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Healing Soles?

Shoppers attracted to magnetic shoes sold by Florsheim Group Inc. may be repelled by a false health claims lawsuit against the company by the Consumer Justice Center. Florsheim claims magnets in the soles of its MagneForce line of golf, dress, and casual shoes increase circulation; boost energy; relieve pain; and reduce foot, leg, and back fatigue. The manufacturer of the magnets in Florsheim's shoes, Magnetherapy Inc., has run afoul of the FDA and Texas officials for making health claims. Use of magnets in clothing is not new: An 1886 catalog reportedly offered an outfit with 700 magnets for "full and complete protection of all the vital organs of the body." Despite weak evidence for such claims, annual sales of health-related magnets total an estimated $5 billion worldwide (JAMA 283[10]:1322-25, 2000). Magnets are probably harmless, but keep your magnetic shoes away from your computer or you'll be using your increased energy recovering lost data.

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Title Annotation:Florshiem Group Inc. in lawsuit for false health claims regarding their MagneForce shoe line
Comment:Healing Soles?(Florshiem Group Inc. in lawsuit for false health claims regarding their MagneForce shoe line)
Author:Berger, Joanne M.
Publication:Family Practice News
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Date:Oct 1, 2000
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