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Types Of High Blood Pressure In Pregnancy. Oct 20, 2021 434
'Slow' booster rollout 'must be accelerated' as only third in care homes jabbed; Professor Neil Ferguson, leading member of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage) has said there is a need to speed up boosters and the vaccination of teenagers, who he suggested should be given two doses of a jab to block infection and transmission. By, Abigail O'Leary Oct 20, 2021 573
Strict quarantine was the answer to curb seafaring diseases; STEPHEN GUY journeys into Liverpool's maritime past. STEPHEN GUY Oct 17, 2021 438
Major cluster infections tied to traditional markets. Oct 12, 2021 374
Experts Predict More Deaths From Cholera On Scarcity Of Potable Water. Oct 9, 2021 1855
Dengue in Punjab. JAMSHED SIDDIQUI-Lahore Oct 3, 2021 375
Hospitals struggle to cope with dengue wave. Oct 2, 2021 558
Natural Plasmodium inui Infections in Humans and Anopheles cracens Mosquito, Malaysia. Liew, Jonathan W.K.; Bukhari, Fatma D. Mohd; Jeyaprakasam, Nantha Kumar; Phang, Wei Kit; Vythilingam Report Oct 1, 2021 2387
Indoor and Outdoor Rodent Hosts of Orientia tsutsugamushi, Shandong Province, China. Li, Fei; Zhang, Zhen-Tang; Fang, Li-Zhu; Yu, Hao; Qin, Xiang-Rong; Yu, Xue-Jie Report Oct 1, 2021 1340
Dengue makes a comeback. Sep 26, 2021 357
Covid-19 Vaccination--A Saviour from Pandemic. Bhargava, Riya; Ghiloria, Anurag; Kapoor, Poorvi; Dawar, Sameera; Yadav, Nisha Rani; Jain, Meena Sep 20, 2021 4234
Delta spreads in China, new cases ease in New Zealand, Australia. Reuters News Service Sep 14, 2021 1143
Retrograde Spread of Buccal Space Infection into Temporal Space with Temporal Muscle Necrosis in a Medically Compromised Patient--A Case Report. Arrvinthan, S.U.; Bhanumurthy, Lokesh; Samson, Jimson; Balasubramanian, Anandh Sep 13, 2021 2503
Deep Neck Space Abscess--A Case Report. Kanagamuthu, Priya; Ramesh, Guna Keerthana; Natarajan, Aswin Vaishali; Srinivasan, Rajasekaran Sep 13, 2021 1777
Covid-19: Singapore 'neither reversing nor racing ahead' with reopening but pausing to slow, monitor spread, say ministers. Sep 10, 2021 875
Covid-19: 347 new locally transmitted cases in Singapore. Sep 8, 2021 151
Covid-19: 110 unlinked cases among 235 new locally transmitted ones in Singapore; 30 infections linked to bus interchange clusters. Sep 7, 2021 575
Coronavirus-New Variants and New Symptoms. Simon, Raena; Poojary, Abhishek; Rao, Ajay H.T.; Sargod, Sharan S.; Suvarna, Reshma; Shabbir, Afreen Sep 6, 2021 4069
Covid-19 Infection And Pets. Sep 4, 2021 275
Covid-19: 216 new locally transmitted cases in Singapore, including 109 unlinked infections. Sep 3, 2021 157
Covid-19: 187 new locally transmitted cases in Singapore, including record 113 unlinked ones. Sep 2, 2021 166
Import Sitma: Nadir Görülen Kan Evreleri ile Türkiye'de Bir Plasmodium falciparum Sitma Olgusu/Imported Malaria: A Plasmodium falciparum Malaria Case in Turkey with Rarely Seen Blood Stages of Infection. Oncel, Koray; Karaagac, Leman; Ozbilgin, Ahmet Sep 1, 2021 2223
Probable Vertical Transmission of SARS-CoV-2 Infection in the Countryside of Sao Paulo State, Brazil: Case Report. Spir, Patricia Rodrigues Naufal; Souza, Breno Miranda; Souza, Verena Miranda; Galvao, Julia Arruda C Clinical report Sep 1, 2021 1645
The Ecology and Antibiotic Resistance Patterns of Gastrointestinal Tract Infections in A Tertiary Care Hospital in Oman. Alsalmi, Asma Ahmed Sulaiman; Busafi, Said A. Al; Lamki, Ruwaida Naseer Abdullah Al; Mabruk, Mohamed Sep 1, 2021 3929
Nigeria records 460 new COVID-19 cases. Aug 31, 2021 322
Farmed carnivores 'may become disease reservoirs posing human health risk'. Aug 31, 2021 202
The present and clear danger posed by Delta variant. Aug 30, 2021 569
US gives update on Covid-19 origins in China; Four members of the US intelligence community say with low confidence that the virus was initially transmitted from an animal to a human. By, Nomaan Merchant & Matt Gibson & Max Channon Aug 28, 2021 444
Free self-test kits are a gamechanger in Thailand's Covid battle. Aug 27, 2021 720
Covid-19: 118 new locally transmitted cases in Singapore, including 26 linked to North Coast Lodge dormitory. Aug 25, 2021 199
Covid-19: 111 new locally transmitted cases in Singapore, including 24 linked to North Coast Lodge dormitory. Aug 25, 2021 535
Philippines reports record COVID-19 infections as Delta variant spreads. Aug 23, 2021 164
Covid-19: 29 new locally transmitted cases in Singapore, including 17 unlinked infections. Aug 23, 2021 376
Delta: When being young is no longer a protection. Aug 23, 2021 1243
Japan's regions report record COVID-19 infections as Delta variant spreads. Aug 18, 2021 163
Epidemics and Pandemics in India Since 20th Century--A Brief Review. Dangore-Khasbage, Suwarna; Meshram, Mrunal; Juneja, Surbhi Aug 16, 2021 3411
45 new locally transmitted Covid-19 cases in Singapore, including 13 unlinked infections. Aug 13, 2021 155
HIV/AIDS: NACA reveals persons behind new infections. Aug 9, 2021 509
Cases of COVID-19 jump by one-third in week, DuPage and McHenry hit 'high' transmission metric. Marni Pyke Aug 7, 2021 637
WaterAid Nig Urges Govt To Invest In WASH Issues To Avert Future Pandemics. Aug 6, 2021 697
Vaccin et transmission du virus: que sait-on? Aug 5, 2021 695
Expanding the epidemiological understanding of hepatitis C in South Africa: Perspectives from a patient cohort in a rural town. Sonderup, M.W.; Horak, J.; Smuts, H.; Saayman, J.; Boretti, L.; Black, J. Report Aug 1, 2021 4535
Plague Transmission from Corpses and Carcasses. Jullien, Sophie; de Silva, Nipun Lakshitha; Garner, Paul Report Aug 1, 2021 5352
Intense and Mild First Epidemic Wave of Coronavirus Disease, The Gambia. Abatan, Baderinwa; Agboghoroma, Orighomisan; Akemoke, Fatai; Antonio, Martin; Awokola, Babatunde; Bi Report Aug 1, 2021 5591
SARS-CoV-2 Prevalence among Outpatients during Community Transmission, Zambia, July 2020. Hines, Jonas Z.; Fwoloshi, Sombo; Kampamba, Davies; Barradas, Danielle T.; Banda, Dabwitso; Zulu, Ja Report Aug 1, 2021 2012
Epidemiology of COVID-19 in Prisons, England, 2020. Rice, Wendy M.; Chudasama, Dimple Y.; Lewis, James; Senyah, Francis; Florence, Isaac; Thelwall, Simo Report Aug 1, 2021 2182
Tuberculosis-Associated Hospitalizations and Deaths after COVID-19 Shelter-In-Place, San Francisco, California, USA. Louie, Janice K.; Agraz-Lara, Rocio; Romo, Laura; Crespin, Felix; Chen, Lisa; Graves, Susannah Report Aug 1, 2021 1583
SARS-CoV-2 Superspread in Fitness Center, Hong Kong, China, March 2021. Chu, Daniel K.W.; Gu, Haogao; Chang, Lydia D.J.; Cheuk, Sammi S.Y; Gurung, Shreya; Krishnan, Pavithr Report Aug 1, 2021 1578
South Korea reports record daily COVID-19 infections attributed to spread of the Delta virus variant. Jul 21, 2021 201
South Korea reports record daily COVID-19 infections attributed to spread of the Delta virus variant. Jul 21, 2021 200
Alert up for possible COVID-19 Delta variant surge. Jul 18, 2021 871
HEALTH WARNING OVER SURGE IN SEX DISEASE; Syphilis cases outbreak requires 'urgent action'. COLIN BRENNAN Jul 14, 2021 182
OP-ED: Is a third dose really needed? Jul 11, 2021 975
Link Between Infertility And Pelvic Inflammatory Diseases. Jul 7, 2021 424
Genital Filariasis--A Recurred Case of Post Operated Hydrocele. Shete, Mahima Laxmikant; Hodiwala, Anahita V. Bhesania Jul 5, 2021 1422
Korea reports 794 additional COVID-19 cases. Jul 3, 2021 225
Risks and Preventive Strategies for Clostridioides difficile Transmission to Household or Community Contacts during Transition in Healthcare Settings. Asgary, Ramin; Snead, Jessica A.; Wahid, Nabeel A.; Ro, Vicky; Halim, Marina; Stribling, Judy C. Report Jul 1, 2021 4628
Transmission Dynamics of African Swine Fever Virus, South Korea, 2019. Yoo, Dae Sung; Kim, Younjung; Lee, Eune Sub; Lim, Jun Sik; Hong, Seong Keun; Lee, Il Seob; Jung, Chu Report Jul 1, 2021 5394
Prolonged SARS-CoV-2 RNA Shedding from Therapy Cat after Cluster Outbreak in Retirement Home. Schulz, Claudia; Wylezich, Claudia; Wernike, Kerstin; Grundl, Magdalena; Dangel, Alexandra; Baechlei Report Jul 1, 2021 1886
Possible Human-to-Dog Transmission of SARS-CoV-2, Italy, 2020. Decaro, Nicola; Vaccari, Gabriele; Lorusso, Alessio; Lorusso, Eleonora; De Sabato, Luca; Patterson, Report Jul 1, 2021 1872
Ministers 'considering four-week delay' to end of Covid curbs with June 21 in doubt; Amid a surge in new infections and concerns over the spread of virus variants there have been questions over whether or not the next stage of restriction easing can go ahead. By, William Walker Jun 11, 2021 419
Genomic Surveillance for SARS-CoV-2 Variants Circulating in the United States, December 2020-May 2021. Paul, Prabasaj; France, Anne Marie; Aoki, Yutaka; Batra, Dhwani; Biggerstaff, Matthew; Dugan, Vivien Jun 11, 2021 3363
158 cases of COVID-19 reported on Thursday. Jun 10, 2021 371
Herd immunity requires vaccinations. Jun 7, 2021 446
Herd immunity requires larger number of vaccinations. Dr. Eve Glazier and Dr. Elizabeth Ko Jun 7, 2021 549
Explanations, not expletives will encourage vaccinations. Jun 3, 2021 768
Covid-19 at border: Movement restrictions needed, not lockdown. May 30, 2021 853
People 'were not protected' from infection spread at care home. ANITA MERRITT @DEVONLIVENEWS May 27, 2021 892
Covid-19: 24 locally transmitted cases, including 3 unlinked and 1 in dormitory, among 26 new infections in Singapore. May 26, 2021 151
COVID-19 and Myocarditis: Reports from England raise questions. May 26, 2021 352
Covid-19: 21 locally transmitted cases, including six unlinked and three dorm cases, among 30 new infections in Singapore. May 25, 2021 160
Interim Estimates of Vaccine Effectiveness of Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna COVID-19 Vaccines Among Health Care Personnel--33 U.S. Sites, January-March 2021. Pilishvili, Tamara; Fleming-Dutra, Katherine E.; Farrar, Jennifer L.; Gierke, Ryan; Mohr, Nicholas M May 21, 2021 4789
Only 25% COVID-19 positive health workers in Oman displayed symptoms. By: Times News Service May 17, 2021 375
Health trust praised for 'outstanding practice' at East Surrey hospital; Health regulators who carried out a spot-check on infection control at East Surrey Hospital say they found examples of 'outstanding practice.'. Sarah Page May 10, 2021 363
Herd Immunity against Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 Infection in 10 Communities, Qatar. Jeremijenko, Andrew; Chemaitelly, Hiam; Ayoub, Houssein H.; Alishaq, Moza; Abou-Samra, Abdul-Badi; A Report May 1, 2021 6691
Upper Respiratory Infections in Schools and Childcare Centers Reopening after COVID-19 Dismissals, Hong Kong. Fong, Min Whui; Leung, Nancy H.L.; Cowling, Benjamin J.; Wu, Peng Report May 1, 2021 1482
Screening of ZIKA virus infection among dengue-like illness patients with negative RT-PCR for dengue virus in Punjab - Pakistan. Somia Iqtadar, Thuan Huu Vo, Mehreen Mehmood, Muhammad Salman, Mamunur Rahman Malik, Faisal Masud an May 1, 2021 3317
Singapore minister warns against overreacting to Covid-19 infection of fully vaccinated persons. Apr 30, 2021 727
One vector more than one infection: Can occur simultaneously. Naqvi, Rubina Disease/Disorder overview Apr 30, 2021 1254
Postvaccination SARS-CoV-2 Infections Among Skilled Nursing Facility Residents and Staff Members--Chicago, Illinois, December 2020-March 2021. Teran, Richard A.; Walblay, Kelly A.; Shane, Elizabeth L.; Xydis, Shannon; Gretsch, Stephanie; Gagne Apr 30, 2021 4964
Covid-19 surge in Scottish town leads to 'perfect storm' infection warning for May Day weekend; A surge of Covid-19 cases in the Moray area has led health chiefs to warn of a "perfect storm" for further spread in infections given the May Day weekend and the easing of lockdown. Alison Campsie Apr 29, 2021 604
Steps taken to ensure better care of COVID-19 patients in Dhofar. By: Times News Service Apr 28, 2021 700
India. Apr 28, 2021 922
Transmission of Covid from humans to cats identified. Apr 23, 2021 383
Two pet cats infected with coronavirus from their owners. Apr 23, 2021 384
Two pet cats infected with coronavirus from their owners. Apr 23, 2021 384
Vaccines slash Covid infections 'and are likely to cut transmission'; Experts believe that a dose of either Pfizer/BioNTech or AstraZeneca can help drop coronavirus cases. By, Nisha Mal Apr 23, 2021 857
Scientists identify two cases where humans have infected cats with Covid-19; One of the cats had to be put down after experiencing difficulty breathing. By, Mark Smith Apr 23, 2021 595
Olympic games could be cancelled, says member of Japanese government; "What is the point of the Olympics if it's responsible for spreading infections? We will have to make a decision at that point.". By, Neil Shaw Apr 15, 2021 328
better out than in; AS LOCKDOWN RESTRICTIONS BEGIN TO EASE, THE SAFEST PLACE TO meet up is outdoors, where the risk of trAnsmission is lower. Apr 8, 2021 1496
Genotypic Characterisation of Multi Drug Resistant Gram-Negative Bacteria with Special Reference to Carbapenem Resistance in a Teaching Hospital, Hyderabad, Telangana State. Gurajala, Swathi; Tipparthi, Sandeep Kumar; H.r.v., Rajkumar Apr 5, 2021 1840
Epidemiological study of dengue fever in District Swabi, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan/Estudo epidemiologico da dengue no distrito Swabi, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Paquistao. Qamash, Tahira; Jamil, Johar; Kalsoom; Khan, Faheem Ahmed; Saira; Sultan, Ambareen; begum, Nadia; Di Apr 3, 2021 2672
Prospect of microbial food borne diseases in Pakistan: a review/Perspectiva de doencas microbianas transmitidas por alimentos no Paquistao: uma revisao. Ishaq, A.R.; Manzoor, M.; Hussain, A.; Altaf, J.; Rehman, S. ur; Javed, Z.; Afzal, I.; Noor, A.; Noo Apr 1, 2021 8253
Risk for Fomite-Mediated Transmission of SARS-CoV-2 in Child Daycares, Schools, Nursing Homes, and Offices. Kraay, Alicia N.M.; Hayashi, Michael A.L.; Berendes, David M.; Sobolik, Julia S.; Leon, Juan S.; Lop Report Apr 1, 2021 1361
CCSA logs 26 new infections, 21 locally transmitted. Apr 1, 2021 209
Pregnancy Consequences and Vertical Transmission Potential of SARS-CoV-2 Infection: Seeking Answers From a Preliminary Observation. Kumari, Kalpana; Yadav, Ramakant; Mittra, Sangh; Kumar, Arushi; Singh, Jigyasa; Bajpai, Prashant Kum Apr 1, 2021 2218
Being carrier for son's disease was hard to accept, but now I want all mums with it to get themselves checked out... EMMA URGES OTHER WOMEN WHO HAVE DUCHENNE TO GET HEART TESTS. ASHA PATEL Data Reporter Mar 31, 2021 606
better out than in n; meet up is outdoors, where the risk of trAnsmission is lower. Mar 31, 2021 1496
Management of difficult airway in a pregnant patient with severely reduced mouth opening. Shamin, Faisal; Bahadur, Aly; Ghandhi, Dinaz; Aijaz, Anum Clinical report Mar 31, 2021 1626
Rapid Scale-up of an Antiretroviral Therapy Program Before and During the COVID-19 Pandemic--Nine States, Nigeria, March 31, 2019-September 30, 2020. Mar 26, 2021 3768
Flatten the Bureaucracy: Deregulation and COVID-19 Testing. March, Raymond J. Mar 22, 2021 6227
Profile of Transfusion Transmitted Infections--A Study among Blood Donors. Rajan, Lekshmi Leela; Suma, M.S.; S., Harikumar Clinical report Mar 22, 2021 2776
Commercial activity closure will reduce chances of infection spreading in Oman: Expert. By: Times News Service Mar 9, 2021 181
Giardiasis Outbreaks--United States, 2012-2017. Conners, Erin E.; Miller, Allison D.; Balachandran, Neha; Robinson, Brittany M.; Benedict, Katharine Mar 5, 2021 2145
COVID-19 radiology CT personnel management. Ozdemir, Halil Ibrahim; Savas, Recep; Ozbek, Suha Sureyya Report Mar 1, 2021 2800
Development of a Multiplex PCR Assay for Detection and Discrimination of Pathogenic and Saprophytic Leptospira in Water. Vishwakarma, Archana; Rethinavelu, Gayathri; Pasupathi, Rathinsabapthi; Ramya, Mohandass Mar 1, 2021 2476
Bugs, babies and bumps. Preda, Veronica Georgiana Mar 1, 2021 605
Low secondary transmission rates of SARS-CoV-2 infection among contacts of construction laborers at open air environment. Sundar, Varun; Bhaskar, Emmanuel Mar 1, 2021 2038
SOURCES OF HEALTHCARE WORKERS' COVID-19 INFECTIONS AND RELATED SAFETY GUIDELINES. Oksanen, Lotta-maria A.H.; Sanmark, Enni; Oksanen, Sampo A.; Anttila, Veli-Jukka; Paterno, Jussi J.; Report Mar 1, 2021 5339
Covid jabs at hospitals nationwide. Mar 1, 2021 537
Estimated Medicaid Costs Associated with Hepatitis A During an Outbreak--West Virginia, 2018-2019. Batdorf, Samantha J.; Hofmeister, Megan G.; Surtees, Tamara C.; Thomasson, Erica D.; McBee, Shannon Feb 26, 2021 2434
Clusters of SARS-CoV-2 Infection Among Elementary School Educators and Students in One School District--Georgia, December 2020-January 2021. Gold, Jeremy A.W.; Gettings, Jenna R.; Kimball, Anne; Franklin, Rachel; Rivera, Grant; Morris, Elana Feb 26, 2021 2571
Short Communication - Detection of Cytomegalovirus in Pregnant Women of Lakki Marwat and Bannu, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. Saad, Faryal; Rahman, Zia Ur; Khan, Aamir; Noushin, Rabia; Ullah, Irfan; Dawar, Farman Ullah; Khan, Report Feb 24, 2021 2210
Paediatric Dental Care in COVID-19 Pandemic --Time to Rethink--A Review. Pendyala, Gowri Swaminatham; Joshi, Sourabh Ramesh; Kale, Priti; Phadnis, Meghana Vasant; Mopagar, V Feb 22, 2021 2870
It's freezing outside, but you still need to open your windows to stop Covid spread; Good ventilation is an important method to stop the spread of infection in indoor environments. By, Ian Colbeck, University of Essex & Daniel Smith Feb 12, 2021 1034
Decline in COVID-19 Hospitalization Growth Rates Associated with Statewide Mask Mandates--10 States, March-October 2020. Joo, Heesoo; Miller, Gabrielle F.; Sunshine, Gregory; Gakh, Maxim; Pike, Jamison; Havers, Fiona P.; Feb 12, 2021 3959
Importance of Genetic Engineering and Gene Therapy in the Management of Viral Diseases and Outbreaks. Arora, Vanshika; Aggarwal, Ashim; Aggarwal, Shivani; Kumar, Randhir Feb 8, 2021 3238
Greece tightens lockdown curfew to stem spread of Covid-19 infections. Reuters News Service Feb 5, 2021 375
Seroprevalence of SArS-CoV-2 in Guilan Province, Iran, April 2020. Shakiba, Maryam; Nazemipour, Maryam; Salari, Arsalan; Mehrabian, Fardin; Nazari, Seyed Saeed Hashemi Report Feb 1, 2021 1789
Puumala Virus Infection in Family, Switzerland. Vetter, Pauline; LHuillier, Arnaud G.; Montalbano, Maria F.; Pigny, Fiona; Eckerle, Isabella; Torria Clinical report Feb 1, 2021 1415
Ondo Intensifies Fight Against Lassa Fever. Jan 29, 2021 1000
Pets may need to be vaccinated to stop Covid-19 spread, scientists suggest; Cats and dogs may be the a concern in the not too distant future as we look at controlling the spread of coronavirus. By, Sam Russell & Oliver Milne Jan 25, 2021 614
Air transmission of coronavirus. Jan 22, 2021 1270
Perspective of health professionals on hand hygiene in a tertiary care center in Pakistan. Bari, Attia; Imran, Izza; Nawaz, Nasir Ali; Kamran, Rizwana; Bano, Iqbal; Sadaqat, Nadia Report Jan 19, 2021 3244
Stay vigilant call on Covid-19. Jan 17, 2021 1672
Farmers urged to stay vigilant in fight against Covid; With the recent spike in Covid-19 cases, farmers and crofters have been reminded that those working in the industry are not immune from the disease - and have been urged to reinforce their precautions against catching and transmitting the disease. Jan 16, 2021 460
NATIONAL EMERGENCY; CORONAVIRUS CRISIS: IRELAND TOPS GLOBAL INFECTION TABLE Data reveals we have world's highest rate of transmissions Taoiseach defends Government despite rocketing case figures. CIARA PHELAN Political Reporter Jan 12, 2021 933
The Danger Of New COVID-19 Variants. Jan 10, 2021 874
Mounting Anxiety Over New COVID-19 Variants. Jan 8, 2021 877
Time from Start of Quarantine to SARS-CoV-2 Positive Test Among Quarantined College and University Athletes--17 States, June-October 2020. Atherstone, Christine; Peterson, Meaghan L.; Malone, Mackenzie; Honein, Margaret A.; MacNeil, Adam; Jan 8, 2021 3492
Link Between Pelvic Inflammatory Diseases And Infertility. Jan 6, 2021 243
Heliopolis Library presents a series of seminars to raise awareness about COVID-19. Egypt Today staff Jan 6, 2021 277
Pregnancy with Covid-19 Infection and Fetomaternal Outcomes. Sharma, Nirmala; Seehra, Neha; Kabra, Shivani Medical condition overview Jan 4, 2021 3301
Territorywide Study of Early Coronavirus Disease Outbreak, Hong Kong, China. Leung, Kenneth Siu-Sing; Ng, Timothy Ting-Leung; Wu, Alan Ka-Lun; Yau, Miranda Chong-Yee; Lao, Hiu-Y Report Jan 1, 2021 5856
Prevalence of SARS-CoV-2, Verona, Italy, April-May 2020. Guerriero, Massimo; Bisoffi, Zeno; Poli, Albino; Micheletto, Claudio; Conti, Antonio; Pomari, Carlo Report Jan 1, 2021 2536
Impact of a Nationwide Lockdown on SARS-CoV-2 Transmissibility, Italy. Guzzetta, Giorgio; Riccardo, Flavia; Marziano, Valentina; Poletti, Piero; Trentini, Filippo; Bella, Report Jan 1, 2021 2308
Superspreading Event of SARS-CoV-2 Infection at a Bar, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Van Vinh Chau, Nguyen; Hong, Nguyen Thi Thu; Ngoc, Nghiem My; Thanh, Tran Tan; Khanh, Phan Nguyen Qu Report Jan 1, 2021 2255
SARS-CoV-2 Cluster in Nursery, Poland. Okarska-Napierata, Magdalena; Mandziuk, Joanna; Kuchar, Ernest Report Jan 1, 2021 1459
Are Dogs and Cats Possible Reservoirs for Human Q Fever in Iran? Rezaei, Mahdieh; Khalili, Mohammad; Saberi, Mehdi; Nakhei, Ali Reza; Bakhshaee Shahrbabaki, Farnoush Jan 1, 2021 4688
Building Safely: COVID-19 prevention and response at OBO construction sites. Abramo, Vincent J. Jan 1, 2021 1014
Frequency of Dengue Virus Serotype 1 in Lahore by In-house assay. Farooq, Hajra; Tariq, Waheed Uz Zaman; Bano, Sadia; Raza, Ali; Chugtai, Omar Rasheed; Iqbal, Muhamma Report Dec 31, 2020 1597
Nursing homes report increasing COVID-19 deaths amid shortage of sickbeds. Dec 30, 2020 630
Covid-19 isn't the first great epidemic to hit Wales; SOCIAL DISTANCING, HYGIENE ADVICE AND RAINBOW HOSPITALS.... THE PARALLELS WITH PAST OUTBREAKS. ANDREW FORGRAVE Countryside and Tourism Editor Dec 29, 2020 1755
The coronavirus pandemic: It is not all gloom and doom. Dec 29, 2020 611
Vaccine and challenges. Dec 28, 2020 1016
Infection cluster at prison challenges government's antivirus efforts. Dec 25, 2020 608
Cambodia COVID-19, country fears cross boundary transmissions as Thai border provinces infections spike. Dec 21, 2020 281
New infections near 700 despite enhanced social distancing rules. Dec 9, 2020 304
Association between Blood Group and Hepatitis B Virus Infection in Blood Donors in West Bengal. Halder, Arpita; Halder, Arup Kumar Dec 7, 2020 3717
Evaluation of Health Care Workers With COVID-19/COVID-19 Geciren Saglik Calisanlarinin Degerlendirilmesi. Eren, Esma; Celik, Ilhami; Yildiz, Merve; Topaloglu, Ulas Serkan; Kilinc-Toker, Aysin; Arman-Firat, Report Dec 1, 2020 2213
Lack of Susceptibility to SARS-CoV-2 and MERS-CoV in Poultry. Suarez, David L.; Pantin-Jackwood, Mary J.; Swayne, David E.; Lee, Scott A.; DeBlois, Suzanne M.; Sp Dec 1, 2020 1609
Can COVID-19 Be Transmitted Sexually by Semen? Taha, Ahmed E. Dec 1, 2020 4188
COVID in the air that we breathe: COVID-19's airborne transmission poses a challenge to hospital infection control, says an Australian biosecurity expert. Dec 1, 2020 835
An Infant with Congenital Cytomegalovirus Infection Presenting with Hypomelanosis of Ito. Selvam, Sinduja; Taksande, Amar; Lohakare, Amol; Meshram, Rewat Nov 30, 2020 1315
'Has the virus mutated? When is a vaccine expected in Pakistan?': Your questions about the second wave answered. Nov 24, 2020 914
Those in 20s may be COVID-19 'carriers': KDCA commissioner. Nov 24, 2020 537
'Transmission ovens' behind East Lindsey's Covid spike; PUBLIC HEALTH CHIEFS BLAME CROSS-BORDER INFECTIONS. PETER CRAIG @GTPETERCRAIG Nov 21, 2020 467
Students going home for Christmas 'could lead to spread of virus'. abbie wightwick Education Editor Nov 20, 2020 961
When will football fans be back in stadiums? Latest update as government rumoured to allow return of some supporters by Christmas; Plans would see a gradual return of fans - hinged on controlling the spread of Covid and local infection rates. Matt Brooks Nov 20, 2020 655
DOH warns the public vs outbreak of 'WILD' diseases. Nov 20, 2020 503
UK scientists develop anti-COVID nasal spray. Arab News Nov 19, 2020 370
PM announces ban on political gatherings. Nov 17, 2020 1201
Covid-19: Imran suspends political gatherings as second wave gains momentum. Nov 16, 2020 767
New infectious diseases hospital opened in Turkmenistan. Nov 15, 2020 221
Virus cases surge past 2,000 mark for third consecutive day. Nov 15, 2020 503
Risk Assessment and Management of COVID-19 Among Travelers Arriving at Designated U.S. Airports, January 17-September 13, 2020. Dollard, Philip; Griffin, Isabel; Berro, Andre; Cohen, Nicole J.; Singler, Kimberly; Haber, Yoni; Hu Nov 13, 2020 3339
Multiple COVID-19 Outbreaks Linked to a Wedding Reception in Rural Maine--August 7-September 14, 2020. Mahale, Parag; Rothfuss, Craig; Bly, Sarah; Kelley, Megan; Bennett, Siiri; Huston, Sara L.; Robinson Nov 13, 2020 3138
Declines in SARS-CoV-2 Transmission, Hospitalizations, and Mortality After Implementation of Mitigation Measures--Delaware, March-June 2020. Kanu, Florence A.; Smith, Erica E.; Offutt-Powell, Tabatha; Hong, Rick; Dinh, Thu-Ha; Pevzner, Eric Nov 13, 2020 2868
NovaliA: We must act urgently at all levels to slow down the spread of infection. Nov 11, 2020 160
Virus surge, deaths attributed to community transmission - DG Amoth. Nov 11, 2020 361
Precautionary steps needed. Nov 6, 2020 527
Transmission of SARS-COV-2 Infections in Households--Tennessee and Wisconsin, April-September 2020. Grijalva, Carlos G.; Rolfes, Melissa A.; Zhu, Yuwei; McLean, Huong Q.; Hanson, Kayla E.; Belongia, E Nov 6, 2020 3053
Ancylostoma ceylanicum: The Neglected Zoonotic Parasite of Community Dogs in Thailand and Its Genetic Diversity among Asian Countries. Kladkempetch, Doolyawat; Tangtrongsup, Sahatchai; Tiwananthagorn, Saruda Nov 1, 2020 7674
Haemoparasites--Challenging and Wasting Infections in Small Ruminants: A Review. Stuen, Snorre Nov 1, 2020 6487
Candida auris: An Overview of How to Screen, Detect, Test and Control This Emerging Pathogen. Fasciana, Teresa; Cortegiani, Andrea; Ippolito, Mariachiara; Giarratano, Antonino; Quattro, Orazia D Nov 1, 2020 8005
High Prevalence of [bla.sub.CTX-M-15] Gene among Extended-Spectrum [beta]-Lactamase-Producing Escherichia coli Isolates Causing Extraintestinal Infections in Bangladesh. Mazumder, Razib; Abdullah, Ahmed; Ahmed, Dilruba; Hussain, Arif Nov 1, 2020 5117
Epidemiology of COVID-19 Outbreak on Cruise Ship Quarantined at Yokohama, Japan, February 2020. Report Nov 1, 2020 4452
Multidrug-Resistant Candida auris Infections in Critically Ill Coronavirus Disease Patients, India, April-July 2020. Chowdhary, Anuradha; Tarai, Bansidhar; Singh, Ashutosh; Sharma, Amit Report Nov 1, 2020 1931
Taiwan goes 200 days without recording a single local COVID-19 transmission. Oct 29, 2020 164
Prompting behavior change to prevent the spread of diseases. Oct 26, 2020 1662
Mitigating a COVID-19 Outbreak Among Major League Baseball Players--United States, 2020. Murray, Meghan T.; Riggs, Margaret A.; Engelthaler, David M.; Johnson, Caroline; Watkins, Sharon; Lo Oct 23, 2020 3380
Covid cases at university contribute to town hotspot; Vice-chancellor says measures are being taken to make sure spread of infection is limited. DOMINIC ROBERTSON Oct 23, 2020 414
scientist: act now on lockdown; PROFESSOR CALLS FOR TOUGHER RESTRICTIONS IN THE SHORT TERM. JANE HAYNES Politics & People Editor Oct 16, 2020 585
Relief all round as new restrictions narrowly avoided; Despite a recent spike in the Covid-19 infection rate in the South West, Devon has avoided new tougher steps implemented this week by the Government to halt the spread of the disease. Howard Lloyd, Paul Greaves and Daniel Clark report. Howard Lloyd, Paul Greaves and Daniel Clark Oct 15, 2020 1396
Ensure adequate ventilation in enclosed spaces to avoid COVID-19 transmission --- DOH. Oct 13, 2020 359
Lockdown, again! By: Mohamed Issa Al Zadjali Oct 12, 2020 1469
Winter season vs COVID-19 Resurgence: Only adoption of safety measures can halt spread of coronavirus infection. Oct 11, 2020 821
Winter season vs COVID-19 Resurgence: Only adoption of safety measures can halt spread of coronavirus infection. Oct 11, 2020 821
COVID-19 and pets: What is there to know? Oct 10, 2020 523
Characteristics Associated with Adults Remembering to Wash Hands in Multiple Situations Before and During the COVID-19 Pandemic--United States, October 2019 and June 2020. Haston, Julia C.; Miller, Gabrielle F.; Berendes, David; Andujar, Ashley; Marshall, Brittany; Cope, Oct 9, 2020 8434
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Spread of coronavirus mapped in hospitals to 'break the chain' of transmission; Scientists from University College London (UCL) lead the trial. By, Nisha Mal Oct 7, 2020 523
Health chiefs back campaign to reduce spread of infection. Oct 6, 2020 331
Recent Increase in COVID-19 Cases Reported Among Adults Aged 18-22 Years--United States, May 31-September 5, 2020. Salvatore, Phillip P.; Sula, Erisa; Coyle, Jayme P.; Caruso, Elise; Smith, Amanda R.; Levine, Rebecc Oct 2, 2020 3385
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Korean Epidemic Epicenter: Sustaining, Protecting the Force Amid COVID-19. Simerly, Mark T.; Person, Antwon Oct 1, 2020 1789
Covid-19 infections in over-40s on rise in Scotland as student outbreaks confuse overall picture; Nicola Sturgeon has warned that transmission of Covid-19 among older age groups in Scotland is on the rise and could lead to more deaths from the virus. Conor Matchett Sep 29, 2020 659
School resumption: Expert advocates provision of clean water to check spread of infections. Sep 27, 2020 243
UK coronavirus hospital death toll climbs by 23 as infections continue to spread; Health authorities this afternoon confirmed a further 20 people had died in England, three in Wales and none in Scotland. By, Brett Gibbons Sep 26, 2020 282
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London coronavirus: What a London lockdown could look like as city may be 'days behind' North East; Pressure is building on the government to take pro-active action in London to stem the spread of infection. By, Ian Molyneaux Sep 20, 2020 898
What is the ideal physical distance to help prevent COVID-19 transmission? Sep 19, 2020 1197
Michigan fights outbreak of deadly disease that isn't coronavirus. Reuters News Service Sep 18, 2020 307
Decreased Influenza Activity During the COVID-19 Pandemic--United States, Australia, Chile, and South Africa, 2020. Olsen, Sonja J.; Azziz-Baumgartner, Eduardo; Budd, Alicia P.; Brammer, Lynnette; Sullivan, Sheena; P Sep 18, 2020 2785
Hundreds more cases of sexually transmitted diseases in our region. ANNIE GOUK and ANDREW ROBINSON Sep 7, 2020 575
WCM-Q studies possibility of coronavirus reinfection. Sep 3, 2020 708
Detection of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 RNA on Surfaces in Quarantine Rooms. Jiang, Fa-Chun; Jiang, Xiao-Lin; Wang, Zhao-Guo; Meng, Zhao-Hai; Shao, Shou-Feng; Anderson, Benjamin Sep 1, 2020 2329
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Coronavirus Disease 2019: Latest Data on Neuroinvasive Potential. Haddadi, Kaveh; Asadian, Leila Sep 1, 2020 4943
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A Case of Ulcerated Gastric Mass and Anemia due to Strongyloidiasis. Ahmed, Monjur; Singer, Kristen; Kelly, Cecilia; O'hara, Brian; Alloy, Curtis Aug 31, 2020 1973
SPECTRUM OF CHEST X-RAY FINDINGS IN COVID-19 POSITIVE PATIENTS UTILIZING MODIFIED RALE SCORE FOR SEVERITY ASSESSMENT. Atiq-Ur-Rehman Slehria, Abdur Rahim Palwa, Saerah Iffat Zafar, Uzma Nisar, Aliya Halim, Sidra Riaz a Aug 31, 2020 3738
Rains and spread of infectious diseases. Aug 30, 2020 590
Korea reports 371 more cases of new coronavirus. Aug 28, 2020 442
Seoul's daily virus cases hit record high 154 as cluster infections pop up. Aug 27, 2020 460
Fighting mosquito-borne diseases... with mosquitoes. Aug 27, 2020 482
MMXX develops coronavirus destroying glove to help fight transmission and infection; The MMXX glove and face mask have been designed to neutralise viruses and bacteria on contact. By, Leena Sidat Aug 26, 2020 482
MMXX develops coronavirus destroying glove to help fight transmission and infection; The MMXX glove and face mask have been designed to neutralise viruses and bacteria on contact. By, Leena Sidat Aug 26, 2020 482
MMXX develops coronavirus destroying glove to help fight transmission and infection; The MMXX glove and face mask have been designed to neutralise viruses and bacteria on contact. By, Leena Sidat Aug 26, 2020 482
MMXX develops coronavirus destroying glove to help fight transmission and infection; The MMXX glove and face mask have been designed to neutralise viruses and bacteria on contact. By, Leena Sidat Aug 26, 2020 482
Untraceable infections, fast spread hamper Korea's efforts to curb virus. Aug 24, 2020 592
Virus crisis escalates on soaring infections across nation. Aug 23, 2020 563
Full list of coronavirus rates show cases in your area -as infections tumble in top 5 towns; Areas such as Pendle, Oldham and Blackburn have seen a dramatic fall in their infection rate after special measures were introduced to curb the spread of the disease. By, Neil Murphy Aug 22, 2020 2800
S. Korea reports 332 new virus cases. Aug 22, 2020 765
Virus infection spreads to Subic port area. Aug 22, 2020 263
S. Korea braces for nationwide epidemic, expands stricter social distancing rules. Aug 22, 2020 931
Importation and Transmission Routes of COVID-19 into Northern Cyprus: Considerations and Challenges. Baddal, Buket Aug 21, 2020 1390
13.3 percent average infection rate over past week a 'red flag' on increased COVID-19 transmission --- Drilon. Aug 18, 2020 522
COVID-19 response shall be sustained as new COVID-19 strain is detected --- Nograles. Aug 17, 2020 625
Seven African countries to begin antibody testing to assess spread of COVID-19 infection. Aug 14, 2020 179
Fears growing over new wave of COVID-19 amid soaring infections. Aug 14, 2020 505
Nigerians join in marking 1st World Mask Week. Aug 11, 2020 641
Namdaemun Market hit by COVID-19. Aug 11, 2020 237
New Zealand reinstates COVID-19 lockdown restrictions after recording first locally-transmitted cases in 102 days. Aug 11, 2020 349
Namdaemun Market hit by COVID-19. Aug 10, 2020 519
Furious police learn of 'coronavirus beach party' designed to spread disease; Police in Spain broke up a 'coronavirus' beach party, which had more than 60 attendees, despite a huge surge in the number of new infections across the country. By, Natalia Penza & Rosaleen Fenton Aug 10, 2020 618
Around 4,000 Cebu public market vendors to be tested for COVID-19. Aug 9, 2020 585
Novel bunya virus infection caused by tick bites can pass from person to person: expert. Aug 8, 2020 515
MECQ can reduce COVID-19 transmission - UP expert. Aug 3, 2020 454
Why children shouldn't wear masks. Aug 3, 2020 558
COVID-19 in pregnancy in South Africa: Tracking the epidemic and defining the natural history. Fairlie, Lee; Sawry, Shobna; Patel, Faeezah; Balkus, Jennifer E.; Kalk, Emma; Mutevedzi, Portia; Tec Aug 1, 2020 3318
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Mother-to-Child Transmission of Andes Virus through Breast Milk, Chile. Ferres, Marcela; Martinez-Valdebenito, Constanza; Angulo, Jenniffer; Henriquez, Carolina; Vera-Otaro Aug 1, 2020 2289
Spread of Multidrug-Resistant Bacteria by Moth Flies from Hospital Waste Water System. Rupprecht, Thomas; Moter, Annette; Wiessener, Alexandra; Reutershan, Joerg; Lang-Schwarz, Klaus; Vie Aug 1, 2020 3460
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Visceral Leishmaniasis Caused by Leishmania donovani Zymodeme MON-37, Western Ghats, India. Saini, Prasanta; Kumar, N. Pradeep; Ajithlal, P.M.; Joji, Aswathy; Rajesh, K.R.; Reena, K.J.; Kumar, Aug 1, 2020 1453
Risks of HIV/AIDS Transmission: A Study on the Perceptions of the Wives of Migrant Workers of Bangladesh. Kabir, Humayun; Fatema, Syadani Riyad; Hoque, Saiful; Ara, Mst. Jesmin; Maple, Myfanwy Report Aug 1, 2020 10290
Pathogenesis of COVID-19. Akpinar, Evrim Eylem Aug 1, 2020 2085
Bacteriological Study of Electronic Devices Used by Healthcare Workers at Ruhengeri Referral Hospital. Habyarimana, Thierry; Uwizeye, Christelle; Munyeshyaka, Emmanuel; Izere, Cedrick; Mucumbitsi, Joseph Report Jul 31, 2020 3708
Transmission of HIV and HCV within Former Soviet Union Countries. Aibekova, Lazzat; Bexeitova, Aizada; Aldabergenova, Arailym; Hortelano, Gonzalo; Ge, Zhangwen; Yi, F Jul 31, 2020 5393
Deterministic Epidemic Models for Ebola Infection with Time-Dependent Controls. Okyer, Eric; Ankama, Johnson De-Graft; Hunkpe, Anthony Kodzo; Mensah, Dorcas Report Jul 31, 2020 5076
Review on Major Food-Borne Zoonotic Bacterial Pathogens. Abebe, Engidaw; Gugsa, Getachew; Ahmed, Meselu Jul 31, 2020 15273
Public Health Efforts to Mitigate COVID-19 Transmission During the April 7, 2020, Election--City of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, March 13-May 5, 2020. Paradis, Heather; Katrichis, Julie; Stevenson, Michael; Tomaro, Nicholas; Mukai, Rachel; Torres, Gri Jul 31, 2020 1091
A strain of bird flu virus that can be passed to humans detected in Pampanga. Jul 30, 2020 600
Palace: Gov't not an absolute failure in dealing with coronavirus pandemic. Jul 29, 2020 631
Can cats get coronavirus? If pets can catch and spread Covid-19 as cat tests positive for the virus in Surrey; The UK's Chief Veterinary Officer has confirmed that coronavirus has been detected in a pet cat - but there's no evidence of animal to human transmission. Sarah Wilson Jul 27, 2020 608
Rapid Testing: The Key in Preventing COVID-19 Transmission. Harikrishnan, Pandurangan; Krishnan, Varun Jul 25, 2020 1733
Estimated Community Seroprevalence of SARS-CoV-2 Antibodies--Two Georgia Counties, April 28-May 3, 2020. Biggs, Holly M.; Harris, Jennifer B.; Breakwell, Lucy; Dahlgren, F. Scott; Abedi, Glen R.; Szablewsk Jul 24, 2020 5254
Family in Spain under house arrest after catching coronavirus and refusing to isolate; Police in Huesca, Spain are keeping a family of four under surveillance around the clock in a bid to curb the spread of further infection after they refused to quarantine. By, Rosaleen Fenton Jul 22, 2020 373
COVID-19: the biggest threat of the world. Jul 21, 2020 1285
Medical groups caution against COVID-19 rapid tests. Jul 21, 2020 902
Student with 5% chance of surviving makes miracle recovery after both legs amputated; Seyda Oates' limbs began to turn black after she contracted meningitis and the infection spread along her limbs and her organs began shutting down. By, Lucy Notarantonio & Kelly-Ann Mills Jul 20, 2020 772
The case for rapid antibody test kits. Jul 20, 2020 1030
Bohol's latest COVID-19 patient may have been due to community transmission, says Bohol gov. Jul 20, 2020 249
Sidi Bouzid: Situation in Saida-Nord steady after spread of hepatitis A infection cases. Jul 18, 2020 197
Covid-19: Are Khulna and Rajshahi the next epicentres? Jul 16, 2020 2026
News Analysis: Believing the Reality of Novel Coronavirus in Nigeria. Jul 15, 2020 1236
In Misamis Oriental town, vice mayor's SARS Cov2 infection declared a case of local transmission. Jul 15, 2020 380
COVID-19: Infection spreads to 3 more LGAs. Jul 15, 2020 338
No huge difference in preventive strategy if COVID-19 is airborne: Health Minister. Jul 11, 2020 527
Spinal stenosis caused by epidural and paraspinal abscess due to brucella infection. Akpinar, Orhan; Guzel, Mustafa Clinical report Jul 10, 2020 1709

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