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Healing is believing.

"Broke is a circumstance. Poor is a state of mind." The basis of this adage is: What we believe is what will manifest in our lives.

Untold numbers of self-made millionaires have proven this to be true. You may say, "Those people were lucky or brilliant. I could never do that." I put it to you that the real common denominator with these succeeders is their unwavering belief that they would be wealthy.

For the next few paragraphs I ask you to suspend disbelief. Allow that the alternative I am about to offer may be true and pay attention to your inner voice.

Every instant I create my reality by my beliefs. Not figuratively but literally. I manifest my world, my universe, my being, my health. By my belief in the perfection of my body, I am healthy. If I begin to believe in disease or illness I open the door for that state.

Our natural state as human beings is perfection. We have, however, developed a cultural belief in something other than perfection, harmony, oneness with Spirit. We believe that there is good and bad, health and sickness. This belief in duality is a human creation.

Ultimately, there is only perfection. There is only Spirit. Sickness, evil, discord, and disharmony are human points of view. There is no duality. There are no opposites. Hot/cold, light/dark, above/below, good/bad are not opposites. They are aspects of the same thing. Hot is temperature. Cold is temperature. The difference between hot and cold is subjective at best. Absolute cold (absolute zero) compared to incredible heat is merely a different place on a continuum of increasing vibration of molecules. The same is true of light and dark, merely degrees of vibration or density of photons. Above/below are relative positions. One condition cannot exist without the other. They are not opposites but rather interdependencies.

Good/bad is harder. We are very attached to beliefs around good and bad. But what is good? What is bad? These attributes are human values placed on whatever object, action, or situation we experience. These judgments vary from culture to culture, family to family, person to person.

In the eye of Spirit there is no good or bad. There is only harmony. Bad is a deviation from the perfection of Spirit. Illness is a deviation from the perfection of the body. When one gets sick it is the result of one's allowing disconnection with the perfection of being that is the natural state of being, a divine right. This disconnection occurs because of learned belief systems.

This is not an issue of blame. One need not feel guilty about being sick. We are all equally subject to these beliefs. It is a massive task to overcome thousands of years of social programming. The good news is that by believing only in perfection of health one can begin to approach that state.

Most systems of healing help to embody that belief. Systems of healing that work with life force, also called Ki or Chi or energy, help by replenishing that life force which is spent on maintaining belief in duality and separation from Spirit as well by releasing locked up energy patterns formed by these beliefs.

There are several common arguments people raise against this school of thought.

1. How do you explain congenital defects and hereditary diseases? There are two answers. One relates to the concept of reincarnation which I won't get into here. The other is that until we have synthesized our own beliefs from those imposed by parents, society, and culture in general we are subject to the beliefs of those who bring us into the world. From the moment of conception we develop along the lines they have defined.

2. How can I be responsible for my illness? I went for a check-up thinking I was healthy and was told I had cancer and six months to live. The very concept of a healthy person going for a check-up presupposes a belief in illness. Imposing upon someone that "You have six months to live" strongly, immediately, creates a belief. The receiver of this verdict has two options: to accept it and prepare to die (in which case he or she probably will) or reject it and fight any and every way possible with the intent of healing (in which case she or he might not die).

3. Germs cause illness. On the large scale this it true. It is also true that on the large scale people believe it to be true. There are no absolute diseases, ones that everyone gets if exposed. So why are some people immune? Why do some people never get sick? If microorganisms cause disease, why only sometimes, in some people? For an absolute condition not to be true there need only be one case where it is not true. While microorganisms clearly play a role in illness, as do environmental factors, there is a possibility that the belief in disease is the determining factor.

4. How can beliefs be responsible for the broken leg caused by the stair tread that caved in? First, just because there is a circumstantial event placing one at risk of physical strain, doesn't mean one must inevitably be subject to that outcome. In other words someone more agile might avoid the hazard, or someone more fit might avoid the injury. One who does not hold a belief in injury might just not be there. Second, can patterns be detected? If one consistently injures one's left leg or foot or knee, over and over, clearly, there is an underlying belief at play.

So, what to do with all this? Allow that maybe it's true, maybe you can choose perfection. Pursue your healing as you see fit, and while doing so, allow that the professionals and the techniques you work with are helping you reconnect with Spirit. Weigh each step on your path of healing and personal growth by how it helps dispel belief in separateness. Live as if you are already one with perfection since, underneath the illusion of duality, you are.
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Author:R. Duff Doel
Publication:Natural Life
Date:Jan 1, 1996
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