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Vectorborne Infectious Diseases. List Jul 1, 2021 239
Engineered NS1 for Sensitive, Specific Zika Virus Diagnosis from Patient Serology. Yap, Thai Leong; Hong, Shin Yee; Soh, Jun Hui; Ravichandraprabhu, Lekha; Lim, Vanessa W.X.; Chan, Hs Report May 1, 2021 6399
Evaluating Differences in Whole Blood, Serum, and Urine Screening Tests for Zika Virus, Puerto Rico, USA, 2016. Rosinger, Asher Y.; Olson, Samantha M.; Ellington, Sascha R.; Perez-Padilla, Janice; Simeone, Regina Report May 1, 2021 2402
Screening of ZIKA virus infection among dengue-like illness patients with negative RT-PCR for dengue virus in Punjab - Pakistan. Somia Iqtadar, Thuan Huu Vo, Mehreen Mehmood, Muhammad Salman, Mamunur Rahman Malik, Faisal Masud an May 1, 2021 3317
Analytical and clinical performance of molecular assay used by the Brazilian public laboratory network to detect and discriminate Zika, Dengue and Chikungunya viruses in blood. Ribeiro, Marisa O.; Godoy, Daniela T.; Fontana-Maurell, Marcela; Costa, Elaine M.; Andrade, Elisabet Report Mar 1, 2021 2631
Zika Virus-Associated Birth Defects, Costa Rica, 2016-2018. Benavides-Lara, Adriana; de la Paz Barboza-Arguello, Maria; Gonzalez-Elizondo, Mauricio; Hemandez-de Report Feb 1, 2021 6834
Prolonged Maternal Zika Viremia as a Marker of Adverse Perinatal Outcomes. Pomar, Leo; Lambert, Veronique; Matheus, Severine; Pomar, Celine; Hcini, Najeh; Carles, Gabriel; Rou Report Feb 1, 2021 5790
A Retrospective Study of Clinical and Laboratory Profile of Dengue Fever in Tertiary Care Hospital, Wardha, Maharashtra, India. Patil, Praful S.; Chandi, Dhruba Hari; Damke, Smita; Mahajan, Shital; Ashok, R.; Basak, Silpi Clinical report Sep 1, 2020 2323
Co-Diagnostics receives new orders for its vector control tests, equipment from mosquito abatement districts. Feb 20, 2020 421
Co-Diagnostics to showcase rapid coronavirus response at infectious disease conference in DC, closes on $10.2M offering. Feb 14, 2020 527
Microcephaly Agent of Zika Virus and Unknowns by Healthcare Personnel. Bozlak, Cigdem Eda Balkan; Bozkurt, Hayrunnisa Bekis Feb 13, 2020 2509
Systematic Hospital-Based Travel Screening to Assess Exposure to Zika Virus. Iqbal, Aftab; Colgrove, Robert; Iacoviello, Vito; Blair, Barbra M.; Chen, Lin H. Feb 1, 2020 2840
Population-Based Surveillance for Birth Defects Potentially Related to Zika Virus Infection--22 States and Territories, January 2016-June 2017. Jan 24, 2020 4043
Zika Virus May Cause Delayed Development In Children. Darwin Malicdem Jan 7, 2020 386
Zika Virus IgM 25 Months after Symptom Onset, Miami-Dade County, Florida, USA. Griffin, Isabel; Martin, Stacey W.; Fischer, Marc; Chambers, Trudy V.; Kosoy, Olga L.; Goldberg, Cyn Dec 1, 2019 1388
Zika Virus Alters the Viscosity and Cytokines Profile in Human Colostrum. de Quental, Ocilma B.; Franca, Eduardo L.; Honorio-Franca, Adenilda C.; Morais, Tassiane C.; Daboin, Clinical report Nov 30, 2019 6249
A Fractional-Order Model for Zika Virus Infection with Multiple Delays. Rakkiyappan, R.; Latha, V. Preethi; Rihan, Fathalla A. Nov 30, 2019 7488
DEADLY MOSQUITOES HEADING FOR BRITAIN; UK's plan to battle tropical infections. EXCLUSIVE BY MARTIN BAGOT Science Editor Nov 14, 2019 381
DEADLY MOSQUITOES HEADING FOR THE UK; New plan to battle tropical infections. EXCLUSIVE BY MARTIN BAGOT Science Editor Nov 14, 2019 391
Preventing Sexual Transmission of Zika Virus Infection during Pregnancy, Puerto Rico, USA, 2016. von Essen, Beatriz Salvesen; Kortsmit, Katie; Warner, Lee; D'Angelo, Denise V.; Shulman, Holly B.; V Nov 1, 2019 3092
Rapid Screening of Aedes aegypti Mosquitoes for Susceptibility to Insecticides as Part of Zika Emergency Response, Puerto Rico. Hemme, Ryan R.; Vizcaino, Lucrecia; Harris, Angela F.; Felix, Gilberto; Kavanaugh, Michael; Kenney, Oct 1, 2019 1890
TherOZap(TM) Technology Test Results Prove Successful at Inhibiting Zika Virus During In-Vitro Tests. Sep 4, 2019 1720
Innovative Preventive and Resilience Approaches Against Aedes-linked Vector-borne Arboviral Diseases Threat and Epidemics Burden in Gulf Council Countries. Tambo, Ernest; Dessouky, Ashraf G. El; Khater, Emad I.M. Sep 1, 2019 2774
Detailed Map Shows How Viruses Infect Humans. Aug 31, 2019 990
Zika Virus Infection Drug Market Growth, Type, Route of Administration, Analysis 2019 - Valneva SE, Moderna, Inc, Novavax, Inc, Johnson & Johnson Services, Inc, Themis Bioscience GmbH, Sanofi, IMV Inc. Aug 29, 2019 951
US FDA grants Moderna's mRNA-1893 fast track designation. Aug 21, 2019 163
US FDA grants Moderna's mRNA-1893 fast track designation. Aug 21, 2019 159
Early Dengue infection could defuse Zika virus, says study. May 19, 2019 416
Zika Virus in Rectal Swab Samples. Botto-Menezes, Camila Helena Aguiar; Neto, Armando Menezes; Calvet, Guilherme Amaral; Kara, Edna Oli May 1, 2019 2561
Infection could help protect against Zika. Krisberg, Kim Apr 1, 2019 139
Oral Manifestations of Zika Congenital Syndrome What Should Pediatricians and Dentists Know? Cavalcanti, Alessandro Leite Mar 1, 2019 994
Zika Virus: A Surprising Savage Infection Worldwide. Arora, Ayushi; Dogra, Anush; Dogra, Ayush; Goyal, Bhawna; Sharma, Apoorav Mar 1, 2019 3298
Taiwanese student tests positive for Zika virus after a trip to Vietnam. Feb 20, 2019 286
Dengue virus infection may cause severe outcomes following Zika virus infection during pregnancy. Feb 9, 2019 347
Zika Virus IgM Detection and Neutralizing Antibody Profiles 12-19 Months after Illness Onset. Griffin, Isabel; Martin, Stacey W.; Fischer, Marcs; Chambers, Trudy V.; Kosoy, Olga; Falise, Alyssa; Feb 1, 2019 3635
Differential Shedding and Antibody Kinetics of Zika and Chikungunya Viruses, Brazil. Bozza, Fernando A.; Moreira-Soto, Andres; Rockstroh, Alexandra; Fischer, Carlo; Nascimento, Alessand Feb 1, 2019 2846
Meghan Markle Skips Zambia Tour With Prince Harry For This Reason. Nov 26, 2018 379
August 2017: Vectorborne Infections. Nov 1, 2018 260
May 2017: Antimicrobial Resistance. Nov 1, 2018 263
Congenital Zika Virus Infection with Normal Neurodevelopmental Outcome, Brazil. Carvalho, Alessandra Lemos de; Brites, Carlos; Taguchi, Tania Barreto; Pinho, Suely Fernandes; Campo Nov 1, 2018 1449
Meghan Markle's Arms Wet During Tonga Visit Due To Zika Virus-Related Reasons. Oct 26, 2018 470
18 more cases of Zika reported in Rajasthan. Oct 13, 2018 558
CDC: Zika continues to pose threat in US: Data show thousands of pregnancies have been impacted. Krisberg, Kim Oct 1, 2018 574
Zika virus infection: Novel assay extends diagnostic window. Worcester, Sharon Oct 1, 2018 566
Screen all infants exposed to Zika for eye abnormalities. Palmer, Christopher Oct 1, 2018 303
Here's how Zika virus strips immune cells of their identity. Sep 11, 2018 519
Zika Virus Seropositivity in 1-4-Year-Old Children, Indonesia, 2014. Sasmono, R. Tedjo; Dhenni, Rama; Yohan, Benediktus; Hadinegoro, Paul Pronyk Sri Rezeki; Soepardi, El Sep 1, 2018 2590
EID Podcast: Probable Unusual Transmission of Zika Virus. Sep 1, 2018 151
Symptomatic Dengue during Pregnancy and Congenital Neurologic Malformations. Paixao, Enny S.; Teixeira, Maria Gloria; Costa, Maria da Conceicao N.; Barreto, Mauricio L.; Rodrigu Sep 1, 2018 1633
Case of Microcephaly after Congenital Infection with Asian Lineage Zika Virus, Thailand. Wongsurawat, Thidathip; Athipanyasilp, Niracha; Jenjaroenpun, Piroon; Jun, Se- Ran; Kaewnapan, Buala Sep 1, 2018 1647
Spondweni Virus in Field-Caught Culex quinquefasciatus Mosquitoes, Haiti, 2016. White, Sarah K.; Lednicky, John A.; Okech, Bernard A.; Morris, J. Glenn, Jr.; Dunford, James C. Sep 1, 2018 1757
Contraceptive Use Among Women at Risk for Unintended Pregnancy in the Context of Public Health Emergencies--United States, 2016. Pazol, Karen; Ellington, Sascha R.; Fulton, Anna C.; Zapata, Lauren B.; Boulet, Sheree L.; Rice, Mar Aug 17, 2018 5007
Neurodevelopmental Anomalies, Birth Defects Linked to Zika ID'd; Many children born to mothers with Zika infection don't undergo all recommended assessments. Aug 13, 2018 236
Distinguishing Zika and Dengue Viruses through Simple Clinical Assessment, Singapore. Yan, Gabriel; Pang, Long; Cook, Alex R.; Ho, Hanley J.; Win, Mar Soe; Khoo, Ai Leng; Wong, Joshua G. Disease/Disorder overview Aug 1, 2018 2605
Zika virus. Brief article Aug 1, 2018 244
FDA Drops Zika Testing for Blood Donors; Agency recommends moving away from testing each individual donation to testing pooled donations. Jul 9, 2018 159
Therapeutic paths, care and assistance in the construction of ideas about maternity and childhood in the context of the Zika virus. Scott, Russell Parry; de Lira, Luciana Campelo; de Matos, Silvana Sobreira; Souza, Fernanda Meira; S Jul 1, 2018 7311
Florida Teen First Human Case of Another Mosquito-Borne Virus; First documented case of Keystone infection in a human. Jun 20, 2018 251
Fever, Rash, Erythema Seen in Most Puerto Rican Kids With Zika; Median serum viral load varies significantly according to number of days after symptom onset. Jun 1, 2018 303
Searching for the best real-time RT-PCRs to detect Zika virus infections: the importance of comparing several protocols. de Moraes, F.M.; Esposito, D.L.A.; Klein, T.M.; da Fonseca, B.A.L. Report Jun 1, 2018 3577
Study finds little bang for buck in Zika testing. Report May 10, 2018 166
Surveillance for Mosquitoborne Transmission of Zika Virus, New York City, NY, USA, 2016. Wahnich, Amanda; Clark, Sandhya; Bloch, Danielle; Kubinson, Hannah; Hrusa, Gili; Liu, Dakai; Rakeman May 1, 2018 5238
External Quality Assessment for Zika Virus Molecular Diagnostic Testing, Brazil. Fischer, Carlo; Pedroso, Celia; Mendrone, Alfredo, Jr.; de Filippis, Ana Maria Bispo; Vallinoto, Ant Report May 1, 2018 3556
A Mental Models Approach to Assessing Public Understanding of Zika Virus, Guatemala. Southwell, Brian G.; Ray, Sarah E.; Vazquez, Natasha N.; Ligorria, Tere; Kelly, Bridget J. May 1, 2018 1339
Article Title: Surveillance for Mosquitoborne Transmission of Zika Virus, New York City, NY, USA, 2016. May 1, 2018 326
Zika crisis spurs contraception access. Krisberg, Kim Apr 1, 2018 338
CPD. Apr 1, 2018 487
Over 5,100 Noncongenital Zika Cases Reported in U.S. in 2016; Ninety-five percent of cases were identified in travelers returning from Zika virus-affected areas. Mar 12, 2018 223
Seroprevalence of Dengue and Chikungunya Virus Antibodies, French Polynesia, 2014-2015. Aubry, Maite; Teissier, Anita; Huart, Michael; Merceron, Sebastien; Vanhomwegen, Jessica; Mapotoeke, Mar 1, 2018 2907
Hashtag usage and its pattern on selected health problems in social media. Rock, Britto D.; George, Neethu; Prabhu, R.; Jayanth, Murali K.; Nethaji, V.; Shree, Jaya Report Mar 1, 2018 2910
At forefront of the Zika fight; BACTERIA BREAKTHROUGH Doonhamer Stephanie part of expert uni team. Feb 2, 2018 361
Population-Based Surveillance of Birth Defects Potentially Related to Zika Virus Infection--15 States and U.S. Territories, 2016. Delaney, Augustina; Mai, Cara; Smoots, Ashley; Cragan, Janet; Ellington, Sascha; Langlois, Peter; Br Jan 26, 2018 4383
Immune response to Zika virus may harm fetal development: Study. Jan 7, 2018 237
National Birth Defects Prevention Month and Folic Acid Awareness Week--January 2018. Jan 5, 2018 508
Postmortem Findings in Patient with Guillain-Barre Syndrome and Zika Virus Infection. Dirlikov, Emilio; Torres, Jose V.; Martines, Roosecelis Brasil; Reagan-Steiner, Sarah; Perez, George Jan 1, 2018 2456
Expected Duration of Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes after Zika Epidemic. Eggo, Rosalind M.; Kucharski, Adam J. Jan 1, 2018 2433
Expediting PCR assay development to screen blood donations: Molecular diagnostics keyed the response to the Zika virus public health emergency. Pate, Lisa Lee Jan 1, 2018 1733
Clinical, Serological, and Molecular Observations from a Case Series Study during the Asian Lineage Zika Virus Outbreak in Grenada during 2016. Brenciaglia, Marco; Noel, Trevor P.; Fields, Paul J.; Bidaisee, Satesh; Myers, Todd E.; Nelson, Will Case study Jan 1, 2018 6835
Inspiratory Muscle Training with Isokinetic Device to Help Ventilatory Weaning in a Patient with Guillain-Barre Syndrome by Zika Virus. de Souza, Leonardo Cordeiro; de Souza, Amarildo Abreu; de Almeida, Eric Eduardo Pinto; Ribeiro, Leo Jan 1, 2018 2863
Georgia's Collaborative Approach to Expanding Mosquito Surveillance in Response to Zika Virus: Year Two. Nguyen, Thuy-Vi; Kelly, Rosmarie; Stuck, Shawna; Rustin, R. Christopher Report Jan 1, 2018 3833
ZIKV Infection Induces an Inflammatory Response but Fails to Activate Types I, II, and IIIIFN Response in Human PBMC. Colavita, Francesca; Bordoni, Veronica; Caglioti, Claudia; Biava, Mirella; Castilletti, Concetta; Bo Jan 1, 2018 3692
Palliative Care in Congenital Syndrome of the Zika Virus Associated with Hospitalization and Emergency Consultation: Palliative Care and Congenital Syndrome of Zika. de Oliveira Rocha, Aline Maria; de Mello, Maria Julia Goncalves; Torres, Juliane Roberta Dias; de Ol Clinical report Jan 1, 2018 5132
Miller Fisher-Guillain-Barre overlap syndrome during the Zika Virus outbreak. Gonzalez-Barreto, Wilma; Rodriguez-Vega, Gloria M.; De Jesus-Umpierre, Patricia; Rodriguez-Vazquez, Dec 1, 2017 2667
Rio Olympics tally for U.S. athletes is 6% West Nile, no Zika. Bosworth, Ted Dec 1, 2017 518
Detection of Zika Virus in April 2013 Patient Samples, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Passos, Sonia R. Lambert; dos Santos, Maria A. Borges; Cerbino-Neto, Jose; Buonora, Sibelle N.; Souz Dec 1, 2017 1727
Anti-malaria drug could fight Zika virus. Nov 17, 2017 298
Meeting Summary: State and Local Implementation Strategies for Increasing Access to Contraception During Zika Preparedness and Response--United States, September 2016. Kroelinger, Charlan D.; Romero, Lisa; Lathrop, Eva; Cox, Shanna; Morgan, Isabel; Frey, Meghan T.; Wa Medical condition overview Nov 10, 2017 4219
Profile of demand and Continuous Cash Benefits (BCP) granted to children diagnosed with microcephaly in Brazil. Pereira, Everton Luis; Bezerra, Josierton Cruz; Brant, Jonas Lotufo; de Araujo, Wildo Navegantes; Sa Nov 1, 2017 5679
NOVEL INFECTIOUS DISEASES IN EUROPE/NOVE INFEKTIVNE BOLESTI U EVROPI. Lendak, Dajana; Preveden, Tomislav; Kovacevic, Nadica; Tomic, Slavica; Ruzic, Maja; Fabri, Milotka Report Nov 1, 2017 4264
Toward Noninvasive Probing of Maternal-Fetal-Microbial Interactions during Pregnancy. Schlaberg, Robert Editorial Nov 1, 2017 1732
Spatial distribution of hospital discharges of cases of viral infection from mosquito bites in Mexico in the period 2004-2014/Distribucion espacial de egresos hospitalarios de casos por infeccion virica por picadura de mosquito en Mexico entre 2004 y 2014/Distribuicao espacial de egressos hospitalares de casos de infeccao viral por picada de mosquitos no Mexico entre 2004 e 2014. Manzanares, Jose Luis Oct 1, 2017 4058
Zika's 2017 summer less active than 2016. Franki, Richard Oct 1, 2017 389
Spread of Chikungunya Virus East/Central/South African Genotype in Northeast Brazil. Costa, Antonio Charlys da; Theze, Julien; Komninakis, Shirley Cavalcante Vasconcelos; Sanz-Duro, Rod Oct 1, 2017 1865
US CDC Is Deactivating the Emergency Operations Center for the Zika Response. Sep 29, 2017 405
Anti-dengue antibodies can effectively treat Zika virus. Sep 26, 2017 373
Zika Virus Used to Treat Aggressive Brain Cancer. Sep 5, 2017 126
Department of Defense targets mosquitoes. Allen, Peter Sep 1, 2017 306
Potential occurrence of Zika from subtropical to temperate Argentina considering the basic reproduction number ([R.sub.0])/Posible occurrencia de zika en las zonas subtropical a templada de Argentina considerando el numero de reproduccion basico ([R.sub.0])/Potencial de ocorrencia de zika em Argentina subtropical e temperada considerando o numero de reproducao basico ([R.sub.0]). Orellano, Pablo; Vezzani, Dario; Quaranta, Nancy; Cionco, Rodolfo; Reynoso, Julieta; Salomon, Oscar Sep 1, 2017 5879
Prolonged Zika virus viremia in a patient with Guillain-Barre syndrome in Trinidad and Tobago/Viremia prolongada por el virus del Zika en un paciente con sindrome de Guillain-Barre en Trinidad y Tabago/Viremia prolongada do virus zika em paciente com sindrome de Guillain-Barre em Trinidad e Tobago. Gonzalez-Escobar, Gabriel; Valadere, Anne Marie; Adams, Rosmond; Polson-Edwards, Karen; Hinds, Avery Sep 1, 2017 3224
FDA Offers Human Plasma Sample Panel for Development and Evaluation of Tests for Detection of Zika Infection. Aug 18, 2017 278
Zika infection may not spread by kissing, sharing spoon. Aug 3, 2017 435
Zika virus infection in patient with no known risk factors, Utah, USA, 2016. Krow-Lucal, Elisabeth R.; Novosad, Shannon A.; Dunn, Angela C.; Brent, Carolyn R.; Savage, Harry M.; Aug 1, 2017 5608
High infection rates for adult macaques after intravaginal or intrarectal inoculation with Zika virus. Haddow, Andrew D.; Nalca, Aysegul; Rossi, Franco D.; Miller, Lynn J.; Wiley, Michael R.; Perez-Sautu Aug 1, 2017 6330
Real-time evolution of Zika virus disease outbreak, Roatan, Honduras. Brooks, Trevor; Roy-Burman, Arup; Tuholske, Cascade; Busch, Michael P.; Bakkour, Sonia; Stone, Mars; Aug 1, 2017 2276
Zika virus screening among Spanish team members after 2016 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Olympic Games. Rodriguez-Valero, Natalia; Borobia, Alberto M.; Lago, Mar; Sanchez-Seco, Maria Paz; de Ory, Fernando Aug 1, 2017 1502
Antiviral shows early promise for treatment of Zika. Jancin, Bruce Aug 1, 2017 410
Birth defects occur despite lack of Zika symptoms in moms. Jancin, Bruce Aug 1, 2017 818
Antiviral shows potential in treatment of Zika infection. Jancin, Bruce Aug 1, 2017 410
Birth defects occur despite lack of Zika symptoms in moms: "this is worse than thalidomide.". Jancin, Bruce Interview Aug 1, 2017 1151
Competence of Aedes aegypti, Ae. albopictus, and Culex quinquefasciatus Mosquitoes as Zika Virus Vectors, China. Liu, Zhuanzhuan; Zhou, Tengfei; Lai, Zetian; Zhang, Zhenhong; Jia, Zhirong; Zhou, Guofa; Williams, T Jul 1, 2017 5949
Importation of Zika virus from Vietnam to Japan, November 2016. Hashimoto, Takehiro; Kutsuna, Satoshi; Tajima, Shigeru; Nakayama, Eri; Maeki, Takahiro; Taniguchi, S Jul 1, 2017 1401
Health surveillance and response on a regional scale: a preliminary study of the Zika virus fever case. Bueno, Flavia Thedim Costa Ensayo Jul 1, 2017 6493
Evaluation of Placental and Fetal Tissue Specimens for Zika Virus Infection--50 States and District of Columbia, January-December, 2016. Jun 23, 2017 6842
Pregnancy outcomes after maternal zika virus infection during pregnancy--U.S. territories, January 1, 2016-April 25, 2017. Jun 16, 2017 6217
LARCs are underutilized, even where Zika risk is high. Oakes, Kari Jun 15, 2017 407
Measures taken to prevent Zika virus infection during pregnancy--Puerto Rico, 2016. D'Angelo, Denise V.; von Essen, Beatriz Salvesen; Lamias, Mark J.; Shulman, Holly; Hernandez-Virella Jun 9, 2017 3713
Zika Virus Arrives In India And Continues To Spread In Florida. May 31, 2017 668
No need to panic over first Zika cases, says Indian medical body. May 28, 2017 224
Zika crisis over; Cases in Brazil plummet 95%. May 13, 2017 169
Almost one in 10 pregnant women in the United States with ZIKV had a baby with birth defects. May 1, 2017 357
Zika virus upped rate of US birth defects. Krisberg, Kim May 1, 2017 215
Lack of durable cross-neutralizing antibodies against Zika virus from dengue virus infection. Collins, Matthew H.; McGowan, Eileen; Jadi, Ramesh; Young, Ellen; Lopez, Cesar A.; Baric, Ralph S.; May 1, 2017 6729
Zika virus infection and prolonged viremia in whole-blood specimens. Mansuy, Jean Michel; Mengelle, Catherine; Pasquier, Christophe; Chapuy-Regaud, Sabine; Delobel, Pier Letter to the editor May 1, 2017 1386
Clinical manifestations of Punta Toro Virus species complex infections, Panama, 2009. Gundacker, Nathan D.; Carrera, Jean-Paul; Castillo, Marlene; Diaz, Yamilka; Valenzuela, Jose; Tamhan Letter to the editor May 1, 2017 1553
Vertical transmission of Zika virus by Aedes aegypti and Ae. albopictus mosquitoes. Ciota, Alexander T.; Bialosuknia, Sean M.; Ehrbar, Dylan J.; Kramer, Laura D. Letter to the editor May 1, 2017 1767
Birth defects found in 10% of confirmed U.S. Zika pregnancies. Otto, M. Alexander May 1, 2017 565
Birth defects found in 10% of confirmed U.S. Zika. Otto, M. Alexander Apr 15, 2017 565
Presence and persistence of Zika virus RNA in Semen, United Kingdom, 2016. Atkinson, Barry; Thorburn, Fiona; Petridou, Christina; Bailey, Daniel; Hewson, Roger; Simpson, Andre Apr 1, 2017 4021
Variation in Aedes aegypti mosquito competence for Zika virus transmission. Roundy, Christopher M.; Azar, Sasha R.; Rossi, Shannan L.; Huang, Jing H.; Leal, Grace; Yun, Ruimei; Apr 1, 2017 5874
Assessing sensitivity and specificity of surveillance case definitions for Zika virus disease. Chow, Angela; Ho, Hanley; Win, Mar-Kyaw; Leo, Yee-Sin Apr 1, 2017 2361
Zika-related birth defects in U.S. up 20-fold during current outbreak. Chitnis, Deepak Apr 1, 2017 447
Zika-related birth defects in U.S. up 20-fold since outbreak began. Chitnis, Deepak Apr 1, 2017 458
Zika virus conundrum. Legge, Michael Brief article Apr 1, 2017 128
Baseline prevalence of birth defects associated with congenital Zika virus infection--Massachusetts, North Carolina, and Atlanta, Georgia, 2013-2014. Cragan, Janet D.; Mai, Cara T.; Petersen, Emily E.; Liberman, Rebecca F.; Forestieri, Nina E.; Steve Mar 3, 2017 3213
Zika virus RNA replication and persistence in brain and placental tissue. Bhatnagar, Julu; Rabeneck, Demi B.; Martines, Roosecelis B.; Reagan-Steiner, Sarah; Ermias, Yokabed; Mar 1, 2017 7418
Transmission of Zika virus--Haiti, October 12, 2015-September 10, 2016. Journel, Ito; Andrecy, Lesly L.; Metellus, Dudley; Pierre, Jean S.; Faublas, Rose Murka; Juin, Stanl Feb 17, 2017 3245
Prevalence and clinical attributes of congenital microcephaly--New York, 2013-2015. Graham, Krishika A.; Fox, Deborah J.; Talati, Achala; Pantea, Cristian; Brady, Laura; Carter, Sondra Feb 10, 2017 3290
DOH verifying reports of mother, baby infected with Zika. Feb 3, 2017 401
Zika cases in the U.S. approached 40,000 at beginning of 2017. Franki, Richard Feb 1, 2017 385
United States set to top 40,000 Zika cases. Franki, Richard Feb 1, 2017 395
Fertility. Adamson, G. David; Abusief, Mary E. Feb 1, 2017 4703
Synthetic Biology Takes on Zika. Kumar, Vikram Sheel; Webster, Molly Feb 1, 2017 1116
National birth defects prevention month and folic acid awareness week--January 2017. Jan 6, 2017 445
Risk for Zika microcephaly continues for up to a year. Chitnis, Deepak Jan 1, 2017 331
Obstetrics. Pauli, Jaimey M.; Repke, John T. Cover story Jan 1, 2017 2288
Cost-effectiveness of increasing access to contraception during the Zika virus outbreak, Puerto Rico, 2016. Li, Rui; Simmons, Katharine B.; Bertolli, Jeanne; Rivera-Garcia, Brenda; Cox, Shanna; Romero, Lisa; Jan 1, 2017 7511
Guillain-Barre syndrome and healthcare needs during Zika Virus transmission, Puerto Rico, 2016. Dirlikov, Emilio; Kniss, Krista; Major, Chelsea; Thomas, Dana; Virgen, Cesar A.; Mayshack, Marrielle Jan 1, 2017 2164
Persistent Zika Virus detection in semen in a traveler returning to the United Kingdom from Brazil, 2016. Gaskell, Katherine M.; Houlihan, Catherine; Nastouli, Eleni; Checkley, Anna M. Jan 1, 2017 1875
Zika Virus-Associated Micrencephaly: A Thorough Description of Neuropathologic Findings in the Fetal Central Nervous System. Strafela, Peter; Vizjak, Alenka; Mraz, Jerica; Mlakar, Jernej; Pizem, Joze; Tul, Natasa; Zupanc, Tat Jan 1, 2017 3862
Zika Virus: Pathology From the Pandemic. Ritter, Jana M.; Martines, Roosecelis B.; Zaki, Sherif R. Jan 1, 2017 8487
Laboratory Diagnosis of Zika Virus Infection. Landry, Marie Louise; St. George, Kirsten Jan 1, 2017 6068
Zika and the Blood Supply: A Work in Progress. Katz, Louis M.; Rossmann, Susan N. Jan 1, 2017 7943
Zika Virus--Associated Micrencephaly: A Thorough Description of Neuropathologic Findings in the Fetal Central Nervous System. Strafela, Peter; Vizjak, Alenka; Mraz, Jerica; Mlakar, Jernej; Pizem, Joze; Tul, Natasa; Zupanc, Tat Report Jan 1, 2017 3852
Evolution of Knowledge, Awareness, and Practices regarding Zika Virus from 2016 to 2017. Katler, Quinton; Godiwala, Prachi; Macri, Charles; Pineles, Beth; Simon, Gary; Chang, Aileen; Ahmadz Report Jan 1, 2017 11332
Zika Virus, Past and Present. Maness, Lisa; Meixner, Jeffery Disease/Disorder overview Jan 1, 2017 4010
New Targets for Zika Virus Determined by Human-Viral Interactomic: A Bioinformatics Approach. Esteves, Eduardo; Rosa, Nuno; Correia, Maria Jose; Arrais, Joel P.; Barros, Marlene Report Jan 1, 2017 11060
Woman infected with Zika gives birth to healthy baby. Dec 29, 2016 291
Fewer Zika-infected pregnancies reported 2 weeks in a row. Franki, Richard Dec 1, 2016 387
Guidance for U.S. laboratory testing for Zika virus infection: implications for health care providers. Nov 25, 2016 412
2 new Zika victims bring total number of cases in PH to 35. Nov 19, 2016 269
WHO Declares Zika no Longer a Global Health Emergency. Nov 19, 2016 103
Zika Is No Longer A Public Health Emergency. Nov 19, 2016 368
16-year-old pregnant girl has Zika virus - DOH. Nov 16, 2016 318
Study Finds Antibody That Neutralizes Zika. Nov 9, 2016 570
4 new cases of Zika confirmed. Nov 5, 2016 203
Zika infection linked to Guillain-Barre. Krisberg, Kim Nov 1, 2016 218
Zika's not the only mosquito-borne virus to worry about. Brunk, Doug Nov 1, 2016 1178
Increased hospitalizations for neuropathies as indicators of Zika virus infection, according to health information system data, Brazil. Barcellos, Christovam; Xavier, Diego Ricardo; Pavao, Ana Luiza; Boccolini, Cristiano Siqueira; Pina, Nov 1, 2016 4340
Vietnam reports first microcephaly case likely linked to Zika -- govt agency. Oct 30, 2016 290
Pregnant Cavite woman becomes 2nd Zika case in Calabarzon. Oct 29, 2016 195
More Pregnant Women Diagnosed With Zika. Oct 28, 2016 549
Britons are warned after tourists fall ill with virus. Oct 26, 2016 168
Zika patient not Makati resident, says city health chief. Oct 15, 2016 340
Zika reaches Makati, Mandaluyong. Oct 15, 2016 402
Protect students from Zika, DepEd tells school officials. Oct 2, 2016 251
CDC spreads fear that Zika is coming, but TB is here. Oct 1, 2016 729
Culex pipiens and Aedes triseriatus mosquito susceptibility to Zika virus. Aliota, Matthew T.; Peinado, Stephen A.; Osorio, Jorge E.; Bartholomay, Lyric C. Letter to the editor Oct 1, 2016 1600
Zika virus: applying the standards of nursing practice. Sinay, Kristen Oct 1, 2016 1926
How the eye could harbour the Zika virus. Oct 1, 2016 278
IN THE KNOW: Zika virus. Sep 27, 2016 203
Pregnant woman is latest Zika case in Philippines. Sep 26, 2016 617
No Iloilo travel ban. Sep 23, 2016 502
Quest Diagnostics announces Zika Antibody Test Service in the US as well as Puerto Rico and other US territories. Sep 22, 2016 324
Quest Diagnostics announces Zika Antibody Test Service in the US as well as Puerto Rico and other US territories. Sep 22, 2016 320
4 things you should know about zika. Sep 22, 2016 259
Avoid Iloilo, pregnant women advised. Sep 19, 2016 299
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Zika virus disease cases--50 states and the District of Columbia, January 1-July 31, 2016. Walker, William L.; Lindsey, Nicole P.; Lehman, Jennifer A.; Krow-Lucal, Elisabeth R.; Rabe, Ingrid Sep 16, 2016 2370
Alert after Zika infects up to five. Sep 15, 2016 126
UP TO 4 PEOPLE IN ULSTER WITH ZIKA; MLA's shock at 'worrying' health stats. Sep 15, 2016 414
DOH confirms 2 more Zika cases in Iloilo City. Sep 13, 2016 445
Concerns about Zika threat on the rise in this country. Schultz, John Sep 12, 2016 457
Thai Authorities Downplay Zika Risk. Sep 12, 2016 640
Airlines told to disinfect to combat Zika spread. Sep 11, 2016 329
One Step Closer To A Zika Vaccine. Sep 9, 2016 336
WHO issues travel advisory vs Zika. Sep 8, 2016 371
More Zika cases seen. Sep 7, 2016 204
DOH confirms 1st case of Zika infection in PH. Sep 6, 2016 398
Take extra caution, Filipinos in Zika-infected countries told. Sep 3, 2016 527
Guillain-Barre syndrome during ongoing Zika virus transmission--Puerto Rico, January 1-July 31, 2016. Dirlikov, Emilio; Major, Chelsea G.; Mayshack, Marrielle; Medina, Nicole; Matos, Desiree; Ryff, Kyle Sep 2, 2016 3340
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NIH begins testing investigational Zika vaccine in humans. Sep 1, 2016 368
OSHA, NIOSH guidance: protecting healthcare workers from Zika virus. Sep 1, 2016 450
Zika vaccine testing begins in humans. Sep 1, 2016 309
New Hope for Zika Treatment Found. Aug 30, 2016 996
Zika-Infected Mosquitoes Can Pass Virus On To Larvae. Aug 30, 2016 370
Singapore Reports 41 Locally Transmitted Zika Cases. Aug 29, 2016 407
FDA Recommends Zika Testing For All Blood Donated In US. Aug 27, 2016 1123
Zika warning to women at Miami Beach. Aug 21, 2016 106
Mosquitoes in Florida now spreading Zika virus, health officials warn. Rosen, Meghan Brief article Aug 20, 2016 179
Zika may be spreading locally outside Miami hot zone. Aug 17, 2016 342
49 Cases Of Zika Confirmed In NYC. Aug 17, 2016 347
Zika What? Brazil's biggest health scare not biting so far. Aug 14, 2016 403
US Declares Zika Public Health Emergency In Puerto Rico. Aug 13, 2016 604
New locally acquired Zika cases turn up in Miami. Aug 11, 2016 359
Zika Virus Update: Study Names New Serious Condition Linked To Infection. Aug 10, 2016 348
Texas infant's death linked to travel-related Zika infection. Aug 9, 2016 271
As the Olympics get into their stride, the Zika virus is closer than you might; Neil Wood finds out what you need to know as the virus hits the UK. Aug 8, 2016 657
Update: ongoing Zika virus transmission--Puerto Rico, November 1, 2015-July 7, 2016. Adams, Laura; Bello-Pagan, Melissa; Lozier, Matthew; Ryff, Kyle R.; Espinet, Carla; Torres, Jomil; P Aug 5, 2016 4099
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SCOTS DOCTOR ON ZIKA TEST MISSION; Mario leads team targeting dangerous virus. Aug 4, 2016 299
Zika Virus Vaccine Being Tested. Aug 3, 2016 516
Monkey study shows Zika infection prolonged in pregnancy. Medical condition overview Aug 1, 2016 237
CDC updates urine testing guidelines for Zika detection. Krisberg, Kim Aug 1, 2016 279
CDC updates guidance for managing Zika in pregnancy. Chitnis, Deepak Medical condition overview Aug 1, 2016 515
The role ob.gyns. can play in preventing Zika virus. Kottke, Melissa Aug 1, 2016 678
82 days ... and counting. Editorial Aug 1, 2016 1001
Sen. Rubio, the Zika virus, and erring on the side of life. Andrusko, Dave Aug 1, 2016 455
Rio-bound U.S. athletes monitored for Zika. Aug 1, 2016 312
'Low risk of catching Zika virus in the UK' By Andrew Robinson News Reporter Medic's assurances after 3 cases at Trust. Jul 30, 2016 526
53 ZIKA CASES IN BRITAIN; VIRUS NUMBERS ON THE RISE Brits holidaying in Florida warned after outbreak in Miami. Jul 30, 2016 306
Update: interim guidance for health care providers caring for pregnant women with possible Zika virus exposure--United States, July 2016. Oduyebo, Titilope; Igbinosa, Irogue; Petersen, Emily E.; Polen, Kara N.D.; Pillai, Satish K.; Ailes, Medical condition overview Jul 29, 2016 4352
FDA Suspends Blood Donations In 2 Florida Counties Amid Zika Threat. Jul 29, 2016 417
Honduras detects 8 cases of babies with Zika-related defect. Jul 26, 2016 175
Colombia Declares End to Zika Epidemic. Jul 25, 2016 148
Florida tests more than 200 residents in Zika probe. Jul 23, 2016 204
Suspected female-to-male sexual transmission of Zika virus--New York City, 2016. Davidson, Alexander; Slavinski, Sally; Komoto, Kendra; Rakeman, Jennifer; Weiss, Don Jul 22, 2016 1121
Zika guidance for schools. Jul 22, 2016 142
Concern over Florida Zika case prompts Obama call with governor. Jul 21, 2016 272
New Book By Dr. Maloney Shows Zika Babies Damaged by Viral Co-infections. Jul 19, 2016 334
Going to Brazil for Olympics? How to stay safe from Zika. Jul 10, 2016 768
A literature review of Zika virus. Plourde, Anna R.; Bloch, Evan M. Jul 1, 2016 5479
Single-reaction multiplex reverse transcription PCR for detection of Zika, Chikungunya, and dengue viruses. Waggoner, Jesse J.; Gresh, Lionel; Mohamed-Hadley, Alisha; Ballesteros, Gabriela; Davila, Maria Jose Jul 1, 2016 2357
CDC updates guidelines for Zika virus testing, interpretation of results. Chitnis, Deepak Jul 1, 2016 441
Zika virus challenges ob.gyn. practice. Reece, Albert Jul 1, 2016 493
The likely path to fetal infection with Zika virus. Sadovsky, Yoel; Coyne, Carolyn Jul 1, 2016 1863
Scientists offer first look at how our cells can "swallow up and quarantine" Zika. Jul 1, 2016 386
CDC updates guidelines for Zika virus testing, interpretation of results. Chitnis, Deepak Jul 1, 2016 455
Zika and Guillain-Barre. Klotter, Jule Jul 1, 2016 521
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Zika virus surveillance and preparedness--New York City, 2015-2016. Lee, Christopher T.; Vora, Neil M.; Bajwa, Waheed; Boyd, Lorraine; Harper, Scott; Kass, Daniel; Lang Jun 24, 2016 4150
Rory: I'm snubbing Olympics over Zika; Golfer McIlroy withdraws from Rio amid fears of baby defect virus. Jun 23, 2016 496
Golfer McIlroy withdraws from Rio Games. Jun 22, 2016 633
Human Testing Of Zika Vaccine To Begin. Jun 21, 2016 352
Hologic passes US FDA emergency use approval for its new diagnostic assay for Zika virus infection. Jun 20, 2016 299
Hologic passes US FDA emergency use approval for its new diagnostic assay for Zika virus infection. Jun 20, 2016 295
WHO, PAHO approve USD-122-mln Zika response plan. Jun 17, 2016 354
US Agency Reports On Babies Affected By Zika. Jun 17, 2016 358
FROM THE GP'S SURGERY. Jun 15, 2016 499
FROM THE GP'S SURGERY. Jun 15, 2016 494
FROM THE GP'S SURGERY. Jun 15, 2016 499
Should the world go to Rio? Not until we know more. Jun 8, 2016 958
2016 Olympic Games: Should the world go to Rio? Jun 6, 2016 923
Surprising Claim. Jun 5, 2016 939
WHO experts say Zika may cause birth defects in thousands of babies. Jun 4, 2016 260
Red meat and cancer... Zika virus... lavender for sleep. Ferrell, Bruce A. Jun 1, 2016 700
CDC issues interim guidance for Zika virus testing of urine in the U.S. Jun 1, 2016 280
CDC: Zika virus urine testing preferable to serum. Pizzi, Richard Jun 1, 2016 313
CDC watching 279 pregnant women in U.S. with Zika virus. McKnight, Whitney Jun 1, 2016 523
Zika readiness: U.S. official raises concerns. McKnight, Whitney Jun 1, 2016 992
The panic likely is unnecessary. Jun 1, 2016 617
Prof: Zika virus could spread to the States; Warning for pregnant tourists. May 30, 2016 248
Prof: Zika virus could spread to the States; Warning given over pregnant tourists. May 30, 2016 219
WHO: Israel Faces 'Moderate' Risk for Zika Virus Outbreak. May 20, 2016 226
The return of yellow fever epidemic. May 17, 2016 898
NACDS foundation begins Zika campaign. May 16, 2016 238
Interim guidance for Zika virus testing of urine--United States, 2016. May 13, 2016 645
Panama Confirms 4 Microcephaly Cases Linked To Zika. May 5, 2016 387
Could Zika paralyze hundreds of U.S. adults? May 2, 2016 1191
Taking the bite out of Zika: state public health agencies face yet another threat with the Zika virus. Johnson, Tahra May 1, 2016 1330
Tracking the Zika pandemic: as the Zika virus spreads, businesses must assess the risks and develop plans to protect employees. Widmer, Lori May 1, 2016 2062
CDC urges states to prepare for Zika. Smith, Jennie May 1, 2016 595
CDC: Zika infection unlikely in asymptomatic people, but test pregnant women. Pizzi, Richard May 1, 2016 298
Another viral epidemic? Klotter, Jule Editorial May 1, 2016 1260
Overview of Zika virus (ZIKV) infection in regards to the Brazilian epidemic. Slavov, S.N.; Otaguiri, K.K.; Kashima, S.; Covas, D.T. Report May 1, 2016 8085
CDC: Zika infection unlikely in asymptomatic people, but test pregnant women. Pizzi, Richard May 1, 2016 297
Structure of Zika virus mapped: 3-D image may provide clues to how to fight infection. Rosen, Meghan Apr 30, 2016 450
Patterns in Zika virus testing and infection, by report of symptoms and pregnancy status--United States, January 3-March 5, 2016. Dasgupta, Sharoda; Reagan-Steiner, Sarah; Goodenough, Dana; Russell, Kate; Tanner, Mary; Lewis, Lill Medical condition overview Apr 22, 2016 2978
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CDC urges states to prepare for Zika. Mith, Jennie Apr 15, 2016 586
Leidos and Immunovaccine collaborate to develop vaccine against Zika virus. Apr 12, 2016 179
Leidos and Immunovaccine collaborate to develop vaccine against Zika virus. Apr 12, 2016 175
Microcephaly: building a case against Zika: virus can damage key cells in developing brains. Rosen, Meghan Apr 2, 2016 2740
New CDC laboratory test for Zika virus authorized for emergency use by FDA. Apr 1, 2016 589
Update: interim guidance for prevention of sexual transmission of Zika virus--United States, 2016. Oster, Alexandra M.; Russell, Kate; Stryker, Jo Ellen; Friedman, Allison; Kachur, Rachel E.; Peterse Apr 1, 2016 1879
Study IDs fetal anomalies tied to Zika virus. Schneider, Mary Ellen Apr 1, 2016 443
Evidence of link between Zika virus and microcephaly: researchers have detected the Zika virus in amniotic fluid surrounding two unborn babies known to have abnormally small heads (microcephaly). Brief article Apr 1, 2016 193
FDA grants use of experimental blood test for Zika screening. Mar 30, 2016 215
U.S. health officials tell couples exposed to Zika to wait to conceive. Mar 25, 2016 271

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