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Health Zone: By Gum, It Works!

THE wailing of an infant as it endures the pain of teething can be desperately upsetting - not to mention exhausting.

But the homeopathic remedy chamomilla can be very effective for helping soothe that pain away.

Try Nelson's Teething Granules (pounds 4.20 from most chemists).

Put a damp, clean flannel or cloth in the fridge until it gets really cold. Then let your baby chew on it to relieve the soreness in the gums. Put a banana in the freezer and then give it your baby to suck on. It will help the soreness and the good taste will help take their mind off the pain.

If your baby has developed a rash on their chin from the constant drooling, try to keep it as dry and possible.

Apply a little Vaseline to stop it from becoming sore. To help with cranky moods, add a drop of lavender oil to a cotton wool pad and place it in their clothes where they can't reach it.

Make sure it does not touch the skin.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Feb 15, 2001
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