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He grows cactus a la cart.

Sweltering afternoon sun, rain, hail, and other spring and summer threats don't bother cactus collector John Turner of Denver. Because his plants are displayed on a rolling cart, he can easily move them under the protection of a patio cover. He designed the cart of easy watering--excess water drains right through the 1/2-inch spaces between the slats of its floor.

To build the shalow cart, Mr. Turner chose not-resistant all-heart redwood. Cedar would also be durable.

To make a cart like this for yourself, you'll need eight 6-foot 1 by 4's, 4 feet of 2 by 4, about fifty 2-inch (6d) galvanized nails, and four swivel casters.

Cut two 19-1/2-inch boards from the 2 by 4; line up five 1 by 4's with 1/2-inch spaces between them, then nail them to the 2-by-4 boards, with these spaced about 4 feet apart. Also cut pairs of 19-1/2-inch end boards and 70-1/2-inch side boards from lengths of 1 by 4; nail these around the outer edge to form a rail. Finally, screw or bolt the casters to the 2 by 4's at the corners.

Mr. Turner winters the cactus indoors (necessary in Denver and other rugged-winter areas, not in the mild-winter West) on shelves near a south-facing window.
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Date:Apr 1, 1984
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