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Morphometric features of Linea aspera on dry femur bones. Report Apr 30, 2019 2188
Nutrition Hotline: This months Nutrition Hotline offers advice for sports-related concussions. Mangels, Reed Column Apr 1, 2019 477
Impact of metabolic syndrome on nutrients intakes among Saudi females. Report Mar 31, 2019 5004
A STUDY OF NUTRIENT FORAMINA IN HUMAN UPPER LIMB LONG BONES. Challa, Pratyusha; Nanna, Rakesh Kumar Report Mar 4, 2019 1927
Why you're not getting all the nutrients out of your whole grain foods. Zand, Janet Jun 1, 2017 626
CRN-1 report calls for clarity on bioactive nutrients. May 1, 2016 320
Higher nutrient levels associated with lower pancreatic cancer risk. Brief article Jan 1, 2015 196
Feeding your bones means more than calcium. Lvdon, Kara Oct 1, 2014 584
How to make sure you're getting the right amount of nutrients. Apr 1, 2014 954
Overfed and undernourished: nutrient deficiency in our modern diet. Keiley, Lynn Jun 1, 2013 2356
Effects of anti-diarrhoeal herbs on growth performance, nutrient digestibility, and meat quality in pigs. Cho, J.H.; Zhang, S.; Kim, I.H. Report Nov 1, 2012 7994
Effects of adding essential oil to the diet of weaned pigs on performance, nutrient utilization, immune response and intestinal health. Li, Pengfei; Piao, Xiangshu; Ru, Yingjun; Han, Xu; Xue, Lingfeng; Zhang, Hongyu Report Nov 1, 2012 7163
Epigenetics for breast cancer prevention. Johnson, Alexander Report Nov 1, 2012 8139
Higher plasma nutrient levels associated with increased brain volume. Dye, D. Brief article Apr 1, 2012 169
Effects of feeding a dry or fermented restaurant food residue mixture on performance and blood profiles of rats. Kim, Young-Il; Bae, Ji-Sun; Jee, Kyung-Su; McCaskey, Tom; Kwak, Wan-Sup Report Nov 17, 2011 5347
Sweetening benefits of fruit vs. sugar. Palmer, Sharon Nov 1, 2011 1258
Fruit of the loo. Drake, Nadia Brief article Sep 10, 2011 110
EN's fab functional whole foods. Palmer, Sharon Report Jun 1, 2011 1283
Nutrient intervention for glaucoma. Parente, Matilde Jun 1, 2011 3328
Cultivate a nutrient-rich approach to eating--for life. Palmer, Sharon Mar 1, 2010 834
Prevent glycation-induced skin aging with topical nutrients. Goldfaden, Gary; Goldfaden, Robert Report Nov 1, 2009 2880
The diet whisperer: nutrition and cancer care. Kohlstadt, Ingrid Aug 1, 2008 1409
Nutritionism. Klotter, Jule Jul 1, 2008 750
Accelerating the healing of injuries with nutrients. Werbach, Melvyn R. Jul 1, 2008 1164
These three nutrients can prevent frailty at any age. Mar 1, 2008 1340
JAMA article addresses important nutrient research questions. Jan 1, 2008 778
Virtually all weight-loss programs fail to address the multiple physiological and psychological factors that contribute to excess weight gain. A combination of novel nutrients works via multiple mechanisms to help people shed excess pounds and keep them off. Tuttle, Dave Apr 1, 2007 5078
Path of most resistance: resistant starches reduce carbs, add cancer-fighting potential to foods. Anthony, Mark Column Oct 1, 2005 849
Athletic ergogenic aids. Bernstein, Adam; Safirstein, Jordan; Rosen, Jeffrey E. Dec 22, 2003 5628
Is your health what you eat? (Forum). Spence, Joseph T. May 1, 2003 790

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