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Head room: advanced optics technology yields better head-up aircraft displays.


Improvements in image generation technology by BAE Systems of Orlando, Fla., have made possible smaller, more proficient and less expensive head-up displays for commercial aircraft. The Q-HUD is about half the size of existing systems and provides more space for pilots who fly regional and business jets.

Based on proprietary waveguide technology, the Q-HUD projects imagery on a display glass in the aircraft windshield, an enhancement that "eliminates the need for complex projection lens configuration common to traditional HUDs," mentions a spokesman.

He says that besides providing more head room for pilots in confined cockpits, Q-HUD is able to display sharper synthetic vision imagery including infrared and terrain data that in combination improves situational awareness.

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Comment:Head room: advanced optics technology yields better head-up aircraft displays.(TECH TALK: A TIP-SHEET ON THE LATEST GADGETS)
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Date:Feb 1, 2009
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