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Ex-service personnel wanted for campaign. Aug 13, 2022 516
COVID-19 tests for new conscripts to be resumed amid virus resurgence. Aug 5, 2022 189
Veterans wanted for mental health campaign. Aug 1, 2022 518
Army vet with PTSD lauded by gym mogul; EX-SOLDIER BACK ON TRACK THANKS TO DRAGON'S DEN STAR. Miriam Goodman Reporter Jul 17, 2022 434
Military's mental health on Pine mind. May 1, 2022 203
Helpline failing troops; MoD 'DRIVING US TO SUICIDE' Battles for war compo 40% of claims denied. EXCLUSIVE by Sean Rayment Jan 16, 2022 600
Indian defence minister's infection indicates greater COVID-19 impact among troops: Chinese expert. Jan 12, 2022 357
Brawner vows upgrade of Army medical facilities in Maguindanao camp. Jan 8, 2022 315
My castle of hope; Veteran battling PTSD builds mountain retreat for struggling military heroes. ADAM ASPINALL Jan 6, 2022 405
Veteran battling PTSD builds 'castle of hope' for struggling military heroes; Mike Allen spent three years building his fort, which is the base of his organisation, Endex. Now it offers courses to help struggling veterans rebuild their lives. By, Adam Aspinall Jan 5, 2022 446
Do nonpharmacological services offset opioids in pain treatment for soldiers? Hodgkin, Dominic; Adams, Rachel Sayko; Ritter, Grant; Lee, Sue; Highland, Krista Beth; Larson, Mary Report Dec 1, 2021 7372
If elected senator, Diokno vows to push for science-based council to replace IATF. Nov 25, 2021 342
10,000 troops leave over mental health; Many heroes end up homeless...or in jail. EXCLUSIVE by Sean Rayment Oct 17, 2021 326
TORMENT OF 10,000 TROOPS; Soldiers' mental health struggle. Oct 17, 2021 221
Army mental health crisis sees 10,000 troops leave and many end up homeless or in jail; Figures shows scale of Armed Forces mental health problems as 500 soldiers are forced to quit in one year. Hundreds end up facing homeslessness, jail or suicide. By, Sean Rayment Oct 16, 2021 443
Singapore navy regular gets treatment order for drunkenly throwing cactuses, shoe racks from HDB block. Oct 11, 2021 500
PS100K GIFT; KIND READER'S It will save 300 lives 'Best news' says vet. EXCLUSIVE by Sean Rayment Aug 22, 2021 497
Facilities-Based Solutions to Fighting COVID-19 in the Barracks. Mann, Lisa (Reyn); Henning, Travis W.; Zymin, Maksym May 1, 2021 1816
PTSD LEFT ME SUICIDAL; Iraq hell haunts veteran Ex-soldier struggles to work Feels the Army betrayed him. EXCLUSIVE by Amy Sharpe Apr 25, 2021 369
FORCED OUT THE ARMY FOR BEING AUTISTIC; Plea to end cruel rules after forces dismiss 37 in four years EXCLUSIVE. Stephen Hayward Apr 18, 2021 477
FORCED OUT THE ARMY FOR BEING AUTISTIC; Plea to end cruel rules after forces dismiss 37 in four years. EXCLUSIVE by Sean Rayment Apr 18, 2021 479
Soldiers fight COVID-19 at sea gates. Feb 3, 2021 919
Nearly 200 National Guard Troops Deployed to Washington DC Contract COVID-19. Jan 23, 2021 385
House probe sought on COVID-19 vaccination of PSG personnel. Jan 5, 2021 730
Facilities-Based Solutions to Fighting COVID-19 in the Barracks. Mann, Lisa "Reyn"; Henning, Travis W.; Zymin, Maksym Jan 1, 2021 1834
PSG vaccination shows gov't lacking in clear, fair and sound game plan - Sen. Kiko. Dec 30, 2020 528
Unregistered vaccines used by soldiers were 'smuggled,' says Lorenzana. Dec 30, 2020 551
Senators to gov't: explain 'unauthorized' vaccination of officials, soldiers. Dec 29, 2020 722
'COVID-19 vaccines like 'tokens' with small value,' says Roque as he asserts legality of 'donations' used to immunize PSG members, soldiers. Dec 29, 2020 647
AFP will defend vaccinated soldiers if charged in court, says spokesperson. Dec 29, 2020 697
Using unregistered coronavirus vaccines not totally illegal, says Palace. Dec 28, 2020 540
'Some' soldiers already received COVID-19 vaccine shots -- Army Chief. Dec 28, 2020 824
PSG chief explains why his troops are first to receive COVID-19 vaccine. Dec 28, 2020 503
'Comprehensive' mental health program assured for PH military. Dec 22, 2020 358
Special Interview: CIMT Team Explains H2F. Discussion Dec 22, 2020 724
Military to ban all troops from vacationing, off-installation trips over virus fears. Nov 26, 2020 306
SARS Nigeria: the police department accused of brutality explained as people are reportedly 'shot dead' amid protests in Lagos; Protestors have been calling for an end to police brutality in Nigeria since early October. Finlay Greig Oct 21, 2020 511
Nigeria's SARS: Beyond Reforms, Restructuring and Bans. Oct 15, 2020 679
4Ps beneficiaries, soldiers in vaccine priority list. Oct 14, 2020 641
Former marine, 75, completes PS10,000 NC500 charity ride. ALISTAIR MUNRO Oct 12, 2020 360
Treated worse than jailbirds. Oct 11, 2020 356
Slovakia's government calls troops to help as COVID-19 infections keep rising. Oct 9, 2020 259
Slovakia's government calls troops to help as COVID-19 infections keep rising. Oct 9, 2020 255
Gunman in PMA shooting has mental problems -- spokesperson. Sep 30, 2020 372
Mission to cross country; Charity: Military veterans drive coast-to-coast for 'therapeutic' expedition. DAVID MCPHEE Sep 14, 2020 355
Army failed my son.. now it's failing me; Now mum of suicide soldier lad has PTSD. EXCLUSIVE by Sean Rayment Aug 30, 2020 650
Mum of soldier who took own life due to war trauma has also been diagnosed with PTSD; EXCLUSIVE Alison Blackwell has suffered from horrifying flashbacks, nightmares and panic attacks since her son Nathan Worner was found dead in May. By, Sean Rayment Aug 29, 2020 695
New cases, concert, foreign troops spark virus surge warning in Thailand. Reprint Aug 6, 2020 455
New cases, concert, foreign troops, spark virus surge warning. Aug 6, 2020 425
Ex-soldier's brain tumour discovered after he threw all his wife's socks in bin; James Flint, a University of Plymouth lecturer and former soldier who served in Afghanistan, was rushed to hospital by his wife Nicola after she found him on the floor at home. By, Katie Timms Jul 26, 2020 737
Mental health in the military; The number seeking help has been rising year on year. ANNIE GOUK Jul 20, 2020 441
Mental health in the military; The number seeking help has been rising year on year. ANNIE GOUK Jul 20, 2020 441
Mental health in the military; The number seeking help has been rising year on year. ANNIE GOUK Jul 18, 2020 441
'Army failed our teenage sons who both killed themselves at soldier's barracks'; EXCLUSIVE: Alison Blackwell and Karen McLeish back the Sunday People's Save Our Soldiers campaign, calling for overhaul of how MoD tackles post-traumatic stress disorder and mental health issues. By, Sean Rayment Jul 18, 2020 1142
Mental health in the military; The number seeking help has been rising year on year. ANNIE GOUK Jul 17, 2020 441
Mental health in the military. ANNIE GOUK Jul 17, 2020 441
Mental health in the military. ANNIE GOUK Jul 16, 2020 441
Mental health in the military. ANNIE GOUK Jul 16, 2020 456
Mental health in the military; The number seeking help has been rising year on year. ANNIE GOUK Jul 15, 2020 457
Deployment of SAF, soldiers is part of solution to stop spread of COVID-19 - Eleazar. Jul 1, 2020 438
Australia To Deploy 1,000 Troops To Melbourne Virus Outbreak. Jun 25, 2020 378
Russia to hold Victory Day Parade on June 24. Jun 23, 2020 829
FACILITIES-BASED SOLUTIONS TO FIGHTING COVID-19 IN THE BARRACKS. Mann, Lisa (Reyn); Henning, Travis W.; Zymin, Maksym Jun 22, 2020 1787
Pamela Stephenson diagnosed my PTSD; SAS hero met comic turned psychologist after guarding husband Billy in Somalia. EXCLUSIVE by Stephen Stewart Jun 7, 2020 1223
SAS soldier diagnosed with PSTD by Pamela Stephenson after return from Somalia; EXCLUSIVE: Davie Penman's condition was spotted by the comedian turned psychologist, who is married to comic Billy Connolly, after she quizzed him about his past. By, Stephen Stewart Jun 6, 2020 1165
16 military men, suspected of coronavirus infection, quarantined in presidential yacht. May 6, 2020 225
How Lahore's Cantonment once struggled with Disease. Apr 25, 2020 2393
Hontiveros: Cops' use of unnecessary force can be traced to Ano order. Apr 24, 2020 794
Trillanes hits shooting of ex-soldier at QC checkpoint. Apr 23, 2020 304
Family wants justice for ex-soldier gunned down by cop in QC checkpoint. Apr 23, 2020 386
22 soldiers test positive for coronavirus. Apr 20, 2020 605
Azerbaijan undertakes measures to protect servicemen amid COVID-19 outbreak. Apr 2, 2020 435
One Lung Soldier: A Ventilation Conundrum in a Postpneumonectomy Syndrome Complicated by Acute Respiratory Syndrome. Purewal, Jaskaran K.; Sakul, N.F.N.; Balabbigari, Nikhita R.; Nenninger, Alberto; Kotecha, Nisha Mar 31, 2020 2415
LuLu salutes frontline soldiers of healthcare around the world. Mar 25, 2020 272
Spanish flu left prisoner of war camp devastated; It was the outbreak that ravaged the world... and a timely reminder of the havoc that pandemics can wreak. RICHARD PURSEHOUSE reveals how the 'Spanish Flu' killed more than 400 soldiers and 200 prisoners in a small corner of Staffordshire... that pandemics RICHARD PURSEHOUSE Mar 19, 2020 1186
Philippines 'not under martial law' as troops guard Manila lockdown. Ellie Aben Mar 15, 2020 392
soldier's tragedy; Major dies week after renewing his wedding vows. THOMAS DEACON Reporter Mar 8, 2020 441
SPANISH FLU LEFT PRISONER OF WAR CAMP DEVASTATED; It was the epidemic that ravaged the world. For the first time Sunday Mercury historian RICHARD PURSEHOUSE reveals how Spanish Flu killed more than 400 soldiers and 200 prisoners of war in a small corner of Staffordshire... RICHARD PURSEHOUSE Mar 8, 2020 1473
Dad-of-four soldier renews wedding vows with wife then dies one week later; More than 500 people attended the funeral of popular south Wales dad and respected soldier Major Huw Francis Isaac Jones, who died of cancer at just 48. By, Thomas Deacon Mar 7, 2020 767
Wife of USFK soldier coronavirus patient in Daegu area also tests positive. Feb 29, 2020 320
The day a 9-year-old boy arrived with black bag full of anti-tank grenades changed my life forever; CHARITY HELPED HARRY BUILD BRIGHTER FUTURE Squaddie survived horror blast but suffered major mental health issues - then he discovered love of horses. EXCLUSIVE BY VIVIENNE AITKEN Health Editor Feb 3, 2020 1020
Coronavirus false alarm in Midlands; NHS DENIES REPORTS OF CHINESE SOLDIER BEING TREATED FOR BUG. JORDAN COUSSINS News Reporter Feb 3, 2020 387
Charity trek for Wigan veterans struggling with their mental health. Jan 31, 2020 266
I've won my biggest battle; ADVERTISING FEATURE; Ex-serviceman Michael Rowley was floored by his harrowing experiences of war. Here, he explains how he's turned his life around thanks to the charity Help A Squaddie. Jan 13, 2020 699
I've won my biggest battle; ADVERTISING FEATURE; Ex-serviceman Michael Rowley was floored by his harrowing experiences of war. Here, he explains how he's turned his lifearound thanks to the charity Help A Squaddie. Jan 13, 2020 686
Veterans in SOS over charity base; Service helps ex-servicemen and women with respite care. MAT GROWCOTT Jan 9, 2020 343
GPs failing PTSD troops; EXCLUSIVE. Sean Rayment Jan 5, 2020 345
Homeless war veteran took his life after feeling 'lost' when he left the Army; EXCLUSIVE: As Wayne Green's family tell the People how he had no help from the Army after leaving, we can reveal up to 35,000 veterans could be homeless this Christmas. By, Sean Rayment & Phil Cardy Dec 14, 2019 1172
Soldier 'pointed gun at traffic'. Dec 13, 2019 200
Soldier killed himself at site of family holidays. Oct 30, 2019 225
WAR HERO PTSD VOW. Sean Rayment EXCLUSIVE Oct 20, 2019 212
ARMY WIDOW HAS PTSD; Fears for 'hidden casualties' in troops' families. Sean Rayment EXCLUSIVE Sep 29, 2019 300
TEST OUR TROOPS FOR PTSD; Coroner calls for regular mental health screening. Sep 15, 2019 381
Calls for mental health tests for troops as two from same regiment take own lives; EXCLUSIVE: The Sunday People's Save Our Soldiers campaign calls for Army top brass to act and provide mental health screening for troops. Sep 14, 2019 454
HEROES 'FOBBED OFF' WITH PS300; Scandal of war vets forced to grovel for payouts. Aug 18, 2019 343
James hits the gym. Jul 17, 2019 394
Burnout advice for oil workers; HEALTH. Jul 3, 2019 193
PATTERN OF CORONARY ARTERY DISEASE IN ASYMPTOMATIC SERVING SOLDIERS HAVING ABNORMAL SCREENING ETT. Kumail Abbas Khan, Sohail Aziz, Mohsin Saif, Javeria Kamran, Amer Rauf, Waqas Khalid and Muhammad Wa Jun 30, 2019 2760
Strongman plays part in an uplifting story. May 13, 2019 319
Duncan's in with us on PTSD vets; VOICE OF THE. Apr 14, 2019 208
Voice of the People: Dragon Duncan Bannatyne is 'in' helping PTSD veterans; Duncan Bannatyne is throwing his weight behind the Sunday People's Save Our Soldiers campaign - and his intervention couldn't have come sooner. Apr 13, 2019 235
AT LAST; UK's top coroner backs our calls to record the toll of troops' suicides; EXCLUSIVE. Mar 17, 2019 389
Depression up 300%; MENTAL HEALTH CASUALTIES SOAR; EXCLUSIVE. Mar 10, 2019 324
UK army should stop recruiting children, health experts say. Feb 26, 2019 662
COMBAT STRESS; 3,500 troops mentally unfit for war; EXCLUSIVE. Feb 10, 2019 417
Katie: I talked traumatised soldier out of killing himself; Star relives her own acid attack hell facing 999 dramas as a frontline cop; EXCLUSIVE. Feb 10, 2019 616
Soldier confessed in fit of depression. Feb 3, 2019 243
HIV. Brief article Dec 1, 2018 263
PM's praise for military vet's mental health work; AWARD FOR EX-SOLDIER'S CHARITY. Nov 25, 2018 703
Ex-soldier Eddie Dean has received a letter from the Prime Minister - this is why; Eddie Dean used his army pension to set up Anxious Minds charity to help those with mental health issues and now he has received recognition from Theresa May for his good work. Nov 24, 2018 783
"My issue was my mental health". Nov 13, 2018 1981
Man 'set himself on fire' Ex-soldier, who died from his injuries, told paramedics it was deliberate act. Nov 1, 2018 203
SAS WHEEL OF DEATH; Troops have PTSD after cycle of war and terror; EXCLUSIVE. Sep 30, 2018 609
SAS soldiers suffer PTSD thanks to 'Wheel of Death' lifestyle that 'could drive elite troops to suicide'; Sources say members of the elite Who Dares Wins regiment are being hit by mental health issues. Sep 29, 2018 1013
How many soldiers must kill themselves before you'll admit there is a problem? WIDOW OF TRAGIC VETERAN JAMIE DEMANDS ACTION FROM DEFENCE SECRETARY; Mum slams MoD for failing to deal with war heroes' mental health problems. Aug 26, 2018 1330
Army probes 'soldier bully' video showing two-footed flying kick knocking officer to the ground; EXCLUSIVE: Phone user can be heard laughing as other soldiers applaud in shocking footage which is now being examined by Army authorities. Aug 4, 2018 229
6,000 soldiers on anti-depressants; EXCLUSIVE. Jul 29, 2018 224
6,000 troops pop pills for depression. Jul 29, 2018 124
Soldiers' mental health problems double in decade. Jul 25, 2018 244
Number of troops and veterans seeking mental health treatment doubles in a decade; A Defence Committee report has found combat in Iraq and Afghanistan "clearly increased the likelihood of mental health conditions". Jul 25, 2018 273
Mental health problems among troops and veterans doubles in decade. Jul 25, 2018 232
Troops needing mental health care double in 10 years. Jul 25, 2018 205
Molecular Epidemiology of Human Adenovirus-Associated Febrile Respiratory Illness in Soldiers, South Korea. Heo, Jung Yeon; Noh, Ji Yun; Jeong, Hye Won; Choe, Kang-Won; Song, Joon Young; Kim, Woo Joo; Cheong, Jul 1, 2018 5263
Safety: EHI Leads to Injury. Jul 1, 2018 573
500 PTSD SOLDIERS IN PRISON; Charity warns 75% in jail have mental issues; EXCLUSIVE. Jun 3, 2018 303
'The kids cry whenever they hear the sound of airplanes'. May 20, 2018 324
'I was suicidal, Invictus event saved my life'. May 17, 2018 439
Brothers in torment; HOW MILITARY INACTION HASRUINED THE LIVES OF OUR BRAVE HEROES; These two comrades both killed themselves within weeks of each other. Why didn't MOD do more tosave them?EXCLUSIVE. Mar 11, 2018 793
never too late to help; VOICE OF THE. Mar 4, 2018 216
EVALUATION OF OCCUPATIONAL PHYSICAL LOAD DURING 6-MONTH INTERNATIONAL CRISIS MANAGEMENT OPERATION. Kaipihlainen; Santtila, Matti; Tommivasankari; Hakkinen, Keijo; Kyrolainen, Heikki Report Mar 1, 2018 7819
Revealed: How Prince Harry carried out first aid on 'decimated' villagers with 'limbs hanging off' after Taliban rocket attack; Chilling recollections shatter the misconception that Prince Harry was protected from danger while on his first Afghanistan tour, as one soldier wonders whether the Royal suffers the same flashbacks and anxiety he experiences. Jan 14, 2018 664
Military Suicide among Taiwanese Soldiers: A Comparative Study. Lee, Yen-Feng; Tzeng, Dong-Sheng Report Jan 1, 2018 2717
Resistant Gram-Negative Bacteria and Diagnostic Point-of-Care Options for the Field Setting during Military Operations. Frickmann, Hagen; Podbielski, Andreas; Kreikemeyer, Bernd Jan 1, 2018 7488
FIGHTING UNFIT; Thousands of troops too fat for war. Nov 12, 2017 213
Welsh war veteran changes lives with art; Barry John's VC Gallery helps to combat social isolation. Oct 24, 2017 347
After the War: Returned Soldiers and the Mental and Physical Scars of World War I. Book review Oct 1, 2017 164
Military dermatology: A regional perspective. Sep 30, 2017 1167
Hamas Refuses to Let Red Cross Chief Meet Israeli Captives. Sep 7, 2017 299
Hundreds of troops being axed rather than supported. Aug 6, 2017 378
ExposA[c]: Female IDF Combat Soldiers at Health Risk. Jun 16, 2017 1337
Reintegration Issues of Military Nurses: A Focus Group Approach. Stanton, Marietta; Parker, Michael W.; McDougall, Graham; Eyer, Joshua C. Report Mar 22, 2017 7214
Cold War. Anderson, Donald Essay Jan 1, 2017 6749
Modelling Risk to US Military Populations from Stopping Blanket Mandatory Polio Vaccination. Burgess, Colleen; Burgess, Andrew; McMullen, Kellie Report Jan 1, 2017 6228
A population falling ill: the poor health of Saxons in the long eighteenth century. Ewert, Ulf Christian Report Dec 22, 2016 10377
Honey bee swarms aboard the USNS comfort: recommendations for sting prevention, swarm removal, and medical readiness on military ships. Dunford, James C.; Kronmann, Karl C.; Peet, Luke R.; Stancil, Jeffrey D. Oct 1, 2016 5175
Without this charity, I would not be here today. Jul 16, 2016 568
Deployment exposures and long-term health risks: the shadow of war. Baird, Coleen Report Apr 1, 2016 4403
'PTSD is a mental health issue and should be a priority' Three veterans who have overcome losing limbs, homelessness and PTSD reveal to Abbie Wightwick what it's like adjusting to civilian life. Interview Mar 12, 2016 2366
Remote health information system of soldiers using lab view. Ponmalathi, B.; Shenbagapriya, M. Report Mar 1, 2016 2113
Rhabdomyolysis in a sickle cell trait positive active duty male soldier. Saxena, Pulkit; Chavarria, Christopher; Thurlow, John Report Jan 1, 2016 2249
Q fever. Shishido, Akira A.; Letiaia, Andrew G.; Hartzell, Joshua D. Report Jan 1, 2016 1261
Go for Green[R]. Person-Whipppo, Jennifer Brief article Sep 1, 2015 265
General semantics and PTSD in the military. Levinson, Martin H. Jul 1, 2015 2466
Widow: I'm convinced Chernobyl radiation caused Robert's cancer; Mum-of-two's search for forces families hit by Ukraine disaster EXCLUSIVE. May 3, 2015 671
A sergeant's story. Pearson, Gray N. Report May 1, 2015 1649
The role of strength and power during performance of high intensity military tasks under heavy load carriage. Mala, Jesse; Szivak, Tunde K.; Flanagan, Shawn D.; Comstock, Brett A.; Laferrier, Justin Z.; Maresh, Clinical report Apr 1, 2015 6016
Tick-borne disease surveillance. Petersen, Wade H.; Foster, Erik; McWilliams, Beven; Irwin, William Report Jan 1, 2015 5393
STARRS' call for more intensive follow-up. Ritchie, Elspeth Cameron Dec 1, 2014 610
Hospitalized soldiers suicide rate increases. Dec 1, 2014 357
Social connections and team wellness. Kirksey, Cameron B. Dec 1, 2014 493
WAR ON EBOLA WAR ON EBOLA; 750 troops sent to help halt virus Britain steps up plan to deal with cases at home. Oct 9, 2014 603
Raising the clinical standard of care for suicidal soldiers: an army process improvement initiative. Archuleta, Debra; Jobes, David A.; Pujol, Lynette; Jennings, Keith; Crumlish, Jennifer; Lento, Rene Report Oct 1, 2014 8518
Soldier, 2 civilians diagnosed with leprosy in North Cotabato town. Sep 16, 2014 396
Soldiers using mental health services more. Wahowiak, Lindsey Sep 1, 2014 151
Boot camp bug. Akpan, Nsikan Brief article Aug 9, 2014 118
Frequency of tinea pedis in military recruits at Dera Ismail Khan, Pakistan. Report Jul 3, 2014 2379
Force health protection and the human dimension. Jones, Steve Jul 1, 2014 3952
Department of Defense participation in the Department of Veterans Affairs airborne hazards and open burn pit registry: process, guidance to providers, and communication. Sharkey, Jessica M.; Harkins, Deanna K.; Schickedanz, Timothy L.; Baird, Coleen P. Report Jul 1, 2014 4563
Health hazard assessment and the toxicity clearance process. Mughal, Mohamed R.; Houpt, John; Kluchinsky, Timothy A., Jr. Report Jul 1, 2014 1285
Chemical and biological warfare: teaching the forbidden at a state university. Claborn, David M.; Payne, Keith Report Jul 1, 2014 5141
An introduction to public health law for leaders and clinicians. Topinka, Joseph Baar Report Jul 1, 2014 3025
Using the army medical cost avoidance model to prioritize preventive medicine initiatives. Smith, Cindy; McCoskey, Kelsey; Clasing, Jay; Kluchinsky, Timothy A., Jr. Report Jul 1, 2014 3442
My journey from war hell to artist; Stress disorder ex-soldier brings paintings to city. May 18, 2014 472
Acute lower respiratory tract infections in soldiers, South Korea, April 2011-March 2012. Heo, Jung Yeon; Lee, Ji Eun; Kim, Hye Kang; Choe, Kang-Won May 1, 2014 2670
Microsatellite genotypes reveal some long-distance gene flow in Perkinsus marines, a major pathogen of the eastern oyster, Crassostrea virginica (Gmelin). Thompson, Peter C.; Rosenthal, Benjamin M.; Hare, Matthew P. Report Apr 1, 2014 10002
Baltimore Students with Special Needs Visited by Toys for Tots Marines. Dec 11, 2013 481
MP: Forces mental health check vital; 'Urgent' action needed. Oct 28, 2013 614
Poorer army leavers most at risk of stress, study says; PLAID MP WANTS MENTAL HEALTH CHECKS ON ALL LEAVING THE FORCES. Clinical report Oct 28, 2013 863
Strategies for optimizing military physical readiness and preventing musculoskeletal injuries in the 21st century. Nindl, Bradley C.; Williams, Thomas J.; Deuster, Patricia A.; Butler, Nikki L.; Jones, Bruce H. Report Oct 1, 2013 11332
Extreme conditioning programs and injury risk in a US Army brigade combat team. Grier, Tyson; Canham-Chervak, Michelle; McNulty, Vancil; Jones, Bruce H. Report Oct 1, 2013 9068
Quantification of physical activity performed during Us Army Basic Combat Training. Simpson, Kathleen; Redmond, Jan E.; Cohen, Bruce S.; Hendrickson, Nathan R.; Spiering, Barry A.; Ste Report Oct 1, 2013 7445
Nutrition as a component of the performance triad: how healthy eating behaviors contribute to soldier performance and military readiness. Purvis, Dianna L.; Lentino, Cynthia V.; Jackson, Theresa K.; Murphy, Kaitlin J.; Deuster, Patricia A Report Oct 1, 2013 9032
The importance of leadership in soldiers' nutritional behaviors: results from the soldier fueling initiative program evaluation. Jackson, Theresa K.; Dennis, Sabriya D.; Cable, Sonya J.; Jin, Wana K.; Robinson, Ayanna; Vo, Linda Report Oct 1, 2013 8754
Assessment of dietary intake using the healthy eating index during military training. Lutz, Laura J.; Gaffney-Stomberg, Erin; Scisco, Jenna L.; Cable, Sonya J.; Karl, J. Philip; Young, A Report Oct 1, 2013 4989
Diagnosed with breast cancer, Angela stayed on front line to fight Taliban; EXCLUSIVE: SCOT'S A DOUBLE HERO; Now she's helping other victims. Jun 6, 2013 506
Detecting Rickettsia parkeri infection from eschar swab specimens. Myers, Todd; Lalani, Tahaniyat; Dent, Mike; Jiang, Ju; Daly, Patrick L.; Maguire, Jason D.; Richards Report May 1, 2013 1902
Monkey bites among US military members, Afghanistan, 2011. Engel, Gregory A.; Fuentes, Agustin; Lee, Benjamin P.Y.-H.; Schillaci, Michael A.; Jones-Engel, Lisa Report Apr 1, 2013 1178
Perspectives: commander's introduction. Volpe, M.G. Philip Column Apr 1, 2013 4860
Diet, physical activity, and bone density in soldiers before and after deployment. Carlson, Ashley R.; Smith, Martha A.; McCarthy, Mary S. Report Apr 1, 2013 4576
Considerations regarding a burn pit registry. Baird, Coleen P. Report Apr 1, 2013 5311
The health hazard assessment process in support of joint weapon system acquisitions. Kluchinsky, Timothy A., Jr.; Jokel, Charles R.; Cambre, John V.; Goddard, Donald E.; Batts, Robert W Report Apr 1, 2013 3031
Field evaluation of commercial off-the-shelf spatial repellents against the Asian Tiger Mosquito, Aedes albopictus (Skuse), and the potential for use during deployment. Lloyd, Aaron M.; Farooq, Muhammad; Diclaro, Joseph W.; Kline, Daniel L.; Estep, Alden S. Report Apr 1, 2013 4096
BATTLE DRIVES 123 TO SUICIDE. Mar 18, 2013 254
Threat bias interacts with combat, gene to boost PTSD risk. Report Feb 14, 2013 139
Pandemic influenza outbreak on a troop ship--diary of a soldier in 1918. Summers, Jennifer A. Nov 1, 2012 2305
Troops flown home with mental health problems. Oct 30, 2012 217
Monkey bites among US military members, Afghanistan, 2011. Mease, Luke E.; Baker, Katheryn A. Oct 1, 2012 2086
Trends in meningococcal disease in the United States military, 1971-2010. Broderick, Michael P.; Faix, Dennis J.; Hansen, Christian J.; Blair, Patrick J. Disease/Disorder overview Sep 1, 2012 5274
Leishmania (Viannia) guyanensis infection, Austria. Poeppl, Wolfgang; Burgmann, Heinz; Auer, Herbert; Mooseder, Gerhard; Walochnik, Julia Letter to the editor Sep 1, 2012 1334
Postdeployment symptom changes and traumatic brain injury and/or posttraumatic stress disorder in men. Macera, Caroline A.; Aralis, Hilary J.; MacGregor, Andrew J.; Rauh, Mitchell J.; Galarneau, Michael Aug 1, 2012 7329
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for traumatic brain injury. Klotter, Jule Jul 1, 2012 594
Nursing care of service members with head injury during the Vietnam war. Yost, Terri L. Jun 1, 2012 5193
Occupational therapists as dog handlers: the collective experience with animal-assisted therapy in Iraq. Fike, Lorie; Najera, Cecilia; Dougherty, David Apr 1, 2012 3206
Increasing testicular self-examination in active duty soldiers: an intervention study. Brown, Carlton G.; Patrician, Patricia A.; Brosch, Laura R. Mar 1, 2012 4529
Dengue surveillance among French military in Africa. de Laval, Franck; Plumet, Sebastien; Simon, Fabrice; Deparis, Xavier; Leparc-Goffart, Isabelle Letter to the editor Feb 1, 2012 606
The 'D' in 'PTSD' disturbs U.S. Army. Brief article Feb 1, 2012 292
Culture: Impact of war on language (151). Jan 9, 2012 524
Peace and wellness; Tibetan monks help ex-US servicemen get lives on track. Dec 14, 2011 632
Army study to assess risk, resiliency. Nov 1, 2011 272
Governing sub-Saharan HIV/AIDS through gender. Ailio, Jaakko Reprint Nov 1, 2011 8935
Younger soldiers at higher risk of osteoarthritis. Miller, Naseem S. Nov 1, 2011 811
Afghanistan's price: by downplaying PTSD, our government makes soldiers and their families bear the costs of war. Howell, Alison Nov 1, 2011 3733
U.S. soldiers may return with constrictive bronchiolitis. Moon, Mary Ann Oct 15, 2011 607
Damage to lungs seen in some vets: breathing problems traced to deposits in tiny air passages. Seppa, Nathan Report Aug 13, 2011 394
Understanding the cholera epidemic, Haiti. Piarroux, Renaud; Barrais, Robert; Faucher, Benoit; Haus, Rachel; Piarroux, Martine; Gaudart, Jean; Jul 1, 2011 4982
Commander's introduction. Rubenstein, David A. Report Jul 1, 2011 2149
Reducing the public health risk of Cryptosporidiosis by optimizing treatment processes at a military water system. Clarke, Steven H. Report Jul 1, 2011 5742
The development of the army public health enterprise for full spectrum operations. Broussard, Kent A. Report Jul 1, 2011 3213
Health effects associated with geographical area of residence during the 1991 gulf war: a comparative health study of Iraqi soldiers and civilians. Jamil, Hikmet; Hamdan, Thamer A.; Grzybowski, Mary; Arnetz, Bengt B. Report Jul 1, 2011 7312
Effectiveness of pedometer use in motivating active duty and other military healthcare beneficiaries to walk more. Staudter, Mary; Dramiga, Stacey; Webb, Laura; Hernandez, Debra; Cole, Renee Report Jul 1, 2011 7458
Take a load off, Army. Peters, Charles Column May 1, 2011 229
Health advice at your fingertips: countering health threats before deploying. Weaver, Chanel S. May 1, 2011 1060
DADDY'S LITTLE FIGHTER FACES A LIFELONG BATTLE; Blast hero's girl diagnosed with rare disorder. Apr 25, 2011 479
In Iraq, breathing can be unhealthy: small particles in air add to dangers facing U.S. troops. Ehrenberg, Rachel Brief article Apr 23, 2011 288
Clinico-epidemiological pattern of cutaneous leishmaniasis in armed forces personnel fighting war against terrorism in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province and Fata regions. Report Mar 31, 2011 2884
My brave James can overcome anything; Now war hero fights off MRSA superbug. Mar 19, 2011 471
'Virtual world' helps with post-traumatic stress. Pellerin, Cheryl Jan 1, 2011 348
Heterotopic ossification in combat amputees from Afghanistan and Iraq wars: five case histories and results from a small series of patients. Melcer, Ted Brief article Jan 1, 2011 107
Combat helmet should cover face: current model lets blast forces into brain, simulations show. Ehrenberg, Rachel Dec 18, 2010 370
Tons of smiles; Candy buyback boosts dental hygiene, promotes sharing, elates troops. Nov 5, 2010 1048
New resiliency center opens in Iraq. Troth, Jeff Nov 1, 2010 343
The krawczyks. Nov 1, 2010 537
The wilkinses. Brief article Nov 1, 2010 353
The Wymores. Charles, St. Nov 1, 2010 578
Sound science: world-class army facility amplifies auditory research. Downing-Li, Jennifer Oct 1, 2010 890
Combat camera's hero: battle-tested photographer waiting for new heart. Jones, Christine Oct 1, 2010 909
Although a large influx of literature has been published pertaining to the association between mental health problems and combat in Iraq and Afghanistan, few studies have shown the association levels based upon functional impairment. Brief article Sep 22, 2010 148
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Army looks at yoga, acupuncture to treat pain. Hemmerly-Brown, Alexandra Brief article Sep 1, 2010 247
Resiliency program channels returning vets' need for thrills. Mahoney, Diana Aug 1, 2010 832
Safe & sound from downrange: army screening uncovers wounds of war. Tillman-Ortiz, Sophia Jul 1, 2010 992
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Family advocacy: a program to support an expeditionary army. Arincorayan, Derrick; Applewhite, Larry; Robichaux, Rene Jul 1, 2010 4049
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Soldiers contract malaria in Haiti. Brief article Apr 1, 2010 105
Issues related to burn pits in deployed settings. Weese, Coleen Baird Apr 1, 2010 4447
DoD seeks better data on Balad burn pits. Brief article Mar 1, 2010 162
The future of prosthetics is in your mind. Hames, Jacqueline M. Mar 1, 2010 1627
Country reports. Report Mar 1, 2010 27692
Psych diagnoses up in deployed soldiers' wives. Moon, Mary Ann Feb 1, 2010 640
Psychiatric diagnoses higher in wives of deployed soldiers. Moon, Mary Ann Feb 1, 2010 754
Wives of deployed soldiers more likely to be depressed. Jan 17, 2010 234
Year in review: Soldiers 2009.... Cover story Jan 1, 2010 815
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Daily headache develops in 20% after blasts. Sullivan, Michele G. Dec 1, 2009 328
Partial scholarships for those who work with soldiers. Brief article Dec 1, 2009 184
IDF Begins H1N1 Innoculations. Brief article Nov 8, 2009 86
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A day in the life of dental soldiers assigned to the Europe regional dental command: dental reintegration for soldiers stationed in Baumholder, Germany, returning home from Operation Iraqi Freedom. Quintana, Cesar M., Jr. Nov 1, 2009 327
Tele-health counseling now available. Lopez, C. Todd Oct 1, 2009 245
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Evaluation of efficacy and duration of the stick camouflage face paint with 30% deet against mosquitoes in Belize. Lawrence, Kendra L.; Benante, John Paul; Close, Nicole C.; Achee, Nicole L. Jul 1, 2009 3829
Imaging ties PTSD to altered brain function. Bates, Betsy Report Jun 15, 2009 657
Steps of training in obstacle race of naval pentathlon. Ene-Voiculescu, Virgil Report Jun 1, 2009 955
Excellence in action: Fort Hood Dental Activity promotes the importance of oral health in schools. Mills, Dayna N. Report May 1, 2009 767
NHS is failing our troops, claims MP. Apr 14, 2009 510
Health care services and sickness profile in the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon. Korzeniewski, Krzysztof Report Apr 1, 2009 4896
Evaluation of exposure incident at the Qarmat Ali Water Treatment Plant. Weese, Coleen Baird Report Apr 1, 2009 2267
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A sickening state. Jan 1, 2009 444
Healing waters: injured soldiers turn to Great Falls Park in Maryland to renew their bodies, minds, and spirits, one paddle stroke at a time. Marquis, Amy Leinbach Jan 1, 2009 826
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