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He agrees but wants more done.

Dear Bowhunter,

I could not agree more with Curt Wells' commentary in his November 2011 editorial "Who, Or What, Should We Fear?" However, the solution may be more complicated than developing state access programs, albeit those are certainly a good start. As long as real money is to be made off of hunting, there will always be many of these associated problems. There needs to be a movement by all hunters to try and clean up the over-commercialization of this activity, which in my lifetime has become outright obscene. Just look at typical TV hunting shows currently on the air and the blatant product promotion and classless behaviors exhibited. That is not the face of hunting I want to be associated with. More focus needs to be on the natural world, interrelationships, fascinating biology of flora and fauna within each of the environments we hunt in, and our relative place within this matrix. The typical hunter in the U.S. is thought by the popular masses to be ignorant of the finer (between the lines) view of our shared natural world. In other words, we need to better educate the ignorant among us. Bowhunter Magazine could be a starting point as well--less commercialization and more education. In the long run, science and the correct perspective on our role ecologically will win out. Unfortunately, hunter access will still be a problem as long as greedy people are involved. Thanks for stepping up on this and so many other issues.

Rich Reinert, via e-mail
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Title Annotation:Between Bowhunters
Author:Reinert, Rich
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Feb 1, 2012
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