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Head 'em up, move 'em out.

Head |Em Up, Move |Em Out

Coinciding with TSI's southerly move from Massachusetts to Arkansas for (among other things) genetic engineering on pigs, the nation's hog industry is moving south for better growing conditions and also to avoid a serious disease called pseudorabies.

Iowa, long the pork capital of America, let the disease get out of control, and currently there are 2,500 hog herds in quarantine there.

Arkansas, led by the efforts of the Tyson and Cargill companies, has been largely successful in keeping the disease out of the state. Currently, only one hog herd in Arkansas (Benton County) is in quarantine due to pseudorabies.

The state Livestock and Poultry Commission recently asked for an appropriation of $143,000 in its fiscal 1992-93 budget to test for the disease, but Gov. Clinton said no.

Rep. Lloyd George of Danville, now the point man for pigs as well as poultry in the House, is ramrodding a budget that provides for $30,000 in general revenues, $40,000 from the federal government, and $30,000 from a new $1-a-head fee farmers pay for every breeding swine past its prime they take to market.
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Title Annotation:hog industry is moving south for better conditions
Publication:Arkansas Business
Date:Dec 10, 1990
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