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Headquarters Marine Corps (HQMC) (Jan. 7, 2004): improving Marine Corps, Navy, and DoD business processes.

The Marine Corps is seeking ideas for improving its business processes, those activities by which it buys goods and services for, or otherwise provides support to, the combat forces. These need not be limited to the Marine Corps but may also have application for the Department of the Navy (DoN) and/or the Department of Defense (DoD). While this is an ongoing search, it has been given renewed emphasis by a September 2003 memorandum from the Acting Secretary of the Navy soliciting new business improvement initiatives, particularly those that are of broader Departmental or strategic effect.

The Marine Corps Business Enterprise (MCBE) office is the Headquarters Marine Corps (HQMC) executive agent for the Marine Corps Business Reform/Improvement Program. It is responsible for advocating new ideas, advancing those that have promise, and promulgating those that work.

Suggestions for business process improvements, including those that could apply to the DoN or the DoD, should be submitted to the MCBE office. A submission form and instructions have been posted on the MCBE Web site <> under the "Business Initiative Council" category. Initiatives may be submitted via the chain of command at any time with a copy via e-mail to the MCBE. The MCBE office will evaluate suggestions and forward them to the DoN and/or DoD as appropriate.

To promote promising ideas, a "Marine Corps Productivity Investment Account" (MCPIA) has been established to provide modest amounts of execution year funds for immediate funding. The submission form contains a field to request use of this funding source. The Web site also contains a description of this account.

Some examples of successful business process improvements that have been introduced or championed by the Marine Corps are:

* Web-based receipting and invoicing that permits faster payments to vendors and reduces the $40+ million the DoD currently pays annually in interest penalties;

* A Marine Corps initiative to make it easier to introduce brand new technologies during program execution thereby fielding more up-to-date equipment.

* Streamlining air traffic control system responsibilities.

These initiatives, together with other internal Marine Corps activities such as the increased use of cost and performance management data, have collectively contributed significantly to improvements in Marine Corps business processes.

Each command and HQMC staff element has been requested to submit at least one new initiative that would likely improve business performance to the MCBE Office on a quarterly basis.

The point of contact for business performance initiatives and the MCPIA fund is Dr. Eric E. West, HQMC(LR), at DSN 224-5804, or e-mail
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