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Headquarters and Duroblade[R] manufacturing unit.

Corporate Information


BTG is the world's leading supplier of technologies and expertise to the pulp and paper industry.

For over 80 years, we've devoted ourselves to developing innovative, cost-effective ways of improving your pulp and paper processes, productivity and profitability.

Our mission is simple: to help our customers streamline production and cut costs while improving product quality and output.

BTG's comprehensive portfolio of quality products covers every aspect of pulping and paper production, from consistency control and de-inking to wet end management, coating and creping.

To complement this, we offer a range of expert consultancy services and training programs designed to ensure our customers always get the very best out of their plant and people.


Pulp & Paper Productivity with Pulptec[TM]

The global market leader in measuring instruments for the P & P industry, BTG's Pulptec range covers six core applications: consistency control, chemical pulp, mechanical pulp, recycled pulp, stock preparation, and equipment service and maintenance.

Wet End Productivity with Mutek[TM]

BTG Mutek encompasses leading-edge wet end technologies and services, including the Mutek Lab range of measuring instruments, the Mutek Online range of wet end control devices, and specialized Mutek consultancy services.

Coating, Creping and Printing Productivity with Duroblade[R]

A BTG invention that revolutionized the P & P industry, Duroblade technology boosts productivity and quality by combining exceptional wear-resistance with improved coating, creping and printing performance.

Higher Productivity with BTG Consultancy

No one understands P & P processes better than BTG's team of skilled service engineers. Wherever you're based and whatever your needs, we'll work with you to help you improve your bottom line.


BTG, who services more than 3,000 customers worldwide, has an extensive global network with skilled application and service engineers who understand the customers' needs.

For complex projects, we offer the services of a specialized Technical Assistance Group. We deliver specialized training in the latest papermaking techniques, as well as regularly hosting specialized courses and seminars at customer sites to meet individual needs.

Stringent standards

BTG prides itself on delivering the very highest quality products and services. All BTG manufacturing units conform to ISO 9001:2000 quality assurance standards.

Americas Sales & Service operation

BTG Americas Inc. is the sales and service operation of BTG across the Americas. This unit provides sales and marketing from local headquarters in Norcross, GA USA. It also has operations in Canada (Pointe-Claire, QC and Surrey, BC) and in South America (Sao Paulo, BR).

For more information on organization, services and products go to

Headquarters and Duroblade[R] manufacturing unit:

BTG Eclepens S.A.

Z.I. Village

CH-1312 ECLEPENS / Switzerland

Tel: +41 21 866 00 66

Fax: +41 21 866 00 61 or +41 21 866 00 60



BTG Mutek GmbH

Widayweg 10

59823 ARNSBERG / Germany

Tel: +49 81 52 93 12 70

Fax: +49 81 52 93 12 902


BTG Pulp & Paper Sensors AB

Box 602

Industrigatan 2-3

S-661 29 SAFFLE / Sweden

Tel: +46 533 426 00

Fax: +46 533 125 00


BTG Americas Inc.

5085 Avalon Ridge Parkway

Suite 100


Tel: +1 800 624-2326 or +1 770 209-6912

Fax: +1 770 447-2327


HBM do Brasil Ltda

Rua Jose de Carvalho, 55

Chacara Santo Antonio

04714-020 SAO PAULO, SP / Brazil

Tel: +55 11 5188 8198

Fax: +55 11 5188 8168
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