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Impact of Irritable Bowel Syndrome on the lifestyle of students. Farooqui, Muhammad Osama; Khan, Alizay Rashid Report Nov 24, 2020 805
Treat IBS with diet and lifestyle changes first, when appropriate. Splete, Heidi Oct 1, 2020 753
Five healthy lifestyle choices tied to dramatic cut in dementia risk. Brooks, Megan Jul 1, 2020 653
CARBS, FATS, OR PROTEINS? Powell, Alvin Interview Mar 1, 2020 1178
Risk Factors for Complicated Lymphadenitis Caused by Nontuberculous Mycobacteria in Children. Kuntz, Martin; Kohlfurst, Daniela S.; Feiterna-Sperling, Cornelia; Kruger, Renate; Baumann, Ulrich; Report Mar 1, 2020 5560
Third Place: AMSA Indonesia: MULTISECTORAL CHANGES AS PREVENTION IN DIABETES, OBESITY, AND ITS COMPLICATION. Afiyani, Nadia; Nabila, Amira; Permata, Nur Azzahra Author abstract Feb 1, 2020 220
Making Lifestyle Changes You Can Live With. Canter, Len Sep 26, 2019 307
teaching technology and engineering concepts through socially relevant contexts: promoting mind and body fitness by engaging students in active game design: An emphasis on intellectually stimulating and physically engaging opportunities for students through CT scenarios may be one path towards improving the overall wellness of our K-12 students. Bartholomew, Scott R.; Zhang, Liwei Report Sep 1, 2019 4015
Dodge Dementia With Healthy Lifestyle. Aug 26, 2019 722
Evaluation of Recent Updates Regarding the Management of Resistant Hypertension. Muammar, Mahdi Abdulhadi Al; Alsubaihi, Ibrahim Abdu; Alqahtani, Mohammed Khalid S.; Dajam, Hajar Sa Report Jul 1, 2019 5392
What predicts healthy lifestyle habits? Demographics, health and personality correlates of healthy lifestyle factors in New Zealand. Lee, Carol H.J.; Sibley, Chris G. Report Jul 1, 2019 7750
Turkish Version of the Motivation for Changing Lifestyle and Health Behavior for Reducing the Risk of Dementia Scale. Zehirlioglu, Lemye; Erunal, Merve; Akyol, Merve Aliye; Mert, Hatice; Hatipoglu, Nur Sehnaz; Kucukguc Report Jun 1, 2019 3924
Turkish Version of the Motivation for Changing Lifestyle and Health Behavior for Reducing the Risk of Dementia Scale. von Gaudecker, Jane R. Report Jun 1, 2019 892
From the Editor's Desk. Kessinger, Virginia Editorial Jun 1, 2019 748
Dance Your Way to Health. Gordin, Karina Interview May 1, 2019 3155
Using Patient Aligned Care Team Marketing to Identify Cognitive Impairment in Primary Care. Possis, Elizabeth; Vorobyov, Yelena; Mallen, Michael; Thuras, Paul; Moore, Kelly; Hintz, Samuel; Bro Report Mar 1, 2019 3488
Can lifestyle modifications delay or prevent Alzheimer's disease? Evidence suggests combining lifestyle modifications may yield better cognitive outcomes. Khoury, Rita; Shach, Ruth; Nair, Ajay; Paracha, Saif-Ur-Rahman; Grossberg, George T. Report Jan 1, 2019 6058
Research Roundup. Jan 1, 2019 307
Healthier lifestyle in midlife women reduces subclinical carotid atherosclerosis. Nogrady, Bianca Dec 1, 2018 618
Healthier lifestyle in midlife cut women's atherosclerosis risk. Nogrady, Bianca Dec 1, 2018 546
Genetics, lifestyle and stroke risk. Tester, Jodie Author abstract Dec 1, 2018 557
Obesity: When to consider surgery. Barenbaum, Sarah R.; Saunders, Katherine H.; Igel, Leon I.; Shukla, Alpana P.; Aronne, Louis J. Report Oct 1, 2018 3285
Strategies for caring for the well cancer survivor: Surveillance of existing cancer, management of treatment-related adverse effects, and screening for second cancers are key to the care you'll provide. Arnold, Michael J.; Ochab, Andrea Report Oct 1, 2018 6150
Nearly Half of Cancer Deaths Caused by Bad Lifestyle Choices. Brief article Aug 1, 2018 224
The Relationship between Body Image and Lifestyle Choices in College Students. McGaughey, Morgan Report Aug 1, 2018 5137
Diet and Risk of Prostate Cancer Recurrence. Schor, Jacob Aug 1, 2018 6773
Tip Fakultesi Ogrencilerinde Saglikli Yasam Bicimi Davranislarinin Degerlendirilmesi/An Evaluation of Healthy Lifestyle Behaviors of Medical School Students. Ardic, Cuneyt; Taskin, Nehir Report Jul 1, 2018 3007
Containing Obesity: from a Human Evolutionary Perspective. Milne, Gustav Report Jun 22, 2018 3256
PCOS: Diet's Role in this Women's Health Threat: Dietary strategies can help manage this underdiagnosed condition that affects both reproductive and metabolic health. Dennelt, Carrie May 1, 2018 775
Lifestyle risk factors for coronary artery disease among young male patients of urban and rural Dakshina Kannada - A cross-sectional study. Balakrishnan, Grrishma; Sree, Anaswara; Bangera, Shobith; Dutt, Aswini; Thalanjeri, Padmini; Balasub Report Mar 1, 2018 3299
Status of serum lipid profile in young population in rural area. Dhok, Archana; Dubey, Yogita Report Feb 1, 2018 3004
Validation of back pain questionnaire in a popoulation of New Zealand adolescents. Macdonald, Helen; Johnson, Gillian M. Report Nov 1, 2017 5737
2017 Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Symposium. Best, Ben Conference overview Sep 1, 2017 4259
Chronic interstitial cystitis: comorbidities and tobacco use. Kleier, Jo Ann; Lai, Leanne Report Jul 1, 2017 3122
Barriers in adopting a healthy lifestyle: insight from college youth. Anjali, Manisha Sabharwal Report Mar 1, 2017 7808
Differences in health-promoting lifestyle profile among croatian medical students according to gender and year of study. Masina, Tonci; Madzar, Tomislav; Musil, Vera; Milosevic, Milan Report Mar 1, 2017 4846
Can your plate protect your liver? A plant-based eating plan and a healthy weight help protect this vital organ. McCulloch, Marsha Feb 1, 2017 809
Relationship between spirituality-based lifestyle and procrastination among employed women in Iran. Akbarnejhad, Hajar; Ghahari, Shahrbanoo Report Jan 1, 2017 3143
Lifestyle Modulators of Neuroplasticity: How Physical Activity, Mental Engagement, and Diet Promote Cognitive Health during Aging. Phillips, Cristy Report Jan 1, 2017 20375
Neuroplasticity and Healthy Lifestyle: How Can We Understand This Relationship? Begega, Azucena; Santin, Luis J.; Galeano, Pablo; Cutuli, Debora; Piquero, Patricia Sampedro Report Jan 1, 2017 1110
Physical Exercise: the Virtual Movement Culture? Dominiczak, Marek H. Jan 1, 2017 1167
Effects of an Intensive Lifestyle Intervention to Treat Overweight/Obese Children and Adolescents. Ranucci, Claudia; Pippi, Roberto; Buratta, Livia; Aiello, Cristina; Gianfredi, Vincenza; Piana, Nata Report Jan 1, 2017 9834
Association between Sedentary Behaviour and Physical, Cognitive, and Psychosocial Status among Older Adults in Assisted Living. Leung, Pet-Ming; Ejupi, Andreas; van Schooten, Kimberley S.; Aziz, Omar; Feldman, Fabio; Mackey, Daw Report Jan 1, 2017 5479
How to assess and manage high cholesterol in patients with mental illness: statins, lifestyle changes could reduce total cholesterol and cardiovascular risk. Vanderlip, Erik R. Report Nov 1, 2016 3329
An anti-aging approach to depression. Klatz, Ronald; Goldman, Robert Column Oct 1, 2016 1565
Lifestyle, not genes, are behind obesity epidemic. Brief article Sep 1, 2016 273
A successful lifestyle intervention model replicated in diverse clinical settings. Mark, S.; Toit, S. du; Noakes, T.D.; Nordli, K.; Coetzee, D.; Makin, M.; van der Spuy, S.; Frey, J.; Report Aug 1, 2016 3438
An assessment of body composition and lifestyle in children aged from 8 to 10 years. Piombino, Laura; Messina, Antonietta; Piombino, Luca; Monda, Vincenzo; Moscatelli, Fiorenzo; Valenza Report Jul 1, 2016 3412
Benefits of lifestyle intervention may be brief in 2DM. Brunk, Doug Jul 1, 2016 919
Secrets of living to 100. Jul 1, 2016 1916
Bone mineral density and vitamin D level compared to lifestyle in resident physicians. McConda, David B.; Boukhemis, Karim W.; Matthews, Leslie J.; Watkins, Colleen M. Report Jul 1, 2016 3171
Midlife lifestyle interventions help preserve later cognitive function. Rajaraman, Madhu Brief article Jun 15, 2016 202
Lowering your blood pressure with a very simple lifestyle change. Brief article May 1, 2016 276
Early intervention delays aging. Falcon, Chase Report May 1, 2016 1091
Sandy and Stewart Levine. Caruso, Donna Interview Feb 1, 2016 1798
Too much Sitting: A Potential Health Hazard and a Global Call to Action. Dec 31, 2015 2135
Small steps bring big health benefits: eating at home, light exercise can reduce some disease risks. Beil, Laura Dec 12, 2015 488
Half of heart disease deaths preventable via lifestyle choices. Report Dec 1, 2015 132
Lifestyle changes may improve urinary incontinence. Gaby, Alan R. Brief article Nov 1, 2015 289
Lifestyle factors affect risk. Brief article Oct 1, 2015 188
Richer lives bring new health risks: nurses and midwives will be crucial in dealing with the crisis of non-communicable diseases (NCDs), which have overtaken infectious diseases as the leading cause of mortality worldwide. Oct 1, 2015 1104
Improving cardiac outcomes and decreasing health care costs. Smith, Kristin E. Report Sep 22, 2015 6533
Foraging safely: using what the land naturally provides can be nutritious fun. Stone, Anita B. Jul 1, 2015 1738
Assessment of dietary habits and lifestyle of the medical students of agartala government medical college. Kumar, Shishir; Datta, Anjan Report Apr 23, 2015 3879
Effectiveness of health-promoting lifestyle training on positive relationship with others and purposefulness in life of girl students living in the dormitory of Isfahan University. Tavakoli, Farzaneh Manzari; Tajrobekar, Mahshid; Tavakoli, Shiva Manzari Report Mar 1, 2015 2042
The health-promoting lifestyle group training effectiveness on self-acceptance, environmental dominance, aggression and sensitivity in interpersonal relationships among the female students of the Isfahan University dormitory. Tavakoli, Farzaneh Manzaree; Khezri, Anoushiravan Report Mar 1, 2015 3107
Protect your heart by eating smart! March is National Nutrition Month, but it is always a good time to look at your schedule and ask yourself if you are living a healthy lifestyle for your heart. Mintz, Barbara B. Mar 1, 2015 1114
The level of grammar school students' knowledge on cardiovascular disease risk factors/Nivo znanja ucenika gimnazije o faktorima rizika za kardiovaskularne bolesti. Jarakovic, Milana; Mihajlovic, Bojan; Cemerlic, Snezana; Adic, Filip; Sladojevic, Miroslava; Mihajlo Report Mar 1, 2015 3227
Be wise: implementing a lifestyle intervention to reduce stroke risk in low-income midlife women. Agomo, Helen C.; Andresen, Pamela A.; Deshmukh, Deepa Report Feb 1, 2015 6187
Resolve to make better choices in 2015... one day at a time. Feb 1, 2015 1069
The manifestations and triggers of mental breakdown, and its effective treatment by increasing stress resilience with psychosocial strategies, therapeutic lifestyle changes, and orthomolecular interventions. Prousky, Jonathan E. Report Feb 1, 2015 12501
Healthy lifestyle habits beneficial across a broad spectrum of human disease. Blazer, Dan G. Brief article Jan 1, 2015 147
Women's views on their diagnosis and management for borderline gestational diabetes mellitus. Han, Shanshan; Middleton, Philippa F.; Bubner, Tanya K.; Crowther, Caroline A. Report Jan 1, 2015 5943
Healthy tips to help you survive the holidays! 'Tis the season to be jolly but it doesn't have to be the season of overeating or extra weight gain. Mintz, Barbara B. Dec 1, 2014 681
Effects of lifestyle habits on the prevalence of obesity among school going adolescents residing in urban Lucknow. Singh, Prerana; Verma, Nar Singh; Singh, Shivendra Kumar; Bhattacharya, Sandeep; Mahdi, Abbas Ali; M Report Oct 1, 2014 2846
Life style, obesity, type a personality pattern and type-2 diabetes mellitus--is there a corelation? Nijhawan, Madhu; Singh, Rajyashree; Nijhawan, Amit; Singh, Rajinder Pal; Saharan, Sameer Report Sep 29, 2014 4937
Sport psychology service provision: preferences for consultant characteristics and mode of delivery among elite malaysian athletes. Ponnusamy, Vellapandian; Grove, J. Robert Report Sep 1, 2014 5840
Study of lifestyle practices of students of rural medical college, Loni. Phulambrikar, Rutuja M.; Phalke, Deepak B.; Kharde, Anup L.; Phalke, Vaishali D. Report Sep 1, 2014 1936
Lifestyle choices may affect the long-term heart health of childhood Cancer survivors. Aug 15, 2014 369
Healthy lifestyle = healthy happy children. Mintz, Barbara B. Aug 1, 2014 1318
Lifestyle changes protect cognition in at-risk elderly. Brief article Aug 1, 2014 126
Screening and lifestyle counselling and ischaemic heart disease. Abstract Aug 1, 2014 406
A review of reserve adaptive capabilities of the individual. Ustinova, Olga Ivanovna Report Jul 1, 2014 2873
Body mass index among immigrant and non-immigrant youth: evidence from the Canadian Community Health Survey. Wahi, Gita; Boyle, Michael H.; Morrison, Katherine M.; Georgiades, Katholiki Report Jul 1, 2014 4982
Lifestyle improvement may be as influential as drug therapy for erectile dysfunction. Dye, D. Brief article Jul 1, 2014 204
Adopting a beneficial lifestyle for cardiovascular protection. Brief article Mar 1, 2014 130
Cardiovascular prevention: lifestyle and statins--competitors or companions? Opie, L.H.; Dalby, A.J. Report Mar 1, 2014 5748
CPD. Mar 1, 2014 492
A few thoughts: get outside, slow down, take a nap, and don't forget to breathe. Gaines, Kaye K. Editorial Mar 1, 2014 682
A community based study on the prevalence of behavioral risk factors of non-communicable diseases in Davangere City, Karnataka. Koppad, Raghavendra Swamy; O., Girish H. Report Feb 24, 2014 3026
Basic lifestyle interventions for high blood pressure and cholesterol. Mikolai, Jeremy Report Feb 1, 2014 6395
Regular exercise and good nutrition can help you live a longer, healthier life. Jan 1, 2014 707
New Year, new you? Leipzig, Rosanne M. Jan 1, 2014 516
Early life factors and type 2 diabetes mellitus. Jiang, Xinli; Ma, Huijie; Wang, Yan; Liu, Yan Report Jan 1, 2014 8623
Estimation of hypertension risk from lifestyle factors and health profile: a case study. Zheng, Zhuoyuan; Li, Ye; Cai, Yunpeng Case study Jan 1, 2014 7194
Lifestyle interventions targeting body weight changes during the menopause transition: a systematic review. Jull, Janet; Stacey, Dawn; Beach, Sarah; Dumas, Alex; Strychar, Irene; Ufholz, Lee-Anne; Prince, Ste Author abstract Jan 1, 2014 11973
Gut microbioma population: an indicator really sensible to any change in age, diet, metabolic syndrome, and life-style. Noce, Annalisa; Tarantino, Alessio; Djoutsop, Claudette Tsague; Vasili, Erald; De Lorenzo, Antonino; Report Jan 1, 2014 8792
Positive lifestyle changes associated with longer telomeres. Dye, D. Brief article Dec 1, 2013 192
Specialty supplements and prostate cancer risk in the vitamins and lifestyle (vital) cohort. Dec 1, 2013 194
Festive fare does not have to be fattening. Brief article Dec 1, 2013 322
Carboxyhaemoglobin levels, health and lifestyle perceptions in smokers converting from tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes. van Staden, S.R.; Groenewald, M.; Engelbrecht, R.; Becker, P.J.; Hazelhurst, L.T. Report Nov 1, 2013 2872
Nutrition as a component of the performance triad: how healthy eating behaviors contribute to soldier performance and military readiness. Purvis, Dianna L.; Lentino, Cynthia V.; Jackson, Theresa K.; Murphy, Kaitlin J.; Deuster, Patricia A Report Oct 1, 2013 9032
Unhealthy living may lead to disability. Brief article Oct 1, 2013 190
The application of data mining to explore association rules between metabolic syndrome and lifestyles. Huang, Yi Chao Report Oct 1, 2013 6543
Mental health key to physical health. Oct 1, 2013 341
A survey on 'practising healthy lifestyle' by behaviour change communication through email. Prakash, Jai Clinical report Sep 30, 2013 1841
Is the modern American lifestyle hampering children's brain development? Shenk, Tom Report Sep 22, 2013 2617
Staying positive, healthy minimizes OA pain. Sullivan, Michele G. Aug 1, 2013 747
Managing common medical conditions as a part of transition planning. Antwi, Rose; Vlasak, Erin; Vanbergeijk, Ernst Aug 1, 2013 1986
Bilateral pitting oedema with multiple aetiologies. Atkin, Sophie Clinical report Jun 1, 2013 3095
The toxin problem: metals, pesticides, chemicals. Minkoff, David I. May 1, 2013 1742
Ra linked to certain lifestyle factors. Brief article May 1, 2013 121
Why some people live so long! Identifying what enables humans to survive past 110 in good health. Clement, James Report May 1, 2013 2071
Doctors' lifestyles vital for SA's health--global expert. Bateman, Chris Apr 1, 2013 1102
Gastric adenocarcinoma in Zambia: a case-control study of HIV, lifestyle risk factors, and biomarkers of pathogenesis. Kayamba, V.; Asombang, A.W.; Mudenda, V.; Lisulo, M.M.; Sinkala, E.; Mwanamakondo, S.; Mweemba, I.; Clinical report Apr 1, 2013 4486
Effect of short-term yoga practices on psychological general well being in medical students. Mehta, Manjula; Taneja, Priti Clinical report Mar 25, 2013 3446
Time to renew your resolve? Leipzig, Rosanne M. Editorial Feb 1, 2013 548
Transcend disability make healthy decisions. Estomin, Alexis; Edelson, Vaughn Feb 1, 2013 1211
Health-related quality of life of Canadian forces veterans after transition to civilian life. Thompson, Jim; Hopman, Wilma; Sweet, Jill; VanTil, Linda; MacLean, Mary Beth; VanDenKerkhof, Elizabe Report Jan 1, 2013 6960
Heath beliefs of UK South Asians related to lifestyle diseases: a review of qualitative literature. Lucas, Anna; Murray, Esther; Kinra, Sanjay Report Jan 1, 2013 9328
Personalized lifestyle medicine: relevance for nutrition and lifestyle recommendations. Minich, Deanna M.; Bland, Jeffrey S. Report Jan 1, 2013 10296
Physical activity advocacy and promotion: the South African experience. Kolbe-Alexander, T.L.; Bull, F.; Lambert, E.V. Report Dec 1, 2012 3576
Healthy lifestyle behaviors in old age add half a decade to life span. Dye, D. Brief article Dec 1, 2012 195
Activity preserves brain volume in older adults. Wendling, Patrice Conference news Dec 1, 2012 682
Healthy lifestyle reduced cardiac risks in CKD. Dec 1, 2012 499
Healthy living in old age can boost your life span. Brief article Dec 1, 2012 128
Ayurveda, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome. Klotter, Jule Nov 1, 2012 698
Diet, exercise, and chocolate. Hudson, Tori Nov 1, 2012 1177
Live in the spirit of the holidays.... Leipzig, Rosanne M. Editorial Nov 1, 2012 526
Study: healthy living can add years to life. Currie, Donya Brief article Nov 1, 2012 252
Making heath a holiday tradition, any time of year. Krisberg, Kim Report Nov 1, 2012 770
Lifestyle change programs in the management of hyperlipidemia. Balta, Sevket; Demirkol, Sait; Celik, Turgay Letter to the editor Nov 1, 2012 507
Healthy living into older age adds five years to a woman's life. Brief article Oct 1, 2012 112
Fibromyalgia: an overview. Cashman, Valerie Disease/Disorder overview Oct 1, 2012 1760
Effect of lifestyle on metabolic syndrome in Turkish children and adolescents. Nogay, Nalan Hakime; Koksal, Gulden Report Sep 30, 2012 3356
Office workers hold with hunter-gatherers. Brief article Sep 1, 2012 246
Relationship between healthy life style and work-related factors among call center workers/Skambuciu centro darbuotoju sveikatai palankaus gyvenimo budo ir organizaciniu darbo veiksniu rysys. Gustainiene, Loreta; Pranckeviciene, Aiste; Briedaityte, Vita Report Aug 1, 2012 5726
An anti-aging medical approach to men's health. Klatz, Ronald; Goldman, Robert Jul 1, 2012 1491
LIFE STYLE TRENDS IN A GROUP OF KNOWN HYPERTENSIVES: A QUESTIONNAIRE BASED SURVEY. Fatima, Syeda Sadia; Rehman, Rehana; Alam, Faiza Report Jun 30, 2012 2568
A survey of medical students attending an international student conference. Mamo, Jonathan; Fenech, Chantal Report Jun 1, 2012 3123
Lifestyle changes could reduce cancer rates. Report May 1, 2012 158
Adopting simple habits, life style modifications, avoiding stress and strains can protect from hypertension. Mar 31, 2012 949
Non-occupational risk factors of urinary bladder cancer in Faisalabad and Lahore, Pakistan. Report Mar 31, 2012 3362
Prevention of cardiovascular disease in women. Skolnik, Neil; Ando, R. Aimee Mar 1, 2012 1045
Leisure lifestyle and health-related quality of life of Taiwanese adults. Yang, Ming-Ching; Cheng, Jen-Son; Yu, Shu-Wen Survey Mar 1, 2012 7046
Cancer-fighting plant foods: eating more fruits and vegetables, exercise, and maintaining a healthy weight can help safeguard you against cancer. Collins, Karen Conference news Mar 1, 2012 1290
Lifestyle modification in the prevention of type II diabetes mellitus. Khan, Muhammad Umair Report Mar 1, 2012 1309
Socioeconomic status and cumulative disadvantage processes across the life course: implications for health outcomes. Seabrook, Jamie A.; Avison, William R. Report Feb 1, 2012 8014
Real people who have changed their lives by altering calorie intake. McGlothin, Paul; Averill, Meredith Dec 1, 2011 3610
Incidence of metabolic syndrome in ischemic cerebrovascular disease and the role of carotid intima-media thickness/Iskemik serebrovaskuler hastalikta metabolik sendrom sikligi ve karotis intima-media kalinligi iliskisi. Coban, Eda Kilic; Aslan, Isil Kalyoncu; Kirbas, Dursun Clinical report Dec 1, 2011 2290
Dynamics of some common epidemics in Karachi, Pakistan. Report Nov 30, 2011 4632
Centenarians' lifestyle behaviors often risky. Brief article Nov 1, 2011 167
Nutrition researchers seek insights on 'freshman 15'. Brief article Sep 22, 2011 127
Sudden death & "low-risk" lifestyle. Brief article Sep 1, 2011 244
Health and lifestyle practices among female students in a South African University setting. van Niekerk, Estelle; Barnard, Justhinus G. Report Sep 1, 2011 7881
Vegetarianism - part 1: a philosophical and historical perspective. Null, Gary; Feldman, Martin Report Jul 1, 2011 3090
Health challenge for people living with AIDS brings attention to needs. Reid, Ciara Jul 1, 2011 515
My recent life-altering event. Faloon, William May 1, 2011 3279
Lifestyle beats Genes in longevity race. Dye, D. Brief article May 1, 2011 188
That personal touch. Caulffield, Timothy; Laberge, Anne-Marie; Evans, James P.; Lebel, Robert Roger; Menzel, Paul T. Letter to the editor May 1, 2011 3098
Leisure, lifestyle, and health-related physical fitness for college students. Cheng, Jen-Son; Yang, Ming-Ching; Ting, Ping-Ho; Chen, Wan-Lin; Huang, Yi-Yu Report Apr 1, 2011 4519
The high cost of bad habits: English and American health disparities offer lifestyle lessons. Docksai, Rick Mar 1, 2011 612
Fight metabolic syndrome with diet. Palumbo, Christine M. Mar 1, 2011 1178
Healing chronic venous ulcers in a multiply addicted patient: not all patients with venous leg ulcers are elderly. A case study examines the challenges of treating a young woman with multiple addiction issues and leg ulcers that were failing to heal. Sutton, Dawn Case study Feb 1, 2011 1707
Optimizing health status in aerobic gymnastics. Luminita, Georgescu; Necsoi, Ioana-Cristina Report Jan 1, 2011 1984
Effects of eight weeks Pilates exercises on body composition of middle aged sedentary women. Arslanoglu, Erkal; Cansel, Arslanoglu; Behdari, Reza; Omer, Senel Report Jan 1, 2011 1648
Healthy living may lower risk of colorectal cancer. Brief article Dec 22, 2010 173
The effect of motivational interviewing on the intradialytic exerciser: a pilot study. Smitham, Lorraine; Lawn, Sharon Report Nov 1, 2010 5298
Perspective on coronary interventions & cardiac surgeries in India. Kaul, Upendra; Bhatia, Vineet Editorial Nov 1, 2010 3119
Making healthy lifestyle choices. Narine, Shari Brief article Nov 1, 2010 168
More to a healthy lifestyle than abstaining from alcohol and smoking. S.J., Nechuta Brief article Oct 1, 2010 249
Limited-income seniors report multiple chronic diseases in quality-of-life study. Blackburn, Mary L. Report Oct 1, 2010 3763
Beyond school years: emerging lifestyle opportunities. Oct 1, 2010 1513
Wellness at workplace. Sinha, Nakul; Saran, R.K. Editorial Sep 1, 2010 2285
Stress management vs lifestyle modification for systolic hypertension. Robertshawe, Penny Report Sep 1, 2010 641
Don't just sit there ... Brief article Sep 1, 2010 259
Q / How can we keep impaired glucose tolerance and impaired fasting glucose from progressing to diabetes? Swanson, Ana; Watrin, Kerry; Wilder, Laura Report Sep 1, 2010 990
Combining interventions may reduce CVD risk. Worcester, Sharon Report Aug 1, 2010 518
The brain benefits from exercise and good habits. Brief article Aug 1, 2010 170
Add 5 good years to your life: follow a short to-do list of good habits every day to stack the odds in your favor for longevity. Aug 1, 2010 1341
Learning to live a healthy lifestyle. Brief article Aug 1, 2010 317
Rationing healthcare: Should life-style be used as a criterion?/Saglik hizmetleri kisisel yasam bicimine gore sunulmali mi? Alpinar, Zumrut; Civaner, Murat; Ors, Yaman Aug 1, 2010 4219
Healthy lifestyle may cut mortality after stroke. Schonfeld, Amy Rothman Jun 15, 2010 494
Lifestyle changes and breast cancer risk. Rugo, Hope S. Report Jun 15, 2010 796
Maintaining an active lifestyle is always good. Hassouna, Magdy Brief article Jun 1, 2010 292
Sample a semi-vegetarian lifestyle with a flexitarian diet. Jun 1, 2010 462
Poor lifestyle choices increase death risk. Brief article Jun 1, 2010 104
Stressors are the external events, including pressures in people's lives, such as divorce, marriage, children, and work and money pressures. Jun 1, 2010 1480
Your diet the way you eat is ingrained in your lifestyle. Jun 1, 2010 1045
Look 10 years younger in 5 weeks. Jun 1, 2010 5927
Anti-aging medicine; An anti-aging medical approach to stroke. Klatz, Ronald; Goldman, Robert Report May 1, 2010 1270
Incorporating practical lifestyle management for obesity. Bestermann, William H., Jr. Report May 1, 2010 5023
What's for dinner? Your heart is asking for vegetables: antioxidants and nutrients in veggies help maintain cardiovascular health. Apr 1, 2010 585
Anti-aging medicine: women who adopt the Anti-Aging Lifestyle improve their quality of life. Klatz, Ronald; Goldman, Robert Apr 1, 2010 1084
Behaviors explain most mortality differences. Anderson, Jane Report Apr 1, 2010 595
How to Keep to Arteries Young: Live in Israel, Eat 'Med Style'. Brief article Mar 4, 2010 88
Rising obesity rate among older adults complicates health issues. Report Mar 1, 2010 522
Effects of walking and relaxation exercises on controlling hypertension. Alparslan, Guler Balci; Akdemir, Nuran Report Mar 1, 2010 4271
Address all lifestyle factors in obese patients. Splete, Heidi Brief article Feb 15, 2010 210
Lifestyle intervention reduces CRP in diabetes. Jancin, Bruce Report Feb 15, 2010 545
Anti-Aging Medicine; the anti-aging lifestyle aims to slash the national diabetes epidemic. Klatz, Ronald; Goldman, Robert Report Feb 1, 2010 1164
Blues Clues. Harun, Adrianne Report Feb 1, 2010 922
Local interventions lower Hba[A.sub.1c], blood pressure. Johnson, Kate Feb 1, 2010 556
Postmenopausal lifestyle. Kent, Athol Report Feb 1, 2010 485
A weekly to-do list to help delay or prevent dementia. Ward, Elizabeth M. Jan 15, 2010 755
7 steps for a healthier 2010: follow these tips to establish good New Year's resolutions and follow through on them. Report Jan 1, 2010 708
A Year of living well: the west is one of the healthiest places on earth. Here's how to make the most of it, month by month. Felts, Susannah Jan 1, 2010 2836
What are health and wellness? Jonas, Steven Viewpoint essay Jan 1, 2010 1625
Costly fare: what you eat could hurt your health and your wallet. Little, Candace M. Dec 1, 2009 687
Healthy lifestyle choices can slow progression of PAD. Brief article Dec 1, 2009 184
Lifestyle trumps heredity when it comes to hypertension: genes interact with behavior to determine blood pressure. Dec 1, 2009 394
Dania Izzedin Ahmed Hassan; Elham Haj Rahma Fathelrahman (2009). Evaluation of lifestyle as a risk factor and knowledge among Sudanese women diagnosed with breast cancer who attended the Radiation and Isotopes Centre of Khartoum (RICK). Magied, Ahmed Abdel Author abstract Dec 1, 2009 388
JAMA articles report the effects of positive behaviors on the heart. Dye, Dayna Brief article Nov 1, 2009 162
A very public problem. Farham, Bridget Editorial Nov 1, 2009 661
Gain a fighting edge over breast cancer through diet and lifestyle. Salomon, Sharon B. Nov 1, 2009 1102
Clinical practice in type 2 diabetes: after metformin and lifestyle, then what? Cobble, Michael E.; Peters, Anne L. Clinical report Nov 1, 2009 5998
Health care reform includes healthy food choices. McCarthy, Colman Column Oct 16, 2009 639
Lifestyle and health. Kent, Athol Brief article Oct 1, 2009 252
Macular degeneration and Alzheimer's may be linked: eye disease may share a common pathway with AD. Oct 1, 2009 528
Putting the brakes on inflammation through diet and lifestyle strategies. Palmer, Sharon Report Oct 1, 2009 1215
7 steps that may help you maintain a better brain: these simple measures may help preserve your memory and reduce your risk of cognitive impairment. Oct 1, 2009 720
A higher purpose may extend life. Brief article Oct 1, 2009 104
Lifestyle exercise for the exercise prescription. Jonas, Steven Sep 22, 2009 1339
Forgetting things? Most likely, you don't have Alzheimer's Disease; Less than five percent of men and women ages 65 to 74 have memory problems related to AD, according to the CDC. Sep 1, 2009 758
Peggy Fleming: energized By CoQ10. Caruso, Donna Interview Sep 1, 2009 1555
In vivo treatment of humans with quinic acid enhances DNA repair and reduces the influence of lifestyle factors on risk to disease. Pero, Ronald W.; Lund, Harald Report Sep 1, 2009 4983
Treating patients with type 2 diabetes: what is after lifestyle management and metformin? A focus on the glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonists. Report Sep 1, 2009 1324
The relationship between lifestyle and campus eating behaviours in male and female university students. Jackson, Rebecca A.; Berry, Tanya R.; Kennedy, Michael D. Report Sep 1, 2009 5478
A healthy lifestyle is on the decline. Brief article Aug 1, 2009 107
Why you now must be prepared for the flu year-round. Aug 1, 2009 686
Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)--the long-term implications. du Toit, M.M.; Siebert, T.I. Report Aug 1, 2009 4857
Heading off a second stroke: follow medical advice and modify your diet, stress levels, and other lifestyle factors to lower your stroke risk. Aug 1, 2009 719
A commitment to self-preservation. Graves, Earl G., Jr. Essay Jul 1, 2009 688
Need a new idea for getting together with holistic friends? Jun 1, 2009 518
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