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Assessing Impact of Household Intervention on Indoor Air Quality and Health of Children with Asthma in the US-Mexico Border: A Pilot Study. Moreno-Rangel, Alejandro; Baek, Juha; Roh, Taehyun; Xu, Xiaohui; Carrillo, Genny Report Aug 31, 2020 7467
Neuroinflammatory Gene Expression Pattern Is Similar between Allergic Rhinitis and Atopic Dermatitis but Distinct from Atopic Asthma. Sobkowiak, Paulina; Langwinski, Wojciech; Nowakowska, Joanna; Wojsyk-Banaszak, Irena; Szczepankiewic Jun 30, 2020 5411
Tai Chi Chuan Exercise Improves Lung Function and Asthma Control through Immune Regulation in Childhood Asthma. Liao, Pei-Chun; Lin, Han-Hong; Chiang, Bor-Luen; Lee, Jyh-Hong; Yu, Hsin-Hui; Lin, Yu-Tsan; Yang, Ya Nov 30, 2019 6271
Flu Vaccine Safe During Pregnancy. Jul 11, 2019 324
Quality of Life of asthmatic children and their caregivers. Apr 30, 2019 3457
Smog causes respiratory infections in Bahawalpur. Nov 13, 2018 256
Smog causes respiratory infections in Bahawalpur. Nov 13, 2018 256
People with asthma get respiratory infections more often in winter: Experts warned. Oct 11, 2018 634
People with asthma get respiratory infections more often in winter: Experts warned. Oct 11, 2018 556
Children Typically Have 14 Simple Infections by Age 3 Years; Environmental exposures explain only a small fraction of the variation in infections. May 30, 2018 218
Asthma Mortality Inversely Tied to Deprivation in English Young; For those aged 5 to 44 years, positive link for deprivation with asthma prevalence, admissions. May 15, 2018 215
Lethal Respiratory Disease Associated with Human Rhinovirus C in Wild Chimpanzees, Uganda, 2013. Scully, Erik J.; Basnet, Sarmi; Wrangham, Richard W.; Muller, Martin N.; Otali, Emily; Hyeroba, Davi Feb 1, 2018 6128
The Usefulness of the Forced Oscillation Technique in the Diagnosis of Bronchial Asthma in Children. Starczewska-Dymek, L.; Bozek, A.; Jakalski, M. Jan 1, 2018 4624
Study of Clinical Characteristics and Cytokine Profiles of Asthmatic Children with Rhinovirus Infection during Acute Asthma Exacerbation at National Hospital of Pediatrics. Nguyen-Thi-Dieu, Thuy; Le-Thi-Thu, Huong; Le-Thi-Minh, Huong; Pham-Nhat, An; Duong-Quy, Sy Report Jan 1, 2018 5838
Natural exportin-1 (XPO1) inhibitors as antiviral agents against respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). Mathew, Cynthia; Ghidlyal, Reena; Bugarcic, Andrea Report Mar 1, 2017 322
Serum leptin and adiponectin levels in obese and nonobese asthmatic school children in relation to asthma control. Wahab, Atqah Abdul; Maarafiya, Muna M.; Soliman, Ashraf; Younes, Noura B.M.; Chandra, Prem Clinical report Jan 1, 2014 4565
Can the Pelargonium sidoides root extract EPs[R] 7630 prevent asthma attacks during viral infections of the upper respiratory tract in children? Tahan, Fulya; Yaman, Melih Report Jan 15, 2013 2875
National asthma burden continues to rise; disparities, barriers persist. Currie, Donya Aug 1, 2012 443
Keeping dogs may help fight off respiratory infection linked to asthma. Jun 20, 2012 389
Caregiving load and pediatric asthma morbidity: conflict matters. Murdock, Karla Klein; Adams, Sue K.; Pears, Elizabeth; Ellis, Brendon Report Jun 1, 2012 7398
The burden of environmental disease in the United States. Pugh, Katherine H.; Zarus, Gregory M. Report May 1, 2012 3579
Extraskeletal effects of Vitamin D: potential impact on WV disease morbidity and mortality. Shuler, Franklin D.; Lycans, Dana; Salloum, Elias Report May 1, 2012 4952
Risk of childhood asthma prevalence attributable to residential proximity to major roads in Montreal, Canada. Price, Karine; Plante, Celine; Goudreau, Sophie; Boldo, Elena Isabel Pascua; Perron, Stephane; Smarg Report Mar 1, 2012 4840
'Therapeutic creep' effect. Feb 1, 2012 347
Novel human rhinoviruses and exacerbation of asthma in children. Khetsuriani, Nino; Lu, Xiaoyan; Teague, W. Gerald; Kazerouni, Neely; Anderson, Larry J.; Erdman, Dea Nov 1, 2008 2766
The outdoor air quality flag program in Central California: a school-based educational intervention to potentially help reduce children's exposure to environmental asthma triggers. Shendell, Derek G.; Rawling, Mary-Michal; Foster, Christine; Bohlke, Alicia; Edwards, Bobbie; Rico, Author abstract Oct 1, 2007 2826
Dogs and asthma: are asthmatic children more at risk when living with household pets? Experts feel there may be more to the story. Here's why. Stevens, Karen Lee Feb 1, 2007 359
Working with a head start population with asthma: lessons learned. Nelson, Belinda W.; Clark, Noreen M.; Valerio, Melissa A.; Houle, Christy R.; Brown, Randall W.; Bro Aug 1, 2006 2030
Asthma status and severity affects missed school days. Moonie, Sheniz A.; Sterling, David A.; Figgs, Larry; Castro, Mario Jan 1, 2006 5036
Obesity doesn't worsen child's asthma outcomes. Mahoney, Diana May 1, 2005 492
Allergen exposure in inner cities varies throughout the nation. Brief Article Sep 22, 2004 286
The precautionary principle: an important issue for women's health activists: by the Boston Women's Health Book Collective. Jul 1, 2003 2413
Asthma associated with sleep, attention problems in children. (Prospective Study). Finn, Robert Mar 1, 2003 288
Asthma linked to sleep disorders, attention problems. (Small Study). Finn, Robert Brief Article Jan 1, 2003 203
Protect high-risk children from flu with vaccine or 'cocoon'. (Only About 30% Get Yearly Shop). Bates, Betsy Dec 1, 2002 431
Day Care and Asthma. May 1, 2001 226
Flu Shot and Asthma. Jan 1, 2001 186
Day Care, Older Siblings Protect Against Asthma. MOON, MARY ANN Oct 15, 2000 613
Obesity Increasingly Prevalent in Asthmatic Children. GOLDMAN, ERIK L. Feb 1, 2000 567
Asthma: breathtaking. Majer, Lani Smith Mar 1, 1993 874

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