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He tried to cover up stepdad's killing..but he'll inherit his pounds 90k; PAYDAY FOR SON WHO HID KNIFE Mother's fury over ruling.

Byline: John Ferguson

A MAN who covered up his stepdad's killing is to inherit his entire estate.

Graeme Brabson, 35, removed the knife his mum had used to stab her partner from the dead man's neck and tried to hide it.

It then emerged that victim Ian Tannock, 48, had left everything he owned to his killer partner Linda McGhee and to Brabson.

And now a sheriff says Brabson can claim his inheritance as he was not involved in the killing itself.

Sheriff Derek Livingston made the judgment after Ian's elderly mum Anne launched a legal action to stop McGhee and Brabson inheriting her son's possessions.

McGhee, who was jailed for seven years in 2007 for culpable homicide and released after three-and-a-half years, did not defend the case and gave up her right to the money.

But Brabson contested the action at Greenock Sheriff Court.

Last night, Anne, 79, branded the decision "a disgrace".

And she said she was convinced that her son's killer would get her hands on the cash from Ian's estate - which could amount to pounds 90,000.

She said: "I want to fight it all the way in court but the fact is I can't afford to do that.

"I have been through hell, a nightmare, with this over so many years, and it has left me so upset.

"Graeme cleaned the knife that woman used to kill my son and he hid it in bushes. He did everything to help cover up this crime.

"I don't believe for a second that Linda McGhee won't get her hands on the cash as soon as it arrives in her son's bank account. These two are free to walk the streets but I'll never get my son back.

"The fact is that the law is wrong. If this had happened in England, there wouldn't be a chance he would get the money.

"Linda McGhee was portrayed in court as some helpless wee woman but the fact is she was manipulating my son from the beginning.

"All she was ever thinking about was money and now she and her son will have plenty of that."

Former council carer McGhee stabbed Ian to death at their home in Gourock, Renfrewshire, in 2006.

After killing him, she washed her bloodstained clothing then went to her son's house. Brabson went to remove the knife then returned hours later and claimed he had just found the body.

McGhee, who said she snapped during a row after 20 years of "mental torture", was acquitted of murder at the High Court in Glasgow.

Brabson admitted trying to defeat the ends of justice and was put on probation for two years and given 240 hours' community service.

In his written judgment, the sheriff said: "For him (Brabson) to be disqualified here he would have required to have been involved in some way in the killing, whether that was in the planning or execution, procurement of same.

There are no averments bringing him within the common law forfeiture rule.

"I do not consider that any of the other propositions come close to providing a basis for (Brabson) to be disqualified from inheriting from the estate of the late Mr Tannock.

"We can never know what view Mr Tannock would have taken of his stepson's actions."

McGhee last year sparked fury by revealing plans to publish a book about her life. She penned the memoirs while being held at Cornton Vale women's prison in Stirling.

At the time, Anne said she was "appalled" that McGhee could profit from her crime.


RICHES* Brabson, above, will get cash despite hiding knife his mum McGhee, left, used to kill husband Ian, right
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Oct 12, 2011
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