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Heads must roll.

Dear Editor:

What bothers me about the Maher Arar case is not so much the incompetence, inaccuracy and violations of policy by the RCMP. A mistake can be understood. A mistake can be corrected. A mistake can be forgiven. What bothers me is the acquiescence by the RCMP, by the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service, and by Foreign Affairs in the U.S./Syria kidnapping and torture of a Canadian citizen, and the RCMP's feeding of questions for Syria to ask Mr. Arar under torture.

All the Canadian officials involved should at the least lose their jobs, and at most face charges of conspiracy to torture. These people have moral flaws that will take a lifetime to correct.
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Title Annotation:rants and raves
Author:Trottier, Tom
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Oct 1, 2006
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