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Accessing an Expanded Exposure Science Module at the Comparative Toxicogenomics Database. Grondin, Cynthia J.; Davis, Allan Peter; Wiegers, Thomas C.; Wiegers, Jolene A.; Mattingly, Carolyn Report Jan 1, 2018 3310
Why Some Meats May Be Causing Cancer. Dec 16, 2017 653
September 2017: Zoonoses. Dec 1, 2017 208
Mild Illness during Outbreak of Shiga Toxin-Producing Escherichia coli O157 Infections Associated with Agricultural Show, Australia. Vasant, Bhakti R.; Stafford, Russell J.; Jennison, Amy V.; Bennett, Sonya M.; Bell, Robert J.; Doyle Oct 1, 2017 2294
Berlin Squirrelpox Virus, a New Poxvirus in Red Squirrels, Berlin, Germany. Gudrun, Wibbelt; Tausch Simon H.; Dabrowski, Piotr W.; Kershaw, Olivia; Nitsche, Andreas; Schrick, L Oct 1, 2017 2758
Carbapenemase VCC-1-Producing Vibrio cholerae in Coastal Waters of Germany. Hammerl, Jens A.; Jackel, Claudia; Bortolaia, Valeria; Schwartz, Keike; Bier, Nadja; Hendriksen, Ren Oct 1, 2017 1826
Spread of Chikungunya Virus East/Central/South African Genotype in Northeast Brazil. Costa, Antonio Charlys da; Theze, Julien; Komninakis, Shirley Cavalcante Vasconcelos; Sanz-Duro, Rod Oct 1, 2017 1865
GenomeDx to Distribute Pathnostics' Guidance UGx Test for Urinary Tract Infection and Guidance PRx Test for Prostatitis. Sep 14, 2017 903
Processes underlying rabies virus incursions across Us-Canada border as revealed by whole-genome phylogeography. Trewby, Hannah; Nadin-Davis, Susan A.; Real, Leslie A.; Biek, Roman Sep 1, 2017 5252
Group A rotavirus associated with encephalitis in red fox. Busi, Chiara; Martella, Vito; Papetti, Alice; Sabelli, Cristiano; Lelli, Davide; Alborali, G. Loris; Sep 1, 2017 2681
Indication of cross-species transmission of astrovirus associated with encephalitis in sheep and cattle. Boujon, Celine L.; Koch, Michel C.; Wuthrich, Daniel; Werder, Simea; Jakupovic, Dennis; Bruggmann, R Sep 1, 2017 1465
Genomic characterization of recrudescent Plasmodium malariae after treatment with artemether/lumefantrine. Rutledge, Gavin G.; Marr, Ian; Huang, G. Khai Lin; Auburn, Sarah; Marfurt, Jutta; Sanders, Mandy; Wh Aug 1, 2017 5700
Maguari virus associated with human disease. Groseth, Allison; Vine, Veronica; Weisend, Carla; Guevara, Carolina; Watts, Douglas; Russell, Brandy Aug 1, 2017 4880
An outbreak of Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli 0121 infections associated with flour--Canada, 2016-2017. Morton, Vanessa; Cheng, Joyce M.; Sharma, Davendra; Kearney, Ashley Jul 1, 2017 806
Clonal clusters and virulence factors of group C and G streptococcus causing severe infections, Manitoba, Canada, 2012-2014. Lother, Sylvain A.; Demczuk, Walter; Martin, Irene; Mulvey, Michael; Dufault, Brenden; Lagace-Wiens, Jul 1, 2017 6991
Why Smoking Causes Cancers In Some People. Jun 14, 2017 592
Clinical and molecular characteristics of human rotavirus G8P[8] outbreak strain, Japan, 2014. Kondo, Kenji; Tsugawa, Takeshi; Ono, Mayumi; Ohara, Toshio; Fujibayashi, Shinsuke; Tahara, Yasuo; Ku Jun 1, 2017 4443
PCR detection of mimivirus. Raoult, Didier; Levasseur, Anthony; La Scola, Bernard Jun 1, 2017 1159
CureMatch Announces Pricing for its Cutting-Edge Combination Therapy Report for Cancer Treatment. May 25, 2017 554
WuXi NextCODE AI Points to New Therapeutic Approaches to Cardiovascular Disease and Cancer in Yale Nature study. May 15, 2017 781
WuXi NextCODE AI Points to New Therapeutic Approaches to Cardiovascular Disease and Cancer in Yale Nature study. May 15, 2017 794
GenomeDx and Color Collaborate to Further Advance Precision Medicine for Prostate Cancer Patients and their Families. May 12, 2017 807
Gene Editing Strategy Eliminates HIV-1 Infection in Live Animals. May 2, 2017 708
Population genomics of Legionella longbeachae and hidden complexities of infection source attribution. Bacigalupe, Rodrigo; Lindsay, Diane; Edwards, Giles; Fitzgerald, J. Ross May 1, 2017 4570
Sangamo Therapeutics Announces Presentations at 2017 Annual meeting of the American Society of Gene & Cell Therapy. Apr 24, 2017 1704
Norovirus infection in harbor porpoises. de Graaf, Miranda; Bodewes, Rogier; van Elk, Cornells E.; van de Bildt, Marco; Getu, Sarah; Aron, Ge Jan 1, 2017 2360
Whole-genome characterization and strain comparison of VT2f-producing escherichia coli causing hemolytic uremic syndrome. Grande, Laura; Michelacci, Valeria; Bondi, Roslen; Gigliucci, Federica; Franz, Eelco; Badouei, Mahdi Dec 1, 2016 6151
Effect of live poultry market interventions on influenza A(H7N9) virus, Guangdong, China. Wu, Jie; Lu, Jing; Faria, Nuno R.; Zeng, Xianqiao; Song, Yingchao; Zou, Lirong; Yi, Lina; Liang, Lij Dec 1, 2016 5143
Smoking Causes Cancer, And Now We Know How. Nov 4, 2016 557
Clinical Next Generation Sequencing Outperforms Standard Microbiological Culture for Characterizing Polymicrobial Samples. Cummings, Lisa A.; Kurosawa, Kyoko; Hoogestraat, Daniel R.; SenGupta, Dhruba J.; Candra, Febrian; Do Nov 1, 2016 5231
Ambulatory pediatric surveillance of hand, foot and mouth disease as signal of an outbreak of coxsackievirus A6 infections, France, 2014-2015. Mirand, Audrey; le Sage, Francois Vie; Pereira, Bruno; Cohen, Robert; Levy, Corinne; Archimbaud, Chr Nov 1, 2016 6833
ESBL-producing and macrolide-resistant Shigella sonnei infections among men who have sex with men, England, 2015. Mook, Piers; McCormick, Jacquelyn; Bains, Manpreet; Cowley, Lauren A.; Chattaway, Marie A.; Jenkins, Nov 1, 2016 2302
23andMe, NIH work to reduce health research disparities among African Americans. Oct 13, 2016 1270
Hypervirulent clone of Group B Streptococcus serotype III sequence type 283, Hong Kong, 1993-2012. Ip, Margaret; Ang, Irene; Fung, Kitty; Liyanapathirana, Veranja; Luo, Ming Jing; Lai, Raymond Oct 1, 2016 3087
United States : Study Expands Number of Known Blood Pressure Genetic Associations. Sep 13, 2016 551
Sangamo BioSciences Receives Orphan Drug Designation From The FDA For SB-FIX, The First Application Of Therapeutic In Vivo Genome Editing. Sep 6, 2016 1321
Carbapenem-resistant enterobacteriaceae transmission in health care facilities--Wisconsin, February-May 2015. Elbadawi, Lina I.; Borlaug, Gwen; Gundlach, Kristin M.; Monson, Timothy; Warshauer, David; Walters, Sep 2, 2016 2324
Cancer Therapeutic Target Genes Identified on Chromosome 20q, According to Study Published by PiscoMed's Advances in Modern Oncology Research Journal. Aug 4, 2016 861
Use of unamplified RNA/cDNA-hybrid nanopore sequencing for rapid detection and characterization of RNA viruses. Kilianski, Andy; Roth, Pierce A.; Liem, Alvin T.; Hill, Jessica M.; Willis, Kristen L.; Rossmaier, R Aug 1, 2016 2783
Whole-genome sequencing detection of ongoing Listeria contamination at a restaurant, Rhode Island, USA, 2014. Barkley, Jonathan S.; Gosciminski, Michael; Miller, Adam Aug 1, 2016 1724
Sangamo BioSciences Announces New Gene Therapy Clinical Development Program for Treatment Of Hemophilia A. Jul 26, 2016 1627
Two linked enteroinvasive Escherichia coli outbreaks, Nottingham, UK, June 2014. Newitt, Sophie; MacGregor, Vanessa; Robbins, Vivienne; Bayliss, Laura; Chattaway, Marie Anne; Dallma Jul 1, 2016 5222
Clinical manifestations of Senecavirus a infection in neonatal pigs, Brazil, 2015. Leme, Raquel A.; Oliveira, Thalita E.S.; Alcantara, Brigida K.; Headley, Selwyn A.; Alfieri, Alice F Jul 1, 2016 2109
Highly pathogenic avian influenza viruses and generation of novel reassortants, United States, 2014-2015. Lee, Dong-Hun; Bahl, Justin; Torchetti, Mia Kim; Killian, Mary Lea; Ip, Hon S.; DeLiberto, Thomas J. Jul 1, 2016 2380
Around the world in 1,475 Salmonella geo-serotypes. Gossner, Celine M.; Hello, Simon Le; de Jong, Birgitta; Rolfhamre, Per; Faensen, Daniel; Weill, Fran Jul 1, 2016 3009
Sangamo BioSciences Announces FDA Clearance of Investigational New Drug Application for ZFN-Mediated Genome Editing Treatment of MPS II. Jun 20, 2016 1758
InterAcTEV: Genome-wide analysis of RNA and protein interacting profiles during a plant virus infection. Jun 10, 2016 392
Integration of genomic and other epidemiologic data to investigate and control a cross-institutional outbreak of Streptococcus pyogenes. Chalker, Victoria J.; Smith, Alyson; Al-Shahib, Ali; Botchway, Stella; Macdonald, Emily; Daniel, Rog Jun 1, 2016 5492
Whole-genome analysis of Cryptococcus gattii, southeastern united states. Lockhart, Shawn R.; Roe, Chandler C.; Engelthaler, David M. Jun 1, 2016 2181
Fatal septicemia linked to transmission of MRSA clonal complex 398 in hospital and nursing home, Denmark. Nielsen, Rikke Thoft; Kemp, Michael; Holm, Anette; Skov, Marianne Nielsine; Detlefsen, Mette; Hasman May 1, 2016 2127
Sangamo BioSciences Announces Presentations On ZFP Therapeutic Programs And Applications At 2016 Annual Meeting Of The American Society Of Gene & Cell Therapy. Apr 18, 2016 1498
Use of CRISPR Cas9 Gene Editing Therapeutic Shown to Permanently Inactivate HIV-1 in Patient's Blood for First Time. Mar 21, 2016 855
Whole-genome sequencing to determine origin of multinational outbreak of Sarocladium kiliense bloodstream infections. Etienne, Kizee A.; Roe, Chandler C.; Smith, Rachel M.; Vallabhaneni, Snigdha; Duarte, Carolina; Esca Mar 1, 2016 4012
Changes in midgut gene expression following Bacillus thuringiensis (Bacillales: Bacillaceae) infection in Monochamus alternatus (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae). Lin, Tong; Cai, Ziling; Wu, Huajun; Luo, Linlin Report Mar 1, 2016 5517
Genetics and genomics of pathogens: fighting infections with genome-sequencing technology. Plavskin, Alexandra Mar 1, 2016 3359
Identification of source of Brucella suis infection in human by using whole-genome sequencing, United States and Tonga. Quance, Christine; Robbe-Austerman, Suelee; Stuber, Tod; Brignole, Tom; DeBess, Emilio E.; Boyd, Lau Jan 1, 2016 1911
Porcine epidemic diarrhea virus and discovery of a recombinant swine enteric coronavirus, Italy. Boniotti, M. Beatrice; Papetti, Alice; Lavazza, Antonio; Alborali, Giovanni; Sozzi, Enrica; Chiappon Jan 1, 2016 3195
Sangamo BioSciences Presents Data At The 2015 American Society Of Hematology Meeting Highlighting ZFP Therapeutic Programs For Hemophilia And Hemoglobinopathies. Dec 7, 2015 1932
Sangamo BioSciences Announces FDA Clearance Of Investigational New Drug Application For SB-FIX, First In Vivo Protein Replacement Platform Program For Treatment Of Hemophilia B. Dec 1, 2015 1522
Porcine epidemic diarrhea virus among farmed pigs, Ukraine. Dastjerdi, Akbar; Carr, John; Ellis, Richard J.; Steinbach, Falko; Williamson, Susanna Dec 1, 2015 2006
MYCOCHASSIS: Engineering of a minimal bacterial therapeutic chassis. Nov 25, 2015 370
Sangamo BioSciences Announces Publication Of Improved Method For Efficient Targeted Integration In Hematopoietic Stem Cells And T-cells. Nov 9, 2015 1136
Sangamo BioSciences To Present Data From ZFP Therapeutic Programs At Annual Meeting Of The American Society Of Hematology. Nov 5, 2015 1610
Outbreak breakthrough using whole-genome sequencing to control hospital infection: the level of detail provided by whole-genome sequencing could give hospitals the tools they need to stop outbreaks before they start. Arnold, Carrie Report Nov 1, 2015 3534
Personal Genome Diagnostics Collaborates On Nature Study Identifying New Mechanisms Of Response To Anti-EGFR Therapies In Colorectal Cancer. Sep 30, 2015 1468
Sangamo BioSciences Reports Updated Clinical Data from ZFP Therapeutic Program for HIV/AIDS at the 2015 Interscience Conference of Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy. Conference news Sep 21, 2015 1442
Sangamo Announces Unanimous Recombinant DNA Advisory Committee (RAC) Approval Of ZFP Therapeutic Phase 1 Study Protocol For First In Vivo Genome Editing Application. Sep 10, 2015 926
Successful transcription but not translation or assembly of Solenopsis invicta virus 3 in a baculovirus-driven expression system. Allen, Clare; Valles, Steven M. Report Sep 1, 2015 4215
Monitoring of Ebola virus Makona evolution through establishment of advanced genomic capability in Liberia. Kugelman, Jeffrey R.; Wiley, Michael R.; Mate, Suzanne; Ladner, Jason T.; Beitzel, Brett; Fakoli, La Jul 1, 2015 6042
Schmallenberg virus recurrence, Germany, 2014. Wernike, Kerstin; Hoffmann, Bernd; Conraths, Franz J.; Beer, Martin Jul 1, 2015 2051
Will genomics alter risk assessment methodology in health behavior research? Pigg, R. Morgan, Jr.; Stellefson, Michael L.; Paige, Samantha R. Jun 22, 2015 3052
Sangamo BioSciences Announces Joint Steering Committee Decision To Consolidate ZFP Therapeutic Strategy For Hemoglobinopathies. May 13, 2015 1877
Population-based in vitro hazard and concentration-response assessment of chemicals: the 1000 genomes high- throughput screening study. Abdo, Nour; Xia, Menghang; Brown, Chad C.; Kosyk, Oksana; Huang, Ruili; Sakamuru, Srilatha; Zhou, Yi Report May 1, 2015 8402
Comparative sequence analyses of La Crosse virus strain isolated from patient with fatal encephalitis, Tennessee, USA. Lambert, Amy J.; Fryxell, Rebecca Trout; Freyman, Kimberly; Ulloa, Armando; Velez, Jason O.; Paulsen May 1, 2015 2454
Unraveling genome may curb serious parasitic infection. Eckelbecker, Lisa Mar 3, 2015 631
Genome sequencing: hopes and challenges of a new technology. Downey, Rebecca; Romelczyk, Sharon Mar 1, 2015 1319
Mycobacterium bovis infection in humans and cats in same household, Texas, USA, 2012. Ramdas, Kira E.F.; Lyashchenko, Konstantin P.; Greenwald, Rena; Robbe-Austerman, Suelee; McManis, Cy Case study Mar 1, 2015 2090
Sangamo BioSciences Announces FDA Acceptance of IND to Initiate Clinical Trial of its Novel ZFP Therapeutic for Beta-Thalassemia. Feb 4, 2015 1203
Design services for the construction of the research building "center for infection and genomics. Feb 4, 2015 150
Evidence for Elizabethkingia anophelis transmission from mother to infant, Hong Kong. Lau, Susanna K.P.; Wu, Alan K.L.; Teng, Jade L.L.; Tse, Herman; Curreem, Shirly O.T.; Tsui, Stephen Feb 1, 2015 5832
Bovine genome-wide association study for genetic elements to resist the infection of foot-and-mouth disease in the field. Lee, Bo-Young; Lee, Kwang-Nyeong; Lee, Taeheon; Park, Jong-Hyeon; Kim, Su-Mi; Lee, Hyang-Sim; Chung, Report Feb 1, 2015 2988
United States : Lockheed Martin and Illumina to Collaborate On Developing Genomics Solutions to Improve Public Health and Wellness. Jan 13, 2015 274
Human Infection with Influenza Virus A(H10N8) from Live Poultry Markets, China, 2014. Zhang, Tao; Bi, Yuhai; Tian, Huaiyu; Li, Xiaowen; Liu, Di; Wu, Ying; Jin, Tao; Wang, Yong; Chen, Qua Dec 1, 2014 2354
PREDICT: Predicting individual response and resistance to VEGFR/mTOR pathway therapeutic intervention using biomarkers discovered through tumour functional genomics. Nov 14, 2014 403
Detection of rare G3P[19] group A rotavirus in human patient, Italy. Ianiro, Giovanni; Delogu, Roberto; Graffeo, Rosalia; Sanguinetti, Maurizio; Fiore, Lucia; Ruggeri, F Nov 1, 2014 2140
Knock-in of enhanced green fluorescent protein or/and human fibroblast growth factor 2 gene into [beta]-casein gene locus in the porcine fibroblasts to produce therapeutic protein. Lee, Sang Mi; Kim, Ji Woo; Jeong, Young-Hee; Kim, Se Eun; Kim, Yeong Ji; Moon, Seung Ju; Lee, Ji-Hye Report Nov 1, 2014 5503
Identification of DNA methylation changes in newborns related to maternal smoking during pregnancy. Markunas, Christina A.; Xu, Zongli; Harlid, Sophia; Wade, Paul A.; Lie, Rolv T.; Taylor, Jack A.; Wi Report Oct 1, 2014 7774
Genomic high-resolution profiling of single [CK.sup.pos]/[CD45.sup.neg] flow-sorting purified circulating tumor cells from patients with metastatic breast cancer. Neves, Rui P.L.; Raba, Katharina; Schmidt, Oliver; Honisch, Ellen; Meier-Stiegen, Franziska; Behrens Report Oct 1, 2014 4929
Swine-to-human transmission of influenza A(H3N2) virus at Agricultural Fairs, Ohio, USA, 2012. Bowman, Andrew S.; Nelson, Sarah W.; Page, Shannon L.; Nolting, Jacqueline M.; Killian, Mary L.; Sre Sep 1, 2014 6121
Novel circovirus from Mink, China. Lian, Hai; Liu, Ye; Li, Nan; Wang, Yuying; Zhang, Shoufeng; Hu, Rongliang Sep 1, 2014 1767
United Kingdom : Whole genome sequencing to revolutionise investigation of outbreaks of infectious disease. Aug 2, 2014 337
Personal Genome Diagnostics' Exome Analysis And Cancer Biology Expertise Is Enabling Advances In Genome-Based Cancer Therapy. Jun 10, 2014 1493
Fatal monkeypox in wild-living sooty Mangabey, cote d'Ivoire, 2012. Radonic, Aleksandar; Metzger, Sonja; Dabrowski, Piotr Wojtek; Couacy-Hymann, Emmanuel; Schuenadel, L Jun 1, 2014 1950
Species H rotavirus detected in piglets with diarrhea, Brazil, 2012. Molinari, Bruna L.D.; Lorenzetti, Elis; Otonel, Rodrigo A.A.; Alfieri, Alice F.; Alfieri, Amauri A. Jun 1, 2014 2242
New hepatitis E virus genotype in camels, the Middle East. Woo, Patrick C.Y.; Lau, Susanna K.P.; Teng, Jade L.L.; Tsang, Alan K.L.; Joseph, Marina; Wong, Emily Jun 1, 2014 2720
MERS coronaviruses in dromedary camels, Egypt. Chu, Daniel K.W.; Poon, Leo L.M.; Gomaa, Mokhtar M.; Shehata, Mahmoud M.; Perera, Ranawaka A.P.M.; Z Jun 1, 2014 2377
Full-genome analysis of avian influenza A(H5N1) virus from a human, North America, 2013. Pabbaraju, Kanti; Tellier, Raymond; Wong, Sallene; Li, Yan; Bastien, Nathalie; Tang, Julian W.; Drew May 1, 2014 2382
Adventures in personal genomics: the public may demand a right to know their own genetic information, but interpreting their medical destinies without professional guidance might be off-limits. Wheelwright, Verne May 1, 2014 1601
Whole genome sequencing as a diagnostic test: challenges and opportunities. Chrystoja, Caitlin C.; Diamandis, Eleftherios P. Report May 1, 2014 7688
What's your subtype? The epidemiologic utility of bacterial whole-genome sequencing. Sandora, Thomas J.; Gerner-Smidt, Peter; McAdam, Alexander J. Apr 1, 2014 2195
Isothermal recombinase polymerase amplification assay applied to the detection of group b streptococci in vaginal/anal samples. Daher, Rana K.; Stewart, Gale; Boissinot, Maurice; Bergeron, Michel G. Report Apr 1, 2014 5051
Spread of virulent group A Streptococcus type emm59 from Montana to Wyoming, USA. Brown, Christopher C.; Olsen, Randall J.; Fittipaldi, Nahuel; Morman, Monica L.; Fort, Peter L.; Neu Apr 1, 2014 1963
Invasive Salmonella enterica serotype typhimurium infections, democratic republic of the Congo, 2007-2011. Ley, Benedikt; Hello, Simon Le; Lunguya, Octavie; Lejon, Veerle; Muyembe, Jean-Jacques; Weill, Franc Apr 1, 2014 1985
First-In-Man Study Of Genome Editing Using Sangamo's ZFN Technology Published In New England Journal Of Medicine. Clinical report Mar 5, 2014 1545
Cardiovascular prevention: lifestyle and statins--competitors or companions? Opie, L.H.; Dalby, A.J. Report Mar 1, 2014 5760
Genomic variability of monkeypox virus among humans, Democratic Republic of the Congo. Kugelman, Jeffrey R.; Johnston, Sara C.; Mulembakani, Prime M.; Kisalu, Neville; Lee, Michael S.; Ko Author abstract Feb 1, 2014 5540
Micronuclei in cord blood lymphocytes and associations with biomarkers of exposure to carcinogens and hormonally active factors, gene polymorphisms, and gene expression: the NewGeneris cohort. Report Feb 1, 2014 10047
Dobrava-Belgrade virus in Apodemus flavicollis and A. uralensis mice, Turkey. Oktem, I. Mehmet Ali; Uyar, Yavuz; Dincer, Ender; Gozalan, Aysegul; Schlegel, Mathias; Babur, Cahit; Jan 1, 2014 2830
Resolution of novel human papillomavirus--induced warts after HPV vaccination. Silling, Steffi; Wieland, Ulrike; Werner, Marko; Pfister, Herbert; Potthoff, Anja; Kreuter, Alexande Jan 1, 2014 2350
UAE's first gene testing lab soon in Abu Dhabi. Dec 30, 2013 762
Sangamo BioSciences Presents Data From Non-Human Primates Providing Proof Of Concept For Disruptive And Broadly Leverageable Platform For Protein Replacement Therapies. Dec 10, 2013 1450
Sangamo BioSciences Announces First Presentation Of Data From ZFP Therapeutic Program For Treatment Of Sickle Cell Disease And Beta-Thalassemia At American Society Of Hematology Meeting. Dec 9, 2013 2051
Tula hantavirus infection in Immunocompromised host, Czech Republic. Zelena, Hana; Mrazek, Jakub; Kuhn, Tomas Nov 1, 2013 2063
Full genome of influenza A(H7N9) virus derived by direct sequencing without culture. Ren, Xianwen; Yang, Fan; Hu, Yongfeng; Zhang, Ting; Liu, Liguo; Dong, Jie; Sun, Lilian; Zhu, Yafang; Nov 1, 2013 2411
Gene variant that ups risk of colorectal cancer from eating red meat identified. Oct 25, 2013 288
Drop in Gene Replikin Counts of Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS CoV) Suggests Decrease in Risk of Pandemic, but Counts Rise Again. Oct 21, 2013 911
New Discoveries for Cancer Risk: Researchers Worldwide Take Part in one of History's Largest Scientific Consortium. Oct 9, 2013 1286
Persistent human cosavirus infection in lung transplant recipient, Italy. Campanini, Giulia; Rovida, Francesca; Meloni, Federica; Cascina, Alessandro; Ciccocioppo, Rachele; P Oct 1, 2013 1977
Bayer and the Broad Institute Join Forces to Develop Novel Treatment Options in Cancer Therapy. Sep 10, 2013 976
Human parainfluenza virus type 3 in wild nonhuman primates, Zambia. Sasaki, Michihito; Ishii, Akihiro; Orba, Yasuko; Thomas, Yuka; Hang'ombe, Bernard M.; Moonga, Ladsla Sep 1, 2013 2063
Origins of cancer identified. Disease/Disorder overview Aug 15, 2013 333
Cancer's Origins Revealed. Aug 15, 2013 495
Infeccion oculta por el virus de la hepatitis B: aspectos clinicos epidemiologicos y moleculares. Alfredo Rios-Ocampo, Wilson; Restrepo, Juliana; Cortes, Fabian; Correa, Gonzalo; Cristina Navas, Mar Report Jul 1, 2013 8185
Duck genome could be key to fighting bird flu. Jun 10, 2013 277
Full-genome deep sequencing and phylogenetic analysis of novel human betacoronavirus. Cotten, Matthew; Lam, Tommy T.; Watson, Simon J.; Palser, Anne L.; Petrova, Velislava; Grant, Paul; May 1, 2013 5519
Genetic analysis of primaquine tolerance in a patient with relapsing vivax malaria. Bright, A. Taylor; Alenazi, Thamer; Shokoples, Sandra; Tarning, Joel; Paganotti, Giacomo M.; White, May 1, 2013 2551
Mendelsohn To Talk Personalized Cancer Therapy at Bush Library and Museum April Issues Forum. Apr 16, 2013 657
NextBio and Genophen Form Partnership Aimed at Applying Genomics to Personalized Disease Prevention and Wellness. Apr 2, 2013 662
Circovirus in tissues of dogs with vasculitis and hemorrhage. Li, Linlin; McGraw, Sabrina; Zhu, Kevin; Leutenegger, Christian M.; Marks, Stanley L.; Kubiski, Stev Apr 1, 2013 5171
Transmission of hepatitis E virus from rabbits to cynomolgus macaques. Liu, Peng; Bu, Qiu-Ning; Wang, Ling; Han, Jian; Du, Ren-Jie; Lei, Ya-Xin; Ouyang, Yu-Qing; Li, Jie; Apr 1, 2013 5333
Occult hepatitis B virus infection in Chacma baboons, South Africa. Dickens, Caroline; Kew, Michael C.; Purcell, Robert H.; Kramvis, Anna Apr 1, 2013 4963
New DNA variants that raise cancer risk identified. Mar 28, 2013 339
Genomic medicine: direct access to unexpected test results. Levy, Howard P. Mar 15, 2013 1407
Characterization of full genome of Rat hepatitis E virus strain from Vietnam. Li, Tian-Cheng; Ami, Yasushi; Suzaki, Yuriko; Yasuda, Shumpei P.; Yoshimatsu, Kumiko; Arikawa, Jiro; Jan 1, 2013 2376
Morphogenesis, pathogenesis, detection and transmission risks of White Spot Syndrome Virus in shrimps. Reddy, Alla D; Jeyasekaran, Geevaretnam; Shakila, Robinson J Author abstract Jan 1, 2013 8990
Heterogeneity of epidermal growth factor receptor status and mutations of KRAS/PIK3CA in circulating tumor cells of patients with colorectal cancer. Gasch, Christin; Bauernhofer, Thomas; Pichler, Martin; Langer-Freitag, Sabine; Reeh, Matthias; Seife Report Jan 1, 2013 5618
Analysis of complete Puumala virus genome, Finland. Plyusnina, Angelina; Razzauti, Maria; Sironen, Tarja; Niemimaa, Jukka; Vapalahti, Olli; Vaheri, Antt Dec 1, 2012 1879
Bacterial genomics in infectious disease and the clinical pathology laboratory. Olsen, Randall J.; Long, S. Wesley; Musser, James M. Nov 1, 2012 8591
Identifying genetic variation for alcohol dependence. Agrawal, Arpana; Bierut, Laura J. Report Sep 22, 2012 6589
Adenoviruses in fecal samples from asymptomatic rhesus macaques, United States. Roy, Soumitra; Sandhu, Arbansjit; Medina, Angelica; Clawson, David S.; Wilson, James M. Jul 1, 2012 5098
Asian Cancer Research Group and BGI Report Findings from Genomics Research on Recurrent Hepatitis B Virus Integration, A Major Cause of Liver Cancer. May 29, 2012 1364
OpGen Announces Formation of Public Health Consortium to Evaluate Whole Genome Mapping for Improved Genetic Analysis of Disease Outbreaks. May 17, 2012 601
Convey Teams with CLC bio to Provide Exceptional Genomics Analysis for Germany's Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research. Apr 19, 2012 554
deCODE Genetics, in Collaboration with Academic Colleagues, Discovers Three Variants in the Sequence of the Human Genome that Affect the Risk of Thyroid Cancer. Jan 22, 2012 616
Rapidly progressive, fatal, inhalation anthrax-like infection in a human: case report, pathogen genome sequencing, pathology, and coordinated response. Wright, Angela M.; Beres, Stephen B.; Consamus, Erin N.; Long, S. Wesley; Flores, Anthony R.; Barrio Nov 1, 2011 7782
OpGen's Whole Genome Mapping Technology Provides Critical Genomic Information for Malaria Research. Oct 11, 2011 622
Medicinal Genomics Sequences the Cannabis Genome to Assemble the Largest Known Gene Collection of this Therapeutic Plant. Aug 18, 2011 1302
Research ethics in 2020: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. McDonald, Michael; Pullman, Daryl; Anderson, James A.; Preto, Nina; Sampson, Heather Jun 22, 2011 12499
UTSA Receives $4.6 Million to Create Center of Excellence in Infection Genomics. Jun 13, 2011 650
BioTime Reports First Complete Sequencing of the Nuclear Genome of Five GMP-Compliant Human Embryonic Stem Cell Lines at Jefferies 2011 Global Healthcare Conference. Conference news Jun 9, 2011 1008
Why do viruses keep their genome small? Webber, Lynne May 1, 2011 345
Whole Genome Sequencing Used to Help Inform Cancer Therapy. Feb 16, 2011 1133
Use of a linear array for the detection of human papillomavirus genotypes in head and neck cancer. Black, Candice C.; Bentley, Heather A.; Davis, Thomas H.; Tsongalis, Gregory J. Dec 1, 2010 3614
The immunohistochemistry laboratory: looking at molecules and preparing for tomorrow. Teruya-Feldstein, Julie Nov 1, 2010 4112
Morphotek[R], Inc. Announces Selection of a Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibody for Clinical Development under Terms of Collaboration with Human Genome Sciences. Sep 28, 2010 551
Critical Biologics to Use Scarab Genomics' Clean Genome E. coli to Produce Recombinant Human Plasma Gelsolin. Apr 29, 2010 791
Human Genome Sciences and BioInvent announce partnership for therapeutic antibodies. Mar 11, 2010 155
BioInvent and Human Genome Sciences team to develop and commercialise therapeutic antibodies. Mar 11, 2010 149
Human Genome Sciences and BioInvent Announce Collaboration to Co-Develop and Commercialize Therapeutic Antibodies. Mar 11, 2010 1082
BioInvent and Human Genome Sciences Announce Collaboration to Co-develop and Commercialize Therapeutic Antibodies. Mar 11, 2010 1001
Scientists decode genome of mold that causes potato infection. Sep 10, 2009 450
Laboratory-guided detection of disease outbreaks: three generations of surveillance systems. Sintchenko, Vitali; Gallego, Blanca Report Jun 1, 2009 6935
How cold infections evolve in rhinovirus genome. Mar 17, 2009 422
Microfluidic leukocyte isolation for gene expression analysis in critically ill hospitalized patients. Russom, Aman; Sethu, Palaniappan; Irimia, Daniel; Mindrinos, Michael N.; Calvano, Steve E.; Garcia, May 1, 2008 4903
Oxford Genome Sciences and Amgen to Jointly Discover Novel Therapeutic Antibodies in Cancer. Dec 17, 2007 771
Novel neutrophil-derived proteins in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid indicate an exaggerated inflammatory response in pediatric cystic fibrosis patients. McMorran, Brendan J.; Patat, Severine A. Ouvry; Carlin, John B.; Grimwood, Keith; Jones, Alun; Armst Report Oct 1, 2007 6027
Illumina Advances Genetic Analysis of Cancer with Powerful Tools for Characterizing Chromosomal Changes; Infinium(TM) Whole-Genome Genotyping Data to Help Identify Potential Diagnostic and Therapeutic Targets. Dec 15, 2005 877
Three-dimensional microarray compared with PCR-single-strand conformation polymorphism analysis/DNA sequencing for mutation analysis of K-ras codons 12 and 13. Maekawa, Masato; Nagaoka, Tomonori; Taniguchi, Terumi; Higashi, Hitomi; Sugimura, Haruhiko; Sugano, Aug 1, 2004 3392

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