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Headlines of 2018: That Was the Year That Was ...


Moldova's new ePassport; India's Uflex eyes future growth; Bowater industries goes into administration; Armenia extends holographic tax stamps; trio of new developments from Optaglio; Holographic 3D printing moves a step closer; holographic memory; Thales acquires holographic radar company; IHMA predicts counterfeiting will drive hologram growth in 2018; Holography News awards; Star Wars anniversary boxset goes holographic.


Pastel coloration from Toppan Printing; durable micro-holograms; Nanotech granted new KolourOptik patent in China; Tobacco Products Directive: hologram recognised as an overt security feature; OptoClones of Russian state treasures; ITW develops new generation of passport laminates; India's holograms for tax stamps.


World's first banknote with Rolling-Star LEAD; API parent buys Dunmore Corporation; Australia launches new $50 note with advanced window technology; the IHMA: 25 years of the industry trade body; Lichtblicke in a small Bavarian town; 3D Volumetric images that float in air; SPIE practical holography: materials and applications; Optaglio calls time on boring holograms; Nanotech reports strong results; obituary: Rebecca Deem (1949-2018).


Nanotech, Holostik and Kumbhat sign distribution agreements for India; variable holographic numbering for Mexico's tax stamps; holographic data storage on Nanoparticle films; Canada's new $10 note; WayRay expands into China; holographic poetry comes to London; Optaglio protects ID cards and trains the next generation of holographic designers; 25 years of the industry trade body; holographic approach improves head up displays for planes and cars; IHMA to forge closer links with South Korea.


KURZ unveils window of opportunity for banknotes; Uflex becomes certified security printer; Louisenthal unveils Varifeye ColourChange patch; Nanotech security invests in e-beam machine and launches new feature; Hazen Paper wins AIMCAL product of the year; 4 life size holograms set to revolutionise video conferencing; new CSIRO lab to open; Optaglio integrates behaviour science into authentication; the IHMA: four on 25 years of the industry trade body; nominations open for Excellence in Holography awards.


RollingStar LEAD stripe Azerbaijan's new banknote; Japan to introduce holograms on revenue stamps; crowd-funding campaign to provide 3D ultrasound holography; holographic brain editing; holograms protect World Cup tickets; the IHMA: four on 25 years of the industry trade body; small mirrors with big impact; OpSec partners with Block-pool applications.


De La Rue protects FIFA World Cup memorabilia; SURYS opens new subsidiary in UAE; new Taiwan passport incorporates KINEGRAM TKO; Microsoft's next-gen HoloLens rumoured to arrive early next year; DoubleMe wins $3 million R&D grant; Uflex adds holography to aseptic packaging; 3D visualisation into the future; Gietz expands in the US; Optaglio combines laser and e-beam; nominations for Excellence in Holography awards 2018.


More volume for new Swiss 200 franc; Excellence in Holography awards; Schreiner MediPharm's covert hologram; Diffractive Features on Banknotes report to be launched; OpSec partners with Wyoming; Fresnels Innovates with optically variable Peacock foil; Nanotech moves forward with latest results; federal approval for 3D holographic smartphone; Looking Glass: a holographic display for 3D creators.


Europa series new 100 [euro] and 200 [euro]; Holostik wins Small Enterprise India Business Award; Uflex holography develops Fresnel lens products for packaging; JSC Holography Industry receives presidential award; Akonia Holographics acquired by Apple; SPIE honours Karl Stetson; M2--next generation security from Nanotech; Augmented Reality (AR) for authentication; second highest number of IHMA award nominations


OpSec to supply John Deere; Thalmic Labs issued US patents for hologram lenses; holography expands into neurosurgery; WayRay raises $80 million to fund development; pre-orders of 3D holographic smartphone start shipping; API completes multi-million-dollar investment in US facilities; an innovative solution to foil inspection; desktop replication of micro and nano structures.


Holographic smart glasses become wearable; IHMA elects industry veteran as new chairman; Idvac develops black hologram with metallic reflection finish; the Holography Conference shows diversity and the latest innovations; IHMA awards 2018.


DIY real hologram-making kit goes into retail stores; Microsoft to supply US soldiers with HoloLens; a bright future for Rotarylogic; origination technologies (Part 2); IHMA signs MOU with Hologram Forum, accepts 1st Vietnam member; Morphotonix eco-friendly technology protects brands.
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