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He carved out office space in the attic.

Unused attic space and the need for a home office made a natural connection for designer Rick Moore.

He cut an angular opening through the upper part of a high living room wall to an adjacent 15-foot-square attic. Because walls on the main level gave good support to 2-by-6 ceiling joists, Moore could cover the joists with plywood to make a floor.

To bring natural light into the space, he added an openable skylight in the sloping roof. The skylight vents built-up heat and helps brighten the living room below. Moore also added new insulation in the roof and walls.

Since owners Linda and Bob Hathaway of Durham, Oregon, didn't want to sacrifice floor space for permanent stairs to the attic room, they use a pull-out ladder. It rolls on heavy-duty casters at the bottom; wooden stops at the top keep it from sliding out into the living room.
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Date:Mar 1, 1985
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