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Environmental Health and Justice in a Chinese Environmental Model City. Zhang, Zhenguo; Liu, Lee Jan 1, 2021 6028
Locals at 'end of their tether' over pollution in beck; popular area closed off due to 'risk to health'. STUART ARNOLD Local democracy reporter @LDRARNOLD Dec 28, 2020 704
Potential Risk Assessment of Pharmaceutical Waste: Critical Review and Analysis. Akash, Muhammad Sajid Hamid; Rehman, Kanwal; Sabir, Shakila; Gul, Javeria; Hussain, Iqbal Sep 1, 2020 6394
E-Scooters must be safe and regulated before being fully legalised - Vikki Melville; Trials under way amid hopes that solo vehicles can reduce pollution and help contain virus, writes Vikki Melville. Vikki Melville Aug 17, 2020 759
Biochemical Monitoring of Toxic-Carcinogenic Organic Pollutions: CYP450 in Carp Fish In Different Lakes. Keskinkaya, Hatice Banu; Akkoz, Cengiz; Gumus, Numan Emre; Karakurt, Serdar Aug 1, 2020 5714
Occurrence of Enteric Viruses in Surface Water and the Relationship with Changes in Season and Physical Water Quality Dynamics. Opere, Wasonga Michael; John, Maingi; Ombori, Omwoyo Jul 31, 2020 9000
Water quality risks to health; Report reveals pollution fear on septic tank systems. TREVOR QUINN Jul 24, 2020 349
Resident Perceptions of Environmental Pollution in Recreational Areas Flooded by Hurricane Harvey in Houston, Texas. Horney, Jennifer A.; Stone, Katy L.; Karaye, Ibraheem M.; Rauscher, Emily A. Cover story Jul 1, 2020 5810
Effects of ZnO Nanoparticles and Biochar of Rice Straw and Cow Manure on Characteristics of Contaminated Soil and Sunflower Productivity, Oil Quality, and Heavy Metals Uptake. Seleiman, Mahmoud F.; Alotaibi, Majed A.; Alhammad, Bushra Ahmed; Alharbi, Basmah M.; Refay, Yahya; Jun 1, 2020 10461
Antibacterial Activities of Selected Pure Compounds Isolated from Gut Bacteria of Animals Living in Polluted Environments. Akbar, Noor; Siddiqui, Ruqaiyyah; Iqbal, Mazhar; Khan, Naveed Ahmed Report Apr 1, 2020 4706
Pollution reduction plan in Merthyr Tydfil will not increase health risk elsewhere in the town, council officers say; Traffic on Pontmorlais High Street and Church Street has been reversed to reduce traffic and pollution in the area and council officers are confident this won't increase the health risk in other parts of town. Anthony Lewis Feb 2, 2020 720
Govt taking steps to quash health hazard impacts of pollution: PM). Dec 2, 2019 235
Govt taking steps to quash health hazard impacts of pollution: PM. Dec 2, 2019 178
PM: (Govt taking steps to quash health hazard impacts of pollution: PM). Dec 1, 2019 235
Victims of pollution. Nov 15, 2019 439
Shocking truth about our air will leave you breathless... Atmospheric pollution behind a rise in deaths. Aug 25, 2019 701
Microplastic pollution is everywhere, but not necessarily a risk to human health. Aug 22, 2019 637
Microplastic pollution is everywhere, but not necessarily a risk to human health: UN expert. Aug 22, 2019 703
Campaigners call for 'completely unsafe' bridge to stay shut after enjoying two pollution-free years; Residents living around Salters Bridge want it to be closed to traffic permanently after noticing a serious improvement in their health because of the drop in toxic fumes. Jul 18, 2019 593
Decadal changes and ecological risk assessment of trace and heavy metal elements in soils of a desert oasis, Linze County, China. Yang, Rong; Du, Zeyu; Kong, Junqia Report Mar 1, 2019 6547
EPA ROLLBACKS: Hurting Americans Where They Live: A look inside the agency's Midwest office. Jackson, Derrick Z. Jan 1, 2019 4697
Innovation Fungi, Toxins Foundation in Maize Grains Collected from Various Iraqi Marketplaces. Mezeal, Intesar Ali; hussin, Moayad Salih; Mizil, Shaimaa N. Report Dec 1, 2018 2973
Phosphorus Recovery From Surface Waters: Protecting Public Health and Closing the Nutrient Cycle. Jin, Guang; Bierma, Thomas J. Sep 1, 2018 4819
Poisoned on the platforms - the train pollution hazard at Birmingham New Street station; It has been claimed the Birmingham city centre station poses the biggest pollution-related risk to public health in the city. Aug 10, 2018 844
Pollution and Global Health--An Agenda for Prevention. Landrigan, Philip J.; Fuller, Richard; Hu, Howard; Caravanos, Jack; Cropper, Maureen L.; Hanrahan, D Author abstract Aug 1, 2018 5522
Plastic pollution creating health hazards. Jun 6, 2018 310
Warning over danger of 'invisible pollution' little information available about problem - councillor. May 4, 2018 373
New Street Station pollution is 'major public health issue' Harmful emissions from idling trains soar past safe levels. Mar 22, 2018 132
Plasma Concentrations of Perfluoroalkyl Substances and Risk of Type 2 Diabetes: A Prospective Investigation among U.S. Women. Sun, Qi; Zong, Geng; Valvi, Damaskini; Nielsen, Flemming; Coull, Brent; Grandjean, Philippe Report Mar 1, 2018 11410
Drilling and Production Activity Related to Unconventional Gas Development and Severity of Preterm Birth. Whitworth, Kristina Walker; Marshall, Amanda Kaye; Symanski, Elaine Report Mar 1, 2018 8958
2 MINUTES ON; Pollution's effect on our health. Jan 5, 2018 210
Assessing Cancer Risk Associated with Aquatic Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Pollution Reveals Dietary Routes of Exposure and Vulnerable Populations. Gearhart-Serna, Larisa M.; Jayasundara, Nishad; Tacam, Moises, Jr.; Di Giulio, Richard; Devi, Gayath Disease/Disorder overview Jan 1, 2018 6395
GREATEST SCOURGE. Dec 29, 2017 328
PMA terms water pollution major threat to public health. Dec 8, 2017 254
'Crisis' awaits as rivers ravaged by raw sewage; pollution a major risk to human health and ecosystem. Oct 21, 2017 638
Pollution causes severe health hazards: DC. Oct 19, 2017 171
Assessment of microbial diversity in marine waters along the Uran coastal area of Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Pawar, Prabhakar R. Report Aug 1, 2017 5884
Industry pollution causing health risk. Jul 27, 2016 233
Lebanon suffers pollution by land, sea and air Citizens' average age down by 25%. Mar 18, 2016 945
Environmental pollution: an underrecognized threat to children's health, especially in low- and middle-income countries. Suk, William A.; Ahanchian, Hamid; Asante, Kwadwo Ansong; Carpenter, David O.; Diaz-Barriga, Fernand Report Mar 1, 2016 5839
Coal pollution has highest mortality risk. Krisberg, Kim Feb 1, 2016 228
Defilement, disgust, and disease: the experiential basis of Hittite and Akkadian terms for impurity. Feder, Yitzhaq Essay Jan 1, 2016 10889
New link in the food chain? Marine plastic pollution and seafood safety: investigators are researching whether consumption of plastic debris by marine organisms translates into toxic exposures for people who eat seafood. Seltenrich, Nate Feb 1, 2015 5058
Arising from the ashes? Environmental health in Detroit. Lougheed, Tim Dec 1, 2014 4809
Eliminate electromagnetic pollution to eliminate disease. Strasheim, Connie Essay Nov 1, 2014 2681
Priorities for breast cancer research: taking stock of chemicals, biomarkers, and exposure assessment tools. Sep 1, 2014 852
New exposure biomarkers as tools for breast cancer epidemiology, biomonitoring, and prevention: a systematic approach based on animal evidence. Rudel, Ruthann A.; Ackerman, Janet M.; Attfield, Kathleen R.; Brody, Julia Green Report Sep 1, 2014 18435
Association of global DNA methylation and global DNA hydroxymethylation with metals and other exposures in human blood DNA samples. Tellez-Plaza, Maria; Tang, Wan-yee; Shang, Yan; Umans, Jason G.; Francesconi, Kevin A.; Goessler, Wa Report Sep 1, 2014 11001
The effects of urban pollution on the reproductive physiology of California halibut (Paralichthys californicus). Scanlon, M.M.; Forsgren, K.L. Author abstract Aug 1, 2014 259
Pollution is among causes of lung cancer, DOH chief warns. Jul 3, 2014 171
Canaries in a toxic world. Brief article Jul 1, 2014 311
Implementation antiviral activity of cyanobacteria collected from oil-polluted areas in south of Iran. Ardakani, Soheila Sadat Mirhoseini; Dezfulian, Mehrouz; Soltani, Neda Report Jun 20, 2014 2585
A unique co-culture model for fundamental and applied studies of human fetoplacental steroidogenesis and interference by environmental chemicals. Thibeault, Andree-Anne Hudon; Deroy, Kathy; Vaillancourt, Cathy; Sanderson, J. Thomas Report Apr 1, 2014 6791
High mortality rate linked to environmental pollution in Sudan: ministry. Jan 24, 2014 248
Levels of heavy metals in adolescents living in the industrialised area of Milazzo-Valle del Mela (Northern Sicily). Interdonato, Monica; Bitto, Alessandra; Pizzino, Gabriele; Irrera, Natasha; Pallio, Giovanni; Mecchi Report Jan 1, 2014 5616
Epithelial micronuclei occurrence among the school children in the province of Cavite, Philippines. Macawile, Janet P.; Sia Su, Glenn L. Report Dec 1, 2013 2527
"Another layer of colonialism": resource extraction, toxic pollution and First Nations. Riahi, Aru; McSorley, Tim Nov 1, 2013 1034
Severe pollution is responsible for shortening life expectancy in northern China by an average of 5.5 years. Gajewski, Karen Ann Brief article Sep 1, 2013 117
Polluted water causing health hazards. Jul 8, 2013 176
Determinants and within-person variability of urinary Cadmium concentrations among women in Northern California. Gunier, Robert B.; Horn-Ross, Pamela L.; Canchola, Alison J.; Duffy, Christine N.; Reynolds, Peggy; Report Jun 1, 2013 8689
Exposure to perfluoroalkyl acids and markers of kidney function among children and adolescents living near a chemical plant. Watkins, Deborah J.; Josson, Jyoti; Elston, Beth; Bartell, Scott M.; Shin, Hyeong-Moo; Vieira, Veron Report May 1, 2013 7619
Polluted water causing health hazards. Mar 10, 2013 178
Polluted water causing health hazards. Mar 10, 2013 178
Alarm over coal dust: nurses have joined a Newcastle-based community campaign to warn of the health hazards from increasing coal shipments. Mar 1, 2013 876
Health expert slams pollution study: NSW Health was not adequately consulted in the environmental assessment of Newcastle's controversial coal loader, says professor. Mar 1, 2013 410
Polluted water causing health hazards. Dec 21, 2012 178
Early arrival: premature puberty among girls poses scientific puzzle. Beil, Laura Dec 1, 2012 2991
Polluted water causing health hazards. Nov 13, 2012 218
Personal monitoring device predicts breathing rates, environmental dose. Brief article Jun 1, 2012 146
Noise pollution increasingly posing as health hazard. May 3, 2012 258
Environment and reproductive health in China challenges and opportunities. Li, Weihua; Chen, Bo; Ding, Xuncheng Editorial May 1, 2012 1831
Estimated acute effects of ambient ozone and nitrogen dioxide on mortality in the pearl river delta of southern China. Tao, Yebin; Huang, Wei; Huang, Xiaoliang; Zhong, Liuju; Lu, Shou-En; Li, Yi; Dai, Lingzhen; Zhang, Y Report Mar 1, 2012 7375
WHO: air pollution a continuing health threat in world's cities. Currie, Donya Feb 1, 2012 522
Pollution alert over burning of tyres. Jan 20, 2012 388
'Pollution more than doubled cancer risk'. Nov 18, 2011 371
Dear EarthTalk: how clear (or not) are the links between the rising incidents of cancers around the world and the prevalence of synthetic chemicals in modern society? Nov 13, 2011 603
Dryer vents: an overlooked source of pollution? Kessler, Rebecca Report Nov 1, 2011 1518
Arsenic levels in the soil and risk of birth defects: a population-based case-control study using GIS technology. Wu, Jilei; Chen, Gong; Liao, Yilan; Song, Xinming; Pei, Lijun; Wang, Jinfeng; Zheng, Xiaoying Report Nov 1, 2011 4339
Dear Earthtalk: pharmaceuticals were in the news again recently, how they are polluting water and raising a host of health issues because we dispose of them both unused and used through body waste elimination. what can be done? Sep 12, 2011 508
Increasing of cancer infection in Maysan province, results of environmental pollution. Jul 2, 2011 107
Passing down pollution: calculating intergenerational exposure to PCBs. Kessler, Rebecca May 1, 2011 463
Research shows Highways polluted severely. Apr 30, 2011 773
In Iraq, breathing can be unhealthy: small particles in air add to dangers facing U.S. troops. Ehrenberg, Rachel Brief article Apr 23, 2011 288
Five simple steps to reduce your exposure to electronic pollution. Apr 1, 2011 1071
Your health endangered. Brown, Lester R. Mar 1, 2011 1014
Dear Earthtalk: Aren't environmental issues primarily about health? Detractors like to trivialize environmentalists as "tree huggers," but the bottom line is that pollution makes us sick, right? Wouldn't people care more if they had a better understanding of that? Jan 23, 2011 575
The overlooked pollution that can ruin your health - and how to protect yourself. Gerald, Goldberg Jan 1, 2011 1219
Incidence of Hepatitis B and C in Industrial Areas of Sheikhupura and Kasur. Report Dec 31, 2010 3011
The soot that falls from chimneys. Potter, Polyxeni Sep 1, 2010 1591
Pollution danger alert as sewer pipes are exposed; Warning over Holmfirth river health risk. Aug 14, 2010 435
Exposure science past and future. Brief article Aug 1, 2010 192
Understanding patterns of environmental disease. Brief article Aug 1, 2010 238
Pulling back the curtain: improving reviews in environmental health. Woodruff, Tracey J.; Sutton, Patrice Editorial Aug 1, 2010 1291
Cancer report examines environmental hazards. Report Aug 1, 2010 691
Power to the pedals: after decades of trial and error, the ingredients for robust urban cycling cultures are becoming clear. Gardner, Gary Jul 1, 2010 3705
Pollution link to risk of stroke; HEALTH. May 24, 2010 107
'No proof' polluted waters are causing cockle deaths. May 1, 2010 307
Curbing contamination; utilizing oil-free air for all critical manufacturing endeavors will virtually eliminate the risk of oil contamination in food products and packaging materials as well as reduce health risks and pollution. Humphreys, Paul; Copco, Atlas Apr 1, 2010 891
A complex relationship: psychosocial stress, pollution, and health. Adler, Tina Report Sep 1, 2009 472
Cancer and mitochondria defects: new 21st century research. Peskin, Brian Clinical report Aug 1, 2009 3061
E.coli bug found in garden centres' water features; Young children are most at risk from pollution. Feb 23, 2009 522
Using live fish, new tool a sentinel for environmental contamination. Dec 1, 2008 338
Polluted river poses health threat to Bourj Hammoud. Sep 5, 2008 590
Environmental pollution and diabetes may be linked: scientists call for more research into neglected area. May 1, 2008 470
EPA's mercury pollution plan broke Clean Air Act, court rules. Apr 1, 2008 581
Pollution causes 40 percent of all deaths. Arias, Donya C. Brief article Oct 1, 2007 218
Environmental exposure assessment, pollution sources, and exposure agents: a primer for pediatric nursing professionals. Shendell, Derek G.; Pike-Paris, Ann Mar 1, 2007 2865
Dirty spaces: communication and contamination in men's public toilets (1). Barcan, Ruth Jun 1, 2005 8213
Who's in Charge of Protecting Children's Health at School? A Report on "America's Largest Unaddressed Children's Health Crisis". Barnett, Claire L. Report Jan 1, 2005 193
Air quality and transportation: Emissions are on the decline, and efforts from the Federal to the local levels will help continue this trend. Jensen, Gary Jul 1, 2003 2803
Beyond the dirty dozen: twelve chemicals, known to cause severe health problems in humans, are closely controlled or even banned completely, but there are still tens of thousands of other artificial substances that are a byproduct of our industrial society about which very little is known. (Toxicity). Sep 1, 2002 2863
Finnish study shows pollution worsens heart disease. Brief Article Jul 30, 2002 150
Differential apoptotic response and cytotoxic effects of PAHs on MCF-7 cells. Raychoudhury, Samir Brief Article Jan 1, 2002 239
A Better Way to Measure the Effect of Pollution on Human Lungs. Brief Article Sep 1, 2001 277
A License to Kill. Cray, Charlie Brief Article Sep 1, 2001 272
Homeopathic treatment in a polluted world. Scheiman-Burkhardt, Zahava Brief Article Sep 1, 2001 799
CDC Report 011 Human Exposure to Environmental Chemicals. Brief Article Jul 1, 2001 163
Environmental Health and Antisocial Behavior: Implications for Public Policy. May 1, 2001 349
KUWAIT TEN YEARS ON. Norton, Andre Statistical Data Included Oct 1, 2000 1402
Mercury Toxicity in Plants. PATRA, MANOMITA; SHARMA, ARCHANA Jul 1, 2000 24089
Energy Ethics. Mar 1, 2000 2373
Cancer Alley, Louisiana : a 100-mile stretch is home to numerous industrial sites-and many sick people. Koeppel, Barbara Nov 8, 1999 4097
China's Environment in the Balance. Wang, Chenggang (Charles) Oct 1, 1999 2901
Brain Storm. REMBERT, TRACEY C. Jul 1, 1999 1270
TREATING THE CAUSES. Editorial Jun 22, 1999 654
Detective Work. COLE, DONALD C.; UPSHUR, ROSS E.G.; GIBSON, BRIAN L. Jun 22, 1999 5551
Airports: deadly neighbors. Miller, Charles R. Jun 22, 1998 916
The five worst environmental threats to children's health. May 1, 1998 1173
Touring the breast-cancer industry. Swissler, Mary Ann Brief Article Dec 1, 1997 267
Premature puberty: is early sexual development the price of pollution? Gillette, Becky Nov 1, 1997 1244
Children at risk: the young are harmed far more by toxic pollutants than adults, suggest new research on wildlife and humans. Monks, Vicki Jun 1, 1997 3843
Hormone mimics get harder to pigeonhole. Raloff, Janet Apr 26, 1997 596
Spontaneous abortions possibly related to ingestion of nitrate-contaminated well water - LaGrange County, Indiana, 1991-94. Jul 5, 1996 1664
Acute asthmatic attacks in Bahrain in the wake of the Gulf War: a follow-up. Adib, Salim M. May 1, 1996 1461
Incinerator air emissions: inhalation exposure perspectives. Rogers, Harvey W. Dec 1, 1995 2869
A burning issue. Lazarus, Karin Nov 1, 1995 1652
Something's fishy; marine epidemics may signal environmental threats to the immune system. Raloff, Janet Cover Story Jul 2, 1994 1890
Environmental destruction is hazardous to your health. Wilson, Larry Jun 22, 1994 3939
That feminine touch: are men suffering from prenatal or childhood exposures to "hormonal" toxicants? Raloff, Janet Cover Story Jan 22, 1994 2661
Dr. Clean. Castleman, Michael Jan 1, 1994 520
Polluted air, low protein = infertility. Fackelmann, Kathy A. Brief Article Jul 10, 1993 304
Telltale tissue. Castleman, Michael Nov 1, 1992 778
Polluting the poor. Goldman, Benjamin A. Editorial Oct 5, 1992 797
What dunnit? Castleman, Michael Sep 1, 1992 988
On a clear day - if there is one - you can see forever. Sep 1, 1992 378
Breathing lessons. Stroh, Michael Cover Story May 9, 1992 1727
Air pollution and respiratory infections. Sep 1, 1991 154
Clean Air Week - May 6-12, 1991. May 3, 1991 321
Clean air national health objective for the year 2000. May 3, 1991 366

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