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Health Zone: Would you tattoo your make-up on just to save time in the morning?

IMAGINE never having to pencil on eyeliner every morning.

Picture yourself chucking out your eyebrow pencils and lip liners and waking up every day looking fresh faced and bright eyed.

Think of the time you'd save ... not to mention the money. Thousands of women around Britain have found the answer to the make-up miseries.

They are turning to semi-permanent tattoos.

It sounds dreadful, but the technique is a lot gentler than permanent tattoos and can be used on the delicate skin around the eyes and lips.

And because the dyes are only implanted one millimetre under the skin they disappear within five years.

The new techniques are so advanced that you can have your face subtly enhanced and no one will ever know.

Eyeliners are drawn so closely along the curve of the lashes that they look thicker, making your eyes look bright and open.

Fine lines, each resembling a single hair with a root and tip, are skillfully drawn to fill in thin brows or emphasise the eyebrow arch.

And lip shapes can be enhanced and intensified by lining and filling out your natural lip contour. Micro-pigments are implanted under the skin using a machine that operates a tiny needle at 150 times per second.

The high speed gives the technician far more control than the old fashioned tattooing techniques.

And better still, it's almost painless - you just feel slight discomfort and some irritation which lasts only a couple of days.

We spoke to two women who have taken the plunge - and are delighted with the results.


LOOKING good is second nature to Louise Kerr, above left.

The busy mum of two- year-old Brandon would never dream of being seen in public without her make-up.

As the wife of Celtic goal- keeper Stewart Kerr, Louise has had to adapt to his celebrity status and get used to being photographed from all angles on all occasions. "When you know you might end up in the paper, you have to make sure you don't have a bad hair or a bad face day," she laughs.

"I've always been into designer clothes, working out at the gym, getting my hair done and looking after myself.

So when a friend told meabout semi-permanent make- up I was really interested."

"My only worry was whether or not it would hurt. I'm a bit of a chicken and there would have been no way I could have had it done if I'd thought I might suffer."

Louise, 23, who lives in East Kilbride and has been married to 25-year-old Stewart for two years, spent pounds 500 on semi- permanent lip liner and is already planning another session to have eye liner added.

"Being blonde, I wear lots of lilacs and light-coloured lip- sticks so I wanted a lip line darker than my natural colour to emphasise the shape of my lips," she says. "There was no pain becausean anaesthetic ointment was used to numb the area.

I was very pleased with the result because it looked completely natural even without lipstick. "The reason I chose a darker, plummy lip line is because my lips are quite rosy and I wanted the effect to save me having to wear cosmetic lipliner."

"It's great for swimming or going in and out of the shower because you don't have to keep re-applying lipstick.

"Stewart thought I was mad when I told him I was having it done but now he's seen what a difference it makes, he understands why I'm keen to have my eyes done as well."


BEAUTICIAN Daniella Shelton, above right, admits that she has been a martyr to her make-up bag since her teens.

The prospect of being able to cut down on the time it takes to apply and remove her make-up was all she needed to decide to spend pounds 950 on a semi-permanent look.

"It's very important to me to look good and I've always done my face as soon as I get out of bed," she says.

"Making sure you look good boosts your confidence and make-up can do a lot."

Daniella, 26, of Tamworth, Staffs, was particularly keen to change her eyebrows which had lost their shape due to years of over-plucking. Shealso went for a semi- permanent lip line to make her lips appear fuller and to hide a tiny scar at the side ofher mouth.

And she had an invisible line added to her top eye lids (a tiny dot of pigment between each eye lash) and a kohl-coloured line between her bottom lashes.

All three procedures were done at the same time andtook about five hours. "No matter how many times I'd tried to grow my eye brows back, they'd always looked a mess," she explains. "I wanted a more defined lip shape so I chose a liner a shade darker than my natural lip colour. "I was thrilled with the results and swelling was minimal - I just looked like I'd had a good cry. "Without make-up I look very natural, healthy and basically made-upwithout having to spend half an hour in front of a mirror.

"It's great not to get up extra early to make sure I get my face on."

IF YOU want to try permanent make-up, call Reza on 01254 722000 for your nearest salon. Ensure your technician is qualified and ask to see examples of their work.

Also talk to other clients.

Prices are about pounds 300 for lips and eyebrows, pounds 350 for eye liner and pounds 90 for a beauty spot.
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