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London coronavirus: What a London lockdown could look like as city may be 'days behind' North East; Pressure is building on the government to take pro-active action in London to stem the spread of infection. By, Ian Molyneaux Sep 20, 2020 898
What is the ideal physical distance to help prevent COVID-19 transmission? Sep 19, 2020 1197
Michigan fights outbreak of deadly disease that isn't coronavirus. Reuters News Service Sep 18, 2020 307
Hundreds more cases of sexually transmitted diseases in our region. ANNIE GOUK and ANDREW ROBINSON Sep 7, 2020 575
WCM-Q studies possibility of coronavirus reinfection. Sep 3, 2020 708
SPECTRUM OF CHEST X-RAY FINDINGS IN COVID-19 POSITIVE PATIENTS UTILIZING MODIFIED RALE SCORE FOR SEVERITY ASSESSMENT. Atiq-Ur-Rehman Slehria, Abdur Rahim Palwa, Saerah Iffat Zafar, Uzma Nisar, Aliya Halim, Sidra Riaz a Aug 31, 2020 3738
Rains and spread of infectious diseases. Aug 30, 2020 590
Korea reports 371 more cases of new coronavirus. Aug 28, 2020 442
Seoul's daily virus cases hit record high 154 as cluster infections pop up. Aug 27, 2020 460
Fighting mosquito-borne diseases... with mosquitoes. Aug 27, 2020 482
MMXX develops coronavirus destroying glove to help fight transmission and infection; The MMXX glove and face mask have been designed to neutralise viruses and bacteria on contact. By, Leena Sidat Aug 26, 2020 482
MMXX develops coronavirus destroying glove to help fight transmission and infection; The MMXX glove and face mask have been designed to neutralise viruses and bacteria on contact. By, Leena Sidat Aug 26, 2020 482
MMXX develops coronavirus destroying glove to help fight transmission and infection; The MMXX glove and face mask have been designed to neutralise viruses and bacteria on contact. By, Leena Sidat Aug 26, 2020 482
MMXX develops coronavirus destroying glove to help fight transmission and infection; The MMXX glove and face mask have been designed to neutralise viruses and bacteria on contact. By, Leena Sidat Aug 26, 2020 482
Untraceable infections, fast spread hamper Korea's efforts to curb virus. Aug 24, 2020 592
Virus crisis escalates on soaring infections across nation. Aug 23, 2020 563
Full list of coronavirus rates show cases in your area -as infections tumble in top 5 towns; Areas such as Pendle, Oldham and Blackburn have seen a dramatic fall in their infection rate after special measures were introduced to curb the spread of the disease. By, Neil Murphy Aug 22, 2020 2800
S. Korea reports 332 new virus cases. Aug 22, 2020 765
Virus infection spreads to Subic port area. Aug 22, 2020 263
S. Korea braces for nationwide epidemic, expands stricter social distancing rules. Aug 22, 2020 931
Importation and Transmission Routes of COVID-19 into Northern Cyprus: Considerations and Challenges. Baddal, Buket Aug 21, 2020 1390
13.3 percent average infection rate over past week a 'red flag' on increased COVID-19 transmission --- Drilon. Aug 18, 2020 522
COVID-19 response shall be sustained as new COVID-19 strain is detected --- Nograles. Aug 17, 2020 625
Seven African countries to begin antibody testing to assess spread of COVID-19 infection. Aug 14, 2020 179
Fears growing over new wave of COVID-19 amid soaring infections. Aug 14, 2020 505
Nigerians join in marking 1st World Mask Week. Aug 11, 2020 641
New Zealand reinstates COVID-19 lockdown restrictions after recording first locally-transmitted cases in 102 days. Aug 11, 2020 349
Namdaemun Market hit by COVID-19. Aug 11, 2020 237
Namdaemun Market hit by COVID-19. Aug 10, 2020 519
Furious police learn of 'coronavirus beach party' designed to spread disease; Police in Spain broke up a 'coronavirus' beach party, which had more than 60 attendees, despite a huge surge in the number of new infections across the country. By, Natalia Penza & Rosaleen Fenton Aug 10, 2020 618
Around 4,000 Cebu public market vendors to be tested for COVID-19. Aug 9, 2020 585
Novel bunya virus infection caused by tick bites can pass from person to person: expert. Aug 8, 2020 515
MECQ can reduce COVID-19 transmission - UP expert. Aug 3, 2020 454
Why children shouldn't wear masks. Aug 3, 2020 558
COVID-19 in pregnancy in South Africa: Tracking the epidemic and defining the natural history. Fairlie, Lee; Sawry, Shobna; Patel, Faeezah; Balkus, Jennifer E.; Kalk, Emma; Mutevedzi, Portia; Tec Aug 1, 2020 3318
Droplets and aerosols: Is COVID-19 being spread by tiny airborne aerosols, as well as by larger droplets? Casey, Georgina Aug 1, 2020 694
Coronavirus Disease Outbreak in Call Center, South Korea. Park, Shin Young; Kim, Young-Man; Yi, Seonju; Lee, Sangeun; Na, Baeg-Ju; Kim, Chang Bo; Kim, Jung-il Aug 1, 2020 2473
Leishmania infantum in US-Born Dog. de Almeida, Marcos E.; Spann, Dennis R.; Bradbury, Richard S. Aug 1, 2020 1996
Mother-to-Child Transmission of Andes Virus through Breast Milk, Chile. Ferres, Marcela; Martinez-Valdebenito, Constanza; Angulo, Jenniffer; Henriquez, Carolina; Vera-Otaro Aug 1, 2020 2289
Spread of Multidrug-Resistant Bacteria by Moth Flies from Hospital Waste Water System. Rupprecht, Thomas; Moter, Annette; Wiessener, Alexandra; Reutershan, Joerg; Lang-Schwarz, Klaus; Vie Aug 1, 2020 3460
Collateral Benefit of COVID-19 Control Measures on Influenza Activity, Taiwan. Kuo, Shu-Chen; Shih, Shu-Man; Chien, Li-Hsin; Hsiung, Chao A. Aug 1, 2020 936
Visceral Leishmaniasis Caused by Leishmania donovani Zymodeme MON-37, Western Ghats, India. Saini, Prasanta; Kumar, N. Pradeep; Ajithlal, P.M.; Joji, Aswathy; Rajesh, K.R.; Reena, K.J.; Kumar, Aug 1, 2020 1453
Review on Major Food-Borne Zoonotic Bacterial Pathogens. Abebe, Engidaw; Gugsa, Getachew; Ahmed, Meselu Jul 31, 2020 15273
Public Health Efforts to Mitigate COVID-19 Transmission During the April 7, 2020, Election--City of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, March 13-May 5, 2020. Paradis, Heather; Katrichis, Julie; Stevenson, Michael; Tomaro, Nicholas; Mukai, Rachel; Torres, Gri Jul 31, 2020 1091
A strain of bird flu virus that can be passed to humans detected in Pampanga. Jul 30, 2020 600
Palace: Gov't not an absolute failure in dealing with coronavirus pandemic. Jul 29, 2020 631
Estimated Community Seroprevalence of SARS-CoV-2 Antibodies--Two Georgia Counties, April 28-May 3, 2020. Biggs, Holly M.; Harris, Jennifer B.; Breakwell, Lucy; Dahlgren, F. Scott; Abedi, Glen R.; Szablewsk Jul 24, 2020 5254
Family in Spain under house arrest after catching coronavirus and refusing to isolate; Police in Huesca, Spain are keeping a family of four under surveillance around the clock in a bid to curb the spread of further infection after they refused to quarantine. By, Rosaleen Fenton Jul 22, 2020 373
COVID-19: the biggest threat of the world. Jul 21, 2020 1285
Medical groups caution against COVID-19 rapid tests. Jul 21, 2020 902
Student with 5% chance of surviving makes miracle recovery after both legs amputated; Seyda Oates' limbs began to turn black after she contracted meningitis and the infection spread along her limbs and her organs began shutting down. By, Lucy Notarantonio & Kelly-Ann Mills Jul 20, 2020 772
The case for rapid antibody test kits. Jul 20, 2020 1030
Bohol's latest COVID-19 patient may have been due to community transmission, says Bohol gov. Jul 20, 2020 249
Sidi Bouzid: Situation in Saida-Nord steady after spread of hepatitis A infection cases. Jul 18, 2020 197
Covid-19: Are Khulna and Rajshahi the next epicentres? Jul 16, 2020 2026
News Analysis: Believing the Reality of Novel Coronavirus in Nigeria. Jul 15, 2020 1236
In Misamis Oriental town, vice mayor's SARS Cov2 infection declared a case of local transmission. Jul 15, 2020 380
COVID-19: Infection spreads to 3 more LGAs. Jul 15, 2020 338
No huge difference in preventive strategy if COVID-19 is airborne: Health Minister. Jul 11, 2020 527
Spinal stenosis caused by epidural and paraspinal abscess due to brucella infection. Akpinar, Orhan; Guzel, Mustafa Clinical report Jul 10, 2020 1709
Initial and Repeated Point Prevalence Surveys to Inform SARS-CoV-2 Infection Prevention in 26 Skilled Nursing Facilities Detroit, Michigan, March-May 2020. Sanchez, Guillermo V.; Biedron, Caitlin; Fink, Lauren R.; Hatfield, Kelly M.; Polistico, Jordan Mica Jul 10, 2020 3382
Hong Kong reports 24 new COVID-19 cases following a spike in locally transmitted infections. Jul 8, 2020 217
WHO expert: Possibility of airborne transmission of COVID-19 cannot be ruled out. Jul 8, 2020 341
COVID-19 cases keep rising due to more tests, ignored measures - DOH. Jul 8, 2020 1118
WHO expert: Possibility of airborne transmission of COVID-19 cannot be ruled out. Jul 8, 2020 344
Coronavirus could be airborne, says World Health Organisation; Covid-19 could be spread by particles in the air, not just coughs and sneezes. By, Neil Shaw Jul 8, 2020 466
Emerging Evidence Of Covid-19 Airborne Transmission -- WHO. Jul 8, 2020 476
Is the coronavirus airborne? DOH says there's 'not enough' proof. Jul 7, 2020 425
Screening for SARS-CoV-2 Infection Within a Psychiatric Hospital and Considerations for Limiting Transmission Within Residential Psychiatric Facilities--Wyoming, 2020. Callaghan, Anna W.; Chard, Anna N.; Arnold, Patricia; Loveland, Cody; Hull, Noah; Saraiya, Mona; Say Jul 3, 2020 4143
Serial Laboratory Testing for SARS-CoV-2 Infection Among Incarcerated and Detained Persons in a Correctional and Detention Facility--Louisiana, April-May 2020. Njuguna, Henry; Wallace, Megan; Simonson, Sean; Tobolowsky, Farrell A.; James, Allison E.; Bordelon, Jul 3, 2020 3650
Characteristics of Adult Outpatients and Inpatients with COVID-19--11 Academic Medical Centers, United States, March-May 2020. Tenforde, Mark W.; Rose, Erica Billig; Lindsell, Christopher J.; Shapiro, Nathan I.; Files, D. Clark Jul 3, 2020 5080
Deployment of SAF, soldiers is part of solution to stop spread of COVID-19 - Eleazar. Jul 1, 2020 438
Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19): A Systematic Review of Pregnancy and the Possibility of Vertical Transmission. Ashraf, Mohammad Ali; Keshavarz, Pedram; Hosseinpour, Parisa; Erfani, Amirhossein; Roshanshad, Amirh Report Jul 1, 2020 6956
Linking Epidemiology and Whole-Genome Sequencing to Investigate Salmonella Outbreak, Massachusetts, USA, 2018. Vaughn, Eric L.; Vo, Quynh T.; Vostok, Johanna; Stiles, Tracy; Lang, Andrew; Brown, Catherine M.; Kl Jul 1, 2020 1756
Community Responses during Early Phase of COVID-19 Epidemic, Hong Kong. Kwok, Kin On; Li, Kin Kit; Chan, Henry Ho Hin; Yi, Yuan Yuan; Tang, Arthur; Wei, Wan In; Wong, Samue Jul 1, 2020 2823
Detection of Influenza A(H3N2) Virus RNA in Donated Blood. Bezerra, Rafael dos Santos; Jorge, Daniel Macedo de Melo; Castro, Italo Araujo; Moretto, Edson Lara; Letter to the editor Jul 1, 2020 1488
Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 Shedding by Travelers, Vietnam, 2020. Le, Thi Quynh Mai; Takemura, Taichiro; Moi, Meng Ling; Nabeshima, Takeshi; Nguyen, Le Khanh Hang; Ho Letter to the editor Jul 1, 2020 2028
Gastrointestinal helminths in dog feces surrounding suburban areas of Lower Dir district, Pakistan: A public health threat/Helmintos gastrointestinais em fezes de caes que vivem em areas suburbanas do distrito de Lower Dir, Paquistao: uma ameaca a saude publica. Khan, W.; Nisa, N.N.; Ullah, S.; Ahmad, S.; Mehmood, S.A.; Khan, M.; Ali, W.; Ullah, Hamid; Anwar, K Jul 1, 2020 4629
Distribution of Human Papillomavirus and Antisperm Antibody in Semen and Its Association with Semen Parameters Among Infertile Men. Piroozmand, Ahmad; Nasab, Seyed Dawood Mousavi; Erami, Mahzad; Hashemi, Seyed Mohammad Ali; Khodabak Clinical report Jul 1, 2020 3727
Patient Delay in Initiating Tuberculosis Treatment and Associated Factors in Oromia Special Zone, Amhara Region. Abdu, Muhammed; Balchut, Awraris; Girma, Eshetu; Mebratu, Wondwosen Jun 30, 2020 7641
Modeling the Spread of COVID-19 Infection Using a Multilayer Perceptron. Car, Zlatan; Segota, Sandi Baressi; Andelic, Nikola; Lorencin, Ivan; Mrzljak, Vedran Jun 30, 2020 4939
What Do the Dental Students Know about Infection Control? A Cross-Sectional Study in a Teaching Hospital, Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Qamar, Mariam Khan; Shaikh, Babar Tasneem; Afzal, Aamir Jun 30, 2020 3108
A Survey on HIV/AIDS-Related Knowledge, Attitudes, Risk Behaviors, and Characteristics of Men Who Have Sex with Men among University Students in Guangxi, China. Lai, Jingzhen; Pan, Peijiang; Lin, Yulun; Ye, Li; Xie, Long; Xie, Yuan; Liang, Bingyu; Zheng, Fangli Survey Jun 30, 2020 7450
Effects of Coinfection on the Dynamics of Two Pathogens in a Tick-Host Infection Model. Sun, Bei; Zhang, Xue; Tosato, Marco Jun 30, 2020 7724
Hepatitis B Virus Infection and Its Determinants among Pregnant Women in Ethiopia: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Alemu, Addisu Alehegn; Zeleke, Liknaw Bewket; Aynalem, Bewket Yesarah; Kassa, Getachew Mullu Clinical report Jun 30, 2020 7280
COVID-19: Utmost Need to Protect Frontline Health Care Workers in Pakistan. Zohaib Ashraf, Muna Malik and Muhammad Irfan Malik Jun 30, 2020 860
Psychological Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Health Care Workers: A Cross Sectional Study. Zaina Jabeen, Aysha Rani, Sohaib Ahmed, Sadaf Ghaffar, Tazaeen Hina Kazmi and Wasim-ud-Din Jun 30, 2020 2081
NEEDLE STICK INJURY AND AWARENESS OF ITS MANAGEMENT AMONGST DENTAL INTERNS IN LAHORE. Bushra Mazhar, Shoaib Younus, Uzair Bin Akhtar, Ali Altaf, Mehwish Munawar and Malik Ali Hassan Saji Jun 30, 2020 3829
Local infections spread as 22 new cases confirmed. Jun 28, 2020 387
COVID-19: Saudi transmits infection to 18, including parents. Ramadan Al Sherbini, Correspondent Jun 26, 2020 283
Fears second wave of coronavirus with 'super-spreading clusters' could kill 60 people a day; 'As we get to a lower level of infection, significant super-spreading clusters pose a significant risk'. By, Chris Kitching & Raina Wilson Jun 23, 2020 374
After Covid-19, Typhoid rears head in K-P. Ahtesham Khan Jun 23, 2020 553
COVID-19: Panic in Bayelsa as infection spreads to two more LGAs. Jun 22, 2020 312
COVID-19: Panic in Bayelsa as infection spreads to two more LGAs. Jun 21, 2020 438
Rate of spread of infection shrinking. Jun 20, 2020 424
Rate of spread of Covid infection shrinking in UK. Jun 20, 2020 324
OP-ED: The empathy divide. Jun 19, 2020 1708
More Seoulites volunteer to test for virus. Jun 19, 2020 509
Philippines still needs over 82,000 contact tracers. Jun 18, 2020 404
Infection clusters show signs of spilling over into other regions. Jun 17, 2020 505
Saudi Arabia: Woman transmits COVID-19 to 3 families at gathering. Ramadan Al Sherbini, Correspondent Jun 16, 2020 173
Azerbaijan might extend lockdown in case of surge in COVID-19 infections. Jun 16, 2020 749
Asymptomatic cases may transfer COVID-19. Jun 13, 2020 376
Gov't struggles to contain series of infection clusters. Jun 11, 2020 538
Leishmaniasis in Saudi Arabia: Current situation and future perspectives. Elfadil Abass, Zainab Al-Hashem and Lamya Zohair Yamani Jun 10, 2020 3943
IT WAS HERE IN FEBRUARY; Medical chief U-turns on claim virus wasn't here before March. VIVIENNE AITKEN Health Editor Jun 10, 2020 698
Testing the weak link in Covid-19 fight. Jun 10, 2020 686
'More awareness needed' LYME DISEASE SNP Government accused of failing to highlight risk of tick-borne infection. SEAN MCANGUS Jun 9, 2020 671
Oman identifies three local strains of COVID-19. Times News Service Jun 8, 2020 1001
Government maintains rate of virus infection is still below 1; Higher transmission in north could lead to regional lockdown. Jun 6, 2020 368
COVID-19: How to wear your mask. Times News Service Jun 6, 2020 665
COVID-19 Monitoring and Response Among U.S. Air Force Basic Military Trainees--Texas, March-April 2020. Marcus, Joseph E.; Frankel, Dianne N.; Pawlak, Mary T.; Casey, Theresa M.; Blackwell, Rebecca S.; Tr Jun 5, 2020 2180
Blundering into disaster. Zahid Hussain Jun 3, 2020 1086
DOH: COVID-19 mortality doubling time, transmission rate down. Jun 2, 2020 369
Community Transmission of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2, Shenzhen, China, 2020. Liu, Jiaye; Liao, Xuejiao; Qian, Shen; Yuan, Jing; Wang, Fuxiang; Liu, Yingxia; Wang, Zhaoqin; Wang, Jun 1, 2020 2294
Indirect Virus Transmission in Cluster of COVID-19 Cases, Wenzhou, China, 2020. Cai, Jing; Sun, Wenjie; Huang, Jianping; Gamber, Michelle; Wu, Jing; He, Guiqing Jun 1, 2020 1263
Active Compounds Activity from the Medicinal Plants Against SARS-CoV-2 using in Silico Assay. Laksmiani, Ni Putu Linda; Larasanty, Luh Putu Febryana; Santika, Anak Agung Gde Jaya; Prayoga, Putu Report Jun 1, 2020 3764
It Is Complicated: The Medico-Social Journey of an Undocumented Pregnant Adolescent. Kest, Helen; Kaushik, Ashlesha; Tehreem, Bushra; Goldberg, David May 31, 2020 3277
Prevalence of Intestinal Parasitic Infections and Associated Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Risk Factors among School Children in Mwea Irrigation Scheme, Kirinyaga County, Kenya. Njambi, Elizabeth; Magu, Dennis; Masaku, Janet; Okoyo, Collins; Njenga, Sammy M. Survey May 31, 2020 7473
Low Tuberculosis (TB) Case Detection: A Health Facility-Based Study of Possible Obstacles in Kaffa Zone, Southwest District of Ethiopia. Abayneh, Mengistu; HaileMariam, Shewangizaw; Asres, Abyot Report May 31, 2020 6271
Design of a Multiepitope-Based Peptide Vaccine against the E Protein of Human COVID-19: An Immunoinformatics Approach. Abdelmageed, Miyssa I.; Abdelmoneim, Abdelrahman H.; Mustafa, Mujahed I.; Elfadol, Nafisa M.; Murshe May 31, 2020 7472
The clinical and demographical profile of Coronavirus illness: The tale of Tablighi Jamaat and Zaireen in Quarantine/Isolation center at Sukkur and Hyderabad. Ikram Din Ujjan, Bikha Ram Devrajani, Akbar Ali Ghanghro and Syed Zulfiquar Ali Shah May 31, 2020 2719
Dr Noor Hisham: Malaysians in general have been compliant of SOPs, no exponential surge in Covid-19 cases. May 31, 2020 466
'Monkeys run away with coronavirus test samples after attacking lab technician'; Alarms have been sounded as locals fear the infection might spread following the bizarre incident reported at the Meerut Medical College, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, India. By, Danya Bazaraa May 29, 2020 285
Molecular Identification of HIV-1 in the Presence of Hepatitis B Virus and Hepatitis C Virus Co-infections. Sayan, Murat; Ozguler, Muge; Yildirim, Figen Sarigul; Yildirmak, Taner; Gunduz, Alper; Dokuzoguz, Ba May 28, 2020 5136
NCR, Cebu City infections still high, UP experts say. May 27, 2020 827
Study of Prevalence and Serodiagnosis of Dengue Fever in Febrile Patients Attending a Tertiary Care Hospital. Vidyasagar, K.; Venkatesha, D. Clinical report May 25, 2020 2632
Korea reports 23 new virus cases, concerns linger over Itaewon-linked infections. May 23, 2020 698
Itaewon outbreak deepens generational rift. May 22, 2020 592
Korea reports 20 new virus cases amid efforts to contain sporadic infections. May 22, 2020 858
Effect of Increased Cleaning on Keyboard Bioburden and Employee Absence in an Office Building. Yui, Samuel; Ali, Shanom; Muzslay, Monika; Wilson, Peter Report May 22, 2020 2855
Assessing the Role of Food Handlers in Hepatitis A Virus Transmission--Multiple States, 2016-2019. Hofmeister, Megan G.; Foster, Monique A.; Montgomery, Martha P.; Gupta, Neil Disease/Disorder overview May 22, 2020 1254
COVID-19 in Correctional and Detention Facilities--United States, February-April 2020. Wallace, Megan; Hagan, Liesl; Curran, Kathryn G.; Williams, Samantha P.; Handanagic, Senad; Bjork, A May 15, 2020 2365
Coronavirus local lockdown fears as north east 'R' infection rate is double London's; A model suggests the transmission rate is 0.8 in the north east and Yorkshire but 0.4 in London -as the government confirms it could order local shutdowns of schools or workplaces to stop a second spike. By, Dan Bloom May 14, 2020 457
COVID-19 local transmission is not yet under control --- DOH. May 12, 2020 547
South Korea reports 34 new coronavirus cases, highest in a month. May 10, 2020 490
Coronavirus: Jordan reports 21 new COVID-19 infections days after restrictions eased. Khitam Al Amir, Senior Staff Writer May 8, 2020 415
Coronavirus Spreading Through Men's Semen, Remote a Experts. May 8, 2020 631
Link Between Pelvic Inflammatory Diseases And Infertility. May 6, 2020 769
COVID-19: What it takes to move from lockdowns. Jay Hilotin, Assistant Editior May 4, 2020 1132
Interventional radiology and COVID-19: evidence-based measures to limit transmission. Chandy, Poornima Elizabeth; Nasir, Muhammad Umer; Srinivasan, Sivasubramanian; Klass, Darren; Nicola May 1, 2020 4398
Assay addresses Mgenitalium diagnostic abilities. Gaydos, Charlotte Report May 1, 2020 5437
Fighting COVID-19: One Radiology Department's Experience. Mamlouk, Mark D.; McCormick, Craig M.; Jun, Peter; Tang, James C.; Kim, Brian S.; Shen, Peter Y.; Ba May 1, 2020 2101
Preliminary Incidence and Trends of Infections with Pathogens Transmitted Commonly Through Food--Foodborne Diseases Active Surveillance Network, 10 U.S. Sites, 2016-2019. Tack, Danielle M.; Ray, Logan; Griffin, Patricia M.; Cieslak, Paul R.; Dunn, John; Rissman, Tamara; May 1, 2020 2995
Possible Transmission Mechanisms of Mixed Mycobacterium tuberculosis Infection in High HIV Prevalence Country, Botswana. Baik, Yeonsoo; Modongo, Chawangwa; Moonan, Patrick K.; Click, Eleanor S.; Tobias, James L.; Boyd, Ro May 1, 2020 4085
Nonpharmaceutical Measures for Pandemic Influenza in Nonhealthcare Settings--Social Distancing Measures. Fong, Min W.; Gao, Huizhi; Wong, Jessica Y.; Xiao, Jingyi; Shiu, Eunice Y.C.; Ryu, Sukhyun; Cowling, May 1, 2020 6351
Candidatus Rickettsia xinyangensis as Cause of Spotted Fever Group Rickettsiosis, Xinyang, China, 2015. Li, Hao; Li, Xiao-Mei; Du, Juan; Zhang, Xiao-Ai; Cui, Ning; Yang, Zhen-Dong; Xue, Xiao-Jia; Zhang, P May 1, 2020 2350
Case of Babesia crassa-Like Infection, Slovenia, 2014. Strasek-Smrdel, Katja; Korva, Misa; Pal, Emil; Rajter, Mojca; Skvarc, Miha; Avsic-Zupanc, Tatjana May 1, 2020 1294
Lumbar Radiculitis as a Complication of Vaccination against Tick-Borne Encephalitis: A Differential Diagnosis of Low Back Pain and Nerve Root Compression. Kingston, Craig; Zech, Gunther; Pauli, Caroline; Walker, Ulrich Apr 30, 2020 2016
Paediatric respiratory isolation: A challenge for a secondary care hospital! A service innovation project. Mohammad, Nadia; Mohammad, Shireen; Sohaila, Arjumand; Yousuf, Syed Mohammad; Vash, Pawan; Khan, Adn Report Apr 30, 2020 3889
Blaze might be dying down but fire is still lethal. COMMENT BY JACKIE HYLAND Consultant in Health Protection at the Public Health Agency Apr 28, 2020 623
COVID- 19: domestic transmissions account for 74.78% of total infections (ministry). Apr 28, 2020 193
CACOVID To Train Primary Health Workers To Curb Community Transmission. Apr 26, 2020 360
Herd immunity without a vaccine is nonsense. Gideon Meyerowitz-Katz Apr 26, 2020 882
Deputy health minister: Coronavirus infection still spreading in Azerbaijan. Apr 25, 2020 245
79pc infections in Pakistan caused by local transmission. Ikram Junaidi Apr 24, 2020 545
Infections spread, 7 more dead. Apr 24, 2020 1238
Infection spreads faster as activity increases. Apr 22, 2020 990
Pandemic linked to destruction of wildlife. Apr 21, 2020 1100
Local transmission becomes dominant factor in COVID-19 spread: Mirza. Apr 21, 2020 393
Coronavirus FAQS for pet owners. Apr 20, 2020 1307
In My 31 Years Of Medical Practice, I Have Never Seen An Infection Spreading On A Scale Like This -UCH CMD. Apr 18, 2020 2852
COVID-19: Can air-conditioning systems aid in spreading coronavirus? Dona Cherian, Senior News Editor Apr 16, 2020 973
Africa lacks the capacity to handle virus outbreak. Dr. Azeem Ibrahim Apr 15, 2020 827
COVID-19: UAE coronavirus genome sequencing, what you should know. Shyam A. Krishna, Senior Associate Editor Apr 15, 2020 720
Masks could offer a way forward in lifting lockdown. Giuseppe Bignardi Apr 14, 2020 707
Update: COVID-19: Infection Spreads To 19 States As Nigeria Confirms Five New Cases. Apr 12, 2020 152
Covid-19 will decimate the Rohingya refugee camps. Apr 12, 2020 934
PSDF, Gnowbe join hands. Apr 12, 2020 271
Celeb conspiracy theorists spread infection myths. Apr 11, 2020 357
Act now to prevent disaster in the Rohingya camps. Dr. Azeem Ibrahim Apr 11, 2020 948
Presymptomatic Transmission of SARS-CoV-2--Singapore, January 23-March 16, 2020. Wei, Wycliffe E.; Li, Zongbin; Chiew, Calvin J.; Yong, Sarah E.; Toh, Matthias P.; Lee, Vernon J. Apr 10, 2020 3148
Rapid Sentinel Surveillance for COVID-19--Santa Clara County, California, March 2020. Zwald, Marissa L.; Lin, Wen; Cooksey, Gail L. Sondermeyer; Weiss, Charles; Suarez, Angela; Fischer, Apr 10, 2020 1699
COVID-19: UAE supermarkets, pharmacies install anti-microbe barriers. Sharmila Dhal, Assistant Editor Apr 9, 2020 448
Baguio posts no COVID-19 case in more than a week. Apr 7, 2020 693
Surgical masks show efficiency in preventing coronavirus transmission. Daily News Egypt Apr 5, 2020 240
Pakistan's fight against dengue continues amidst COVID: 19. Apr 4, 2020 474
Hospitals as loopholes. Apr 3, 2020 532
TABIB: Effective way of protection against infection is self-isolation [UPDATE]. Apr 2, 2020 307
TABIB: Effective way of protection against infection is self-isolation. Apr 2, 2020 307
Human-to-Human Transmission of Monkeypox Virus, United Kingdom, October 2018. Vaughan, Aisling; Aarons, Emma; Astbury, John; Brooks, Tim; Chand, Meera; Flegg, Peter; Hardman, Ang Apr 1, 2020 2655
Whole-Genome Analysis of Salmonella enterica Serovar Enteritidis Isolates in Outbreak Linked to Online Food Delivery, Shenzhen, China, 2018. Jiang, Min; Zhu, Feng; Yang, Chao; Deng, Yinhua; Kwan, Patrick S.L.; Li, Yinghui; Lin, Yiman; Qiu, Y Apr 1, 2020 1991
Plague Epizootic Dynamics in Chipmunk Fleas, Sierra Nevada Mountains, California, USA, 2013-2015. Hammond, Talisin T.; Liebman, Kelly A.; Payne, Robert; Pigage, Helen K.; Padgett, Kerry A. Apr 1, 2020 1425
Imported Human Babesiosis, Singapore, 2018. Lim, Poh-Lian; Chavatte, Jean-Marc; Vasoo, Shawn; Yang, Jonathan Apr 1, 2020 1303
The STD epidemic: Why we need to care about this escalating problem. Haddad, Lisa B.; Kottke, Melissa J. Cover story Apr 1, 2020 2721
Modelling the Periodic Outbreak of Measles in Mainland China. Xue, Yuyi; Ruan, Xiaoe; Xiao, Yanni Mar 31, 2020 6856
Modeling Wolbachia Diffusion in Mosquito Populations by Discrete Competition Model. Li, Yijie; Guo, Zhiming; Xing, Yanyuan Mar 31, 2020 6139
Impact of an Irrigation Dam on the Transmission and Diversity of Plasmodium falciparum in a Seasonal Malaria Transmission Area of Northern Ghana. Kyei-Baafour, Eric; Tornyigah, Bernard; Buade, Benjamin; Bimi, Langbong; Oduro, Abraham R.; Koram, K Mar 31, 2020 5820
Prevalence of Congenital Malaria in Kisangani, A Stable Malaria Transmission Area in Democratic Republic of the Congo. Noel, Labama Otuli; Jean-Didier, Bosenge Nguma; Mike-Antoine, Maindo Alongo; Gedeon, Katenga Bosunga Medical condition overview Mar 31, 2020 5005
Herpes Simplex Virus-2 Hepatitis: A Case Report and Review of the Literature. Ahmed, Amna; Granillo, Alejandro; Burns, Ethan; Glassner, Kerri; Naseem, Nishath; Force, Christopher Mar 31, 2020 2793
Knowledge, Attitude, and Practices on Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene among Rural Residents in Tigray Region, Northern Ethiopia. Berh, Abera Aregawi; Aregay, Abraham Desta; Abreha, Alemnesh Araya; Aregay, Asfawosen Berhe; Gebrets Mar 31, 2020 5363
Mucocutaneous manifestations of chikungunya fever. Syeda Summaya Jamal, Muhammad Irfan Anwar, Naveed Akhtar Malik and Naseema Kapadia Mar 31, 2020 2043
Cutaneous manifestations of COVID-19. Shehla Shaukat, Ghazala Butt and Ijaz Hussain Mar 31, 2020 3985
HVAC solutions vital to prevent spread of virus, says Saudi Al Salem. Mar 30, 2020 519
HVAC solutions 'vital to prevent spread of virus'. Mar 30, 2020 518
Controlling coronavirus is in our hands: UAE expert. Ismail Sebugwaawo Mar 30, 2020 747
Banjul North Nam Sensitises Constituency On COVID-19. Mar 30, 2020 854
China readies stimulus, resumes production: others follow. Mar 29, 2020 1762
China readies stimulus measures as local virus cases dwindle. Reuters News Service Mar 28, 2020 816
Will Warmer Weather Slow The Spread Of Coronavirus? Mar 28, 2020 1274
Qatar at the forefront against the coronavirus pandemic. Mar 26, 2020 1135
University team on frontline in battle to beat virus. Mar 26, 2020 373
Pupils could still be spreading infection. Mar 25, 2020 194
Time to swap carrot for stick? Health D-G warns as public continues to disregard MCO. Mar 24, 2020 643
'Lockdown crucial for better management of Covid-19 in Bangladesh'. Mar 23, 2020 924
Cracking the code: Saudi researchers fight virus with genetic sequencing. Rawan Radwan Mar 22, 2020 954
#Fakenews in #NatSec: Handling Misinformation. Cronkhite, Amanda B.; Zhang, Wenshuo; Caughell, Leslie Mar 22, 2020 7191
Infections spread in Kingdom. Mar 20, 2020 708
Unprotected S3x Can Increase Risk Of Genital Warts -Experts. Mar 19, 2020 359
U.S. government, tech industry discussing ways to harness location data to combat coronavirus. Mar 19, 2020 1763
Saudi disease control center starts coronavirus study. Arab News Mar 18, 2020 156
Vulnerable. Mar 18, 2020 847
Iran sees global health, economic crises as an opportunity. Abdel Aziz Aluwaisheg Mar 17, 2020 1061
Coronavirus: Precautions to take in the bedroom to reduce risk of transmission; While coronavirus itself is not a sexually transmitted disease, the virus has been shown to spread through water or mucus droplets from the nose and mouth. By, Shivali Best Mar 17, 2020 476
Egyptians stuck in Italy, call for immediate repatriation. Hagar Omran Mar 16, 2020 1366
COVID-19 plays havoc worldwide. M Younus Khokhar Mar 15, 2020 796
HOLIDAY JETS IN MID-AIR U-TURN; CORONA CRISIS CHAOS HITS EUROPE AS COUNTRIES UP MEASURES TO HALT SPREAD OF DEADLY DISEASE; Travellers' plans in chaos as airlines scrap all flights to Spain. Norman Silvester Mar 15, 2020 1056
Expert's view: Unraveling the mystery of coronavirus. Mar 13, 2020 809
Comprehensive. Mar 13, 2020 1029
Investigation of Presumptive HIV Transmission Associated with Hospitalization Using Nucleotide Sequence Analysis--New York, 2017. Anderson, Bridget J.; Clement, Ernest; Collura, Randall; Gallucci, Abigail; Westheimer, Emily; Braun Mar 13, 2020 2336
The health professional's role in preventing infections. Mar 11, 2020 316
Covid-19: Ministry urges public to follow preventive measures. Mar 10, 2020 379
Corona conundrum. Mar 9, 2020 1183
PATIENTS WILL DIE; CORONA CRISIS: FEAR HOSPITALS CAN'T COPE WITH COVID-19 BUG AY; Whistleblower calls for Army to clean health hubs; Irishman brings number of cases to 19 after Italian trip. EXCLUSIVE BY SYLVIA POWNALL Mar 8, 2020 962
Protect yourself against the spread of infection; SFS Protect eradicates 99.99 per cent of harmful viruses and bacteria, leaving your workplace a safe and clean area to work. By, Jonny Dillon Mar 6, 2020 362
Active Monitoring of Persons Exposed to Patients with Confirmed COVID-19--United States, January-February 2020. Burke, Rachel M.; Midgley, Claire M.; Dratch, Alissa; Fenstersheib, Marty; Haupt, Thomas; Holshue, M Mar 6, 2020 1657
Covid-19 has less mortality rate than SARS, MERS, says Prof Dr Tabassum Mahboob. Mar 5, 2020 435
CATASTROPHE LOOMS AS KILLER FUNGUS SPREADS; Ash trees and the species that depend on them threatened by disease with no cure and no way to prevent infection. JAYME HUDSPITH Daily Post Reporter Mar 4, 2020 357
AIR Worldwide Uses Pandemic Model to Determine Countries at Highest Risk. Mar 3, 2020 685
Coronavirus classified as stage three in Oman. Times News Service Mar 2, 2020 845
Preparedness key to coronavirus prevention. Mar 2, 2020 600
HIV Modes of Transmission in Sudan in 2014. Nasirian, Maryam; Kianersi, Sina; Karamouzian, Mohammad; Sidahmed, Mohammed; Baneshi, Mohammad Reza; Mar 1, 2020 6170
Prevalence of Soil-Transmitted Helminth and Schistosoma mansoni Infection and Their Associated Factors among Hiruy Abaregawi Primary School Children, Rural Debre Tabor, North West Ethiopia: A Cross-Sectional Study. Workineh, Lemma; Kiros, Teklehaimanot; Damtie, Shewaneh; Andualem, Tesfaye; Dessie, Bizualem Report Mar 1, 2020 4496
Distribution of Bemisia tabaci (Gennadius) (Hemiptera: Aleyrodidae) mitotypes in commercial cotton fields in the Punjab province of Pakistan. Shah, Syed Hamid Jalal; Paredes-Montero, R. Jorge; Malik, Amir Humayun; Brown, Judith K.; Qazi, Java Mar 1, 2020 5316
Self care and hygiene 'can curb spread of virus'. Feb 29, 2020 791
Crisis but no Cobra; KILLER BUG: FIRST BRIT DIES & FIRST CASE TRANSMITTED IN UK KILLER die s a a >>>>PM under attack for not chairing emergency panel >>>>Number of infected people in Britain hits 20 >>>>Jeremy Hunt says hundreds of thousands at risk. MARTIN BAGOT and OLIVER MILNE Feb 29, 2020 1140
WHO Raises Global Risk For Coronavirus To Very High. Feb 29, 2020 636
Becoming a global economic crisis? Slowdowns in business, daily life hurting markets. Geller, By Adam; Wiseman, Paul; Press, Christopher Rugaber Associated Feb 29, 2020 879
Becoming a global economic crisis? Slowdowns in business, daily life hurting markets Outbreak: Congress working on emergency spending. Geller, By Adam; Wiseman, Paul; Press, Christopher Rugaber Associated Feb 29, 2020 879
Using too much hand sanitiser could increase your risk of coronavirus, expert warns; While regularly washing your hands and using hand sanitiser can reduce transmission of the virus, experts are now warning that overdoing it can actually increase your risk of infection. By, Shivali Best Feb 27, 2020 367
Coronavirus spreads faster outside China. Reuters News Service Feb 26, 2020 814
Pandemic. Feb 26, 2020 1004
HOLS FROM HELL; DISEASE SPREADING ACROSS WORLD; Ski trip kids are sent home & schools close; Britsisolated in coronavirus hotel lockdown. MARTIN BAGOT Health Editor and STEPHEN WHITE Feb 26, 2020 1091
HOLS FROM HELL; DISEASE SPREADING ACROSS WORLD; Ski trip kids are sent home & schools close; Brits isolated in coronavirus hotel lockdown. MARTIN BAGOT Health Editor and STEPHEN WHITE Feb 26, 2020 1091
Good hygiene key to preventing spread of coronavirus. Dr. Theodore Karasik Feb 25, 2020 921
Coronavirus cases double in a day to surpass 100 in South Korea. Feb 20, 2020 691
Woman feared she'd go blind after lip exploded and spread filler infection to eye; GRAPHIC IMAGES: Beautician Jessica Myott, from Stockport, claims her lip filler exploded and began oozing, giving her an infection that left her in so much pain she was unable to eat or drink for nearly a week. By, Talia Shadwell Feb 18, 2020 848
Coronavirus scientists discover why Wuhan infection is spreading so rapidly; Scientists have found found the coronavirus can survive for days on surfaces that are frequently touched-especially in crowded Tube stations and hospitals. By, mirror Feb 11, 2020 623
Sexually transmitted infections in pensioners up 41 per cent; "They're mucking about and finding new partners. They think that because nobody can get pregnant anymore there's no danger - because those illnesses are for young people.". Neil Shaw Feb 10, 2020 377
Sexually transmitted infections in pensioners up 41 per cent; "They're mucking about and finding new partners. They think that because nobody can get pregnant anymore there's no danger - because those illnesses are for young people.". Neil Shaw Feb 10, 2020 377
Sexually transmitted infections in pensioners up 41 per cent; "They're mucking about and finding new partners. They think that because nobody can get pregnant anymore there's no danger - because those illnesses are for young people.". Neil Shaw Feb 10, 2020 377
Sexually transmitted infections in pensioners up 41 per cent; "They're mucking about and finding new partners. They think that because nobody can get pregnant anymore there's no danger - because those illnesses are for young people.". Neil Shaw Feb 10, 2020 377
Sexually transmitted infections in pensioners up 41 per cent; "They're mucking about and finding new partners. They think that because nobody can get pregnant anymore there's no danger - because those illnesses are for young people.". Neil Shaw Feb 10, 2020 377
Sexually transmitted infections in pensioners up 41 per cent; "They're mucking about and finding new partners. They think that because nobody can get pregnant anymore there's no danger - because those illnesses are for young people.". Neil Shaw Feb 10, 2020 377
Warning to dog owners as vomiting virus hits Welsh pets. JOHN COOPER Feb 7, 2020 530
Minister urges to control infection, diseases. Feb 5, 2020 410
Kala Azar--Difficult Yet Diagnosable Entity. Kaur, Barinder; Atreja, Charu Batra; Agrawal, Bimal K. Feb 3, 2020 1579
Variations in Growth, Physiology, and Antioxidative Defense Responses of Two Tomato (Solatium lycopersicum L.) Cultivars after Co-Infection of Fusarium oxysporum and Meloidogyne incognita. Maqsood, Ambreen; Wu, Haiyan; Kamran, Muhammad; Altaf, Hussain; Mustafa, Adnan; Ahmar, Sunny; Hong, Feb 1, 2020 12163
Detection of Pseudorabies Virus in Wild Boar Foetus. Pacini, Maria Irene; Forzan, Mario; Cilia, Giovanni; Bernardini, Lucrezia; Marzoli, Filippo; Pedones Report Feb 1, 2020 4091
How modern dried blood spot technology is helping combat HIV. Welle, Dana Feb 1, 2020 1124
Interspecies Transmission of Reassortant Swine Influenza A Virus Containing Genes from Swine Influenza A(H1N1)pdm09 and A(H1N2) Viruses. Everett, Helen E.; Nash, Bethany; Londt, Brandon Z.; Kelly, Michael D.; Coward, Vivien; Nunez, Aleja Feb 1, 2020 6436
Ocular Spiroplasma ixodetis in Newborns, France. Matet, Alexandre; Fleche-Mateos, Anne Le; Doz, Francois; Dureau, Pascal; Cassoux, Nathalie Feb 1, 2020 2310
Going viral: Trials conducted to block mosquitos from transmitting dengue fever to humans have proved successful in Malaysia. Feb 1, 2020 391
Infection tally rises to 18, including first 'local transmission'. Jan 31, 2020 256
Foreigners airlifted from China virus epicentre. Jan 30, 2020 926
Coronavirus: Cases Surpass SARS In China As First Person-To-Person Transmission Confirmed In US. Jan 30, 2020 1069
Foreigners airlifted from China virus epicentre, death toll hits 132. Jan 29, 2020 887
Dad-of-one left fighting for his life thanks to his nail-biting habit; WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES Steven MacDonald's 'harmless' 50-year habit left him just hours from death when his finger turned green and the infection spread up his arm. By, Hattie Bishop & Ryan Merrifield Jan 28, 2020 1050
Biting my nails nearly killed me; Habit led to spreading infection and surgery. HATTIE BISHOP Jan 28, 2020 164
China: New coronavirus death and infection count rises. DW Jan 22, 2020 456
China Confirms Fourth Coronavirus Death, as WHO Prepares to Meet. Jan 21, 2020 752
China virus cases up sharply as infection spreads. Jan 20, 2020 219
200 people infected, 4 killed: What we know so far about mysterious coronavirus in China. Compiled by Jay Hilotin, Senior Web News Editor Jan 20, 2020 839
200 people infected, 4 killed: Human transmission of mysterious coronavirus confirmed in China. Compiled by Jay Hilotin, Senior Web News Editor Jan 20, 2020 840
Hundreds infected, 6 killed: Human transmission of mysterious coronavirus confirmed in China. Compiled by Jay Hilotin, Senior Web News Editor Jan 20, 2020 898
Fears over new China virus spreading in Bahrain dismissed. Jan 17, 2020 571
I Am Battling With Lyme Disease -Singer Justin Bieber. Jan 11, 2020 517
NIH arranges training on cross border disease transmission. Jan 8, 2020 333
NIH arranges training on cross border disease transmission. Jan 8, 2020 293
NIH trains airport, land border and seaport personnel across Pakistan in preventing cross border disease transmission - Press Note issued by Press Information Department. Jan 7, 2020 405
NIH trains airport, land border and seaport personnel across Pakistan in preventing cross border disease transmission - Press Note issued by Press Information Department. Jan 7, 2020 405
Comparative Evaluation of Widal Slide Agglutination Test and Widal Tube Agglutination Test in Diagnosing Enteric Fever among Patients Attending a Tertiary Care Hospital in Western Odisha. Mukherjee, Shuvankar; Dash, Anshuman; Tiwari, Shreekant Jan 6, 2020 3052
Another visitors ban as flu crisis ravages hospital; Staff bid to stop spread of infection to patients. JOHN PATRICK KIERANS Jan 5, 2020 343
Pediatrics in Medieval Islamic Theoria. Dalen, Elaine Van Jan 1, 2020 9379
Prevalence of Extended-Spectrum p-lactamase and Integron Gene Carriage in Multidrug-Resistant Klebsiella Species Isolated from Outpatients in Yazd, Iran. Malekjamshidi, Mohammad Reza; Zandi, Hengameh; Eftekhar, Fereshteh Report Jan 1, 2020 5229
Preclinical Detection of Prions in Blood of Nonhuman Primates Infected with Variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease. Concha-Marambio, Luis; Chacon, Marcelo A.; Soto, Claudio Jan 1, 2020 6568
Imported Schistosomiasis, China, 2010-2018. Dai, Si-Min; Guan, Zhou; Zhang, Li-Juan; Lv, Shan; Cao, Chun-Li; Li, Shi-Zhu; Xu, Jing Jan 1, 2020 1239
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Spirochetes in the Liver: An Unusual Presentation of a Common STI. Narang, Natasha; Jashaami, Layth Al-; Patel, Nayan Dec 31, 2019 1639
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