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Health Zone: What's up doc?



ARE there are any adverse effects from breast-feeding from one breast? My other nipple is so sore that I can't bear to go near it.


Midwife Sue Jacob from the Royal College of Midwives writes: There are no adverse effects from continuing to feed from one breast, as milk is produced on a supply-and-demand basis.

The only cause for concern in terms of your health, however, is that in some cases the breast that is not stimulated may feel heavy and engorged. If the milk is not removed either by feeding the baby or ex-pressing an infection can develop, al-though this is rare.


I HAVE developed a pain in my heel when I walk. How can I get rid of it?


Physiotherapist Sarah Key, author of Back Sufferer's Bible, writes: It may be due to one of two things. The most obvious cause may be slight irritability of the nerve root passing out of your spine between your two lowest vertebrae.

Try exercises to decompress your spine, namely squatting exercises. Tummy strengthening through curl-ups can also help. The other problem could be due to a spur of bone, called a calcaneal spur, projecting out of your heel bone. The cause of this is unknown. A short-term solution is a donut-shaped shoe insert which you can buy from an orthopaedic supplier.


I AM 28 and suffer from mild bladder incontinence. I do a lot of exercise and have never had a child. What can I do about it ?


Gynaecologist Anne Szarewski writes: It is not that uncommon for younger women to develop urinary incontinence. The first thing to do is to have a gynaecological examination. This will show if there is a simple reason, for example fibroids.

If the result is normal, you can be referred to a specialist for urodynamic tests, where they look at the way your bladder empties and if all the muscles and nerves are working normally.

In the meantime, ask your GP to give you details of exercises you can do. Either way I'd seek medical advice and request to see a urinary specialist.

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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:May 24, 2001
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Health Zone: What's up doc?
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