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He works where the Model T was.

He works where the Model T was

The Model T doesn't live here any more. Fold back the faded blue doors on this World War I-era shed-roofed garage, and instead of a horseless carriage you see a well-organized home office.

The garage needed repair anyway, so when architect Glenn Lym decided to remodel it as a temporary office, he put extra structural support into his design.

He added plywood wainscoting around two sides of the room; it acts as a sort of corset to stiffen the walls. For additional reinforcement, he designed a simple truss: 2-by-3 rafters run from wall brackets made of 2-by-6s sandwiched between angled cutouts of 1/4-inch plywood. He covered walls and ceiling with gypsum board and added track lights overhead. Pastel and white paint brightens the 12- by 20-foot space.

The wall-hugging, wraparound desk is made of hollow-core doors supported by filing cabinets. Above the desk, a shelf of predrilled 2-by-8s slips over 3/4-inch threaded steel rods set into holes drilled in the wall studs.

Photo: L-shaped work area runs around two walls of converted garage. Narrow shelf above desk holds supplies out of the way

Photo: Weathered exterior of old garage gives no hint of high-powered transformation that took place inside

Photo: Bold as bolts of cartoon lightning, jagged plywood brackets were cut on a jigsaw following cardboard patterns
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Title Annotation:remodeling garage for office use
Date:Feb 1, 1988
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