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Virtual House Calls: Get Ready for Distance Health: Digital doctor visits offer you convenience and access to quality healthcare without leaving your home. Apr 21, 2018 958
Russian Federation : In the perinatal center "DAR" the Regional Conference on Obstetrics and Gynecology was held. Conference news Apr 4, 2018 611
MATERNAL NEAR MISS- AN INDICATOR OF MATERNAL HEALTH IN A TERTIARY CARE HOSPITAL OF ODISHA. Panda, Bharati; Panda, Smita Kumari; Satapathy, Durga Madhab; Mishra, Rudra Prasanna Report Mar 19, 2018 2327
Maternal mortality: Kwara Assembly hails Saraki's NGO intervention. Mar 13, 2018 405
Infection prevention must for establishing healthy society: Principal PGMI. Mar 7, 2018 142
Implementation of strategies to improve programme effectiveness lead to an improvement in maternal and child health outcomes in South Africa. Bhardwaj, S.; Pattinson, R.; Kauchali, S.; Dlamini, N.; Marshall, C.; van der Merwe, M.; Barron, P. Report Mar 1, 2018 5168
Best Practice Nursing Management of Nosocomial Hypoglycemia: Lessons Learned. Watts, Sharon A.; Nemes, Drina Report Mar 1, 2018 2555
Opportunities for Nurses to Lead Quality Efforts Under MACRA. Ma, Yumi; May, Nancy; Knotts, Courtney; Dabbs, Annette DeVito Report Mar 1, 2018 2983
HEALTH. Feb 26, 2018 263
Smoking a health risk. Jan 28, 2018 323
George Eliot 'requires improvement' say health inspectors. Jan 25, 2018 634
Opus MedStrategies Hits the Market with Innovative Health Risk Management and Directional Care Solutions. Jan 24, 2018 369
What happens when primary health care is universal? Jan 23, 2018 907
Provision Of Occupational Health Services. Jan 22, 2018 169
What happens when primary health care is universal? Jan 22, 2018 886
What happens when primary health care is universal? Jan 21, 2018 868
Hospital is given hygiene warning; INSPECTION Sticky tape patches on theatre equipment. Dec 29, 2017 606
A comparison of private and public sector intensive care unit infrastructure in South Africa. Mahomed, S.; Sturm, A.W.; Moodley, P. Dec 1, 2017 4236
HMC's gynaecology day surgery unit opens. Nov 30, 2017 378
WWRC's Gynecology Day Surgery Unit opens. Nov 30, 2017 461
Shah died from rotten medical care. Nov 17, 2017 509
Hospital trust must make improvements, says health watchdog. Nov 9, 2017 553
Preliminary investigation of the STBBI Stigma Scale: Description and pilot results. Wagner, Anne C.; MacLean, Rachel Nov 1, 2017 4921
SEEKING WELLNESS? FIND A CULTURAL FIT. Luce, Vivian M. Nov 1, 2017 1511
Never events and hospital-acquired conditions after kidney transplant. Moghadamyeghaneh, Zhobin; Chen, Linda J.; Alameddine, Mahmoud; Gupta, Anupam K.; Burke, George W.; C Report Nov 1, 2017 4528
H. pylori screening didn't reduce dyspepsia risk: Also didn't dent peptic ulcer disease risk. Karon, Amy Oct 15, 2017 612
Cleaners go to ward over hospital hygiene; Protest over new contract. Oct 8, 2017 255
Discussion: physician-led wellness plan beating burnout. Willis, Lucy; Mitai, Renu; Steel, Peter; Sharma, Rahul Sep 1, 2017 2997
Innovative hemostasis assays improve quality and reduce cost of patient care. Faken, Tyler Sep 1, 2017 1271
United States : WellCare and St. Elizabeth Healthcare Form Value-Based Care Partnership. Jul 22, 2017 323
What Are The Best Countries For Health Care? Jul 18, 2017 601
How do patients perceive and expect quality of surgery, diagnostics, and emergency services in tertiary care hospitals? An evidence of gap analysis from Pakistan. Fatima, Iram; Humayun, Ayesha; Anwar, Muhammad Imran; Iftikhar, Adil; Aslam, Muhammad; Shafiq, Muham Jul 1, 2017 6616
Impact of nursing schedule change on therapeutic apheresis service. Jacob, Seby; Friedmann, Rachel; Firpo-Betancourt, Adolfo; Tindle, Sharon; Choo, S. Yoon; Wu, Ding We Jul 1, 2017 2491
National HIV Testing Day--June 27, 2017. Jun 23, 2017 291
United States : Study Shows 54 Percent Drop in Infections Among Nursing Home Patients. May 22, 2017 644
Health concerns over WestConnex: Sydney's WestConnex road and tunnel project is riddled with health issues, argue activists. May 1, 2017 566
Public supply and private offer of medications against venereal diseases. Argentina 1930-1945/provision publica y oferta privada de medicamentos contra las enfermedades venereas. Argentina 1930-1945/ provisao publica e oferta privada de medicamentos contra as doencas "venereas". Argentina 1930-1945. Biernat, Carolina; Simonetto, Patricio Ensayo May 1, 2017 8209
Illuminating infection control: Xenex explains why the lightstrike shines. Seeger, Daniel May 1, 2017 1028
Interim results of home wellness remote monitoring using current technology in peritoneal dialysis. McMullen, Jo-Anne Brief article Apr 1, 2017 160
Rural nursing preceptorship: an integrative review. Oosterbroek, Tracy A.; Yonge, Olive; Myrick, Florence Report Mar 22, 2017 6777
Eudemonic care: a future path for occupational therapy? Royeen, Charlotte I.; Stein, Franklin; Murtha, Alivia; Stambaugh, Julie Report Mar 22, 2017 5059
Survey: health care improvements seen as unlikely in 2017. Franki, Richard Mar 1, 2017 241
Change the focus, change the future. Krilich, Chad Report Mar 1, 2017 2010
Presbyphonia: what can be done. Kost, Karen; Parham, Kourosh Case study Mar 1, 2017 850
Survey: docs see health care improvements as unlikely in 2017. Franki, Richard Mar 1, 2017 215
Breast cancer and HIV: a South African perspective and a critical review of the literature. Reddy, P.; Ebrahim, S.; Singh, B.; Ramklass, S.; Buccimazza, I. Report Mar 1, 2017 4728
Diagnosticos de enfermeria presentes en un recien nacido pretermino con multiples comorbilidades. Valbuena Duran, Luz Dalia; Aceros Lora, Andrea Marcela Jan 1, 2017 5960
The relationship between bloodstream, infections and hemodialysis catheters in hospital-based hemodialysis units. Steward, Caroline Jan 1, 2017 3265
Serum Transthyretin Level as a Plausible Marker for Diagnosis of Child Acute Malnutrition. Tsegaye, Behailu; Mekasha, Amha; Genet, Solomon Jan 1, 2017 4708
Inspectors find dirty kitchens and out-of-date food at hospital; Facilities score just one out of five in hygiene checks. Nov 3, 2016 444
Elevated international normalised ratios correlate with severity of injury and outcome. Noorbhai, M.A.; Cassimjee, H.M.; Sartorius, B.; Muckart, D.J.J. Nov 1, 2016 4049
Sixty-five is the time. Thomson, D.A. Nov 1, 2016 1238
Guyana,United States : Guyana to reduce maternal and infant mortality rates with IDB support. Oct 28, 2016 286
PEMETH: Planning and Evaluation Methodologies for Mental Healthcare Buildings. Oct 12, 2016 399
Study: Good heart attack care could add a year to your life. Oct 6, 2016 542
United States : CMS selects Quality Improvement Organization to support quality improvement at Indian Health Service hospitals. Oct 5, 2016 629
Eclampsia: still a major problem in rural KwaZulu-Natal Province, South Africa. Makhanya, V.; Moodley, J.; Govender, L. Report Sep 1, 2016 4062
Provision Of Sterilisation, Disinfection And Hygiene Devices. Sep 1, 2016 217
OSHA, NIOSH guidance: protecting healthcare workers from Zika virus. Sep 1, 2016 450
The Subject Of The Tender Is To Provide Services , Which Consist Of Regular Cleaning Work In Stod Hospital , Inc. The Extent Of Tender Documentation In Compliance With Hygiene Standards In Accordance With Decree No. 306/2012 Coll . , With Disinfection Reg. Aug 17, 2016 369
Location isn't everything: proximity, hospital characteristics, choice of hospital, and disparities for breast cancer surgery patients. Keating, Nancy L.; Kouri, Elena M.; He, Yulei; Freedman, Rachel A.; Volya, Rita; Zaslavsky, Alan M. Aug 1, 2016 8498
Implementing evidenced based patient safety practices. Jun 30, 2016 1499
Active surveillance of hospital-acquired infections in South Africa: implementation, impact and challenges. Lowman, W. Report May 1, 2016 3350
United States : Louisiana Physicians Earn More Than $3.4 Million in Bonus Payments for Improving Health Outcomes for UnitedHealthcare Medicaid Members. Mar 30, 2016 474
Blueprint for health quality improvement practice facilitators/ vermont health care innovation project quality. Mar 6, 2016 311
Cardiovascular medicine in primary healthcare in sub-Saharan Africa: minimum standards for practice (part 2). Ogunbanjo, Gboyega; Ntusi, Ntobeko A.B. Report Feb 1, 2016 1565
Enhancing human performance for better health care outcomes. Johansson, Eva; Wilson, Donna; Mapson, Chere; Young, Kerri; Littwin, Susan; Shallcross, Lynda; Melch Jan 1, 2016 3655
Eficacia de los programas de seguridad del paciente. Estepa del Arbol, Miriam; Moyano Espadero, Ma Carmen; Perez Blancas, Carolina; Crespo Montero, Rodol Jan 1, 2016 7744
Assessment of satisfaction chronic hypertension patient among primary health care centers in Al-Hillah city. Yaser, Amean A. Report Dec 1, 2015 2782
Quality of disease management and risk of mortality in English primary care practices. Dusheiko, Mark; Gravelle, Hugh; Martin, Stephen; Smith, Peter C. Oct 1, 2015 8094
Patient satisfaction with NHS care keeps rising; A detailed audit of Wales' health care standards surveyed everything from pain management to patient hygiene. Here's what it found. Jun 29, 2015 683
Impact of a chronic care coordinator intervention on diabetes quality of care in a community health center. Solorio, Rosa; Bansal, Aasthaa; Comstock, Bryan; Ulatowski, Krista; Barker, Sara Jun 1, 2015 8045
Effect of Present-on-Admission (POA) reporting accuracy on hospital performance assessments using risk-adjusted mortality. Goldman, L. Elizabeth; Chu, Philip W.; Bacchetti, Peter; Kruger, Jenna; Bindman, Andrew Jun 1, 2015 5463
Free hand technique of interlocking nailing of tibia. Srinivas, P.L.; Jagadesh, K.; Reddy, K. Praneeth; Mahesh, B. May 28, 2015 2081
Disparities in perinatal quality outcomes for very low birth weight infants in neonatal intensive care. Lake, Eileen T.; Staiger, Douglas; Horbar, Jeffrey; Kenny, Michael J.; Patrick, Thelma; Rogowski, Je Apr 1, 2015 9307
Evaluating area-based socioeconomic status indicators for monitoring disparities within health care systems: results from a primary care network. Berkowitz, Seth A.; Traore, Carine Y.; Singer, Daniel E.; Atlas, Steven J. Apr 1, 2015 7756
Assessment of healthcare quality metrics: length-of-stay, 30-day readmission, and 30-day mortality for radical nephrectomy with inferior vena cava thrombectomy. Hwang, Y. Joseph; Minnillo, Brian J.; Kim, Simon P.; Abouassaly, Robert Report Apr 1, 2015 4821
Surgical management of stage T1 renal tumours at Canadian academic centres. Lavallee, Luke T.; Tanguay, Simon; Jewett, Michael A.; Wood, Lori; Kapoor, Anil; Rendon, Ricardo A.; Report Apr 1, 2015 5847
The volume-quality relationship in antibiotic prescribing: When more isn't better. Gidengil, Courtney A.; Linder, Jeffrey A.; Hunter, Gerald; Setodji, Claude; Mehrotra, Ateev Report Jan 1, 2015 1811
Thyroidectomies: to drain or not to drain? Kemparaj, T.; Ali, Mohammed Shahid; Janakirama, S.J.; Khadri, S.I.S. Oct 30, 2014 1496
How to get the most out of your colonoscopy: your doctor's skill helps determine the quality of your exam and, potentially, your risk of colorectal cancer, a study suggests. Oct 1, 2014 1150
Template matching for auditing hospital cost and quality. Silber, Jeffrey H.; Rosenbaum, Paul R.; Ross, Richard N.; Ludwig, Justin M.; Wang, Wei; Niknam, Bija Oct 1, 2014 9652
A hospital-specific template for benchmarking its cost and quality. Silber, Jeffrey H.; Rosenbaum, Paul R.; Ross, Richard N.; Ludwig, Justin M.; Wang, Wei; Niknam, Bija Oct 1, 2014 8244
A simultaneous consideration of energy and ventilation in health care. English, Travis R. Report Jul 1, 2014 4440
Postoperative spinal fusion care in pediatric patients: co-management decreases length of stay. Rosenberg, Rebecca E.; Ardalan, Kaveh; Wong, Wai; Patel, Sonya; Simson, Gabrielle Gold-von; Feldman, Report Jul 1, 2014 4064
Health Care Waste Management in Kyrgyz Hospitals. Jun 27, 2014 465
A Simultaneous Consideration of Energy and Ventilation in Health care. English, Travis R. Jun 22, 2014 4443
Alexithymia and patient satisfaction in patients treated with balneotherapy/Balneoterapi uygulanan hastalarda aleksitimi ve hasta memnuniyeti. Kaya, Erkan; Kaplan, Cengiz; Ozyurek, Selahattin; Guzelkucuk, Umut; Kiralp, Mehmet Zeki Report Mar 1, 2014 3507
Exploring safety and quality in a hemodialysis environment with participatory photographic methods: a restorative approach. Marck, Patricia; Molzahn, Anita; Berry-Hauf, Rhonda; Hutchings, Loretta Gail; Hughes, Susan Jan 1, 2014 7633
Dental hygiene accreditation: current limitations and future possibilities. Partido, Brian Dec 1, 2013 1811
The clinical practice guideline initiative: a joint collaboration designed to improve the quality of care delivered by doctors of chiropractic. Bussieres, Andre; Stuber, Kent Report Oct 1, 2013 2893
Canadian trend in surgical management of benign prostatic hyperplasia and laser therapy from 2007-2008 to 2011-2012. Hueber, Pierre-Alain; Zorn, Kevin C. Clinical report Sep 1, 2013 3148
Sudan-Provision and improvement of Primary Health Care access and quality for vulnerable populations in North Darfur and South Darfur Project. Aug 6, 2013 517
Perceived obstacles to optimal detection of tuberculosis cases among PHC workers in Osun and Oyo State, Southwestern Nigeria. Olarewaju, Sunday; Wasiu, Adebimpe; Idaboh, T. Awele; Sobaloju, Samson; Lawal, O.M.; Dairo, O.G.; Mu Report Jul 1, 2013 3211
A physicians 'quality of presence' - a vital therapeutic tool. Bateman, Chris Jul 1, 2013 1529
Quality and safety management in the concept of the healthcare system in the Czech Republic. Svobodova, D. Survey Jun 1, 2013 4172
Communication skills during the clinical examination of the patients. Kourkouta, L.; Barsamidis, K.; Lavdaniti, M. Jun 1, 2013 2408
Decreasing infections, reducing falls, maximizing prevention, improving care: a formula for success for 6 hospitals earning ANA's award for nursing quality. May 1, 2013 705
Critical role of nutrition in improving quality of care: an interdisciplinary call to action to address adult hospital malnutrition. Tappenden, Kelly A.; Quatrara, Beth; Parkhurst, Melissa L.; Malone, Ainsley M.; Fanjiang, Gary; Zieg May 1, 2013 12862
Why oral hygiene is so important for every long-term hospital case; Dr Alan Willson on how health professionals are concerned about the quality and safety of mouth care for patients spending a long time in hospital. Feb 4, 2013 590
Including catheter-associated urinary tract infections in the 2008 CMS payment policy: a qualitative analysis. Palmer, Jennifer A.; Lee, Grace M.; Dutta-Linn, M. Maya; Wroe, Peter; Hartmann, Christine W. Report Jan 1, 2013 6635
Truven Health Analytics to Demonstrate Best Practices for Care Improvement at the 24th Annual National Forum on Quality Improvement in Health Care. Dec 10, 2012 398
Improving access and quality of care in a TB control programme. Scott, Vera; Azevedo, Virginia; Caldwell, Judy Report Nov 1, 2012 3453
Improving safety in health care: of the three infection prevention and control programmes being led by the Health Quality & Safety Commission, hand hygiene remains fundamental. Jowitt, Deborah Nov 1, 2012 1005
Composite measures for rating hospital quality with major surgery. Dimick, Justin B.; Staiger, Douglas O.; Osborne, Nicholas H.; Nicholas, Lauren H.; Birkmeyer, John D Report Oct 1, 2012 6599
Nurses on social representation of hospital infection: implications for preventive care/Representacoes sociais de enfermeiras sobre a infeccao hospitalar: implicacoes para o cuidar prevencionista/Representaciones sociales de enfermeras sobre la infeccion hospitalaria: implicaciones para la prevencion. Batista, Odinea Maria Amorim; Moura, Maria Eliete Batista; Nunes, Benevina Maria Vilar Teixeira; Sil Oct 1, 2012 4083
Hospital hygiene standards demand disposable dialysis equipment. Sep 30, 2012 394
Continuous quality improvement: hypoglycemia prevention in the postoperative surgical population. Munoz, Christina; Lowry, Crystal; Smith, Catherine Sep 1, 2012 4118
Analysis and a review of systematic concept for prevention and health promotion in healthcare sector of the federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Dido, Vedran; Ramic-Catak, Aida Report Jul 1, 2012 2277
Biosecurity in the view of nurses/A biosseguranca sob o olhar de enfermeiros/Bioseguridad bajo la mirada de enfermeros. Valle, Andreai Rodrigjes Moura da Costa; Moura, Maria Eliete Batista; Nunes, Benevina Maria Vilar Te Jul 1, 2012 4564
Lahey Clinic Joins Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Alternative Quality Contract. May 14, 2012 824
More functions, better healthcare: tablet PCs help increase efficiency, accuracy and reduce the risk of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs). May 1, 2012 1120
The Olga diaries--a day in the life of Olga the intern: Olga shares a hectic day in her nursing life, what with PDRP peer review forms, Quality Team updates, Ministry Benchmarking Indicators, working with a naive student and receiving the Wellness Warrior of the Month Award. Cottingham, Chris May 1, 2012 911
Total Therapeutic Management, Inc. Names John Benko, R.N. Director, Business Development. Apr 25, 2012 497
Physiologic and psychosocial approaches to global management of the hemodialysis patient in the Southern Alberta Renal Program. Cormier, Tina; Magat, Ofelia; Hager, Suzy; Ng, Fanny; Lee, Miran Apr 1, 2012 3978
Nursing quality conference convenes leaders to focus on patient outcomes NDNQI[R] study linking infection rates to nursing care hours to be presented. Conference news Mar 29, 2012 474
Registered nurse perspectives on delayed or missed nursing cares in a New Zealand hospital. Winters, Rosie; Neville, Stephen Mar 1, 2012 5395
UHealthSolutions - Healthcare Intelligence Tools Predict Risk and Cost for Health Care Improvement. Feb 16, 2012 840
Is patient safety improving? National trends in patient safety indicators: 1998-2007. Downey, John R.; Hernandez-Boussard, Tina; Banka, Gaurav; Morton, John M. Report Feb 1, 2012 6535
The impact of incorrect MRSA diagnoses. DeBonville, David Jan 1, 2012 1799
Hospital standardized mortality ratios: sensitivity analyses on the impact of coding. Bottle, Alex; Jarman, Brian; Aylin, Paul Report Dec 1, 2011 7120
National Journal and APIC Host Policy Summit on Best Practices in Infection Prevention. Oct 19, 2011 800
Management of patients on hemodialysis before, during, and after hospitalization: challenges and suggestions for improvements. Castner, Debra Jul 1, 2011 8421
Valley Health joins Premier healthcare alliance initiatives to improve care quality and efficiency. May 2, 2011 756
Consideraciones de equidad en el desarrollo e implementacion de guias de practica clinica basada en la evidencia. Eslava-Schmalbach, Javier; Sandoval-Vargas, Gisella; Mosquera, Paola Report Apr 1, 2011 4635
Patient safety and the medical laboratory: an introduction. Otto, Catherine N. Report Mar 22, 2011 1271
Raising oral health awareness among nephrology nurses. Blue, Christine; Isringhausen, Kim; Dils, Elaine Report Mar 22, 2011 3897
Patient-nurse partnerships. Doss, Sheila; DePascal, Peggy; Hadley, Kimberly Mar 1, 2011 7342
'Not on my watch:' treating and preventing pressure ulcers. Ackerman, Carol L. Mar 1, 2011 2206
Preventing Infection with Technology: CDH Disinfects with Flashing UV Light. Feb 1, 2011 696
Do hospitals alter patient care effort allocations under pay-for-performance? Nicholas, Lauren Hersch; Dimick, Justin B.; Iwashyna, Theodore J. Feb 1, 2011 8034
Entering the abyss: the resident's standard of care. Cabaj, Chantel Jan 1, 2011 8944
Payment reform. Fraser, Irene; Encinosa, William; Baker, Laurence Dec 1, 2010 2818
Kaiser Permanente Hospitals Lead the Way in National "Top Hospital" List. Dec 1, 2010 681
Development, dissemination and implementation of a sedation and analgesic guideline in a pediatric intensive care unit ... It takes creativity and collaboration. Thomas, Margot; Dhanani, Sonny; Irwin, Danica; Writer, Hilary; Doherty, Dermot Nov 30, 2010 7161
Seminar on "Patient Safety & Infection Control" is Opened. Nov 23, 2010 310
157 Hospitals in National Collaborative Save 22,164 Lives, $2.13 Billion over Two Years. Nov 22, 2010 1298
Barriers to increasing hospital birth rates in rural Shanxi Province, China. Gao, Yu; Barclay, Lesley; Kildea, Sue; Hao, Min; Belton, Suzanne Report Nov 1, 2010 6587
Improving quality of care. Klotz, Laurence H. Editorial Oct 1, 2010 447
How hospitals can arm themselves in the war on waste. Blumen, Helen; Lenderman, Tiffanie Sep 1, 2010 3190
Let them have the nights. Mirvis, Stuart E. Editorial Sep 1, 2010 895
Decentralisation of leprosy control activities in the municipality of Betim, Minas Gerais State, Brazil. Fuzikawa, Priscila Leiko; Acurcio, Francisco De Assis; Velema, Johan P.; Cherchiglia, Mariangela Lea Sep 1, 2010 5252
Implications of the California nurse staffing mandate for other states. Aiken, Linda H.; Sloane, Douglas M.; Cimiotti, Jeannie P.; Clarke, Sean P.; Flynn, Linda; Seago, Jea Survey Aug 1, 2010 7113
The relationship between patients' perception of care and measures of hospital quality and safety. Isaac, Thomas; Zaslavsky, Alan M.; Cleary, Paul D.; Landon, Bruce E. Report Aug 1, 2010 6385
South African Nurses to Visit Lucile Packard Children's Hospital as Part of a Quality Improvement Project to Reduce ICU Infections. Jul 21, 2010 681
Inspectors criticise modern hospital for poor hygiene standards. Jul 8, 2010 336
Committed to quality improvement: Lakeside Behavioral Healthcare's award-winning quality improvement initiatives bring departments together to eliminate risks. Barba, Lindsay Jul 1, 2010 1140
Reform to target persistent health disparities. Schneider, Mary Ellen May 1, 2010 514
Reform to target persistent health disparities. Schneider, Mary Ellen Clinical report May 1, 2010 514
Reform to target persistent health disparities. Schneider, Mary Ellen Clinical report May 1, 2010 514
Reform to target persistant health disparities. Schneider, Mary Ellen Clinical report Apr 15, 2010 514
Sebelius, HHS Officials to Discuss New Health Care Quality, Disparity Reports. Apr 12, 2010 122
The use of a portable head CT scanner in the intensive care unit. Peace, Kaitlin; Wilensky, Eileen Maloney; Frangos, Suzanne; MacMurtrie, Eileen; Shields, Elizabeth; Apr 1, 2010 4761
CHS HybridHealthSM Onsite Health Centers Awarded Industry's Top Rating for Quality Patient Care. Mar 30, 2010 646
Two leading hospitals 'to improve' REPORT SAYS SOME STANDARDS OF HYGIENE NEED TO BE LOOKED AT. Mar 18, 2010 504
Adverse privileging actions in the army medical department. Gagliano, Rosalind D. Jan 1, 2010 4569
Nursing homes and cancer care. Fennell, Mary L. Dec 1, 2009 2027
HOSPITALS TOLD TO CLEAN UP THEIR ACT; Report slates Royal and Ulster for hygiene standards. Nov 25, 2009 414
Dubai Setting up e-system to Improve Safety of Patients. Nov 8, 2009 417
Group points to disparities as reform argument. Ault, Alicia Nov 1, 2009 429
Root caries: increased risk in nursing home facilities. Coleman, Wanda L. Nov 1, 2009 4296
Good Samaritan Hospital Continues to Deliver Top Ranked Quality Performance in Cardiac Care, Stroke Care and Orthopedics. Oct 13, 2009 698
HealthGrades Study: 52% Lower Chance of Dying at Top-Rated Hospitals. Oct 13, 2009 916
A descriptive study of the cultural competence of hemodialysis nurses. Mahabeer, Suzette A. Report Oct 1, 2009 3510
US perspective: the role of the advanced practice nurse. Trimble, Debra Report Sep 22, 2009 2652
Filling the gaps between performance incentive programs and health care quality improvement. Hasnain-Wynia, Romana; Jean-Jacques, Muriel Jun 1, 2009 2526
Anesthesia provider model, hospital resources, and maternal outcomes. Needleman, Jack; Minnick, Ann F. Apr 1, 2009 7240
Gordian Health Solutions Receives URAC Comprehensive Wellness Accreditation. Mar 10, 2009 460
University of California, Irvine Medical Center Selects Premier's Web-Based Infection Tracking Solution. Feb 5, 2009 596
South Carolina Hospitals Look to Eliminate Preventable Infections, Safely Reduce Cost of Care. Feb 4, 2009 868
Top Hospitals Have 27% Lower Mortality: Annual HealthGrades Study. Jan 27, 2009 810
HYGIENE BREACH; Hospital missing paperwork falls foul of code standards. Jan 16, 2009 254
New Chronic Disease Program Supports Value-Driven Healthcare By Aligning Physicians, Payers, Others. Nov 19, 2008 1171
Death Rate 70% Lower at Nation's Top-Rated Hospitals: HealthGrades 11th Annual Hospital Quality Study. Oct 14, 2008 1058
Does hospital performance on process measures directly measure high quality care or is it a marker of unmeasured care? Werner, Rachel M.; Bradlow, Eric T.; Asch, David A. Clinical report Oct 1, 2008 7686
My shock at finding John was killed by superbug; C DIFF: Widow, 71, makes complaint about hospital's hygiene and care standards. Sep 18, 2008 442
UnitedHealthcare's Latino Health Initiative Recognized by National Committee for Quality Assurance for Innovative Efforts to Reduce Health Care Disparities for Hispanics. Sep 15, 2008 951
UnitedHealthcare's Asian Community Initiative Recognized by National Committee for Quality Assurance for Innovative Efforts to Reduce Health Care Disparities for Chinese Americans. Sep 15, 2008 963
Sharp HealthCare Expands Premier Healthcare Alliance Affiliation to Include Web-based Infection Tracking Tool. Aug 21, 2008 651
Experts Available to Discuss Minimizing Medical Errors and Optimizing Patient Safety in Hospitals. Jul 22, 2008 877
North Mississippi Medical Center Expands Affiliation with Premier Healthcare Alliance to Include Infection Tracking Tool. Jul 15, 2008 733
Hospitals failing on hygiene standards. Jun 16, 2008 138
Health-Care-Associated Infections in Hospitals: Leadership Needed from HHS to Prioritize Prevention Practices and Improve Data on These Infections. May 1, 2008 637
Costs, mortality drop 3 years into P4P project: the management of pneumonia and heart failure improved most significantly. Ault, Alicia Mar 1, 2008 949
Good Samaritan Hospital Among Top Five Percent in Nation According to Quality Study. Jan 31, 2008 513
Top Hospitals Have 27% Lower Mortality, Annual Study Finds. Clinical report Jan 31, 2008 818
Effect of critical access hospital conversion on patient safety. Li, Pengxiang; Schneider, John E.; Ward, Marcia M. Report Dec 1, 2007 7988
UnitedHealthcare's Asian-Language Provider Directories Recognized by National Committee for Quality Assurance for Helping Reduce Health Care Disparities. Nov 13, 2007 716
Mortality Rates 71% Lower at Top-Rated Hospitals: HealthGrades Annual Hospital-Quality Study. Oct 15, 2007 938
Women's Mortality Rates for Cardiovascular Disease Differ Widely Among Hospitals: HealthGrades Study. Jun 25, 2007 614
Annual Study Finds Top Hospitals Have 28% Lower Mortality Rate. Jan 29, 2007 806
CAM at minority or health disparities research centers (R21). Jan 1, 2007 2499
Introduction to evidence based recreation therapy. Buettner, Linda; Fitzsimmons, Suzanne Jan 1, 2007 4247
Leading West Coast Health System Taps Premier Inc. as Quality Improvement Partner. Company overview Nov 2, 2006 613
HealthGrades 2007 Hospital-Quality Study and Ratings Released; Chasm Widens Between Best and Poor-Performing Hospitals. Oct 16, 2006 653
We're not ready for P4P: behavioral healthcare has a lot to do before it can be held to pay-for-performance standards. Ingoglia, Charles; Rosenberg, Linda Sep 1, 2006 841
National 100,000 Lives Campaign Exceeds Goal, Accelerates Pace of Improvement in Health Care; Oregon-only 100,000 Lives Network Continues Campaign Past June 14th Deadline. Jun 15, 2006 859
Cancer surgery survival better at busy hospitals: two strategies--selective referral and quality improvement--might address the disparities. MacNeil, Jane Salodof May 1, 2006 802
Study: Hospitals Rated Top 5% Have Mortality Rates 27% Lower; 'Quality Chasm' Continues to Grow According to HealthGrades' Fourth Annual Hospital Quality and Clinical Excellence Study. Feb 6, 2006 724
CareScience Chosen by Inova Health System to Support System-Wide Quality Improvement Initiatives; Northern Virginia Multi-Facility Provider Selects CareScience Quality Manager for Excellence in Clinical Quality. Dec 5, 2005 635
AHRQ Selects Outcome as Research Center for New Evidence-Based Health Care Program; Outcome to Collect Data and Analyze Data Aimed at Filling Treatment Gaps. Oct 18, 2005 447
31 Hospitals Receive Texas Health Care Quality Improvement Award from TMF Health Quality Institute for Providing Quality Care. Oct 11, 2005 721
The basics of improving infection control: Renee Patterson, CSP, tells how recently developed JCAHO guidelines and methods can help facilities move in the right direction. Patterson, Renee Jun 1, 2005 1002
Examining health equity through satisfaction and confidence of patients in primary healthcare in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. Rudzik, Alanna E.F. Report Sep 1, 2003 4547

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