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He found Mapman! where in the world did Mapman go? Did you find out?

In this year's Find Mapman Contest (see our Feb. 8 issue), you saw a map of the general vicinity of my recent trip. Your mission: Answer eight questions correctly, figure out my final destination, then create your own map of it--Easter Island.


Grand-Prize Winner

More than 10,000 students entered our contest. This year's grand-prize winner is Ethan Lynch, 12, of Randolph Middle School in Randolph, New Jersey. Congratulations go to Ethan and to his teacher, Edie Klink, who inspired her entire class to submit unique maps.


Our 2010 contest drew entries from coast to coast and beyond--everywhere from Maui, Hawaii, to Bohemia, New York. In all, students from 41 states submitted some of the most creative maps in the contest's 16-year history.

Ethan's pop-up map (at far right) took the grand prize because it so cleverly illustrates a key scene in history. In 1774, Captain James Cook, an English explorer, sent a few of his officers to survey Easter Island. Ethan's map captures that moment of mystery when Europeans came face-to-face with the moai (moh-EYE), the island's iconic statues.

For his outstanding work, Ethan wins a $500 U.S. Savings Bond and a Nintendo Wii video console. He and each of the 25 runners-up will receive a Mapman T-shirt.

Many thanks to all the students and teachers who helped make . this year's contest one of the best ever

The 25 Runners-up

Jennifer Aquino, Darwin Elementary School, Chicago, IL


Frankie Baldassare, Holy Guardian Angels, Reading, PA

Paige Bentrup, Saylesville Elementary School, Rubicon, Wl

Hadley Bunch, Ingleside Middle School, Phoenix, AZ

Cory Carrara, Edward J. Bosti Elementary School, Bohemia, NY

Jessika Gaughan, Cassell Elementary School, Chicago, IL

Sidney Gish, Randolph Middle School, Randolph, NJ

Max Grove, Landisville Intermediate Center, Landisville, PA

Carly Henson, Visitation Academy, St. Louis, MO

Alex Hirniak, Randolph Middle School, Randolph, NJ

Charlotte Hook, Northwest Florida Ballet Academie, Fort Walton

Beach, FL

Alex Isaak, Visitation Academy, St. Louis, MO

Madeleine James, Ingleside Middle School, Phoenix, AZ

Hannah Kazinskas, Ralph C. Mahar Regional School, Orange, MA

Mason Kholi, Our Lady Help of Christians, Allentown, PA

Kimberly Lazar, Randolph Middle School, Randolph, NJ

Jennifer Le, Oak Ridge Elementary School, Chino Hills, CA

Ashley Mace, Greenville Middle School, Greenville, ME

Wesley Meyer, Rochester Middle School, Rochester, IN

Kate Montebello, Visitation Academy, St. Louis, MO

Kassandra Morse, Cabot School, Cabot, VI

Ryan Poutre, Vernon Center Middle School, Vernon, CT

Alex Rheker. Gulfview Middle School, Naples, FL

Brady Schmitt, Elkhart Lake-Glenbeulah Middle School, Elkhart Lake, WI

Charlie Snyder, Endeavor Charter Academy, Battle Creek, Ml

The Answers:

1. Lima

2. Sucre

3. desert

4. Chile

5. Andes Mountains

6. east

7. Southern Ocean

8. Easter Island

I am Jim McMahon, I create all of the maps you see in Junior Scholastic. You can play my Mapman Game at
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