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Heading for a stalemate; Views of the North Views of the North.

LABOUR MP Dave Anderson (17/2/2015) states there is only a clear choice between Labour and Tory, presumably at the forthcoming General Election. What particular political bubble does this man exist in? Such a patently ludicrous statement warrants no further comment.

No doubt Tory and Labour supporters would love to go back to the days when it was a case of one or the other party winning the election. Things have moved on and now large numbers of the electorate are sick and tired of the antics of which Dave says will produce the dirtiest campaign in living memory. Who will make the campaign such? No prizes for the right answer - the political parties and the media.

When will Dave and his ilk acknowledge that this is what is alienating voters from politics. The fact both Labour and Tory parties have sickened their core support to the extent both are probably at a post-war low in party numbers does not seem to register with those seeking their ride on the Westminster gravy train. They continually put forward the tried and failed policies that have put this country in such a parlous state.

I was born and lived for many years in a Labour stronghold - Seaham. I was quite happy to support Labour, warts and all. Now I feel that the party is nearly all warts and have not supported them for many years.

That both Tory and Labour are unsure of, if not afraid of, the UK threat seems obvious to me. This was brought home to me when I received an email from the office of lain Duncan Smith virtually begging my support to keep Labour from undoing the good work done by the Tories, something I do not believe.

Apart from the fact I have not had any connection with the Tory Party, I felt it a grave impertinence to be addressed by my Christian name as if I was some bosom pal. The message was junked. I only wish I could do the same to the current Labour and Tory parties and see a fresh start to the way the electorate are treated and political parties run. This is unlikely, of course.

If the political pundits are to be believed it would seem we are headed for another stalemate. Would Dave be in favour of aligning with the Scottish Nationalists to form a government in which the tail would wag the dog? I would sincerely hope not.

GEORGE W HOARE, Witton Gilbert, Durham

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:Feb 25, 2015
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