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Articles from Health Services Research (October 1, 2010)

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A randomized trial comparing mail versus in-office distribution of the CAHPS clinician and group survey. Anastario, Michael P.; Rodriguez, Hector P.; Gallagher, Patricia M.; Cleary, Paul D.; Shaller, Dale; Clinical report 4946
Are lower response rates hazardous to your health survey? An analysis of three state telephone health surveys. Davern, Michael; McAlpine, Donna; Beebe, Timothy J.; Ziegenfuss, Jeanette; Rockwood, Todd; Call, Kat Survey 8360
Balancing access to health data and privacy: a review of the issues and approaches for the future. Lane, Julia; Schur, Claudia 3678
Bundled payment systems: can they be more successful this time. Chernew, Michael 2933
Commentary: assessing the health effects of Medicare coverage for previously uninsured adults: a matter of life and death? McWilliams, J. Michael; Meara, Ellen; Zaslavshy, Alan M.; Ayanian, John Z. Report 5871
Commentary: what conclusions can we draw from recent analyses of anesthesia provider model and patient outcomes? Neuman, Mark D.; Schwartz, J. Sanford; Fleisher, Lee A. 2358
Community and individual race/ethnicity and home health care use among elderly persons in the United States. Kirby, James B.; Lau, Denys T. 6717
Cost sharing, family health care burden, and the use of specialty drugs for rheumatoid arthritis. Karaca-Mandic, Pinar; Joyce, Geoffrey F.; Goldman, Dana P.; Laouri, Marianne 8762
Data and measurement issues in the analysis of health disparities. Bilheimer, Linda T.; Klein, Richard J. 6690
Data and methods to facilitate delivery system reform: harnessing collective intelligence to learn from positive deviance. Luft, Harold S. Report 3725
Data governance and stewardship: designing data stewardship entities and advancing data access. Rosenbaum, Sara 4949
Declining fertility and the use of cesarean delivery: evidence from a population-based study in Taiwan. Ma, Ke-Zong M.; Norton, Edward C.; Lee, Shoou-Yih D. Report 6100
Effects of mass media coverage on timing and annual receipt of influenza vaccination among Medicare elderly. Yoo, Byung-Kwang; Holland, Margaret L.; Bhattacharya, Jay; Phelps, Charles E.; Szilagyi, Peter G. Survey 9653
Examining the relationship between clinical monitoring and suicide risk among patients with depression: matched case-control study and instrumental variable approaches. Kim, Hyungjin Myra; Eisenberg, Daniel; Ganoczy, Dara; Hoggatt, Katherine; Austin, Karen L.; Downing, 9366
Health Policy Orientation. 105
Health services research and data linkages: issues, methods, and directions for the future. Bradley, Cathy J.; Penberthy, Lynne; Devers, Kelly J.; Holden, Debra J. Report 6539
Health Services Research in 2020: data and methods needs for the future. Pittman, Patricia 3795
How does Medicaid-managed care impact reporting of Medicaid status? Plotzke, Michael R.; Klerman, Jacob Alex; Davern, Michael 4957
Improving evaluations of value-based purchasing programs. McHugh, Megan; Joshi, Maulik 3586
Modeling health care policy alternatives. Ringel, Jeanne S.; Eibner, Christine; Girosi, Federico; Cordova, Amado; McGlynn, Elizabeth A. 6004
Mortality among patients with acute myocardial infarction: the influences of patient-centered care and evidence-based medicine. Meterko, Mark; Wright, Steven; Lin, Hai; Lowy, Elliott; Cleary, Paul D. Clinical report 6124
Multiple chronic conditions and disabilities: implications for health services research and data demands. Iezzoni, Lisa I. 6697
National Health Policy Conference. 114
NCHS/AcademyHealth Health Policy Fellowship. 101
Place of residence affects routine dental care in the intellectually and developmentally disabled adult population on Medicaid. Bershadsky, Julie; Kane, Robert L. 4336
Response to Commentary: what conclusions can we draw from recent analyses of anesthesia provider model and patient outcomes? Needleman, Jack; Minnick, Ann F. 3541
Response to McWilliams Commentary: "assessing the health effects of Medicare coverage for previously uninsured adults: a matter of life and death?". Polsky, Daniel; Doshi, Jalpa A.; Manning, Willard G.; Paddock, Susan; Cen, Liyi; Rogowski, Jeannette 2475
Surgeon and hospital volume as quality indicators for CABG in Taiwan: examining hazard to mortality and accounting for unobserved heterogeneity. Hockenberry, Jason M.; Lien, Hsien-Ming; Chou, Shin-Yi Report 7598
The hospital compare mortality model and the volume--outcome relationship. Silber, Jeffrey H.; Rosenbaum, Paul R.; Brachet, Tanguy J.; Ross, Richard N.; Bressler, Laura J.; Ev Report 7070
Use of outpatient care in Veterans Health Administration and Medicare among veterans receiving primary care in community-based and hospital outpatient clinics. Liu, Chuan-Fen; Chapko, Michael; Bryson, Chris L.; Burgess, James F., Jr.; Fortney, John C.; Perkins 6564
Viewing health care delivery as science: challenges, benefits, and policy implications. Pronovost, Peter J.; Goeschel, Christine A. 5235

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