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Head of planned giving plans to be moderator: Herb Gale is moderator-elect for the 136th General Assembly.

REV. DR. HERB GALE, associate secretary of Planned Giving, will stand as moderator-elect at the 2010 General Assembly, which begins June 6 in Sydney, N.S.

The North Carolina native is planning to balance his new duties and his passion for planned giving. With a little nudge from God, he hopes to help the church remember how to dream.

"Many congregations don't dream because they say, 'how will we fund that?'" he said. "But when you find a strong resonance [with a particular ministry], you find the money. I believe there is a vital future for the church, and I think you need to really understand that and believe that.

"We're an Easter people. The tomb is empty. Christ is risen. He's in our midst. Every dead end could be a new beginning. How can we not have hope?"

Gale lives in Guelph, 65 kilometres west of Toronto, and has worked at national offices for six years.

His nomination will likely be affirmed when assembly begins on June 6.

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Author:Purvis, Connie
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Date:May 1, 2010
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