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Head Start Bulletin: English language learners.

HEAD START BULLETIN: English Language Learners. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2005. Issue No. 78. 61 pp. This entire issue of the Head Start Bulletin is dedicated to English language learners and includes more than 25 different articles written by different authors. The introduction was written by Windy M. Hill, Associate Commissioner of the Head Start Bureau, and Jessica Knight, a former bilingual program specialist from Hawaii. One article discusses ELL Program Performance Standards and includes a glossary of terms related to linguistically and culturally diverse students. The section on community and families includes an article on community collaboration and one on migrant and seasonal Head Start programs. Another article has suggestions on how to build a strong language foundation, and information about the stages of sequential acquisition of a second language.

The educational leaders section discusses the development of educational leadership skills through creating a vision, curriculum planning related to preserving Alaskan Native cultures and languages, and information offered by an experienced Head Start supervisor in Puerto Rico. Also, a very practical list of recommended instructional strategies and suggestions for all aspects of the curriculum, written in both English and Spanish, is ready to be copied for staff members.

The teachers and home visitors section has articles on supporting beginning ELL students, beginning the school year with students from multiple cultures, implementing an arts-based rain forest study, and preserving the Cherokee language. Also included is an interesting article about giving parents a choice of which language they want to speak during home visits.

The assessment section includes an article that addresses the challenges and strategies of assessment and one about how language differences may cause some ELL children to behave inappropriately. Another article discusses the Head Start National Reporting System, with attention to parts that relate to ELL preschoolers. Also included are two excellent forms (ready to be copied or modified) to use to record information about ELL students and parents.

For copies of the Head Start Bulletin, call 1-866-763-6481 or visit www.
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