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Covid claims 21 lives amid declining positivity rate in high-risk districts. Sep 19, 2021 574
Delta wave has peaked in emerging Asia, but headwinds remain. Sep 19, 2021 609
Living safely with COVID-19 in the 'new normal'. Sep 18, 2021 1183
Senior citizens urged to get jab as doses arrive-DOH-9. Sep 18, 2021 281
Gauteng Sport, Arts, Culture and Recreation takes Hanyani Wellness and Fitness programme to Fourways, 19 Sep. Sep 17, 2021 227
Edo govt urges vaccinations as COVID-19 infections rise to 1,098, with 54 deaths. Sep 16, 2021 343
COVID-19 Infection In Edo Rises To 1098, Mortalities Hit 54, As Govt Urges Vaccination. Sep 16, 2021 194
Around 3,000 health workers suspended in France over vaccination. Reuters News Service Sep 16, 2021 434
Edo: COVID-19 Mortalities Hit 54, Infection Surges To 1,098. Sep 15, 2021 399
Vaccination mandatory in Covid-Free Settings from Oct 1. Sep 15, 2021 172
'The Welsh NHS may well be heading into a crisis this winter'. MARK SMITH Health Correspondent Sep 15, 2021 2020
'Without a plan, the Welsh NHS may well be heading into a crisis this winter'. MARK SMITH Health correspondent Sep 15, 2021 1971
Managing blood clotting with viral vector vaccine. Bukhari, Mulazim Hussain; Rizwan, Wajiha Report Sep 15, 2021 1050
Why are cases up after vaxx? Sep 14, 2021 356
ADEA Statement Calls for COVID-19 Vaccine Requirements for Dental Schools, Programs. Sep 14, 2021 238
Cambodia is two percentage points short of full vaccination for adult population. Sep 13, 2021 386
Bahrain nears herd immunity. Sep 13, 2021 600
15 Baringo teachers succumb to Covid-19 related illnesses. Sep 12, 2021 156
25 more coronavirus patients die in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Sep 12, 2021 563
Race against time with virus 'offspring' on the rise. Dr. Theodore Karasik Sep 12, 2021 692
Three Vaccinations You Need: Getting vaccinated against the viruses that cause influenza, pneumonia and COVID-19 will help protect you against heart attack and stroke. Sep 12, 2021 441
7 persons die as Nigeria records 727 fresh COVID-19 cases -NCDC. Sep 10, 2021 444
New COVID-19 cases fall back under 1,900. Sep 10, 2021 519
FDA: Only 0.0017% of 13.8M fully vaccinated Filipinos had 'breakthrough' infections. Sep 9, 2021 400
Delta variant of SARS-CoV-2 surges to 3,323 cases in Cambodia, only Kratie province spared to date. Sep 9, 2021 391
Coronavirus: Schools could push infections higher, expert says. Evie Andreou Sep 8, 2021 387
Our lockdowns are worth it--but how do we move forward? Sep 7, 2021 1272
Ha NA?i ramps up vaccinations, wants health ministry's guidance on travels for fully vaccinated. Sep 6, 2021 666
Health Minister: 75% seats vacant in Dhaka hospitals as Covid infections eased. Sep 6, 2021 160
Parents of 12 to 15-year-olds 'to get Covid vaccine consent letters' before kids get jab; The government is set to press ahead with a plan to vaccinate children aged 12 to 15. The health benefits for them have been said to be "marginal" but it is argued that it would reduce the spread of infection. By, Tim Hanlon Sep 5, 2021 438
Saudi Arabia registers 7 COVID-19 deaths, 120 new cases. Rawan Radwan Sep 5, 2021 669
Virologists checking to see if third jab effective against new variants. Sep 3, 2021 174
We need clarity on vaccine passports; RECORD VIEW. Sep 3, 2021 257
Coronavirus vax cuts risk of long Covid, breakthrough infections: study. Sep 3, 2021 455
Vaccination: Not by force. Sep 3, 2021 1110
MOH: Immunocompromised persons, seniors in Singapore to start getting Covid-19 booster vaccine shots in coming weeks. Sep 3, 2021 731
Coronavirus vax cuts risk of long Covid, breakthrough infections: study. Sep 3, 2021 455
SA urged to vaccinate to counter resurgence of infections. Sep 3, 2021 840
Multiple Variants of SARS-CoV-2 in a University Outbreak After Spring Break--Chicago, Illinois, March-May 2021. Doyle, Kate; Teran, Richard A.; Reefhuis, Jennita; Kerins, Janna L.; Qiu, Xueting; Green, Stefan J.; Sep 3, 2021 2948
Covid recovery doesn't guarantee antibodies, immunity to re-infection. Sep 2, 2021 399
Covid recovery doesn't guarantee antibodies, immunity to re-infection. Sep 2, 2021 399
Govt mulls extension in Covid vaccination deadline. Sep 2, 2021 771
Gov't plan for booster shots raises eyebrows. Aug 31, 2021 501
WHO sees need for 'second generation' COVID-19 vaccines. Aug 31, 2021 334
COVID-19 VACCINE BREAKTHROUGH INFECTIONS AMONG HEALTH CARE WORKERS IN MILITARY INSTITUTES OF PAKISTAN - TILL 30TH JUNE 2021. Saira Maroof, Nausheen Bakht, Salman Saleem, Shazia Nisar, Zubaida Rashid, Eisha Mansoor and Asma If Aug 31, 2021 2320
The present and clear danger posed by Delta variant. Aug 30, 2021 569
Experts worried about rise of XDR typhoid among children, youngsters in city. Aug 30, 2021 670
KP vaccinates 30pc population against coronavirus. Aug 29, 2021 742
Coronavirus: How possible is herd immunity? Theo Panayides Aug 29, 2021 1310
Illinoisans 12-17 lagging in full vaccinations. Marni Pyke Aug 28, 2021 764
Illinoisans 12-17 lagging in full vaccinations Young: 8 outbreaks in the suburbs are school-related. Marni Pyke Aug 28, 2021 764
Lake, DuPage lead state in COVID-19 vaccination rates for kids 12-17. Marni Pyke Aug 28, 2021 765
Vaccine passports on table as cases soar, says minister; Young urged to get vaccinated as cases soar. CATHY OWEN, AINE FOX and IAN JONES Aug 28, 2021 1263
Speakers highlight Covid-19 risks in pregnancy. Aug 28, 2021 366
50% of Taiwan's imported Delta cases are breakthrough infections. Aug 27, 2021 335
Effectiveness of Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna Vaccines in Preventing SARS-CoV-2 Infection Among Nursing Home Residents Before and During Widespread Circulation of the SARS-CoV-2 B.1.617.2 (Delta) Variant--National Healthcare Safety Network, March 1-August 1, 2021. Nanduri, Srinivas; Pilishvili, Tamara; Derado, Gordana; Soe, Minn Minn; Dollard, Philip; Wu, Hsiu; L Aug 27, 2021 2901
SARS-CoV-2 Infections and Hospitalizations Among Persons Aged [greater than or equal to] 16 Years, by Vaccination Status--Los Angeles County, California, May 1-July 25, 2021. Griffin, Jennifer B.; Haddix, Meredith; Danza, Phoebe; Fisher, Rebecca; Koo, Tae Hee; Traub, Elizabe Aug 27, 2021 3306
Radio host died due to jab complications. Aug 27, 2021 518
Radio host died due to jab complications. Aug 27, 2021 515
Radio host died due to jab complications. Aug 27, 2021 515
Radio host died due to jab complications. Aug 27, 2021 518
Sydney cases dip, New Zealand keeps curbs until next week. Reuters News Service Aug 27, 2021 964
Radio host died due to jab complications. Aug 27, 2021 518
Radio host died due to jab complications. Aug 27, 2021 518
Covid hits unvaccinated patients hardest, hospital data reveals. Aug 26, 2021 522
Taiwan reports 1st imported breakthrough case vaccinated with China's Sinopharm. Aug 26, 2021 338
News digest: New infections highest since the end of the second wave. Aug 26, 2021 600
FEARS AS JABS FADE; COVID CRISIS: IMMUNITY BLOW Vaccine protection 'drops 50% in elderly' Booster pleas as deaths on rise again. MARTIN BAGOT Health Editor Aug 26, 2021 513
fears as jabs fade. MARTIN BAGOT Health Editor Aug 26, 2021 498
Experts push for vaccination to fight Delta, Lambda variants. Aug 25, 2021 887
'Vaccinated mums' milk contains antibodies'. Aug 25, 2021 243
Officials to face action over laxity in Covid-19 vaccination campaign. Aug 25, 2021 606
COVID19: Health experts want booster jab rollout now. fm Aug 25, 2021 428
Sydney cases hit record despite two months of lockdown. Reuters News Service Aug 25, 2021 529
'Don't delay third Covid booster vaccine shots -the virus is far from beaten'; The medical world is now split on when is the best time to start offering booster jabs but it would be better to err on the side of caution amid fears of a fresh wave of infections when schools return. By, Voice of the Mirror Aug 25, 2021 379
Azerbaijan discloses COVID-19 infection rate among schoolchildren. Aug 24, 2021 172
US data show rising 'breakthrough' infections among fully vaccinated. Reuters News Service Aug 24, 2021 320
Covid-19 booster significantly lowers infection risk -- Israeli researchers. Reuters News Service Aug 23, 2021 357
Hospital patients pass 300 for first time since March; >>>> Taoiseach admits infections a concern >>>> Warning as Delta peak weeks away. JONATHAN MCCAMBRIDGE and PAT FLANAGAN Aug 23, 2021 555
Covid-19: 29 new locally transmitted cases in Singapore, including 17 unlinked infections. Aug 23, 2021 376
Thailand preparing for life with Covid. Aug 23, 2021 544
Covid-19: Fully vaccinated individuals must not misuse special privileges, says Dr Noor Hisham. Aug 21, 2021 310
Israeli doctors find severe Covid-19 breakthrough cases mostly in older, sicker patients. Reuters News Service Aug 20, 2021 1103
Empowering women to win over cervical cancer through screening and vaccination. Aug 20, 2021 191
COVID -19: A'Ibom Acquires 63,336 Doses Of Vaccine As Active Cases Hit 796. Aug 19, 2021 401
Covid-19: Vaccination campaign underway at Daulatdia brothel. Aug 19, 2021 247
A'Ibom acquires 63,336 doses for mass vaccination as active cases hit 796. Aug 19, 2021 407
More than 250,000 in Kane County are fully vaccinated. James Fuller Aug 19, 2021 392
More than 250,000 Kane County residents have been vaccinated for COVID-19. James Fuller Aug 19, 2021 392
Sorrento says DYAI-100 elicits 'strong' neutralizing immune responses in animals. Aug 19, 2021 225
Foreign ministry clarifies entry policies for fully inoculated arrivals, vaccination for foreigners. Aug 19, 2021 817
Coronavirus: 'Increased vaccination coverage key to avoiding tough September'. Antigoni Pitta Aug 18, 2021 460
Living with the Delta variant. Aug 17, 2021 1235
Booster shot not a complete shield against Covid: Vandine. Aug 17, 2021 630
Increase in virus positivity rate worries govt. Aug 16, 2021 567
HSE BOSS: PATIENT RISE IS A CONCERN; COVID CRISIS: INFECTIONS RISING >>>>Huge spike in hospital numbers >>>>But Reid says jabs are working. DAVID YOUNG Aug 16, 2021 412
CureVac, GSK say CV2CoV shows improved immune response in preclinical study. Aug 16, 2021 332
COVID-19 vaccinations safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Aug 16, 2021 702
Palace sends good wishes to Mayor Isko Moreno; bats for COVID vax vs severe infection. Aug 16, 2021 454
The next level: Nosing in on nasal sprayed vaccine. Aug 16, 2021 564
Dr Sim: 203 of 358 infections detected in Kuching yesterday involved fully vaccinated individuals. Aug 15, 2021 382
Doctor says vaccination saved him from severity of infection. Aug 15, 2021 248
Vac to school; All pupils aged 16-17 to be offered jab before hols finish. Nigel Nelson POLITICAL EDITOR Aug 15, 2021 472
Covid-19: Dip in patients who require oxygen support; three new clusters detected in Singapore. Aug 14, 2021 488
Do we need boosters? Aug 14, 2021 1087
Sarawak group urges govt to wake up, re-strategise to fight Covid-19. Aug 14, 2021 335
Illinois logs the highest COVID-19 counts since April, but vaccinations are also up. Jake Griffin Aug 14, 2021 568
Doctors now push for vaccination of pregnant women as infections surge. Aug 12, 2021 682
Vaccination blunders: 2 health officials issued show cause notices. Aug 12, 2021 205
Top expert says herd immunity from Covid is 'not a possibility'. Aug 12, 2021 645
New cases at new high of over 2,200 despite month of toughest virus curbs. Aug 11, 2021 652
Texas Children's Hospital mandates COVID-19 vaccination for staff members. Aug 11, 2021 222
Texas Children's Hospital mandates COVID-19 vaccination for staff members. Aug 11, 2021 221
Why we need to get vaccinated--for our children. Aug 11, 2021 353
DC terms COVID 4th wave more deadly. Aug 10, 2021 345
U.S. averaging 100,000 new COVID-19 infections a day. Associated Press Aug 8, 2021 839
COVID vaccine boosters: the most important questions. Aug 8, 2021 604
Delta pushes U.S. infections to 100,000 a day. TERRY SPENCER and KELLI KENNEDY Associated Press Aug 8, 2021 468
Covid vax reduces organ transplant patients infection risk by 80%. Aug 7, 2021 264
EDITORIAL - Superspreaders. Editorial Aug 7, 2021 437
Gov't struggles to assuage distrust over COVID-19 vaccines. Aug 6, 2021 675
Covid-19: Spike in sporadic cases, vaccination to be Sabah's main strategy, says state minister. Aug 6, 2021 410
DR MUIA: Containment measures our only weapon. Aug 6, 2021 287
Outbreak of SARS-CoV-2 Infections, Including COVID-19 Vaccine Breakthrough Infections, Associated with Large Public Gatherings--Barnstable County, Massachusetts, July 2021. Brown, Catherine M.; Vostok, Johanna; Johnson, Hillary; Burns, Meagan; Gharpure, Radhika; Sami, Sami Aug 6, 2021 2425
Coronavirus: Full vaccination is key to protecting against serious Covid-19, EMA and ECDC say. Staff Reporter Aug 5, 2021 527
COVID19: Full vaccination prevents serious illness, EMA & ECDC advise. fm Aug 5, 2021 549
Virus update. Aug 5, 2021 293
'Cautious optimism worst of Covid finally over as jab programme expands to teens'; Experts on the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation deserve congratulations while infections below feared levels is giving us cautious optimism the worst is finally over. By, Voice of the Mirror Aug 5, 2021 323
More than nine-in-10 UK adults have Covid antibodies with levels still rising; The presence of antibodies suggests someone has had the infection in the past or has been vaccinated. By, Ian Jones, PA & Brett Gibbons Aug 5, 2021 418
Patients in critical condition increasing amid Delta variant spread. Aug 5, 2021 679
Jabs lauded but public must do more to fight Delta. Aug 5, 2021 639
Coega Wellness Centre becomes vaccination service. Aug 5, 2021 484
Vaccination helps immensely to reduce Covid-19 infections in Penang , says CM. Aug 5, 2021 239
Uphill battle ahead. Aug 4, 2021 495
How the coronavirus' delta variant disrupted Middle East's 'return to normal' plans. Rebecca Anne Proctor Aug 4, 2021 1620
Delta variant blamed for Bangladeshi surge in COVID-19 infections. SHEHAB SUMON Aug 4, 2021 628
One million Pakistanis vaccinated in a single day. Aug 4, 2021 455
Vaccination , Compliance to SOPs critically needed to control Covid : Expert. Aug 4, 2021 379
'Substantial' transmission. Marni Pyke Aug 3, 2021 659
'Substantial' transmission COVID: Kane County has lowest new case count in area. Marni Pyke Aug 3, 2021 659
Pritzker 'looking at all possible mitigations' Policy changes beginning to flow from CDC's updated guidance. JERRY NOWICKI Capitol News Illinois Aug 3, 2021 927
New COVID-19 cases per capita: Kane County lowest in the region, Will County highest. Marni Pyke Aug 3, 2021 695
Lockdown extended, Covid-19 infections yet to abate. Aug 3, 2021 612
Vaccine could give lifetime protection against Covid. DR MIRIAM STOPPARD Aug 3, 2021 430
The Delta belter: Infection intensity alarms scientists. Aug 2, 2021 504
1,260,975 COVID-19 doses administered;160 new infections reported in 24 hours. Aug 2, 2021 410
1,260,975 COVID-19 doses administered;160 new infections reported in 24 hours. Aug 2, 2021 410
UAE reports 1,537 new COVID-19 cases, 5 deaths in last 24 hours. Arab News Aug 2, 2021 182
Khairy vows to tighten SOPs at mega PPVs to reduce Covid infection risks. Aug 1, 2021 536
A two-track approach on Covid-19 pandemic is what we need. Aug 1, 2021 808
Outbreak of SARS-CoV-2 B.1.1.7 Lineage after Vaccination in Long-Term Care Facility, Germany, February-March 2021. Tober-Lau, Pinkus; Schwarz, Tatjana; Hillus, David; Spieckermann, Jana; Helbig, Elisa T.; Lippert, L Report Aug 1, 2021 2626
Becoming vaccine ambassadors: A new role for psychiatrists: What to do to help patients overcome barriers to vaccination. Lim, Carol; Van Alphen, Manjola U.; Freudenreich, Oliver Aug 1, 2021 5199
Plea goes out to under-30s who have evaded jab; youngsters asked to do their bit to bring down infections. DANIEL HOLLAND Local Democracy Reporter Jul 31, 2021 630
Egypt's Health Ministry starts issuing accredited COVID-19 vaccination certificates. Daily News Egypt Jul 31, 2021 207
Public urged to get vaccinated as CDC shows danger of COVID-19 Delta variant. Jul 31, 2021 255
Kenya receives 410,000 Covid-19 vaccine doses from UK as cases soar. Jul 31, 2021 1090
Dad has heart clot but says 'get the jab'. Jul 30, 2021 979
Pritzker 'looking at all possible mitigations' Policy changes beginning to flow from CDC's updated guidance. JERRY NOWICKI Capitol News Illinois Jul 30, 2021 927
Pritzker 'looking at all possible mitigations'; masks are now mandatory at driver facilities Policy changes beginning to flow from CDC's updated guidance. Nowicki, By Jerry Jul 30, 2021 928
Pritzker 'looking at all possible mitigations' Policy changes beginning to flow from CDC's updated guidance Mitigations. JERRY NOWICKI Capitol News Illinois Jul 30, 2021 928
Covid vaccine protection highly likely to wane over time -- UK advisers say. Reuters News Service Jul 30, 2021 153
Scientist says herd immunity is 'close' and further Covid lockdowns won't be needed; Data shows vaccinations are helping to prevent coronavirus infections and hopes have been raised we may be through the worst of the pandemic. By, Martin Bagot & Sonia Sharma Jul 30, 2021 845
Disparities in COVID-19 Vaccination Coverage Among Health Care Personnel Working in Long-Term Care Facilities, by Job Category, National Healthcare Safety Network--United States, March 2021. Lee, James T.; Ma, Sandy P. Althomsons; Wu, Hsiu; Budnitz, Daniel S.; Kalayil, Elizabeth J.; Lindley Jul 30, 2021 2517
SARS-CoV-2 Infection in Public School District Employees Following a District-Wide Vaccination Program--Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, March 21-April 23, 2021. Rubin, David; Eisen, Maggie; Collins, Sophia; Pennington, Jeffrey W.; Wang, Xi; Coffin, Susan Jul 30, 2021 2655
Guidance for Implementing COVID-19 Prevention Strategies in the Context of Varying Community Transmission Levels and Vaccination Coverage. Christie, Athalia; Brooks, John T.; Hicks, Lauri A.; Sauber-Schatz, Erin K.; Yoder, Jonathan S.; Hon Jul 30, 2021 3189
Mexico Hotspots Now Requiring Vaccination, Testing To Enter Hotels, Bars, Restaurants. Jul 29, 2021 439
Mexico Hotspots Now Requiring Vaccination, Testing To Enter Hotels, Bars, Restaurants. Jul 29, 2021 439
Mexico Hotspots Now Requiring Vaccination, Testing To Enter Hotels, Bars, Restaurants. Jul 29, 2021 439
Experts term hepatitis vaccination as need of hour. Jul 29, 2021 369
We probably won't face more national lockdowns; Azeem Majeed Professor of Primary Care & Public Health, Imperial College London. Jul 29, 2021 211
Association of Black Cardiologists encourages universal COVID-19 vaccination mandates for health care workforce. Jul 29, 2021 185
Association of Black Cardiologists encourages universal COVID-19 vaccination mandates for health care workforce. Jul 29, 2021 186
Ministers warned of 'health risk' to opening borders to jabbed US and EU arrivals; Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab insisted plans to allow fully-vaccinated travellers to avoid self isolation were 'sensible'. By, Lizzy Buchan Jul 29, 2021 544
Vaccinated Brits who catch Covid are reporting unique symptom; The most common symptoms of Covid are a temperature, a new persistent cough and a loss or change of taste or smell. By, Sophie Law & Matthew Dresch & Maria Cassidy Jul 28, 2021 441
Austria imposes PCR testing for Cyprus arrivals. fm Jul 28, 2021 308
Covid denier, 28, warns mum 'this is not a hoax' before dying from coronavirus; Christy Carpenter has vowed to tell her tragic son Curt's story in an attempt to convince others who believe Covid-19 isn't real to get vaccinated. By, Sam Elliott-Gibbs Jul 27, 2021 511
More workers could be required to get shots Pritzker considering it for state employees as case rate hits 3.5%, vaccinations level off. Jake Griffin Jul 27, 2021 690
Pritzker considering mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations for state employees as case counts rise. Jake Griffin Jul 27, 2021 690
World needs new plan to help us live with COVID-19. Sara Al-Mulla Jul 27, 2021 971
Gaming the system only damages attempts to tackle COVID-19 outbreak. Jul 26, 2021 929
Rare 'breakthrough' COVID cases are causing alarm, confusion. LAURAN NEERGAARD AP Medical Writer Jul 26, 2021 856
NYC, California mandate Covid-19 vaccines for gov't workers. Reuters News Service Jul 26, 2021 686
Illinois averaging 80% more cases this week. Jake Griffin Jul 24, 2021 557
Region to be focus of extra measures to tackle outbreak. DANIEL HOLLAND Local Democracy Reporter Jul 24, 2021 1049
New push to increase levels of vaccinations. DANIEL HOLLAND Local democracy reporter Jul 24, 2021 733
Struggle with low vaccine uptake and high infection rate; local leaders concerned as covid-19 on the rise. LIAM THORP Political editor @LIAMTHORPECHO Jul 23, 2021 638
Explained: COVID-19 vaccine side effectsA and vaccinations. Jul 23, 2021 756
Heathrow and Gatwick: Italy brings in new travel rules in fresh blow to summer holiday plans; Move comes amid spike in Covid infections. By, Isabella D'Emilio Jul 23, 2021 425
Why flu could be worse than Covid with 'one of most severe outbreaks for years'; Flu was virtually non-existent last season as coronavirus raged out of control in the UK, but experts have warned that it could pose a bigger threat than Covid this winter. By, Chris Kitching Jul 22, 2021 1053
Infection rates hit high as military support withdrawn. Jul 22, 2021 409
I caught Covid and ended up in intensive care on my 33rd birthday. I thought I'd never see my son again. If you're thinking of not getting jab READ MY STORY AND THINK AGAIN; YOUNG WARNED TO GET VACCINE Johnson OAPS Airline chiefs Dad describes horrifying battle for life after infection. EXCLUSIVE BY VIVIENNE AITKEN Health Editor Jul 22, 2021 968
GeoVax Labs announces presentation on Sudan Ebolavirus vaccine data. Jul 22, 2021 230
Variant threat is real. Jul 22, 2021 919
'Get vaxxed', singer urges after catching coronavirus. Jul 21, 2021 297
With never-ending variants, is it still possible to have a good Christmas? Jul 20, 2021 1492
Pediatric group: All in schools should mask up Mask: Group being 'very cautious' as infections increase, doctor says. Marni Pyke Jul 20, 2021 541
Moscow lifts dining restrictions as Russia hits record deaths. VLADIMIR ISACHENKOV Associated Press Jul 17, 2021 519
DOST to study breakthrough infections. Jul 16, 2021 383
Number of infections and deaths over the summer expected to be fewer than first predicted. - new research. CATHY OWEN and ANDREW FORGRAVE Jul 16, 2021 567
'K-quarantine' faces a crisis amid 4th wave of infections. Jul 15, 2021 868
Inner city areas will pay the price as the rest of us go free. Jonathan Walker Jul 15, 2021 934
Melbourne joins Sydney in lockdown as Covid-19 spreads in Australia. Reuters News Service Jul 15, 2021 681
US Covid-19 cases on the rise again; The upswing has been driven by the fast-spreading Delta variant, lagging vaccination rates and Fourth of July gatherings. By, Matt Gibson Jul 14, 2021 498
Delta surge forces new virus restrictions. Jul 13, 2021 817
Mayor Sara retains RT-PCR requisite for Davao City travelers. Jul 13, 2021 408
Living with COVID-19: Israel changes strategy as Delta variant hits. Reuters News Service Jul 13, 2021 821
HCWs suspend OPDs and vaccination centres over non-release of risk allowance. Jul 13, 2021 641
New-infection averages nearly double in a week. Marni Pyke Jul 13, 2021 459
News digest: 35 infections with the Delta variant confirmed so far. Jul 12, 2021 1016
As Nigeria Brace To Fight COVID-19 Variants. Jul 11, 2021 1164
OP-ED: Is a third dose really needed? Jul 11, 2021 975
Virus update. Jul 10, 2021 257
Do I need to take precautions at hotels if I'm vaccinated? DEE-ANN DURBIN AP Business Writer Jul 10, 2021 312
Predicting the New Normal: the Future of Covid-19. Jul 10, 2021 818
JKJAV: Recovered Covid-19 patients no longer need to wait three months for vaccination. Jul 9, 2021 303
Don't shun jab over infections after injection. Jul 9, 2021 481
FirstA COVID-19 variantA vaccineA AZD2816A PhaseA II/III trialA participants vaccinatedA. Jul 8, 2021 540
Quanta's Medolife Rx announces clinical observations on Escozine. Jul 8, 2021 198
Covid antibodies in nearly 92% of adults; UK edges closer to h antibody levels in aherd immunity as adults exceed 90%. IAN JONES and RUTH MOSALSKI Jul 8, 2021 1158
No quarantine for fully vaccinated travellers arriving in Sri Lanka. Jul 7, 2021 367
Dhaka extends COVID-19 lockdown for another week amid surge in cases. SHEHAB SUMON Jul 7, 2021 845
CCSA warns Delta infections could soar to 10,000 next week. Jul 7, 2021 241
DOH backs LGU power to demand swab tests. Jul 7, 2021 388
Biden Warns Unvaccinated Are Putting Communities at Risk. Jul 6, 2021 802
Philippines sees 4,114 new coronavirus infections. Jul 6, 2021 233
80% of all jabs deployed to Bangkok to protect vulnerable against Delta. Jul 5, 2021 197
Vaccination of staff, traders at Eid cattle markets mandatory. Jul 5, 2021 985
Measles campaign in Balochistan to start today. Jul 5, 2021 318
Eidul Azha seen as next big test in Covid fight. Jul 5, 2021 968
Covid guidelines for Eidul Azha issued. Jul 4, 2021 750
Delta variant COVID-19 cases rise in Lebanon. NAJIA HOUSSARI Jul 4, 2021 717
This pandemic is far from over. Dr. Theodore Karasik Jul 4, 2021 914
No lockdown plans in Russia as virus deaths hit new record. Jul 3, 2021 523
Delta variant sweeps Asia, prompting curbs as vaccination remains tepid. Reuters News Service Jul 3, 2021 799
Pandemic spreads, but ViA?t Nam now more sophisticated. Jul 3, 2021 1207
ViA?t Nam to receive 8 million COVID-19 vaccine dosesA this month: health minister. Jul 2, 2021 445
KP govt extends public health emergency for three more months. Jul 1, 2021 533
COVID-19 mass vaccination campaign for healthcare workers in a low-resource setting: A clinician-driven initiative. Reddy, D.L.; Dangor, Z.; Lala, N.; Johnstone, J.; Maswabi, L.; Tsitsi, J.M.L. Report Jul 1, 2021 3269
Improving Shingles Vaccination Rates in Family Medicine. Luther, Jeffrey S. Report Jul 1, 2021 4474
Delta variant adds urgency to nations' COVID response. Jun 30, 2021 756
3m more doses of vaccine arrive from China. Jun 30, 2021 718
Parents register their children for COVID-19 jabs across Saudi Arabia. DEEMA AL-KHUDAIR Jun 30, 2021 298
Cloth masks will not protect you. Jun 29, 2021 218
THE PAIN IN SPAIN; DAILY RECORD MORE AT DAILYRECORD.CO.UK tuesday, June 29, 2021 DAILY RECORD Tuesday, June 29, 2021 MORE AT DAILYRECORD.CO.UK PAGE 5 AMBER NATIONS PLAN AS GREEN LIST GROWS Record rise in daily infections here means countries crack down on Scots holidaymakers without double vaccinations. SARAH VESTY Jun 29, 2021 683
Cloth masks will not protect you from Covid, doctor warns. Jun 29, 2021 198
COVID19: Call for 'safe pass' outdoors amid cases surge. fm Jun 29, 2021 474
Former VP urges Taiwan to acquire massive amount of vaccines ASAP. Jun 29, 2021 403
KP health dept wants to boost Covid vaccination ahead of fourth wave. Jun 28, 2021 585
NCOC daily update: Lowest Covid-19 deaths in 5 months. Jun 28, 2021 234
Southern Taiwan township racing to vaccinate amid Delta outbreak. Jun 27, 2021 202
7-day quarantine for fully vaccinated arrivals to be trialled. Jun 26, 2021 586
Hundreds of walk-in vaccination sites open as Covid cases continue to soar; The sites are opening this weekend in a bid to stamp out coronavirus variants that have led to a renewed surge in infections, creating a 'race to the finish' before final lockdown restrictions can be removed. By, Sam Rkaina Jun 26, 2021 638
6,871 new COVID-19 infections push Philippines caseload to 1.39M. Jun 26, 2021 258
UK records highest Covid cases since early February with 18,270 more infected; Daily positive cases have been rising in Britain for a month but a rapid vaccination programme appears to have largely broken the link between infections and deaths. By, Karen Rockett & Danya Bazaraa Jun 26, 2021 410
'Third Covid wave to peak in July in Wales' ''hird Covid wave set to peak in July'. ADAM HALE and WILL HAYWARD Jun 26, 2021 1039
Covid SOPs equally helped in checking diarrhea, respiratory infections. Jun 26, 2021 427
Symptomatic patients told to go slow on Covid jabs. Jun 25, 2021 591
Under-24s drive increase in North East Covid cases. SOPHIE FINNEGAN Reporter Jun 25, 2021 777
COVID-19 vaccine safe for pregnant women after 1st trimester. By: Times News Service Jun 25, 2021 184
Nearly all COVID deaths in US are now among unvaccinated. CARLA K. JOHNSON and MIKE STOBBE AP Medical Writers Jun 25, 2021 943
Exposure to Delta COVID-19 virus variant may cause vaccinated Israelis to quarantine. Jun 23, 2021 185
Exposure to Delta COVID-19 virus variant may cause vaccinated Israelis to quarantine. Jun 23, 2021 184
New infections in 300s for 2nd day, variants remain worrisome. Jun 22, 2021 678
We must all learn lessons from what is happening now. Giuseppe Bignardi Jun 21, 2021 730
Employers can turn the vaccination tide. Marni Pyke Jun 21, 2021 453
Getting the second dose, fighting hesitancy. Jun 21, 2021 996
Sinovac still 'good vaccine,' says health expert amid Indonesia infections. Jun 21, 2021 269
Learning lessons from COVID-19 hotspots. Kerry Boyd Anderson Jun 21, 2021 975
Boost vaccination to tame Covid-19 scare. Jun 20, 2021 359
Philippines sees 6,959 new coronavirus infections. Jun 19, 2021 201
Coronavirus: new appeal to under 30s to get jabbed, uptake still slow. Antigoni Pitta Jun 19, 2021 510
HCM City urgesA residentsA to strictly maintain social distancingA as cases keep rising. Jun 19, 2021 670
CECC says Taiwan's mortality rate after AZ shot less than S Korea. Jun 18, 2021 547
Why Flu Jab Is Important For The Diabetic. Jun 17, 2021 1171
jab kids i ds in class; THURSDAY CORONAVIRUS CRISIS: T : TEENS PLAN AS CASES SOAR >>>>Mass vaccinations for over-12s may be rolled out across schools >>>>Infections surge above 9,000 a day for first time since February. EXCLUSIVE BY DAN BLOOM and LIZZY BUCHAN Jun 17, 2021 382
New virus cases spike to 500s amid accelerating vaccination drive. Jun 16, 2021 483
Duterte appeals to travel-eager public: Get vaccinated first. Jun 15, 2021 469
New virus cases drop further to 374, the lowest since March 23. Jun 15, 2021 422
Bear with elderly - legislator. Jun 13, 2021 273
New virus cases back under 500 on fewer tests, vaccinations gaining traction. Jun 13, 2021 214
Covid-19 vaccine cuts down chances of infection, not total protection, says Sarawak minister. Jun 12, 2021 365
Ethiopia to vaccinate 2 million against cholera in Tigray region. Jun 12, 2021 489
PHL receives 2.28 million Pfizer doses from Covax. Jun 11, 2021 558
We Must Reopen Schools This Fall. Here's How! Jun 11, 2021 892
Okavango residents embrace COVID - 19 vaccination. Jun 10, 2021 439
COVID-19 cases in the Philippines hit 1.29M after DOH logs 7,485 new infections. Jun 10, 2021 189
City's over-25s urged to book in for vaccine. DANIEL HOLLAND Local democracy reporter Jun 10, 2021 595
New virus cases bounce back to over 600; vaccination drive on smooth path. Jun 9, 2021 418
Boost for jabs campaign: More bite for government's drive to achieve herd immunity. Jun 9, 2021 1043
How employers can turn the vaccination tide. Marni Pyke Jun 9, 2021 601
How employers can turn the vaccination tide Work: Health departments ready to bring vaccine to employers. Marni Pyke Jun 9, 2021 601
How employers can turn the tide of COVID-19 vaccinations. Marni Pyke Jun 9, 2021 601
New virus cases in 400s for 2nd day amid vaccination push. Jun 8, 2021 456
Readers' Letters: How successful has vaccine roll-out been? The strategy of gradual release of COVID-19 restrictions in the UK relies on the prediction that the highly touted vaccination roll-out will prevent, or at least mitigate any resultant rise in infection rates. However we now see evidence of a third wave in Scotland. Cases are surging especially in the most densely populated areas with Edinburgh and Glasgow now recording 7 day positive infection rates per 100,000 of 149.7 and 147 respectively, contrasting with the overall rate for Scotland of 88.1. Scotsman Letters Letter to the editor Jun 8, 2021 1644
Jabs f bs for over-25s; COVID CRISIS: : RACE BETWEEN VIRUS & VAXX >>>>NHS boss: Scheme on "the home straight >>>>Unlock date at risk as 'third wave begins'. BEN GLAZE Deputy Political Editor and MARTIN BAGOT Health Editor Jun 8, 2021 679

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