 2011 908
Religiosity and spirituality of alcohol and marijuana users. Lorencova, Radmila Report Sep 1, 2011 6108
New-onset psychosis linked to use of fake pot: ten U.S. Naval Academy service members had to be hospitalized for 6-10 days after using the drug. Otto, M. Alexander Report Jun 1, 2011 734
Legal Smoking Kills 6 Million, So Why is Marijuana Illegal? May 31, 2011 542
Cannabis legal debacle. de Kock, Marius Letter to the editor May 1, 2011 587
Prevalence and Pedagogy: Understanding Substance Abuse in Schools. Salm, Twyla; Sevigny, Phil; Mulholland, Val; Greenberg, Hirsch Apr 1, 2011 7376
Health risk of cannabis. Mar 2, 2011 151
Age at initiation & prevalence of tobacco use among school children in Noida, India: a cross-sectional questionnaire based survey. Narain, Raj; Sardana, Sarita; Gupta, Sanjay; Sehgal, Ashok Survey Mar 1, 2011 4884
ADHD and later drug use. Charach, Alice Mar 1, 2011 593
Just a matter of when? Legalizing marijuana has failed in California. But eve in defeat, Proposition 19 might mark the beginning of the end for prohibition. Doherty, Brian Jan 13, 2011 4005
Illicit substance use among Canadian youth: trends between 2002 and 2008. Hammond, David; Ahmed, Rashid; Yang, Wiworn Sae; Brukhalter, Robin; Leatherdale, Scott Report Jan 1, 2011 5178
Smoking cannabis may increase cancer risk. Nov 25, 2010 218
Cannabis 'increases the risk of cancer'. Nov 25, 2010 221
Smoking cannabis 'ups cancer risk'. Nov 25, 2010 252
Substance abuse clarifications. Letter to the editor Nov 1, 2010 1385
Synthetic pot peril. Oct 1, 2010 322
Paciente VIH positivo con tuberculosis sistemica y lesiones osteoliticas de la calvaria, semejando mieloma multiple. Mechan, Victor; Salas, Antonio; Garcia, Yuri; Llanos, Felix; Cornejo, Jorge; Bringas, Rocio Report Sep 22, 2010 3391
The influence of recency of use on fMRI response during spatial working memory in adolescent marijuana users. Schweinsburg, Alecia Dager; Schweinsburg, Brian C.; Medina, Krista Lisdahl; McQueeny, Tim; Brown, Sa Report Sep 1, 2010 7937
The psychotic pot smoker. Kumar, Dharmendra; Fitz-Gerald, Mary Jo; Kablinger, Anita; Arnold, Thomas Sep 1, 2010 2754
Drug abuse in the armed forces. Bochniak, Agnieszka; Korzeniewski, Krzysztof Report Jul 1, 2010 4366
Marijuana use may impair fertility. Brief article Jun 22, 2010 235
Marijuana use at young age linked to risk of psychosis. Moon, Mary Ann Report May 1, 2010 479
The unmet health needs of East Asian high school students: are homestay students at risk? Wong, Sabrina T.; Homma, Yuko; Johnson, Joy L.; Saewyc, Elizabeth Report May 1, 2010 4951
Country reports. Report Mar 1, 2010 28016
Depression tends to follow cannabis use. Bates, Betsy Feb 15, 2010 500
Intervencion psicologica en un caso de leucemia mieloide aguda con problemas de adaptacion a la hospitalizacion y trastorno psicotico inducido por substancias. Peralta, Virginia B.; Gulini, Martina; Cruzado, Juan Antonio; Barbero, Javier Report Jan 1, 2010 6590
Cannabis Science Updates Progress For Its Phytocannabinoid Pharmaceutical Products To Help Reduce ARDS-Associated Deaths From Both The Avian And Swine Influenza Infections. Sep 21, 2009 831
Warriors on drugs: gamers and ganja. Riggs, Mike Brief article Jun 1, 2009 165
Pot potency doubles. Ault, Alicia Brief article Jun 1, 2009 112
Cannabis Compounds Reduce Multi-Drug Resistant Infections. Apr 23, 2009 527
Fibromyalgia eased by synthetic marijuana. Brief article Oct 1, 2008 241
Whoa, that's heavy, man. Frey, Randy Brief article Oct 1, 2008 199
Indications. Frey, Randy Clinical report Oct 1, 2008 785
Hypothesizing that marijuana smokers are at a significantly lower risk of carcinogenicity relative to tobacco-non-marijuana smokers: evidenced based on statistical reevaluation of current literature. Chen, Amanda L.C.; Chen, Thomas J.H.; Braverman, Eric R.; Acuri, Vanessa; Kerner, Mallory; Varshavsk Clinical report Sep 1, 2008 8844
Highs may hurt the heart. Ghose, Tia Brief article Jun 7, 2008 141
The World Today: Drug laws to get tougher; HEALTH: Mental distress caused by cannabis comes under scrutiny. May 8, 2008 433
Your Life: Dear Miriam - Today's health topic: Growing risks for teenagers on dope; HEALTH. Apr 15, 2008 319
Heavy marijuana smoking is a major cause of periodontal disease. Barge, Katie Apr 1, 2008 464
Marijuana may stem alcohol's shrinkage of teens' brains. Johnson, Kate Mar 15, 2008 510
Young risking mental health. Feb 26, 2008 354
Marijuana users risk lifelong consequences. Sep 1, 2007 473
Cannabis use linked to increased risk of psychosis. Bell, Johh R. Aug 1, 2007 424
Smoking marijuana increases the risk of developing psychosis later in life by 40%, with heavy users having an even higher risk of mental problems, British researchers said. Brief article Jul 30, 2007 118
Gap year often the time for people to try out cannabis. Jul 20, 2007 396
Tumbled weed. Bell, John R. Brief article Jun 1, 2007 164
THC levels highest ever. Ault, Alicia Brief article Jun 1, 2007 143
Giving marijuana to mice with cancer shrank their lung tumors by half and slowed spread of the disease, findings that may one day expand legal use of the substance as a treatment, researchers said. Brief article Apr 23, 2007 202
Study shows medical marijuana benefits. Arias, Donya C. Brief article Apr 1, 2007 159
Why drug brings mental health issues for young. Mar 21, 2007 256
Drug bodies: relations with substance in the Wau Bulolo valley. Halvaksz, Jamon Nov 1, 2006 5923
Smoking marijuana may lead to tooth loss. Brief article Sep 22, 2006 262
Not so harmless? Today's marijuana has highest levels of THC. Sep 22, 2006 407
Tuberculosis outbreak in marijuana users, Seattle, Washington, 2004. Narita, Masahiro Jul 1, 2006 2330
Smokescreen: the FDA struggles to keep control. Berg, Jessica Jul 1, 2006 672
Marijuana and future psychosis. Brief article Jun 22, 2006 166
Medical marijuana, compassionate use, and public policy: expert opinion or Vox Populi? Cohen, Peter J. May 1, 2006 2290
Mental health fears over cannabis. Jan 5, 2006 213
Cannabis research boost. Oct 18, 2005 108
Depression and marijuana use. Silverman, Jennifer Brief Article Jun 15, 2005 169
Marijuana ingredient slows artery hardening. Brief Article May 7, 2005 267
Recent developments in the therapeutic potential of cannabinoids. Corey, Susan Mar 1, 2005 6015
25 years ago in reason. Nov 1, 2004 168
Medical marijuana rescheduling rally, Washington DC October 5. James, John S. Aug 27, 2004 537
Pot on the spot: marijuana's risks become blurrier. Bower, B. May 22, 2004 431
Pot smoking hurts fertility. Brief Article Dec 1, 2003 289
Prenatal exposure to marijuana is tied to hearing problems. (Cigarette Smoke Different). Brunk, Doug Jul 1, 2003 408
Urinary cannabinoid detection times after controlled oral administration of [[Delta].sup.9]-tetrahydrocannabinol to humans. Gustafson, Richard A.; Levine, Barry; Stout, Peter R.; Klette, Kevin L.; George, M.P.; Moolchan, Eri Clinical report Jul 1, 2003 9410
Prenatal marijuana exposure may pose health risks. (Biomedicine). Brief Article Apr 5, 2003 223
High road: is marijuana a "gateway"? (Citings). Sullum, Jacob Mar 1, 2003 348
Marijuana lung health report: Less than meets the eye? James, John S. Nov 22, 2002 1074
Maryjane, M.D. (Article). Chester, Bronwyn Brief Article Mar 1, 2002 1610
Stroke after Marijuana smoking in a teenager with factor V Leiden mutation. Marinella, Mark A. Brief Article Dec 1, 2001 945
Marijuana may boost heart attack risk. N.S. Brief Article Jul 14, 2001 262
High Count. Sager, Ryan H. Brief Article Dec 1, 1999 281
High time: Appeals court supports medical use of marijuana. WERESZYNSKI, KATHLEEN Nov 1, 1999 301
WORTH NOTING. Hetherly, Marian Nov 1, 1999 651
Killer Weed. Sullum, Jacob Brief Article Oct 1, 1999 188
Reefer medics. Lasagna, Louis; Grinspoon, Lester; Howlett, Allyn C. Sep 22, 1999 1423
Marijuana Made Easy : Armies of experts sell a little white pill. Cotts, Cynthia Sep 20, 1999 1302
Marijuana Update. King, Martha Jun 22, 1999 720
IOM Backs Study of Short-Term Medical Marijuana. FINKELSTEIN, JOEL B. May 1, 1999 659
Marijuana mimic reveals brain role. Travis, J. Brief Article Apr 3, 1999 356
From marijuana to medicine. Benson, John A., Jr.; Watson, Stanley J., Jr.; Joy, Janet E. Mar 22, 1999 1084
Marijuana on the ballot: should a menacing drug treat some chronically ill patients? Stiefell, Chana Freiman Feb 21, 1997 1366
Sleep problems. Jan 1, 1995 113
Prescription Pot; the FDA seems open to the idea of medical marijuana. Sullum, Jacob Apr 1, 1994 392
Marijuana, cranberries: gaining respect. Sep 17, 1988 163

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