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SPONSORED: Discover the Natural way of Eliminating Staphylococcus, UTI and other Infections. Feb 26, 2018 347
Championing infection control: For infection prevention programs, leadership matters as much as training. Laporte, Meg Sep 22, 2017 1425
Opiate injection-associated skin, soft tissue, and vascular infections, England, UK, 1997-2016. Lewer, Dan; Harris, Magdalena; Hope, Vivian Aug 1, 2017 2130
Neonatal sepsis-organisms responsible as detected by blood culture. Datta, Shyamali; Anand, Ravi Prakash; Ghosh, Panchanan Report Jul 20, 2017 3522
Multidrug-resistant corynebacterium striatum associated with increased use of parenteral antimicrobial drugs. Hahn, William O.; Werth, Brian J.; Butler-Wu, Susan M.; Rakita, Robert M. Nov 1, 2016 4980
Staphylococcus lugdunensis septic arthritis of a native knee: a case report. Begly, John P.; Sobieraj, Michael; Liporace, Frank A.; Dayan, Alan Oct 1, 2016 2666
Grappling with staph infection. Jul 1, 2016 1020
Evaluation of Staphylococcus aureus resistance profile isolated from nursing students in an institution of higher education/Avaliacao do perfil de resistencia de staphylococcus aureus isolados de estudantes de enfermagem de uma instituicao de ensino superior. Marino, Carolina; Marcatto, Juliana Tramontini; Gushiken, Carolina Yumi; Lima, Rodrigo Santos; Moris Jul 1, 2016 4829
Therapeutic Management of Otitis Externa due to Malassezia pachydermatis and Staph. Infection - A Clinical Study of 20 Dogs. Varshney, J.P. Report Jul 1, 2016 1289
Prevalence of constitutive and inducible clindamycin resistance among clinical isolates of Staph Aureus in Kashmir Valley: a hospital based study. Farooq, Shaika; Saleem, Mehvish Feb 29, 2016 2353
Khloe Kardashian's Staph Infection Healing. Nov 25, 2015 236
Pancytopenia due to Linezolid treatment. Parlak, Emine; Tan, Huseyin Report Sep 1, 2015 2436
Contrafect commences Phase 1 clinical trial of CF-301 for staph bloodstream infections. May 1, 2015 223
Contrafect commences Phase 1 clinical trial of CF-301 for staph bloodstream infections. May 1, 2015 219
An unusual post-operative wound infection with salmonella paratyphi B: a case report. Manthalkar, Pramod S.; Kulkarni, Sudheendra; Hiremath, S.L.; Dhotre, S.V. Dec 4, 2014 604
STAPHYLOMICS: Identifying host factors involved in staphylococcal infection. Dec 1, 2014 318
PSMS-IN-INFLAMMATION: Imaging Innate Immunity of Staphylococcal Infections. Nov 11, 2014 303
Changing trends of antibiogram profile in patients with community acquired chronic otitis media in a tertiary care hospital. Chakraborty, Bipasa; Dhara, Subhadip; Ghosh, Debasish; Rit, Kalidas; Sengupta, Anindita; Ray, Raja Sep 18, 2014 2295
A retrospective analysis of efficacy of non-surgical treatment for diabetic chronic osteomyelitis. Veeranna, H.D.; Arif, Mohammed; Azeem, Abdul Jul 28, 2014 1545
American kestrel (Falco spaverius) fledgling with severe bilateral periorbital swelling and infection with Mycoplasma buteonis, Avibacterium (Pasteurella) gallinarum, and Staphylococcus pasteuri. Bezjian, Marisa; Kollias, George V. Report Jun 1, 2014 3239
United Kingdom : Levels of healthcare-acquired MRSA and C. difficile infections remain stable. Dec 5, 2013 321
HIV drug 'may help defuse deadly staph infections'. Dec 15, 2012 633
Study at HCA Hospitals Shows "Universal Decolonization" of ICU Patients Reduces Bloodstream Infections by 44 Percent. Clinical report Oct 17, 2012 620
Community-acquired methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus from skin and soft tissue infections (in a sample of Egyptian population): analysis of mec gene and staphylococcal cassette chromosome. Sobhy, Nagat; Aly, Fatma; Kader, Ola Abd El; Ghazal, Abeer; Elbaradei, Amira Sep 1, 2012 3870
Research and Markets: Staphylococcus Aureus Infections - Pipeline Review, H1 2012. Aug 3, 2012 398
A multidisciplinary approach to end external ventricular drain infections in the neurocritical care unit. Hill, Michelle; Baker, Glenna; Carter, Deneen; Henman, Lita Jo; Marshall, Kristi; Mohn, Kristina; Mo Aug 1, 2012 3816
Sagent Pharmaceuticals Inc unveils Oxacillin for Injection for treatment of penicillinase producing staphylococci infection. Jul 25, 2012 142
Invasive staphylococcus aureus infections associated with pain injections and reuse of single-dose vials--Arizona and Delaware, 2012. Anderson, Shoana; Rigler, Jessica; Oberoi, Vinita; Christ, Cara; Eggers, Paula; Lempp, Jason; Schaef Jul 13, 2012 2080
The relationship between trough concentration of vancomycin and effect on methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in critically ill patients. Cheong, J.Y.; Makmor-Bakry, M.; Lau, C.L.; Rahman, R. Abdul Report Jul 1, 2012 3088
Chlorhexidine-resistant S. aureus infections on the rise. Sullivan, Michele G. Jun 1, 2012 738
Trends in invasive infection with methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus, Connecticut, USA, 2001-2010. Hadler, James L.; Petit, Susan; Mandour, Mona; Cartter, Matthew L. Clinical report Jun 1, 2012 5980
Research and Markets: Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) Infections - Pipeline Review, H1 2012. Apr 3, 2012 412
MRSA infections turn tail in Connecticut. Worcester, Sharon Mar 15, 2012 590
Preventing hospital-associated infection: MRSA. Upshaw-Owens, Marcella; Bailey, Catherine A. Mar 1, 2012 3645
Chronic genital ulcer disease with subsequent development of methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) urethritis and bacteraemia in an HIV-seropositive person--a case observation. Katusiime, Christine; Kambugu, Andrew Report Mar 1, 2012 1282
Research and Markets: Staphylococcus Aureus Infections Global Clinical Trials Review, H2, 2011. Feb 22, 2012 351
New vaccine offers hope for total joint replacement patients. Feb 15, 2012 345
The impact of incorrect MRSA diagnoses. DeBonville, David Jan 1, 2012 1799
HOSPITAL BUGS ARE 'MAKING MORE OF US SICK' But NHS says the figures are 'misleading'. Dec 30, 2011 404
Resistencia a los antibacterianos en America Latina: consecuencias para la infectologia. Casellas, Jose Maria Report Dec 1, 2011 8979
Correlation between nutritional status and staphylococcus colonization in hip and knee replacement patients. Schwarzkopf, Ran; Russell, Tara A.; Shea, Megan; Slover, James D. Oct 1, 2011 2729
Surgical site infection prevention initiative patient attitude and compliance. Ramos, Nicholas; Skeete, Faith; Haas, Janet P.; Hutzler, Lorraine; Slover, James; Phillips, Michael; Clinical report Oct 1, 2011 2051
Despite Strong Competition from Zyvox, Cubicin and Vibativ, Three-Quarters of Surveyed Infectious Disease Specialists Report That They Are Using Increasingly Higher Doses of Vancomycin to Manage MRSA Infections. Aug 25, 2011 626
Shigellosis with resultant septic shock and renal failure. Moralez, Elba Iris; Lofland, Denene Report Jun 22, 2011 3337
Vancomycin Continues to Dominate MRSA Treatment with up to 76 Percent of Surveyed Infectious Disease Specialists Indicating That They Use the Agent as First-Line Treatment for a Range of MRSA Infections. May 23, 2011 881
The anarchy of antibiotic resistance: mechanisms of bacterial resistance. Schofield, Cynthia B. Cover story May 1, 2011 3411
Research and Markets: Staphylococcal Infections Therapy Area Pipeline Report: With Details on Industry's Top Companies. Report Jan 18, 2011 403
Blood, bugs, and motion: what do we really know in regard to total joint arthroplasty? Glassner, Philip J.; Slover, James D.; Bosco, Joseph A.; Zuckerman, Joseph D. Jan 1, 2011 6720
These fruits clean up debris in your brain and stop staph infections. Dec 1, 2010 727
Research and Markets: Infectious Diseases in Critical Care Medicine, Third Edition Discusses All Clinical Infectious Diseases from Pneumonia to Antibiotic-Related Infections. Oct 7, 2010 518
Winning the battle against pseudomonas aeruginosa endocarditis: a case report/Pseudomonas aeruginosa endokarditine karsi savasi kazanmak: vaka sunumu. Parlakay, Aslinur Ozkaya; Kara, Ates; Celik, Istemihan; Cengiz, Ali Bulent; Karagoz, Tevfik; Devrim, Case study Sep 1, 2010 1706
C. difficile surpasses MRSA as leading cause of nosocomial infections in community hospitals. Page, Susan Aug 1, 2010 1782
MRSA: hospitals step up fight. will it be enough? Karash, Julius A. Jul 1, 2010 2462
Livestock-associated Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus sequence type 398 in humans, Canada. Golding, George R.; Bryden, Louis; Levett, Paul N.; McDonald, Ryan R.; Wong, Alice; Wylie, John; Gra Apr 1, 2010 5158
HIV patients 'at increased community acquired MRSA infection risk'. Mar 25, 2010 265
Antibacterial effect of essential oils from two medicinal plants against Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). Tohidpour, A.; Sattari, M.; Omidbaigi, R.; Yadegar, A.; Nazemi, J. Report Feb 1, 2010 3193
Antibiotics combo may help fight deadly staph infections. Jan 27, 2010 287
Better antiseptic curbs post-surgery infections. Jan 8, 2010 705
FAB Pharma, a Biopharma Company Developing Drugs to Treat Severe Bacterial Infections, Raises [euro]2.3 Million in Series A Funding and Begins Recruitment for a Phase I Trial of Its Lead Compound. Sep 12, 2009 431
Cempra Pharmaceuticals Initiates Phase 2/3 Clinical Study for an Oral Antibiotic to Treat Acute Bacterial Skin Structure Infections. Clinical report Sep 9, 2009 506
HONEY CAN HELP BEAT KILLER HOSPITAL BUGS; It fights infection better than antibiotics. Jun 23, 2009 373
Hospital infection drops by 21%. Jun 23, 2009 343
'Hospital visitors may be infection carriers'. Mar 7, 2009 453
MRSA head, neck infections rise in kids. Currie, Donya Mar 1, 2009 173
Pediatric MRSA infections soar. Moon, Mary Ann Feb 15, 2009 212
Swimmers at public beaches at risk of staph infections: Study. Feb 14, 2009 283
Methicillin-susceptible Staphylococcus aureus in skin and soft tissue infections, Northern Italy. Tinelli, Marco; Monaco, Monica; Vimercati, Maurizio; Ceraminiello, Antonio; Pantosti, Annalisa Feb 1, 2009 6234
Implementing a real-time PCR assay for rapid surveillance of MRSA. Persing, David; Baron, Ellen Jo Feb 1, 2009 1693
Blue light eradicates antibiotic-resistant staph infection in lab. Jan 30, 2009 288
A poisson-based prediction model and warning system for MRSA daily burden. Perla, Rocco J.; Allen, Bradford D. Jan 1, 2009 2674
Potential pathogens and effective disinfectants on public telephones at a large urban United State university. Annand, John W.; Bajaj, Nikesh; Sheth, Anand; Burgess, Jaqqwon; Brooke, Joanna S. Report Jan 1, 2009 2589
Predictions for '09: what's old is new again. Jackson, Mary Anne Jan 1, 2009 1005
Patients told: Leave your body hair for us to shave and it will cut your MRSA risk; Shaving at home can cause tiny cuts that increase rate of op wound infection. Dec 13, 2008 647
MRSA mother to lodge complaint; HEALTH: Family tells of stress over infection scare days after baby's birth. Dec 11, 2008 268
Molecular epidemiology of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, rural southwestern Alaska. David, Michael Z.; Rudolph, Karen M.; Hennessy, Thomas W.; Boyle-Vavra, Susan; Daum, Robert S. Nov 1, 2008 4862
Growth and geographic variation in hospitalizations with resistant infections, United States, 2000-2005. Zilberberg, Marya D.; Shorr, Andrew F.; Kollef, Marin H. Nov 1, 2008 2113
Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in a beauty salon, the Netherlands. Huijsdens, Xander W.; Janssen, Maria; Renders, Nicole H.M.; Leenders, Alexander; van Wijk, Paul; van Nov 1, 2008 2146
Pigs can pass MRSA infections to humans. Currie, Donya Nov 1, 2008 140
Faster laboratory detection of MRSA translates to cost savings for hospital. Murillo, Jeremias; Tsang, Patricia Nov 1, 2008 1951
Using procalcitonin to diagnose sepsis and the potential for improved antibiotic stewardship. Faix, James D. Nov 1, 2008 1408
Health-Care-Associated Infections in Hospitals: An Overview of State Reporting Programs and Individual Hospital Initiatives to Reduce Certain Infections. Nov 1, 2008 640
Trana Discovery Develops Assay to Find New Treatments for Staph Infections. Oct 8, 2008 694
800 A YEAR KILLED BY INFECTIONS; KILLER HOSPITAL BUG SHAME Celeb lawyer Kean tells how parents died after MRSA horror. Oct 6, 2008 198
Microbial interactions during upper respiratory tract infections. Pettigrew, Melinda M.; Gent, Janneane F.; Revai, Krystal; Patel, Janak A.; Chonmaitree, Tasnee Oct 1, 2008 6463
Hospital hit by MRSA rise as others wipe it out; Risk of infection in UK at its lowest. Sep 19, 2008 306
PM hails fall in MRSA infections in England. Sep 19, 2008 385
Integrated Environmental Technologies Targets MRSA (Staph) Infections in Schools with "GREEN" Biocide. Sep 10, 2008 831
Pigs as source of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus CC398 infections in humans, Denmark. Lewis, Hannah C.; Molbak, Kare; Reese, Catrin; Aarestrup, Frank M.; Selchau, Mette; Sorum, Marit; Sk Sep 1, 2008 5345
Surface sanitation: choose disinfection tools carefully for optimum infection control. Kosobud, Chris Sep 1, 2008 1770
The next asbestos: hospital infection and the battle to beat it. Less than one month ago, July 30th , a jury awarded more than $2.5 million to James Klotz, age 69, and his wife Mary, in a medical malpractice lawsuit against a heart surgeon, the Metro-Heart Group and St. Anthony's Medical Center in St. Louis Missouri. McCaughey, Betsy Cover story Aug 18, 2008 4553
Community strains of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus as potential cause of healthcare-associated infections, Uruguay, 2002-2004. Benoit, Stephen R.; Estivariz, Concepcion; Mogdasy, Cristina; Pedreira, Walter; Galiana, Antonio; Ga Aug 1, 2008 5108
Infection with Panton-Valentine leukocidin-positive methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus t034. Welinder-Olsson, Christina; Floren-Johansson, Kerstin; Larsson, Leif; Oberg, Sven; Karlsson, Lisbeth Aug 1, 2008 1353
MRSA infections are seen in patients on anti-TNF therapy. Walsh, Nancy Aug 1, 2008 448
MRSA rates see hospital given warning; WATCHDOG'S CRITICISM OVER INFECTION CONTROL. Jul 16, 2008 668
Winning war against infection; NHS at 60: South Tyneside NHS Foundation Trust. Jul 8, 2008 591
Most CA-MRSA skin infections treatable without antibiotics. Sullivan, Michele G. Jul 1, 2008 426
Infection specialists step up MRSA fight: staff education leads among new measures reported in an APIC poll of 2,041 of its members. Splete, Heidi Jul 1, 2008 678
WALES: Nurses' uniforms would help fight MRSA infections. Jun 23, 2008 536
CA-MRSA emerges as musculoskeletal. MacNeil, Jane Salodof Jun 1, 2008 677
CA-MRSA spurring severe musculoskeletal infections. MacNeil, Jane Salodof Jun 1, 2008 698
Hospital eliminates MRSA infections; HEALTH. May 9, 2008 150
MRSA cases point to hygiene. May 3, 2008 549
Increasing hospitalizations and general practice prescriptions for community-onset staphylococcal disease, England. Hayward, Andrew; Knott, Felicity; Petersen, Irene; Livermore, David M.; Duckworth, Georgia; Islam, A May 1, 2008 5092
Ten ID articles likely to change your practice. McNamara, Damian May 1, 2008 1619
NHS pledge to cut bugs; MRSA: Infection control our No.1 priority - QE. Apr 25, 2008 294
Have you ever had a MRSA infection? Brief article Apr 8, 2008 226
Susceptibility tests cut deaths in staph infections. Mechcatie, Elizabeth Clinical report Mar 15, 2008 607
Protect yourself against MRSA; practice good hygiene and don't share personal items to help avoid this widespread staph infection. Mar 1, 2008 417
What FMs need to know about MRSA. Aker, Jenna M. Interview Feb 1, 2008 384
MRSA-related vulvar and labial abscesses seen in children. Worcester, Sharon Aug 1, 2005 311
Enterotoxic S. aureus boosts psoriasis severity. Bates, Betsy Feb 1, 2005 271
Laboratory exposures to staphylococcal enterotoxin B. Boudreau, Ellen Sep 1, 2004 4069

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