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Healing with homeopathy: treating psychic and spiritual children with homeopathic medicine.

An Engaging Child with a Big Heart

Diego's mother described him as a fun character. He was 10 years old - a fourth-grader with a great attitude. His main issues were attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and learning disabilities, with trouble remaining focused, impulsivity, and difficulty remaining on task for very long. Despite these difficulties, Diego had fun in school and loved it. He enjoyed sports but wasn't a star athlete. If a game was slow, like baseball, Diego could often be found daydreaming in the outfield.


Medicated for a while with Stratterra (atomoxetine), the norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor, the boy finally had to go off it because of side effects. (Common side effects of Strattera include abdominal pain, vomiting, nausea, decreased appetite, fatigue, and headache.) His grades remained good after discontinuing the medicine, but Diego needed to study longer, with more repetition, to obtain the same academic results. His confidence and attitude, however, were terrific. Self-motivated to score good grades, he didn't let negative feedback affect him. Diego's memory was quite good and he easily learned his spelling words and math facts.

The youngster's reading level was a year behind, with some difficulty with comprehension. It took him longer than other children to create a story and get his thoughts down on paper. Diego's teachers complained that he daydreamed in class. He was also easily distracted by others fidgeting or talking, and commotion or noise in the classroom bothered him. Even though others were talking, Diego knew that he wasn't supposed to.

Despite his inattention in class, Diego was a very organized child. "He's a creature of habit," described his mother. He liked routine and reminded his parents when to go to church or clean the house. His desk at school was very neat, and his bed had to be made just right, as if he were in boot camp.

He was considered very social, with a lot of friends, despite a one-year delay in vocabulary and language skills. His friends were mostly at school, though and he didn't over to his friends' houses very much.

Diego's mother described him as having a big heart. Very sympathetic, his heart went out to the poor and less fortunate. He loved to talk to adults and was naturally friendly. His parents believed that he had a deep spiritual connection. Diego liked to watch a video of saints, and he could stay focused on spiritual activities such as meditation for hours. When pregnant, his mother had dreams of him being a very spiritual child and doing helpful things for others. She had been told by a spiritual teacher that he was part of a group of children incarnating called the "Crystal" children.

When Diego had an opportunity to engage in conversation, he expressed that he found school to be fun. He liked his favorite subjects and was in a group of children who liked to challenge themselves to do better in school. "Not paying attention happens to all kids. Maybe for five minutes, it happens to me. Social studies or math can be hard. With social studies, it can be hard to find information in the book. I have trouble understanding story sentences. I already know how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide, and I know a little bit of square roots."

Spiritually Evolved Beyond His Years

Reading could be difficult for Diego, but nevertheless he liked to read spiritual books beyond his years, like Autobiography of a Yogi, by Paramahamsa Yogananda, the famous yoga master who came to the West in the 1930s. His parents encouraged Diego's spiritual pursuits and gave him the time and space to meditate.

"It's like art. It almost looks better than a doodle. I can see stuff through my third eye. I can tap into someone's face and find out what's going on. Mostly with saints. I can see colors around people sometimes, like at night. I see happy or spiritual faces. Sometimes when I see someone's face I just see a color."

Diego's dreams were of television shows or occasionally bad dreams, like "someone going into our house when we are sleeping. I thought it was real, even though I know when I'm dreaming or asleep."

Diego's mother had sent his photo to John of God, a famous Brazilian spiritual healer, with a request for help. Diego was taking herbs from John of God and drinking holy water. His mother also possessed psychic abilities. She put some of the holy water on Diego's photo and perceived a bright light appearing on the image.

Steady Progress After a Common Homeopathic Medicine

Finding the homeopathic medicine for Diego did not take a great deal of study. He was given a common remedy, Phosphorus, which has helped him tremendously over a period of three years. Diego's first dose of Phosphorus 1M improved his sleep, made him less fidgety, and improved his problem-solving and thinking ability. He reported that when he closed his eyes he now saw the shapes of animals, like a dog or cat. His attention span was not improved, and he still had a hard time staying on task, according to teachers. He thought that he was focusing better and that reading was easy, but his mother still thought that he needed to read an assignment several times before fully comprehending it. His teacher said that Diego was the best in class when it came to spelling, numbers, and mathematics. He was given another dose of Phosphorus 1M.

By his next follow-up visit, according to his teachers, Diego was focusing better, and had improved his reading comprehension. He was sleeping very well. He reported seeing angels, Jesus, and God and described them in detail, after praying to be able to do it. It all happened during church. According to his mother, "He communicates with them by telepathy. He can also see other saints and people on the other side. Diego described seeing God as 'a really bright light.'"

His ordinary conversational skills had improved as well. He was receiving A's and B's, his favorite subjects being science and social studies. Diego thought that he could concentrate in school without any trouble and could read well with understanding.

Diego continued to do well over the next two years with infrequent doses of Phosphorus 1M, then 10M. Whenever his attention or reading skills faltered a bit, a dose of the remedy rapidly restored his progress. His psychic and spiritual abilities continued to develop. A year after treatment began, Diego described, "I can change the weather. I can make dark and light happen in a different dimension. When I'm 14 1/2, things are going to change for me for the better. Then I will understand my spiritual gifts." A year later his mother reported that he was continuing to have experiences of seeing fairies and God and traveling to other dimensions. She thought that he was having a kundalini awakening.

Diego made an easy transition to middle school. He was doing reading assignments and writing book reports on his own, and getting A's and B's, with one C in math. He was doing his homework independently now. He had an odd symptom of tickling fingers, which made him laugh. It eventually resolved on its own, as he continued to take Phosphorus two or three times a year. At his last visit, recently, he was doing very well, having begun the new school year without his teachers' reporting any problems.

Phosphorus comes from the mineral kingdom, from the third row of the periodic table. Children who need Phosphorus are open, friendly, sensitive., sympathetic, and sometimes psychically sensitive or frankly clairvoyant. They may pick up on others' thoughts and feelings to a greater or lesser degree. There is a loving connection between Phosphorus and others.

Diego was the most psychically sensitive of the Phosphorus children whom we have seen. They can be spacey and distracted, especially by social interactions with their peers, and they may pick up on others thoughts and feelings to a greater or lesser degree. Phosphorus children tend to be more dreamy than hyperkinetic, as contrasted with homeopathic medicines such as Veratrum album and Tarentula.

Differential Homeopathic Diagnosis for Psychic Individuals

If you are new to homeopathy or haven't seen many cases of similar children, it is useful to know the type of medicines that are prescribed for children who are more psychically sensitive and spiritually oriented than the norm. These children and their adult counterparts are sensitive in general, perceiving sensory information and extrasensory information more acutely than most people. They can have dreams, visions, and hallucinations; exhibit clairvoyance; may be able to read others' thoughts and emotions; have foreknowledge of events. It is also common for the psychically sensitive to have contact with nonphysical entities, spirits, angels, guides, and masters. Some will also have a more direct connection to the divine or believe that they do, with communication with God or gods, depending on their culture and spiritual tradition.

These abilities can be a blessing or a curse to those who have them. When they occur voluntarily as a result of meditation, spiritual practices, faith, and belief, and enhance (or at least don't interfere with) one's health, work, and life, they can be a blessing. When instead the experiences are involuntary; spontaneous; and cause anxiety, fear, distress, or even psychosis, they can be a curse. Even sought-after psychic and spiritual abilities and phenomena can escalate into a spiritual and mental health emergency, such as the uncontrolled rising of the kundalini, with attendant physical and psychological symptoms.

The homeopathic medicines for psychospiritual children are derived from the three kingdoms in nature, animal, plant, and mineral, and the nosodes (medicines made from the products of disease). There are 17 remedies appearing in the repertory in the rubric "clairvoyance," 50 remedies in the rubric "delusions, sees dead people," 2 remedies in the rubric "delusion, in communication with God," 5 remedies in the rubric "delusion, under superhuman control." These and other rubrics provide clues to which remedy pictures exhibit the most tendency to psychic phenomena or delusions. The list below covers the principal remedies known for clairvoyance, extrasensory perceptions, and delusions relating to matters beyond the ordinary.

From the Animal Kingdom

Snakes, Lyssin, and Lac delphinum. Many of the snake remedies and a few other animals have some aspect of clairvoyance or religiosity.

Lachesis (Bushmaster): Jealous and suspicious, clairvoyant, feeling of being under superhuman control. Prophetic dreams and trance states. Religious delusions. Talkative.

Crotalus cascavella (Brazilian rattlesnake): Clairvoyance. Fear of death. Delusion of someone behind them, and hearing footsteps or groaning behind them. Hallucinations of death as a giant, black skeleton. Feels persecuted.

Naja (Cobra): Delusion under superhuman control, and feeling of two wills. Delusion of neglecting one's duty, having done wrong, but also of having suffered wrong. Strong spiritual orientation.

Lyssin (Rabies or hydrophobinum): Clairvoyance, praying alternating with violence. Feeling of being tormented, and having suffered wrong. Fear of losing one's security. Violent rage followed by repentence.

Lac delphinum (Dolphin's milk): Clairvoyance and delusions of things looking beautiful. Feels unsafe apart from the group. Pursued by enemies. Playful and exuberant. Prophetic dreams. Spaciness and tranquility.

From the Plant Kingdom

These medicines include the drug remedies, nightshades, and other sensitive plants. The plant medicines are characterized by heightened sensory and sometimes extrasensory awareness, and because of their hallucinatory or psychoactive properties have a wide range of clairvoyance, hallucinations, delusions, and fears.

Anhalonium (Peyote): Sensation of merging or becoming one with everything. Difficulty distinguishing one's boundaries, alternating with a sensation of isolation and a fear of loss of identity. Mystical experiences of union or unity.

Banisteriopsis caapi (Ayahuasca): Hallucinogenic experiences. Sense of unreality. Bliss, tranquility. Out-of-body experiences. Clairvoyant and clairaudient. Telepathy and psychic experiences. Anger, rage, fury, deep grief. Fear of crossing a bridge. Sensation of floating in air. Sees dangerous animals like crocodiles, leopards, and snakes.

Cannabis indica: Fantasies and fears. Sensitive to harshness and danger. Expanded awareness. More delusions and visions than any other remedy. May be clairaudient as well. Exalted, happy state.

Stramonium (Datura): Fears of dark (number one remedy in children), being alone, wild animals, danger. Desire for company. Clairvoyance, with many hallucinations and delusions. Religious nature with praying. Wants to read the Bible. Clings for security. Sees ghosts, spirits.

Hyoscyamus (Henbane): Clairvoyant and religious. Foolish, playful, and silly. Desire to be naked. Precociously sexual children.

Veratrum album (White hellebore): Religious and philosophical at an early age. Self-righteous with a desire to convert others. Despair of salvation.

Anacardium (Marking nut): Sense of two wills, an angel on one shoulder, a devil on the other. Hears voices. Lack of confidence. Tends to be cruel rather than compassionate, but the two states can alternate. Religious delusions, hallucinations, feels under superhuman control.

Nux moschata (Nutmeg): Prophesizes, predicts things that are going to happen, but does not remember doing so. In a dreamy, sleepy state, prone to fainting.

From the Mineral Kingdom

More structured experiences, related to health, security, and performance issues.

Phosphorus (phosphorus): See above case

Sulphur (sulfur): Clairvoyance and clairvoyant dreams, philosophical, religious affections and speculation. Egotism.

Silica (Flint or sand): Sensitive to vibrations, psychic, clairvoyant, sympathetic but also shy, withdrawn, and obstinate with fixed ideas.

From the Nosodes

Symptoms relating to the various miasms of chronic disease.

Medorrhinum (sycotic miasm): Sensation of life as a dream, unreal. Fear of ghosts, spirits, and someone behind him. Presentiment of unpleasant events, and fear of what will happen. Clairvoyance and clairvoyant dreams.

Carcinosin (cancer miasm): Sympathetic, compassionate, sensitive. Sensitive to reprimand, perfectionistic. Clairvoyance. Fear of ghosts and evil. Fear that something will happen. Delusion under superhuman control.

Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman and Robert Ullman are licensed naturopathic physicians, board certified in homeopathy. Their books include A Drug-Free Approach to Asperger Syndrome and Autism, Ritalin-Free Kids, Rage-Free Kids, Prozac Free, Homeopathic Self-Care: The Quick and Easy Guide for the Whole Family, Whole Woman Homeopathy, The Patient's Guide to Homeopathic Medicine, and Mystics, Masters, Saints and Sages: Stories of Enlightenment. They have taught and lectured internationally and practice at the Northwest Center for Homeopathic Medicine in Edmonds and Langley, Washington. The doctors live on Whidbey Island, Washington, and in Pucon, Chile. They treat patients by phone and videoconference as well as in person, and can be reached at 425-774-5599 or
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