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Ditching your antibiotic course? Think again. Oct 13, 2017 640
Forge Therapeutics And Evotec Present Efficacy Data For LpxC Inhibitor In Urinary Tract, Lung, Thigh, And Abdominal Infection Models At ASM ESCMID 2017. Sep 7, 2017 747
Study finds link between gut bacteria and obesity: Cleveland Clinic doctors discover other health risks associated with TMAO, including insulin resistance--a precursor to type 2 diabetes. Sep 1, 2017 536
Cost of nosocomial outbreak caused by NDM-1-containing Klebsiella pneumoniae in the Netherlands, October 2015-January 2016. Mollers, Madelief; Lutgens, Suzanne P.; Schoffelen, Annelot F.; Schneeberger, Peter M.; Suijkerbuijk Sep 1, 2017 2082
Carbapenemase-producing enterobacteriaceae and nonfermentative bacteria, the Philippines, 2013-2016. Velasco, John Mark; Valderama, Maria Theresa; Peacock, Trent; Warawadee, Nirdnoy; Nogrado, Kathyleen Sep 1, 2017 1280
Effects of Orally Ingested Arsenic on Respiratory Epithelial Permeability to Bacteria and Small Molecules in Mice. Henderson, Michael W.; Madenspacher, Jennifer H.; Whitehead, Gregory S.; Thomas, Seddon Y.; Aloor, J Sep 1, 2017 9076
Turns out, sugars in breastmilk keep bacteria at bay. Aug 21, 2017 428
Sequoia Sciences Receives FDA Fast Track Designation for Vaccine for Urinary Tract Infections Caused by Multidrug-Resistant Bacteria. Jul 26, 2017 1012
Sequoia Sciences Receives FDA Fast Track Designation for Vaccine for Urinary Tract Infections Caused by Multidrug-Resistant Bacteria. Jul 26, 2017 1043
CDC: two bacteria caused most foodborne illnesses last year in US. Haskins, Julia Jul 1, 2017 415
Aerobic bacteria in oral cavity of Lancehead snakes (Bothrops atrox) with stomatitis/Bacterias aerobicas da cavidade oral de jararaca-do-norte (Bothrops atrox) com estomatite. Pereira, Heloisa Castro; Gomes, Dayane Olimpia; Hirano, Liria Queiroz Luz; Santos, Andre Luiz Quagli Jul 1, 2017 2132
Tracoma: de lo basico a lo clinico. Carvajal-Fernandez, Julian; Daniel Villegas-Mesa, Jose; Quintero-Gutierrez, Laura; Duque, Daniel; Ca Jul 1, 2017 6193
United States : BD Receives FDA 510(K) Clearance for Molecular Test for Harmful Intestinal Bacteria Causing Infectious Diarrhea. Jun 12, 2017 376
BD Receives FDA 510(K) Clearance for Molecular Test for Harmful Intestinal Bacteria Causing Infectious Diarrhea. Jun 5, 2017 847
Anti-microbial effects of conductive copper nanoparticle film. Parrott, Daniel; Ringelman, Kevin M.; Chaussee, Michael S. Report Jun 1, 2017 4100
Molecular characterization of resistance genes in MDR-ESKAPE pathogens. Navidinia, Masoumeh; Goudarzi, Mehdi; Rameshe, Samira Molaei; Farajollahi, Zahra; Asl, Pedram Ebadi; Report Jun 1, 2017 8208
Comparing culture and Multiplex PCR methods to examine fastidious bacteria in otitis externa and media. Bahri, Tina Delsouz; Goudarzi, Mehdi; Ghafoori, Seyed Mohammad; Ebrahimi, Nasrin; Asadi, Arezoo; Gou Report Jun 1, 2017 3717
Detection of carbapenem resistance encoding genes among gram negative bacteria from urinary tract infection in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus. Ajay, Kumar P.; Vinod, Kumar C.S. Report Jun 1, 2017 3845
Antibacterial effect of biosynthesized silver nanoparticles in Pacific White shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei (Boone) infected with necrotizing hepatopancreatitis bacterium (NHP-B). Acedo-Valdez, Martin Rodrigo; Grijalva-Chon, Jose Manuel; Larios-Rodriguez, Eduardo; Maldonado-Arce, May 1, 2017 6098
Bacteriophages, Natural Drugs to Combat Superbugs. Apr 19, 2017 1308
How will drug-resistant bacteria threaten global health? Feb 10, 2017 556
How will drug-resistant bacteria threaten global health? Feb 10, 2017 552
Raoultella planticola bacteremia of gastrointestinal origin/Bacteriemia por Raoultella planticola de origen gastrointestinal/Bacteriemia por Raoultella planticola de origem gastrointestinal. Ramirez-Quintero, Juan David; Chavarriaga-Restrepo, Andres Jan 1, 2017 2007
Can using active air UV-C technology reduce the amount of bacteria and/or fungus in the air and improve indoor air quality? Lee, Linda D. Jan 1, 2017 2058
New medium for identification of low and moderate density biofilm production of Escherichia coli isolates from UTI patients. Alwan, Ali H.; Hassan, Ashraf S.; Khwen, Noor N.; Kareem, Haneen A.; Sahib, Rana A. Dec 1, 2016 3830
The Battle Against Superbugs: World Antibiotic Awareness Week. Nov 16, 2016 826
Is your motor a health hazard? YOUR HEALTH. Nov 1, 2016 839
MicuRx Initiates Phase 3 Clinical Trial for MRX-I, A New Potent Oral Antibiotic Against Gram-positive Bacteria, Including MRSA. Oct 20, 2016 908
Sargent Art Recalls Craft Paints Due to Risk of Exposure to Bacteria. Oct 4, 2016 942
As antibiotic resistance rises, so do research, development: protecting, advancing antibiotics. McGill, Natalie Oct 1, 2016 1313
The good fight: new design weapons are being introduced to eradicate the bacteria and viruses causing hundreds of deaths each day. Burnette, Sam W. Oct 1, 2016 1945
BaCTher: Bacteria for Cancer Therapy. Sep 26, 2016 387
Delivery Of The Drug For Medical Use Allergens Bacteria For The Needs Of The Regional Public Health Budget, Center For Prevention And Control Of Aids And Other Infectious Diseases. Aug 17, 2016 128
Microbes join in oral conspiracy: benign mouth bacteria provide energy boost for pathogen. Hamers, Laurel Aug 6, 2016 310
Skin And Skin Structure Infections (SSSI) Caused By Bacteria-Pipeline Insights, 2016. Aug 2, 2016 668
Probiotic strains for disease management in hatchery larviculture of the eastern oyster Crassostrea virginica. Sohn, Saebom; Lundgren, Kathryn Markey; Tammi, Karin; Karim, Murni; Smolowitz, Roxanna; Nelson, Davi Report Aug 1, 2016 6879
Texas Woman Survives Flesh-Eating Bacteria Infection. Jul 7, 2016 227
Researchers work to distinguish deadly staph bacteria from harmless strains. Jul 1, 2016 338
United States : FDA clears first test to detect specific genetic markers for certain antibiotic-resistant bacteria directly from clinical specimens. Jun 30, 2016 687
FDA clears first test to detect specific genetic markers for certain antibiotic-resistant bacteria directly from clinical specimens. Jun 29, 2016 821
Identity tags: a vector for cross-infection? Cox, S.G.; Burahee, A.; Lucier, A.; Fernando, C.; Machoki, S.M. Report May 1, 2016 2429
Netherlands : Infection Alert in Catheters Could Tackle Hospital Superbugs. Apr 26, 2016 601
Pancreatic Cancer Risk Tied to Specific Mouth Bacteria. Apr 19, 2016 681
Detox your make-up bag; It's time to tip out those old brushes and lippies, which are likely to be full of bacteria that can lead to infections. Instead, take advantage of the eye-catching neon colours of this season's range. Mar 28, 2016 932
UV-C Air Treatment System reduces Infectious Bacteria in the Air on a Continuous Basis. Mar 21, 2016 550
Vital signs: preventing antibiotic-resistant infections in hospitals--United States, 2014. Weiner, Lindsey M.; Fridkin, Scott K.; Aponte-Torres, Zuleika; Avery, Lacey; Coffin, Nicole; Dudeck, Mar 11, 2016 4124
Trichoplusia ni (Lepidoptera: noctuidae) survival, immune response, and gut bacteria changes after exposure to Azadirachta indica (Sapindales: Meliaceae) volatiles. Nunez-Mejia, Gricelda; Valadez-Lira, Jose A.; Gomez-Flores, Ricardo; Rodriguez-Padilla, Cristina; Ta Report Mar 1, 2016 7299
Bacteria basics in skin prep: experts share the things surgical teams miss. Rudolph-Witt, Rebecca Mar 1, 2016 612
Beating Zika killer bug could be an inside job; Swansea University experts believe bacteria can be a 'Trojan horse'in fighting disease-bearing insects like the mosquito which carries the devastating Zika virus. Robin Turner reports... Feb 24, 2016 753
Skin And Skin Structure Infections (SSSI) Caused By Bacteria Global Clinical Trials Review, H2, 2015. Feb 3, 2016 609
Antibiotics pave way for C. difficile infections by killing beneficial bile acid-altering bacteria. Feb 1, 2016 363
Get to know your microbes at 'The Secret World Inside You'. Powell, Devin Jan 9, 2016 448
In the news: antibiotic resistance. Lenhoff, Alan Jan 1, 2016 1988
Therapeutic importance of older generation antibiotics on gram negative isolates. Lakshmi, B.; Lakshmi, M. Swarajya; Rohini Dec 28, 2015 2286
Atox Bio Enrolls First Patient in Phase 3 Study of Potential Treatment for Necrotizing Soft Tissue Infection (Flesh Eating Bacteria). Dec 7, 2015 776
Invasion of the Superbugs. Potenza, Alessandra Nov 23, 2015 1802
Outbreak breakthrough using whole-genome sequencing to control hospital infection: the level of detail provided by whole-genome sequencing could give hospitals the tools they need to stop outbreaks before they start. Arnold, Carrie Report Nov 1, 2015 3529
Use antibiotics only when necessary to help stop the spread of "superbugs": antibiotics are effective against bacteria, not viruses; both patients and doctors need to help curb overuse. Nov 1, 2015 705
Saving antibiotics. Schardt, David Nov 1, 2015 2031
Assessment exposure to Escherichia coli among Halal cattle abattoir workers in Malaysia. Adamu, Muhammed T.; Shamsul, Bahri M. Tamrin; Desa, Mohd N.; Khairani-Bejo, S.; Irwan Syah, Mdy Report Nov 1, 2015 3446
Chlorhexidine to maintain cleanliness of restroom door handles. Young, Holly; Plumb, Zara; Stevenson, James; Tibbett, Annabelle; Rawson, Alexander; Thompsett, Josep Oct 31, 2015 2776
Taking control of Legionnaires' disease. McDonald, Caroline Oct 1, 2015 1263
Antimicrobial silver nitrate release coating to prevent biofilm on stainless steel orthopedic implant. Perumal, Govindaraj; Ismavel, A. Ravichand; Doble, Mukesh Oct 1, 2015 2469
Bacteriological profile of surgical peritonitis: a prospective observational study. Singh, Manju; Singh, Gambheer; Agrawal, Amit; Chandrakar, Sandeep Clinical report Sep 17, 2015 1830
The study of bacteriological profile and antibiogram of neonatal septicemia. Dwivedi, Varun; Murthy, R. Report Sep 17, 2015 2541
Mylan unveils generic Zosyn Injection in the US for treating infections caused by susceptible isolates of certain bacteria. Aug 26, 2015 145
Mylan unveils generic Zosyn Injection in the US for treating infections caused by susceptible isolates of certain bacteria. Aug 26, 2015 141
Vital signs: estimated effects of a coordinated approach for action to reduce antibiotic-resistant infections in health care facilities--United States. Slayton, Rachel B.; Toth, Damon; Lee, Bruce Y.; Tanner, Windy; Bartsch, Sarah M.; Khader, Karim; Won Aug 7, 2015 3899
In vitro antimicrobial activity of calliphorid larval excreta/secreta (ES) against selected wound bacteria. Ladion, Wendell Lou B.; Solon, Christine Cherry E.; Valdez, Sasha Anne L.; Valera-Mag-aso, Angeli; L Report Aug 1, 2015 5735
Aerobic isolates in pus and their antibiotic sensitivity pattern: a study conducted in a teaching hospital in Andhra Pradesh. Mantravadi, Hima Bindu; Chinthaparthi, Mallikarjuna Reddy; Shravani, V. Report Aug 1, 2015 2683
Evaluating utility gloves as a potential reservoir for pathogenic bacteria. Grant, Kathy L.; Naber, E. Donald; Halteman, William A. Aug 1, 2015 3849
A study of urinary tract infections due to multidrug resistant bacteria in critical care unit of a medical college and hospital. Mitra, Saurabh; Bibhas, Sahadalal; Swagnik, Roy; Rajat, Dasgupta; Barun, Saha Dalal Report Jul 23, 2015 1680
Microorganism as plastic biodegradation agent towards sustainable environment. Muhamad, W. Naimatul Asiah W.; Othman, Rashidi; Shaharuddin, Ruhul Izzati; Hasni, Mohd Shah Irani Report Jun 30, 2015 3517
Vaginitis in pregnancy is related to adverse perinatal outcome. Jun 30, 2015 2595
New leads explore diet, gut bacteria, myelin repair trials and wellness. Jun 22, 2015 324
Combating antibiotic-resistant bacteria: the Microbiology lab answers the challenge. Zimmer, Barbara L. Jun 1, 2015 1316
Ulcer-causing bacteria induces stomach stem cell growth. May 11, 2015 634
A retrospective analysis on antimicrobial sensitivity pattern in a medical college hospital in Kannur district. Ratheesh, R.; Mohandas, Bindu; Sahadevan, P.; Venugopalan, P.P. May 7, 2015 2722
My darling wife was beating cancer... then a bug from a filthy hospital tap killed her; Nobody told docs Eileen was exposed to deadly bacteria. Apr 17, 2015 574
My darling wife was beating cancer ... then a bug from a filthy hospital tap killed her; Nobody told docs Eileen was exposed to deadly bacteria. Apr 17, 2015 571
LDC and HZI Enter Partnership for the Discovery of New Drugs Against Multi-Resistant Bacteria. Apr 3, 2015 722
FDA toughens reusable device testing rules. Apr 1, 2015 1249
Common Bacteria on Verge of Becoming Antibiotic-Resistant Superbugs. Mar 26, 2015 760
Study Published in mBio Shows that Avidocin(TM) Proteins Prevent Clostridium Difficile Infection in Mice without Harming Protective Gut Bacteria. Mar 24, 2015 845
Gut health: on the front lines of wellness: better understanding of gut microbes and their role in health will lead to more science-driven product development. Moloughney, Sean Mar 1, 2015 4756
Much-needed new antibiotic in development: while still far from approval, the new drug is a breakthrough against some infectious diseases that defy current therapies. Mar 1, 2015 691
In vitro antibacterial potential of chitosan and its derivatives on pathogenic enterobacteriaceae. Paul, Sony; Seema, N.P. Mar 1, 2015 3692
Third UO student receives diagnosis of bacteria infection. Feb 10, 2015 689
The analysis of the diabetic foot osteomyelitis at a tertiary care center-a prospective study. Oswal, Mithun N.; Pattanashetty, O.B.; D'Souza, Reshmina; Mukka, Sharath Babu; Bachu, Harikrishna; R Clinical report Feb 9, 2015 1660
Second bacteria case at UO. Feb 4, 2015 788
Prevalence of gastrointestinal pathogenic bacteria in patients with diarrhoea attending Groote Schuur Hospital, Cape Town, South Africa. Kullin, B.; Meggersee, R.; D'Alton, J.; Galvao, B.; Rajabally, N.; Whitelaw, A.; Bamford, C.; Reid, Report Feb 1, 2015 3993
SIBO: dysbiosis has a new name. Sandberg-Lewis, Steven; Siebecker, Allison Report Feb 1, 2015 8909
This may be the missing key to protect yourself from colon cancer. Fusch, Nan Kathryn Feb 1, 2015 1043
What's the difference? BACTERIA AND VIRUSES. Jan 16, 2015 170
Regulation of HIV receptor expression in cervical epithelial cells by gram-negative bacterial lipopolysaccharide. Sales, K.J.; Klein, T.; Katz, A.A. Report Jan 1, 2015 3180
Seroprevalencia de Coxiella burnetii en trabajadores de fincas ganaderas del departamento de Antioquia. Alberto Betancur, Carlos; Rubio, Manuela; Barrera, Juliana; Carlos Bedoya, Juan Report Jan 1, 2015 3230
Bacteria, fungi can cause pneumonia: Dr Salma. Dec 21, 2014 569
Pullman Regional Hospital Invests in Bacteria-Killing Copper to Reduce Potentially Deadly Infections. Nov 18, 2014 1151
A comparative study on different phenotypic methods for detection of metallo beta lactamase producing bacteria in a tertiary hospital of Eastern India. Bhaduri, Anirban; Saha, Rajdeep; Biswas, Papiya; Mitra, Suranjana; Datta (Basu, Sharmistha,; Das, Pa Report Oct 23, 2014 3599
Freshwater status in Mississippi Delta, USA. Ikenga, Julius O. Oct 1, 2014 3238
Changing trends of antibiogram profile in patients with community acquired chronic otitis media in a tertiary care hospital. Chakraborty, Bipasa; Dhara, Subhadip; Ghosh, Debasish; Rit, Kalidas; Sengupta, Anindita; Ray, Raja Sep 18, 2014 2295
Soon `therapeutic bacteria` to help win `battle of bulge`. Jul 23, 2014 227
Spectrum of bacteria isolated from bronchoalveolar lavage in a tertiary care centre. Sowmya, K.N.; Bhat, Sevitha; Saralaya, K. Vishwas Jul 14, 2014 1310
Why ARE superbugs becoming resistant to antibiotics? Amid warnings common infections could once again kill, here top doctors explain what this means for you. By Warren Manger. Jul 3, 2014 855
Why ARE superbugs becoming resistant to antibiotics? As the PM warns common infections could once again kill, here top doctors explain what this means for you. By Warren Manger. Jul 3, 2014 869
Help stop the spread of "superbugs" with judicious antibiotic use: antibiotics are effective against bacteria, not viruses; both patients and doctors need to help curb overuse. Jul 1, 2014 711
Copper surfaces kill bacteria, stop common cold; may now help in the fight against Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), says Copper Development Association. Jun 12, 2014 638
Skin And Skin Structure Infections (SSSI) Caused By Bacteria - Pipeline Review, H1 2014. Jun 12, 2014 2319
The dangers of using antibiotics to prevent urinary tract infections. Johnson, Alex Report Jun 1, 2014 4216
How bacteria exploit proteins to cause lethal infections. May 4, 2014 168
Solar therapy: a boon for non-healing ulcers. Varunjikar, M.D.; Jayan, Bejoy E.; Varunjikar, A.M.; Joshi, S.C.; Joshi, C. Apr 28, 2014 1893
Identification of Enterobacteriaceae foodborne bacteria in Syrian foods by PCR and FTIR-ATR techniques. Al-Deen, Rudwan Badr; Azizieh, Abdulhakim; Al-Ameer, Lina Report Apr 1, 2014 2405
Resistant no more: new antibiotics on the horizon: present-day antibiotics may be superseded by a new class of bacteria-killing drugs. Apr 1, 2014 833
Systematic review of the evidence for rational dosing of colistin. Kift, E. Visser; Maartens, G.; Bamford, C. Report Mar 1, 2014 4083
Switzerland : Roche and Discuva join forces to combat life-threatening infections caused by multi-drug resistant bacteria. Mar 1, 2014 290
Hygiene work necessary for the elimination of bacteria, fungi, and other sediments. Dec 31, 2013 103
Various bacteria, viruses, fungi, TB can cause pneumonia: Dr. Salma. Dec 14, 2013 616
Pregnant mom's stress alters baby: microbial shifts in mother mice affected pups' brains. Sanders, Laura Dec 14, 2013 508
Bacteriological profile of diabetic foot ulcers, with a special reference to antibiogram in a tertiary care hospital in Eastern India. Konar, Jayashree; Das, Sanjeev Report Dec 2, 2013 2393
Identifying antibiotic-resistant bacteria in hospitalized patients: what is the role of active-surveillance cultures? Sandora, Thomas J.; Dolan, Susan A.; Harbarth, Stephan; Huang, Susan S.; McAdam, Alexander J.; Milst Nov 1, 2013 3401
Uropathogenic specific protein: epidemiologic marker of uropathogenic Escherichia coli as well as non-specific DNase. Zaw, Myo Thura; Lai, Yun Mei; Lin Zaw Report Nov 1, 2013 3684
Burkholderia cepacia septicemia in a patient with acute myeloid leukemia in postchemotherapy bone marrow aplasia. Oct 31, 2013 1513
VisualDx Provides Photos and Information Online to Ensure Quick Diagnosis of Vibrio Vulnificus; Saltwater-Borne Bacteria Caused Nine Deaths and 27 Infections in Florida. Oct 12, 2013 571
A gut infection can keep mice lean: bacteria can invade one rodent from another, preventing both from getting fat. Rosen, Meghan Oct 5, 2013 707
Feces happens. Rosen, Meghan Brief article Oct 5, 2013 163
'Good bacteria' lower in C-section babies. Brief article Oct 1, 2013 278
Beta lactamase producer Staphylococcus species in Iranian foods. Jalalpour, Shila Report Oct 1, 2013 3427
Effective sources of food borne illness in Iranian hospitalized patients: review article. Jalalpour, Shila Report Oct 1, 2013 5071
'THEY SAID IT'S THE BOILER' Parents fearing for children's health angered by school's excuse before hearing truth. Sep 13, 2013 1353
Effects of methylcellulose on cellulolytic bacteria attachment and rice straw degradation in the in vitro rumen fermentation. Sung, Ha Guyn; Kim, Min Ji; Upadhaya, Santi Devi; Ha, Jong K.; Lee, Sung Sill Report Sep 1, 2013 3685
Human Health Risk Assessment (HHRA) for environmental development and transfer of antibiotic resistance. Ashbolt, Nicholas J.; Amezquita, Alejandro; Backhaus, Thomas; Borriello, Peter; Brandt, Kristian K.; Report Sep 1, 2013 10419
Antibiotic-resistant bacteria: a growing health threat. Aug 1, 2013 678
Study links poor oral hygiene to risk of Alzheimer's; TEAM FINDS BACTERIA IN THE BRAINS OF DEMENTIA PATIENTS A. Report Jul 30, 2013 660
Paediatric chronic suppurative otitis media in the Free State Province: clinical and audiological features. Tiedt, N.J.; Butler, I.R.T.; Hallbauer, U.M.; Atkins, M.D.; Elliott, E.; Pieters, M.; Joubert, G.; S Report Jul 1, 2013 4221
Happy microbes, skinny jeans: are the trillions of bacteria living inside you the key to everything from allergies to weight loss? Velasquez-Manoff, Moises Jul 1, 2013 5449
New research delves into polymer coatings to reduce implant infections. Jul 1, 2013 722
Wolbachia, una pandemia con posibilidades. Rodriguero, Marcela S. Jul 1, 2013 16127
Soon, 'good' bacteria to fight 'bad' bacteria in eye infections. Jun 23, 2013 521
Quidel Corporation wins FDA clearance for Sofia Strep A FIA for infections caused by Group A Streptococcus bacteria. Jun 21, 2013 186
Quidel Corporation wins FDA clearance for Sofia Strep A FIA for infections caused by Group A Streptococcus bacteria. Jun 21, 2013 182
Effect of hygiene and conservation of facilities and milking equipment on total bacteria count and somatic cell count in dairy herds in west of Santa Catarina, Brazil/Efeito da higiene e conservado das instalales e dos equipamentos de ordenha sobre a contagem bacteriana total e contagem de celulas somaticas em rebanhos leiteiros do oeste de Santa Catarina. de Souza, Adriana Alves Martins; Bajaluk, Sergio Antonio Bogdano; Pagliarini, Gilberto Antonio; Roye Jun 1, 2013 854
Study: Hospital Laundering Practices May Expose Patients to Infection-Causing Bacteria. May 29, 2013 1585
Association between Lactobacillus species and bacterial vaginosis-related bacteria, and bacterial vaginosis scores in small population of pregnant Latvian women. Berza, Natalija; Zodzika, Jana; Kroica, Juta; Reinis, Aigars; Skadins, Ingus; Piekuse, Linda; Zalizk Report May 1, 2013 3370
CDC warns of drug-resistant bacteria. Apr 22, 2013 457
Bacteria and viruses in constant battle. Apr 1, 2013 384
Periodontal pathogens and reactivation of latent HIV infection: a review of the literature. Jordan, Laura Apr 1, 2013 2667
New lab to handle dangerous bacteria. Mar 19, 2013 514
Some Bacteria May Protect Against Disease Caused by Stomach Infection. Mar 13, 2013 565
Copper Kills Antibiotic-Resistant "Nightmare Bacteria". Mar 12, 2013 1001
CDC Director Dr. Thomas R. Frieden Warns Nightmare Bacteria on Rise in Hospitals; In Response, Desperate Need for Electronic Hand Hygiene Compliance Monitoring Systems. Mar 6, 2013 857
CDC: Action needed now to halt spread of deadly bacteria. Mar 5, 2013 1064
Cutting edge gestures: surgeons routinely need to review medical images and records during surgery, but stepping away from the operating table and touching a keyboard and mouse can delay the procedure. It can also increase the risk of spreading infection-causing bacteria, because computers are difficult to sterilize. Thilmany, Jean Mar 1, 2013 252
Finding and treating the unrecognized cause of inflammation. Mar 1, 2013 1429
Bacteria hijack host cells for infection. Feb 1, 2013 388
Phage renaissance: new hope against antibiotic resistance. Potera, Carol Report Feb 1, 2013 4568
Achyrofuran is an antibacterial agent capable of killing methicillin-resistant vancomycin-intermediate Staphylococcus aureus in the nanomolar range. Casero, Carina; Estevez-Braun, Ana; Raveloa, Angel G.; Demo, Mirta; Mendez-Alvarez, SebastiAn; Machi Report Jan 15, 2013 4943
Breath test helps identify bacteria's 'fingerprint' in lung infection. Jan 11, 2013 462
Infections with spore-forming bacteria in persons who inject drugs, 2000-2009. Palmateer, Norah E.; Hope, Vivian D.; Roy, Kirsty; Marongiu, Andrea; White, Joanne M.; Grant, Kathie Report Jan 1, 2013 4946
Combatting an emerging bacterium: could a new drug-resistant "superstrain" be lying in wait? Patton, Matthew T. Jan 1, 2013 1499
Blink and think. Minhas, Badar Dec 16, 2012 595
Gut feeling: bacteria are good. Etingin, Orli R. Dec 1, 2012 383
Sensitivity profile of pathogenic isolated bacteria from dogs facing antimicrobial/Perfil de sensibilidade de bacterias patogenicas isoladas de caes frente a antimicrobianos/Perfil de la sensibilidad de bacterias patogenas aisladas de perros frente a los antimicrobianos. Cruz, Adriana Resmond; Paes, Antonio Carlos; Siqueira, Amanda Keller Dec 1, 2012 3154
You should never reuse antibiotics. Nov 29, 2012 495
Sandy Health Effects -- Mold, Sewage, And Bacteria -- Could Linger. Nov 2, 2012 600
Qualitative assessment of bacteria and fungi in the indoor environment of hospitals of Islamabad, Pakistan. Hussain, Fouzia; Tahir, Subhe Sadiq; Rauf, Naseem; Batool, Afifa Report Nov 1, 2012 3341
Copper kills harmful bacteria. Brief article Oct 1, 2012 309
Novel Non-Antibiotic Agents against MRSA, Strep Infections. Sep 13, 2012 555
Milk-borne infections. An analysis of their potential effect on the milk industry. Dhanashekar, Revathi; Akkinepalli, Sindhura; Nelhitla, Arvind Report Sep 1, 2012 5414
Diversity and antibiograms of bacterial organisms isolated from samples of household drinking-water consumed by HIV-positive individuals in rural settings, South Africa. Samie, A.; Mashao, M.B.; Bessong, P.O.; NKgau, T.F.; Momba, M.N.B.; Obi, C.L. Report Sep 1, 2012 5718
Clinical and microbiological characterization of pneumonia in mechanically ventilated patients. Medell, Manuel; Hart, Marcia; Marrero, Odalys; Espinosa, Fidel; de Oca, Zurelys Montes; Valdes, Rodo Sep 1, 2012 4032
Coronavirus: dog-to-dog: the clinical signs may be alarming, but luckily the disease is rarely serious. Here's what you should know. Aug 1, 2012 1267
Northeastern Section of the American Urological Association 64th Annual Meeting, Niagara Falls, Ontario Scientific Program. Rowe, Neal E.; Breau, Rodney H.; Cagiannos, Ilias; Zvonar, Rosemary; Fergusson, Dean; Lavallee, Luke Aug 1, 2012 10228
Washing Hands. Jul 31, 2012 921
Beneficial bacteria may help ward off foodborne infection. Jul 21, 2012 488
Detecting fecal bacteria in surface waters: a study in the southeastern United States advances the research. Jenkins, Michael; Endale, Dinku; Fisher, Dwight Jul 1, 2012 866
Coexistencia de virus y bacterias en neumonias agudas en alpacas neonatas. Cirilo C., Erick; Manchego S., Alberto; Rivera H., Hermelinda; Rosadio A., Raul Jul 1, 2012 6451
Viruses target gut microbes and affect human health. Jun 25, 2012 547
Carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae containing New Delhi metallo-beta-lactamase in two patients--Rhode Island, March 2012. Hardy, Erica E.; Mermel, Leonard A.; Chapin, Kimberle C.; Alpert, Warren; Vanner, Cindy; Gupta, Ekta Jun 22, 2012 2092
Feed your "good" bacteria: eat a high-fiber, plant-based diet and include fermented foods to boost levels of "good" bacteria in your gut. Weisenberger, Jill Report Jun 1, 2012 1311
Staphylococcus Aureus meticilina resistente: um desafio para a saude publica. Sales, Lais Monteiro; da Silva, Tatiane Mendes Author abstract Jun 1, 2012 6115
Pernix Therapeutics Holdings Inc unveils US FDA approved Omeclamox-Pak, eradicating Helicobacter pylori bacteria infection in just 10 days. May 16, 2012 167
Antibacterial activity of Thymus maroccanus and Thymus broussonetii essential oils against nosocomial infection bacteria and their synergistic potential with antibiotics. Fadli, Mariam; Saad, Asmaa; Sayadi, Sami; Chevalier, Jacqueline; Mezrioui, Nour-Eddine; Pages, Jean- Report May 1, 2012 7123
Discovering biofilms: inquiry-based activities for the classroom. Redelman, Carly V.; Marrs, Kathleen; Anderson, Gregory G. Report May 1, 2012 3669
There two natural solutions for infections won't lead to antibiotic resistance. May 1, 2012 813
Strategies that work: alternatives to antibiotics in animal health. May 1, 2012 2091
Isolation of Bacillus thuringiensis strains that contain Dipteran-specific cry genes from Ilha Bela (Sao Paulo, Brazil) soil samples/Isolamento de linhagens de Bacillus thuringiensis contendo genes cry diptero-especificos a partir de amostras de solo oriundas de Ilha Bela-Sao Paulo, Brasil. Campanini, E.B.; Davolos, C.C.; Alves, E.C.C.; Lemos, M.V.F. May 1, 2012 2625
In vitro study of the effect of a probiotic bacterium Lactobacillus rhamnosus against herpes simplex virus type 1. Khani, Soghra; Motamedifar, Mohammad; Golmoghaddam, Hossein; Hosseini, Hamideh Mahmoodzadeh; Hashemi Report Mar 1, 2012 5246
Untreatable tuberculosis baffles doctors; public health officials and insurers are trying to figure out how to handle the deadly bacteria. Morris, Gregory D.L. Mar 1, 2012 432
Properties of copper: antimicrobial copper can be an effective ally in healthcare's battle against infections. Michels, Harold Interview Mar 1, 2012 830
BABIES TESTED AS BACTERIA FOUND; Deep cleaning starts after alert at Ulster. Jan 30, 2012 475
Isolation and evaluation of new probiotic bacteria for use in shellfish hatcheries: I. isolation and screening for bioactivity. Lim, H.J.; Kapareiko, D.; Schott, E.J.; Hanif, A.; Wikfors, G.H. Dec 1, 2011 5655
Resistencia a los antibacterianos en America Latina: consecuencias para la infectologia. Casellas, Jose Maria Report Dec 1, 2011 8979
Klebsiella ESBL bacteremia-mortality and risk factors. Tuon, Felipe Francisco; Kruger, Margot; Terreri, Marcos; Penteado-Filho, Sergio R.; Gortz, Lucas Nov 1, 2011 3166
Clinicopathologic correlation of epidemiologic and histopathologic features of pediatric bacterial lymphadenitis. Rosado, Flavia G. Nunes; Stratton, Charles W.; Mosse, Claudio A. Nov 1, 2011 1850
Dental diagnostics: molecular analysis of oral biofilms. Hiyari, Sarah; Bennett, Katie M. Report Sep 22, 2011 4233
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