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Healing with Homeopathy: Homeopathic Chelation of Methotrexate.

We have been in homeopathic practice for thirty-five years and have seen quite a bit. But, this was one of the most amazing examples of detoxification, thanks only to homeopathy, that we have witnessed. We have heard of other cases of chelation of metals, such as mercury, exclusively through homeopathy. This case corroborates that homeopathy alone can be sufficient for detoxification/chelation.

We first saw Carolyn, a high-power business consultant, thirteen years ago for a severe, debilitating vertigo. She responded beautifully to homeopathic Conium (hemlock), which is a common homeopathic remedy for dizziness. At her six-week follow-up appointment, Carolyn told us that the vertigo was completely gone, "not even a twinge" remaining: "I could tell a difference by the morning after I took the remedy and it was totally gone the next day. I'm back to my normal self. It was amazing. But I know homeopathy can work like that." She followed up with us for some months. Then we didn't hear from her again for some time.

Seven years later, now 60 years old, Carolyn contacted us again. Carolyn had great confidence in homeopathy, and she hoped that we could help her again. Two years earlier she began to develop a rash on her forearms, neck, and midriff. She suffered incredible fatigue and a loss of muscle strength. Her diagnosis was dermatomyositis. She received a prescription for prednisone (60 mg) for four days then weekly self-administered injections of methotrexate for seventeen months. Methotrexate is used to treat certain types of skin, head, neck, lung, and breast cancer as well as severe psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis. It is usually a medicine of last resort, when other medications have been unsuccessful.

Carolyn lost forty pounds. Despite the methotrexate, she continued to suffer from rashes on her legs, neck, arm, chest, and hands. An intense, managerial-type person, Carolyn loved her work despite the stress, and she was taking on tremendous responsibility, both at work and at home:
Two weeks before I got sick, I was told that the 15 staff members I was
managing would lose their jobs unless I could prove their work. I
worked eight days straight to compile a cohesive report and ultimately
saved the team. But I couldn't take the pressure, the weight of the
job. There were far too many expectations. I couldn't bear the thought
of letting down other people. It would be like committing a crime
against myself. I'm a person of my word and I never could have forgiven
myself. I would rather work till I drop.

The recommendation of Carolyn's immunologist was immunosuppressive drugs for the rest of her life. This was not acceptable to her.

At this time, Carolyn's remedy was very clear: Aurum metallicum (gold). It is excellent for extremely conscientious, responsible individuals who take on excessive, often impossible, amounts of responsibility in an attempt to reach impossible goals. They may verge on destroying themselves in doing so and, if they fail, they can sink into a deep, even suicidal depression. The classic example of a failed Aurum individual is a stockbroker who jumps off a building after a market crash. These are highly principled individuals of great integrity, like Carolyn. She did not at all fail in the process, but she nearly lost her health. The dermatomyositis was merely a physical manifestation of her underlying energetic imbalance.

We prescribed only one dose of Aurum metallicum 30C out of concern for an aggravation of Carolyn's dermatomyositis. Three weeks later she reported:
I have more energy. I feel much better than I have for many years. The
rash is starting to be less pronounced, less red. But my skin started
to become like paper. Huge pieces of skin were peeling off, first from
my hands, then my arms. I knew that I was healing. That it was a
natural process. Now all the redness is gone except for my arm. I am on
no medications. I have no muscle weakness. I feel better than way
before I was diagnosed with the autoimmune condition. I feel like a
different person.

We knew that there can be healing reactions, such as the peeling of Carolyn's skin, in the curative process, but this was extreme.

Another three weeks later, Carolyn's legs again developed a bright red rash, but she had no other symptoms. She shared more about how she had felt before quitting her job:
I almost killed myself to save those people's jobs. How much can I risk
to save other people? I put everything, including my health, at risk. I
knew that I made a difference, but I paid a terrible price for it. I
never want to do that again. But all of those employees whom I saved
still have their jobs!

She repeated the Aurum 30C infrequently over the next year and a half, and we spoke with Carolyn every few months.

Once she noticed that she was experiencing a healing crisis. She experienced a small, itchy rash on her stomach and said: "I'm doing deeper levels of healing. The heart-shaped rash is exactly where I used to give myself the methotrexate injections." We gave Carolyn one dose of Aurum 200C, a higher dose than she had previously, to take if needed.

A Remarkable, Spontaneous Chelation Thanks to Homeopathy

When we next heard from Carolyn, two and a half months ago, she had a remarkable tale of healing to share with us:
I'm doing really well. When I did take the single dose of the Aurum
200C, you won't believe what happened! You remember that I had suffered
from a rash on my stomach near the site of the 5 cc methotrexate
injections that I had given myself once a week for two-and-a-half years
until mid-2014 for the dermatomyositis? Well, that 200 C dose of the
Aurum pushed the methotrexate out through my skin and bowels. I almost
ruined my clothes. Every little pinprick returned where I had given
myself those injections!

Between you and me, I stopped those injections months before I told my
doctor. When I took that 200C dose of the Aurum, the rash started
coming up to the surface. I could tell the metallic smell of the
methotrexate coming out. My entire closet smelled metallic. Sometimes I
would have to change my nightclothes! It was literally pouring out
through my pores. As soon as I smelled it, I knew it was
methotrexate.... It would come up in layers. For a while my abdomen
would heal, my skin would get less red. I would start to feel
physically nauseated. Then a whole other layer of pinpricks from where
I stuck myself with the needle would come up. I could see them and
count them! It was truly amazing. I don't think I've been through
anything like that in my life. My skin would become red and inflamed. I
would see all the little pinpricks. I didn't call you because the
process was still happening. Now I have the rash on my stomach, arms.
My body is not yet finished healing. Nothing happened for six weeks.
Then they came up again. The itching is going away. I feel really
great. When my body tries to get rid of the methotrexate, it lasts
three to four hours. I can even smell the methotrexate in my bowel
movements. I know my body is getting rid of it. I can remember when my
sister came to visit. She told me that my skin smelled like metal! I
even had to throw out some of my clothes. It was like my body couldn't
push it out fast enough!

I am so grateful that you raised the potency of the Aurum to 200C! I
would never do chemotherapy again. This has been such a lesson for me.
It has totally changed my view of what healing is!

My husband and I have gone through a lot of changes. I realize I can't
take care of everything. We are both in a really, really good place. We
both want to live a life with less pressure. You obviously prescribed
the right remedy. It works like a hot damn!

Carolyn asked if she could take another dose of the Aurum 200C to stimulate the healing process, and we agreed.

A month later Carolyn emailed us that she had been experiencing some vertigo, similar to what brought her in to see us initially eight years ago: "It came on very suddenly. It's not constant. Since taking the Aurum, I feel like my body has been healing, in reverse order, every skin condition and illness that I have had in my lifetime. It has been a really interesting and beneficial experience to move through these different levels of healing." Later that same day, she wrote back, "the vertigo was quite severe at first, but today it has been somewhat better." She waited on taking any more remedy. Two days later: "The vertigo has improved greatly. It's nearly gone."

by Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman, ND, MSW, and Robert Ullman, ND

Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman and Robert Ullman are licensed naturopathic physicians, board certified in homeopathy. We have written eight books on homeopathy as well as Mystics, Masters, Saints and Sages--Stories of Enlightenment. We also have an app: Natural Travel Doctor. Apple version: and Android:

We practice at The Northwest Center for Homeopathic Medicine in Edmonds, Washington, and by Skype. The Edmonds office address has just changed, as you will see on our website. We live on Whidbey Island, Washington, and in Pucon, Chile. Visit our website Please friend us on Facebook at Healthy Homeopathy. Call us at (425) 774-5599 or email us at or
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