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Miracle baby born before abortion limit and weighing less than a pound survives; Jessica Doxey, 30, was diagnosed with the life-threatening blood condition pre-eclampsia when she was rushed to hospital at just 23 weeks pregnant -forcing doctors to perform an emergency c-section. By, Harrison Moore Nov 23, 2021 772
Woman without a womb has two babies after doctors perform UTERUS transplant; Jennifer Dingle, 33, was a teenager when she was diagnosed with Mayer-Rokitansky-K ster-Hauser syndrome (MRKH) which meant she was born without a uterus and could never carry a baby. By, Jasmine Kazlauskas Nov 19, 2021 1084
Doctors expect surge in antibiotic-resistant infections after Covid; "Stay at home if you feel unwell.". By, Neil Shaw Nov 17, 2021 435
Do you need a winter bter boost? DM1ST MIRROR.28 DAILY MIRROR MONDAY 15.11.2021 DM1ST MONDAY 15.11.2021 DAILY MIRROR 29 LIFE live it well Edited by MERNIE GILMORE Dr Rangan Chatterjee reveals his exclusive new plan that has been designed to reboot health and wellbeing this season - and beyond. MERNIE GILMORE Nov 15, 2021 1478
Do you need a winter bter boost? DMUULS DMUULS 28 DAILY MIRROR MONDAY 15.11.2021 MONDAY 15.11.2021 DAILY MIRROR 29 LIFE live it well Edited by MERNIE GILMORE Dr Rangan Chatterjee reveals his exclusive new plan that has been designed to reboot health and wellbeing this season - and beyond. MERNIE GILMORE Nov 15, 2021 1478
Do you need a winter boost? Dr Rangan Chatterjee reveals his exclusive new plan that has been designed to reboot health and wellbeing this season - and beyond. Nov 15, 2021 1501
Do you need a winter bter boost? LIFE live it well Dr Rangan Chatterjee reveals his exclusive new plan that has been designed to reboot health and wellbeing this season - and beyond. Edited by MERNIE GILMORE , Dr Rangan Chatterjee Nov 15, 2021 1482
'One of my seven-year-old twins needs a heart transplant'; Billy Manley's mum thought her son just had a chest infection -but doctors diagnosed him with a rare heart condition. By, Abbie Wightwick Nov 11, 2021 912
Danniella Westbrook surgery ordeal after infected mucus could spread into brain; Doctors have told Danniella Westbrook she should be prepared to discuss surgical options after contracting an infection and being hospitalised. By, Lucy Buckland Oct 31, 2021 316
SICK OR >> TR TREAT.. >> 'Don't let children with symptoms out of house' >>>>Doctors concerned at rise in cases among kids. CIARA PHELAN Political Correspondent Oct 28, 2021 735
COVID FRIGHTCLUBS; CORONAVIRUS CRISIS Doctors concern at dance venues reopening as infection rates remain high Doctors demand rethink on clubs reopening as infection s spike. REBECCA BLACK Oct 26, 2021 428
* Belarusian authorities on Friday horrified doctors by abolishing mask mandates. Oct 23, 2021 400
Woman, 23, diagnosed with terminal cancer after lump 'dismissed as hormonal'; Tasmin Gooding's family believe doctors missed diagnosing her now "untreatable" breast cancer 10 months ago. By, Harry Higginson & Leonie Chao-Fong Oct 22, 2021 942
Mum told she had 'silent killer' cancer after noticing her leg looked different; Paris Tippett, 25, from Crowthorne, Berkshire, was devastated when she discovered she had stage-two melanoma after going to the doctor about a freckle she found on her shin. By, Helen Le Caplain & Lee Grimsditch & Matthew Dresch Oct 21, 2021 1021
Covid vaccines are safe during pregnancy -but catching the virus isn't; After 18 months of monitoring, doctors and researchers have built up a good picture of the risk. By, April Rees, Swansea University & Catherine Thornton, Swansea University Oct 21, 2021 848
Woman diagnosed with cervical cancer after 'bit of pain' urges others to get smear; Casey Love was just 25 when she was diagnosed with cervical cancer after she went to the doctor complaining of a "little bit of pain" before her whole life was turned upside down. By, Poppy Kennedy Oct 15, 2021 829
Are Your Symptoms Signaling a Serious Health Issue? Not every health concern warrants a visit to the doctor, but some symptoms shouldn't be ignored. Oct 14, 2021 1861
Dad-of-two told by doctors he had 'headaches' has rare inoperable brain tumour; Amanpal Uppal, 35, was diagnosed with a stage 4 Diffuse Midline Glioma brain tumour and is seeking treatment in Germany that is not funded by the NHS. By, Jasmine Norden & Shiler Mahmoudi Oct 13, 2021 640
Doctors restore eye gouge victim's vision in southern Taiwan. Oct 12, 2021 372
Schoolgirl's routine eye check finds 'off-the-scale' sign of stage-four brain cancer; Grace Kelly, 11, is due to start chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment in two weeks after she was diagnosed with brain cancer after doctors at Leicester Royal Infirmary said the swelling behind her eyes was 'off the scale'. By, Asha Patel & Alahna Kindred Oct 10, 2021 494
'I ran an ICU during Covid and had suicidal thoughts all the time before getting help'; As frontline NHS workers bear the brunt of the Covid pandemic mental health crisis, Dr Eleanor Checkley, an intensive care consultant, at hospital in the north of England, tells her story. By, Matt Roper Oct 9, 2021 1094
Mum told she had indigestion dies two days after getting devastating cancer diagnosis; Carol Moyse was told by doctors she needed to take two indigestion tablets and Gaviscon at night before she was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma in April this year. By, Christian Brayford & Ruaraidh Britton Oct 1, 2021 835
Doctor calls for end to testing symptom-free children. Oct 1, 2021 244
Mum's fury as daughter covered in horrific rash but can't get doctor to see her; Rachel Wall spent days in a state of panic as four-year-old Mimi's rash worsened by each passing hour -eventually raising the skin from her scalp to her toes before being diagnosed with a potentially fatal allergy. By, Edward Church Sep 30, 2021 1189
'Doctors took my healthy womb -but missed that I had stage 4 cancer'; Edwina Earle says she has suffered "two years of hell" after a hysterectomy and aggressive treatment for vaginal cancer. By, Beth Gulliver Sep 21, 2021 1207
London woman in so much pain she can't leave the house and there's only 3 surgeons in the world who can help; Surgery that could drastically improve Kirstin's life is costly, with only three surgeons in the world able to perform it. By, Ayokunle Oluwalana Sep 21, 2021 829
Docs say I have to lose 5st before I can have surgery; Chef Kwoklyn Wan was shocked to be diagnosed with osteoarthritis in his 40s, he tells Sue Crawford. Sue Crawford Sep 21, 2021 933
Boy diagnosed with life-changing disease after parents spot common symptom; The toddler was diagnosed with an incurable condition after his parents noticed him struggling to walk and took him to see a number of doctors. By, Shiler Mahmoudi & Benjamin Roberts-Haslam Sep 20, 2021 745
Student, 21, killed himself at hospital after being unsure over becoming a doctor; Matthew Ward, 21, was found hanged just before 10pm on October 18, 2020, in his room at staff accommodation at Great Western Hospital, Swindon. By, William Walker Sep 15, 2021 811
Doctors thought mum's jaw pain was due to stress but it was terminal cancer; Fiona Taylor, 35, is terminally ill with cancer that has spread to her lungs and heart and she hopes to spend as much time with her kids Jasmine, 11 and Charlie, five, as she can. By, Isabella McRae & Alahna Kindred Sep 15, 2021 605
Teen's six-pack swelled into 'pregnancy bump' after going to hospital for stomach cramps; Kyle Smith was a fit and healthy teenager who regularly played basketball. He is telling others not to put off going to the doctors as waiting any longer could have been much worse. By, Lee Grimsditch & Kelly-Ann Mills Sep 14, 2021 408
Woman hid for 21 years after a rare condition left her with 'elephant legs'; Yasmina Kemppainen finally had the courage to visit a doctor in February 2018 and was diagnosed with lipoedema a condition which causes an abnormal build-up of fat in her body. By, Kate Harrold & Graeme Murray Sep 13, 2021 711
'At first I was devastated ...then I got on with life' After he was diagnosed with a cruel and incurable disease, Rob Wilkinson and his wife Marilyn were urged by a doctor to 'live in the day'- so that's just what they did, as Richard Youle reports. Sep 11, 2021 901
Jungle Doctors. Sep 6, 2021 519
'Doctors' fear of hurt feelings stops them cutting c**p and giving it to us straight'; A doctor in Norfolk was forced to send a written apology to an obese patient who was told to go home and lose weight -but obesity puts your health at risk from Covid and costs millions each year. By, Rachael Bletchly Sep 4, 2021 480
DOCS PLEA ON CANCER; CORONAVIRUS CRISIS: IN THE BALANCE AS INFECTIONS UP Rising Covid cases delay treatment for other patients Medics urge people to get the jab as pressures mount. MAURICE FITZMAURICE Sep 2, 2021 696
Doctors mull another 'timeout' amid rising COVID-19 infections. Sep 2, 2021 424
News Teenager with burst appendix ended up with heart removed; Doctors discovered 'fit and healthy' footballer had abnormality and were forced into major surgery to save his life, writes Lotte Gibbons. Lotte Gibbons Aug 29, 2021 545
NHS doctor issues warning over danger of pulling out or waxing your nose hairs; Dr Karan Rajan shared a video on Instagram urging people not to pull out or wax their nose hairs due to the risk of infections, and says you should be trimming them instead. By, Luke Matthews Aug 27, 2021 373
NHS worker who battled through the pandemic diagnosed with terminal brain cancer during lockdown; Doctors discovered that Zara Taylor, 31, had a grade four tumour after she began suffering seizures and short-term memory loss. By, Connie Enzler & Amelia Shaw Aug 25, 2021 516
'Fit and healthy' boy, 14, had heart removed to save his life after sudden collapse; Harvey was just 14 when he was found by his mum, Gemma, passed out on his bedroom floor at their home in Warrington. Harvey's appendix had burst but what doctors later discovered was much worse. By, Abigail Nicholson & Sophie Corcoran Aug 25, 2021 735
Drug to beat Covid -and sexually transmitted infections -set for clinical trials; Medics says peptoids hold the key to defeating coronavirus, with Stanford University's Dr Annelise Barron claiming they are "almost as easy to make as bread" in what could be a big breakthrough. By, Mark Waghorn & Sam Elliott-Gibbs Aug 24, 2021 444
The 'silent killer' who follows children with corona infection! A specialist doctor reveals another dangerous disease. Aug 24, 2021 164
What are COVID-19 variants and how can you stay safe as they spread? A doctor answers 5 questions. Aug 23, 2021 1169
Israeli doctors find severe Covid-19 breakthrough cases mostly in older, sicker patients. Reuters News Service Aug 20, 2021 1103
'One of a kind' brother, 27, took his own life after 'begging doctors for help'; Adam Rowbottom, 27, a taxi driver from Liverpool, took his own life after 'begging the system for help', leaving behind heartbroken friends and family. By, Charlotte Hadfield & Kieren Williams Aug 20, 2021 636
Doctors now push for vaccination of pregnant women as infections surge. Aug 12, 2021 682
'Pink drink' helps cancer surgeons to target brain tumours; Nurse takes part in study of new 'tool' that could be a lifesaver. BENJAMIN ROBERTS-HASLAM @LIVECHONEWS Aug 8, 2021 384
Two doctors die of Covid. Aug 7, 2021 344
Doctors might cut down on elective surgeries as Covid cases rise. Aug 2, 2021 503
A&E doctor who battled Covid on the frontline could be left homeless after illness; Dr Muhammad Allauddin has been in hospital for seven months with severe necrotising pancreatitis and has been unable to work. By, Jane Clinton Jul 28, 2021 602
COVID-19 positive mothers should be extra careful amid the pandemic. Jul 26, 2021 776
Doctors slammed over care for the vulnerable; PATIENTS GROUP SAYS GPs' COVID RULES ARE CAUSING PROBLEMS. NICK LAVIGUEUR @grecian9 Jul 22, 2021 663
India records more than 4,300 black fungus deaths as rare infection strikes Covid patients; Doctors have said how they have been forced to remove people's eyes and jaw bones to try and stop the black fungus disease, called mucormycosis, from reaching their brains. By, Jane Clinton Jul 22, 2021 405
Boy, 3, with tilted head and wobbly walk diagnosed with rare brain tumour; Leeds toddler Archie Vaughan's parents first grew concerned when he began exhibiting a head tilt, and then suddenly his walk began wobbly, but doctors' devastating diagnosis left them reeling. By, Mellissa Dzinzi Jul 16, 2021 495
DELTA FOURTH; CORONAVIRUS CRISIS: ANOTHER WAVE OF INFECTION LOOMING Irish death toll hits 5,000 as our leading medics warn cases are set to soar again. CIARA PHELAN Political Correspondent Jul 2, 2021 653
Doctor 'with a beautiful soul' dies after being told she had months to live; Jessi Tucker, 40, fought stage four melanoma skin cancer for more than a year but her condition deteriorated in recent weeks and she died surrounded by family at St Peter's Hospice in Bristol. By, Sam Truelove Jun 27, 2021 620
Doctors to stage three-hour warning strike at Athalassa Hospital. Gina Agapiou Jun 24, 2021 306
Strictly's Shirley Ballas left 'worrying' after visit to the doctor; "I feel I seem to be getting sicker by the minute.". By, Rebecca Koncienzcy Jun 22, 2021 518
ASK THE DOCTORS. Cho, Leslie; Laffin, Luke J. Jun 18, 2021 591
Brave Doncaster teenager has defied doctors predictions to reach 17; He's the brave boy who has confounded the doctors. David Kessen Jun 6, 2021 1082
Covid variant hotspots are 'volcanoes threatening to explode' as June 21 fears mount; Dr Lisa Spencer, honorary secretary of the British Thoracic Society, warned hotspots for the new Indian variant 'could explode and send a massive gas plume across much more of the UK'. By, Ben Glaze Jun 1, 2021 785
Woman, 24, robbed of having a baby after medics took four years to spot her cancer; Lydia Brian went back and forth to the doctors with heavy bleeding and knew there was something wrong with her. But after four years passed and she was eventually diagnosed with a rare type of cancer, it was too late to save her fertility. By, Saffron Otter & Nilufer Atik May 31, 2021 1030
Omani doctor wins Sasakawa Health Prize 2021. By: Times News Service May 28, 2021 182
Algeria to reopen borders as medics fear spate of new COVID-19 infections. May 28, 2021 156
Inside India's 'black fungus' epidemic as cases hit 9,000 and patients have eyes removed; Thousands of Covid patients in India have had their eyes removed as a result of contracting black fungus as doctors believe the outbreak is being triggered by steroids being used to treat severe coronavirus. By, Kelly-Ann Mills May 24, 2021 565
Tokyo doctors demand cancellation of Olympic Games. Reuters News Service May 18, 2021 605
Mum's 'silent killer' bowel cancer dismissed by doctors as heartburn for a year; Pauline Worthington, 42, had been back and forth to the GP complaining of stomach problems and acid reflux for 12 months. By, Kara O'Neill & Connor Lynch May 16, 2021 666
Indian Covid patients hit by deadly new surge of 'black fungus' infections; Officials in the country said that doctors treating patients with coronavirus as well as diabetics and immuno-compromised people should be made aware of the symptoms. By, William Walker May 11, 2021 544
The black fungus killing young coronavirus patients being treated with steroids in India; Younger patients are falling so ill that doctors cannot operate on them. By, Will Hayward May 11, 2021 495
We prayed docs had got it wrong; PARENTS' HEARTACHE OVER BABY MATILDA'S DEVASTATING DIAGNOSIS. KELLY WILLIAMS Daily Post Chief Reporter May 11, 2021 1438
Covid-19 places further pressure on Gaza's overstretched healthcare system -- Doctors. May 3, 2021 665
Dad told to choose which life to save when Covid-hit wife had baby two months early; Christina Jones, 39, was diagnosed with the virus earlier this year and taken to hospital -where doctors decided she needed to deliver her child via emergency C-section. By, Elizabeth Thomas May 1, 2021 1505
Baby born two months early with mum in coma due to Covid as dad told to choose which life to save; Christina Jones was so gravely ill with coronavirus that doctors performed a Caesarean at 31 weeks. When the 39-year-old came round a week later she didn't even remember being pregnant. By, Elizabeth Thomas May 1, 2021 1920
Man, 76, diagnosed with life-threatening condition after visit to Specsavers; Colin Bowers, from Runcorn, Cheshire, was referred to a hospital where he underwent a nine-hour operation where surgeons had to go directly through the eye socket to operate. By, Olivia Williams Apr 19, 2021 432
Third Covid wave more fatal for medics in KP. Apr 16, 2021 594
Third Covid wave more fatal for medics. Apr 16, 2021 594
Doctors in KP threaten to go on strike for regularisation of service. Apr 15, 2021 546
Doctors threaten to go on strike for regularisation of service. Apr 15, 2021 546
Joy as MTRH medics remove massive tumour from woman's face. Apr 15, 2021 490
Doctors still debate pros, cons of fevers. Apr 12, 2021 696
Doctors debate benefits and detriments of fevers. Dr. Eve Glazier and Dr. Elizabeth Ko Apr 12, 2021 1022
Being positive, staying positive. Editorial Apr 11, 2021 961
Patients with chronic conditions urged to consult doctors ahead of Ramadan. Apr 7, 2021 814
Patients with chronic conditions urged to consult doctors ahead of Ramadan. Apr 7, 2021 499
Pritect yourself from the health threat doctors don't talk about; From arthritis, eczema and depression to heart disease, cancers and dementia, chronic inflammation can cause a host of health problems. The good news is that making simple changes to what we eat each day can rapidly reduce it, says nutritionist Jane Clarke. Apr 5, 2021 643
'I was so ill with anorexia, the doctors were surprised I was still alive'. THOMAS DEACON Reporter Mar 23, 2021 1462
'I was so ill with anorexia, the doctors were surprised I was still alive'. thomas deacon Reporter Mar 23, 2021 1462
Northwestern Pakistan apologizes as families of COVID-19 doctors still uncompensated. REHMAT MEHSUD Mar 21, 2021 439
'I don't know what the future holds for me' DOCTOR WHO TREATED COVID PATIENTS HAS JUST MONTHS LEFT TO LIVE. GREGORY FORD @FordWrit Mar 15, 2021 756
Docs fret, solons pitch stimulus, labor rejects curfew as Covid spikes. Mar 15, 2021 922
People in Peam Ro asked to have samples tested after coming in contact with a COVID-19 Positive physician. Mar 7, 2021 172
Man gets Covid vaccine from same 'guardian angel' doctor who saved his life 20 years ago; Andy Barr was diagnosed with Goodpasture syndrome -an autoimmune disease in which antibodies attack the kidney and lungs -when he was 21 by a doctor on rotation at Gloucester Royal hospital. By, Alistair Mason Mar 3, 2021 526
Trainee doc with blood cancer shares her emotional story on social media; STUDENT WANTS TO RAISE AWARENESS. JAYME HUDSPITH Daily Post Reporter Feb 24, 2021 711
MS admires services of doctors, paramedics, nurses of LUH. Feb 19, 2021 192
Doctor clears air over mRNA-based Covid-19 vaccines in bid to promote better informed choices among Malaysian public. Feb 19, 2021 826
Imo govt, doctors meet, agree to end strike. Feb 17, 2021 423
Young mum, 35, died after doctors failed to spot extremely rare form of stroke; Kerry Halpin had gone to hospital two days before her death complaining of headaches, nausea, neck stiffness and sensitivity to light -an initial CT scan was wrongly judged to be normal. By, Amy Fenton Feb 17, 2021 1571
'I had a 'funny feeling' in my chest but a doctor told me without surgery I'd be dead in 3 months' former fitness fanatic on his new lease of life. LEE GRIMSDITCH ECHO Reporter @LeeGrimsditch Feb 16, 2021 465
Man who had 'funny feeling' while shopping told he was a 'dead man walking' by doctors; Carl Clark was diagnosed with a serious heart condition after having a "funny feeling" in his chest -and was told that he had just three months to live without emergency surgery. By, Lee Grimsditch Feb 15, 2021 614
DG Health, DHO receive jabs to boost morale of doctors Islamabad reports two deaths, 122 infections in a day. Zubair Qurrshi Feb 13, 2021 432
Health Sector Risks Total Collapse Over Exodus Of Doctors, Others a MDCAN. Feb 10, 2021 562
Return to school should be staggered, says youth mental health tsar; Love Island star Dr Alex George said some children may need days off to deal with mental health issues. By, Neil Shaw Feb 9, 2021 359
Dr Alex to advise on youth mental health. Feb 3, 2021 340
Love Island's Dr Alex George made Government's youth mental ambassador; "Right now young people need a voice in Government, and I hope that through this role I can advocate for meaningful change in this area.". By, Neil Shaw Feb 3, 2021 334
Going alone... cancer, Covid and m; HEALTH be your best This Morning's residwords 'it's cancer', insof medical trainin undergoing tre sident doctor, NHS GP Philippa Kaye, was just 39 when she heard the dreaded ', instantly crossing the divide from expert to patient. She soon realised her years ining could never have prepared her for the realities of living with cancer - or g treatment during the pandemic. Here she tells her story in her own words. Edited by AMY PACKER Feb 2, 2021 1278
Going it alone... cancer, Covid and me; HEALTH be your best This Morning's resident doctor, NHS GP Philippa Kaye, was just 39 when she heard the dreaded words 'it's cancer', instantly crossing the divide from expert to patient. She soon realised her years of medical training could never have prepared her for the realities of living with cancer - or undergoing treatment during the pandemic. Here she tells her story in her own words. Edited by AMY PACKER Feb 2, 2021 1236
Going it alone... cancer, Covi and ma; HEALTH be your best This Morning's residwords 'it's cancer', insof medical trainin undergoing tresident doctor, NHS GP Philippa Kaye, was just 39 when she heard the dreaded ', instantly crossing the divide from expert to patient. She soon realised her years ining could never have prepared her for the realities of living with cancer - or g treatment during the pandemic. Here she tells her story in her own words. Edited by AMY PACKER Feb 2, 2021 1281
Identifying Type of Sinus Infection Is Key for Successful Treatment: Doctors consider the cause, frequency, and other factors when determining whether sinusitis is acute, recurrent, or chronic. Feb 1, 2021 1146
One of Bulgaria's oldest doctors keeps up virus fight. Jan 29, 2021 670
Pakistani doctor claims to invent coronavirus medicine. Jan 23, 2021 758
MUM'S JOY AS CANCER DRUG GIVESHOPE Hero docs gave me best Christmas gift; MEDICS HAILED FOR WORKING MIRACLES Natalie longs for more time with young son Wonder drug gives mum more time with young son. IAN BUNTING SARAH VESTY Jan 20, 2021 1107
Man, 23, dies one day after cancer diagnosis as heartbroken friends pay tribute; Aidan Hailes, 23, had only just been diagnosed with acute leukaemia before he was rushed to hospital after becoming unwell. Medics were unable to save him after he suffered a brain bleed. By, Kali Lindsay & William Walker Jan 5, 2021 624
Hospitals and ambulances struggle to cope with ice-related injuries as patients forced to wait for urgent operations; Hospitals and the Scottish Ambulance Service already busy with Covid-19 and the New Year bank holiday are struggling to cope with ice-related injuries, with doctors and NHS Health Boards warning people to stay inside rather than risk a fall in the icy conditions. Elsa Maishman Jan 4, 2021 595
Are aging physicians a burden? Badre, Nicolas; Abrams, Alan A. Jan 1, 2021 1596
Re-operation within 30 days of radical cystectomy: Identifying high-risk patients and complications using American College of Surgeons National Surgical Quality Improvement Program database. Sayyid, Rashid K.; Magee, Diana; Hird, Amanda E.; Harper, Benjamin T.; Webb, Eric; Fratino, Katherin Report Jan 1, 2021 3330
Grit roads to reduce Covid-19 infections in Scottish hospitals, say surgeons; Surgeons have called for more roads and pavements to be gritted in Scotland to reduce the number of people admitted to hospital, where they risk catching Covid-19. Elsa Maishman Jan 1, 2021 436
Changes in Emergency Department Performance during Strike of Junior Physicians in Korea. Sim, Jeongyong; Choi, Yuri; Jeong, Jinwoo Jan 1, 2021 4335
Dr Noor Hisham says Klang Valley Covid-19 spread under control, CMCO and TEMCO way to go. Dec 21, 2020 499
Grieving children's first Christmas without mum-of-7 after sudden death; Samantha King, from Tredworth, Gloucestershire went to the doctors believing that she was suffering from a chest infection, only to be told she had multiple cancers. By, Kim Horton & Milo Boyd Dec 19, 2020 636
KP doctor and 35 others die of Covid-19; 2,362 fresh cases surface. Dec 14, 2020 573
Doctors, nurses face burnout amid 3rd wave of infections. Dec 11, 2020 553
'My baby boy was given three months to live after doctors found an incurable brain tumour' Two-year-old William Horne has spent an entire year in hospital after being diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour. Here his mother Kylie Horne bravely shares the heartbreaking ordeal and explains why her son is making progress against the odds... Dec 9, 2020 1266
Mum's rare cancer missed by doctors for over two years -and by then it was too late; Colette Jervis, from Manchester, died in 2018, eight years after doctors missed her rare type of cancer -she was eventually diagnosed in 2012 but significant damage had already been done. By, Neal Keeling Dec 5, 2020 1184
Teenager thought 'lethargy' was from losing granddad but it was testicular cancer; Cheshire teenager Ben Thornton was diagnosed with testicular cancer that doctors discovered had spread to his liver, lungs and brain within just 48 hours. By, Richard Hansen Dec 5, 2020 839
I easily could have died, my stomach was so swollen; MAN'S PRAISE FOR MEDICS AFTER SUDDEN INFECTION PUT HIS LIFE ON THE LINE. NICK LAVGUEUR @grecian9 Dec 2, 2020 468
Mum begged doctors: Please don't let me die after gastric band burst; Christina warns against weight loss op that almost killed her. SALLY HIND Dec 1, 2020 577
Practical Guide for the Prescription of Malaria Chemoprophylaxis for the Primary Care Physician. Melendez-Gonzelez, Hector J.; Gonzalez-Claudio, Glenda M. Dec 1, 2020 4231
Assessment and Perception of Infection Control Practices of Dental Health Care Providers Working in Tertiary Care Hospital Settings. Abdullah, Shamima; Tahir, Ali; Bashir, Ayesha; Hashmi, Muhammad Junaid; Naseem, Hafiz Muhammad Owais Dec 1, 2020 4917
Mum who celebrated Christmas early after doctors found tumour 'size of a baby' dies; Mum-of-three Natalie Kerr, from Ashington, Northumberland, was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer last year after doctors found a tumour the size of a baby. By, Katie Dickinson & Danya Bazaraa Nov 27, 2020 642
Swiss doctors urge Covid vulnerable to declare end-of-life wishes in advance. Reuters News Service Nov 22, 2020 907
Baby continues to defy predictions by celebrating first birthday despite illnesses; DOCTORS THOUGHT GIRL MIGHT ONLY LIVE FOR MINUTES. Katie Dickinson Reporter Nov 22, 2020 713
Covid-19: How Nakuru is fighting burnout among doctors. Nov 16, 2020 801
Doctors' Association in Japan warns of third wave of COVID-19 infections as cases hit a three-month high. Nov 12, 2020 170
Experts advise state lawmakers on health care policy Doctors, academics appear before a joint Senate committee on health disparity, access Health:. RAYMON TRONCOSO Capitol News Illinois / Report For America Nov 11, 2020 974
Doctors vow to end child, maternal mortality. Nov 8, 2020 318
Student 'brought back from dead' after operation drained all blood from her body; In order to remove a build up of clots, doctors drained the blood from Izzy Scott's body and lowered her body temperature by half. She was technically brought back from the dead. By, Barnaby Kellaway Nov 1, 2020 713
Handmaidens and pioneers: Three female anaesthetists and their contribution to anaesthesia in South Africa. Gordon, C.; Gordon, P.C. Report Nov 1, 2020 4889
Let's get physical: A prospective pedometer study of doctors working in a South African emergency department. Beringer, C.B.; Wells, M.; Goldstein, L.N. Report Nov 1, 2020 3754
Another doctor dies from coronavirus in Peshawar. Oct 31, 2020 230
Peshawar doctor passes away after battle with Covid-19. Oct 30, 2020 493
French doctor warns his country has 'lost control' of virus. ANGELA CHARLTON and MIKE CORDER Associated Press Oct 27, 2020 1068
Treatment has changed since his last broken rib Doctors: Young are at risk for colon cancer. Oct 26, 2020 1567
Mum's pain as 'healthy' daughter falls ill on 21st birthday -and dies just weeks later; Leah Hynes, from Bury, Greater Manchester, fell ill with a suspected chest infection on her 21st birthday and died within weeks from a condition that left doctors baffled. By, Paige Oldfield & Jeremy Culley Oct 24, 2020 530
Inside hospital on UK's Covid-19 frontline with staff left 'exhausted' and 'run down'; One NHS testing laboratory scientist at Whiston Hospital in Knowsley warned that the situation is 'worse than it was in April' as a doctors treat a flood of patients infected in the second wave of coronavirus. By, Matthew Dresch Oct 22, 2020 1154
Farting, spots and bad breath -Doctor answers most Googled 'embarrassing' questions; EXCLUSIVE: Rather than speaking to their GP, many people use Google to find out more about their 'embarrassing' health issues -so Dr Stephanie Taylor, founder of StressNoMore, has shared her knowledge. By, Zoe Forsey Oct 20, 2020 1620
Top doctor backs a 'circuit-breaker' Welsh lockdown. MARK SMITH Health correspondent Oct 19, 2020 462
Hospitals were 'better prepared' for Covid-19 in March, Liverpool doctor warns; Strict restrictions banning household mixing indoors and shutting pubs came into force in Liverpool yesterday in a bid to stem spiking coronavirus infecions with hospitals in the city 90% full. By, Matthew Dresch Oct 15, 2020 397
Doctors, paramedics boycott OPDs in parts of Sindh for health risk allowance. Oct 14, 2020 789
Dad who was 'sickest Covid-19 patient doctors had ever seen' describes how he beat it; Michael Ellison, 66, spent seven weeks Royal Liverpool Hospital with coronavirus after developing a temperature and bad cough. He had just got the all-clear from Leukaemia when his next battle began. By, Luke Traynor Oct 10, 2020 610
Eye donors helped me to continue helping my patients; DOC THANKS FAMILIES FOR SAVING CAREER Transplants medic received corneas after suffering from sight condition. Oct 8, 2020 353
Doctor Hilary urges Brit to ignore dangerous coronavirus theory on getting virus from surfaces; Doctor Hilary Jones told Lorraine Kelly it was important that people ignored the 'dangerous' theory about catching the virus. By, Simon Duke Oct 5, 2020 288
Nurses at greater risk of coronavirus infection than doctors. Oct 5, 2020 447
Donald Trump given 'promising' experimental antibody treatment; Dr Sean Conley said the president had also been given the antiviral drug remdesivir and Mr Trump also was taking zinc, vitamin D, an antacid called famotidine, melatonin and aspirin. By, Neil Shaw Oct 3, 2020 430
Donald Trump: President's physician says he is doing 'very well' after being diagnosed with coroanvirus; White House physician Sean Conley said the President was doing "very well" after being hospitalised with Covid-19 yesterday. Conor Marlborough Oct 3, 2020 292
K-P doctor dies of Covid-19 related complications. Shahida Parveen Oct 2, 2020 307
K-P doctor dies of Covid-19 related complications. Oct 1, 2020 302
Physician income drops, burnout spikes globally amid COVID. Frellick, Marcia Statistical data Oct 1, 2020 537
Anxiety among COVID-19 Physicians during the Pandemic in the Health Care Center of the Rural Region. Siyal, Fahad Jibran; Shaikh, Zahid Ali; Ahmed, Syed Zaryab; Shahid, Moazzam Ali; Agha, Faiza; Khoso, Report Oct 1, 2020 2201
Doctors feared a mum would lose her eye after a tiny cut sparked a dangerous infection; Claire Taylor explained how the cut that left her fighting for her life was caused when she caught herself on the edge of a car door as she came home from an afternoon with friends. By, Erin Cardiff & Victoria Jones Sep 27, 2020 1615
Madrid pleads for more doctors, police as coronavirus cases surge. Reuters News Service Sep 24, 2020 413
Doctors caution against easing of quarantine. Sep 23, 2020 954
Doctors to stop prescribing pills for insect bites to prevent 'antibiotic apocalypse'; Public Health England and NICE have ordered doctors to only give out the pills if the bite or sting has developed into an infection. By, Martin Bagot Sep 22, 2020 526
Doctor captures heartache of frontline. THOMAS DEACON Reporter Sep 21, 2020 1850
Doctors body fears local Covid-19 levels are underestimated. Sep 17, 2020 416
Doctors vs generals vs lawyers = confusion. Sep 17, 2020 983
No nonemergency surgery in Pangasinan hospital after 4 docs, 2 nurses infected with coronavirus. Sep 17, 2020 235
Top doc in advice plea. AILBHE DALY Sep 16, 2020 201
Doctors warn distancing cut may lead to spike in infections. Sep 15, 2020 1332
Doctors 'ignored' paramedic's warning that toddler had sepsis before he died; Solihull two-year-old Arlo Bennett died after doctors at Heartlands Hospital in Birmingham missed his sepsis infection as he developed meningitis then suffered cardiac arrest. By, Martyn Halle Sep 13, 2020 754
Coronavirus hospital wards set to reopen in three weeks as cases continue to surge; EXCLUSIVE: Doctors have been told unofficially the emergency measures will be necessary from October 2 to cope with a surge in Coronavirus infections that shows no sign of slowing. By, Nigel Nelson & Chris McLaughlin Sep 12, 2020 573
NHS cleaners twice as likely to be infected with Covid-19 than frontline doctors; Intensive care staff were the least likely hospital workers to contract the virus, according to the shock findings of a study conducted in the West Midlands at the height of the pandemic. By, Stephen Beech & Shivali Best Report Sep 11, 2020 852
The Doctors And Health Workers' Strike. Sep 11, 2020 864
Dr Hilary predicts when next coronavirus spike will be in the UK as he blames young 'risk takers'; GMB health expert Doctor Hilary reacted to the sharp rise in coronavirus cases in the UK with a p;prediction on the next spike. By, Simon Duke Sep 8, 2020 329
Covid-19 in the young 'will hit tipping point' DOCTOR FEARS THEY MAY SPREAD VIRUS TO OLDER AGE GROUPS. LAURA CLEMENTS Sep 7, 2020 738
Dengue patients' reluctance to go to hospital amid COVID-19 pandemic could prove deadly: doctors. Sep 5, 2020 687
Chief Physicians Of Some Medical Institutions Forcing Staff To Hide Coronavirus Infections For Fear Of Administrative Punishment - Presidential Office. Sep 3, 2020 365
Caring for NHS staff needs to be a national priority - Dr Lewis Morrison; Doctors sometimes avoid seeking help, particularly for mental health issues, because it can be hard to do so confidentially, writes Dr Lewis Morrison. Lewis Morrison Sep 2, 2020 795
COVID-19 and the myth of the super doctor. Thomas, Tanya Sep 1, 2020 641
"Storytelling as a Vehicle of Healing": Johanna Shapiro, PhD, Professor, Psychologist, Poet, Medical Humanities Scholar. Reilly, Jo Marie Essay Sep 1, 2020 2208
Gov't issues back-to-work orders to 278 striking doctors. Aug 29, 2020 452
Duterte at risk of cancer an old assessment made by doctors before he became president -- Palace. Aug 26, 2020 578
Family's heartache after boy, 3, diagnosed with brain cancer for third time; Oliver Muter, from Sunderland, was just six weeks old when doctors discovered he had a brain tumour, and despite beating cancer twice, his heartbroken family were told it had returned this year. By, Sophie Finnegan Aug 26, 2020 952
Man told cancer is terminal after surgery delayed by Covid lockdown; His surgery was scheduled for early April -but when Covid-19 hit doctors decided it was "too risky" to go ahead. By, Neil Shaw Aug 25, 2020 1247
Doctors go on strike to protest medical reform plan. Aug 21, 2020 519
Honey 'may be better than antibiotics' for curing coughs and colds, scientists claim; Doctors can recommend honey as a suitable alternative to antibiotics, which are often prescribed for such infections, even though they are not suitable, scientists from the University of Oxford said. By, Shivali Best Aug 19, 2020 471
Olongapo hospital doctor infected with coronavirus from patient. Aug 19, 2020 161
Doctors successfully perform rare heart surgery on kids. Aug 19, 2020 530
Bodybuilder heard himself being resuscitated after he fell into Covid-19 coma; Simon Fan, 47, was dashed to hospital after struggling to breathe at his home in Sutton Coldfield during lockdown on March 27 -doctors had to fight to save his life. By, Tom Davidson Aug 18, 2020 644
Interactive role of personal and work related factors in psychological burnout: a study of Pakistani doctors. Ashraf, Farzana; Ahmad, Hassaan; Aftab, Sana Report Aug 14, 2020 2818
Doctors missed dad-of-two's stage four bowel cancer 'because he was only 38'; Mark Newberry was originally told he had a stomach ulcer or colic before being diagnosed with an aggressive cancer and being rushed for an operation. By, Lynn Love & Ryan Merrifield & Sarah Hughes Aug 14, 2020 509
COVID-19: NCDC, ICRC to train 25 Anambra doctors on infection prevention, control. Aug 14, 2020 440
Flattening the mental health curve: Doctor shares mental wellness tips amid COVID-19 pandemic. Aug 12, 2020 480
Don't cover up Covid-19 related deaths, Kagwe warns doctors. Aug 10, 2020 176
TABIB: Visits of foreign doctors to Azerbaijan arranged on basis of interstate agreements. Aug 8, 2020 179
TABIB: Visits of foreign doctors to Azerbaijan arranged on basis of interstate agreements. Aug 8, 2020 177
Dr Matovu: Ugandan microbiologist at heart of Covid-19 war in the UK. Aug 2, 2020 1275
Mum fears her daughter's cancer was dismissed by doctor as 'growing pains'; Ellie Frechou was told her daughter Abigail, 10, had a very rare type of cancer in 2019 -a year after her doctor told the family her pain was just her body's natural growth. By, Ashlie Blakey & Sam Elliott Aug 1, 2020 755
The Doctor Will Video-Chat You Now: A dancer's guide to doctors on demand. Stieg, Cory Aug 1, 2020 914
GMB doctor Sarah Jarvis issues stark warning on increase in coronavirus infection rates across UK; Good Morning Britain health expert Sarah Jarvis had a stark warning for viewers about coronavirus infection rates. By, Simon Duke Jul 31, 2020 277
Paroxysmal Laryngospasm: A Rare Condition That Respiratory Physicians Must Distinguish from Other Diseases with a Chief Complaint of Dyspnea. Bai, Yu; Jing, Xi-Rui; Xia, Yun; Tao, Xiao-Nan Jul 31, 2020 4971
Brazil doctors volunteer to test coronavirus vaccines. Jul 30, 2020 500
Doctors appeal to Duterte to place Bacolod under ECQ anew. Jul 28, 2020 566
Mum finds out she has cancer after accidentally spraying perfume in her eye; Chance led doctors to uncover the sinister secret lurking in the Liverpool mum's eyes -that she may never have discovered had she not sprayed the fragrance in her own face. By, Lee Grimsditch Jul 28, 2020 522
'Healthy' mum diagnosed with cancer so aggressive it cracked several ribs; After suffering with pain so severe in her chest and spine that she struggled to walk, Susie Suter went to see a doctor who told her cancer had spread all over her body. By, Mark Smith & Sam Truelove Jul 26, 2020 816
'Don't put your life at risk over Covid-19 fears' Cancer survivor urges people not to shy away from visiting doctor. SUSY MACAULAY Jul 25, 2020 179
Doctor 'catches coronavirus again' after beating it months ago and testing negative; A doctor in Israel appeared to have recovered in April before 'contracting' the virus a second time in July, raising questions about immunity and whether covid remains in the body. By, Ryan Merrifield Jul 23, 2020 425
Doctors perform surgery on patients with rare TBaortitis. Jul 22, 2020 341
Romanian doctors fight surge in virus cases and conspiracy theories. Jul 21, 2020 751
Young Lebanese doctor dies from COVID-19. Jul 20, 2020 220
Egypt reports rise to 137 in COVID-19 fatalities among doctors. Fatma Lotfi Jul 18, 2020 484
Risk to medics. Jul 18, 2020 372
Spain's exhausted medics demand post-virus job security. Jul 17, 2020 634
New measures to protect medics from Covid-19 out. Jul 16, 2020 471
Mum beats coronavirus only to lose hands and feet after contracting sepsis weeks later; Caroline Coster's family were told by doctors twice her life support would have to be switched off if she didn't improve -with the mum, 58, describing her coma as 'like a video-game'. By, Sarah Lumley & Ryan Merrifield Jul 16, 2020 621
COVID-19: Commonwealth doctors want countries to plan for pandemics. Jul 15, 2020 1053
Multan Nishtar Medical University's Vice Chancellor Dr Pasha passes away from Covid-19. Imran Gabol and Imtiaz Ali Jul 15, 2020 653
Doctors call for vaccine programme after study links prostate cancer to sex virus; Research revealed there may be a connection between HPV virus and the deadly condition that kills 12,000 men a year in the UK. By, Brett Gibbons Jul 14, 2020 442
250 Saudi doctors volunteer for scheme offering free medical consultations. Arab News Jul 10, 2020 649
Doctors warn of 'concerning increase' in rare brain condition linked to coronavirus; But researchers from University College, London said there has been a "concerning increase" in a rare brain inflammation among adults during the coronavirus pandemic. By, Nilima Marshall & Shivali Best Jul 8, 2020 505
Doctors warned over brain swelling linked to Covid-19; The rare condition has been increasing among coronavirus patients. By, Neil Shaw Jul 8, 2020 465
Sidra Medicine physician publishes articles on treatment of Covid patients. Jul 7, 2020 395
Sidra Medicine physician contributes to protocols for treating COVID-19 patients. Jul 7, 2020 415
Medic calls for us all to ease sensibly out of lockdown. ABBIE WIGHTWICK Education editor Jul 6, 2020 790
Hospital consultant 'completely agrees' with calls to re-open schools fully in September; Dr Raja Biswas, who caught coronavirus while treating patients at the Royal Glamorgan Hospital, said he believed the risk to most people was 'low' if they followed precautions. By, Abbie Wightwick Jul 5, 2020 837
2,200 doctors to be recruited through SPSC. Jun 30, 2020 437
Doctors reject 'tuob': It pushes door wide open for coronavirus infection. Jun 29, 2020 683
Warning of potential measles outbreak in UK as children miss vital jabs in lockdown; Doctors have warned of a potential measles outbreak in the UK after a drop in immunisation during the Covid-19 lockdown. By, Shivali Best Jun 29, 2020 433
Baby girl born with no arms or legs due to rare disorder leaving medics stunned; The baby was diagnosed with an autosomal recessive congenital disorder called Tetra-Amelia when she was born in the Indian village of Sakla, in Sironj Tehsil, Vidisha, Madhya Pradesh. By, Matthew Dresch Jun 27, 2020 309
About 100 COVID-19 fatalities, over 3,000 infections among doctors so far: EMS. Fatma Lotfi Jun 25, 2020 356
Voter's register: Expect mass COVID-19 infections, deaths - Doctors to EC. Jun 24, 2020 2731
Lockdown a greater health risk to our children than Covid-19, doctors tell education minister. abbie wightwick Education editor Jun 24, 2020 866
Failing the screen time test during lockdown harms us all; Doctors warn of rise in health issues. WORDS TRACEY BRYCE Jun 21, 2020 872
Coronavirus: Doctors tell diabetics why they must stay protected. Samihah Zaman, Staff Reporter Jun 18, 2020 816
Medics don't see benefits of lockdown after spike in infections. Saleem Mubarak Jun 17, 2020 568
COVID-19 fatalities among Egyptian doctors reach 60. Fatma Lotfi Jun 13, 2020 458
Doctor Hilary Jones reveals the chances of anyone in the UK of contracting coronavirus right now; Doctor Hilary Jones gave an update on coronavirus infection rates on Monday's Good Morning Britain. By, Simon Duke Jun 8, 2020 226
We learn the comfort of a hug as babies and physical Touching contact helps us feel better for the rest of our lives moment; Experts reveal the therapeutic comfort of touching others as doctors warn a solitary lockdown could impact on mental health. Alice Hinds Jun 7, 2020 961
Doctors call for protective masks to be worn at all times in public. MARTIN SHIPTON & ADAM HALE Jun 6, 2020 1074
Pakistan's virus tally tops China's as doctors warn of health crisis. Aamir Saeed Jun 5, 2020 629
More will die if virus is allowed to spread further, warns doc; 'more families will lose loved ones if there is a second wave of covid-19'. HANNAH GRAHAM Reporter Jun 5, 2020 701
Doctors fear a second wave as lockdown eases. MARTIN FREEMAN Jun 5, 2020 520
IHC summons Secretary Health for issuing directives against doctors. Jun 5, 2020 297
Doctors braced for a second wave of cases; FEARS OVER WHETHER NHS WILL BE ABLE TO COPE. LIAM THORP Political editor @LIAMTHORPECHO Jun 4, 2020 647
Coronavirus: Doctors call for imposition of health emergency in Sindh. Jun 4, 2020 280
Doctors call for imposition of health emergency. Jun 4, 2020 266
COVID-19: Inquiry ordered after 91 doctors, paramedics test positive in Islamabad hospital. Zubair Qureshi, Correspondent Jun 2, 2020 536
13 doctors, nurse test positive for virus in Sialkot. Jun 2, 2020 551
Doctor who treated patients in Davao Oriental hospital positive for coronavirus. Jun 1, 2020 517
Why are COVID-19 symptoms changing? Doctors: Gut changes as we get older. Jun 1, 2020 1060
PRIMARY CARE HEROES: Physicians adapt to pandemic needs. Brunk, Doug Jun 1, 2020 2860
Study ordered to find reason behind high cases among Pims employees. Ikram Junaidi May 31, 2020 834
COVID-19 fatalities among Egyptian doctors rises to 28. Fatma Lotfi May 31, 2020 330
Reopening responsibly: Doctors offer tips to step out safely as Dubai reopens. Nandini Sircar May 27, 2020 379
Brit teacher in Cambodia told by docs to cough up [pounds sterling]20k or lose his infected lung; Anthony Igoe, 31, from Clydebank, Scotland, has picked up two bacterial infections while on holiday with partner Alana Fonseca, who claims insurance firm Cigna is refusing to pay. By, Vivienne Aitken & Ryan Merrifield May 26, 2020 657
Healthy behaviours to keep the doctor away. May 25, 2020 1006
Doctor diagnosed with Covid-19. May 22, 2020 281
Doctors Petition A to Warn Consumers About Potential Presence of SARS-CoV-2 on Meat and Poultry Products. May 21, 2020 331
Ukraine's overburdened doctors in desperate virus fight. MSTYSLAV CHERNOV and YURAS KARMANAU Associated Press May 19, 2020 961
KomA!iA: Excellent results in Tuzla due to responsible approach of doctors. May 19, 2020 266
Health secretary issued contempt of court notice for action against doctor. Malik Asad May 17, 2020 495
Worrying long-term effects of coronavirus identified by Chinese doctors; A new set of guidelines from China's National Health Commission warns that many patients who survive Covid-19 can suffer long-term health issues, including organ damage, muscle wastage and psychological disorders. By, Anna MacSwan May 16, 2020 371
Lack of specialist doctors, cleaners hampering Covid-19 treatment. May 15, 2020 689
New Symptoms for Coronavirus Perplexes Doctors, Scientists. May 9, 2020 2501
Three BHUs sealed after as many doctors test positive for Covid-19 in Ratodero. May 8, 2020 371
PIMS rocked by 30 doctors, paramedics diagnosed with Covid-19. Zubair Qureshi May 7, 2020 581
Coronavirus: Over 600 doctors infected in Bangladesh. May 6, 2020 280
Woman, 36, says coronavirus 'saved her life' after doctors diagnose rare heart condition; Angela Schlegel, an actress based in London, was diagnosed with a rare heart condition while being treated for coronavirus at London's Royal Brompton Hospital. By, Shivali Best May 5, 2020 273
Doctors planned how to announce Boris Johnson's death as he fought for his life; 'But the bad moment came when it was 50-50 whether they were going to have to put a tube down my windpipe. That was when it got a bit . . . they were starting to think about how to handle it presentationally'. By, Will Hayward May 3, 2020 580
Young doctor succumbs to COVID-19 in Rawalpindi. May 2, 2020 318
Tally of doctors catching coronavirus tops 59 in Balochistan. May 2, 2020 463
Concerns for older clinicians grow in the face of COVID. Gallegos, Alicia May 1, 2020 1726
USPSTF round-up: The Task Force now recommends that physicians take steps to prevent perinatal depression and has modified its recommendation on lead screening. Campos-Outcalt, Doug May 1, 2020 2402
PRIMARY CARE HEROES: Physicians adapt to pandemic needs. Brunk, Doug May 1, 2020 2992
Concerns for clinicians over 65 grow in the face of COVID-19. Gallegos, Alicia May 1, 2020 1342
CDC: Vaccine for recent flu season cut visits to doctors by nearly half. Krisberg, Kim May 1, 2020 381
HCM City doctors perform ultra-mini-percutaneous nephrolithotomy on children with kidney stones. Apr 29, 2020 460
Hope for breastfeeding mums with virus - doctor. Apr 28, 2020 794
92 health professionals test positive for coronavirus in just two days. Apr 27, 2020 675
Doctors see glimmer of light after dark weeks but warn of a second surge in infections. Janet Boyle Apr 26, 2020 989
NMA to doctors: Beware, COVID-19 positive VIPs exposing our members to infection. Apr 26, 2020 355
Multan, DG Khan Doctors recover from coronavirus: Yasmin Rashid. Apr 25, 2020 339
Kakamega doctors threaten strike over 'intimidation'. Apr 24, 2020 452
COVID-19: Physician enjoins diabetic patients to maintain sugar control, personal hygiene. Apr 23, 2020 611
Chinese Doctors Report Coronavirus can Survive in the Human Eye. Israeli teenager Dies after Avoiding ER. Apr 23, 2020 426
Coronavirus: Frontline warriors at risk of becoming 'super spreaders'. Apr 21, 2020 831
27 doctors at Multan hospital infected by coronavirus. Apr 20, 2020 183
Coronavirus: 42 health workers, including 23 doctors of Mitford Hospital infected. Apr 20, 2020 661
Robot nurse to help Malaysian doctors on virus frontlines. Nor Arlene Tan Apr 18, 2020 535
LIVE: Chinese doctors to leave for China today; nationwide tally crosses 7,000. Apr 17, 2020 342
51-year-old doctor died of COVID-19 infection - LUTH. Apr 16, 2020 280
Bukola Olopade, Ex-Ogun Sports Commissioner, Praises Nigerian Doctors After Discharge From Isolation Centre In Lagos. Apr 16, 2020 294
Zamboanga doc, who died as COVID-19 suspect, tests negative of infection. Apr 15, 2020 397
Covid-19: Number of doctors, paramedics infected with virus growing in Pakistan. Zubair Qureshi, Correspondent Apr 14, 2020 588

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