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He needed a home office and there was that triangle by the drive.

He needed a home office and there was that triangle by the drive . . .

Running his business from home required finding space for an office, but owner Jerry Rosen didn't know where it would go or how to build it. He did know he needed enough space for a computer, printer, desk, catalogs, books, and office accessories.

He turned to Koning, Eizenberg Architecture of Santa Monica, California, who designed a wedge-shaped office that fits neatly between the southwest side of the house and the driveway. From the street, all you see of the new office is the end of a wall and a plant-shaded window.

Inside, the office is wide enough on one end to accommodate 8 feet of floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and long enough for a desk and file cabinets. It reaches a generous 12 feet high at the gabled peak.

Punching a door through an existing closet, the architects took advantage of the house's insulated exterior wall to buffer the office from house noises. They hung gypsum board on the walls, covered the ceiling with tongue-and-grove pine boards, and laid carpet tiles on the floor.

Because the addition faces west and is well insulated, Mr. Rosen has found no need for heating.

Photo: Gabled side wall of new office repeats roof lines of house and garage

Photo: Triangular, 100-square-foot addition fits between house and driveway

Photo: At wide end of room, shelves span wall from floor to ceiling. Resting on file cabinets, long desk counter stretches under horizontal window
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Date:Feb 1, 1986
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