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Global $6.1 Billion Virus Filtration Market to 2025. Oct 25, 2017 1001
Creative Medical Technology Holdings Expands Stem Cell Therapeutic Platform by Entry into Field of Stroke and Neurodegeneration. Oct 16, 2017 839
Priming of the Cells: Hypoxic Preconditioning for Stem Cell Therapy. Wei, Zheng; Zhu, Yan-Bing; Zhang, James; McCrary, Myles; Wang, Song; Zhang, Yong-Bo; Yu, Shan-Ping; Report Oct 5, 2017 13381
Hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis (HLH): Elusive diagnosis of disseminated Mycobacterium avium complex infection. Ordaya, Eloy E.; Jarir, Sulieman Abu; Yoo, Robert; Chandrasekar, Pranatharthi H. Clinical report Sep 1, 2017 1678
Regenerative Medicine Market Analysis By Product, By Therapeutic Category And Segment Forecasts, 2014 - 2025. Aug 22, 2017 670
Stem cell therapy attacks cancer by targeting unique tissue stiffness. Jul 31, 2017 458
Transplantation Drug Development Pipeline Review, 2017. Jul 12, 2017 872
Transplantation Drug Development Pipeline Review 2017 - Focus on Bone Marrow Transplant, GVHD, Liver Transplant, Kidney Transplant, Lung Transplant & Heart Transplant. Jul 11, 2017 1014
Transplantation Drug Development Pipeline Review 2017 - Focus on Bone Marrow Transplant, GVHD, Liver Transplant, Kidney Transplant, Lung Transplant & Heart Transplant. Jul 11, 2017 1048
Cold Virus, Stem Cells Tested To Destroy Deadly Brain Cancer. Jun 21, 2017 930
University to perform groundbreaking brain procedure. May 15, 2017 474
Synthetic stem cells could offer therapeutic benefits, reduced risks. Jan 30, 2017 455
Synthetic stem cells could offer therapeutic benefits, reduced risks. Jan 23, 2017 455
Synthetic stem cells could offer therapeutic benefits, reduced risks. Jan 23, 2017 454
Synthetic stem cells could offer therapeutic benefits, reduced risks. Jan 16, 2017 455
We will do whatever we have to.. but it will be at least PS100k. We just want Zakky better; Family plea on son's US cancer treatment. Sep 16, 2016 665
Actualization in pathophysiology and management of traumatic spinal cord injury. Literature review/Actualizacion en la fisiopatologia y manejo de traumatismo raquimedular. Revision bibliografica. Marcos, Baabor A.; Sebastian, Cruz T.; Javier, Villalon F. Jul 1, 2016 4583
Autologous Stem Cell Transplantation Offers Safe and Effective--and Potentially Curative - Option for Patients with HIV-Associated Lymphoma. Jun 13, 2016 1318
Test run finds no cancer risk from stem cell therapy. May 9, 2016 549
Global Cancer Stem Cell Therapy Market Outlook 2020 - Competitive Landscape Report - Research and Markets. May 3, 2016 950
Global Cancer Stem Cell Therapy Market Outlook 2020 - Competitive Landscape Report - Research and Markets. May 3, 2016 956
Effect of adipose tissue-derived stem cell injection in a rat model of urethral fibrosis. Sangkum, Premsant; Yafi, Faysal A.; Kim, Hogyoung; Bouljihad, Mostafa; Ranjan, Manish; Datta, Amrita Report May 1, 2016 3936
New Stem Cell delivery method shows promise for treating end stage heart failure. Report Oct 31, 2015 731
Late presentation of adenovirus-induced hemorrhagic cystitis and ureteral obstruction in a kidney-pancreas transplant recipient. Klein, Jeffrey; Kuperman, Michael; Haley, Clinton; Barri, Yousri; Chandrakantan, Arun; Fischbach, Be Case study Oct 1, 2015 2480
Currently Clinical Views on Genetics of Wilson's Disease. Chen, Chen; Shen, Bo; Xiao, Jia-Jia; Wu, Rong; Canning, Sarah Duff; Wang, Xiao-Ping Clinical report Jul 5, 2015 3988
Stem cell-based therapy may treat breast cancer metastases in brain. May 11, 2015 597
GenVec and TheraBiologics form Collaboration to Develop Neural Stem Cell Mediated Cancer Therapies. Mar 23, 2015 863
Factors affecting receipt of expensive cancer treatments and mortality: evidence from stem cell transplantation for leukemia and lymphoma. Mitchell, Jean M.; Conklin, Elizabeth A. Feb 1, 2015 7407
Intravenous transplantation of very small embryonic like stem cells in treatment of diabetes mellitus. Abouzaripour, Morteza; Kashani, Iraj Ragerdi; Pasbakhsh, Parichehr; Atlasy, Nader Report Jan 1, 2015 6483
Disseminated Fusarium infection in autologous stem cell transplant recipient. Avelino-Silva, Vivian Iida; Ramos, Jessica Fernandes; Leal, Fabio Eudes; Testagrossa, Leonardo; Novi Case study Jan 1, 2015 1711
Establishing new payment provisions for the high cost of curing disease. Gottlieb, Scott; Carino, Tanisha Jul 1, 2014 2233
Stem Cell Therapy Market by Treatment Mode (Autologous & Allogeneic), Therapeutic Applications (CNS, CVS, GIT, Wound Healing, Musculoskeletal, Eye, & Immune System) - Regulatory Landscape, Pipeline Analysis & Global Forecasts to 2020. Jun 26, 2014 2647
Hematopoetic stem cell transplantation in children. Yesilipek, Mehmet Akif Report Jun 1, 2014 6350
Global Stem Cell Therapy Market by Treatment Mode (Autologous & Allogeneic), Therapeutic Applications (CNS, CVS, GIT, Wound Healing, Musculoskeletal, Eye, & Immune System) - Forecasts to 2020. May 12, 2014 677
Global Stem Cell Therapy Market by Treatment Mode (Autologous & Allogeneic), Therapeutic Applications (CNS, CVS, GIT, Wound Healing, Musculoskeletal, Eye, & Immune System) - Forecasts to 2020. May 12, 2014 683
Dangerous science: online promotion of unproven stem cell therapies and global health risks. Mackey, Tim K.; Liang, Bryan A. Oct 1, 2013 6011
Is there an optimal timing of autologous stem-cell transplantation for multiple myeloma in the era of novel agents? / Yeni ilaclarin Doneminde, Multiple Myelomada Kok Hucre Nakli icin Uygun Bir Zamanlama Var midir? Toprak, Selami Kocak Clinical report Sep 1, 2013 1285
Stem cell discovery furthers research on cell-based therapy and cancer. Jul 22, 2013 706
Avoidance of lower-limb amputation by surgical implantation of autologous stem cells. Kerwin, K. Blaire; Pearl, Gregory J.; Molina, Cris D.; Coker, Pamela J.; Pineiro, Luis A.; Urschel, Case study Jul 1, 2013 1942
Deep vein thrombosis following non-myeloablative allogeneic stem cell transplantation: presentation of three cases and literature review / Miyeloablatif Olmayan Allojeneik Kok Hucre Nakli Sonrasi Derin Ven Trombozu: Uc Vaka Sunumu Ve Literaturun Gozden Gecirilmesi. Ozdemir, Evren; Kansu, Emin Case study Jun 1, 2013 1899
Lab-grown liver stem cells transplanted with demonstrated therapeutic benefit. Mar 11, 2013 427
Lab-grown liver stem cells transplanted with therapeutic benefit. Mar 4, 2013 423
Ocular surface reconstruction with allogeneic limbal stem cell and autologous oral mucosal graft: two cases/Allojen limbai kok hucre ve otolog oral mukozal greftiyle okuler yuzey rekonstruksiyonu: iki olgu. Orman, Gozde; Demirel, Soner; Doganay, Selim; Duman, Behice Suheda; Kutukde, Derya Case study Mar 1, 2013 1477
Research and Markets: Frontiers In Pluripotent Stem Cells Research And Therapeutic Potentials. Nov 29, 2012 348
Therapy with bone marrow-derived stem cells does not improve short-term recovery after heart attack. Brief article Nov 5, 2012 108
A first: Stem cell therapy cures HIV patient in Germany. Oct 24, 2012 594
Chemotherapy-resistant cancer stem cells could be target of cancer therapy. Sep 17, 2012 485
Stem cell therapy and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. FrancloHenning; Carr, Jonathan Letter to the editor Jun 1, 2012 446
Studies shed light on potential of dental stem cells for therapeutic purposes. May 14, 2012 275
Astellas/Vical Advance To Phase 3 Trial of TransVax. May 1, 2012 490
Novel human adenovirus strain, Bangladesh. Matsushima, Yuki; Shimizu, Hideaki; Kano, Atsuko; Nakajima, Etsuko; Ishimaru, Yoko; Dey, Shuvra Kant May 1, 2012 1987
IBN Discovers Human Neural Stem Cells with Tumor Targeting Ability - A Promising Discovery for Breast Cancer Therapy. Apr 20, 2012 1041
Regulatory crackdown on stem cell therapy: What would the position be in South Africa? Jordaan, Donrich W. Report Apr 1, 2012 1728
Stem cell-seeded cardiopatch could deliver results for damaged hearts. Mar 31, 2012 466
Research and Markets: Progenitor and Stem Cell Technologies and Therapies Reviews the Range Of Progenitor and Stem Cells Available and Their Therapeutic Application in 2012. Mar 22, 2012 371
Radiation therapy transforms breast cancer cells into cancer stem cells. Feb 14, 2012 558
Lentigen and UH Case Medical Center Initiate Phase I Trial Using Gene Therapy and Bone Marrow Stem Cells in the Treatment of Brain Cancer. Nov 14, 2011 1215
California Stem Cell obtains cancer stem cell therapy programme. Oct 25, 2011 154
A novel CYBB mutation with the first genetically confirmed case of chronic granulomatous disease in South Africa. Naidoo, R.; Jordaan, N.; Chan, K.W.; le Roux, D.M.; Pienaar, S.; Nuttall, J.; Lau, Y.L.; Eley, B.S. Case study Oct 1, 2011 1381
Gene therapy 'causes breast cancer stem cells to self-destruct'. Sep 15, 2011 303
NexBio's DAS181 (Fludase*) Improves Symptoms in Four Severely Immunocompromised Patients With Life-Threatening Parainfluenza Pneumonitis. Aug 31, 2011 926
Americans Travel to Mexico for Stem Cell Stimulation Therapies and E+ Peptide Cancer Vaccine -- Treatments Not Yet Offered in U.S. Aug 9, 2011 666
Lab-made stem cells fail a test: mice raise immune attack on reprogrammed transplants. Saey, Tina Hesman Jun 4, 2011 363
BioTime Initiates Clinical Development Program for HyStem[R]-Rx as a Cell Delivery Device for Reconstructive Surgery and Other Cell-Based Therapies. May 3, 2011 1417
Zygomycosis in a child with severe aplastic anemia who has invasive pulmonary aspergillosis: hypersensitivity reaction to liposomal amphotericin B and successful challenge/ Invaziv pulmoner aspergillozis enfeksiyonu sirasinda zigomikoz gelisen agir aplastik anemili olguda lipozomal amfoterisin B allerjisi ve desensitizasyon. Ay, Yilmaz; Yilmaz, Deniz; Balkan, Can; Karapinar, Bulent; Midyat, Levent; Akin, Mehmet; Kavakli, Ka Report Mar 1, 2011 2576
Potential arthritis treatment advance blocked by FDA. Wilder, Delia Report Jan 1, 2011 3163
Current Clinical Findings on the Therapeutic Use of Concentrated Bone Marrow-Derived Stem Cells Will be Presented During ThermoGenesis Symposium at Leading Cellular Therapy Meeting in Europe. Sep 8, 2010 943
A Breakthrough in Cancer Therapy Through RNL BIO's Adult Stem Cell Technology. Aug 9, 2010 548
Sangamo BioSciences Announces Nature Biotechnology Study Demonstrating the Use of Zinc Finger Nucleases to Generate HIV Resistant Human Stem Cells. Jul 6, 2010 1632
Stem cell therapy may help fight deadly infection. Jul 2, 2010 174
Life giving life--human embryonic stem cell therapy restores hope and renewed strength for Amanda. Boxtel, Amanda Viewpoint essay Jun 1, 2010 837
Finding your niche: role specialization in oncology. Tariman, Joseph D. May 1, 2010 1018
More research needed on autoimmune diseases. Mahoney, Diana Report Apr 1, 2010 546
Stem cells restored ovarian function and folliculogenesis following cyclophosphamide-induced ovarian failure in rats. Abbasy, Asmaa; Azmy, Osama; Atta, Hazem; Ali, Ashraf; Rashed, Laila; Khaiat, Zakaria El-; Farrag, Ab Report Jan 1, 2010 4008
A 28-year-old man with leukocytosis and anemia. Narmala, Shravan K.; Gandla, Kishore K.; Verghese, Cherian; Bourgeois, Kirk; Boulmay, Brian C.; Lope Case study Jan 1, 2010 2833
Oncology implications for exercise and rehabilitation. Billek-Sawhney, Barbara; Wells, Chris L. Report Dec 22, 2009 6050
ImmunoCellular Therapeutics Enters into Option Agreement with The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center for a Novel Cancer Stem Cell Therapy. Dec 2, 2009 638
Regenocyte Therapeutic Announces Successful Treatment of Cardiomyopathy for Retired Teacher Using Adult Stem Cells. Dec 2, 2009 737
Stem cell support: the nutraceutical induction of adult stem cell recruitment (IASCR). Holt, Stephen Report Dec 1, 2009 5280
Vitro's Cancer Stem Cell Therapy Complements New Hedge Hog Drugs. Sep 10, 2009 796
Dental stem cells in research and practice. Majeski, Jean Cover story Sep 1, 2009 2762
Vitro Builds Its Product and Technology Base for Cancer Stem Cell Therapy. Sep 1, 2009 707
Young adults newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes avoided insulin shots for an average of 31 months when they got infusions of stem cells from their own blood, researchers said. Brief article Apr 20, 2009 276
The Western Pennsylvania Hospital Joins Prominent Group of Cancer Centers Exploring New Therapy for Leukemia and Lymphoma Patients. Mar 19, 2009 781
Regenocyte Therapeutic Reports Successful Treatment of Cardiomyopathy with Stem Cells. Feb 11, 2009 809
Polyomaviruses KI and WU in immuno-compromised patients with respiratory disease. Mourez, Thomas; Bergeron, Anne; Ribaud, Patricia; Scieux, Catherine; de Latour, Regis Peffault; Tazi Clinical report Jan 1, 2009 2060
Mycobacterium haemophilum infection after alemtuzumab treatment. Kamboj, Mini; Louie, Eddie; Keihn, Timothy; Papanicolaou, Genovefa; Glickman, Michael; Sepkowitz, Ke Nov 1, 2008 1284
As a treatment for multiple myeloma, autologous stem cell transplantation can be performed on an outpatient basis, resulting in shorter hospital stays and low treatment-related mortality, according to a report in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings for October. Brief article Oct 20, 2008 240
An alternative approach of stem cell delivery to myocardium: combined usage of antegrade coronary arterial infusion and retrograde venous obstruction/Miyokard dokusuna kok hucre nakline alternatif bir yaklasim: antegrad koroner arteryel infuzyon ve retrograd venoz obstruksiyonun birlikte kullanimi. Nisanci, Yilmaz; Tayyareci, Yelda; Sezer, Murat; Umman, Berrin Case study Oct 1, 2008 1200
Geron Presents Data at ISSCR Showing That Its Embryonic Stem Cell Therapeutic for Heart Failure Evades Direct Attack by the Human Immune System. Jun 12, 2008 863
This Report Analyzes the Prevalent Stem Cell Technologies and the Therapeutic Areas in Which Stem Cells Find Applications. Mar 5, 2008 529
What changes have you seen in stem cell transplantation in the past 10 years? Nurses need continued education to keep up with the many advancements. Rodrigues, Anna Liza Mar 1, 2008 316
Association of Family Cord Blood Banks Applauds ACOG Opinion Recognizing Therapeutic Value of Cord Blood Stem Cells and Need for Accurate, Balanced Education. Feb 4, 2008 423
Baylor's contribution to thoracic surgery and cardiac stem cell therapy for heart failure. Urschel, Harold C., Jr. Jan 1, 2008 1694
Research Analysis: Access to Genetically-Related Cord Blood Stem Cells Increases Odds of Successful Transplant for Family Members. Dec 10, 2007 998
New hope for curing degenerative diseases. Rodgerson, Denis; Rothenberg, Ron; Marasco, Wayne A. Oct 1, 2007 5867
Injected stem cells show promise for incontinence. Bates, Betsy Jul 15, 2007 746
Aeolus Pharmaceuticals' AEOL 10113 Demonstrates Potential to Accelerate Recovery of Bone Marrow Stem Cells Following Cancer Radiation Therapy. Apr 20, 2007 761
Two treatments using stem cells harvested from adults rather than embryos have shown promise against heart disease in small, early trials in humans. Brief article Apr 2, 2007 151
Retinal cell transplants help blind mice see. Gaston, Robert Brief article Mar 1, 2007 163
FDA Grants Fast Track Designation to Nektar's Amphotericin B Inhalation Powder (ABIP) for Prevention of Pulmonary Fungal Infections in At-Risk Patients; First Inhaled Anti-Fungal Therapy Under Development for Immunosuppressed Patients. May 22, 2006 903
Development of a PCR-based assay for detection, quantification, and genotyping of human adenoviruses. Chmielewicz, Barbara; Nitsche, Andreas; Schweiger, Brunhilde; Ellerbrok, Heinz Aug 1, 2005 6675
Quantitative real-time PCR with automated sample preparation for diagnosis and monitoring of cytomegalovirus infection in bone marrow transplant patients. Hong, Kyeong Man; Najjar, Hazim; Hawley, Mary; Press, Richard D. May 1, 2004 8274
Quantitative real-time PCR compared with pp65 antigen detection for cytomegalovirus (CMV) in 1122 blood specimens from 77 patients after allogeneic stem cell transplantation: which test better predicts CMV disease development? Nitsche, Andreas; Oswald, Olivia; Steuer, Nina; Schetelig, Johannes; Radonic, Aleksandar; Thulke, St Oct 1, 2003 2093
Trimolecular complexes of [lambda] light chain dimers in serum of a patient with multiple myeloma. Abraham, Roshini S.; Charlesworth, M. Cristine; Owen, Barbara A.L.; Benson, Linda M.; Katzmann, Jerr Clinical report Oct 1, 2002 4534

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